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What is it? Is it explosive? Here we go!


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They’re certainly mentioning Flynn a lot. Prather threw his name in there at the end. Curious, why Flynn exactly?


OK, I’ll say it … NOT a friend …


I still don’t see how this is sufficient without getting rid of the Dominion machines. Not that it’s inconsequential, but is it sufficient?


Yep, GIS (geographic information systems) is not new. Adapting it to fight voter fraud is. Should been done long ago.

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Another reason to not give them a dime.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Send it to TruetheVote or PatriotGames.


Or to individual candidates where it won’t get diluted.




I’m not able to give this my undivided attention and will need a review in the coming days, but what she is saying about NY is devastating.


Just said the same thing. The most important thing she said, which seems utterly true, is that she was presenting evidence, not inference.


I just said this to the assistant of our new House candidate in NY. SMH, these bumbling idiots have no clue.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA


The RINOs maintain that they are electable while actual conservatives are not.

As soon as a wildly popular conservative leaves office they start beating those drums. See my rant from Saturday.


WOW! I just read the article on the NY embed! Nothing rhetorical about that!

You have probably already seen this but for those who may not…


The NY State analysis was pretty devastating.


It was complicated (to me) and requires a slower and more thorough study to understand.

But the FACT she proved, to my mind beyond a reasonable doubt, was a manipulation which created the ability to commit fraud.

The inference, and it is an inference, is that fraud was actually committed and, as you say, how.

There is no point to the manipulation except for fraud. Getting from there to an actual human being using the manipulation for fraudulent purposes is the hard part.

BTW Lindell’s statistical analysis was similarly devastating. But it never made the leap into proving the actual fraudulent mechanism (how a fraudulent vote actually got cast) just that we know the votes WERE manipulated.

I am praying this all goes somewhere.


Have to say, Catherine got me REAL excited.


Yea, well, ok, but could we PLEASE do the same here in GA?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

CO wouldn’t break my heart either.

But I think the idea might be to bring some state that has NEVER been mentioned in this context, to the fore.


I’m with ya


She can be found @search Audit


Seems like a hidden morphing matrix (or matrices depending on the county) for the ‘right people’ to be able to separate phantom voter rolls from legitimate voter rolls. Like the one I was shown by mistake.

They pad the voter rolls and use them if needed to end up with the winner they want, I suppose.


I am going to try an experiment with my local ‘elected’ and campaigning peeps. just to see if they are interested in pursuing this.

This algorithm seems to create phantom registrations as well as catalogue them.

In my case, my name was used (which was the same as an other in the town used), another town’s address, an apartment number that does not exist and a birthdate I found online…and with that address that got me right into the registration account. The registered ‘voter’ has never voted before. However, the registration has been there since 1992? I think so. I found that out when I queried the county BOE on the phone.

Oh, and isn’t 1992, when Bill Clinton got into office? Coincidence?

From my research, I tracked down the current owner of the house who purchased it from a dentist whose daughter used to Iive there.

It was rather funny because I used my name and he thought he knew exactly who it was on the other end of the line, so the algorithm may randomly select outliers. Real person, her real birthdate?, real address, old data…but apartment number that does not exist. The dentist confirmed to me that there was no apartment on property ever.

Crazy. Very sophisticated and internal. Someone must continually monitor during election counting to figure how many votes can be swung so as to keep turnout under 100%. In my county’s case it was about 98%. FAKE!!!


Sorry to be so long winded but the details might matter. I believe I saw the outside of what the NY team has seen on the inside.


PS The election worker messed up when I originally signed in to the poling place. They normally want your address before you are allowed to sign in. This one did not, and the poll worker next to her go all upset that this other voter registration was shown to me. Lucky for me I remembered the address and researched it.


PPS It occurs to me that the man I spoke to about this confusing voter registration was also a dentist and had a Middle-Eastern accent. Would need to find the name.

I only bring this up because the NY team that uncovered this matrix in NY, said they have only seen this type of algorithm in…the Middle East…to control elections.


PPPS The ME man I spoke to was also a dentist who purchased the private home from a dentist. And I believe the daughter is a dental hygienist. All odd. But if I recall, he purchased the home in 1992.

Still wondering how the registration was born in 1992 if she no longer lived there, with all of these transfer issues, house, etc. Still am not sure where the daughter is living today…


And I was so shocked to see this registration because I have left out a couple of details I will n to put online. This is why I followed it up.

It is still an open case. I have confirmed it is still in the files.


“…a couple of details I will not put online.”

Excuse the typos, Wolf!!!


Like tomorrow after a rest!!! Same! Had to spill while it all came back!


In hindsight, when the original incident occurred, I went to early voting for the first time ever, in another town and signed in on an Apple tablet with a soft tipped stylus. Had never done that before, That was 2020.

So, the poll worker was able to pull up both the phantom and real registration.

When voting last year, the same phantom registration was still on the rolls, because I asked for the registration at the wrong address and literally told the poll worker that that was the FAKE registration!

That was the same time they gave me a ballot WITHOUT our 20 year judge on my ballot. He lost by 65/45 to a cashless left wing judge!

Yet maybe another way to steal the vote!




Maybe. Once the Avatar interviews Zuck it will likely enter a null set. If you drill down to find out why, the Avatar will say it’s still waiting to interview the human scheduled for that block of time/data.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



LOL .. or like a digital Mexican stand-off..
Both the Avatar and zuck disappearing in a poof of smoke

Deplorable Patriot

Honestly, this felt like an entrepreneur pitch session.


After the highly effective and amazing NY analysis, that sales pitch was a gigantic let down.



bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

To us yeah. But to LE and others in their audience it’s necessary tools they should invest in w/their grant money. GO SHERIFFS!!!


They turned off the feed while talking to the group about another technology that we aren’t privy to. So the enemy can’t see it either.

Lunch break after that, then Catherine says the direction will change after lunch and they will get “to the edge” of the info that is more explosive than 2000 Mules. Will we hear it?

That last technology that blocks device data — if the mules had used it, the whole 2000 Mules operation could not have been done, right? But I think, as Catherine said, they’re moving past 2000 Mules because they’re introducing new technologies and methods of finding and eliminating voter fraud, if I understand correctly.

This operation is bigger than I imagined.

Cuppa Covfefe

Silly Cone Valley is far, far left, and has been for some time. They also have spent an enormous amount of time, money, and resources to gain favors from gubmint, and to influence and write legislation in their favor. Add to that the strong influence of RED China (via ChiSpyDiFi and Piglosi, et. al.) and other miscreants, and the downward left-hand-path becomes obvious.

There was an article about Google and Julian Assange where Google basically said that they were assisting Hell-the-BEAST in her run for President, as well as other races. And just think what manner of resources and data they, Facebook, Twitter, and other leftist tech giants (Amazon AWS) control or have access to.

I fear we have not considered the breadth and depth of their evil, nor the designs of which they are capable. It seems that Catherine and Gregg and their team have. I pray that they expose this, and that GOD shines HIS LIGHT on this, and that HE straightens this out, restores HIS TRUTH and that we as a Nation are RESTORED as well.

Matthew 10:26-28:

26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.
27 What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.
28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.


Yes. I pray for restoration every day.

Cuppa Covfefe

I think they’re not going to reveal too much tech, and the sales pitch was maybe to show what’s out there and raise attention as to what COULD be out there… a shiny red ball, so to speak. And a scary one at that, yet many places do extensive investigation before even offering interviews anymore. And even HP over here has a whole team scouring social media both for current and potential employees…

Speaking of gargle and sillycone valley’s cloven hooves in politics, an article from a while back shows how HELL-the-BEAST and others are getting help from Google et. al. It’s well worth reading, even if a little dated… new players, same old dirty game…

A few years back Julian Assange published an interview of Eric Schmidt “When Google Met Wikileaks” . There’s an article about it, “Google Is Not What It Seems”, at .

The article details what Gargle was doing to help Hell-the-BEAST in the elections, and is a disturbing picture of what was going on with the DEMONRATS and big tech even back in 2011. It is REALLY an eye-opener, and serves to show how long the deep and evil connections between the DEMONRATS and the “Teufelisch” tech titans has been…

A brief excerpt:
In this extract from his new book When Google Met Wikileaks, WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department — and what that means for the future of the internet.

Eric Schmidt is an influential figure, even among the parade of powerful characters with whom I have had to cross paths since I founded WikiLeaks. In mid-May 2011 I was under house arrest in rural Norfolk, about three hours’ drive northeast of London. The crackdown against our work was in full swing and every wasted moment seemed like an eternity. It was hard to get my attention. But when my colleague Joseph Farrell told me the executive chairman of Google wanted to make an appointment with me, I was listening.

In some ways the higher echelons of Google seemed more distant and obscure to me than the halls of Washington. We had been locking horns with senior US officials for years by that point. The mystique had worn off. But the power centers growing up in Silicon Valley were still opaque and I was suddenly conscious of an opportunity to understand and influence what was becoming the most influential company on earth. Schmidt had taken over as CEO of Google in 2001 and built it into an empire.

I was intrigued that the mountain would come to Muhammad. But it was not until well after Schmidt and his companions had been and gone that I came to understand who had really visited me.

* * *

The stated reason for the visit was a book. Schmidt was penning a treatise with Jared Cohen, the director of Google Ideas, an outfit that describes itself as Google’s in-house “think/do tank.” I knew little else about Cohen at the time. In fact, Cohen had moved to Google from the US State Department in 2010. He had been a fast-talking “Generation Y” ideas man at State under two US administrations, a courtier from the world of policy think tanks and institutes, poached in his early twenties. He became a senior advisor for Secretaries of State Rice and Clinton. At State, on the Policy Planning Staff, Cohen was soon christened “Condi’s party-starter,” channeling buzzwords from Silicon Valley into US policy circles and producing delightful rhetorical concoctions such as “Public Diplomacy 2.0.” On his Council on Foreign Relations adjunct staff page he listed his expertise as “terrorism; radicalization; impact of connection technologies on 21st century statecraft; Iran.”

It was Cohen who, while he was still at the Department of State, was said to have emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to delay scheduled maintenance in order to assist the aborted 2009 uprising in Iran. His documented love affair with Google began the same year, when he befriended Eric Schmidt as they together surveyed the post-occupation wreckage of Baghdad. Just months later, Schmidt re-created Cohen’s natural habitat within Google itself by engineering a “think/do tank” based in New York and appointing Cohen as its head. Google Ideas was born.

Later that year the two co-wrote a policy piece for the Council on Foreign Relations’ journal Foreign Affairs, praising the reformative potential of Silicon Valley technologies as an instrument of US foreign policy. Describing what they called “coalitions of the
connected,” Schmidt and Cohen claimed that
“Democratic states that have built coalitions of their militaries have the capacity to do the same with their connection technologies. . . . They offer a new way to exercise the duty to protect citizens around the world [emphasis added].”

And a little pic:
comment image
Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, at the “Pulse of Today’s Global Economy” panel talk at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, 26 Sept. 2013 in New York. Eric Schmidt first attended the CGI annual meeting at its opening plenary in 2010. (Photo: Mark Lennihan)
[note the date: 26 (2*13) / 9 / 13 (2013) ]


Just a thought about the atmosphere of confusion about motives.

I DO NOT completely buy Sundance’s perspective on DeSantis, and doubt it, although it is not at all implausible to me, and may be true (for those who did not read it, Sundance says DeS is under the GOPe’s control). In that analysis Sundance casts aspersion on Charlie Kirk.

Then to see Kirk interviewed here is a strange experience.

I have to keep my thinking above getting into the weeds about motivations. For instance, regardless of whatever DeS actually is, his words and actions have been EXACTLY what we have been waiting for, hoping for. IOW DeS has already accomplished concrete things.

And if DeS falls short, we have Lake, etc, etc. What we know is that WE are not going away. Our beliefs are NOT going away.

Cloudy motives and even betrayal is part of our understanding how things work nowadays. But we are never going away.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Charlie??? Some Dunce🙄


This. There are sites that find and/or insinuate negative information about almost everyone. I won’t go into detail because it is ☠️ . There has to be a balance between knowing who someone is, or things about their past, and whether to trust them. It can leave us in a state of confusion and distrust, which promotes infighting or lack of action, and that plays into the enemy’s hands.

Sometimes people play a role and do good work before negative things happen, and sometimes after. Paul Manafort and Kellyanne Conway were instrumental in PDJT’s 2016 win. If they had been eliminated at the beginning, would there have been someone as good to take their place? I don’t know how many of those highly effective, motivated people who are willing to sacrifice their time are out there.

But we are never going away.

Right. We are the soul of the country. We will weed people out as needed. To pick on DeSantis, one of the most (if not THE most) effective governors, seems very short-sighted to me. Who would *they* replace him (and others) with? And I am not at all impressed with someone getting their digs in so they can say   :toldyaso:  or seem oh-so-politically-prescient. That’s way too self-serving.

I saw something negative about Charlie Kirk a while back but can’t remember what it was. IMO we need to watch people and let them know we will hold them accountable while they are doing good for our side, because they are doing good.


Good insights.


You too.


Charlie Kirk has been doing a good job of putting the VIEW on notice…I watched his show that entire week after the Turning Point gathering. He was getting criticism for hanging on to the View malfeasance like a dog with his bone. His response was reiterated by Greg Phillips today that to let it go is a betrayal of all the young people returning to friends and family who would ask them what their association is with Nazis.

Sometimes there is a shift necessitated by the evil that we’re confronted with. People have their own ideas about what Charlie Kirk does but we can’t afford to lose sight of the good that people such as Kirk are doing.

Brave and Free

Disinformation and controlled opposition come to mind. Yes infighting can and will be used against the light that exposé’s darkness.
Remember when we all were derailed from OT? Didn’t that turn out for the better over here…….


You made this point previously (a week ago) and I kept that point in mind when I read Sundance. From that perspective, Sundance is only doing what is necessary.

And his concern is right on. DeS is a big boy, and if Sundance’s stance turns out to be too rough, DeS will be okay. If DeS is MAGA, he will remain MAGA. We will know.


Forgive me, but, “Sundance is only doing what is necessary” is akin to quite a number of us being BANNED OT for our thoughts / posts / opinions.

SD is a smart researcher, but he/she/it is most definitely not the smartest in the room. Just sayin’ … 😉


One solid point. DeSantis has been fighting for social issues; however, their Dominion machines are still operating, red flag laws, and cruise ships were still requiring jabs.

DeSantis’ donors are all of the wrong people, as is his new home-based press secretary,Bryan Griffin. He has been there for awhile as second in command, but Ausonius did a bit of digging:

August 13, 2022 6:33 am

Okay, so let’s go down The Globalist Rabbit Hole: who is this Bryan Griffin? And who is Pushaw?
Griffin, who was hired in March, has taken a similar combative approach. Last week, he published his email response to The View after the morning talk show requested an interview with DeSantis. In the email, Bryan quoted The View hosts’ past statements about DeSantis and questioned whether The View was genuinely in “pursuit of the truth.”

“It has been an honor to work with and learn from (Christina Pushaw). I look forward to serving (Gov. Ron DeSantis) and the people of Florida in this new role. Like Christina did so well, I will ensure the Governor’s message is amplified and that false narratives are debunked,” Griffin tweeted Friday.”
That sounds decent…so far!

“Griffin told Florida Politics he first met Pushaw at the Warsaw Security Forum in 2019, where they were both participants in the forum’s New Security Leaders program.

Smell anything? 

What is The Warsaw Security Forum? Go here and you will see the founder Zbigniew Pisarski– not wearing a tie in the Iranian style – and his glowing 30-something blond wife. He has been employed at Harvard and Georgetown Universities.

So…where does he get the money to create an international foundation where GENERAL PETRAEUS is on the board of directors? 

Yes, scroll down to see his smiling face! And why is he smiling? Note other One-Worlders as well e.g. Catherine Ashton:
From 2009:
“Herman van Rompuy, Belgian Prime Minister for the past 11 months, had been the favorite to fill the role of President of the Council of Ministers.
Baroness Ashton — Cathy Ashton until she was ennobled by Tony Blair a decade ago — was a decidedly unexpected choice to be the new High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

The appointments are inextricably linked. Van Rompuy is a Christian Democrat from a small country. Hence, according to the innate logic of European integration, the High Representative needed to be a Socialist from a large country.”
Namely, Catherine Ashton, Socialist from England.
To return, and digging more deeply, Pisarski is involved in CANPOLAND, which is NOT a Chamber of Commerce “Yes Poland can!” Optimist Club.

From FaceBook:
CanPoland is a pharmaceutical company, producer and distributor of medicinal cannabisas well as provider of repackaging services for paralel (Sic!) import.
THERE is where the money comes from!

Griffin has received multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Florida, including his law degree in 2013. He also received a masters in international affairs from Columbia University. Past work include his time as national field director for the pro-Israel Maccabee Task Force and as a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research.”

Okay, the former association looks iffy, the latter is a supposedly Conservative “Boutique” think-tank started by an Edward London and currently managed by the “controversial” Anthony Shaffer, who was on the Trump 2020 Campaign staff.
In the middle, The Maccabee Task Force, which “combats anti-Semitism on college campuses.” It is obviously pro-Israel and intends to undo damage done by the pro-Palestinian “Boycott, Divest, and Sanction” (BDS) movement.

So the guy is all over the place! And perhaps he is being “pragmatic” by joining things like The Warsaw Security Forum, getting to know the opposition by rubbing elbows with them.

We shall see!


I am glad I came back to this thread to find this. Great info.


It helps to understand the infiltration of Governor DeSantis, IMO.

Cuppa Covfefe

I HATE Illinois !Cs…..


Do you mean that they will give additional technology info, but also a big reveal, to The Pit attendees, and they will be able to tell us later?

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

That’s the hope.


I take that to mean “very”…😀




THEN it all hits the media in a coordinated fashion.

Hopefully this evening⁉️


W – no sleepers placing passive, acoustic listening devices around the meeting rooms. I’m sure they swept the areas many times, but many smart devices just sleep w/o being detected.

Yea, I know, GP is one smart, experienced cookie, but the other guys are too. Just askin’ … 😉

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Cuppa Covfefe

First the pit, then the pendulum (swinging back and obliterating the swamp)….


comment image

Christina and Bob signed off from AZ. Now they’re re-airing the show from earlier. Bummer, wanted to see the after lunch reveals. Hurry up and wait, MUH. I get it, SAFETY FIRST.

Deplorable Patriot

Yes, but I’m wondering if a big clue wasn’t dropped when Jeffrey Prather talked about Fast & Furious, and the deal made between the Obama people and the Mexican cartels. He also mentioned the FBI calling him looking for a source he tried to make available for local LEOs.

There’s a hidden hand out there, and I’m wondering if Catherine didn’t find out about it when they first took their information to the FBI. If there was an infiltration attempt, that might have been when the culprit was revealed.


I bet they’re not allowing phones in there.


Could someone tell me what this post is about? I wonder if it is visual or something. Maybe I’m just too tired to explore around and figure it out. Thank you.


Hi, Zoe. Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote have been working on projects to help we-the-people investigate and prevent election fraud. They had been planning this event, called The Pit, for months. They invited 100 or so conservative influencers and presented new technologies and ways to do research. We were able to watch the first part of the presentation, but now they are presenting more tech info to the participants that we aren’t privy to (so the enemy isn’t either). But everyone is expecting a big reveal that they’ve said is much more significant than the 2000 Mules movie, about what was really happening in our elections, or at least the 2020 election.

It seems the reveal will be made to the participants and maybe they will disseminate the info at a given time. It’s supposed to be explosive. I’m hoping we get to hear about it very soon!

It was a video presentation that we could watch on RSBN and elsewhere, but you could hear it too. They might be re-airing it. Here is the link:

There are more details, but I hope that helps.

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Thank you for explaining. I know who those people are but not about “the pit” so thank you and thank you for the link to listen to it.


You’re welcome. The video seems to start over and not let you skip ahead, but maybe that will change in the coming days.

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Thank you!


Yw. 🙂


I have been watching for a few hours now. Does anyone know where the information is about NY? When I start up the video, there is nowhere to gauge the timing. It appears as ‘live’. I feel that I have seen everything BUT the info on NY.


I’ve had the same issue. I wanted to skip through some of it and see other parts again, but it plays as if it were live.


Don’t have the video timestamp, but saved this in my notes..

Deplorable Patriot

One more point: consider not just who is/was at this event, but who is NOT.

There’s a number of big names who are not. Why is a legit question to ask, IMO.

Jordan Sather is there as is Patel Patriot, Dave Hayes, X22, Justin Deschamps, etc. Just sayin’.


How can we consider it if we don’t know who was not there? 🤔

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I remember seeing a post by Gregg Phillips on Truth Social a couple of weeks ago. Apparently someone was complaining that they hadn’t gotten an invitation yet. He said there’s no way they would get one now.


Notice a lot of those Jordan trolls are not there? All the click-bait people…

Deplorable Patriot

Sundance wasn’t there, either.

Deplorable Patriot

The only clue I have so far:

Jordan Sather

Sounds like the CCP is incredibly deep in rigging our elections – far more than most believe or understand.

What a web of corruption that communists weave.




Remember, the CCP is NOT the PRC. A big deal was made of that earlier this week on some account I follow.


Pete Santilli is giving snippets of reports on his Truth Social account. It’s still very sketchy but also seems to involve the CCP. They have people at The Pit who have been instructed about what they can and can’t do. Everyone else has their phones in Farraday bags.

I don’t know how to post individual Truth Social posts. Here is one link:

One short video showed a board that had logos of various organizations. It’s at about :40 of the 2:44 video. I see:
Black Futures Lab
Seed the Vote
APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, I think)
Pennsylvania Stands Up
New Florida Majority
Asian American Racial Justice Tool Kit
Black Struggle
Asians for Black Lives
New Georgia
…and others

No context is given, so we don’t know what was being said about this.

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There’s a video that is 4:38 long on Santilli’s site. Starting at about 2:30, Tej Gill from WarPath Coffee says that a man from New Zealand gave a presentation about how the CCP is tied to NGO-type groups that are working in America and working against America under the guise of being FOR America. Deeper info coming up at the meeting soon.

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Finally some explanation for the sustained random brutal assaults on Asians. It’s being driven by some entity to get them to seek orgs to help




Do you think..maybe?

mental illness doesn’t explain it for me. Too many incidents, too many cities, no provocation


I wouldn’t put anything past *them*.


This image is now on Santilli’s Truth Social: “Chinese controlled voter fraud organizations”

comment image


Patel Patriot

Still gathering my thoughts from the PIT. Will share details soon. 

They presented another avenue in which China had their hands all up inside our cookie jar. Connections still need to be made. 

The biggest question I had for Gregg last night was whether he believed Trump knew about what they found prior to Gregg’s team finding it. 

His answer: “no question”


It seems hopeless. I have hope but don’t see a way forward at the moment.


Follow the money.

(Was out all day. Catching up.)


Good one!




That one has legs. Let’s ride it.


We need 1000 Trumps on CHINA, and we could have those OVERNIGHT if we demanded them in our elected officials.

It’s going to require that the public realizes the problem. I think G&C have the goods, and IMO the quickest way for people to wake up is for them to see what the people they vote for are doing — specifically, by name. I want to know who was involved in election fraud. That would do it for some. But I don’t know if they have that level of specific info, yet.

G&C took this to the FBI and got no help, only harrassment. They are protecting the status quo. As long as that continues, not only will the situaiton not change, but its consequences will become worse over time until we are destroyed. We’re definitely at a crossroads.


Agree 1,000%!!!


Ty. I still show up daily, can’t live without you guys!  😍 
I just don’t talk much. Given my background this topic really peeves me.


My comment to my husband…warning – unlady-like comment…
Zuck wouldn’t be getting any if the CCP hadn’t handed him a wife!


 😇  😇  😇 


And she was probably quite happy with the assignment, because she knew other women who got farted on.


lmao  😊 


We have been discussing China’s infiltration and our officials’ treasonous support of China for ages. I don’t think a surface statement like “China has been influencing our elections and economy” would be a bombshell — or would it, to others? I want to see who has been cooperating with China at America’s expense. I want to see who has been paid off and who has sold America down the river. I know they have more info just from the list of organizations I posted here. People within them can be traced, and we should be able to see who is behind them.


I have more faith in anons who are rabid researchers. “Influencers” seem to want attention, clicks, money, and a certain amount of fame. I believe we are at a crossroads now where it is no longer enough to produce videos talking about current events and theories; it’s time for those who have the ability to dig in, do some work, and produce results. Some of the influencers probably don’t have skills for in-depth research, but they can contribute in other ways. We’ll see who is up to the task.


It wouldn’t surprise me if they had something ready before the event began.


Those of us paying attention aren’t surprised. Like you said, we’ve been warned for decades.

It’s going to be people like those folks that were “shocked” to find out that the schools were indoctrinating their children.

Too many Americans are living in fantasy land.


I pray every day that people will wake up.


The Lord is providing the means, hopefully people receive it. In Jesus name I pray!




It just never ends. There’s a video of Gregg talking with police.



At the pit after Party and they are trying to arrest for carrying in a open carry state! @greggphillips not Happening!!

@GeorgeBalloutine @LanceMigliaccio #TheBigMig


Yes. That’s what I wanted to see. That’s the bombshell, at least for normies.

government entities programmed the fraud

That’s the treason. Publish it far and wide. I don’t know if they can name names yet, but we need to find them out. I bet there are a lot of people in every state.

I pray for everyone’s safety. Those people are ruthless.

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That will be interesting. The sorting needs to be done. I wonder if any of them were at The Pit today. (I’m not expecting you to answer; it will probably be revealed in time.)

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Brave and Free

Absolutely true, things will be revealed about where these talking heads sit according to their response.


We’ve known so much for so long that I can’t imagine being someone who doesn’t think the election was stolen, only to see solid evidence that Americans colluded with China (and other nations?) and orchestrated the fraud. And if names are named, it will be nuclear.


Jordan Sather, Truth Social.

Gregg & Catherine told a detailed story about some of their findings that they haven’t revealed publicly (for their own safety). They gave the Pit attendees the info & resources to continue exposing this story. It involves foreign interference in local & state elections around the country. Names were named. They told us after the Pit was done, which it is now, that we can blow it up – but we’re all wondering what we should post and how we can do it with respect for Gregg & Catherine’s safety.

“Names were named.” Ready for those.
Everyone’s safety is at risk. I imagine the attendees feel very sober right now.


Well, I’d love to know more about that, but I doubt it’s possible.


“but we’re all wondering what we should post and how we can do it with respect for Gregg & Catherine’s safety.”


The concern for their safety should have been BEFORE Gregg and Catherine spilled the beans to 100+ social media influencers.

Now that they have presented all of the information to all these people, it would be pointless for FIB or anyone else to target them. That horse it out of the barn.

With the whole forest burning down — which it should be, as soon as 100+ different conservative social media influencers start exposing what they learned — TPTB will have to react to what is happening in real time, all of the information coming out.

Why would they waste any time or manpower on Gregg and Catherine, after the ball has already been handed off?

If you think of it as a relay race, it would be like the enemy trying to trip someone who already ran their leg of the race and no longer has the baton.

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Seems like the more information that comes out from the 100+ attendees, the safer Gregg and Catherine should be.

Because again, there will no longer be any reason for TPTB to go after Gregg and Catherine at that point.

To the contrary, it seems to me that 100+ other people with influence on social media suddenly dumping information would take the heat OFF of Gregg and Catherine.

Resources, particularly gov’t manpower, are finite. They had to call in the FIB lead of the Whitmer FF kidnapping scam to pull off the raid on MAL. If it wasn’t him it would have been someone else, but the fact that it wasn’t someone else looks weak, like they don’t have a deep bench. The fact that the same guy who did the Whitmer FF was used to do the MAL raid is just one more connection I’m sure they would rather have done without, if it had been easy or convenient to do so.

Apparently it wasn’t. And that makes them look weak.

They had to get a corrupt judge, and while there are plenty of those around, the Epstein guy was perfect for that. His choice was sign a bogus warrant, or be exposed for his visits to Pedo Island, or similar.

They certainly have LOTS of people they can lean on to get their dirty work done, but as would be expected, they clearly have ‘go to’ people, either people who are enthusiastically corrupt or people who literally cannot afford to say ‘no’.

But that is still a finite number of people.

Imagine having to create 100 FIB teams of ten or more people each to watch and record and investigate and attempt to discredit all 100+ influencers who will be dumping damaging info about the enemy in the coming days.

They have plenty of people, but how many are actually competent to lead a team — and eager to do a thorough job? They had to bring in Whitmer dude for the MAL raid…

Is Whitmer guy going to lead the 100+ teams trying to stay on top of (and discredit) the ‘Pit’ attendees?

Gregg and Catherine created a nationwide whack-a-mole box.

It is going to require a lot of manpower and other resources for FIB to try to fight it.

Gregg and Catherine should be the least of the FIB’s worries at this point, so long as the 100+ social media influencers are firing at will and making the FIB jump around like a cat trying to pounce on a laser.

Here it is. Wait, it’s over there now. Now it’s here again. Everywhere and nowhere.

Like 100+ independent and autonomous cells, all acting independently, and all acting at the same time, with the same incriminating information.

The sooner these 100+ attendees start making waves, and the bigger the waves they make, the safer Gregg and Catherine ought to be.

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Sylvia Avery

From the Pit, for those of you with minds that grapple with data:

“Sometimes, you run into something so out of place that you have to ask yourself, how did that get there? A boat in the desert, A fossilized battery, crop circles, and now, New York’s voter rolls.

New York Citizens Audit (NYCA) is an all volunteer group of individuals who have been studying the 2020 General Election since last August. After a year’s worth of effort, they have made some impressive findings. They have discovered hundreds of thousands of cloned voter records, examples of identity theft, discrepancies between official vote counts, over a hundred thousand registered voters without an address, and more.

Today, an NYCA representative appeared on True the Vote’s “vital strategy session,” “The Pit,” and dropped something truly strange: There is a pattern embedded in the identification numbers assigned to voters.
How did it get there, and why?

The pattern, dubbed “The Voter Matrix” by NYCA, creates an alternate structure within the voter rolls. The details are complicated but the effect is simple: It makes nefarious manipulation of records possible…”