2021·01·23 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

Что Делать?

What is to be done?

[That’s pronounced “SHTOE DYEH-lat?” and if you can push your tongue to the roof of your mouth as you say that last t, so much the better. And yes if you know a little bit of Russian, you’re probably about to tell me that the Ч should be pronounced like the “ch” in “cheese”–and you’d be right except in this one case, a rare rule-breaker in Russian. And что was the very first word in the book I learned Russian from.]

Что Делать? is a question that was asked in a pamphlet written in pre-Revolutionary Russia in 1901 by a then-obscure individual who took the pseudonym Lenin. [Well, except he spelled it Что Дѣлать but after the revolution the ѣ was deemed redundant with е and was dispensed with, along with millions of kulaks.]

It was actually a question about some arcane matter of Marxist dogma, and Lenin was an evil man, but the question, ripped out of context, is apt today.

Having been boned up the hindquarters by our political class, what is to be done?

We got suckered.

Almost everything anyone has quoted on this site has turned out to be hopium, and much of it delivered by bullshit artists. Most of us are realizing this and getting good and mad about it, while others seem to be looking around for more hopium to cling to. I’ve had my suspicions all along, but caught so much grief for trying to point it out I long since stopped trying. Now I regret it.

If you’re in that group of people addicted to hopium, looking at more and more implausible scenarios, please stop. You’re consciously evading reality, and you’re needed out here in the real world.

I am not going to assume that anyone is going to bail us out of this by some hail Mary move. Every day that passes sees more Trump people fired from government; soon there won’t be anyone even potentially interested in helping out remaining in anything remotely like a position to do so. By noon on Saturday (today) the administration of His Fraudulency will have been in power for three days. Seven more and the “ten days of darkness” have run out–on the day of my next “daily.”

Of course that won’t stop someone from saying, “well those weren’t the ten days of darkness. No, the ten days of darkness are really going to start…” That person can go fuck his perpetually goal-shifting self, because the ten days before the “inauguration” were supposed to be the ten days of darkness before we entered into this “ten days of darkness.”

The only thing worse than falling for the Lucy and the Football Maneuver is setting ourselves up for it again.

Drop the fancies of eating popcorn (or bacon) while watching someone else pull a miracle out of his ass.

Four years of tease and disappointment should be enough. You should feel STUPID, Dumbass!!! I sure do.

I hope a number of people here feel like I just dumped ten gallons of icewater on them.

Here, have some towels and dry yourselves off.

Are you awake now? Good. Are you mad? Even better.

Because here is the Real Deal: It Is Up To Us. It Is Entirely Up To Us. No imaginary friend is going to bail us out.

And only if we realize that can we begin to do something about it.

To be clear, I sure hope this ages poorly. But I don’t expect it to and neither should anyone else. I think the odds are less than twenty percent right now, and rapidly declining.

So how do we fight this? Yes, we fight. That shouldn’t be in doubt. We fight.

I think what each person does is going to depend on their circumstances, talents, and mindset. I’ve been seeing some good suggestions out there on what we can do. We need more of this!

This is a time to brainstorm, not about yet more ridiculous scenarios of how someone else will bail our asses out, but rather about what we can do.

There are loads of things that can be done; I’m going to confine myself to stuff that is legal.

One thing we can all do is refuse to mention the current administration without mentioning the fraud; hence why I call the current occupant of the White House “His Fraudulency.” (Inspired by “His Accidency” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Tyler. Though he was legitimately in the White House, I’ll still rip off and rework the crap his enemies dished on him.) And of course Wheatie’s strategy, hence the title I put on this daily.

And boycott anything/anyone who tries to shut out conservatives/patriots.

Dialing up pressure on the scumsucking ratfucking weaselshit pissguzzling RINOs–politicians AND wheelhorses in the organization–is good. We’ve stopped donating. Let’s see if we can send them invoices! (And I can start by refusing to be this charitable towards them in the future.)

Whether we should try to take over the Repugnican party or abandon it is a trickier question. Kicking out the entrenched shitbirds will be hard. But starting a new party has its own hazards. Most states won’t give third parties ballot access without a lot of work, and of course they can try to take it over like they did with the Tea Party. But anyone wanting to engage in “conventional” politics has to pick one and go with it, and be ready to switch strategies if something breaks.

Figure out all kinds of ways to fight…and FIGHT!!

A Reminder Of Today’s Big Issue.

I won’t be including this section any more after this time. It’s moot.

Cthulhu, the fish is right. There ain’t no justice.

But wait! Maybe not. We have a new big issue.

You guys do know that Joe Biden Didn’t Win, right?

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

Please note that our menu has changed, please listen to all of the options.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Political correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. The first rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government take your guns.
5. The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.
9. Social Justice Warriors, ANTIFA pukes, BLM hypocrites, and other assorted varieties of Marxists can go copulate with themselves, or if insufficiently limber, may substitute a rusty wire brush suitable for cleaning the bore of a twelve or ten gauge.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Coin of The Day

Today’s coin is the plugged nickel.

Boy that sounds cynical, doesn’t it. But it doesn’t have to be.

It is our actions and not somebody else’s that will determine just whose lives/careers won’t be worth one of these plugged nickels. So, which will it be? Us or them?

Standard disclaimer: I never show pictures of my own coins. I may or may not own coins like the ones I show. Burglars will be interested to hear that gold and silver aren’t the only heavy metals I have, and I have quite a bit of one with a heavier nucleus than either. And I keep it around a lot more than the gold and silver.

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

Remember Hong Kong!!! And remember the tens of millions who died under the “Great Helmsman” Chairman Mao.

If any of us ends up in the cell next to this guy, tell him “Hi” for me!

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

For my money the Great Helmsman is Hikaru Sulu (even if the actor is a dingbat).

China is in the White House

The only thing lower than China, which is already lower than whale shit, is the (nominal) Americans betraying their country to help China. Including His Fraudulence, currently infesting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

His Fraudulency Didn’t Win

I figure you probably were unaware of that, so I decided to let you know.

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Deplorable Patriot

I may have to venture over to Lifelog and find out how many of my circle know about this.


LOL brave!

I’ve been avoiding it for weeks . . . but had to get on today when I heard what one of my friends had posted, and the discussion it generated.


Biden evidently has not seen this.

comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by trumpismine
Valerie Curren

Passing your info along–Thanks!

Wolf Moon

I’ve changed my mind on executions.


comment image






I dearly love this one…


That’s something for the books.

Thank you for the link.



Never talk to the FBI.

Wolf Moon



And save the phone data elsewhere.

Wolf Moon

Oh, those evil leftists. They made sure the instigators and connivers who worked with Pelosi and McConnell would not get caught outside, but the dupes and chumps from MAGA would. I knew the conspiracy included the FBI, who now feigns innocence, in Comey style.

Wolf Moon

Now we see why Pelosi and Bowser wanted all those troops.


She knows the EVIL they are guilty of.


They have the master plan and masters who have toppled many govts an many places. They know how to do it and probably have had their profilers analyzing MAGA peeps for a couple of years. Dirty foul bastards

Wolf Moon

Be glad we are not part of the evil. It is better to be destroyed by evil than to be part of it.


But best of all to pick yourself back up and utterly destroy evil!

Wolf Moon

Yeah, I like that.

Once I realized that Barr actually LIED to remove Trump, it unmasked them all.

We have so much righteousness in this fight, it’s scary.


Pardon posting this again. Posted LATE yesterday.

Lawyer emphatically advises, NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE.

NOTHING to do with guilt or innocence.

PROVIDES perfect examples of INNOCENT people who talked, and FOUND GUILTY.

Easy listen. Entertaining.

Police, FBI or ANY Law Enforcement knock on my door, NOT TALKING TO THEM.

Am I free to go?

  • Yes? Bye bye.
  • No. I want a lawyer AND I AM NOT TALKING.

Watched this several times and sent to my family. Always a good reminder.



More than 22,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Rev. Franklin Graham to be fired from his leading roles at the Christian humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse as well as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association because of his support for former President Donald Trump.

— bet those 20k scum have never been involved with any religion otherwise than public education.


The group leading this is a pansexual agenda Episcopalian….in other words – radical liberals who think anything goes re: pairing up for s-x. They’ll be trying to legitimize intergenerational s-x soon…and polygamy too.


What petitions can we sign? Whom do we want taken down from their position of influence?

“Sign the petition to have _____ removed from his/her position because he/she supported Joe Biden [or others].” Whom do we submit the petition to?

Deplorable Patriot

For some reason this has been on my mind today. THE GREATEST SCENE from one of the greatest films ever made. Rod Steiger described it as a love scene between two brothers, and he’s not wrong. In the end, though, doing the right thing cost them both.

Elia Kazan made this movie as a protest against the communists, of which he was one once. He was blacklisted, and still….

For this scene, as I understand it, Marlon Brando went to Kazan and asked how do I play this? Kazan asked Brando, what comes to mind or something to that effect. Brando came back with “Disbelief.” How could a brother do that to his own flesh and blood?

That’s where we are. Some of us Americans have recovered from the betrayal and are ready to go to the next step. Some have not. Some are still realizing they’ve been snookered by one side or the other. The disbelief, though, is still playing with us, and many are itching to fight without an idea of how to go about it.

Same thing as the movie. Terry had to roll with the punches. In the end, he wins, but it wasn’t easy.

Wolf Moon

An excellent description of the state we are in. Excellent. DISBELIEF – and not even sure which side lied to us, told us the truth, or did either one for good or bad reasons.


Steve in Lewes

DP – “Some are still realizing they’ve been snookered by one side or the other.”

As in Steve’s opening, a strong belief that we have been.
Has it occurred to anyone that quite possibly the biggest “bullshit artists” (Steve’s term)
were President Trump and ‘Q’.

I mean for 4 years all we heard by various axioms ‘the truth will come out’, we caught them, or numerous other variations, dare I include the Big Ugly.

Just saying!


I understand how one might feel this, but this cannot explain General Flynn. He was probably harmed worse than anyone, but he pledged his oath to Q and still stands by President Trump. And I still believe Steve Pieczenik.

Steve in Lewes

I do not know what or who to believe anymore.
The bottom line is that we were told that these “crimes”, for the lack of a better word, would be revealed and here we are. No earth shattering revelations.
They may come, they may not but I can tell you there a a couple things I’m gonna do different than I have the last 4+ years.
I am disengaging politically because now it doesn’t make a difference since I know my vote does not count. I’m also cancelling my republican party card and donations and going independent.
For all of these folks to just walk away and go silent is not a good sign, at least for me anyways.


“I am disengaging politically because now it doesn’t make a difference since I know my vote does not count. ”

That is EXACTLY what [they] want…they win if we all do this.

…not me. Not on my watch.

“Send Me…”


Last edited 1 month ago by Please

Unless the vote counting issue is dealt with people will just give up. Hard to convince people to participate when they know the game is rigged. And Republican’s are in on this too.



It is rigged for our failure. We had a most valuable possession stolen from us, and the action we take is to continue to work within the system the thieves set up for us? It’s pathetic, ineffective, and a pipe dream. IMO, either some entity — the military or whoever has the authority — takes over and sets things right, or we have another American revolution, with we-the-people setting things right.

I’m not calling for bloodshed. but I don’t consider trying to take back the House and Senate when Dems control the voting machines to likely be successful. Don’t get me wrong: we have to do it; we have to always fight and push back and initiate action rather than always being on the defensive — but, IMO, this makes us feel as if we’re doing something, when we’re not addressing the real problem and the result will be the same old, same old.


“when Dems control” should be Uni party control. It’s both parties.


Remember Pence was supposed to do that and if failed. The board to deal with election integrity failed shortly. At the time it was said some Governors did not wanted to participate. I thought he gave up quickly. This should have been fought but Pence just folded.

Steve in Lewes

So if they do nothing to fix the vote you’ll keep banging your head against the wall until they do?

“they win if we all do this.”

We all did not do this and they still won! What’s the point.


There is a tomorrow and a tomorrow after that.

Let’s keep our eye on the prize.

Steve in Lewes

And what’s the prize?

Because you see I’m 66 yo and have been voting straight republican since Reagan. For 40+ years we’ve been told we have got to play the long game, start local and move the right people up. We did that and got a number of Tea Party folks in and what happened most if not all turn out uniparty once in DC. Rubio and Ernst are two that come to mind.
Apparently the prize is for them getting rich off of stupid people who vote them in believing these people when they say they will work for us.

All mere words and catchy phrases don’t do shit.
I want to see action before I believe any of this going forward.


‘I’m 66 yo’: congratulations. I’m only a few years younger, yet over the 60+ mark.

I’ve followed all the same narratives as you.

Yes, I, too, am tired of it all.

We have to do what we have to do. Online, offline, whatever, wherever, as our individual routes might peacefully lead us.

The Tea Party should be a lesson: no third party, change the existing party from within.


OK, please!

I’m four days older than PDJT (75 this year) and I’m not giving up.

Need I remind you that the battlefield is littered with the corpses of those who “gave up.”



Well, I’m not giving up.

Congratulations on a very special birthday year!


“Change the EXISTING Party” ???
TOO CORRUPT to do that.
We’ll be DEAD before that ever happens.

New “Party” or Bust.


Sorry, friend.

No new party.

That worked when the US was young in the mid-19th century. It no longer worked for Teddy Roosevelt in the early 20th century and it won’t work now.


Never had a leader like Trump Before.
It WOULD Work.
(If the voting system is fixed)


No new party will be a failure but might make us feel better.
Working to get the right people into all levels of government.


Have you not heard of all the people that have abandoned the Republitards?
The GOP is DONE!


I don’t think even Trump realized how deep the swamp really was. The scary part is how little power the President has to force the bureaucrats to do what they are told. We are about to see the opposite occur now.

Steve in Lewes

Trump knew, he’s been talking about it for decades…
So if Trump couldn’t ‘fix’ it who will?
Some milquetoast like Nikki Haley or Pence or Jeb or Rubio or Santorum?


 Nikki Haley or Pence or Jeb or Rubio or Santorum?


Hell maybe KaySick Or Lindseed Gramnesty. Maybe Kintzinger or Sasse?


Replublitards or Done and Over with!
2022 Whigs.


Is that Lindseed “Oil” Gramnesty?


Slicker than Owl shit!


Or, as they say in Maine, ‘shit through a goose’.


They wanted kids to see the movie.

I saw it with my aunt, uncle and cousins on Christmas Day evening when it came out.

Brave and Free

Totally agree there ALL damaged merchandise! Need to start over from the ground up with or without PDJT


What about Pampeo? Or Christi Noems? Or Desantis?
What bout a person Trump promotes?


TOO many GOP Backstabbers……
They would get those you mentioned too.


Steve, the Swamp in DC is deeper than any New Yorker — citizen/candidate Trump — could realise.

Never forget Chuck ‘Six ways from Sunday’ Schumer who is about to get his wet dream with the Senate impeachment trial.

Steve in Lewes

Trump should ignore that trial and tell them to phuck off and also tell them that he will do what he wants to do and if he wants to run again, there is nothing an unconstitutional impeachment trial can do to stop him.

Oh the dreaded swamp..just an excuse. The most powerful man in the world with his financial and business experience is beaten by an unknown entity filled with a bunch of soy boys…maybe he wasn’t the lion we all thought.


He IS the lion we thought he was.

We never know what lies ahead.


You can be negative and disappointed but you cannot dump on my president.
What did you do to help? Were you there and worked in the voting poles? Did you bring people to the poles to vote for Trump?
Did you financially support him? Were you one of the people who liked Barr and Pence and Wray and number of other people? We have to break the stronghold in DC.
As an immigrant this is not American to give up.


I will NEVER give up on Trump!

Brave and Free

Nope NONE of those you mentioned would get it done. They would just put everyone back to sleep and start the shit show over.


Cutting out donations is a good action. I have unsubscribed from every political email and text requesting money. I texted McCarthy back telling him to request donations elsewhere, as I would never give the GOP another penny, and that they are finished. Told him they all betrayed the best president we’ve ever had.
They (Flynn, et al.) have gone silent because all their social media has censored them and the news media will not give them a voice. It doesn’t mean they are not working behind the scenes.

Last edited 1 month ago by EllieLA

This is my sentiment exactly, to disengage. My civic duty as a Christian does not extend to participating in fraudulent systems and so I will not be participating so long as the fraud is just swept under the rug.
However, Trump just walking away does not make sense , either. He indicated that covid was a bio weapon and initially even held himself out as a wartime president. The election was also a foreign cyber attack, was it not? So it doesn’t make sense that neither he nor our military dealt with those attacks against our country. And his last days since 1/6 were just off, not normall!


You need to watch War Room with Steve Bannon specially from today.
We are regrouping and work to take back the fight for 2022. How to organize. It is not the American way to roll over and let things go. We did not come so far. I agree the hope that Q gave has done some damage it made people complacent thinking others will do the job that is ours.
We are not a nany country America was not built that way.
Maybe take a short rest and come back stronger and renewed. Sunday take a day off. Prayer for you 🙂

Wolf Moon

I trust Trump. I trust Flynn. Q? Who knows.

Barr was the biggest black hat of all. He was how they transitioned from the failed 2016 plot to the successful 2020 plot.

Steve in Lewes

Well Wolf, Trump did appoint Barr and he owns that mistake.
I don’t know who recommended Barr. If it was Pence, I’d recommend Pence as the biggest black hat.

My trust in Trump, Flynn, Sidney, Don,Jr and others has weakened considerably!
My view of them right now is a side eye suspicion; that is I’ll believe when I see.


Trump had no choice but to go with whom ever they recommended. All of his picks were screwed by turtle who never put the senate into recess.

Last edited 1 month ago by Henry
Steve in Lewes

Not buying that excuse any longer.
He could have kept Matt Whittaker in as acting AG or another acting AG that supported Trump.


Acting positions are time limited. Bureaucrats would have just ignored them knowing they would be leaving shortly.

Steve in Lewes

You mean the same bureaucrats that ignored Trump?
What did he do about it?

Over a year ago he said all would be declassified and didn’t!


He ordered it. They did’nt do it. Which is my point.

Steve in Lewes

Then he should have fired them, Barr, Wray, Haspel, etc all at once for not following his orders.


All that would have done is feed the dem narrative of Trump being out of control and nuts. 25th ammendment time.

Pretty clear that we the people have lost control of our gubmint over these years. All Trump did was shine a big light on how bad it all is. And, I see no way to fix it.

Steve in Lewes

Which gets back to my original post.

we are all phucked, so why bother.

There is a way to fix this but saying here is not a good idea.

We need to keep pressure on the GOP in Congress so Trump gets not impeaged that is were we need to focus.

Ups what happened?


After Whitiker they put in Barr. Everyone on our side except the most cynical among us thought we were getting a good deal. It simply comes down to how infested Washington is with rats who don’t honor their oath.

In the future it might be smarter to take mid career people instead of senior level people. More chance they still honor their oaths.


Could Whitaker have been re-appointed?


Maybe at a later date. But he did end up replacing Barr. Might of been moot at that point to use Whitaker.

Last edited 1 month ago by para59r

I’m fixing the duplicate comment.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gingersmom2009

I don’t understand how Trump, after spending his entire life as a real estate developer dealing with the most corrupt people, in the most cutthroat markets . . . could be so seemingly naive in who he trusted and selected. After firing Comey he should have kept on going.


We do not know what would have happened with with Whittaker as AG.
I trust non.


This is exactly what the Left wants. They orchestrated this. It’s part of the destruction of America.

Last edited 1 month ago by TheseTruths
Steve in Lewes

“This is exactly what the Left wants”
Actually it’s exactly what the left and right want, so what’s your suggestion for fixing this situation.

We just had the most capable person to fix this and nothing was fixed.
He walked away quietly leaving a one sentence letter for Biden and Biden mocked him for it.


I don’t think that letter was real. I don’t consider not conceding, refusing to attend the inauguration, and telling us he will be never give up on us — even while a new administration is supposedly taking the reins — to be “walking away quietly.”

There are things that have not been done. I am not expert in them, but I believe there are more options that can be utilized and that might still come into play. None of the pedo/trafficking information has come out. Voter fraud is still being investigated. I heard yesterday that states can still decertify their elections, but I don’t know if it would have an effect at this point.

I have not given up. There is a great deal I (we) don’t know.


He also did not pardon his children, nor himself, Rudy G, or Julian Assange. I believe he did not to give us a clue that he would do so before he leaves office in four years. In the meantime he, and we, can observe what the enemy would have planned to do to them.

Wolf Moon

Don’t lose faith in Trump. He is the only true reckoning point in this whole thing.

Steve in Lewes

You talking about me?
I never said Trump wasn’t on our side, he has demonstrated that since being elected.

I just don’t believe all this talk about he’ll get this right.
I’m not seeing it or expecting it, any thing more is hopium, is it not?

Last edited 1 month ago by Steve in Lewes
Wolf Moon

AMEN. America as the Founders envisioned it will NOT DIE while I live. If they kill me, I die with HONOR.

Trump gave us the courage and the heart to FIGHT for all the good things this Nation has stood for. If he does NOTHING ELSE, he has done enough!

Steve in Lewes

If anything happens, I’ll be ecstatic.
But I am not expecting anything that will change the trajectory at this point.

Wolf Moon

Check out my latest. I believe that the military can arrest Barr for Treason tonight.

Brave and Free

Absolutely! Barr, bar none was the best actor in this shit show.


Imagine trying to live in his head, with the sure knowledge of the treachery he did.

Will eventually consume him.


If you trust Trump, you trust Q. You posted a thread very early on when we first came here about how it was easy to fall into a preconceived mode of thinking by missing something that might be inconceivable. It wasn’t exactly in those terms, but your statement leads me to believe you may still be missing something even more inconceivable then whatever it was you were addressing in that thread.

Last edited 1 month ago by para59r

That logic does not follow.

I trust Trump, but Q no longer has my trust. I was never a Q believer as such, only accepted Q because of Trump’s “Calm before the storm” words and his “Scott Free” tweet.

Trump is human and thus fallible. Adml Rogers may have been a black hat that snowed Trump by giving up the ridiculous Spygate fake investigation. That is why it was so weak. They just made shit up, spied as a LARP, for Rogers to get Trump’s ear and inject “muh Military intel” into Trumps circle of trust.

I am with SteveinCo – if the “10 days of darkness” are now, then great. But I have very low expectations of this panning out.


The comment goes back to understanding who Q is in real life. No on this board appears to understand who Q is.

I recently gave you a chance to figure it out. You may not of seen that or simply chose to ignore it.


I saw it, but guessing games is not my thing. If I thought Q’s ID was likely to be revealed, then maybe – but it is not my main area of interest.

So my guess at Q remains a black hat military intel op aimed at corralling Trump.

If you want to share, then fine. But I’m not playing the guessing game.


One thing all those who betrayed Trump is one person Bush.
They all had a position in the Bush administration or connection one way or another including Pence.


Even the SCOTUS picks were tied to a Bush.


Yes. All the people who are able to be approved by the Congress are Bush people and I think McConnell was the one making it clear. Between Pence Chris Christi supposed friend for 15 years also pushed. This was a total deception by everyone even those his kids suggested.

Wolf Moon

We have to get rid of Q to go deep. Too much of it was deception of the enemy, which also deceived us. For example, Barr. He’s part of the plot against Trump. He was no “Stealth Bomber” for us. For “them”? Yes.

It got us thinking, but now it gets in the way. Tear off the training wheels. It’s time to attack these people OURSELVES.


Yup, FIRMLY on the Trump Train.

Good with Flynn, until evidence shows otherwise. Highly doubt anything VALID surface.


Yes he was and he was a good actor the creep.


Via LIFELOG, a self-described “woke” friend posted: Sharing this podcast from our diocese to remind myself to listen to this sometime this week

How to Respond to Christian Nationalism in the Church


Michael – You said ‘our diocese’ – are you now in the Anglican church?


LOL No . . . I knew that was going to be confusing.

It’s a Catholic friend of mine that has joined with “woke” elements.


I do have a former pastor who went and founded an Anglican church as an ordained Anglican Priest.

For many of my friends, it seems to me that denominational changes are just masks for them going off the deep end into nuttery.

I can’t say for certain that’s what he did – but I find it frustrating that he hasn’t been willing to really talk with me for over fifteen years. That kind of thing tells me there’s something wrong.


Got about 13 minutes into this, trying to take notes for later discussion as needed.

They follow the de facto narrative of the Jan 6th.

Briefly invoke the history of the Civil War

They define “Christian Nationalism” as conflating the goals and ends of Christianity with the goals and ends of the nation state. [For my part, I’m more interested in aligning the goals and ends of the nation state to the goals and ends of God, but that’s a separate topic.]

It is linked to American Exceptionalism. [They love to attack American Exceptionalism. The United States was founded as a nation upon proposition, unlike any other nation on earth. This is why it is exceptional among nations. This is fact – but many people prefer to spread confusion and CCP propaganda. “But ‘murica not ‘ceptional!!!”]

Hearkens back to Frontier America to create a pure Christian state. [Let me guess, they don’t like the Puritans or Jonathan Edwards.]
“Colonial” America Christian state is presented as -versus- indigenous people. [Continuing the false “colonial” and “genocide” narratives.]

Creates a syncretism between the Kingdom of God and the nation state. [Ironic, considering that the goal of woke Marxism. They turn a blind eye to evil.]

Creates a kind of “civil religion” where being an American trumps membership in the global people of God [Ah, “global”! Thanks for putting it out there so plainly for us to see! A globalist one world religion, rather than the universal body of Christ.] – even inadvertently [Because being a globalist shill never trumps their loyalty to Christ /s]

One kind of Christian nationalism would put America’s interests over other countries. [What do these people think Representative Democracy means? That representatives are supposed to serve other countries rather than their own constituents? Arrogance.]

2 Americas – with one accusing one side of not being real Christians or Americans or both. [Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot.]

An attitude that it is “not a big deal” being patriot and Christian, that these are not in conflict or can even complement. But this is an issue of idolatry. [assertion of opposition]

Identity is complex – Fundamental things, the gospel of the Kingdom has to challenge every single one of our identities. [Identities = Identity Politics. Gospel of the Kingdom = social justice wokist Marxism.]

Speaker talks about how he must be continually challenged by the gospel of the Kingdom in his own life, even as a 65 year old, an older white male who has experienced tons of privilege – the gospel of the Kingdom has to critique that.

If one side says “I am a patriot” the Kingdom of God has to challenge that.

Saying “I am a patriot” outside the Kingdom of God is a dangerous place to be. [So good to have you here, to discern for us deplorables who is saying things within and without of the Kingdom of God. Oh where oh where have you been all our lives, oh wise ones, to guide us in our spiritual blindness? /s]

It may be possible to have a solid Christ based identity and say that you love your country . . .
. . . but love means to will the good of the other. . . [assertion of opposition, SLANDER]
. . . not breaking things and killing people!. . . [MIND CONTROL NARRATIVE]
. . . not an expression of loving country in a Christlike way. [Judgementalism, Arrogance]

If country is doing something harmful or wrong – love declares those things.

That’s one of the challenges we have in talk radio, is that critiquing America is seen as unpatriotic [That’s because they are engaged in Marxist critiques of “America” – and are not engaged in critiques are a public policy matter. They cannot separate the two, and then bloviate about “America’s moral failures” which aren’t really directed at America per se, but against their political enemies.]

[Mostly they are just spewing their own politicized opinions and warped theology, and on their basis of their own judgments, pronouncing everyone who disagrees with them to be idolators. True story.]


Use the scroll wheel on your mouse.


I meant that nothing on this blog (or any other) is entitled to your attention or interaction. Your ideas might not be my ideas but they have a right to be expressed.

Except for trolls. They have one right – to die.

Valerie Curren

I think he was just sharing his notes from that video about the “woke” church & its concerns about patriotic nationalism. Sounds like he was disputing w/ the video only…

Speaking only for myself, I always value your opinions even if I don’t always agree with them (I agree w/ most things I’ve read that you share!). I’d love to see you come to saving knowledge of Jesus so you can partake of that peace & eternal joy…but I’ll love you as you are & be very thankful for your “friendship” here if we never see eye-to-eye on the God stuff.

It comes across to me that Michael is righteously angry w/ a hypocritical church that follows neither Jesus nor the gospel but clothes itself in the filthy rags of marxist ideological self-righteousness & false “Christian” virtue…


Well, for my part I wouldn’t be welcome in a woke church either 😉

Please don’t read too much into my notes – my attention is dealing with the woke anti-nationalism that hates all things Trump. I really appreciate that you help keep people honest.


I am not saying that. Do you care what people say and are you comfortable in what you believe?
You love this country for me that is enough. I am sure many people feel that way. Even Christ welcomed non believers.


Admittedly I did not read closely. Don’t plan to. seems a bit convaluted or more thought than I am willing to apply. Admittedly my short coming. Prolly NOT a big deal.

Easy question.

Is religion required to be a Patriot?


Not “Organized” “religion”.
Belief in God would certainly help.


No, religious belief is not a requirement of patriotism.

What they were trying to argue was that what they described as “the gospel” should challenge one’s patriotism.

Essentially they were trying to put Christianity and patriotism at odds with each other.

Their intent was to engage in woke marginalization of patriotism.

Basically, the wokists all consider patriotism suspect. For the woke there is only room for the idol of wokeness, and it is a jealous god.

If they could do it, no one would have any patriotism, and no one would have any loyalty to nation. They believe the ideal is for the nation-state to fade away and vanish forever.


Rudy Guiliani masterfully dissects Nanshee’s latest Shampeachment.


Wolf Moon

Congress is EVIL. I never thought I would say that, but it has been corrupted to the point of being EVIL.


They hate Americans.


Trying to get your land for Bill gates.


..or setting up the battle between WE THE PEOPLE and the Oligarchs that finance congress and K street.
We need a fresh look at the Sherman Act,
Some Anti-trust Monopoly busting MOAB would be nice.


If the inauguration was staged what was the point of it? Has chyna taken over the country now? We’re we duped yet again? Q posted quite a lot of things that don’t seem to be ever coming to fruition.how can POTUS be safely on air force 1 if he isn’t our POTUS at this point? We never heard the storm is upon us . Barr,wray,Durham are backstabbers and Durham? Was that just name no real person attached? I’ve never seen the man except in a photo,was anyone really investigating anything? No EAS went out why? The fake one in the oval office is rescinding everything our POTUS did for us. Why all the Eos if they just cancelled out by fraud POTUS? When chyna seems to own everything in our country how are we to fight against this massive takeover? These are things running through my mind since the 20th.im 63 years old and not in good health will they kill me under the guise of being a useless eater? What about all those Wal-Mart camps? Supposed to be for them ,are they now for us? This isn’t a plan that sounds very good to me.im old and tired of being stressed out and having loved ones tell me in a nice way to shut the hell up and get a life.what life ? How can I get a life when I see carnage coming upon us? Am I just flipping crazy at this juncture?

Concerned Virginian

I was sitting beside my step-granddaughter (age 13) a few days ago while on a visit. The adults in her family all voted for RobberJoe. I’m almost a pariah since they know I voted to re-elect POTUS Donald Trump.
This child was going on about “now Biden will take away the money from the old people and give it to help kids, since the old people are going to die anyway”.
Problem is, she’s right. However, the DeepState apparatchiks will make quite sure that their elderly relatives are well taken care of.

By the way, that’s the term for ALL DemCommunists and 95% of ALL “Republicans” now—

Last edited 1 month ago by Concerned Virginian

Isn’t it nutz that our family who are Lefties can and often do nonchalantly bring politics into the conversation, they can say their piece and the kids will innocently say things like your step grand did……………….however WE are usually mocked or chastised severely for speaking out loud a differing opinion .
Happens all the time to me.

Last edited 1 month ago by mollypitcher5

boy I hear you Molly, I’ve been censored for years while friends and family run there mouths constantly. And then they wonder why I stay away don’t visit or call.


I’ve been pretty upset with my east coast daughter who voted for that woman cause she’s black ya know. And yes I’m sure the apparatchiks will take good care of there own.further every one of them are pushing 90 so it’s ok for them to live but not us. I guess I’m just trying to make sense out of something that can’t be understood.


I could not remain in presence of a child speaking that way. Obviously she’s just parroting what she hears from the adults in her life. How cold. All of them.


Too nice a term. Given that the basis for much of what they do is satanism, I call them a cabal.


They have done a good job brainwashing children against old people that also means grandparents. Destruction of the family has gone on for a long time.
Lets take away from old people they do not realize there is less money for the kids who want what old people have without working for it.
This sounds all like Mao and most communist countries feel about old people they are useless. How did we go from honoring Mother and Father to wanting their stuff their money their death?

Last edited 1 month ago by singingsoul1
Concerned Virginian

In 10 years or so, children like this child will be the RN’s working in hospitals, the medical school students, the Master’s and PhD candidates in medical research.
In 15 years or so, children like this will be the doctors in charge of whether the ageing Baby Boomers will live or die.


That is why you take care of your own health (nutrition) and stay away from doctors and the pill mill.

Sadie Slays

I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone here has good answers to these questions beyond “Trust God.” You’re not the only one here with these questions.


Without trying to assign a special conspiracy to it, I’d say it was staged out of necessity. They needed to provide Biden an energetic day his first day out. Something most think him incapable of, so they film some of his first days events before hand. This is what GWP says about today.



Oh how I loathe this scum….


I went through the past week of his Twitter feed and couldn’t find that.

It seems he deleted it.

Valerie Curren

I saw some apology by him for this on twit world recently…


Good. Thanks for the update!

Valerie Curren



You mad bro?



Wolf Moon

I’m so mad I want Revelations NOW.


We may be closer than you think. 🤔
The US isn’t mentioned at the end. Creepy’s hand in toppling it may be why.


He may already be walking the earth now. God came early to give us, as a nation, a second chance and we just snubbed it.


America colonized Aus a long time ago – Hollywood was one of your most powerful weapons. Our swamp is striving to be as putrid as yours, but, fortunately, we always lag behind.

So “mad” here can mean either – context …..

Wolf Moon

A wonderful uncertainty! 😎


Wolf, with the, um, revelations of what the Uniparty wants of us . . . and FakePrez’s record so far . . .

Does it make sense to start a “Leftist Love and Kindness” thread to track the regime’s anti-accomplishments?

Prime example:

Biden Stops Trump Order To Slash Price Of Insulin, EpiPen


There is NOTHING kind or loving about grifting handouts on the backs of people who are already paying out the nose for things which they have a MEDICAL NEED for.

I really want a list of all the absurd uncaring acts that they keep pushing on America “for our own good”.

Like killing 50k jobs on day one.

Just have to keep in mind that I will be limited between working (OT), coursework, and of course family . . .

Wolf Moon

All contributions welcome. I’m going to go after William Barr. Once I dropped the Q blinders, I saw how they did it. I believe that Barr committed TREASON by ignoring election fraud with the intent to eliminate Trump. For the AG to do that is nothing less than treasonous dereliction of duty.

Garrison’s comic based on Agatha Christie is ironically the key.
comment image


Remember obathboy bowing lower to the Saudi king?

wonder if Xi will make both jo and ho bend way down?


A new baby boy!


He’s a conservative activist from the UK.


You can read more about George Farmer here — moneyed, well educated (Oxford, where he got a first in Theology):



What a beautiful baby  😘 


january 23, 2021 the marshall report


Critical thinking begins when one decides to see with their eyes and accept what they see. It begins when one decides to hear a thing and reason it for themselves. Memorizers ask what does this mean? They need to start to reason with themselves what this means. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it is a DUCK. No matter who tells you it is a goose, it is a duck.


I knew everyone stabbed Trump and refused to do their job!
read the whole thing…


It looks like Sidney Powell, Lin Wood & Patrick Byrne were correct. Trump DID try to invoke the 2018 EO and DID try to get the DOJ to do their job & stop the illegal electoral college certification but they refused. AG Barr & DAG Rosen, Bush toadies, instructed the DOJ to WALK OUT EN MASS if Trump asked them to take action and Wray’s FBI refused to investigate fraud while Pompeo/Haspel’s CIA refused to acknowledge foreign election interference. White House Counsel, Pat Cippilone, refused to allow Trump to fire Rosen & Wray – saying it would cause irreparable harm to the Executive branch. They ALL refused to release declassified evidence to the public, which would have exonerated Trump, for three years!

Wolf Moon

Yup. Sad fact. Our government is totally corrupt and self-protecting.


A Republic if you can keep it. I would say we have our answer.


Has been corrupted for a long time.


Reading that makes me feel like we’re staring into the abyss..


We are. And the monster staring back is enslavement.
it’s what they crave.

Wolf Moon

And we’re going to throw every one of those fuckers into it.


Also, what is the real reason for such betrayal ? Yes yes..trillions at stake but these individuals aren’t personally wallowing in obscene wealth. What in hell do they get out of this? They like watching the world now truly fall to communism?
These aren’t exactly rhetorical questions to me. What would motivate this many people to do this?


The betrayers might get paid for their (non) efforts..

…, but I’d guess they were also threatened with harm for them and their families, both physical and financial.

They were probably given the Scum schumer “6 ways from sunday” that the DS will retaliate. They probably offered up evidence that POTUSVSG was fighting a losing battle and would fail, so the good people exposing the corruption would go down with POTUSVSG.

Nasty business from nasty people.


Thanks. I guess so. I will never ever understand it. Never.


They are the mafia they operate like the mafia a global mafia ring. One never gets out of the mafia alive.
Wonder when one goes to DC if one automatically is part of the mafia? Trump did not play he has seen the mafia in action in NYC. He had to pay a price and still does.


What would motivate this many people to do this?

bad education, and years of being taught to loathe their history


Ok yes, definitely for the obama/jarrett//et al white America haters..it’s warped ideology for them.
The old guard, the Bush faction..they are the ones that I don’t understand


You don’t know the history of Prescott Bush?

evil in the perfect place at the perfect time.


I’ll have to refresh on all that.


A financial supporter of nazis.


I do they sold their soul to papa Bush for money who knows what else. They all have skeleton in they closets. Bush was a mean SOB looked like milk toast but was a mean one. Just my assumption because of CIA .


Power. Those in power rarely have to submit to their own draconian rules. Those are for us little people. But they are doing it for our own good don’t you know. This time is really bad because we don’t even really know who is running the country and driving the policies. Sure ain’t Joe.


I am very happy on the outside of a lot of things. Unable to relate to power because there is always someone else who has more power. It is a roller coaster to hell.


We could say some people just want to watch the world burn,however I believe the betrayal goes to there worship of Satan and killing children and all the horrors they commit every day they live. Sometimes it’s more than money it’s a evil lifestyle that if we found out about and realized what they do to our children the streets would run red. And that’s another question I have regarding q where’s there pain he said was coming? All I see is pain for all of us. No one has gone to prison.and really are all those indictments real or just more lies.i think I am most angry over the lies.everything is a lie,our history ,our leaders our teachers .nothing is worse than betrayal bylies.


No, not everything is a lie, especially America’s true history and the good intentions of the Founding Fathers.


But that is no longer taught in schools.


Agree 110%.

Therefore, it is all the more important that we pass that truth on to the next generation — now.


You know what they say about good intentions ….


Yes, I certainly do.

Sadie Slays

What would motivate this many people to do this?

They’re all part of the same global, multi-generational Satanic cult that sincerely believes in creating a New World Order / Great Reset. You have to remember that they don’t have a similar upbringing to ordinary people. Most of them were born into and raised to have these sick beliefs and to treat anyone outside of their cult as an enemy. They maneuver themselves into positions of power through vote rigging and blackmail, and then fill their respective institutions with like-minded cult members or people they control. That’s how you end up with so many people on board with their sick plans. Their primary goal is establishing the NWO, and they need the US to the fall before they can do that.


Yes, and the satanic and criminal practices have not been revealed yet. IMO, it is too late to try to go back to business as usual and just try to throw the bums out and win elections (though we have to keep working and not give up). We have to address the nature of the people we’re dealing with.


Very good post


Assuming the accuracy of all that, why in the world would DJT fail to disclose the truth to us 74 million deplorables? He could have named names and at least put a cloud over everything. Yet he walks off into the sunset staying silent.

It makes no sense and regardless of the reasons, DJT told us more than once that he was standing between the enemy and us. And then he leaves us on the battlefield without even a battle plan. Reconcile? I cannot.


Regardless of suspicions about the site and its opinion, it is a much more plausible explanation of why Trump left. He had no backup and his family was/is being held as “hostage.”

I believe he has a plan. He needs to get his people in place before he can move.


I believe he has a plan, too.

Wolf Moon

This is what people don’t quite get.

He unmasked it all, but with a DELAY FUSE.


Thank you, Wolf.


Trump will probably have more to say, when he has a platform ready.

It will in all likelihood not include the military cavalry / Q psyop.


I heard today not only does Trump have to deal with impeachment but there are countless litigation going on in different states from AGs to bury him and to deplete his finances ruin his businesses. He is human a good man and I hold nothing against him.


OK – how reliable is this Tierney Real News Network? Anyone know???


Exactly. I was just about to post this:

Respectfully, it’s another blogger’s opinion. We can see likelihood in some of it, but there is nothing to back it up. We have to be careful and discerning.


He didn’t? Dang! It sounded so … believable.


Somewhere on the darkweb I bet there is petunia porn.


That was Simon Parkes. I still watch his videos to see what I can observe. His demeanor is very interesting in that it seems credible for someone who has such off-the-wall beliefs in other areas of his life.

I have no idea who his sources supposedly are. I don’t know why they would be talking with him. And I also don’t know how he can sound so reasonable about some points if he is a total BS artist — which he might be. If he is, he is Oscar-worthy. It’s all interesting to me.

He points out that, unlike many, he watched the inauguration, and when the cameras were not on Obama, Biden, et al., their faces were those of gloom. He also says that there was a prerecorded part and a live part of the inauguration, and that the colors of some of the ladies’ shoes changed during the middle part of the ceremony. True? False? BS? A trick of light? I don’t know, and I’m not going to spend time trying to find out. I just find it interesting.


Simon Parkes thinks his mum was an alien.

She actually worked for British intelligence. So did his grandfather. Apparently, according to other sources, they did great work during their time.

No one is quoting them as ‘authorities’, just people to watch for their sources of information. And no one here is coercing anyone to pay the slightest bit of attention to them.


Oh, we get it.

Now he says it will be either at the end of March or the beginning of April.

Worth tuning in to see if he is bogus or true. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


Maybe that is why Pelosi wants to keep troops in DC until March  🙄  👽 

Valerie Curren

Randy Quaid in Independence Day? “They’ve got bigger fish to fry now believe you me!”


Lots of articles. Seems okay to me.

If one reads his/her article to the end, s/he has links to many of his/her past articles.

As for the truth, who knows? But a Pompeo or Pence run would seem possible. Therefore, either would want to disconnect now, as disloyal as it seems to us. Something to keep an eye on.

Last edited 1 month ago by churchmouse

I never heard of this website…
Article is disinformation (I’m being kind… it’s crappola!)
So, POTUS wasn’t his own man… but a puppet that others controlled? Right… NOT!
DoJ had NO authority to stop the illegal electoral college certification (Constitution says VP can though)
POTUS (as any president has always been able to do) could have declassified at any time, anything he wanted to…………..
POTUS saw early on (before he even ran for office) that the Military would be the only way… only option.
Which is why he placed Chris Miller at DoD and Pete Gaynor at FEMA… they have been in charge since 1/20
We are in the “10 days of Darkness (no comms)” now, and until end of January…
But of course Donald Trump and the US Military have just walked away and handed the USA over to a CHYNA
puppet and the Cabal will never be destroyed.
And Trump and his business and his family will be destroyed… perhaps worse.
And “somebody got to Trump”
And …


a voice of reason…


Hi Pat…

Trying to be reasonable… but I’m definitely in “bitch” mode at the moment! So lurking a bit and moving on to watch my Brit Period pieces… or look for art online… trying to stay calm, as we all are. Hope you’re doing well.


i am shocked at the atmosphere here today.
hardly recognize the place…


We’re all tense, hoping that Biden would not be the sad reality that he is.


it’s darkest before dawn…


Absolutely. Another fine memory of my childhood. My mother said that often when I was really down about something transitory.


People look for someone to blame when things go wrong. IMO, we are operating with insufficient information to be clear about everything, though there are things we are crystal-clear about, including Pence’s and Congress’s duplicity, and things people have said in their own words (McCarthy, McConnell).

I am not ready to throw anyone under the bus that I don’t have sufficient information about, and I trust Pres. Trump completely.


me too.


I’m much more patient than you Steve… for one thing, I have been researching “our world” and it’s ugliness since Poppy Bush set up JFK’s demise and went on to make the C_A what it is today. That’s how long I have been waiting for the wrecking ball to hit the Cabal. And then there’s the ‘small’ matter of Faith… I have a ton of it, possibly because I have seen many times the result … and I trust the Will of the people… not just Americans, but of humanity…. so, I don’t dictate what day something will happen. If the ten days end, it only means comms come back, doesn’t mean a perp walk… but it will be con’t clean up…

So, to what should I admit wrong? Hope? I’ll never admit to be wrong to hope, to have faith, and to do my part to WILL good stuff to happen.

Our attitude, our entire concept of reality is probably different. And that’s okay… doesn’t make either of us wrong. And hopefully, we’re still Buds… 😉

p.s. But atm I am a feisty bitch who doesn’t entertain defeatism of any kind in this WAR… (don’t they court martial soldiers for lowering troop moral?) Which is why I’ll only be stopping in briefly for a while… don’t want Wolf to ban me for breaking rules of decorum…

Wolf Moon

We’re being a little lose on “decorum” right now, because this is a critical time of understanding.

What if the plan requires you to lose a little faith in the plan, and put a lot more faith in yourself?

THAT is soldiering.


Oh Dear Wolf, I never rely on faith alone… I have a ton of faith in myself… If I told you of the foes I have stood against I would be doxing myself for sure… suffice it to say I have been elected to public office, have run campaigns for others… have watched the KKK burn a cross in my front yard (yes, I’m that old)…

I’ve been “soldiering” all my life… sure not stopping now.