Dear KAG: 20210421 Open Thread

Alright, enough of that.

Tuesday morning started out like this:

And so the Democrats defeated the Republican effort to censure Mad Maxine 216-210.

Well…at least the Republicans showed up.

And then later in the afternoon, a jury in Minnesota voted to convict Derek Chauvin on all counts of murder and related murder charges despite an autopsy that says Chauvin did not kill the man who was hyped up on fentanyl when he expired under Chauvin’s knee.

And of course:

Is the San Francisco freak kidding?

If Minneapolis burns tonight, will a sitting member of Congress be charged with crossing state lines to incite a riot? How about MSNBC? Or will somebody do the truly courageous thing and follow the money to who is financing the mercenaries, as if we ultimately do not know?????

As for Mad Maxine, the other side was crowing:

As for what happens to Mad Maxine now, it probably depends on the dirt she has on everyone else in Congress. After all, Washington has long been a town that’s run on blackmail, and Maxine Waters does not impress as a woman known to hold secrets unless she can benefit from them.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 1808e1 No.10966994 
Oct 7 2020 14:07:51 (EST)

Threats, bribes & blackmail being deployed @ unseen levels?
Dirty laundry [blackmail] controls DC?
Why are they protected?
Threats, bribes & blackmail or sharing of ‘like-beliefs’?
Dark Secrets.
“Let’s see what happens.”

Really, it has been for a couple centuries at least.

Food for thought:

And now from a movie that was all about blackmail in Washington, D. C.

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JOHN 6:35-40

35Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst. 36But I said to you that you have seen me and yet do not believe. 37All that the Father gives me will come to me; and him who comes to me I will not cast out. 38For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of him who sent me; 39and this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up at the last day. 40For this is the will of my Father, that every one who sees the Son and believes in him should have eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.”

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

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I searched and couldn’t find anything about ‘former presidents using military aircraft’ after they left office.

So I think the answer is…”No”.
No other ‘former’ president has had that sort of privilege.


Awesome open thread DePat as always, thank you so very much.

God bless you .. ❤️ …

Wolf Moon

Something is up.


The old “something’s rotten in Denmark” is in here …. 😮😳🤭 …

… good‼️ … 🤨👍 … 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 …

.. buckle up .. they’re heading into turbulence .. 😃👍🤨 ..

Steve in Lewes

Well, I can say with absolute certainty the following is up!

the sky
the moon
the clouds
flying airplanes, etc

as far as any speculation on matters of hope…..

I’ll believe it when I see it!

Wolf Moon

There is an extraordinary amount of speculation beyond the facts, and the facts (meager as they are – mostly “odd” military stuff) can actually go TWO WAYS. People who are not in the “they’ve been rounding US up, people – WAKE UP” category like me don’t necessarily have that balanced perspective.


Canada as precursor? You’ve seen what’s going on there, yes?

Australia too? A handful of “cases” – and an entire Province (equivalent to a US State) goes on draconian lockdown?

These are precursors for what is to come here in America, VERY SOON, if we dither in pursuit of a “balanced perspective”.

Kinda harsh, I know – but the current phrase “sorry not sorry” applies.

In extreme times – like now – I reject “balance” (a soft word for appeasement, IMO – and appeasement FAILS in our current circumstances, yes?).

I’m not interested in the “TWO WAYS”.

Just the ONE WAY.

Guess I’m “imbalanced” like you …

Happy Wednesday, Wolf!


“These are precursors for what is to come here in America, VERY SOON, if we dither in pursuit of a “balanced perspective”.”


What is the difference between Canadia and Australia on the one hand, and America on the other?

At least half a billion firearms, in the hands of the People.

That doesn’t mean the Nazis won’t try what they’re doing in other places here. They will.

But they know it’s going to take an overwhelming show of force to confront armed People, and when they do it, that is going to be the canary in the coal mine that unifies Americans across the land.

So they can’t just barge in and throw elderly people to the ground like the Nazis do in Canadia.

The number of firearms in the hands of We the People requires a different approach.

What that approach is remains to be seen, but they are certainly working on it.

Last edited 18 days ago by scott467

I strongly suspect that the tech today won’t be stopped by ANY amount of guns owned / used by civilians.

That said, any effort to confront us will be as MESSY as can be – and *that* tactic won’t serve the “optics” that they (the enemy) need.

>>”they can’t just barge in and thro[w] elderly people to the ground”<<

Cuomo et al. already did. (Everyone seems to forget Baker, who likely consigned 70 seniors to their deaths in Holyoke, MA, by installing symptomatic people into that elderly home.)

Remember the Paradise, CA genocide? Another example. Kew confirmed the classified tech unlawfully used in that event.

It’s our GRIT, Scott, that will be our salvation. It’s asymmetric warfare, and guns are eminently symmetric.

We gotta adapt …


The willingness of the people to use firearms to defend their family and homes from thugs and crooks is one thing.

Going against the gubmint, as an armed group is a totally different matter. Any attempt to rally the “militia” will be cutoff by the gubmint by taking down any form of leadership that sticks their head above ground.

Part of the reason why DOJ is going hard against Jan 6th participants. Sends the message, stay home, stay quiet. Or be stomped on.

A different approach is an understatement.


“The willingness of the people to use firearms to defend their family and homes from thugs and crooks is one thing.

Going against the gubmint, as an armed group is a totally different matter.”


I wasn’t referring to something like that.

I was thinking more along the lines of forcing someone to be vaccinated, like they were doing to that poor woman in the video the other day.

If you believe the vaxx could kill you, then someone trying jam that vaxx in your arm is using deadly force against you.

If you have a gun to defend yourself, you certainly have a right to use it to defend your life.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a cop, or a medical worker, or the Good Housekeeping lady.

Assault with a deadly weapon is assault with a deadly weapon, and the standard of deadly force is what would a reasonable person do, if they knew what you know.

If you know that the experimental vaxx is deadly to lots of people, and there is no scientific or even logical reason to take it when cheap and effective remedies are available, then you have a legitimate self-defense case for the use of deadly force.

There are LOTS of books written about this stuff.

One excellent example is Massad Ayoob’s Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self-Defense.

In that book, the author mentions time and time again how important it is to have read that book, for this very good reason.

Because if you have read it, and you acted based upon the instruction regarding the law and use of deadly force taught in that book, then that book can (and will) be introduced as evidence to the jury.

And the Law states that the standard is what would a reasonable person do, in the same situation, knowing what you know.

And when that book is introduced as evidence to the jury, the jury will then know what you knew (and Mr. Ayoob can testify as an expert witness on your behalf, which he does all over the country, every year), and they will have to acquit.

Or the conviction will be overturned on appeal. It is established law.

The author (Massad Ayoob) mentions different cases where nearly the same circumstances occurred, but in one case the defendant was able to prove that he read at least one book where the subject of lawful deadly force was explained, and other cases where the defendant could not, because he hadn’t.

In the cases where the defendant had been trained or could prove he had read a book on the subject, the book was then allowed into evidence, and the jury then had to take into consideration what the defendant knew at the moment of the incident.

In the case where the defendant was not educated on the subject, the defense was prevented from entering such evidence, and the jury made their determination based on what the jurors knew or understood (which was nothing), not based on what the defendant knew or understood.

That defendant lost.

The defendant who could introduce the book from which his knowledge of lawful use of deadly force came, that guy won.

I don’t believe you would even have to know about the deadly side effects of the vaxx. The simple fact that some person is assaulting you with a needle, certainly a deadly weapon, trying to stick you with a needle against your will, is enough to justify defending yourself with deadly force.

Not everybody will have thought this through or have knowledge of deadly force issues obviously, but plenty of people will do what comes natural, and defend their lives, if some whack-job is trying to jab them with a needle against their will.

And if they have access to a firearm, at least some of them are rightfully going to use it to defend themselves.

After all, that’s what it’s for.

Last edited 17 days ago by scott467

Just worrying about people posting this garbage and if they really believe it. Sometimes when you go down the rabbit hole, you can never find you way back out.

Wolf Moon

Happy Wednesday AND Thursday!!!


>>”I’ll believe it when I see it!”<<

Hey Steve –

I’m not sure if we’ve ever spoken before, but I suspect we may have a good while ago, even for a brief exchange.

When one only believes something when they see it – then, IMO, one *isn’t* exercising “belief”.

To believe ONLY after proof means that one didn’t “believe” at all.

I’ve come across this many times. Perhaps the word “acknowledge” is a bit more accurate, rather than “believe”, in the case that one waits for surety before “believing” (“acknowledging”).

It’s a tricky thing, to be sure.

But as I’ve said here to other posters, it’s often true that when one waits for “surety”, then one has waited too long to DO ANYTHING about it being FALSE.

It’s the “What if it’s true?” perspective that rules – again, IMO. Protecting against TOTAL loss is better than waiting for that total loss to occur, and acquire certainty that we’re all F****d.

In the latter case, ones opinion won’t matter, whether true or not. Not my opinion, and not others’.

We cannot afford to wait for surety, when that delay will likely prove deadly.

Food for thought …

Steve in Lewes

Well ES, I was a ‘believer’ waay back when we were told:
‘we have everything’
‘we caught them all’…etc, etc, etc all through Trump’s ‘term’.

We were even told the voting cheaters were caught….

and here we are…nothing was done. So forgive me if I’m skeptical.

Your belief that something is happening or will happen has to be based in something concrete or some past experiences that make you feel that way. When I read all these proclamations from others that claim something and nothing comes of it, and it happens repeatedly, then belief becomes skepticism.
Belief without some basis for that belief is nothing more than…
dare I say it….Hope!

Someone left the barn door open and my horse, Hope left a few months ago


I understand, Steve.

Please remember, though, that “Future proves past” … and the time for judgment is the END (not the middle).

We aren’t at the end yet, and I haven’t lost faith. I simply cannot believe that the entire Kew-phenomenon was for naught, and that we were all “strung along”.

THAT is the basis of my faith – and hope.

I’m sorry you lost your horse. Perhaps she’s wandering around, maybe somewhere near?

Hehehe …


It’s not a case of “either Q is nothing or we will win.”

Q could have been something…and the good guys could have lost the battle.

I tried to warn people that there was a chance that Trump would be unable to overcome the fraud we were expecting (well before the election), that maybe the enemy had something up their sleeves we didn’t know about…and basically got blown off.

Yet it seems (to anyone who’s willing to look at a hypothesis between “Q is a good guy and we have this” vs “Q is a bad guy and we got skunked by Q”) that is EXACTLY what happened.

Q is a good guy, but our side was not omniscient, not omnipotent, and we lost a battle.

If we’re imagining we really won it just doesn’t look that way, we’re not doing what we should be, which is REGROUPING to go at them again.

The enemy would just LOVE it if we sat on our hands waiting for a big reveal, while they consolidate their hold on this country. But go ahead.


A fair point, of course.

IIRC, though, others here (like me) were a bit more “into” Kew (reading ALL the posts, digging ALL the intel on the anon boards) than you were.

Point being, I think I have – maybe – a slightly better sense about it all.

One of their LAST messages was “You are ready.” I took that to mean that it was our turn to carry the standard, and go forth whether or not they ever posted again.

And one of their FIRST messages invoked “11.3” as the first “marker” … which was incredibly prescient, given what’s going on at the WH now.

11.3, I believe now, was a citation from the DoD War Manual, on the Laws applying to an Occupying Power (Belligerent). Hence the NG in DC – who still don’t know why they’re there, because their job is simply to BE THERE to contest the occupation. Nothing else – just be present.

I find it impressive that the 11.3 clue – back in late 2017 – foretold the (apparent) loss of the 2020 Election, and the means to reclaim it.

The team knew three-and-a-half YEARS ago that this was the most likely – if not the guaranteed – eventuality.


If you haven’t watched any of the War Room episodes (live 10am EST and 5pm EST daily, DDG “America’s Voice” for link), please do – many, many people have been taking action, and to good effect.

I think you’ll like it – Bannon doesn’t get into the morass of Q, or the dicey issue of election machine manipulation.

He has great guests, all are patriots, and it’s really good to see that.

A LOT of viewers, too, WW.


Wictor says we are in a state of devolution with the military in charge of key national defense issues. Biden just gets to play with policy, dogs and pedos.


And even his dogs don’t like him!

All the signs and indications that I’ve marked point to EXACTLY what you’ve just said.



“Since leaving Washington President Trump has flown out of West Palm Beach Airport in military aircraft. That is a fact. Not breaking anyone’s rules by stating that.”


As always, who is in the dark here?

Certainly the criminal [JB], or at least his criminal handlers, are fully aware that the US military is being used by DJT.

And certainly the [JB] administration knows why that is happening, or being allowed to happen. If they had the ability to stop it, it’s hard to imagine any scenario where they would not do so, even (and especially) simply out of spite — and if they do not have the ability to stop it, then they are not actually in control of the military.

If there is another possibility, what would that be?

So DJT certainly knows what is going on here.

And the black hats certainly know exactly what is going on here, they are not being deceived.

As always, the only people who are in the dark, are We the People.

What point does that serve?

Either side could divulge what is going on with DJT’s military flights.

It must be in DJT’s interest to not explain it.

It must likewise be in the black hats’ interest to not explain it, or they would certainly do so.

So what interest could the white hats and the black hats share, such that they would both keep secret from We the People, whatever is going on?

Last edited 18 days ago by scott467

A very good question.

And most of the “theories” (I hate dignifying baseless speculation with that term, which is actually pretty strong in science) have no sensible answer for that. And we’ve been in a similar situation, supposedly, ever since Trump was inaugurated, with the black hats “panicking” and the white hats about to make their move any second now, but no one is saying anything.


I might speculate the reason being…panic.

Neither side wants the American Public in a severe panic state. Everything falls apart at that time and no one wins.

The battle going on, out of view from normies, must stay out of view. The battle still rages and the outcome is uncertain, at least the cabal feels that way.

If a public panic occured, and there was a breakdown of normal society, a run on banks, the stock market crashes, food supplies, power, cable, phone, gas are all in jeopardy. Lawlessness and pillaging and looting could follow. Hundreds of thousands of deaths. Anarchy. Chaos. It might take years if not decades to clean it up. Maybe it never gets cleaned up and there is a new wild west world.

and faux biden STILL would not have won

Last edited 17 days ago by Please

“I might speculate the reason being…panic.”


Could be, but I have never been able to buy in to the whole ‘panic’ theme, it always seems like an emotional salve we apply to ourselves. Psychopaths don’t panic. They don’t experience emotion at all.


“Neither side wants the American Public in a severe panic state.”


At this point, I’m not sure I believe the American Public is even capable of a panic state. I’m not sure the American Public is even awake, at all.

But the enemy certainly wants to create a ‘panic state’ in the public, everything they do, all of their propaganda, is geared towards that, at least for those who are paying attention.

For anyone paying attention, it’s hard to imagine a more panicked state, than having:

1) landslide election victory stolen by a group of outright thugs and criminals bent on the destruction of America, and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party

2) the military apparently gone fishing

3) the central banks (all of them) printing money to eclipse the Wiemar Republic

4) a fake global plandemic, used as a tool to enact draconian control measures and light the Constitution on fire

5) wreck the entire world economy in the process, on purpose

6) doing everything possible to promote racial hatred toward white people

7) make our judicial system less than that of a Banana Republic, to join our Legislative Branch and Executive Branch in similar corruption and abuse of power

I could go on, the weaponization of FIB, DoJ, et al., world famous eugenicists (e.g. Billy Gates) dictating medical policy, despite never even having played a doctor on TV, etc. Announced plans by the Global Goof Squad to eliminate billions of human beings from the planet, and so on.

If that’s not intended to induce a panic, what would be — at least for those who are at least semi-conscious, and paying attention?


“Everything falls apart at that time and no one wins.”


That always sounds like ‘narrative’ to me, like ‘panic’ or ‘civil war’. They seem like designed inhibitors, to prevent the public from taking any action to defend themselves, and to justify inaction.


“The battle going on, out of view from normies, must stay out of view.”



Besides ‘narrative’ reasons and ‘justification’ reasons mentioned above. Was WWII hidden from the public?

Who benefits from the Public being kept in the dark?

Who benefits from the Public not having enough information to make decisions for ourselves?

It’s not the Public, that’s for sure.

And that’s where the BS narrative false apart.

I expect the enemy to keep us in the dark.

But it is the absolute height of arrogance for the people who presume to be on our side (e.g., ‘white hats’), to claim they support freedom, while believing that they know better what’s best for us, and it’s best for us to be in the dark about our own circumstances and chances for survival.

If any ‘white hat’ thinks “we can’t handle the truth”, then shame on them. How are they effectively any different from the enemy? How does that make us anything besides sheep being controlled by a different predator?

Nobody ever asks these questions, or the other obvious questions… we just guzzle narrative like it’s Kool-Aid at a jungle cult reunion.


“The battle still rages and the outcome is uncertain, at least the cabal feels that way.”


What battle?

If there is any evidence of a ‘battle’, raging or otherwise, where is it?

If a single enemy has fallen, who was it?


“If a public panic occured, and there was a breakdown of normal society, a run on banks, the stock market crashes, food supplies, power, cable, phone, gas are all in jeopardy.”


The breakdown of normal society occurred in January of February of 2020. The banks are going full-Wiemar, most people just haven’t noticed yet.

The stock market has never been more overvalued, it makes the 2000 and 2011 valuations look quaint by comparison, and the ‘quantitative easing’ over the past 12 months make the bail-outs of 2000 and 2011 look like a single drop of rain in a Hurricane by comparison.

Food supply is what it is. If the United States, the breadbasket of the world, combined with the infrastructure and training of the U.S. military, cannot maintain and distribute adequate food supply in an emergency situation, then we should all just stop now, and get off this joke of this Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

If power, cable, phone and gas are all in jeopardy, then we’re a national joke. Fear is a means of control, and the more fear that can be imparted, the more control the narrative has.

But at some point, you have to call the bluff, you have to pull the curtain back, and face the fear, to find out what’s real and what isn’t.

Most of the fear is manufactured, and many of the people who are actually paying attention appear to be addicted to it.


“Lawlessness and pillaging and looting could follow.”


Coincidentally, that’s exactly what the Chinese bot-farm says… Narrative, narrative and narrative.

No logic, no reason, no support, no argument, just naked assertion, repeating of talking points, i.e., narrative.

I’m not meaning to single you out or criticize anyone personally, just pointing out that there is no evidence to support these ever-present and daily repeated prayers fears.


“Hundreds of thousands of deaths. Anarchy. Chaos.”


And lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY!

It’s amazing how much joy we take from promoting our worst fears to ourselves, it’s like wanting to get the thrill of being scared by going to a horror movie.

Some people love those, they live for them, for the thrill of being scared out of their seat. But a lot of people don’t care for that type of movie, it’s not a ‘thrill’ for them, it’s just disturbing, in a not-good way.


“It might take years if not decades to clean it up.”

It might take THOUSANDS of years. Come on, if we’re going to scare ourselves properly, we have to go big. Throw in some Mad Max and Escape from New York dystopian cultural reference points for good measure.

All the best Chinese narrative engineers would…


“Maybe it never gets cleaned up and there is a new wild west world.
and faux biden STILL would not have won”


Maybe… I’m so scared right now I peed myself, not once, but twice.

Or I rolled my eyes about ten times, and got bored, and called their bluff, only to discover it was all BS.

At some point, hopefully, everybody will be out of pee, they’ll be all scared-out, and maybe then, finally, get off the ride and actually demand real answers to direct questions.

We’re definitely not there yet.


Ok, I’ll play.

What IF…

What we suspect is TRUE. The military is running the country.

What if in the last days of Trump’s presidency, we really DID find out that there was a credible nuclear threat from a country willing to pull it off, UNLESS…

Iran, for example.

“We have suitcase nukes in five American cities. If your Congress “reverses” the election, we set them off.”

And we couldn’t find them. And we still haven’t.

Biden “plays President.” They CAN’T completely control him, because everyone would see the game. Trump goes to Mar a Lago, where he is seen occasionally, but not often. Except when he flies off in military aircraft, to “be President.”

On the other hand, I could be full of crap. I often am. 🙂


“Biden “plays President.” They CAN’T completely control him, because everyone would see the game.”


An interesting theory up until this point.

In any such scenario, the enemy is not being fooled. We’re not even fooled, we know [JB] is illegitimate.

But suppose Iran had done something as you hypothesize.

Iran has spies, certainly inside our government. Why wouldn’t they? Everybody else does. Americans are the only people who DON’T have representation in our government.

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, ISIS/muzzie brotherhood, Kenya, Ukraine, Russia, Somalia, you name it, take any list of bad actors from the members of the U.N., and they have all infiltrated our government to the highest levels.

The Kenyan Usurper is the ultimate example.

But you and me?

Nobody in our government represents us, that I can tell you!

So all of our adversaries know what’s going on. Between sophisticated intelligence surveillance techniques used by our adversaries, to moles and spies inside the government itself, they all know what’s going on. None of them are fooled.

And obviously if there are any white hats, the white hats know what is going on.

The only people who don’t know what is going on, the only people kept in the dark by everyone on both sides, is US.


For a different point, if no one was able to find the supposed nukes, eventually the reason has to be because they don’t exist, and Iran was lying. At some point that has to be the determination, otherwise any bad actor can make such a threat, and hold our nation hostage in perpetuity, forever.

Since that can’t happen, at some point, the determination has to be made that the threat is a bluff, and call it.

If you don’t, then you don’t have a country, you are a client state of Iran.


For a different point, the most powerful nation on earth doesn’t respond to threats of that nature defensively, it responds offensively.

The entire leadership of Iran would be wiped out.

If that means a nuke goes off in an American city, or even five, what is the option?

Become a slave of your enemies?

If home invaders break into your home and threaten to kill everybody, do you just let them do it, if you can stop them?

Or do you take out as many of the home invaders as you can before all of your family is killed, and maybe half of you survive?

Half surviving is better than none, right?

If five cities are lost, a lot more than half of America would survive.

And it would be justifiable cause to make sure that most of our enemies in this world, wouldn’t.

But the one thing you don’t ever do, is give in to terrorism or threats of same.

Because if you do it even once, then you are open to it over and over again.

It’s the same reason we didn’t used to negotiate with hostage takers. When the world understood that, most of the time Americans were pretty safe abroad.

When our leaders started negotiating with terrorists, every American who went outside the United States had a target on his back.

And has ever since.


Well, I only disagree on one point.

It appears to be REAL, that Xiden is President.

A whole lot of us thought something was going to “fix” that, but nothing we can see has. So anyone spying for another country probably can’t see it either.

Because it is REAL. Except the military is flying Trump around (unprecedented). And NO ONE in the White House appears to be doing much of anything foreign, only domestic.

And all of those things are E.O.s, which can be undone in an instant.

Who knows? I don’t. I’m just spit-balling.


Exactly. Every situation APPEARS to be REAL, except there is always a “but” which raises doubt.


It was that way for all four years of the DJT’s first term. It was always “so and so is a white hat” BUT… here are 5 reasons why he could be a black hat, OR vice-versa.

And round and round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.

And that’s what makes me angry as much as anything, because the only people who have no idea AT ALL about ANYTHING that’s actually going on is We the People.

The bad guys know. If someone is after you, if someone is doing things that are actively adverse to your interests and objectives, there is no doubt that you KNOW about it, 100%.

So the bad guys know what’s going on, and the so-called ‘white hats’ know what’s going on. They may not know the details because obviously you don’t want to forecast your next move, but IF there is a ‘shadow war’ actually taking place, there is no doubt about that fact in either camp.

The only place where doubt exists is amongst WE the PEOPLE.

And it shouldn’t be that way.

We the People shouldn’t be in a 4+ year gaslighting experiment.

It’s literal psychological abuse.

All the so-called ‘white hats’ would have to do is acknowledge what is going on, stop making it a private war, a ‘Spy vs. Spy’ and let the People KNOW what the *&^% is going on, at least in a general sense.

The population was not in the dark during WWII. Can you even imagine?

Imagine if anyone tried to fight WWII without any of the population of the world finding out about it, or at least keeping it quiet enough that people who found out or paid attention could be dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

It’s insane.

It’s no less insane to try to keep this war a secret.

Unless there is no actual war going on, at all.

And if that’s the case, DJT and his people should tell us THAT, too.

But they won’t.

NOBODY will tell the truth about anything.

And there are few things in this world that cause more damage, or more anger, than that.


You know what this reminds me of? You just triggered it.

This is like the Cold War, when we really WERE in the dark about most of what was going on between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. There was all kinds of skullduggery and mayhem, spies killed, etc., but we were mostly unaware.

I have no clue at this point why we are not being told anything. What I DO know is that Trump’s behavior since Jan. 6 is COMPLETELY UNLIKE HIM. Like a switch flipped, or a deep undercover operation began.


True, but even in the Cold War, at least everyone knew there was a cold war going on.

There wasn’t a fractured reality, where half the population realized we were in a Cold War, and half the population thought whatever it is that the Pod People think on any given day.

It wasn’t pitting Americans against each other, through intentional disinformation and through intentional omission of information.




Thanks, DP.

Glad Michael DeLauzon is back.


REALPOTUS flying on MIL aircraft is stated as fact.

Not being a doubter, just a verifier … where is the sauce for that ‘fact’?

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Time to stock up again!

Scott “Damnatio Memoriae Democraticae” (@ScottC20012) Tweeted:
Since we no longer teach things like supply chain economics, we will keep it simple. A megadrought (cyclical throughout history) is gripping the winter wheat part of the country…
This will increase costs… a lot

Scott “Damnatio Memoriae Democraticae” (@ScottC20012) Tweeted:
lack of wet weather means the water farmers do have will have to be reallocated to permanent crops, while others, like garlic, tomatoes, onions, melons, and rice will be reduced.


Not so fast…

All the usual leftist enemedia nozzles are spewing this…and all are blaming it on “man-made global warming” and the “climate change crisis”.

But many of them are covering themselves by saying it “could happen” or “might happen” or that “we could be on course” for it to happen.

They are all using the same source…a paper by David Stahle in Science magazine.

This article by Anthony Watts at Climate Realism, sheds some sanity on it all:

………….From the article:

The media this week are hyping a new study claiming global warming is causing a megadrought in the American Southwest. In reality, the recent drought in the American Southwest is an aberration after many years of relatively plentiful rainfall.

The new study, published in Science, is titled “Anthropogenic megadrought.” The title alone suggests this is more of an opinion piece than a work of science.

In the abstract of the paper, author David Stahle claims evidence shows:

“…that the 16th-century megadrought was the worst multidecadal drought episode in the Southwest over the past 1200 years, and that the second-worst event occurred from 2000 to 2018 over southwestern North America (SWNA) and may be ongoing. The study also pinpoints substantial anthropogenic (human) contribution to the severity of the current drought.”

Is the USA in a “megadrought”? Looking at April 14th 2020 data from the United States Drought Monitor, it sure doesn’t seem so. While there are indications of some drought in the USA Southwest, there seem to be equally large areas that have no drought conditions at all. And, just one year ago, there were no indications of drought in the southwest USA whatsoever. This might be why Stahle only used data through 2018, because the “no drought” year of 2019 didn’t support the claims of “megadrought”.

……………………..Much more at link, including drought maps and charts.

So this thing is being hyped in unison by the Left…to what end; we can pretty much figure they will be pointing to this to try to stomp on fossil fuels.

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Wolf Moon

The Chinese are BRUTAL masters of their mind-slaves.


We are in a Grand Solar Minimum (as I posted yesterday). There will be cooling and a lot of weather events. We’re going to need those fossil fuels. But this all ties in with their quest to make our lives miserable, to cull the herd, and to destroy America.

American Thinker: The Coming Modern Grand Solar Minimum [we’re in the process now]
Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling


Yes, I thought so too! Thank you.

Yes we’re going to need fossil fuels to get through a Grand Solar Minimum.

And all of a sudden, these enemedia nozzles are all spewing the same thing at once…dredging up ‘anthropogenic global warming’.

They want food to be scarce and high priced.
They want gas to be expensive.

And they think that it won’t affect them.


>>”fossil fuels”<<

They aren’t “fossil” fuels, IMO. That’s another big lie.

I wish I’d saved the video of the whistle-blower who spilt the beans, as it were, that it’s been a psyop to motivate the Green Peace crowd (“There are only so many dead animals the we can harvest!”, et al.).

Bottom line – oil and gas are naturally occurring in our upper mantle, and plentiful enough to use for many hundreds of years.

Technology released to the world population will – very quickly, IMO – obviate the need to rely on oil / NG / etc.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How we use THEIR words (I have as well) to describe a situation, when the words themselves are lies???


Ah ok. Thank you. This person usually has reliable info. Guess that slipped through.


Wonder when the dollar collapses. Massively devalued. Does it play into globalists / deep state drive to digital global currency.


Itll be part of your digital passport…but really oeople will go for the microchip.


I don’t know…it’s one of those things that has been “imminent” for a long time.

But this cannot go on forever.

What’s going to happen is, it will be sudden and sharp when it does happen, there will be little to no additional warning. (That prediction is worth every cent you paid for it.)

Gold is moving up, closing in on $1800 an ounce, and it was only a couple of weeks ago it was having trouble staying over $1700.

So gold is moving up and Joe Biden didn’t win.


The only thing I am positive of, you stated. NO NOTICE. REACTION TIME, scant to NONE.


Steve, I am not a well-off person, so my reaction to what may be coming is to spend what extra I have on things I can think of that will help me physically survive. A solar generator, a really nice water filter (a Berkey, which is FANTASTIC), seeds and food production stuff, and store-able food.

Buying precious metals is sort of out of my reach, I think. Do you think that they will really be necessary/helpful if paper money is actually worthless, a la Venezuela? What would we be able to buy with them?

I am trying to be as smart as possible with limited means to do it.


Your strategy is also a good one, frankly I should be more balanced and be doing what you are doing a bit more.

The other point to PMs is, when the crisis is over and stable money is resumed–you can sell them for that money (rather than using them *as* money). It’s like a savings account that won’t get thrashed by inflation. Yes, you’ll lose something to transaction costs, but simply keeping cash around will cause all of it to be lost. (Not that you personally are keeping cash around!)


Makes sense. I understand what you are saying. Paper money won’t hold value, PMs will.


Grandma, I don’t worry AT ALL about the debt.

For many reasons – one of which (very practical) is the forfeiture of assets from those engaged in human trafficking.

Remember the Redshields selling their centuries-owned estate? And Gyorgy transferring the vast bulk of his wealth into his “Foundation”, to protect it?

Not to mention the not-so-veiled threat by Kew about the Fed …

There are more reasons … but these should do.

And it’s Klaus and his psychopathic goals which are “unsustainable”!

(Btw, I read a few years ago that the “notional” (pretend) value of all the investment derivatives (options et al.) exceeded $400T.)


… 🙂🤚❤️ …


Love the dressed out camel … 😃👍❤️😉🤚❤️

Wolf Moon



… 🧐👍❤️ … 🤗


Found this at Diogenes Middle Finger dot com:

comment image


Forgive me. I apologize for posting it.
 😬  😟 

In spite of the irreverence of it, I thought it was a hoot.


Yes, I consider it a Sacred Relic too.
Again, I apologize for posting it.

I think that was point of the humor, though…the way that the left are treating Mad Maxine as a ‘sacred relic’.

But please feel free to delete it, if you like.
I’m really sorry that it is offensive.


Wheatie I understand we are all different and laughter is good for the soul 



Wolf Moon

I thought it was funny, even though I consider myself a bit of a “shroudie” – which is to say, I give the shroud the benefit of the doubt historically (still leaving it open to study), and accept it as a cultural icon of belief no matter what.

Humor is dangerous territory, always, but it’s essential battleground, IMO. If we give it up to the enemy, we will not only remain mired in cultural irrelevance – we won’t be able to offer the restorative alternative.

Countering the cultural Marxist message on Christianity means, IMO, using the same polymorphic engagement they use, yet never relenting on the idea that we are built on TRUTH, and they’re not. This is why I have no Alinsky fears on the shroud itself. As long as we remain open to seeking the TRUTH of it, we’re on solid ground, and I seek to use it in many ways. No retreat!

TL;DR – hitting the other side back with the shroud takes many forms, and making fun of THEIR inauthenticity as a sub-meme of the shroud is a cunning defense of it, in my digital guerrilla opinion.



Valerie Curren

I thought it was funny, even though I consider myself a bit of a “shroudie” – which is to say, I give the shroud the benefit of the doubt historically (still leaving it open to study), and accept it as a cultural icon of belief no matter what.”

I really appreciate this perspective. I have scriptural problems w/ the shroud because of the passage describing the cloth that had been wrapped around Jesus’ head, it seems to contradict the shroud view as Jesus’ burial cloth.

However there was a documentary, some of which I saw, “The Fabric of Time” I believe, that offered some extremely interesting scientific evidence of the accuracy of the timeframe, Roman coins of the era placed on the eyes & seeds from that region & time, & something about holographic imprint of the image of the body while suspended above the platform suggesting that the image Could have been created at the moment of Resurrection where God’s power caused a flash that imprinted the image…fascinating, but Not an article of faith just a curiosity, imo.


Were you not created in His likeness and image ?

(God does has a sense of humor, you know… but not everybody “gets it”…!)


I thought it was hilarious. I think God has a sense of humor.


… well … actions have consequences and well … God is the final justice, eternity will hell … literally 🔥 .. 😃👍‼️ …


𝐉𝐨𝐞 𝐁𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐧’𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐧.
comment image


Illigal is not the worse of Biden what is worse he sold us out to the communists. To the CCP and its world order. At another time in history he would have been hanged for that.


… we’re waiting … 😐 …


History ain’t over yet.


There is hope 🙂

Steve in Lewes

……just an undocumented president, no papers, no proof…but there he is.
Pretty soon he’ll qualify as a “Dreamer” president, since he didn’t get there on his own and pulled over the ‘finish’ line by the lefty cartel!

They will say he deserves it since it wasn’t his fault…he’s the La-La Land president.


.. aw shucks he deserves SOOOOOOOOO much, and he’ll get it too whether he likes it or not …. don’t stand too close to him … 🔥

… 😐 …


comment image


I looked at this picture for several minutes and tried to understand what was being communicated. Clearly I was being influenced to see this person in a negative light. However message is a servant of context. In this case the message clearly wishes to convey the idea of ‘hiding the truth’. If I changed the message to “Nothing says summertime in Florida better than boarding up your windows”, it would completely change what I thought about the person in the photo. My opinion would change from that person is untrustworthy to that person is behaving responsibly. Propaganda depends on the person to be influenced not being aware of the context or the propagandist intentionally falsifying the context to deceive. That alone is sufficient reason to prohibit the media from misrepresenting factual events.

This is not a criticism of the meme. I believe memes to be effective tools in the fight against propaganda. I merely wish to remind everyone, especially truth-seekers, to always keep context as a necessary analytic of your reasoning.


I believe this picture is from election night, Nov 3rd, 2020.

It was when the Republican poll-watchers were pushed outside and the Democrats took over the counting.
Not sure which state this was in…Michigan maybe?


i agree. My comment was more on how a message can use any image to produce a desired result. It is one of those proverbs: “Do you believe me or your lying eyes?” We are constantly being manipulated by those who want us to believe certain things are true. It is a dangerous environment in which to be a citizen.


This might have been Philadelphia ?




… nuts … that’s where I grew up … 😣🤚 .. 👊😖 …


They had nefarious intentions. Cannot let people see that cheating is going on behind the windows. Does this guy go to church does he ever look in the mirror and ask who what am I ?

Valerie Curren

That image is from inside TCF Center (formerly Cobo Hall) in Detroit probably in the wee hours on November 4th after Republican poll watchers had been kicked out of the room on some BS excuse. Trying to observe the counting activities through the windows was thwarted by covering up pretty much all view points. It was outrageous injustice & part of the massive & orchestrated electoral fraud in Michigan. I have a relative who was there as an eye-witness & later involved in one of the lawsuits…Perspective & “truth”


Jim Caviezel talks about child sex-trafficking and adrenochrome…and his new movie, in this video clip.

He says that this movie couldn’t be made in Hollywood, because there are too many people there who are involved.

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Valerie Curren



Two hours ago we were in deep Bible study … now I am laughing hard at a woman getting smacked by a cat. I feel wrong to laugh at her … but so funny! the timing could not have been more purrrrfect

Wolf Moon

She (I assssssume) deserrrrrrrrved it.  😉 


I was hoping for the proverbial fur-ball being hacked onto her … ☹️

Valerie Curren

yes! LOL


That’s a God “wink” … 😉🤚❤️ …


… 🧐 … 😐 …

… 🤫 …


Is that cat named Karma?

Valerie Curren

LOL! Certainly a contender 🙂


…. bwahahahahaha .. 😂👍‼️ …. lol .. 🤣


I don’t fully trust Cruz and with good reason …

However, when he is good, he is really good. Glad tough questions were asked.
Full Senate questioning of Abrams by Cruz

HT: GWP who has a video of a partial portion of this questioning posted


Graham doing good work

Wish they were dependable on all issues at all times, esp. at key times. But when they do good work I am glad to see GOP being tough on Dems


Good video of Tom Cotton doing some tough questioning:

Valerie Curren

pence poofed

comment image
Michael DeLauzon

Someone went through Trump’s Instagram and removed pics of Mike Pence. Only a few on there now.


… 🤨👍‼️🇺🇸‼️ …


Huh, well, well…….

Valerie Curren

Hannity interview take

comment image
Michael DeLauzon

I watched the Hannity Trump interview. Hannity was annoying as usual but more importantly I think President Trump responded to some questions with double meanings directed at the enemy, intending to confuse / obscure, smoke screen. There’s more to that interview than we think.

Wolf Moon

Interesting. Will have to watch!


Under the assumption that these numbers reported are accurate (and it’s likely a stretch, but who knows), 40% of Americans are either too dumb – or too scared (they’re related) – to exercise due diligence even on their OWN behalf.

Were it universally called an “experimental” vaccine (or more accurately, genetic manipulation), I doubt the numbers would be so high.

I hope that the majority of doses were either placebos, or otherwise benign.

The real test is this coming winter, when degraded immune systems face a different attack “vector”.


I watched the entire Lindell 2.0 video early this morning – and everything’s lining up! Demonstrable election fraud, separate analyses reach the exact same conclusion. I thank God for patriots like Mike Lindell, and like those engaging here.

The tide is turning …

Valerie Curren

more insights on Michael DeLauzon’s perspective

Michael DeLauzon Retweeted
comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 15

Replying to @nicktheman287
My wife was a emergency room nurse who died of covid before ppe and medical treatments were available. My kids and I couldn’t say goodbye or have a funeral. They will be forever traumatized. I will continue to give opinions on my page. You can continue to disagree or move on.




comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 15

I don’t listen to or watch Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, X22 Report, Q, Scott Mckay, or the fake news media. You want their B.S. go to some other page. I browse headlines from other countries because almost every time I watch our news the opposite is true.

Valerie Curren

as hopefully do we all!


DeLauzon has put himself out there with this prediction.

First 2-weeks in May, 3, 4, 6. Source solid. Satellite black out of all media. U.S. Military high alert and readiness. Joe goes. World Court. Financial system activated. NESARA. SM crash. Texts, emails 800#’s to exchange currency for new. Some Tribunals TV. 10-days dark. Trump.

He’s saying Q is B.S. If DeLauzon’s predictions don’t come true, what category would he put himself in?

Valerie Curren

disinfo junkie, squirrel wrangler, human???


“SM crash. Texts, emails 800#’s to exchange currency for new.”


In all fairness, even without a ‘SM’ (stock market) crash, who in their right mind is going to exchange their U.S. dollars for a new currency via texts, emails or 800 numbers?

Hello, this is Nigeria calling, may we have your bank account number to exchange your currency please?

Or send a text to JustTrustMe

Or click the live link in the official email you receive from

Now add in the panic of a market collapse… then quick, exchange your world reserve currency for BSNewDollars… backed by the full faith and credit of absolute chaos… 😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 18 days ago by scott467
Valerie Curren

Moderna adverse reactions filmed

comment image
Apr 14

At a Moderna site in Texas adverse reactions are caught on film. You have to wait in your vehicle for at least 15 minutes and honk if you need any medical assistance. This is literally “herding sheep to their own slaughter” Unbelievable and disturbing.

Valerie Curren

My husband is keeping tabs on his friends who got vaxs, not sure which kind, but w/ no issues known so far I’ve shared the potential placebo concept to consider too…


Same with my husband, and every single one who gotten jabbed has been very ill on the 2nd one.

This is a small group, but what are the odds?

Valerie Curren

Very concerning. I hope they will all be OK long term!


My brother in law had a painful arm for 48 hours after the first shot but was bed ridden feeling seriously ill for 24 hours after the second. He said it was a very scary reaction. He admitted this to his brother (my husband) who he told not to share with me because of my warnings (not to get any of the jabs).


My oldest who is a doctor got moderna and had no reaction what so ever. He is 55.
My neighbor got moderna he is only 36 fit as anything was sick for over a week. He barely could function and said “the effect of the second shot was a nightmare.”
My conclusion is that my oldest got a placebo he would at least have had some reaction? Everyone else who got the moderna was sick to one degree or another.
My youngest and wife had Pfizer and after the second shot both were sick but son’s wife was more sick . She is overweight and has had cancer and other health issues.


It’s unlawful experimentation, Singingsoul!

A direct breach of the Nuremberg Code against unethical human experimentation.

I haven’t any truck with pot-shot injections, whether saline or mRNA, when the WRONG choice could be debilitating, or DEADLY.

When we don’t know what’s being injected directly into our bloodstream (the WRONG way to help our formidable immune system), then we have the absolute RIGHT to decline the procedure.


I recline 🙂



And wise …


Have we considered that the placebos may be sent out by region, not in random batches?

Liberal areas get placebos, and Texas gets the real thing?

Valerie Curren

Well 2, that I know of, of my hubby’s vax’d friends are in Texas…


“You have to wait in your vehicle for at least 15 minutes and honk if you need any medical assistance.”


So how are you supposed to honk the horn if you pass out?

You mean like Sleeper’s Disease, where you slump forward and hit the horn with your forehead?

We used to do that when we were kids… the driver starts acting really uncomfortable, and one of the passengers (who doesn’t know the joke) asks “What’s wrong?!?”.

Then the driver says, “This can’t be happening now, not while I’m driving… oh no…”

And the passenger asks “WHAT’S WRONG!!!” and the driver whisper’s “Sleeper’s Disease” as he pretends to pass out and slumps forward, hitting the horn with his head.

Haven’t done that game in at least 35 years 😂🤣😂

Valerie Curren




I’m always glad to find someone who shares my sense of humor… 😂 🤣 😂

Valerie Curren

😉 such a treat!


“This is literally “herding sheep to their own slaughter” Unbelievable and disturbing.”


I think the sheep must like it.

Sheep have no hesitancy at all to avoid things they don’t like.

What’s hard to believe is that nobody is having fun with this.

My friends and I would have, for sure. It’s the first thing we would have thought of.

If it was a drive-up like the video above, seven or eight of us would all get in line, one behind the other, or side by side if there are multiple lines.

Then wait for the shot.

Wait about 15 seconds, then start freaking out. Take off your seat belt, get out of the car, slump over the hood, roll off the hood onto the ground. When someone comes to help, stand up and act disoriented, and start running in circles until some medical person tackles you.

Then suddenly recover, say you’re fine, get in your car, and drive away.

Remember, the hardest part is always keeping a straight face 😁

Then as soon as the excitement dies down then the next one goes, and improvises his own routine. The only rule is to be even more outrageous than the last person — and don’t start laughing, at least not until you’re driving away.

Do that for seven or eight in a row, and everybody else there would say to themselves “No way I’m talking that *&^%” 😂🤣😂🤣😂


edit / correction: “No way I’m TAKING that *&^%”

Valerie Curren

But taking the shot??? Hard pass on that part, but the rest is epic!


When we were teens, I don’t know if we would have been concerned about the vaxx or not.

But we were always looking for opportunities to prank people 😁

Valerie Curren

You & my husband both–& he’s a great story-teller to bring those tales to life for a new generation who grew up way less free than we were…

Valerie Curren

OK, since Michael DeLauzon is back on twitter here are a few interesting tweets, fyi

comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 15

First 2-weeks in May, 3, 4, 6. Source solid. Satellite black out of all media. U.S. Military high alert and readiness. Joe goes. World Court. Financial system activated. NESARA. SM crash. Texts, emails 800#’s to exchange currency for new. Some Tribunals TV. 10-days dark. Trump.

comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 15

I don’t expect anyone to believe it. With that said, you read it here first, don’t panic when it happens. Still flooding tunnels at Capitol and White House. CCP Agents arrested around the country. Diplomats expelled for other reasons. Kids and adults half dead from container ship

comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 15

When it happens go to work, enjoy your city, do what you always do. Antifa and BLM will be dealt with swiftly. No media to cover how it ends badly for them. Country is under martial law. Riots will not be tolerated.



Yes, please. 😀 

Valerie Curren

should have put a Hopium Warning there 😉


No, it’s good to have some better grade stuff. Even if the effect is only momentary, the other side see it too, it has the opposite affect on them

Valerie Curren

Glad I found it & shared it under the wire of my personal speech suppression, a la twit world censors!

Wolf Moon


We shall see. In any case, even if it’s the opposite (Bidenazis rounding up patriots), having a month’s supplies is a useful thing.


Heh…DeLauzon says he doesn’t listen to Q, and then he proceeds to sound like Q.


Wolf Moon

Yeah, that was great!

The Q project was genius! It even conforms to the “gospel vs. apocrypha vs. historical addenda” phenomenon. Even naming it “Q” was – well – that’s just too cute to not do.

The deep truth of the drops themselves just sheds the left-attached satanic rubbish like duck-back sheds water.


“It’s going to be a rough red pill for a lot of deniers to swallow.”


Whatever is true — if we ever find out — will be easy to swallow.

It’s the non-stop water hydrant of BS that people are sick to death of, because we have no way to know what is true and what isn’t.

And the punishment for that psychological abuse, that crime against humanity, ought to be the death penalty.

Valerie Curren


Valerie Curren

a little more MdL

comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 15

I agree 100%
Quote Tweetcomment image
RΞ4L ✪
· Apr 15
I hate to say it but, one year later it looks like C@VID was a “Plan B” bio weapon our own government used against us to overthrow our republic in case their impeachment efforts failed…

Even the military sat back and watched it unfold.

Pence & Rosenstein committed treason in 2017

Michael DeLauzon Retweeted
comment image
Apr 14

The Justice Department is hunting Trump supporters–and everyone knows it.

comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 14

The United States has a Space Force of more than a hundred armed vehicles capable of space flight. There are several underground bases full of them. The U.S. Navy controls them. Trump has visited one of the bases. China and Russia are a decade behind us in that technology. Word.




comment image
Michael DeLauzon
Apr 14

I can see Trump telling them “The people should know we have a space force without revealing anything. The Chinese and Russians know we have it so let’s announce it.”

Valerie Curren

Holy Crap I just got slammed by Twitter

We’ve temporarily limited some of your account featurescomment imageValerie Curren

What happened?
We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for:

  1. Violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.
  2. We understand that during times of crisis and instability, it is difficult to know what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Under this policy, we require the removal of content that may pose a risk to people’s health, including content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information.
  3. For more information on COVID-19, as well as guidance from leading global health authorities, please refer to the following links:
  4. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public from the WHO
  5. FAQs about COVID-19 from the WHO
    comment imageValerie Curren

  • @TheCrimsonWorm @MichaelDeLauzon Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, vitamin D–Dr. Zev Zelenko protocol Ivermectin other treatments shared by AAPS, American Association of Physicians &amp; Surgeons &amp; other patriot doctors all were suppressed deliberately &amp; diabolically!
  • 10:10 AM – 21 Apr 2021

As a result, we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers –– no Tweets, Retweets, follows, or likes. Learn more. Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 12 hours and 0 minutes.
You can start your countdown and continue to Twitter once you:

  • Remove Tweets that violate our rules

If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal the violation.

Here is the tweet they are objecting to, that I just wrote minutes ago, so the time listed whose time zone appears to be Pacific instead of Eastern where I was writing from…

comment imageValerie Curren

@TheCrimsonWorm @MichaelDeLauzon Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, vitamin D–Dr. Zev Zelenko protocol Ivermectin other treatments shared by AAPS, American Association of Physicians &amp; Surgeons &amp; other patriot doctors all were suppressed deliberately &amp; diabolically!
10:10 AM – 21 Apr 2021

I wonder what part of that tweet was the triggering component???

I think this happened within 10 minutes of tweeting that “offensive” item out…

Valerie Curren

Here is their choice

Remove Tweet.
Tweet 1 of 1comment imageValerie Curren

@TheCrimsonWorm @MichaelDeLauzon

Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, vitamin D–Dr. Zev Zelenko protocol

Ivermectin other treatments shared by AAPS, American Association of Physicians & Surgeons
& other patriot doctors

all were suppressed deliberately & diabolically!

Apr 21, 2021, 10:10 AM

Remove Tweet button here

By clicking the above button, you are removing the content of your Tweet and forgoing the option to appeal this violation. Please note that the original content will be replaced with a notice stating your Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules. This notice will be accessible via direct URL and from your profile timeline for 14 days. Learn more.
If you think we’ve made a mistake, submit an appeal to us. Please note that should you do so, your account will remain locked while we review your appeal.

Notice how they strong arm you to get you to retract your free speech…

None of what I shared was untrue!


Despicable! But congrats to you.

Valerie Curren

For finally reaching the overlords’ radar??? 😉


For standing up and speaking the truth to the point that they took notice. Oh, and for annoying them. 😀

Valerie Curren

Well annoying people has been my métier for decades!


You’ve earned the badge of honor, Valerie!

Wear it with pride!

Capitalize on the event by ordering T-shirts (quality, of course), proclaiming:

“I GOT BANNED! (front) … BY TWITTER! (back)”

They’ll sell like hotcakes …

Valerie Curren



Truth is what did it, wear it like a Badge of Honor

Valerie Curren

Thanks TIM. I’m thinking of disputing it, but having factual underpinnings for every statement to include in my protest. It sounds like the CCP or WHO, but I repeat myself, are part of this “standard”…


You could take a screenshot of your tweet (or photoshop a picture with the text of your tweet), delete the tweet, then make a new tweet of the picture. Their AI can’t read pictures…yet.

and faux biden didnt win

Valerie Curren

Thanks Please!


LEAVE TW and they CAN’T “strong arm you.

TW isn’t worth it. IMO.

Valerie Curren

I was mainly hanging in there as Michael Flynn had encouraged us to not yield territory to the left, that twitter & FB, etc were some of the modern day battlegrounds. Since the “great purge” of conservatives there some of us “little people” have had our voices magnified a bit, so perhaps having Slightly more impact there than previously…


I’m gonna guess that their algorithm is set for recognition of HCQ, Zelenko & AAPS amongst many others…you were a sitting duck (respectfully).

Valerie Curren

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised on any of that–what took them so long??? 😉


What’s the line: “I’ve been banned by classier joints than this one!”?


I like the example: “As you passed swiftly to the street you remarked that you had been thrown out of much better places than he had ever seen.

Valerie Curren

Nice! 1st there was the LDS genealogy library, then Pinterest, now Twitter–I’m on a personal roll!!!


At least they gave you a reason and an option. I was accused of being a bot and suffered many short suspensions, despite providing my phone # and responding to them for over a year. They finally just suspended my botself and refuse to respond to any of the 10 appeals I’ve sent.🤷‍♀️
They’ll ban you for anything or nothing. NO DISSENTING OPINIONS ALLOWED. They can do it easier to us ‘little people’ bc we don’t have as loud a megaphone to protest like the bluechecks accounts. It’s a Cesspool. I only use it to get news, and hate that I have to use it at all. Desperately seeking replacement!

Valerie Curren

That’s incredibly frustrating–so sorry you’ve had to deal with that to such an extent. Perhaps Frank or Gab can be a bit of a replacement or even QuodVerum…

It’s such a hassle to deal with these depredations on freedom & seems so pointless at our level of anonymity. I hope James O’Keefe kicks twitter’s butt in court!!!


From Gab:
comment image
comment image
comment image
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comment image


Love ’em all, Wheatie!


Good ones!


Kamal-uh looks like a Batman villain. All the time.

The Cackler?


Great Daily Thread, DP! Love it all – the camel banner is great. Always love your St. Michael and the Scripture.




My contribution this morning…



If my daughter looked like that I would ask her to find a different place after being 18.
I had strict rules not to look like that girl and to contribute to the house family by doing chores. This mother let it go to far. My kids always knew what was acceptable and what was not.
Once they are on their own pay their own bills they are responsible for themselves.



Whatever it is that’s going on, it’s intense (in tents).

Cuppa Covfefe

And twenties, fifties, and hundreds, too….
(cashing in on all the curren(cy)t events)…


The tents look new. They are occupying DC that is what is going on. This will get worse . Where do they take a shower and use the toilet? Will they poop on the sidewalk like California? DC will look worse than a third world country tourists will not come.
Have the people all lost their jobs and are homeless or are these the gangs that roam at night threatening people out and about? I just wonder.


I remember all the dirty occupy people there when I used to work there. All the buildings around went on lockdown. Had to use kastle keys or have the consierge let you in. Too many of the stinky occupy people kept trying to come in and bathe in the restrooms or demonstrate in lobbies. I carried a thick piece of MCM cable in the van to protect myself with. (Very thick, heavy wire for 460 v electric.)


Oh my so you have seen it first hand! No fun having to go to work in a place where these people camp. Glad were ok and protected yourself.


It was mostly an inconvienience. They weren’t as violent back then, just noisy, smelly, and rude.


They do not change except there seem to more of them ?

Cuppa Covfefe

Hope you had it energized 🙂


Just illegal immigrants in the new State of D.C who will be greeted with open arms( we will be paying for)…. ultimately


How are there this many adults with this much time on their hands, standing around in the streets? Many do not look retirement age.
another criminal suspect dead:


Remember jobs have been lost by closing small businesses. Yes people have time on their hands they always do when there are no jobs. Kids are not in school Universities have Internet classes. Some might be on benefits, I think it is a combination of facts.


That’s a good read thanks.
The imposter is just a virtue signaling fraud, but give him his due, at least he’s consistent.


Of course she did. We all know she is a RINO


Murkowsky is no surprise. She is a democrat pretend to be a republican. We need to weed out democrats who run as republicans.

Cuppa Covfefe

Not to mention the DEMONRATS who run as Democrats…



“Systemic racism” is such a perfect Marxist formulation. It delegitimizes an entire society without blaming anyone in particular, so it generates little opposition. It signifies everything and nothing simultaneously. It can’t be proven or disproven. It’s genius propaganda.”

~ Noah Pollak

Wolf Moon

Time to accuse Democrats of creating systemic division.


Elizabeth Carter

Since the vaccine damage can be transferred by bodily fluids, just say thank you and forget about her.


Put lebron in prison for criminal threats.

Peace Promoter Poso (@JackPosobiec) Tweeted:
Hi @KingJames! Why did you delete this?


HIS GLORY TV – 04/21/2021



Great Interview – Sheriff Mack does not take orders from the Feds

His boss is ‘We the People’ – very well-spoken man




Concerned Virginian

710WOR, New York:
Running on the “local news” before the national news feed at the top and bottom of the hour —
Gov. Andrew (“I’m the reincarnation of Michael Corleone, obey me or else”) Cuomo has opened up availability of the CCP Virus “vaccine” to all New Yorkers 16 years of age and older.
Cuomo says there are “no more excuses” —
Pull Quote: “Just get it.”
One would not be surprised to hear that Cuomo will try push through a “State EO” that mandates universal “vaccination” in New York.

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We got an emergency alert on our cells today. 16 and older, free shots tomorrow.


They are both typically supplied by the same line below the sink. So the blockage should be above the area that they T off. If the faucet is a trickle for both hot and cold then the blockage should be in the faucet. There is normally a filter screen in the faucet and that maybe plugged.


Odds are it is a blockage, mineral buildup for example, or an o-ring seal got loose and is interfering with flow. I would say fixable. Lowes, Home Depot etc typically have kits to replace the “soft” parts. Youtube typically full of videos on how to repair, rebuild them.


No expert. But it does sound like the filter which can be screwed off by hand or with a pair of pliers if needed. We’re talking the very end of the facet where you will find the screen.

Because this is an often used water source it is surprising that this has happened if it is what it