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JetPack News

You know the little bell at the right end of the black bar from WordPress? The one that gives you notifications about likes and replies to your comments? The one that makes it very easy to have a conversation with somebody – or to check if people have replied to your comments?

That “bell notifier” is powered by a plugin called JetPack, from WordPress.com (DOT COM). While we are moving OFF WP.com, we are still using both WordPress itself, from WordPress.org (DOT ORG), and the JetPack plugin (free version).

If you want those notifications, you have to allow WP.com to link to your account here using JetPack. I have done everything I can in settings to make that simple yet reliable, based on our early testing of the new site.

If you want to get “bell notifications” for posts here, you just need to do the following:

  • WHITELIST this site, or allow it to use ALL COOKIES, particularly for wordpress.com
  • REGISTER on this site here: https://www.theqtree.com/wp-login.php?action=register
    • Use your WordPress username
    • Use your WordPress email
    • If you are already registered, LOG IN instead
  • Your confirmation email may be in SPAM or JUNK – be careful.
  • LOG IN on this site here: https://www.theqtree.com/wp-login.php?action=login
    • Be sure to have your browser remember your login username and password
  • Find JetPack in your SETTINGS, and LINK TO WORDPRESS.COM
  • If your first comment gets moderated, wait for approval, then try another comment
  • Get my attention if you have problems. Others may offer some help.

If you have done all this correctly, you will start seeing “bell notifications” of replies to any comments on this site.

Right now, 23 of our 56 registered users have JetPack notifications working!

There is another notifier on any page with comments – the “green circle with orange numbers”. That is a “new comment” notifier in wpDiscuz, the commenting plugin. That plugin is separate from JetPack, even though the two plugins both handle the same comment data. Likes in JetPack are not reflected in the “+1 / -1”, like / dislike system in wpDiscuz.

I will discuss the wpDiscuz plugin more later.

wpDiscuz News

We seem to have settled on a new comment layout manager, known simply as [COUGH] “Number Two”. This one has nice vertical lines to show indentation, but it also has fairly wide text. We were using “Number One” at first.

More Information: https://wpdiscuz.com/docs/wpdiscuz-7/customization/comment-layouts/

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

We have CHANGED the voting method from “up/down” to “standard likes”. That was a fairly easy decision by our members!

We have also ENLARGED THE FONT and MADE IT BLACK – this got almost entirely POSITIVE response.

There will be more technical discussions – stay tuned!

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Sorry if previously posted but if you haven’t read it, a late story on Liberty Daily about Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s SOS right hand man, is a must read. Social media posts (they get you every time in the end!) shows his very active anti-Trump efforts from before the 2016 primaries. Terms like “preventing Trump from winning at all cost” are frequent. There’s strong suspicion he may well been part of the coverup in the recent Georgia ballot/voting scandal, and he is probably in deep 💩. Definitely on Santa’s naughty list!


Totally apropos to nothing….the wonderful photos posted from air of the Space Center yesterday brought back a hilarious memory for me.
Early days of the public being allowed to tour and fairly basic displays, etc. we had taken friends to see it and were in the small “museum” where some items were on display, including a lunar vehicle with two “mannequins’ dressed in space garb and helmets.
Of course, everyone either took photos of it or posed in front to have their photo taken, I happened to be at the right place at the right time to see the first and only time I’ve ever seen a person actually levitate.
There were a group of 4 Japanese males and you know how they adore taking photos of everything…long before iPhones…with cameras that needed focusing, light meter readings, etc. They were taking turns standing in front of the vehicle with the mannequins/astronauts to have their photo taken.
About the third person in the group decided to stand next to one of the astronauts instead of in front of the vehicle. And, as he was posing, slowly the astronaut raised his arm and put it around the tourist.
He levitated ( I kid you not!) at least 6” off the ground! The other guys were almost as surprised, and went into a meltdown. I almost rolled on the floor hysterically laughing, and soon everyone around was cracking up, as well, when they realized the joke. The Japanese (not exactly known for their sense of humor) didn’t know what to do and started bowing to everyone ..”he he, he he”.
It was the most perfect “Candid Camera” moment I’ve ever seen and makes me laugh to this day.
Who knew the Space Center employees were such pranksters.

Tennessee Whiskey

Hi everyone!


green squares! Are becoming VERY, VERY annoying! First, they are outdated…I keep getting sales one repeatedly and often from another day. Second…they have INCREASED in size to the point they take up the entire width of the screen at the bottom…covering the current post.
Honestly, at this point I’m questioning any value having them…especially showing content.
A couple of other tweaks… does anyone else have a problem getting the thumbs up icon to react? Most of the time it takes multiple “clicks” for it to register.
Orange circle…not sure if it’s supposed to take you to the replies…mine does not. I have to scroll up and find them (having them in another color is great.)
Finally, although I’ve gone into settings to eliminate getting replies in email…instill get them.
Other than that…it’s perfect! This little chipmunk isn’t really complaining (well, except for the OVERSIZED green remarks**😝) , just passing along what I’m experiencing.



“posting too quickly, slow down”
“Reply failed, try again”

no comments are going thru for sevral hrs b/c of the above red banner error.

I have left numerous sos posts for help but they aren’t going thru b/c I can’t save them, and when I leave the thread, they disappear, you don’t see them.

so..I am basically blocked.


ah…THAT post just went thru !

now…let me try another thread.

WOLF…if you see this and I still can’t post on any other threads b/c of that “posting too quickly” error, plse reply to me here ab it, ok ?

and : I was just being a smart ass w/ my “cute chipmunk” nut cracker remark earlier, ok ?

hope yr not mad !

thanks and xoxoxo