Heads Up: Chiro/Medical Update

Time for an update on our family. The purpose of these is not to pat ourselves on the back or generate sympathy. The purpose is to inform others in case the information may prove valuable.


I could not be more excited about the future of grandson now.

Little guy is doing well. He has been doing monthly chiropractic maintenance and all of the adjustments have his body in normal ranges now. He has gone sports crazy now that he has realized he has a body that can do normal things. The exciting thing is his nutrition. He gets hungry now, which was never the case. Prior to the treatments he resisted eating. He looks forward to Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday nights out every week now, where he chows down bigly. We are so very happy about this.

His life long sensory condition for foods and the use of his tongue is nearing a successful conclusion thanks to the work of his local therapist. This same angel referred him to a highly competent OT therapist practice. They did an evaluation and we now know for certain for the first time in his now nearly 10 year old life that he has Dyspraxia related to the birth trauma and the lack of development of his central nervous system that was corrected by the chiro recently. We now know for certain he no longer needs ADHD meds as the symptoms he experienced are common in Dyspraxia. He was weaning off the meds as a family decision a couple of weeks before the OT evaluation anyway. The condition relates to his total body’s sensory issues that he has endured since birth. Below is a summary link about Dyspraxia.


Which is followed by the article Dr. Malone published today about ADHD meds.


Fascinating how the Lord works. We received the OT therapists’ report and diagnosis from their testing and evaluations earlier today. A few hours later Dr. Malone publishes his article. OK, Lord, message received.

Which then reminded me of Wolf’s initial negative reaction to meds back when we discussed that his parents were considering what route to go with the ADHD his pediatrician diagnosed. The non-stimulant med route they chose at their pediatrician’s recommendation did not improve the condition. No way were they going to use the stimulant versions. So the timing of the accurate diagnosis could not have been better since they were already weaning him off the ADHD med. Ecclesiastes 3:1 comes to mind once again.

We now know why the med did not work, it was not ADHD. It was some common cognitive symptoms associated with ADHD that are also present in Dyspraxia. So once again, traditional medicine said this is what it is, take a pill. It doesn’t work well and the grandson still has the OT problems to address. So, they go to highly competent OT therapists to find real answers for that. Once again, we find the right diagnosis and treatment from non-traditional medicine, just as we did with the chiro. Meanwhile a fascinating thing is happening as they finish weaning him off the ADHD medicine. He is becoming a bit more focused and less hyper.

His absence seizures are gone, Praise the Lord. He is still on the lowest dosage of Ethosuximide for the purpose of controlling them. His neurologist believes that if he continues to progress he will go off the med in less than a year subject to the results of a follow-up brain MRI. She has completed thorough genetic testing and a comprehensive epilepsy panel due to the seizure condition and they both came back negative – with the panel showing no pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants being identified. We are all relieved and glad to put that to rest. Again, the Lord deserves all praise and glory for enlightening us and healing him. However, I would be remiss to not openly state that we all believe the absence seizures were triggered by or were the direct result of masking in school when COVID hit. Grandson never had even one seizure until he had been masked for a couple of months in school. The bacteria and reduced oxygen created by masking with a child who already had allergy related sinus problems was too much to overcome. If masking is ever introduced in schools again, he will be homeschooled and they will never look back. Which may happen anyway subject to what happens with schools.

The retracing of his CNS has progressed as hoped with the physical and psychological results proving it. The OT therapy should be the final piece of his rebuild. The chiropractics and OT therapy are intertwined. The diagnoses of both were also intertwined. The common diagnostic denominator was the activity level of neurons in the CNS and brain. What we did not realize until now is that also impacts the cognitive responses – which also impacts the ability to focus and progress with learning in school.

The lesson to all who read this is the answers that elude you may not be in traditional medicine’s responses. As a result take it on yourselves to observe and learn all you can. Do not blindly trust. Sort of like refusing the jab. Take a stand based on your research.

For those who do not know, the states have access to funds from a special program for health challenged children with long term disabilities called the Katie Beckett Waiver through Medicaid. If qualified, families are eligible for annual funding of excess medical costs beyond what insurance has paid. Part A provides for eligible existing Medicaid recipients and will cover up to $15,000 per year in excess costs. Part B for all others who are eligible receive up to $10,000 per year. Our daughter and son-in-law applied for Part B on behalf of our grandson and it was approved in short order. It is an answered prayer for them and many other families who are dealing with the crazy high costs associated with tests, medicines, therapies and treatments of their children with disabilities. Each year they may reapply for it to be renewed subject to the medical condition of our grandson, who we hope will no longer need it in a couple of years.

Rock Star

She is still doing much better with her inner ear related Meniere’s condition. The second major benefit has been her blood pressure. Normal as can be with no spikes and taking no meds. Totally removed hypertension from her system. She is much calmer as a result, which has led to more restful sleep.

The results of her recent scans were excellent. Her head has been adjusted back more over her shoulders, so her posture has improved and that is taking pressure off her spine and surgically repaired knee. Her lumbar alignment has improved 50%, which was the goal for her age and physical condition. That has reduced the stress on the rest of her joints and reduced soreness.

This Guy

I could not ask for better alignment numbers at my age with my recent X-rays. I am in the desired range or within 1-2 mm of normal in all areas of concern. My biggest problem was with one hip that threw everything off. I went from over 13 mm off to less than 3 mm in just a few months. We hope to get it down another mm or two by the end of the program in April. My key will be to keep it that way with monthly maintenance and exercises so as not to experience the pain that the bones spurs on my vertebra can cause if I get out of alignment significantly. It feels great to be able to touch my toes, lift heavier items and golf again. No sore back, knees or hips. Another added benefit has been much more restful sleep without the snoring, which Rock Star appreciates. The tossing and turning are gone. It’s hard to wake my old, retired tail up in the mornings some days. 😀

I have started my annual blubber reduction nutrition plan. This year I completed three weeks of a bone broth detox plan combined with a Ketogenic diet. I had previous success with Keto and am comfortable with the foods and method. My sugar cravings were gone as of the 9th day. The bone broth before each meal may have delayed achieving ketosis a bit, however, it is now beginning. My plan is to lose an average of two pounds per week until I reach my goal weight. Nothing radical, but easy to accomplish over time without dependence on exercise. I highly recommend Keto for those whose health and palates permit it.


Our daughter has begun the process after she had her evaluation and X-rays. Uh oh. Turns out she was the worst of all of us, while being the most active. In her younger years she struggled with TMJ and neck stiffness. As she aged the TMJ subsided, but the neck stiffness and soreness worsened. When younger she was so flexible that she could pop her own neck and other joints in her body to our distraction. Her golf swing was pretty amazing to watch through her high school years due to the flexibility. Now we know why she felt it necessary to pop. Her neck was reverse angled and her atlas was also off significantly. Her middle back vertebra are compressed significantly and one hip is much higher than the other, which caused the lumbar region to also be significantly misaligned.

The corrections are well underway. The chiro did not expect the mid-back compression to improve significantly for a couple of months, however, it has already made good progress. The adjustments in the cervical spine area have been excellent and are relieving the soreness. She is fitness walking again and on track for improved health.

Son in Law

He is facing similar issues I faced without the bone spurs. Instead, his knees are bowing out from the misalignment of his hips and too much lean forward of his head. He has experienced knee and lower back pain for years. Some of his issues have been caused by the weight of his gear and bullet proof vest from his job in law enforcement. His lumbar spine alignment was off significantly along with the atlas. He also has lumbar vertebra compression issues. The progress of alignment has made him much more relaxed and soreness is reducing.


We highly recommend that folks consider utilizing well educated and trained chiropractors who use modern techniques if available in your areas. The evaluation and scans can provide the facts you need to make an informed decision on something that may be vital to your health or that of a loved one.

Our family would normally be considered healthy. Few, including us, would have any idea we had these medical issues. But we did once we had the evaluations. We could see it for ourselves in the scans and know what we now know in terms of recovery. No pain is a good thing.

This will conclude my updates on chiro visits unless something happens of note in the future.

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These are good things to hear. The modern medical model was gefookt before Obamacare — now it’s grifty gefookt. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

Brave and Free

Great news, glad everything is working out.
Sadly modern medicine isn’t what it used to be for some.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Distrusting “the news” is one of the smartest things we ever did!  😆 


Great news!

Gail Combs

Happy to hear everything is turning out so well.

Chiropractors kept me from having surgery on my nack when I was in my late 20s early 3os.


Wonderful progress, TradeBait! Thanks for the update!

We sure did learn over the last few years – that Big Pharma-Hospital Corporation-Government Agency Regulated Medicine does not necessarily operate for our best interest – and is not always ethical, honest or worthy of our trust.

I’m so glad you all forged your way to the best outcomes and that everyone’s health is improving!


What a wonderful update, thank you! So good to hear that things are progressing in the right directions!
From what hears in conversation at son’s house (he’s a neurologist), it appears that chiros are considered by many “establishment medical doctors” types to be a kind barely-tolerated “camp follower.”
Is it possible that you can share some of what your wife is doing/has done, in relation to the Meniere’s Disease? Yours Truly goes to a neurologist next month to be examined for Meniere’s Disease, BPPV, and other inner-ear conditions. Thank you.


Thank you, thank you for this invaluable advice.
Yours Truly has (all diagnosed by MD’s):
Anxiety disorder (being treated, much better)
Mild hearing loss, both ears (from years of playing in noisy orchestra and musical theater pits)
Tinnitus in one ear (see the above)
Allergies (pollen/mold/dander)

If my understanding is correct, all of the above can “kick off” and/or aggravate something going on in the inner ear. The worst one, to me, is the Tinnitus. Imagine a “Salvation Army kettle bell” ringing faintly and non-stop.

All best wishes for continued success with your and your family’s health endeavors!


Thank you so much.
Yours Truly has had Tinnitus since the spring of 2019. I’m convinced I had COVID-19 in February – March of 2020. Was quite ill for about 3 weeks. Perhaps the COVID-19 that hit me also aggravated the Tinnitus.
I take IVM on a prophylactic basis under supervision by an FLCCC doctor.

Valerie Curren

My husband has tinnitus that he describes as crickets constantly chirping. There are some at home treatments for the condition that could be researched online. Hubby also deals with intermittent vertigo that seems positionally &/or motion triggered, like when working under the car & shifting quickly to reach or view something. Sometimes just certain eye movements can bring on brief vertigo for him.

I wonder if having some type of ear injury, he also has some degree of hearing loss from playing rock music for years, can cause these various conditions to be exacerbated. It is likely that he has more horizontal eustachian tubes than is typical–our son Josiah had “eustachian tube dysfunction” & had multiple ear issues as a child, requiring myringotomy tubes to relieve persistent fluid in the ears–& would experience brutal, jaw ache inducing pain in very cold &/or windy weather if his ears weren’t adequately covered.

I hope you get good answers on your situation through your appointments, researches, & interactions w/ others like Trade Bait who has much wisdom to share! God Bless YOU in your journey toward increasing health freedom!


Well, all of that is awesome news! Thanks for sharing it!


Thanks, TB. I needed that today, more than you know.




We all need and appreciate you, dear heart!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy





Thank you, GA/FL. You are all so important to me.

Valerie Curren


Valerie Curren


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

WOW. That is stunning. And I’m really starting to see where medicine went off track from Hippocrates. I was going to mention Malone, but dang – you saw it, too.

You’re right – modern medicine does far less basic tune-up than we give our cars. Almost everyone needs an alignment.

Valerie Curren

You could share things like the FLCC post-jab recovery protocol w/ this doc for his personal recovery AND potential use/recommendation with his patients. Dr. Malone said he has had much relief w/ that plus Nattokinase, iirc.


Thank you for this encouraging update on your family!

Valerie Curren

Hope you share any future developments here too! Blessings to you all

Valerie Curren

Some of what you have shared about your grandson has made me wonder if he might also be on the autism spectrum. I can’t remember if I shared this with you before so I apologize in advance if I’m repeating anything here. Years ago I read a book that speculated that ADHD & autism were on a continuum. At the time this info made a lot of sense since we had many people w/ ADHD in the family but only one suspected to be on the autism spectrum as well. I go into some of the overlap here:


In trying to make sense of some of the issues associated with our son Josiah’s myriad conditions the autism spectrum diagnosis helped to pull together many of the neurological, behavioral, & communication issues that were so challenging to address in his younger years. Sensory issues were a very significant aspect of his issues which is what makes my ears perk up about your grandson. J used to have Sensory Integration Therapy for years to help manage these arenas of atypicality 😉

In looking back I think it is entirely possible that he was “shot injured” as a baby & that this injury created or exacerbated the neurological issues that were called “PDD-NOS” at that time–Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified, aka Atypical Autism. As an infant he didn’t display certain autistic traits, like avoiding eye contact & ignoring interactions that became so typical for his early & middle childhood years.

I wonder if your grandson was given any/many of the recommended childhood “vaccines” that we are now learning are so destructive? I believe there is a large body of information shared by RFK jr that deals with this topic. Just like the FLCC post-jab recovery protocols, I shared on another comment to this uplifting! post of yours, perhaps there are natural methods of reducing the impact of these likely/presumed vax injuries that could be explored to help our loved ones!

Here is a remark I made elsewhere (a sister blog) dealing w/ these topics in depth:

  • https://1.gravatar.com/avatar/708c239d356f60bb11c40b8c2e6c65e0?s=60&d=wavatar&r=GValerie Curren says:
  • January 7, 2019 at 7:35 pm
  • One of my son Josiah’s doctor’s runs one of the 3 state “certified” (I don’t know the terminology but it’s a place the state requires people on the autism spectrum to be evaluated by, I believe) “autism centers” in Michigan & she’s worked with my son for more than 2 decades (though was not part of the team that diagnosed him on the autism spectrum). Anyway we’ve loosely touched on vaccines & autism in our conversations a few times.
  • As I understand it, she believes that there is a link between vaccines & autism but I don’t know that she sees it as causative per se. The concern, as I recall, is the giving of numerous toxic substances so close together in the infant &/or young child, especially when the child may have an underlying pre-disposition toward neuro-biological fragility. It’s like if you overload the child’s system with these toxins/diseases some of them do not have the immunological strength to overcome them…
  • I cannot fully articulate her perspective but it was Not a view that the people that think vaccines cause autism are conspiracy theorists. If one has autism or ADHD in the family it would be prudent to consider avoiding, delaying, or spacing out vaccines to lower the risk of that neuro-biological nexus of weakness overlapped by toxins/diseases leading to autism spectrum issues–my thought, not a distillation of what the doctor said.
  • I don’t know for sure if vaccines played a part in Josiah’s autism spectrum issues but I suspect that they did. He received all the recommended shots in the early years, at least up to age 4 or 5, but after being diagnosed on the spectrum I denied further vaccines for him & his siblings as a precaution. We re-entered the vaccination matrix when he was pre-transplant, having him & his siblings receive whatever vaccines the transplant team recommended on the schedule they suggested. However they were all teenagers then so this seemed (at least to me) to be a presumed diminished autism risk from vaccines.
  • When Josiah was an infant, & I don’t remember him having autism “symptoms” before age 2 or so, he was facing A Lot of health issues. He was premature, IUGR (Intra-Uterine Growth Retarded=very small for gestational age–he was 2# 6oz while his twin was 5# 4oz), had congenital heart defects (for which he underwent surgery at 2 months), & contracted RSV & was re-hospitalized about a week after his first discharge post-heart surgery with that infection & again for the same thing about 10 months later. He also had an unplanned surgery on his inguinal hernias when he was in the recovery period from his first surgery. These were major stressors on a young, premature, & relatively sickly baby. Having included the additional stress of vaccines on his system may have been that proverbial straw that broke that camel’s back.
  • I agree that much more research should be done on this topic. Autism is such a devastating & lifelong condition that most anything that can be done to reduce the likelihood of becoming autistic should be examined. There are massive burdens on the individual, family, & government support services when autism is involved. Some of those diseases mentioned would be better to risk than autism…
  • On a final note, there is a local radio personality in Detroit, Bob Dutko, on WMUZ, that has addressed this topic numerous times. He references some research that was done comparing similarly aged populations (some were Amish who didn’t vaccinate at all) to see if autism incidence was higher in vaccinated populations vs non-vaccinated populations. There was basically no statistical difference in the incidence of childhood illnesses between Vaccine & Non-V kids. There was a distinct statistical difference in Autism with the Vaccinated kids having a Much Higher Incidence. I don’t recall if of those people studied (there were thousands of kids’ data analyzed) if any had autism that were not also vaccinated.
  • Thanks for posting the topic, Stella. Very interesting & important.
  • Liked by 3 people
  • Reply
  • https://1.gravatar.com/avatar/708c239d356f60bb11c40b8c2e6c65e0?s=60&d=wavatar&r=GValerie Curren says:
  • January 7, 2019 at 7:36 pm
  • I have a couple of posts at my main blog that go into autism that may add to the topic too:
  • https://specialconnections.wordpress.com/2016/02/15/there-is-no-such-thing-as-an-autistic-adult/
  • https://specialconnections.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/autism-resources/
  • https://specialconnections.wordpress.com/2016/10/11/commenting-on-autism-its-different-in-girls-so-is-adhd/

There is some further discussion at this link https://stellasplace1.com/2019/01/07/vaccines-their-benefits-and-alleged-and-real-dangers/#comment-217247

Valerie Curren

This is wonderful news! Your family is so blessed in wisdom & understanding in these complex arenas!

Valerie Curren

Yes, God has been good to us all. “Through many dangers, toils, & snares I have already come. His grace has brought me safe thus fare. His grace will lead me home!”