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Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.

But it’s okay!  We’ll get through it.

No really, we’ll get through it.

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Please pray for our real President, the one who actually won the election:

For your listening enjoyment, I offer this from Phil Rey Gibbons, titled ‘The Road To Freedom’:

Also from Gibbons, titled ‘Legions Of Angels’:

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

I will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


Gravamen is a noun which means…the substantial cause of an action at law; the burden or chief weight; that part of an accusation which weighs most heavily against the accused.

Used in a sentence:

Despite the seriousness of the gravamen, the lawless Demoncrats will now waive prosecution against any of their own.

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ALERT: Doctor says mRNA vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots
Tuesday, July 13, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

ALERT: Doctor says mRNA vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots
(Natural News) The vast majority of people who are getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will die within a few short years from heart failure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada.

In one of his latest updates, Dr. Hoffe explains that he is observing in his patients who took an mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccine” from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna that their capillaries are now plugging up, which he says will eventually lead to a serious cardiovascular event.

Chinese Virus mRNA shots are programmed to turn a person’s body into a spike protein “factory,” and Dr. Hoffe says that over time these mass-produced spike proteins cause progressive blood clotting.

No fewer than 60 percent of people who take an mRNA injection will suffer from these blood clots – and in the end, an overwhelming majority will end up six feet under due to the damage caused.

“We now know that only 25 percent of the ‘vaccine’ injected into a person’s arm actually stays in your arm,” Dr. Hoffe explains one his blog.

“The other 75 percent is collected by your lymphatic system and literally fed into your circulation so these little packages of messenger RNA, and by the way in a single dose of Moderna ‘vaccine’ there are literally 40 trillion mRNA molecules.”

Dr. Hoffe says that while these packages were designed by Big Pharma to be absorbed directly into people’s cells, the only place they can actually be absorbed is around the blood vessels and into capillary networks, which are the tiniest blood vessels where blood flow is slow and where genes are released.

“Your body then gets to work reading and then manufacturing trillions and trillions of these spike proteins,” he says.

“Each gene can produce many, many spike proteins. The body then recognizes these are foreign bodies so it makes antibodies against it so you are then protected against COVID. That’s the idea.”

mRNA injections insert “spiky bits” into blood vessels, eventually causing heart failure.

Though the claim has long been that these spike proteins act as a deterrent to viral infection after being injected into a person’s body, the reality is that they actually become part of the cell wall of a person’s vascular endothelium.

“This means that these cells which line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly now have these little spikey bits sticking out,” explains Principia Scientific.

Dr. Hoffe says it is an inevitability that the injected will develop blood clots because as the vaccine-inserted spike proteins embed themselves within blood vessels and capillaries, blood platelets circulate around trying to fix the problem by creating increasingly more clots.

“So, when the platelet comes through the capillary it suddenly hits all these COVID spikes and it becomes absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form to block that vessel,” he writes.

“Therefore, these spike proteins can predictably cause blood clots. They are in your blood vessels (if mRNA ‘vaccinated’) so it is guaranteed.”

It turns out that these blood clots are different than the “rare” ones spoken about on the media that show up on CT scans and MRIs. These are microscopic and do not show up on tests, as they can only be detected using a blood test known as D-dimer.

Dr. Hoffe has been performing D-dimer tests on his mRNA “vaccinated” patients, which led him to discover that at least 62 percent of them have these microscopic blood clots.

“The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot [regenerate],” he says. “When those tissues are damaged by blood clots, they are permanently damaged.”

Wolf Moon

Yup. They have to stop the vaccines.

Natural cellular replacement of the endothelium will get rid of the problem to a large extent, but boosters raise and maintain the risk.


comment image

Wolf Moon

This woman is awesome!!!


Fantastic that a member of Congress is saying things like this publicly.

One small but important aspect of messaging like this is frequently off though.

It’s subtle, but also not subtle.

It has to do with perspective and authority, i.e., who is actually in control, whether it’s “us” or the government.

Saying no one “should” be forced to take the vaccine is to speak from a position of weakness, like a slave appealing to a Master.

Consider the inverse. No “master” would ever tell a slave what he ‘should’ do, a “master” would issue an order, a “master” would tell a slave what he will do.

We the People are the “Masters”, not the government.

We tell the slave (the government, who exist to serve We the People) what they will do, not the other way around.

A military person may have more difficulty with this concept because they are trained to be reflexively obedient to authority, but on the other hand, a military person is also presumably trained to understand the Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein, that those rights are the whole reason the military exists, i.e., to protect those rights and the Republic.

Consider the difference in the first sentence:

No one should can be forced to take the vaccine.

The word ‘should’ invites debate and opposing viewpoints. It is weak, an appeal from a position of weakness. Masters don’t ‘appeal’ to anyone, they make demands and give orders.

The word “can” (instead of ‘should’) is part of a declarative, non-negotiable statement.

To complete the thought, add Constitutionally guaranteed Rights to the message:

No one can be forced to take the vaccine.

It is a violation of the Constitutional Rights of Americans and the Human Rights of all People, everywhere.

The rest (globalists are practicing for the Mark of the Beast) invites debate again, both from non-believers and those who would call it ‘conspiracy theory’.

If you just stick with the declarative statement that no one can be forced to take a vaccine, and it is a violation of basic Rights, then there is no debate or credible controversy.

It is a declarative statement, and anyone opposing it is forced to overcome that declaration with a credible counterargument, and there isn’t one.

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

Amen, brother! Preach!

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
I just put a comment on the previous page regarding intranasal “vaccines” for the CCP”Fauci-Mengele” virus, one of which is already in Phase I “clinical trials.”

Wolf Moon

Yup. And I won’t be taking any of them. Pfizer has not even answered to the charges of withholding the migration data on their first vaccine. I cannot take any of these vaccines now. I’m not even going to take flu vaccines. All trust is lost.

Deplorable Patriot

I wonder what this will do to people on various drugs for heart related issues.



Like your brother 👍

Cuppa Covfefe

Wonder where ACE inhibitors fit in with that, as ACE-1 (and by association, ACE-2) are part of this mess. (All of the Angiotensin-converting enzyme subsystem)… Then there’s Beta-blockers…
And then the blood thinners, heparin and warfarin.

No doubt they’ve never been researched in this context, seeing as WE’RE the “test animals” (since the real animals died in testing, or were killed as mercifully as the ChiComs can do that…)….



Wolf Moon

Oh, that’s a good one. That’s a mandate-killer right there. I’m stealin’ it.

Concerned Virginian

It will take lifelong, daily cleansing of the lymphatic system to neutralize the spike protein poison from the mRNA “vaccines” that will daily accumulate, and to eliminate the resulting detritus from the body.


Just drink herbal tea!

Seriously, there are lots of herbs that cleanse the lymphatic system, and a few of them grow in your yard. Just don’t use Round-Up!

Cleavers, dandelion, calendula (NOT marigolds, although related), red clover, and echinacea can all be easily grown. And they all make good tea.


“ALERT: Doctor says mRNA vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots”


No “Liability Waiver” on the planet will save the Vaxx-killers from that kind of death toll.

The People will eat Congress alive as an appetizer on the way to the all-U-can-eat buffet of the drug company, and Congress knows it, so Congress will get out of the Peoples’ way for their own survival.


Thank for the info. My heart is heavy reading. People did not deserve this inhumane treatment.


Wolf, you have been kicking derriere. ❤🤍💙

Wolf Moon

WE are kicking it! 😃

Must credit Barkerjim for sending me in the right direction. Must credit Linda, TheseTruths, JasonD and eilert for bouncing me into the data pipe, 5:5, as well as Wheatie’s thread that got my mind ready to see it.

They have to shut this place down. And when they do, somebody has to tell the story and make them pay double damages.

That article on Burning Platform is GOLD. The lies are an addiction to them, and the lies are undoing their plot.

Brave and Free



Yes Wolf has been on it like a dog with a bone. 🙂 No wonder they attract this site  😎 

Wolf Moon

More will be incoming. I found a NEW BONE!!! 🐺


Looking forward to it 🙂


swamp spy project?

Wolf Moon

Wow. “Your data is safe.” This woman needs LIFE.

Wolf Moon

Who was she selling to? DEMOCRATS?




This is good news:

BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin Moves Forward with Election Forensic Audit

Wolf Moon

OMG, this is gonna be a week to remember!

It’s just MONDAY and the CASTLE OF LIES is starting to CRUMBLE on live TV!!!


This explains a lot:

BREAKING HUGE: Georgia’s Raffensperger, Sterling and Fuchs All Connected to Firm that Helps Georgia Democrats Run as Republicans

Wolf Moon

This must be what was going on in Baltimore with that Kim Klasik gal that Candace Owens uncovered!

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

A freakin’ China-connected RINO FACTORY.

Wolf Moon

This is amazing. Communist subversion in ACTION.


This happens in Texas, too. A lot.

Brave and Free

Just look at the Rhinos who voted for impeachment and the silence on the fraudulent elections. There’s more than a few I am afraid.


That little kid climbing over the double-high baby gate is great 👍 😂 🤣 😂

Amazing upper body strength, hand strength, coordination, balance and problem solving ability for someone so young!


JUST IN – Biden snaps at NBC reporter and announces mandatory #COVID19 vaccination of all Veterans Affairs’ medical employees, becoming the first US federal agency to do so.

The 115,000 healthcare workers have eight weeks to get inoculated against the coronavirus or face penalties including removal.


That’s throwing down the gauntlet.

Those people who haven’t been vaxxed at this point are not unvaxxed due to inconvenience, but by informed choice.

Being forced by the government to choose their life or their job should result in the most massive lawsuit in the history of the United States government.

In the meantime, those Veteran’s Affairs employees have a hard but simple choice to make.

Either get vaxxed and live in doubt of their health for the rest of their life (which may not be long), or quit and look for employment elsewhere.

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

Being forced by the government to choose their life or their job should result in the most massive lawsuit in the history of the United States government.

^^^^This. I wish they would all quit, en masse, but no doubt many are already vaxed. Maybe the remainder will file.




Then get a good attorney and sue their asses off.


Absolutely not!

Wolf Moon

YES. Don’t quit, be fired.


Wolf Moon


He becomes a WAR CRIMINAL then.

We then have CAUSE.

Wolf Moon

This is Stalinism pure and simple. We’re THERE.

The sides are forming. Excellent. Biden crossed the line.



John Ziegler (@Zigmanfreud) Tweeted:
@ReopenCASchools @GavinNewsom What a total asshole…


Wrong, Mr. Wind-tunnel tested hairdo guy.

YOU are putting peoples’ lives at risk by attempting to coerce people to take your government poison.

And that’s the fact, Jack.

Wolf Moon

Newsom is kidnapping and extorting the entire state. He is using CHILDREN.

He has crossed the line. Our terrible DOJ only enabled these tyrants.

I pray for everybody’s sake, that this horrible man is removed peacefully.


I want to see his and his family’s medical records of when they got vaxed and with which one. If other people have to reveal their status, he should too. And that goes for anyone imposing these rules on people.

But the answer is not to demand he show his records and then give in to his demands; the answer is to resist and assert our rights.


“I want to see his and his family’s medical records of when they got vaxed and with which one.”


He would just lie, or present false documents.

That would be nothing for these people, and the media would 100% cover for them.


He ignores the media who dont fawn. He’s been demanding bribes since the day since his political career started over 20 years ago.


He will use the chp as praetorian guard first.

Wolf Moon

OMG, you got it. That’s what Mafia Nan is up to. She’s protecting KIN!!! 😲

Last edited 1 month ago by Wolf Moon

San fran and l.a. If chp wont do it then HER people will.


She literally has already created her Capitol Praetorian Guard.


Yep. 😒

Brave and Free
Wolf Moon


Great comment on there:


Yesterday the corrupt DOJ announced that the DOJ will be dropping their “investigation” of Cuomo’s EO potentially killing New York elderly in nursing homes.

Right on cue – today Cuomo’s makes an “offer” to take uninoculated citizens of New York “for a ride” !

Think about that – an arrogant governor makes a veiled threat to New Yorkers ” to take them for a ride” if they don’t get the dangerous mRNA spike protein jab!

Hmmm – is Cuomo’s family roots or just his narcissistic persona showing?

Oh by the way before any of my fellow Americans of Italian heritage get offended – I am a grandson of a law abiding Italian immigrant entrepreneur whose three sons served in WW Ii.

I too am an attorney though I graduated from a much more respected law school than Mr. Cuomo. I took and passed the bar the same time Cuomo did.

For 38 years I have practiced my profession with the utmost Respect for The Rule of Law.

My grandparents and parents raised me to be humble but strong, grateful to be in America, honest and treat everyone you meet with respect.

Gee, wonder how did Mario and Mattilda raise narcissists Fredo and Andrew?

comment image


Do we realize that the hammer has come down hard since the Dem Planeload ? Wasn’t all that much happening before that,,,but that was the premade catalyst. From a few testing positive to a few unnamed in the WH and then BLAMMO….hundreds and hundreds and here we are.
damn, they’re slick with a false flag


Pretty hard. They want their next phase and our resistance is delaying the schedule.


For a while, I was seeing reports every day of adverse effects of vaccines. Maybe those stories are still out there, but I haven’t seen any lately. It’s just “get vaxed or else,” 24/7.


Absolutely. They were tired of the vax seesaw. People may not choose in their fascist state.
Gil is right, the next phase has to be implemented
I think it’s been 2 weeks since the plane ride…we went from sharing stories of few masked stragglers here and there to Vax or else


Want to add that the population was waking up big time to the economic disaster that the DemComm have created.
They needed to prove that the magical ever mutating virus is to blame not them


Which means that they have a hard window to implement X. That means there is master planning that can be interrupted IF resisted AND counteracted(but we need people who around the world are patriots for truth and honor.


Great point ^^

Wolf Moon

Very good point. There is a “human interest lifetime” angle.


LOOK at this…it’s a scam






This is one of the times that I can really understand ” we;re watching a movie”.

It’s surreal


Chinee influencers.

Wolf Moon

YES. That’s likely right.

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

The English data are clear. The vaccines do NOT protect against death for delta, and delta is already morphing big toward a new strain.

Natural immunity is the key, just like for the other coronas.

It’s all falling apart.

Wolf Moon

OK – look at the data and tell me what you think. I will admit that it could be fraudulent to some degree, but they ARE looking at this stuff in LABS. They talk about the actual changes in sequences in patient virus samples.



ITA. It looks to me way more likely that the shots are causing side effects which must be explained as Delta or other variant.
They have to have numbers, the charts to “prove” people are getting it so…they make it up


Last edited 1 month ago by mollypitcher5

Major UK SCANDAL DEVELOPING; Newly Leaded Data Show Over HALF OF COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS Were for Other Ailments…”


I’m SHOOOOOOOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like my old friend Capt. Renault! 👍😁

Wolf Moon

I suspect they’re lying, too. I suspect they have data showing some degree of immune enhancement – which would END the COVID vaccines. I suspect that they minimized it back to what they’re showing here, which is bad enough, but does not END the vaccines, does not create a provable LIE that the vaccines help against a new scariant, but optimizes the impetus for the “next shot”.

I think pinning them down is important no matter what, as part of the fight.

Thus, the way to fight them, is “OK – you said this. And THEREFORE, ……”


Liars 😡



Sidney Powell
Forwarded from Dr Naomi Wolf

​​Covid vaccines from Pfizer destroy every system of the human body

The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a citizen-led group of Israeli health experts, has issued an urgent warning that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” from Pfizer damages virtually every system of the human body.

While much of the attention, at least in Europe, has centered around the AstraZeneca jab, which is linked to deadly blood clots, the Pfizer injection is actually far more dangerous and a much bigger threat, based on the latest data.

A detailed report released by the IPC warns that getting jabbed with a Pfizer syringe could lead to a catastrophic health outcome, as evidenced by the high number of people who have already had their lives ruined by it in Israel.

“There has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people,” the report explains. “We received 288 death reports in proximity to vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination), 64% of those were men.”

The Israeli Ministry of Health, meanwhile, is claiming that only 45 people in Israel have died from the Pfizer injection. This is a gross undercount that minimizes the true deadly impact of the jabs.

If the figures contained in the IPC report are valid, then more Israelis have died from the Pfizer shot than have Europeans from the AstraZeneca shot throughout the entirety of Europe.

“According to Central Bureau of Statistics data during January-February 2021, at the peak of the Israeli mass vaccination campaign, there was a 22% increase in overall mortality in Israel compared with the previous year,” the report further warns.

“In fact, January-February 2021 have been the deadliest months in the last decade, with the highest overall mortality rates compared to corresponding months in the last 10 years.”

Younger people are dying most from the Pfizer jab

The most affected demographic seems to be younger people between the ages of 20-29, which saw the most dramatic increase in mortality post-release of the Pfizer vaccine.

“In this age group, we detect an increase of 32% in overall mortality in comparison with previous year,” the report states.

“Statistical analysis of information from the Central Bureau of Statistics, combined with information from the Ministry of Health, leads to the conclusion that the mortality rate amongst the vaccinated is estimated at about 1: 5000 (1: 13000 at ages 20-49, 1: 6000 at ages 50-69, 1: 1600 at ages 70+).”

Based on this data, the IPC estimates that as many as 1,100 Israelis have died thus far from the Pfizer injection. Older people die the soonest, usually less than three days post-injection, while younger people typically live for more than a week post-injection before passing away.

The IPC further found that the risk of mortality goes parabolic after the second injection. Those who stop with the first shot have a much greater chance of living than if they go in for the second round.

As for the injuries caused by the injections, the IPC found that cardiac events such as myositis and pericarditis are common. The same goes for massive vaginal bleeding, neurological damage, and damage to the skeletal and skin systems.

“It should be noted that a significant number of reports of side effects are related, directly or indirectly, to Hypercoagulability (infarction), Myocardial infarction, stroke, miscarriages, impaired blood flow to the limbs, pulmonary embolism,” the group contends.

The full report from the IPC is available for viewing at this link.

“These mRNA vaccines contain a virus which then attaches to the RNA (the messenger) of man’s DNA which can never be undone,” warned one commenter at Great Game India.

“This means that the RNA / messenger will always carry a virus; the very one they inject into the body!”

Wolf Moon

Thank you – this is big. And I’m proud to see Israelis fighting back. They’ve been so cowed lately, it was almost like Germany. Now, they’re fighting back – this time against Bolsheviks!

Wolf Moon

Wow – her channel is GOLD!

She has something about how CDC is rigging the game to protect the vaccines, so that they don’t see “breakthrough” cases! SCUMBAGS!

The Faucists are EVIL SCIENTISTS!!!


RIGGED: CDC stops counting vaccine deaths to blame all covid cases on the unvaccinated

To help drive the false narrative that “vaccines” are protecting people against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially stopped testing “vaccinated” people for it.

According to reports, the CDC has decided to only test unvaccinated people for the Fauci Flu from here on out in order to make it appear that the only people “catching variants” are those who decided not to permanently alter their genomes with experimental drugs from the government.

Because of this, even the mainstream media is scratching its head trying to figure out how “science” will be able to keep up with the threat of the so-called “Delta variant,” which is now morphing into the “Lambda variant.”

“The CDC stopped monitoring non-severe COVID-19 cases among vaccinated people in May,” Business Insider admitted in a recent report. “It’s hard to assess Delta’s risk without knowing what mild breakthrough cases looks like – or whether they’re becoming more common.”

This is why the government is now claiming that the only people getting sick from Chinese Germs are the unvaccinated. By refusing to test or monitor anyone who took the needle, the data will of course suggest that the vaccines “work,” which is exactly the point.

We still are not being told how the government is even testing for “variants” in the first place, seeing as how the original Chinese Virus was never even isolated, meaning it does not meet Koch’s postulates.

“Researchers still don’t know whether Delta makes breakthrough cases more common, or what the typical symptoms of a breakthrough infection caused by Delta look like,” the media insists, trying to spin some kind of narrative that will keep the “pandemic” at the forefront of people’s minds.

“As a result, vaccinated people may have a hard time weighing the risks of returning to normal social activities or knowing what to expect should they develop a rare breakthrough case.”

The CDC is a private corporation that does nothing but lie to the world about everything

The media also continues to deny the fact that Fauci Flu shots are spreading more disease through the contents of their vials, which are still largely unknown. People who take the shots are quite literally accepting into their bodies mystery chemicals with currently unknown long-term effects.

The government is also doing its part to shroud the shots in mystery by quietly moving the goalposts mid-game to force-fit the narrative that mass vaccination is somehow “curing” the pandemic.

“By tracking only cases requiring hospitalization or causing death, we may miss the chance to learn how people with ‘milder’ disease are affected by Delta or other variant infections, such as how long their symptoms last and how the infection may disrupt their lives,” lamented Robert Shmerling, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

According to Shmerling, there will be no way to truly know how effective or ineffective Chinese Virus injections are at keeping variants at bay if the CDC refuses to maintain accurate datasets across the full spectrum of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people.

An insider at the CDC reportedly told Business Insider that the reason the federal agency, which is actually a private corporation, is hiding the truth has to do with data on symptoms that is supposedly “missing.”

The CDC is also supposedly still tinkering around with its “Emerging Infections Program” to collect data from at least nine states about so-called “breakthrough” cases of the Wuhan Disease that are emerging in people who took the jab.

“It’s possible that tracking the severe cases would give us enough information about which variants are responsible for most breakthrough infections,” Shmerling added.

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Wolf Moon

This right here could be used to cover up immune enhancement (terrible side effect of vaccines, where they make catching the disease WORSE).

In fact, that would explain things. They’re covering up immune enhancement.

A reminder of what that is:
comment image

comment image


Was told tolday that the vaxx designed by Hotez found funding from gov in India an they are in stage 3 trials and ramping up production in anticipation of approval soon (in India for India).

Wolf Moon

The Indians aren’t F-ing around with this ChiCom bullshit being foisted on the world.

Did you see how China Joe gave India a radical pro-China ambassador?



“Because of this, even the mainstream media is scratching its head trying to figure out how “science” will be able to keep up with the threat of the so-called “Delta variant,” which is now morphing into the “Lambda variant.””


The Lambda variant will be followed by the Baaa-aaaa variant.


OMG…in plain English

Wolf Moon

RELATED – TUCKER and Dr. MALONE nail this stuff!!!

Wolf Moon

My new nickname for China Joe is


It will be interesting when the woke fools at Scientific American realize that


(Article in Scientific Wokester decrying black vaccine hesitancy.)

Cuppa Covfefe

They’re only unScientific unAmerican anymore. Weren’t they part of the noTime/noLife unStable a while back (Ty-D-Bowl touch applied turning science into $#!t).

They’ve been off the rails since the 1980s, if not earler. Sad. Even Popular Mechanics has better science anymore…. gasp….

And then there’s the decline and fall of “National Pornographic”. Same timeframe. We had boxes and boxes of them when I was a kid (yeah, back when they printed it on scrolls 🙂 )…..

Last edited 1 month ago by Cuppa Covfefe
Wolf Moon

Wokies. They ruin everything they touch.

Cuppa Covfefe

I’m just a Wokie from Tuskegee….