BIMD Heads Up: It’s GO TIME! A Call for Civilized War Begins

Yeah, OK, not a real war with guns and stuff. This is bigger, the war over the soul of America. This post will set the stage for this BIMD series relating to the ongoing Civilized War in America. It is a conflict that I believe has been going on for far more than 160+ years since the actual Civil War in this country. We all know our nation is devolving into a mafia like controlled police state with extreme measures being taken worldwide to depopulate the planet. With Twitter and others heating things up and shedding light on the blatant corruption and crimes being committed by government leaders and agencies, we have our opening to turn the tide.

Many of you have probably grown weary of the state of Arkansas of my BIMD series. I sure did and I lived in it. However, We the People also reside in Hogland. They are an integral part of our story. The spectacle of what the Clintons and their behind the scenes masters did to our nation did not sit well with many Arkansans. They understood like many others in southern states that the days of the populist southern Democrat being their voice had died. Many came to realize they were being controlled by NWO cabal members of The Big Club from blue cities and states through the use of some of their own native born people – like the Arkansas Mafia. They decided that needed to stop. As a result, being patriots, many became more involved in the business of politics and business in general. The result, which was nearly 40 years in the making, is a good illustration for how our nation can recover from the horrible, increasing corruption, sedition and treason we are facing.

Their step into the world of politics necessitated aligning with the Establishment GOP like it has in every red state. It involves holding your nose at times until the inevitable power struggles yield positive results. You see, funerals are needed first. As the old guard gradually lose influence and die off; the younger, mature guns assume authority. So the fight is and has been over them. Very few of that later group align with the old guard GOP establishment. If they stay out of blue brainwashing, they generally go nationalist and are MAGA type conservatives. Many are Christians or identify with them. So for us, there is an element of “Patience, grasshopper!” involved. It is the method PDT has been using routinely.

Most of all though, it will take God’s blessing, hard work and time. There must be a willingness to change our mental approach, stay focused and play the long game with our actions. We have to be willing to experience losses with the tough decisions. We know that is true, Jesus spoke of it in John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

At this point it is time to disclose that if you do not believe in God, only believe in what is in your immediate existence, and you choose not to read more; your exit is here. Best wishes to you and I sincerely hope you will reconsider at some point.

Since you are reading on – this is about John 15. One of the greatest chapters in the Holy Bible is a book that liberal and progressive Christian theologians and pastors generally have no answer for in their attempts to water down or change the Word of God to fit their narratives. They really struggle with the Book of John in general. John was, well, different. And loved by The One who matters most.

Love – that’s what changes our world for good. If you love someone you are truthful even if it hurts them and you to say it. True love is sacrificial. It’s also a verb. Which means you do things consistently to express and take care of others who may not necessarily deserve it. Just like Jesus did.

So let’s do it well.

The Situation

There is no longer any place to hide. Doing nothing is no longer an option if you love. Our nation is under attack externally and internally – foreign and domestic. Our souls are under attack by Satan and his minions on earth and the spirit world. It is time to commit to the side you are on, there is no Switzerland type mirage of neutrality to retreat to safely. You don’t set the rules, the Creator did with natural laws and unlimited unseen power. The other side is applying unending pressure. So let’s get practical as patriots and members of We the People:

First Things First

We need to wake up. We need to stop going along to get along. We need to stop rationalizing. Enough, quit ceding ground to the enemy with no defense. Going on offense changes the whole picture. We have spent too much energy and time reacting to the leftists. It’s past time to initiate, to engage them and put them on the defensive in whatever situation you find yourself. Let your voice be heard to the questioning as well as oppressors so that all can hear. Be a witness for good. Then… stand. Stand in the gap. Don’t. Back. Down.

Know Friend and Foe

Look up and down the street or neighborhood or area in which you live. Do you know your neighbors? You don’t have to like them, however, you should at least greet them and learn stuff from them and others about them. The lives of citizens and a nation are at stake. How many times have you heard neighbors remark when a horrific event happens that they did not know the offender who lived in close proximity to them would be capable of what they did? Frequently. Today, people don’t spend enough time getting to know their neighbors. That was not an issue 50+ years ago. Everybody knew everybody around them to some degree. Heeding early warning signals works better than after the fact crisis management. It’s proactive and intentional.

It mattered to know your neighbors, you might need to help or avoid one another. You might need to make sure your child did not associate with the kids that got in trouble all of the time. You might need to use the expertise of a neighbor on a home or car repair. You might want to have a cookout or block party to get better acquainted. You might want to borrow something. A neighbor may need you to take them to the doctor. You may have invited each other to church or to a ballgame. What benefits did all that provide?

You learned more about each other even if you did not become friends. That built bridges and also helped identify potential danger. People became more real to each other, not like the fake friends and enemies of social media. In the course of all that happening you probably learned their values and politics, if they could be trusted or not, if they had family nearby, who their friends were, what church (if any) or school they attended, and so on. Forget the cocoons, they are for periods of reflection and health improvement. For the vast majority of us it is time to get out there and learn from one another. Move on from the fear porn.

A great value realized in those days were that you asked questions, told stories, listened, empathized, and found common ground. Most of all, you learned whether they would be a friend or foe to We the People and in turn, America. If the shooting started, would they have your back or be an attacker? Yes, that type concern was an issue back then as well. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Fact: The mafia of today rarely send in their operatives and influencers where they cannot operate in relative obscurity, under the radar.

Know The Team You Play On

Based on the actions Jesus took with thrashing the moneychangers in the Temple, do you think He knew them? I’m not talking about as the divine person of the Trinity He is, but as a man. Do you think he knew their nature and who they associated with as people? In other words were they a friend of God or of Satan? That is always an either or question. There is no middle ground, no duplicity is allowed in the relationship with God. To the city of Laodicea Jesus said, “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth! (Rev. 3: 15-16). Do not be spit out of the mouth of the Savior.

Israel was a nation comprised of God’s chosen people by His decree, not theirs. The Temple, described in detail with a construction order placed by God, was believed to be where He dwelt in the Holy of Holies room but most certainly was the location of the Ark of the Covenant which contained the tablets. It also served as a house of teaching and worship. Its outer court was a place where Jewish women and Gentiles could even come to trade, purchase animal offerings and exchange currencies from other nations. The Temple’s hierarchy of Jewish religious leaders not only condoned the corruption of it, they encouraged it to put money in their pockets and assert power over the common folks. All of it while working with and appeasing the Romans to oppress their own people. Jesus vehemently objected. He saw the Temple, God’s House, as being defiled by non-Godly people who did things inside the walls that were in violation of God’s laws and intent.

Fellow American citizen, does that sound familiar?

We The People Acknowledged God Has Dominion Over America

Some may disagree with the premise as well as the content of my next point and that’s OK. We can debate it later even if I am certain the following statement is true based upon my reading of the documents and other research.

I believe that America was dedicated to God and His purposes in its founding documents. In return, I believe God accepted the dedication, which created a covenant. Read all of it, however, for now just focus on the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence.

If you read on, did you see a bunch of stuff that was going on like you do today?

Our founding Declaration of Independence establishes a cornerstone principle and precedent for calling governmental oppression out and declaring independence. If the governing authority of We the People, Great Britain during that period, diverges from God’s providence and natural design in a similar manner as Great Britain did, we declare the natural rights granted by God to change it. It is simple, yet extremely powerful. We the People acknowledged God’s dominion over the people of our land and used it as our authority for no longer being ruled by Great Britain.

It also establishes precedent if it is ever needed again. However, we will save that discussion for another day.

The Declaration of Independence gave the “why” we exist as a nation. God is referenced four times in multiple names, twice at the start and twice near the end. Who actually drafted the document from the work of the five on the committee? Thomas Jefferson, the same leader who many claim was a deist. When Jefferson served on the committee and drafted the document he was an Episcopalian before his later dalliance with deism as a young man. Upon becoming a statesman in the new nation, Jefferson returned to his Christian faith as is found in his writings and practices. There are many statements in them referencing Jesus Christ as being our Lord. He stated that the teaching of the Apostles Creed contains all things necessary for salvation. He faithfully attended church in DC. Previous to his presidency he called for prayers and fasting over matters occurring in Virginia when he was governor. Benjamin Franklin was the other self acknowledged skeptic at times, who struggled with his faith and interest in deism. Yet, it was Franklin who implored all of his younger colleagues to submit their plans for a new government to God with great oratory skill. He also held great respect for George Whitefield, The Great Awakening preacher, and dreamed of working with him one day. All of this is documented in archives and historical accounts.

In fact, all 56 signers were Christians. There were 55 Protestants and 1 Roman Catholic as signers at that point in history. Two of the Protestants apparently became Unitarians at later dates. Cases have been made for a few others who became deists without much evidence of having actually done so. It is clear that God was in all of their minds and hearts as they completed the work since they all agreed with the content and signed the document. If you read about them in individual historical accounts you know that to be true, many of their quotes reveal how awed they were at the magnitude of what was accomplished during those days. Many gave full credit to God for the result.

Next, turn to the Constitution, which gives the “how” we are to exist and function as a nation.

Which is ratified by the statement of it being done “in the year of our Lord. 1787.” That reference honors the Lord as having ruled the earth and calendar. It is stated in the possessive form, “our”. When we acknowledge we exist under God’s dominion and we ratify how we are going to function in the time of God’s dominion, there is no getting out of it. Our nation has been formally dedicated to existing in accordance with God and His natural laws. In essence we acknowledged His dominion over our affairs as a newly formed nation. That we put all of it into practice and succeeded as a nation despite enormous sins at times is the evidence one needs to affirm that God honored the dedication.

It is the same dedication to God that many of our national leaders in all areas of life are not following today.

It’s best for naysayers to not even go with a “that was just the tradition at the time” type nonsense response on the language of the ratification. It had such a universally accepted meaning that France felt it necessary to have already removed the phrase from their documents in that same time period of secularity, which Napoleon later restored. It meant what it meant and the Declaration of Independence provides the proof. Any claim to the contrary is involved in narrative building for nefarious purposes. When you see and hear the objections and lies, challenge and refute them. Do not let anybody go there unchallenged.

There is evidence that the vast majority of our forefathers who executed the Constitution believed in the Holy Trinity. They were predominantly Protestants along with two Roman Catholics. They voted to approve the Constitution and via their subsequent practices began using it and the Declaration as the cornerstones. As a result of their beliefs, the founding documents and their subsequent practices; the rule of law in America developed and is based for the most part on what the Bible provides as laws, commands and practices. Placing our hand on a Bible to take an oath has always meant something important despite attempts to undermine it in recent times. Our forefathers and mothers said and did those things long before we came along, long before the current treachery of the season in which we live.

So let’s briefly look at some of the Christian principles found in there.

Courtesy of

So the deal was done, the goose was cooked, the horse had left the barn. There is no way to get out of the deal as it was signed, sealed when it was affirmed, and put into practice. Current day feckless politicians can turn away and pass laws against this truth. The judiciary and Supreme Court can strike down the faith and truth of the founding documents with their decisions. The alphabets and DODGE can attack the innocent and defenseless. We can even pass legal amendments to the Constitution in conflict with God’s laws… and it will not change anything. We do not have the authority to take any action outside of God’s dominion. That was acknowledged in the original covenant as well as with its intent and subsequent practices. We signed on to a binding contract with the Creator.

It would take more space than WP has to provide all of the ways God affirmed his end of the deal with America. I have provided a link below of one author’s view that may help jumpstart yours. But there are also countless other “small” miracles that happen in the everyday lives of all Americans. Sometimes they are known immediately, other times not until a much later date.

As a result, in my opinion all attempts to change the meaning and administration of our founding documents that are the basis of America’s existence were and are over before they begin. Any changes that do not honor God’s dominion are without merit and will eventually die. Again, see John 15 – the vinedresser, vine, branches, and fruit. If you don’t know this passage I urge you to read it and consider what it tells all of us. You are participating and watching this scriptural passage play out in real time today.

To summarize it, being dedicated to God and His purposes as a nation at inception removes any options to do something different without serious consequences. Life or death type consequences are at stake. The vine (Jesus) was planted by the vinedresser (God), who prunes the branches (us) to produce fruit (new believers, Christlike traits, etc.). If no fruit is produced, the branches (us) are cut off and thrown into the fire. Seems rather clear cut (sorry, 😀). We do not get the option of sucking up the resources the Creator provided to help us grow without producing fruit as individuals and as a nation. Our only option is to take the red pill, put on the white hat and get to the business at hand.

Attempts to change the allegiance to God only cause misery. Any sincere Christian knows that if they sin, if they act contrary to God’s will and word, at some point they can expect misery as a result. The same goes for unrepentant nations dedicated to God. If we do not repent, we eventually will be disciplined to the point of being burned in the fire. It is part of the discipline we receive for doing wrong in God’s sight while claiming to be His children or in our case, dedicating our nation to Him. Israel (including Judah) rebelled repeatedly throughout its history. It always ended badly for them until a remnant of the faithful and true would rebuild in a way that honored God. The misery would end and the relationship would be restored.

How many times and how long must we as individual people and nation be the prodigal son of Luke 15:11-32 before we figure it out, go home humbled and repentant, and get it right to be restored?

I beg all of you who read this, please consider that WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE REMNANT in America. The descendants of the We the People stated in the first sentence of the Preamble to the Constitution. It’s on us to stop the madness before it goes too far and to rebuild our nation in accordance with God’s commands. If we do not do it, this great nation will pass from the world scene as so many other great civilizations have died due to their sin throughout world history

We know this because our forefathers and mothers willingly chose to have our nation grafted onto the Tree of Life of God. Get the distinction. We chose God and He responded. Israel was chosen by God as His elect. Because Israel was chosen, it was spanked hard every time it turned its back. It would then be restored when the faithfulness of the remnant took over. America did not replace Israel as the chosen people of God like some misguided people believe. America chose to dedicate at its founding and God honored the choice. As a result it is my belief that America is subject to John 15. We came into being and exist post Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross, the final atonement for sin for all mankind. If we do not produce fruit as branches on His vine, our punishment is to be cut off and thrown in the fire. We are still eternally saved as individual believers, however, America as a nation may not be.

In the interest of providing balance and other beliefs as well as more information, I have provided the link below for reference. Just keep in mind the Heritage Foundation always has a narrative they seek to achieve. They tend to play loose with the autobiographical facts of the founders and their intentions while using a 30,000 foot view. They do not delve into the parallels between scripture and the founding documents. However, there are facts presented that may be of interest.

It is at this point I publicly acknowledge as a follower of Jesus Christ, redeemed by his sacrifice, that I resolve to do all I can for my King and Country. I hope you have or will join me in that honorable endeavor.

If You Accept, Here Are Your Orders, Soldier

it is now time to resolve to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Wear your elected officials and the swamp bureaucrats out with correspondence, emails, social media and phone calls from the local level to DC. Go to their public meetings and events as you can. Go all Steve Kirsch on them. He is a great example, tenacious as they come. Let them put a face with your words. Express your displeasure, make recommendations and be specific. Ask them to discuss, to debate in public forums. Put them on the spot and then let everybody in your circle of influence know of their response or non-response. If you know the spouses of same, politely ask them why their spouses do or say what they do or say. They are not off limits, they are citizens just like you. Just do it with respect and civility.

Besides their election stealing apparatus, the Democrat Party has influencers in every community in America. This has been going on for decades. Many are paid. As an example, I know of two in our community that work social media. They are Code Blue contributors. One is the wife of a former Al Gore staffer from his old Knoxville office. This person has siblings and family in Mississippi, a sibling and family in South Carolina and a son in Maine who is an Episcopal priest. All of them including the priest are old school rabid Democrat leftists. Most will engage you to sell their propaganda on social media and in person. That represents people in four states that influence others and provide cover for their election and governing crimes originating from one family with only one family member actually paid to do it. Add in the priest has the influence of a pulpit with his flock. The person I just described was a CPA working in a quasi governmental position prior to taking early retirement and doing what she has been doing for years.

Remember that an influencer does not have to be paid by the DNC or related political entities. Pay can come from other businesses of supporters or “opportunities” placed in their laps. As an example, an ex-wife of a nephew who formerly lived in Iowa was paid in this fashion for social media influencing by Google for over a half dozen years. She worked from her home and was in Bernie’s army until his deal with Cankles. She quickly changed her identity and influencing to reflect it.

There is another local influencer who is an older widow four doors down from us in our neighborhood. She is a radical that even wore the puzzy hat and protested. She works through Fakebook primarily. We actually are friendly with one another. We treat her with kindness and respect, which disarms her. We just make sure others know about her and her family members within the neighborhood and community. We know who their friends are, which gives us a good indication of who they influence. She and her family have become completely ineffective with their views now because as The Word says, you know as you are known in I Corinthians 13:9-12.

Get to know who some of these influencers are at the FEC site for those who make political contributions in your area. You will learn who is Democrat, GOP Establishment and MAGA. Do some easy research in conversations and on social media to find out who they associate with, their family members, what church they may attend, etc. Check out meetings of each political party in your area. Get to know friend and foe in your own communities. Neutralize your foes with light, truth, disclosure and civility – just like Jesus. Compare notes with your friends.

This Civilized War is fought door to door with personal relationships.

In your spiritual life, build hedges of protection around We the People, family, communities, etc. through Bible study, worship, prayer, church attendance, school participation, community organization participation, actively participating in politics, and so on. Bear witness to God’s goodness and mercy in every situation. Seek to one day hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant…” from the mouth of the Savior that is found in Matt. 25:23.

Primary Weapon of the Enemy

What does the enemy and in our case as a nation, the NWO cabal, primarily use to control and dominate us? There are as many answers as grains of sand. However, my opinion is…


With fear comes intimidation. That leads to evasion, reaction, paralysis, appeasement, enabling, and weakness on our parts. The predators can sense and smell fear. We need a weapon to counter and that is love. Love conquers fear because truth resides in love and love resides in truth. Jesus repeatedly told disciples and believers not to fear. Who loved people more than Jesus? Love conquers fear.

It is at this point I will stop for this part of the Civilized War story. We need to work through and get a firm grip on our founding documents and contemplate the enemy’s plan to take down America. We will pick back up discussing their weapon of inducing fear. I will once again be introducing more people and personal stories to give illustrations and parallels as well as introduce interconnecting points that show God’s hand in all things.

Until next time…

Remember your calling, America.
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Brave and Free

Very timely, great observations and suggestions on combating the rot of the leftist.
Well done brother.


TradeBait2 – Thank you for writing this deep and thoughtful post. It’s going to take me several days to read and digest and think about it, before I can respond. Blessings to you!


What she said….