2022·06·18 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

Message for Bill Barr

You’re dirt.

Your job was to pursue justice impartially. Instead, you decided it was worth being partial just to get rid of the Orange Man with the Mean Tweets.

I imagine you sleep easy at night, though, because in your alleged mind, you saved America. The America you saved was the America that’s ruled by an elite and has to tolerate a dumptruck load of “deplorables”–you know the sort of people who just want to be left alone and not be forced to participate in some grand plan.

That just proves you’re a bloated bag of rancid, maggot-infested lard.

Since that has been true for quite some time, a large percentage of you must be maggot turds.

Your day will come, Traitor.

Justice Must Be Done

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system.

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is hopeless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Spot (i.e., paper) Prices

Last week:

Gold $1,873.20
Silver $22.00
Platinum $982.00
Palladium $2,020.00
Rhodium $14,900.00

This week, 3PM Mountain Time, markets have closed for the weekend.

Gold $1,840.80
Silver $21.74
Platinum $941.00
Palladium $1,896.00
Rhodium $13,850.00

Everything is down since last week. The industrial PGMs are taking a beating. I’m reading articles showing that computer hardware (and related gadgets) are showing signs of crashing demand, which means of course you might be able to pick some stuff up on sale. If you can afford to after buying gas.

Qubes OS

It’s substantially working, but I’m doing some tinkering and ironing out glitches (many of which I probably caused with my tinkering). One is that I can no longer see Chinese characters, so my red and yellow Chinese flags below have a lot of rectangular outlines on them. That’s a matter of installing the right fonts. Unfortunately I’ve decommissioned the old machine so I have no idea what’s installed on it without setting it back up.

James Webb Space Telescope Update

We’re now up to 8 of 17 (Q) instrument modes being checked out. Just today the first MIRI mode got checked off. MIRI is the longer-wave infrared sensor, the one that has to be cooled to 6 or 7K.

When MIRI is tasked to do spectroscopy, it will of course reveal many chemical constituents of planets, nebulae, and so on:


From the link:

[The modes checked off this week are used for:] (5) NIRCam grism time series and (4) imaging time series, both used to study exoplanets and other time-variable sources; (12) NIRISS aperture masking interferometry mode, for direct detection of a faint object that is very close to a bright one; (11) NIRISS wide-field slitless spectroscopy, for studying distant galaxies; and (9) NIRSpec bright-object time series, for studying exoplanets.

So JWST is going to be looking at planets orbiting distant stars…but we knew that already!

Fuck Joe Biden

Biden, you don’t even get ONE scoop of ice cream today.

(Please post this somewhere permanent, as it will continue to be true; the SOB will never deserve a scoop.)

Incidentally, I’m writing this on Friday. This morning I saw a full-sized pickup truck in the oncoming left turn lane with a forest of flags in the bed. Once he turned and drove left-to-right in front of me, I could see two American flags near the cab, and SIX “Let’s Go Brandon” flags near the tailgate. That was unusual; usually there’s a mix of FJB (only not abbreviated) and “Trump Won” and “Trump 2024” flags when someone does this.

I haven’t seen such a display in a few weeks, by the way. Even the guy at the office complex where I work with the FJB flag on his pickup seems to have removed it (or doesn’t work there any more–trucks all look alike to me from the back, and all crossovers look like cockroaches).

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

Remember Hong Kong!!!

Whoever ends up in the cell next to his, tell him I said “Hi.”

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

China is in the White House

Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for His Fraudulency Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

China is in the White House, because Joe Biden is in the White House, and Joe Biden is identically equal to China. China is Asshoe. Therefore, Joe Biden is Asshoe.

But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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This is a very powerful movie by a very young talented film maker Claire Dooley, produced while joining the Trucker Convey from California to DC, at the beginning of the year.
This convey will be remember as one of the battles in our war against the Deep State to regain our freedom.
Even though it may seem to not have accomplished that much, it did show the unity and will of the people to stand up.

WarRoom — Home of ultraMAGA

MUST WATCH: WarRoom Special — Between Peace and War
A Film By Claire Dooley
10 AM – 12 Noon EDT
comment image

Bannons WarRoom streaming link:

Rumble link:



I watched this this morning and was powerful. The truckers were smart they did not get caught up in the moment and therefore did not get jailed. Yes God was with them and the purpose will be known even for now many do not see it.


Devin Nunes / @DevinNunes 06/18/2022 14:42:24

ID: Not Available

Truth Social: 108499943070844882

 MiniAOC / @mandygagnon 06/14/2022 16:39:50

ID:Not Available

Truth Social: 108477755606941311

What’s higher? Inflation or the suicide rate for friends of the Clintons?

 Devin Nunes  reTruthed…


comment image


Gorgeous … 🙂🤚❤️


A funny thing happened on the way to the engine modelers’ club meeting….my radiator cracked in Oakland and I had to have the car towed.


That does not sound to funny ?


“Funny” peculiar and not “funny” ha-ha.


That will surely make you hot under the collar [and under the hood].  🙄 

Cuppa Covfefe

Being Oakland, hope he wasn’t too far into da hood… lots of crackers there…

Funny (not) how 1:1 issues always get in the way of modeling…


It was in the Oakland hills, next to a Mormon Temple — so, yeah….sketchy.


That was a common saying on my mom’s side of the family.


peculiar ? 🙂


It’s the first time it has happened to me, and I’ve owned the car since 1994.


Happened to my husband one time. It is no fun but the car still was on warranty so the dealer took care of everything.
Hope your car is fixed soon.


However, it happened to the fiancee about three years ago on her 1994 Honda, so I could instantly tell what it was.


Not a good “hood” to break down.

Deplorable Patriot



Yikes! No fun.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s real. The weather is only part of the story right now.


I’ve scheduled the Sunday post, but I don’t really know where it’s going to go based on the change to theqtree.com?????

Deplorable Patriot

What change?


Somehow, after I scheduled the Sunday post, when I checked in with theqtree, I ended up at the Dec 2020 post (but didn’t notice it was 2020) where wolfie was saying he had made changes to the address of theqtree because of the possibility that WordPress might deplatform him.

I have no idea how that happened, but I’ve been having problems with “can’t connect to qtree”, “can’t connect – no encryption”, “connection not accepted by qtree”.

Anyway, hopefully all is well!!!


like this –

Your connection is not privateAttackers might be trying to steal your information from http://www.theqtree.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

Cuppa Covfefe

Howdy, Carl. I’ve been having the same error messages with my mailer (gmx). I spent a few hours last night reconfiguring and resetting everything, to no avail. It looks (in my mind) like Chromium, the underpinning of most browsers, changed something without thinking it all the way through (or maybe Brave or gmx did)…

I see that the post is up, so I’m looking forward to reading it. Hope you are well and doing fine. You are a blessing to us all!


I’m not from the govt but I’m gonna help it take your rights.

Y’all been warned – be MAGA or be a slave!



Exactly..we better be watching Canada..what they’re doing is what’s coming at us


NEVER tell quacks the truth IF it can effect your driver license OR GUNS.


  • An OBVIOUS perspective after being lied to for two years regrading Covidiocy, Covidiocy treatment, Covidiocy Injections and DENIED HCQ AND IVM.

  :wpds_lol:   :wpds_lol:   :wpds_lol: …nothing says struggle like an afro pick. OMG we have to be in an alternate universe punk show



What an eyesore!


Eyesore and completely stupid. That depicts freedom from slavery ? A 2 dollah hair pic ?

Cuppa Covfefe

Someone should have sprayed AfroSheen on them and they’d have stuck to it 😆


Why not a plastic shower cap or a 50′ bottle of jheri curl or a do rag or a hundred other things that are representative of their “culture” but have absolutely nothing to do with freedom.

Deplorable Patriot


Now that takes me back.


Hilarious! Laugh out loud!


That idjit “pick” thing has to be a bumblebee joke of sorts.


Were that it is a joke — but it’s real.
The “sculptor” actually included the Peace symbol in the handle of the hair pick near the “tines.”
Not only that, but Cantrell is going to give $7.2 Million more for “pubic art” for New Orleans.
And the city has bought over 60 “pieces of artwork” by “local Black artists” for public buildings.
(per http://www.newsbreak.com/)

Last edited 5 months ago by RDS

‘pubic’ art? I sure hope they don’t put it in a public park.


Sorry but a pick is an embarrassing eyesore. And btw, this scene is cut frequently for being rayciss.



Sunday Travel Advisory in effect.

Last edited 5 months ago by para59r
Cuppa Covfefe

How about getting that factory ONLINE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE???!!!!



No telling what this portends. Head on a swivel best advice !


After the laptop pix, does it seem too unlikely? That one small country has had intense activity from all the black hats for the last many years. Why ?


As Food Plants Catch Fire, Massive Facility Opens to Process Crickets for Human Consumption

We may be mysteriously losing one farm, factory or food processing plant after another to strange and destructive mishaps lately, but now we’ve also gained a brand-new facility that is making food out of insects.

At the end of May, Aspire Food Group announced that in London, Ontario, Canada, it had opened the largest alternative protein manufacturing facility in the world that uses crickets as its base ingredient, according to the manufacturing industry news source Canadian Manufacturing.

“Aspire’s new plant will reportedly produce 9000 metric tons of crickets every year for human and pet consumption. That’s about two billion insects to be distributed annually across Canada and throughout the United States,” CM reported…

Later in the story they say “they have enough orders to run the plant for two years.” Who exactly is ordering this? The people who administer food programs at schools and other assistance programs? Democrat Mayors? Health and Human Services? FEMA? Someone dictating what other people like is likely not a good business model nor an adequate consumer survey.

Last edited 5 months ago by para59r

It’s not what people like, it’s what the despots will dispense to hungry people. Inch by inch they’re building back not better but bitter.

Cuppa Covfefe

And they’ve managed to make the saying come true…

“And all anyone heard in response was: