We Are Mighty To Save This Republic

The Truth About Our January Sixth Protest

I was there, and I am PROUD of it.

I am proud of the thousands and thousands of patriots who showed up to make an historic statement that the other side could only TRY to stop, by besmirching its beauty with their LIES and TRICKERY.

Yes, their LIES and TRICKERY – to try to falsely portray themselves as VICTIMS, when in fact they are SCHEMING BETRAYERS of this great Republic.

LIES and TRICKERY which will fall with THEM as wheat and chaff before my SWORD OF TRUTH.

I am going to tell you what really happened. I will tell you THESE THINGS and much more.

  • How American Proles stormed the Queen’s Palace on our own Bastille Day
  • How weak men and women – betrayers, cowards and criminals – hatched a scurrilous plot to hide from the truth and to make themselves victims, as they voted to save themselves and condemn America
  • How I will not back down – how I am PROUD that I was there – and now rain SHAME on Washington and the corrupt, weak, and undeserving men and women who occupy it
  • How Pelosi’s plot backfires even now, for the TRUTH will hound her to HER GRAVE IN HISTORY
  • My call to arrest ALL of those who concocted this media plot to defame patriotic Americans


This is going to be a stream of consciousness recollection – a remembrance – in out-of-order snapshots – nearly unedited. I will update it in parts, and if it turns into an entire book, so be it.

This will take at least three days to tell. But when I am done, you will know that my fellow Americans – ordinary men and women – were HEROES, and our leaders in Washington are SHAMEFUL, NATION-BETRAYING COWARDS, who hide from TRUTH and JUSTICE behind Nancy Pelosi’s wicked trickery.




1. Lupus contra mundum

I don’t know most of their names, but their faces, their smiles, their flags, banners and signs – they will all remain burned into my memory, and I will die a happy man remembering them. It was one of the most beautiful afternoons of my life, and if I am the ONLY person in the world who believes in it, then I will join Athanasius and stand against the world.

When media mouthpiece “blow-dries” who won’t even LOOK AT US – who don’t even KNOW these wonderful people – when politicians who would kick us off an airplane to get an extra seat for their toady staffers – DARE to call these people “domestic terrorists”, then I will drop my gun, pick up my Bible, and SHOW THEM which weapon to truly fear.

Ron Wyden is a FREAK. A “soft-serve communist” – the very definition of nebbish – who lives comfortably in a nation built by far better men. Wyden is one of the greatest hypocrites to ever walk the face of this earth. This is the man who – while he coddles ANTIFA and BLM (who not surprisingly figure into Pelosi’s plot against us) – dared to call the men, women and CHILDREN I met that afternoon “domestic terrorists”.

I was driving home from Washington, DC in the middle of the night – somewhere in the darkness on the highway in Virginia – when I heard Wyden’s sound byte for the second time. It just GALLED ME to no end, and in fact it is because of that sniveling bicycle Bolshevik that I resolved to write this article.

So I guess I can thank him for something.

America, I’m going to tell you something SHAMEFUL. President Trump was the ONLY one who defended leftists LIKE US at Charlottesville.

WHUUUUUT? “Leftists like us?”

Most of you WEAK – PARTIAL – PARTISAN BASTARDS and BITCHES – just like me – did not catch this. In the massive desire to proclaim YES THEY’RE NAZIS or YES THEY’RE COMMUNISTS, only President Trump dared to call INNOCENT lefty protesters LIKE US IN THE MIRROR “good people”.

It just passed unnoticed by everybody.

The “fine people hoax” mostly ends up being a hoax on the people who pull it, when KARMA comes around. Only WEAK people – like China Joe Biden – either USE or FALL FOR the “fine people hoax”.

TRUMP. STOOD. UP. FOR. THEM. He stood up for leftist peaceful protesters.

Just like he stands up for us.

We don’t DESERVE a man like Trump.

I have TEARS in my eyes as I write that.


Whether it’s really “goodbye” to Trump now, and “hello” to WEAK, WICKED, China puppet Joe Biden – or whether “Q” and the WEAK men behind it, come riding in on our innocent CHUMP DREAMS to save us from Communist China, doesn’t matter.


And if you do not have the BACKBONE to stand up to this treasonous media sliming of our great President, based on a TRICK by that wicked witch Nancy Pelosi, then you CANNOT BE IN MY ARMY.


It’s weird how their images are embedded in my memory. Every one had a story why they were there.

As we started walking down Constitution Avenue, I began following a small group of other patriots who had just met. I was now separated from the group I had been talking to during Trump’s speech and those before it.

One person was a woman with short blonde hair, carrying what seemed to be a very unique flag at the event.

From Wikipedia: The Pine Tree Flag


The Tree Flag (or Appeal to Heaven Flag) was one of the flags used during the American Revolution. The flag, featuring a pine tree with the motto “An Appeal to God” or, more usually, “An Appeal to Heaven”, was used originally by a squadron of six cruisers commissioned under George Washington‘s authority as commander in chief of the Continental Army in October 1775. It was also used by Massachusetts state navy vessels in addition to privateers sailing from Massachusetts.[1]

The design of the flag came from General Washington’s secretary, Colonel Joseph Reed. In a letter dated October 20, 1775, Reed suggested a “flag with a white ground and a tree in the middle, the motto AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN” be used for the ships Washington commissioned.[2]

The following summer, on July 26, 1776, the Massachusetts General Court established the flag of the state navy with a resolution that stated in part: “…that the Colours be a white Flag, with a green Pine Tree, and an Inscription, ‘Appeal to Heaven’.”[2]

The phrase is a particular expression of the right of revolution used by British philosopher John Locke in chapter 14 of his Second Treatise on Civil Government which was published in 1690 as part of Two Treatises of Government refuting the theory of the divine right of kings.[9]

“And where the body of the people, or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven, whenever they judge the cause of sufficient moment. And therefore, though the people cannot be judge, so as to have, by the constitution of that society, any superior power, to determine and give effective sentence in the case; yet they have, by a law antecedent and paramount to all positive laws of men, reserved that ultimate determination to themselves which belongs to all mankind, where there lies no appeal on earth, viz. to judge, whether they have just cause to make their appeal to heaven.”[10]

She was explaining to the others that it was her desire to carry THIS PARTICULAR FLAG in the march. And yes – not only did she carry it in the march – she carried it up to the balcony at the House!

I spotted her flag at a distance numerous times during the afternoon.

My last picture of her flag showed her going up the stops on the opposite side of the balcony.

This, my friends, is true patriotism.

When I heard the fake news media and Ron Wyden calling us “domestic terrorists”, I immediately thought of this woman – whose desire was to carry THIS PARTICULAR historic flag, connected to George Washington, in Washington, DC.

I’m sorry, but these are not terrorists. They are not even “extremists”. These are the PEOPLE of the United States of America. These are people who revere and respect HISTORY.


Which the Bolshevik Democrat party CRAPS ON every time it can.

HOW can these people like Ron Wyden even TALK about LAW AND ORDER, when they STOLE AN ELECTION with BLATANT BOLSHEVIK CHEATING? A CRIMINAL ACT – immoral at its very core – which, through the plainly stated Bolshevik THEORY of Marxist control of the media, they KNOW they are unanswerable for?

No. WE are not “terrorists”. But YOU are CRIMINALS.

Now – let me be PLAINER THAN HELL, and maybe even PLAIN AS HEAVEN.


I follow in the steps of GREATER MEN who believed in ONE MAN, ONE VOTE.

When I was a student back in the Triassic period, and the great Martin Luther King, Jr. had been assassinated – in my opinion as a FALSE FLAG operation by COMMUNISTS and SOVIETS – we were “forced” to read his writings.

As a young “pretend radical”, I carried a copy of one of Alinsky’s books which I never actually read, but which had a super-cool title – “Reveille For Radicals“. It went well with longish hair and acting out. But the thing is, I actually DID read Martin Luther King, Jr. I will admit that I did it because we had to, but sometimes adults just know better.

King’s most fascinating idea – to me – was that if we engaged in non-violent civil disobedience, we had to be prepared to be arrested, charged, and punished, and to accept this peacefully. Those were the DUES of non-violent civil disobedience.

Well, I am hopeful that my FIRST ARREST will be for trespassing on the steps of OUR HOUSE.

There are plenty of pictures. Here’s some help. Just add math.

When you find pictures of me, you will know it. My picture is a CELEBRATION of exactly what Martin Luther King, Jr., who I hope to meet someday, taught me.

THIS is my appeal to heaven.

3. In The Cold And Rain, We Became The Storm

A rare privilege it was indeed, for me to be in Washington, DC early, on the afternoon of January Fifth, to hear a variety of “second tier” speakers at the early rally.

The “highlight” for me was not the fiery Alex Jones, pounding his fists and looking dark and ominous, as the sputtering electrical system put him in a terrible side-lighting, until the system almost miraculously exploded and then fixed itself two-thirds of the way through his rant, calling for a return to GOD to save us.

Nor was it the showman Roger Stone, prancing about in his pin-striped zoot-suit and fedora, with Nixon victory signs raised in the air. As the “headliner”, cheers abounded for the man who ALMOST single-handedly showed us the corruption of the federal judiciary, laced with toxic, politicized “Obama judges”, which theoretically do not exist, but which are in practice a shockingly bounteous problem.

No – the highlight was ANOTHER victim of that politicized judiciary – General Michael Flynn – who like President Donald J. Trump and GENERAL George Washington, is a master of “playing from the downside”.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Unlike Wednesday, January Sixth, when the Metro was FILLED with Trump supporters, those train cars were desolate on Tuesday afternoon.

I took this picture for a reason.

I have a kind of “romantic memory” of looking down the aisle in subway and train cars. This view is a cross-cutting memory in my life – in reality – in dreams – in a gift from my wife – even in a story I never wrote down.

I emerged from the Metro at Federal Triangle. I heard loud noises and simply followed them. After so many Stop The Steal rallies with only a dozen people, or 100 people max, this group in the distance was indeed a sight to behold.

This man is the soldier who got me to General Flynn. “Saving Private Wolf”. Allow me to explain.

Disguised as a homeless person on the street, he asked for a handout, but I was instructed by Highest Command not to give him any money. I don’t know why – usually I get the OK to give money. This time I did not, and I felt a bit guilty. I could not understand why God said no. However, I have to obey HQ. I am a loyal soldier in God’s Army.

We got to talking, and the soldier passed on what he knew about the rally. I thanked him and adjusted my gear. Before I walked away, I put my hands in my pocket and felt my big bottle of sports drink. An image of William Barr shrugging with his water bottle passed through my mind, and I shrugged, pulled out my bottle and asked him if he wanted it.

He happily took it, and we smiled.

Only later did I realize that I never had to pee that afternoon, which guaranteed that I did not miss General Flynn’s short speech.

God works in wonderful ways!

As I got closer, I could see more and more people, and I could almost hear the speaker clearly. I was going to be a good day!

It was cold and cloudy, but the sky was almost bright.

Getting closer, however, the sky grew darker. The wind picked up.

I took a picture of a Betsy Ross flag, and thought of Steve!

I didn’t catch the first speaker, but I think he may have said the equivalent of “Don’t trust China – China is asshoe.” No, seriously – I came in at the end. Kinda missed it all.

Media coverage was rather sparse. This, despite the fact that the lineup included quite a few very interesting people. George Papadopoulos, for example, and his wife Simona, who is even more attractive in person!

This man influenced me very strongly. He is a pastor who frequently asked for AMEN, which of course is MY LINE!

He wears black in honor of the “black-robed regiment”. This was a derisive term coined by a British loyalist, for American colonial clergy who advocated for revolution and independence, and who were considered more of a problem than the actual rebellious colonists.

Information warfare!


Can’t have enough flag pictures!

THIS LADY is now one of my favorite patriots! Christie Hutcherson of Women Fighting For America!

She was absolutely ON FIRE, and had the crowd WARMED UP from cheering, clapping, and roaring in response. She makes no bones about what is needed – REVOLUTION!

The crowd was really ready now.


This was one of the last pictures I took, before I had to get all my electronics bagged up and out of the rain and wind. The speakers were already going under umbrellas, which almost nobody else had.

The STORM was upon us!

There were several speakers, including Pastor Mark Burns, who was great. I was VERY proud of the fact that almost NOBODY left. People just bundled up the best they could and gritted their teeth.

The rain finally settled down into an annoying drizzle, and the wind picked up enough that it evaporated the wetness appreciably. Of course, that combination was also pretty darn cold.

All my sensitive gear was staying dry, but just barely, as the water was getting everywhere.

Somewhere along the way, I was surprised to hear the name of our next guest:

General Mike Flynn!

I got one picture of General Flynn at the last minute – pulling my camera out quickly and not focusing or zooming – forgetting to turn off the flash – basically one of the worst pictures of my life. I *THINK* this is it. The man is standing there with no umbrella in the rain, which you can see in the light beams if you zoom in.

General Flynn was impressively low-key, and I thought to myself – yeah – this guy really is some kind of spy. He pointed out that none of us were leaving – that we were staying right there in the cold and rain and wind, much like General Washington’s men. I have to say, THAT compliment warmed me as much as an extra layer would have, right then.

But then something happened that I did not expect. He talked about patriotism, and then he talked about our ancestors, who had fought for freedom, and our duty to them.

What came to my mind was not the ancestor who served in the American Revolution, nor the Texan who fought for the Confederacy, nor my grandfather who served in World War I.

I remembered my mom. My mother who, as a strong and resourceful teenager, led a group of fellow refugees across what is now Poland and the Czech Republic, to get to the American lines in Germany. How in what little English she remembered from early childhood, she proudly told the astonished American soldiers that she, too, was an American. And how she finally came home to America on a transport ship, and saw the Statue of Liberty, and cried at the very sight of it, along with everybody else who was returning.

And although I was smiling at the same time, I, too, was crying just a bit in the rain.

As darkness fell, we were tired and beat, standing for hours. Nothing cures that like some music that makes you want to MOVE!

The kid in the center in the white pull-over is only 16, but he had one heck of a speaking ability and a powerful message about patriotic values. We’ll be hearing more from him.

C. J. Pearson was there, too, earlier, but I don’t have any pictures of him because of the rain.

Do you know that the damned Democrat Communists are threatening to kick C.J. out of school because he attended the Trump rally the next day? SICK!!!

This man gave a rousing speech about the flag – all the while with his father’s own folded flag held aloft. Don’t even think about burning a flag within 100 miles of this guy!

Speaking of flags, my attention was constantly drawn to this one.

Patrick Byrne was there, and he had a GREAT elevator pitch about how the STEAL worked, and Obama’s role in it.

Look at that crowd. Nobody left. Nobody paid us a dime. We got rained on, blown by wind, our asses froze off, and we STILL stuck it out.

And THAT is what I’m talking about.

We are not “domestic terrorists”, and anybody who says so is LYING TO THEMSELVES.

We are patriots who believe not merely in this country, but in its founding purposes.

We believe in the life-saving, life-giving, and life-loving FREEDOMS which our founders so wisely chose as the best principles of enduring popular government.

We are not merely anti-tyrannical. We are pro-freedom.

And we are willing to fight in the rain, the cold, and the wind, to help defend that ideal.

So help us God.

4. Trail of Tears

The fact that this writer – descended from two of the Five Civilized Tribes later subjected to Indian removal – reveres the thundering populist President Andrew Jackson who removed them – is oddly reminiscent of why I followed Trump’s order to vacate the House grounds, where I had moments earlier defied law enforcement under his ultimate authority.

Don’t ask history to be simple. It’s not.

History is a complicated business.

Let us EMBRACE that complication, as I explain to you what I did, and why I did it.

Crossing the Senate parking lot, we entered the lawn of the House complex itself. The highly ignored “AREA CLOSED” signs around statues were my first indication that people were going “where they weren’t supposed to go”.

I had a bit of an urge to jump the barrier and take pictures of the statues, but I resisted the temptation. I still felt like respecting the signs.

What point would there be to disobeying? I could see the statues fine. The signs seemed sensible, even if humorously ignored. The rule may have been something smart like preservation, and not something stupid like COVID.

I was better than that, I told myself. I would respect the signs. I would obey.

The crowd was still moving fairly rapidly at this point. Here you can see a Confederate flag, and one of the Pine Tree flags I had been documenting.

I like the Confederate flag as part of history. I have no desire to own one. Nevertheless, I deeply respect those who DO own them, because these flags are a hard part of history to own. You must be BRAVE to openly own one. People will judge you negatively. It takes GUTS to own a Confederate flag.

Even if you call somebody who owns a Confederate flag an enemy, you are not wise if you cannot respect that enemy as BRAVE.

However, I respect the woman who carried the Pine Tree flag more.

She had a strong purpose to bring that particular flag. It was literally a mission. To me, this kind of allegiance to symbolism, to the level of personal duty, has to be respected.

Soon we came to a place where an Uncle Sam with a megaphone told us to MOVE ON toward the Capitol Building (not where he’s pointing here, but rather straight ahead). People asked where to go, and if we should go on. They asked if they were on the right path. He said we were – just move on straight ahead.toward the Capitol Building.

As we got closer, things started slowing down, and the crowd grew tighter – denser. Somewhere along the way in here, a woman moved quickly through the crowd, giving us a message. She told us that we would not have any loudspeakers, microphones, crowd leaders, or other direction on the West side of the building, and that we would have to just chant LOUDLY together on our own.

That is in fact what happened. But that is not ALL that happened.

I did not realize that the first loud explosions were actually tear gas canisters. The very first one, I thought might be fireworks – or a mechanical sound – something whipping hard like a slapping cable.

The second time I heard one, I thought it was a flash-bang, like when police are bursting into an apartment and arresting somebody. I was shocked, quite frankly. Looking ahead, nobody was close to the building that I could see. Why were they using flash-bangs?

The third explosion, I think I heard the propulsion of it, before it went off. Or maybe it was louder, or something. I don’t know what, exactly, it was about it, but it made me think it was utterly overkill. I was angered that they were launching explosives at peaceful Trump supporters simply rallying outside the Capitol Building. So as soon as it went off, I took a huge breath, reared back, and yelled “FUCK YOU!” at whoever was firing these things, in my loudest voice.

Getting closer, somebody told me it was TEAR GAS. I was shocked, quite frankly. Tear gas? REALLY?

Around that time, I crossed my first downed “Area Closed” sign.

The utter ABSURDITY of the situation struck me right then.

So – we are having a rally at the House, but we can’t even get close to it, and we’re too big a crowd for wherever the microphones and loudspeakers are, which is NOT on the most obvious side of the complex – meaning right in front of us – particularly for a big crowd – and there is not a single person to control the crowd or lead us. Not only that – we’re being hit with flash bangs or tear gas or whatever, and even the POLICE are not trying to direct us to the right spot, or talk to us out here, but are simply ENGAGING US WITH EXPLOSIVES AND CHEMICAL AGENTS from a distance?


We’re not murderous terrorists with AK-47s. We’re a bunch of guys and chicks and GRANDMOTHERS and KIDS. We look like a FOOTBALL GAME CROWD with TRUMP FLAGS.

So you can’t come down and TALK to us, but you have to shell us from wherever?

Now, at this point, my attitude was: Well, you folks sure are stupid, but I’m going to get as close as reasonable, because we’ve got a lot of people here, and we need room for the crowd. We can still do this peacefully.

However, I was DONE with their “Area Closed” fairly tale. We were there to protest the selling out of America to China by a fraudulent election, and that was it.

Getting closer, I could see people had climbed the scaffolding near the Building.

Obviously I’m not going to do that, but I’m thinking, WOW – is THAT why the tear gas? Doesn’t seem like it’s going to work, guys.

The crowd was now getting really thick and not moving at all. We were all nearly STOPPED.

However, there were some people moving, both forwards and backwards, in a kind of very thin and crooked “trail” through the crowd.

I called it the “Trail of Tears”.

At first, the trail was moving mostly BACKWARDS. Men and women and children, what I would call definite “non-combatants”, were moving BACK with tears, red eyes, drooling, and obvious effects of TEAR GAS.

Some of these were clearly families, and it was BECAUSE there were women and children and old men who could not take the tear gas, that they were retreating. Each group coming back angered me more.

Meanwhile, moving in the other direction, were small groups of almost exclusively younger men, many of them wearing similar clothes. Many had helmets, padding and goggles.

This group shown here was the “Sons of Liberty” – obviously named after the historical “Sons of Liberty” group from the American Revolution. Others were “Proud Boys” or similar – very much like the people who had protected us from BLM at our smaller “Stop The Steal” rallies.

Don’t ask me to denounce the Proud Boys. They didn’t attack anybody that I ever witnessed. I only saw them – by their mere presence – keeping satanic BLM from disrupting our prayer meetings at the Great Seal which says “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”. Disruption and threats of violence happen when the Proud Boys are NOT there. DO THE MATH. I have thanked them personally for protecting us.

I got the impression that these groups were prepared for attacks by ANTIFA, and therefore had helmets and goggles – useful for dealing with tear gas and pepper spray.

Were they involved with any violence at the Capitol, other than defending old people like me? There should be plenty of video evidence to find the truth.

Speaking of evidence, you can see the tear gas very clearly in this picture.

This is when I decided to advance. I had seen enough. I decided that I was going to move forward by tagging along on the end of one of these groups of young men, and risk the tear gas.

I piled in behind several different groups in order to get where I wanted to go. First, I moved forward on the left of the West side, including over the low wall. That group was going left, so I followed others forward and right to get closer to the front of the crowd. At that point, I followed two women laterally across the front to the right, to get to a short wall next to stairs.

I was then pulled up onto the top of that wall, directed through some scaffolding, and up some stairs to the top of some scaffolding in front of bleachers on the right of the area.

Here is the view of my path.

I had basically advanced from the parking lot behind the big trees on the LEFT in the back, toward the trees in the upper right. Crossing a low wall running roughly from the center tower to the trees in the upper right, I then moved forward and right, until I was below this shot.

Looking down, you can see somebody negotiating the side of the stairs near where I went up, which would be down and to the left from this picture.

You can also see some people going through a door in this photo. I don’t know where the door goes, but as I said in the comments, I was not going to go there.

Here is the big picture:

And here is the bigger picture:

Some of you Senators and Representatives may call us “domestic terrorists”, but you know that is a lie, and saying it makes you liars.

I would say we were mostly “non-violent civil disobedience protesters”.

What we did outside was thousands of minor crimes. What YOU did on the inside was just one crime, but it was one of the biggest crimes in human history.

Think about that.


Granny Hawkins: So you’ll be Wolf Moon.

Wolf Moon: Now how might you know that, Granny?

Granny Hawkins: Feds were here lookin’ for you ’bout two hours ago.

[Wolf looks at Carstairs]

Sim Ciastars: Uh, I was goin’ to mention that to you… as soon as I got the chance.

Granny Hawkins: They say you stole Narco Nan’s laptop.

Jamie: Those lying, blue-scum fibbies…

Granny Hawkins: They say you’re a hard put and desperate man, Wolf Moon. They’re goin’ to heel and hide you to a barn door. You know what I say?

Wolf Moon: What’s that?

Granny Hawkins: I say that big talk’s worth doodly-squat. Now them pouches be filled with Z-pack and hydroxy. Works on every ChiCom bioweapon except anthrax.

[Walks off]

Granny Hawkins: You can pay me when you see me again, Wolf Moon.

Wolf Moon: I reckon so.

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Brave and Free

So be it Wolf Give theses F****** he’ll! They shall not rest.


🐺 .. 🤨👍❤️

… 😉 … 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸‼️ …


Very glad you’re back Wolf 🐺 … 🙂👍❤️😉🖖😬🤚‼️


Have been waiting to hear the wolf howl! The truth will be told. Game on.


Can’t wait. Glad you are back safe.


Second that emotion…


Glad you are home safe.


Bless you, Wolf. I tried so hard to make it. I wanted to climb those ramparts, too.


OMG. Wolf, I am so glad you are ok. What a “wild” day, indeed!

I can’t imagine how my lungs would respond, but my life-long compromised sinuses might have shut down. I don’t have asthma, per se, but with my allergies I might as well have.

I have said all my life that God takes care of me, even when I can’t/won’t/don’t take care of myself. Every door I opened as I tried to go slammed quickly shut. Somehow, I was not meant to be there.

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
So glad you are safe! Please take care of your lungs.

Brave and Free

It’s a sad day when the lying FIB can put out a wanted list of DC protesters in a few hours but can’t seem to do a thing when it comes to Antifa or B-M protesters who have been at it for almost a year.


Where’s Wolf???comment image


P.S. – He’s in there!


Jus’ gotta find ‘im!


I’m looking for that steam punk wolf…


I think that’s him on the extreme right side, behind the vehicle with his rear leg raised in the air as he waters the dumpster in the hopes that it grows a pair.

Last edited 3 years ago by Nor'easter


Sylvia Avery

I’m glad you and the others were there. I feel like you were a proxy for those of us who couldn’t be there. I’m very glad you’re back and safe and I can’t wait to read all about it.


I told DH earlier today that for everyone that came it represented thousands of us who couldn’t come. I remember that if someone wrote a letter to a representative or senator it used to be said that it actually was representational of a hundred(s) people. (That was before the internet.) If enough letters were written, they got paid attention to.


And now, the msm is trying to shove it all under the rug. Rots of ruck.


Finally…you’re back !

eager to see & hear your experience.

it is truly a coup against our President…and us.

and you witnessed it, first-hand, on location.

Bravo Wolf !


timing is everything.


He just conceded.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Tweeted:


Is that what Texas looks like?


Lol. I thought that too.


i don’t hear concession.
what am i missing?


I hear past tense as far as his administration. Not the actual word.


My Hopium take … Et Tu Pence will NOT be a member of POTUSVSG’s second term…hence the ‘a new admin…’


Would be great if any of these scenerios proved true.

I liked the one where we were all in the 15/30 more days to flatten the curve so when the SHF we were all safe at home. That would have made the shutdown worth it.

I am hopeful, ever hopeful …


You mentioned leaving in the middle of the night. I wanted my men to leave last night too but they were thoroughly exhausted haveing had 3-4 hrs sleep after driving there Tuesday and getting up by 4 am to get there in line for the Trump speech and to avoid any delays later. They could not have driven last night. Still aren’t home yet due to a couple of naps on the way home. Soon…

proud of them, esp. son. He is not one for loud, for crowds, for drama but he went because he felt it a responsibility to go and stand against fraud.

anyway, looking forward to reading more from you and others who were there.


Welcome back Wolf, and your words are moving me to tears. You simply can’t feel what you’re feeling without experiencing such a monumental event in person, but you’re coming close for us.

I am still struggling with the whole Pence thing, too. I keep seeing images in my mind of Redford and Newman in The Sting. What does he possibly gain by betraying 80M+ Americans?


Whatever you post will be eagerly read by all, esp. those of us who weren’t there in person.
Curious – after you post about the event will you share going forward advice?


Husband home for only a little while and … funny you said transformation

Evidently impactful even


Read this from PRex – pay attn to his reminder about POTUS’ words regarding Pence during his speech. Perhaps Pence was meant to do “nothing” – to let the fraud go through. POTUS would have called Pence a coward if he did nothing, UNLESS, in this case “nothing” was the right action.


POTUS saying it will take “more courage to do nothing” re: Pence. Excerpt from his full comment at link.

“Bear with me, I think (hope) Pence JUST SHUT THE TRAP. He ALLOWED the traitors to complete their actions, in the DARK of night. Now he went from their FRIEND to NO time to talk.
Except, Trump[ said TWICE, had to listen to make sure, in his speech yesterday, “It will take COURAGE for Pence to do the RIGHT thing, it will take even MORE courage to do nothing.” WHAT THE heck was THAT?

That my friends, IMHO, was a TELL. Pence was put in to do a JOB. To SHUT THE TRAP, despite thee outpouring of evidence and calls to stop it. DESPITE it being RIGHT to stop it, he HAD to SHUT the trap, and let them COMPLETE the FRAUD…for ALL to see, for ALL time, ON THE RECORD. TREASON.”


I’ve been questioning if this is “The Sting”. This same theory has been brought up by the lady who puts the banners on “the peoples bridge” in Chicago. Can’t think of her name right now, but she’s close with General Flynn.


No, he is one of them, Wolf

It’s 2:55 a.m. and I just figured out how Pence massaged the rules of the Electoral College counting session to avoid introducing the “rival” slates of Trump electors.

These are the instructions VPs have given out at the start in each of the last 5. Note the difference?

Deplorable Patriot

I’ve never trusted Pence, so the thought that he’s a red hat, a white hat acting as a black one, is hard to swallow.

have to apply the cold thinking. It’s been a while since I’ve willingly HAD to do that. Usually, it just happens.


We can look at it both ways – either he is a TRAITOR – OR – it HAD to be done to expose the TRAITORS!!!


Glad to see you had a successful mission.
I had extended family up there with you.
Yes you each represented thousands,
and it’s appreciated more than you know.
Looking forward to the details.
Welcome Home!!


Interesting take. Its clever.


He just conceded.” <== Fake News !


“I want you to know – “Our incredible journey is just beginning!”

President Trump


“…new administration…”

= President Donald J. TRUMP minus pence.


Thats making sense


Just a thought. When Trump began his campaign for this second term, the banners all read TRUMP (only). No visual treferences to Pence. Until people began to ask and then his name got on the banners. Did anyone else take note ….. ?


So Glad you were there Wolf Moon, we who could not make the journey were with you in
spirit and your courage.
This still President Trump has from the beginning has fought for us for us for the LOVE of our country!
Thus this warning:
Those who love America will pay the price for the only crime we committed,


The pic just after the sentence “Just add math” is breathtaking. 🇺🇸


Thank you, and thanks for representing us.

Sadie Slays

Thank you for sharing, Wolfmoon. It just hit me how few pictures I’ve seen of the actual, genuine protest. They’re going out of their way to hide pictures like the one you shared, and I’ve been too busy chasing down news on the false flag/ongoing coup to go out of my way looking for them. They want us to think about violence and their staged images from the false flag when we talk about the Capitol protest; not the thousands of patriots peacefully assembled at the Capitol and not harming anyone. 


it may help by not referring to the time as a Protest (rally). Rather it should be referred to as a Support rally. That is support for POTUS and honest electoral system that elects the President of the USA.


….Got pizza? I’m in. hahaha

Sadie Slays

Excellent point.


Your righteous anger is being heard in Heaven, Wolf!!

Elizabeth Carter

Wolf, I am glad you are back from DC safely.
Lin Wood is releasing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop on Parler. I don’t know what you might want on here or where you might want to put it.
@linwood – LLinWood (parler.com)


Oh wow…this Antifuh scumbag admits that it was them:

[video src="https://video.parler.com/Q8/kv/Q8kv9f763NDa_small.mp4" /]


Welcome home, boss!
 😍  👋 

Our prayers have been answered, that you made it there and back, unharmed!
 😌  🙏  💖 

Thank you so much for representing us at this epic event.

The vicious pantloads of the left cannot sully this.
This was history in the making.

And our beloved Patriots like you, were there to chronicle it!



Awesome – this is a thread – don’t miss a bit of it!!!!

Steve in Lewes

Thanks Wolf for being there…you’re a true PATRIOT!…btw

I’m not sure you are aware, but BadAss Lindsey Graham has been fluffing his peaCOCK feathers about how he is coming after all you Patriots and arrest thousands for daring to frighten all his fellow COCKsuckers in congress for making them shelter in place.

He means it this time, I mean he really means it. Not sure where he has the authority to arrest anyone and I’m sure he’s as serious as he was when he guaranteed everyone that those who conCOCKted the Kavanaugh (another COCKsucker) fiasco would pay a price.

There’s a theme running in my comment about Miss Lyndsey, hope you catch it!


Hes so happy to do it too.


comment image


Does anyone know who that was behind McConnell. Who took the photo?

Deplorable Patriot


Deplorable Patriot

This is weird. I couldn’t like this post.

Deplorable Patriot

That’s the first time that has happened for me.


LIKE DAY 2 even better. If you get arrested – we will all chip in for the bail, Wolfmoon!!!


Your experience and miss Lindsay’s glee in going after 1000s of people, hunting them all down, shows how far it has gone. They deserve the tribunals and no deals now.
You were among citizens in our capital, not their playground. Its been wrong for too long.
Ive not seen that pine tree flag before. Definitely a love of history.


We see the truth!
comment image

Gail Combs

Saw this and grabbed it.
comment image

Gail Combs

I have tried to call the NC RNC office. You could not get through even when they just opened. I have left some nasty messages but now the mail box is full.

I wish all our vehicles weren’t giving us trouble or I would consider driving into Raleigh. Our one working truck just had the headlight go kupput. It is raining so that means we can’t drive it until it stops raining. Can’t finish fixing the other truck until it stops raining. And the third needs a tune-up and a new muffler.

Gail Combs

Hope you can get good help for your Truck. Our GOOD mechanic is on his yearly hunting vacation in Texas.


Here’s another…
comment image


I just joined Q Tree Gab to stay in touch you you all, I don’t want to be without you.
love and God bless


Just reread your post. The appeal to heaven struck me very hard.




Deplorable Patriot

Would you check GAB chat please. TY

Sadie Slays


I’m sorry to post off-topic on your blog entry, but I want to make sure you see this. I encourage you to look through the January 8th open thread and look for the account that is posting one-sentence insults to everyone from DP to MAGA Mom.

This is part of a pattern that I’ve noticed and experienced myself here multiple times here since January 6th. I’ve had multiple accounts respond to me with one-sentence, low effort insults almost instantly after I post. When I sincerely ask them for clarification, I’m ignored. Constructive criticism is one thing, but these accounts have no interest in discussion or anything other than posting insults. Given the uptick in this pattern and especially their very quick timing, I suspect we are under attack.

I must clarify that I am only posting this to make sure Wolfmoon is aware of the situation.


Thank you. Agreed.

In the Big Picture, we agree on much more than we disagree – or we wouldn’t be here, have been at OT or MAGA, etc. I suspect that we have different personalities/personality type and approaches but much common ground on actual policy, issues, love of country, etc.

Disagreement, discussion & debate isn’t bad, wrong or even a distraction. Sharing info, insights and differing interpretations and insights are all healthy and needed. I read some sharing opinion and insights with interest, finding some intriguing and interesting.

I think it was you, and if not then apologies as I don’t pay attention to names as much as content of the posts {I often start at the most recent comment and scroll up so I see any breaking news first so most of the time I read the comment or have clicked away to a link before I even see who the actual commenter is} but someone once said, well this info may not be correct but this is a truth as I know it in my gut … or something to that effect.

That comment gave me much food for thought and I still mull it over from time to time.

One of the key things I have {tried} to teach my son is that man’s facts and God’s truth don’t always match … and that is ok. Man’s facts continue to change as we learn more. the Word says that His ways are not our ways and that He is far above us – including in knowledge and understanding. So then why are we surprised when we don’t know as much as He does? He is our Truth and our facts/knowledge/understanding are still growing and catching up.

I think sometimes we have our earthly/poltical and gut instinct truths that current known facts can’t/shouldn’t shake. And that is ok.

Now, if one is going to deal in facts, then let’s be accurate. Be if one is going to step ahead or outside of facts or a particular paradigm, then, ok, so be it.

Anyway, yes, a real person not “shilling” for China {that one still makes me laugh and laugh and it wasn’t even logical – why would a China shill constantly be pointing out that discounting the impacts of the virus lets China off the hook and China Must be held accountable?! Deep State/Dems/media Also must be held accountable for many of our citizens are dying and life’s being ruined by “mitigations”/gov overreach … but no, not even close to pro China … as proven my long and hard work for MAGA since ’16 primary}.

Sadie Slays

Amen about listening to gut instinct. Learning how to listen and follow my gut instinct even if it’s not the most logical path is one of the most important life lessons I’ve ever learned.


I saw that woman and that flag. We might have been mere steps from one another, or even walking next to one another.

No American citizen can be a trespasser on Capital hill. This is impossible. It belongs to We, the People. Anyone saying otherwise is talking out of their asshole and their words are as worthless as the gas which emanates from them.

contrary to media propaganda, the Trump rally and March January 6 was incredibly successful. this truth will emerge in due course, and in fact already has, as public opinion polls for President Trump are climbing in the wake of the march.

It was a unique and seminal moment in American history, and we were there to both witness it and take part in it. Our president issued the call, and we answered it.

No one, and nothing, will ever be able to take that away from us. And when we finally have the opportunity to meet our Republic’s great forefathers, and thank them for all they did to establish this great country for us, they, in turn, will thank us for helping to preserve it.

50+ million American SHOULD have been in DC on Jan. 6th. As many as were there, it was a mere fraction of the total which should have dropped everything in order to be there. We did.

And you and I, brother, will share that great honor with all who did, for all of eternity.

In God We Trust. Semper Fidelis. 🇺🇸

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This is one of the pics I took. I knew I had seen this flag. Now I recall seeing several. There are 2 in this pic….

comment image


Great write-up, Wolf!
 👏  😀 

Thank you for this!
And thank you for going…for sticking it out in the rain…and for taking pictures, so that we see history taking place!

Reading your report and seeing those pictures — it’s like you took us there, in those moments.
Thanks for that.
 😍  💗 


I think it scared them, Wolf.
Seeing all those Patriots, there…in their playground…it gave them a glimpse of how much we OUTNUMBER THEM.


Amazing stories, Wolf. Your mom made me cry.


Wonderful! I’m glad you had such a mother.

While I have nothing to compare to the horrors of you mom’s life, I had childhood horrors of my own. My son has repeatedly told me that my own relaying of them has influenced him similarly. I believe you are right that damage done to us is passed down, but I agree with your mother that some of it is essential knowledge.

I think in the coming days that we will realize more and more the importance of our family and community. Regardless of what happens, things are going to be dark for a while, and they are who we can count on.


Thanks again Wolfie and just so know in my mind I liked LOVED reading this 3 times


I was bummed that I was not able to go, and when some of us had plans wash out, they were bummed and I was bummed for them.

But, considering the small size of our more talkative community, we were WELL REPRESENTED. And not by a fake, politicized, BS, gerrymandered “Representative”, but by members of OUR community of patriots. It makes me prouder to be here.


And, of course, if there are any members of the surveillance state who have been assigned to monitor us…..if any of you made it to DC on the Sixth and would like to testify about your experiences, we’d love to hear. Please comment. You’re part of our community, too.


Have you seen this 7 minute video of the crowd of PEACEFUL PATRIOTS at the Capitol? Watching them raise and unfurl the enormous flag is a sight to behold.


What are the odds of all the cameras being used inside the Capitol to show Antifa thugs crawling around and no cameras in the national media showing this view? Don’t bother answering…we all know.

Enjoy the video – it’s inspiring!!


Katie, this video is amazing. Made me cry!


Your story and pictures are also making me cry. Just so damn proud of everyone that went. DH & friend were planning on going. God had other plans. DH sprained his ankle, friend hurt his back. We decided tonight, in retrospect, that was a good thing. They both agreed they would have been in trouble had they gone, if you know what I mean. DH is a licensed professional, and it very well could have cost him his license on ethical violations.


We could have had Representatives there (it’s on their business card) but they weren’t. We had people there who represented us.


Popped on before I turn in to see if there was a new installment and indeed there is!
Pictures are good, the story about the man and your mother are moving.
Funny how the little things from God show up in our lives.


Wolf, every photo you have, and every memory of this day, is far more important than I originally realized.

I am memorializing this here, because it is IMPORTANT that people know that it was SEEN.

On January 6 and 7, there were several videos out there of the woman getting shot inside the Capitol. They clearly showed her with a group of people, standing ON THE FLOOR outside of a large set of glass doors with side-light windows. She was shot THROUGH the window, and fell to the floor.

On January 9, I first saw a NEW video of this incident. The woman is shown CLIMBING THROUGH the side-light window, three feet OFF the floor. She is shot, and falls backwards to the floor.


They will likely fake photos. Your photographs are EVIDENCE as is your RECALL. Document everything you remember. It will likely become ever more important.

We are living in crazy times.


My thoughts exactly. Very, maybe uniquely, valuable.


Wolfs, yer the best source a future historian could have! Undeniably, the ring of truth!

Thanks so much for being here for all of us.


WOW !!

“I need to see the rest of my life as a love-letter to future historians, and leave TRUTH behind!”

Please consider placing this banner where it may be seen daily by us, the people who come to visit here. These days will be important to my grandchild’s life.

You touched me in my God-place this Sunday morning.


Just finished installment 4. As you are progressing through your journey, your story is becoming our story, the story of all AMERICANS. We are mutts, with many interesting, moving and instructive stories from our varied backgrounds, but all who love our country, the founding fathers and the history of how this nation came to be, and with the thread of our faith tying us all together.

I remember reading a commentary a few years ago from an American who was of Asian descent, but he counted those same founding fathers as his own, simply because he was an AMERICAN.


This post just keeps getting better and better every day!

Thanks so much for putting it all together for us.



Wolf Moon,
Thank You so much for enlightening me with your experience and truth to the happenings of that day that will forever be remembered by all who have read about your experience. I am forever grateful to you for the insight you have given me as if I was there to experience it. I felt the emotions and anger you felt and am so proud of you and all the people who attended. I wish I could’ve attended but I definitely was there in spirit and mind. You are a Blessing to us qtreepers and this website has been a Blessing. May God continue to Bless You as we move forward in our movement and give all of us the courage to stand up as you have done. Again, Thank You Wolfmoon You’re the Best😊❤️🇺🇸

Rodney L Short

I reckon so…