The Population Control Shot – CDC Backs Out of the Shot-Up Saloon Like Nothing Happened

Listen to Naomi Wolf’s take on things, to prepare you for THE WOLF’S take on things.

What Do You Mean, “The Guidance Changed?”

This is actually a great question, to which I thought I knew the answer, but in fact did not.

The “guidance” is actual documentation of what CDC thinks the “sheeples in charge” should force the rest of the sheeple to do about COVID-19.

CDC guidance is why everything went crazy in the United States.

And now, all of a sudden, that “guidance” is far less crazy and forceful than it was recently. What’s up with that?

I first found a Fox News version of the change.


This had no links to the actual changed guidance, so I went looking.

I found a place called “guidance” on the CDC website, but it’s dated from March of 2021.


Looking around the CDC website, I eventually found what I was looking for. It was off the beaten path, but in a place where journalists were apparently used to looking for goodies on a weekly basis.


This is much like an academic paper. Here is the title information:

Let’s put that into text.

Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August 2022

Early Release / August 11, 2022 / 71

Greta M. Massetti, PhD1; Brendan R. Jackson, MD1; John T. Brooks, MD1; Cria G. Perrine, PhD1; Erica Reott, MPH1; Aron J. Hall, DVM1; Debra Lubar, PhD1; Ian T. Williams, PhD1; Matthew D. Ritchey, DPT1; Pragna Patel, MD1; Leandris C. Liburd, PhD1; Barbara E. Mahon, MD1 (View author affiliations)View suggested citation


What is already known about this topic?

High levels of immunity and availability of effective COVID-19 prevention and management tools have reduced the risk for medically significant illness and death.

What is added by this report?

To prevent medically significant COVID-19 illness and death, persons must understand their risk, take steps to protect themselves and others with vaccines, therapeutics, and nonpharmaceutical interventions when needed, receive testing and wear masks when exposed, receive testing if symptomatic, and isolate for ≥5 days if infected.

What are the implications for public health practice?

Medically significant illness, death, and health care system strain can be reduced through vaccination and therapeutics to prevent severe illness, complemented by use of multiple prevention methods to reduce exposure risk and an emphasis on protecting persons at high risk for severe illness.


You can also download a PDF of the full guidance HERE.


CNET has a nice summary HERE.


Even NPR has tried to summarize things – and did rather nicely.

Given that NPR is an official party organ, that’s pretty serious. I repeat:

So assuming you’ve read one of the summaries (Fox or CNET) or at least the NPR checklist, what do more critical voices think?

Many people consider it a REVERSAL OF POLICIES in several important ways. Naomi Wolf, who has championed medical freedom from a classical liberal standpoint, is one of them.

Naomi and Steve Take a Tour of WTF Falls

CDC’s sudden reversal on COVID guidance – from obsessively meddling and frequently “backwards” to “almost sane” – is almost certainly political in many ways, including a reaction of the DNC to their dismal prospects in the upcoming election. And yet the new guidance does do some scientific “hand-waving” to justify itself.

Without making enough of a point about natural immunity to admit its superiority to the immunity offered by the “vaccines”, CDC has admitted the fact that natural immunity, along with clot shot immunity, has effectively ended the crisis of the virus.

The crisis of the vaccinated, however, is just beginning.

Listen to Naomi Wolf’s take on CDC’s reversal.



  • people don’t want COVID vaccines – Moderna is throwing out 30 million unwanted doses
  • people don’t want the vaccines for their kids
  • vaccines don’t affect transmission, and CDC no longer says so
  • there’s no reason to have mandates, firings, dismissals
  • now after all the destruction, not even an apology, just ignore vaccination status
  • “the edifice is crumbling, because so many people have exposed their lies”
  • the legacy media is not questioning the reversal – just putting it out there
  • CDC is making up a fantasy about the science having evolved
  • no evidence is presented, just as no evidence was presented before
  • no mention is made of the devastation from the policies that went before

So what does the Wolf think of all this?

Light in August

The novel is an exploration of what we think we know vs what we actually know.

Pamela Jean, Goodreads

To dig out the truth, as scientists instead of artists, we have to “think we know” things, and on average, more often than not, what we think we know has to turn into what we actually know.

In addition to simply denying us “things we think we know” by gaslighting and censorship, one of the ways that criminals get away with things, is by throwing enough phony “think we know” at us, to prevent us from ever getting to the point of actually knowing things.

Chaff and countermeasures“, as Sundance likes to call them.

To me, the very first CHAFF is right in the “title” of the “new guidance”. The PROPAGANDA is LEADING with the “new goal”.

Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August 2022

These creeps didn’t just say something short and open-ended like “Summary of Guidance for Management of COVID-19, August 2022” – they added their alleged goal right there.

Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems


SO – suddenly THAT MATTERS?

It didn’t matter EARLIER.

These two things are things we actually know.

That title of the new guidance could have been written by Scott Atlas. You know – the SWORN ENEMY OF SCARF WENCH. And yet – we are now in the BIDEN administration – which pushed the FATAL SHOTS.


It has been my contention that Scott Atlas was ABSOLUTELY NOT on #TeamDepopulation, and that Birx refusal to even go to meetings where he was present, was not only a smart tactic of policy engagement, but a tactic of “big plot defense”.

If there was ever anybody who would have seen through to the “virtuous depopulation plan to save the planet from climate change” in real time, it would have been Scott Atlas. Here is a guy who understood motivation in health care, from the inside – but obviously from the “old days” of FIRST, DO NO HARM. He’s old school – just look at his age – obvious in the picture. If Birx would have slipped up somehow in gunning for more control, less treatment, and ultimate reliance on the statistically fatal shots, it would have been clear as day to Atlas. HIS suspicions could have been raised to the proper levels.

This is something we THINK WE KNOW – not something we ACTUALLY KNOW.

At least, NOT YET.

Ideas that can become things we ACTUALLY KNOW have to become CONCEIVABLE first, and to become conceivable TO THE PUBLIC, they have to become public.

This is why ALL THE CENSORSHIP. The “virtuous depopulation plan” was not allowed to become conceivable in the minds of men and women, by not allowing the smaller components of the idea to take shape – to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, leading to NEW EVIDENCE.

Sure – they love to let people make the BIG assertions, because who would believe them? It’s the smaller things that add up, that allow us to see that 1+2+3+4=10.

Now – Birx is a tricky one. Not only does she admit to sabotaging Trump in terms of her reporting practices and bureaucratic policy documentation, which can be made to look virtuous to the left – she even tried to feed Trump rope to hang himself, which is at best unseemly, and at worst treasonous.

An example of that level of personal duplicity is how Birx gave Trump a “tour of the incredible” in terms of COVID cures, leading Trump to then give the waiting Fake News media exactly what it wanted – “injection of bleach”, “crazy ultraviolet treatments”, and all that noise.

Let’s be very blunt. Birx SET TRUMP UP. KNOWINGLY.

At the time of “infamous injection of bleach”, I was struck by Trump’s demeanor when stating the things he did. It was clear to me that he KNEW this would feed the media with red meat for controversy, but even more, I detected DISDAIN FOR BIRX, as he mentioned VERY BRIEFLY having gotten the tour, and then proceeded to “step into the trap” by stating some of the things they looked at, stripped of anything he MUST have heard, supporting their scientific credibility.

Typical Trump – allowing the Fake News to backhandedly validate him, while not “appearing weak” by making the arguments himself.

He let Scarf Wench crow for the moment, only to “wear the L” later.


Getting back to the point, there has to be a set of reasons WHY CDC is suddenly “normalizing normal again”.

Democrats are no longer pretending. They’re doing the right thing. WHY?

The election is surely one of them. Democrat voters need to come back for their hug after being bitch-beaten to the graveyard.

But there is MORE. This policy is IN MOTION. It has already been allowed to pass the phalanx of school administrators, who had earlier enjoyed their lockdown and mandate powers well beyond the expiration date.

Holly brought us EVIDENCE in that regard. I invite you to enjoy this conversation as much as we did!





 August 16, 2022 04:56

Good sign! Utica University’s fall 2022 covid policy no longer requires the vaxx or exemptions for ANYONE. Private and in New York. This is a big deal. 💥👍



Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon




 Reply to  holly08

 August 16, 2022 04:59

OMG – Team Depopulation is in FULL FLIGHT. They’re opening every jail cell to cover their escape!!!







 Reply to  Wolf Moon

 August 16, 2022 07:43

“Just following the science. following the data”.





Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon




 Reply to  kalbokalbs

 August 16, 2022 12:06

Suddenly “the science” – THE REAL SCIENCE – looks good to them.








 Reply to  Wolf Moon

 August 16, 2022 09:31

Let the lawsuits begin…


This is now something we ACTUALLY KNOW. Democrats (teachers unions and university administrators) are doing a 180 in terms of feeding the “protesting parents of Democrat-abused children” with any MEDICAL reasons to protest. Even at the CDC level, they are relenting.

WHY? Just for the election?

Democrats are STILL pushing both TRANS and CRT in schools. Indeed, the early assertion that the notorious Tavistock Institute was being shut down not as victory over TRANS, but as a form of TARGET DENIAL, so that TRANS could be disseminated to hospitals and schools, seems to be borne out, as the center of the fight has indeed shifted to a multitude of “woke” hospitals with insane new TRANS policies.

No. There is more. And I may not ACTUALLY KNOW that the depoppers in American medical bureaucracy are strategically retreating, but I certainly THINK I KNOW THIS.

Fauci’s announced retirement at the end of the Biden administration notwithstanding, I suspect that he will exit SOONER – particularly in the event of Republican control of the House. This will have the effect of thwarting public revelation of facts which would lead irrevocably to the realization of what I am certain actually happened – that a shot which damages the hearts of ALMOST ALL RECIPIENTS AFTER REPEATED INJECTION was advanced KNOWINGLY.

I find it interesting that science is now catching up to the plot, and results which should have been obvious earlier, if things were actually innocent, are NOW becoming obvious to scientists who are innocent enough to publish.

Consider the NUMBERS in this very recent Thai study. My comments on Gab, wrapped around comments by Steve Kirsch, who sees the same evidence, but seems to be keeping any recognition of the plot quiet for now. AND YET HE TAUNTS THEM.

Wolf Moon@WOLFM00N


Repeating for the bigger link.

Nobody did this accidentally. Team Depopulation is busted.

#TeamDepop #mRNA

Thailand study of young adults post jab showed nearly 30% with cardiovascular injuries

It is amazing what you find when the people doing the study are honest.

View Link Feed



1 quote

What was that they were saying, that had no effect on Republican scientists, but might actually troll up some Democrat scientists to “action”?

“There’s no time.”

Likewise – at the top – people who are intellectually unable to question science from a standpoint of common sense and moral solidity, can easily get out over their skis, when urged by others who they trust. I think I know that Andrew Cuomo is one of them.

I don’t ACTUALLY know who had prior knowledge of the “left-virtuous plan”, but I am gaining pieces of the puzzle every day. Millions of actions which appear to be mistakes, take shape when we consider that thousands of those actions, committed by a small but core cadre of “knowing” participants, created virtue signals that drove the vast remainder of DUPES to participate in a massive folly.

And what is that folly?

Deploying the MOST ADVERSE VACCINE IN HUMAN HISTORY – while simultaneously REFUSING TO EXAMINE OR ADMIT the evidence of its adversity. The actions of the whole PROTECTED THE ADVERSITY.

And remember – that ratio – scientifically studied by the CIA – makes all sorts of things possible.

Motivations in real conspiracies are always complex, interlocking, apparently contradictory, and tend to “shift and flip” in going down from the most knowing top to the less knowing bottom – yet each layer knows the guilt of their own interests and participation. This form of guilty self-motivation locks people – including mostly innocent people – into defending the whole construct.

I do not actually know who the core cadre is, but I’m working on it.

Your suspicions as to WHO THEY ARE – are welcome.

We are an investigatory collective. We are free to postulate – to hypothesize – to be both scientists and detectives.

I know what I think. I ACTUALLY KNOW what I think I know.

What do YOU think you know?


“I think I know, thereby I can know.”
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Brave and Free
Last edited 1 year ago by Brave and Free

Where those early tests do you think, to see how easy it spread, how badly it affected people etc.

Gail Combs

That goes along with my infection in the fall of 2018 via UNC/Ralph Baric.

Just a random though.


Feb 15 2018 01:08:41 (EST)

Watch the water.


What if WATER, specifically BOTTLED WATER was used to infect people.

How Bottled Water Became America’s Most Popular Beverage – Serious Eats

Pepsi began test-marketing Aquafina, its brand of filtered bottled water, in late 1994, and a few years later rolled it out nationwide with a huge marketing campaign. Coke resisted following at first, preferring to promote consumption of its soft drinks over an alternative that might cannibalize sales.

In March of 2017, the Beverage Marketing Corporation, a beverage industry consulting firm, announced that the United States has a new favorite beverage. It’s not coffee, or tea, or soda, and it’s certainly not beer or anything alcoholic. No, Americans now drink, by volume, more bottled water than any other packaged beverage….

Top 10 Popular Bottled Water Brands in USA [Update 2022] – USA by Numbers

Jun 12, 20221. Nestle Pure Life. Nestle has 64 different water brands, but Nestle Pure Life is the most recognized bottled water brand in USA. …

Nestle Continues to Dominate the US Bottled Water Industry

Nestle Waters North America is the market leader of the US bottled water industry. Aside from PepsiCo’s Aquafina and Coca-Cola’s Dasani, Nestle also competes with the bottled water brands of private players like Crystal Geyser and Niagara. Nestle makes up 0.8% of the portfolio holdings of the Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF (VEU). Coca-Cola is the second largest component of the Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLP), accounting for 9.1% of the fund.


Statistics & Facts on Nestlé | Statista

Jun 2, 2022

Nestlé’s net sales amount to over 93 billion U.S. dollars. The company is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland

Gail Combs


And then ADD in IIRC I was offered water by a nurse and I sometimes drink bottled water at gigs. HUBBY DOES NOT and he NEVER GOT SICK!

Is it a water borne disease?

Do not forget they started pushing ‘Water Parties’ in nursing homes too.

Water clubs in residential care: is it the water or the club that enhances Health and Well being

Epub 2011 May 23.


Recent research suggests that establishing water clubs in care homes can counteract the dangers of dehydration and enhance residents’ health and well-being. This study provided an experimental test of this idea, and also explored the possibility that it is the social interaction that clubs provide which delivers health-related benefits. Consistent with this hypothesis, the study found no evidence that, on its own, increased focus on water consumption enhanced residents’ health or well-being. However, residents who took part in water clubs showed improved levels of perceived social support, and those who participated in water and control clubs showed beneficial outcomes in terms of the number of General Practitioner calls they required. Consistent with a social identity approach to health and well-being, a mediation analysis also indicated that clubs achieve these positive outcomes by providing social support that helps to build a shared sense of social identity among residents.


I’ve been thinking lately that COVID was released in multiple places at different times through many of the bioweapons labs we have all over the globe. It was posted yesterday that Russia says they have definitive proof that COVID was created in those Ukrainian labs. What if labs all over the world were releasing it, not just Wuhan?


Reasonable thoughts.

Italy was initially blamed on Chinee returning from Chineeland to Italy. Likely a local biolab to feed the manufactured crisis.

Looking forward to whatever Russia shares with the world.

Brave and Free

Give me a break! No quarter.


Be gone, wicked witch.

Last edited 1 year ago by holly08

Should be asking for a refund being as they didn’t work in any way as advertised.


The “core group.” Hmmm. I think it depends on which “core” we are talking about.

Core One:

Bill Gates. To manipulate the “money” people. Gate’s name is tied to big-donor money for medical research and development in the Third World.

Fauxi. To manipulate the “science” people. He’s been embedded in “Big Science” for decades.

Birx. To manipulate the “medical” people, and to be the “kindly grandmother.”

Pence. To manipulate the “political” people. Including President Trump. Another “lifer” in his field.

Above them ALL?

That’s Core Two:

George Soros. Money. And the power associated with it.

The CCP. Manipulating the science and DEVELOPING the virus, and running the initial psy-op. Remember people dropping in the streets on video? That was bullshit designed to give a weak-sauce illness a psychological head start.

Mossad. Do I really believe Israelis got REAL shots? They’d be dropping like flies, and we would have heard about it. They are about the ONLY country I don’t read bad news about young people dying in. This makes me very suspicious cat.

Whoever it is really running our government, and Barack Hussein Obama. Is is Iran? China? Someone else? It ain’t Biden, and it was never Barry. The face of it is Valerie Jarrett, who looks like the Planet of the Apes woman (once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it. It’s uncanny).

All of Core One was selected and used by Core Two. Who knows what they were promised, or how they were blackmailed. Or how they were mind-fracked, MK’d, or coerced.

They’ve got Gates on the pedo stuff, Fauxi on the piles of dead AIDS babies, and Pence because, well, the dude’s GAY and so far in the closet he can’t see daylight. Maybe Birx has another kind of skeleton we haven’t found. But guaranteed, she’s dirty. Maybe she likes to hang herself with all those scarves and watch kiddie porn.

That’s my initial, from the hip assessment, having lived through and watched the last two years of lies and theater unfold.

Oh, and fuck them all with a red-hot poker.


Nice summary.

And, agree, fuck them all with a red-hot poker. <<< Quite seriously. <<<




You’re thinking, perhaps, of Edward II of England?


Very good insight.




Beautifully thought out Aubergine

I have a different view on the Israeli’s. Early on Israel had two research hospitals doing studies that no other facilities were doing and prior to the black-out that descended, one of the Israeli facilities was providing reports that gave detailed legitimate numbers on vaccinated/unvaccinated/adverse effects etc…..I followed those numbers closely and Israeli citizenry were dying, in excess, as a result of the vaccines.

However, when the Israel government signed their contract with Pfizer……all that information was disappeared and those reports stopped being released.

We don’t see reports on people dying in Australia, we don’t see reports on people dying in France, in New Zealand, in Germany etc., etc., etc..and I think I know that there are excess deaths occuring in those countries, so I’m not ready to believe that the silence on deaths in Israel is a sign that individuals aren’t dying from the vaccines.


Good thoughts, and good information.

We know there is a “Deep State” in charge in those countries. But I do see things “leaking” out of most. Except Australia and New Zealand, those two and Israel.

Something is very “off” about those three countries to me, anyway. Maybe it is their “newness?”

I had the strange experience of living in Hawaii for a couple of years. Hawaii is “new.” They’ve only had statehood for just over 60 years. They are absolutely OBSESSED with rules, bureaucracy, policing, and control. It is very weird for an American to experience in America. I thought I was in a foreign country most of the time. It was almost Third World.

Australia and New Zealand are pretty young as countries go, as is Israel.

I don’t know if this explains anything at all! 🙂


Hochul, NY State must have missed the memo, Covidiocy IS OVER.


Hochul, NY State are laying the ground work for the next manufactured crisis / virus.


NY is a (bad) role-model for States rights (10A)…
Elections, courts/laws, the US and the state constitution are used and abused however they see fit.
Example: following the recent SCOTUS 2A decision, Kathy Hochul Took it upon herself to declare that firearms were prohibited in “sensitive areas”, then went on to define those “sensitive areas” to damn near all of New York state.




NYC Mayor Eric Adams is WORSE.


Perfect timing. Purely coincidence.

  • Scarf bitch starts coming clean.
  • Pfizer Bourla points finger at his “committee” saying Injections safe AND effective.
  • CDC stealth changes the narrative on their Covidiot web site.
  • Feds say they’ll shift from Fed paid Injections and Covidiot push…in THE FALL, before 2023.

^^^^ Collectively, GREAT NEWS! Feds can END the Covidiot EMERGENCY, right…
AFTER November 8 election.

 🙃  Surely a, coincidence.  🙃 


I am lost for words and I am unable to process the evil that has been done in the name of healthcare via the jab. Very sad times and history will not be kind it is a Holocaust of unspeakable proportion.




Destroy the world one way or another.


I had a terrific article about Jones, Willie Brown, Pelosi, the Carters, Feinstein and others. Went to access it. Article gone!

Here is one website to the link. Anyone know how to use the wayback machine? Seems that Jones was used to corral masses and then got angry that he wasn’t getting his share from the Dem machine…Mk Ultra?

I listened to all of the Jonestown tapes in my Abnormal Psych class in college. Atrocious! All designed.

Here is the article that no longer comes up:

and an account from sgtreport…

Gail Combs

I tried the earliest Wayback link (2014) and got this:

Not Found

The requested URL /thinkingoutloud/background-checks-on-pelosi-and-feinstein-15603 was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I tried the NEXT YEAR (2015)

and found the article!!!

Need to copy the entire article to offline.


WTF ???

CDC to regain control of hospital pandemic data despite criticismDATED: AUGUST 17, 2022 BY SHARYL ATTKISSON

Link to Beckers Health IT:

CDC to regain control of hospital pandemic data despite criticismLaura Dyrda (Twitter– Monday, August 15th, 2022


It doesn’t help that the sheeple don’t know the difference between “LAWS” and “GUIDELINES”… and TPTB will continue to exploit that.



The narrative is changing. What makes anyone think the “goal” has shifted?

IMO. Covidiocy is, but a subset of the multi-prong evil playing out across America. Across the globe.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Gail Combs

ONE hand grenade tossed by a well armed ARMY!

As I have mentioned several times,

 “Cut CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050???

What do they plan to do wipe out 75% of the population to do it?

In the USA even if you reduced the energy use per capita to the level in 1800 you would still be DOUBLE that target ~ PER CAPITA. The population in the USA was 248,709,873 in 1990 vs 307,745,538 ~ 2010 and given illegal immigration who knows what it will be in 2050 so the actual target given population growth will be MORE than a 80% per capita reduction.  

The U.S. in 1800 had a per-capita energy consumption of about 90 million Btu.;

(Total population: 5,308,483) 

If the USA reduces its energy consumption by 80% it equals 45.18 million Btu. per person IF THE POPULATION WAS THE SAME.


“The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe.” -Daniel Botkin, ex Chair of Environmental Studies, UCSB

“Complex technology of any sort is an assault on
human dignity. It would be little short of disastrous for us to
discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy,
because of what we might do with it.”
– Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

“The prospect of cheap fusion energy is the
worst thing that could happen to the planet.”
– Jeremy Rifkin,
Greenhouse Crisis Foundation

“Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the
equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.”
– Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

“The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another
United States. We can’t let other countries have the same
number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US.
We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are.”
-Michael Oppenheimer,
Environmental Defense Fund

“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty,
reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.”
 -Professor Maurice King

“We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
 Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
 we will be doing the right thing in terms of
 economic and environmental policy.”
 – Timothy Wirth,
 President of the UN Foundation

“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…
 climate change provides the greatest opportunity to
 bring about justice and equality in the world.”
 – Christine Stewart,
 former Canadian Minister of the Environment

“The data doesn’t matter. We’re not basing our recommendations
 on the data. We’re basing them on the climate models.”
 – Prof. Chris Folland,
 Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research

“The models are convenient fictions
 that provide something very useful.”
 – Dr David Frame,
 climate modeler, Oxford University

“I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts
 on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.”
 -Al Gore,
 Climate Change activist



EYES Wide Open. Not averting attention here. Not well versed in all the science and strategy. But, I can’t un-see the Evil.

  • The EVIL rolls on. Unchecked.

CDC is changing lipstick, nothing more.

CDC is shoring up their infrastructure, only to assault America again and again.

  • Quite frankly, assault the global population. As many countries rely on CDC for “truth”.
  • CDC delivers nothing but a load of lies. Enriching Big Pharma.
  • CDC Fools, played their role in Global Reset.
  • CDC was played like a fiddle.
  • Greed and power ruled the day at CDC and Big Pharma.
  • CDC and Big Pharma DUMB ASSES were played, by WEF.

^^^ Covidiocy, an incredibly useful tool, as the larger tool, Evil Global Reset, is applied across the globe.

Fundamentally, 13 of 14 gotta go.

  • Some random horseshit generated by WEF puppeteers. Whoever they are.
  • No one elected these assholes.
  • They gotta be stopped.

Never forget. Never Forgive. I won’t.

ALL of this Covidiocy, Global Warming, Climate Change, Build Back Better, Carbon BS is criminal on a Global Scale.

There MUST be accountability. MUST.

Gail Combs

As far as I am concerned:
and Sent to GOD for final Judgement.

Here on earth #TeamHeadsonPikes as a REMINDER to any othe Globalist Wannabes!

The American Revolution
The French Revolution
The Nazi Defeat… The just hung a few to satisfie the Masses and then shuffled the big wigs into taking control of IG Farben and NATO

…The Nuremberg Tribunal convicted 24 IG Farben board members and executives on the basis of mass murder, slavery and other crimes. Incredibly, most of them had been released by 1951 and continued to consult with German corporations. The Nuremberg Tribunal dissolved IG Farben into Bayer, Hoechst and BASF, each company 20 times as large as IG Farben in 1944. For almost three decades after WWII, BASF, Bayer and Hoechst (Aventis) filled their highest position, chairman of the board, with former members of the Nazi regime….

Nazi war criminals became high ranking commanders in NATO after WW2

For decades former Nazis and German war criminals served at the highest echelons of NATO.

Most of them were highly decorated Nazis, who later served in top positions in the Western German army, and were later promoted to serve as Commander and Chief of all NATO forces in Europe.

This was not a unique event, but a very common phenomenon in post WW2 western Europe and especially in Western Germany.

Nazi war criminals and people who supported and helped Hitler to carry out the holocaust and other war crimes, genocides and crimes against Humanity were almost never put on trial for their crimes against the Jews, the Poles, the Greeks, the Russians and the people of Europe, but instead were installed in top positions in NATO, in the western German government, army, industry and western German society at large….



100% with ya.

Gail Combs

The ONLY other option that I could see actually working besides the death penalty is this:

Pick a Pacific ocean Sea Mount. Build it up artificially. Add fertile soil and drop them off with 17th century WOODEN farming tools and seeds.

Have a rotating guard of those who LOST family on patrol ships. Anyone CAUGHT trying to help the monsters gets added to the island.

I would pick somewhere around the Bend.
comment image
comment image

Gail Combs

Insane asylums lets someone get them out. Also we have to PAY for them!

That is why I want an ISLAND where THEY are responsible for their OWN upkeep.


And then film them.

Brave and Free

These quotes are excellent Gail. Should be posted everywhere for people to see the real agenda of theses asshats.

Gail Combs

have more Care of Jimbo @ WUWT.



Gail Combs

he Kooky Klimate Kult IS A DEATH CULT.

I wish I could find the speech given by the Texas [A&M???} prof to his students about it being their DUTY to help kill people…. AND THEY CHEERED!

Brave and Free

^^Ha the new KKK^^
Needs to be on a T-shirt

Gail Combs

The puppet masters behind the KKK are
the real danger.


Ye Ole Razzmatazz…

The CDC announces it will do full over haul of it’s operations in the face of staunch criticism which they continuously mischaracterize, while ignoring much else.

Pretty much for every change being talked about here, you can be rest assured they are seeking the opposite of what they claim.

The end result will likely be a new and more impenetrable fortification of the agency as they try to make it bullet proof as they streamline their operations send out their dubious pronouncements and harmful edicts.

GWP did the story too. Likely popping up everywhere.

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How ’bout we start with decimation — take ’em out to the parking lot in groups of 10, draw lots, and have the nine remainers kill the tenth. That’s how things used to be done.


The follow-up to preference falsification [ ] is a preference cascade — when the dam breaks and truth washes over the lies.

Historically, this has lead to governments falling and leaders being executed — see Mussolini and Ceaucescu — in remarkably short periods of time.

If this were to happen to Trudescu, Random Nuisance, and whoever is in charge in Washington, I would celebrate.


When you say, “MAKE THEM LIVE WITH WHAT THEY DID”, I think of the final scene of “Inglorious Basterds”.


Every day is an opportunity to “get past” all that went before and to seek mercy and amnesty within the earthly sphere. Just like every other day since Christ gave us Grace.

And every time this is attempted, and we turn the other cheek, we quickly run out of cheeks. Evil roams the earth. In the words of Saint Michael’s prayer, “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

By these words, we are in battle. We ask for protection against wickedness, snares, Satan, and evil spirits — but it is our part to work against evil men. While we wish to all the benefits of repentance, it is also up to us to clarify the distinction of outcomes.

We have seen unprecedented crimes against the human race over the last few years, at the very time the concept of punishment has been watered-down into weak sauce. It can easily be argued that statute law has been rendered altogether ineffectual for the abominations of the cabal.

And so we hear of “Nuremberg 2.0” and “red-hot pokers” and “#TeamHeadsOnPikes”, and decimation. Something beyond the usual jaw-jaw will be necessary to cauterize this evil from our near future. If people who develop biological weapons, then hide effective treatments in favor of that which kills in the womb and slays healthy young athletes, are facing the equivalent of a traffic ticket, we will never be rid of them….until they are rid of us.

Everyone involved with this horror needs to suffer in such a way that people in 2122 will think, “the world will exterminate stealth bio-warfare in ugly, ugly ways because it is a red line that shall not be approached.”


One amusing thing that we can probably both agree on — we don’t wish to see pain and agony upon our enemies for ourselves. After all, Romans 12:19 says clearly, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

My concern is that a sign be made upon history that biological warfare — in particular biological warfare by stealth — and, further, TREASONOUS biological warfare by stealth against one’s fellow citizens — should be rendered unthinkable for a thousand years. Perhaps it is a failure in imagination that I know of no way to further this aim than by nearly unspeakable horrors.


In the background, the inexorable march of technology means that nuclear bombs will soon be the subject of 8th-grade science fairs within a decade; and gain-of-function on completely synthetic viruses might be on exhibit in the same room.

Gail Combs


Sorry Wolfie IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. I KNOW from personal experience. Psychopaths ALWAYS blame someone else and THEN GET VENGENCE. I have the burn marks and the repeated murder attempts to back up what I am saying.

My parents caught my brother in a very bad move and punished him. He thought I ‘ratted him out’ although the evidence was OBVIOUS . However he would never admit that and so for the next couple of decades he targeted me, a little girl in grade school.


Agreed about psychopaths. In their minds, they never do anything wrong — it’s always “somebody else’s fault.”
And psychopaths can get pretty “creative” about getting their vengeance.

Gail Combs

OH BOY can they EVER!

THINK about the NAZIs Their vengeance was taking over NATO and the Medical field as I already mentioned.


And that is WHY we MUST pull out the entire poisonous tree root and branch.


Where’s the punishment in a bunch of malevolent, soulless multimillionaires “living” with what they did? I don’t see it.

Gail Combs

ESP since they are Psychopaths and have no conscience.




Many tiny violins. 🎶

Gail Combs

Then WE have to pay for them AND if the WRONG president is elected THEY GET PARDONED like the Witch running BLM
comment image

Even New Week had to rate that partially true.

….Founded in 1978, M19CO first gained national attention when it took two guards hostage at the Clinton (now Edna Mahan) Correctional Facility for Women in Union Township (Hunterdon), New Jersey, and in the process freed Assata Shakur, a member of the Black Liberation Army.

Skakur’s birth name is JoAnne Chesimard, a former member of the Black Liberation Army, who was convicted of murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973.

But M19CO perhaps is most recognized for its participation in a plot to bomb the U.S. Capitol.

Late in the evening of Nov. 7, 1983, members of M19CO called the U.S. Capitol Switchboard and advised evacuation of the building prior to setting off an explosion in the Capitol’s North Wing. No one was harmed by the detonation, which was in protest of the U.S. decision to invade socialist Grenada, but about $1 million of damage was caused, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

During the following 20-month span, M19CO continued a pattern of resistance bombings at the Israel Aircraft Industries building, the South African Consulate in New York City, Fort McNair in Washington and the Washington Navy Yard. Each time, the group called ahead to clear the area.

One of the members involved in these attacks was Rosenberg, who was arrested by the FBI in 1984 and charged with possession of explosives. She was convicted and sentenced to 58 years in prison but served only 16 after being pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his final day in office…..

While in prison, Rosenberg became a writer and activist, taking on multiple leadership roles in the nonprofit sector and academia after her sentence. Today, she is the vice chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents, which performed fundraising and administrative work for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Project for several years

The Ruling

Partially True….


Wolf Moon
Along with the cover-up, there’s the the falsification / destruction / “revision” of any and all documents related to the Pfizer-BioNTech development and “clinical trials” of their COVID-19 “vaccines” (and the similar with the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 “vaccines”), the FDA’s VRBPAC committee “briefing documents” and meeting summary statements, the emails of Anthony Fauci to and from anybody regarding COVID-19, etc., etc.
This is the time for people to archive, print hard copies, make PDFs and JPEGs, etc., to preserve the truth.

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Gail Combs

Watch for a raid on Robert Kennedy Jr and Naomi Wolf…

Brave and Free
Gail Combs


Gail Combs

The KKK does not want anyone SHARING the info on the Clot Shot DEPOP stats.

Many many people have farce book pages.

Gail Combs

Restructuring? How about Dig a pit and BULLDOZE THE ENTIRE EDIFICE INTO IT!

Gail Combs

I am going to add this because it shows how getting caught in the weeds of ‘There is no such thing as Viruses’ can be DAMAGING to MAGA. I really do not give a Schiff if the THEORY is correct or not as long as it works to keep us healthier.


Devolution Power Hour – PIT Insights

Starts @ 38 minutes Patrick Gunnels observations:

Rough paraphrase

Communication and messaging -SUCKED

Leave very nice hotel. Put cell phones in faraday bags. Drive 20 minutes and then told they are not necessary. [DOES NOT LOOK BEYOND THAT to possible reasoning aka defeat tracking….]

In middle of desert giant metal building inadequate A/C [Note whining about set-up, ignoring safety and $$$ constraints.]

Cool little software platforms shown to us for hours. And then it is a bunch of NON-Pit stuff for the whole morning [THIS is what was livestreamed] It is NON-vanquish our enemies type stuff. [The SOFTWARE IS HOW WE THE PEOPLE VANQUISH THE ENEMY.  🙄 ]

Then we have lunch… There is COOL STUFF, but when you bill the event as the PIT dug for the wicked like in the Bible you are gonna expect people to be disappointed.

Everyone knows how I feel about the Virus ‘Theory’ [Finger quotes word] And then they inexplicable stick Dr. Peter McCullough  on stage to schlep his book to us and he doesn’t even modify his canned speech for us. It was 85 in the room so I called an Uber and got back to my very comfortable hotel room and I am not ashamed to say that. @ 41

My FEELING due to the hype was like episode one of Star Wars. The first Prequal we were so excited about it? It was this strange letdown with this inexplicably cartoon character in it? Well I felt like that complete with McCullough playing JarJar Binks….



NOTE HE DID NOT STAY TO SEE/HEAR the BOMBSHELL… So HOW did he KNOW “the Communication and messaging -SUCKED”?

IF you did not stay to actually HEAR the sensitive information, THEN STFU!

Dr McCullough and other courageous doctors who went against the De-Pop plan at MAJOR EXPENSE TO THEMSELVES, DO NOT NEED THIS IGNORANT ASSHOLE BEATING UP ON THEM!

Why include Dr McCullough?
BECAUSE THERE WERE A YUGE NUMBER OF NORMIES WATCHING and you just might save a lot of lives! 🙄 

I now rate Patrick as a SPOILED CHILD in a man’s body tossing a tandy because HIS expectations were not met and HE was uncomfortable. BFD! (My HOUSE is 80 to 90F all summer long and so are the homes of a lot of others who can not afford A/C electric costs.)

Jon should NOT have included him since he did not stay for the MOAB, how ever he is on the show all the time so he probably felt he had to. I do not think Jon was happy with Gunnels given his body language.

Is Patrick a RINGER? An Agent for the other side? He certainly is doing enough damage to be labeled as such.

Devolution Power Hour – PIT Insights 2

Guests include:
Richard the Saint
Just Human
Red Pill 78

Gail Combs

They certainly are pulling out all stops to Derail Q and MAGA.

It is really a shame about Gunnels but he has a REAL bug up his butt about ‘No Virus’ and repeatedly revisits it making him a lot less useful to MAGA.


WTF, just because you do not like ONE of the presenters — GIVE ME A BREAK. especially since he KNEW up front the MEAT would be served after the RSBN cameras went dark.

Gail Combs

It was NOT inexpensive to travel there and rent a hotel room so Why in Hades walkout unless it was to make a POINT –> SLAP the Good Dr and the rest of the Anti-Clot Shot Docs in the face.


Yours Truly begins with this:
“CDC admits they were wrong about a huge safety problem by silently deleting the erroneous text”
This is about the CDC quietly “revising” their previous statements about the mRNA of the COVID-19 “vaccines” not lingering in the body well after “vaccination.”

However, one takes issue with some things in the Kirsch article:
The CDC knew that the mRNA from the COVID-19 “vaccines” stay in the body well after the person is “vaccinated.” The CDC knew that the enhanced mRNA of the COVID-19 “vaccines” migrate into many areas of the recipient’s body, including the heart and brain. The CDC knew that this migrating enhanced mRNA of the COVID-19 “vaccines” could, and did, cause damage to the body — the data was right there in the REAL documents that Pfizer-BioNTech gave to the FDA prior to getting the initial EUA to use their “vaccine” in the United States.
(Yours Truly has posted data from these documents on this board. Of interest are any files from Pfizer-BioNTech labeled “sensitive” in the data dump files.)
What the CDC is doing in their “revised statement” is to continue to lie, and to assume that people will continue to swallow the CDC lies.

The CDC “revised statement” also includes the lie that the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” do not interact with the body’s DNA. This is simply not true. The Swedish study, published in February, 2022, demonstrates how the mRNA of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 “vaccine”, BNT162b2 (the one used in the U.S.) DOES, through reverse transcription, CHANGE the human Huh7 LINE 1 liver cell DNA sequence.
“Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line”
(By the way, all kinds of “fact-checking” and “debunking” links to discredit this study are on the internet — as could be expected.)

And, in terms of the CDC “backing off” regarding “vaccination” with these dangerous mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines”, that’s another lie. On 28 June 2022, the FDA’s VRBPAC committee, based ONLY the “results data” presented to them by Pfizer-BioNTech and by Moderna on the new “trivalent” mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” that each company has rushed into development, approved the manufacture and use of these new “vaccines” starting in Fall, 2022. NEITHER of these new “trivalent” mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” will undergo any official “clinical trials” prior to use — the FDA directed Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna to conduct their OWN “clinical trials.”
Here’s the FDA’s memorandum letter issued after the 28 June 2022 VRBPAC meeting:
“Fall 2022 COVID-19 Vaccine Strain Composition Selection Recommendation”

Dr. Peter McCullough has stated he’s concerned that these new “trivalent” mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” could have as much as 150mcg of mRNA per shot, since up to 50mcg of mRNA from the original Wuhan strain, plus up to 50mcg of mRNA from the BA.4 variant and up to 50mcg of mRNA from the BA.5 variant will be combined into one shot.

Now, about the upcoming MEDICAL TSUNAMI of injuries, illnesses, and deaths that are to come from the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” —
One can posit that the CDC / FDA know that this is coming; in fact, the tip of the iceberg is just starting to show. They’re trying to get out in front of the looming disaster by claiming “Sorry, guess there some mistakes made here”, when the truth is that they KNEW about this potential IN ADVANCE and lied about it / covered it up / denied it.
What programs will the CDC / FDA have in place to provide counseling for the survivors of the MEDICAL TSUNAMI and for the families of the loved ones who will lose loved ones to the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines”? NONE.
What financial compensation will the federal / state governments pay to people who are so mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” injured or ill that they can’t work anymore? NONE.
What financial compensation will the federal / state governments pay to the families of loved ones who die from complications brought on by the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines”? NONE.
Why? Because all these people and all these families will be required to PROVE that the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” that injured or killed their loved ones was the root cause.

(Steve Kirsch himself is “fully vaccinated”, so he knows that he himself is likely gong to have heart and/or issues from the mRNA in the COVID-19 “vaccines” that he took. One can imagine the profound impact this knowledge would have on him. One hopes that he is taking the proper steps to be proactive in keeping any potential issues in check.)

JW in Germany

WOW! Sundance hit a grand-slam with that one!

JW in Germany

Now the CDC is beginning its GASLIGHTING program in an attempt to escape CRIMINAL LIABILITY!

JW in Germany

They can go “depop” themselves!

JW in Germany

Dr. Malone chimes in:

Dr. Malone: CDC’s Misconduct Has No Oversight due to Administrative State’s Lack of Accountability

Ja think?!


Well, let’s take a look at the “updated guidelines” by the CDC for therapeutics and treatment of COVID-19:
Notice that one of the “risk factors” for getting a “severe case” of COVID-19, according to the CDC, is to be UN-“vaccinated.”
The list of “therapeutics” and treatments goes down the list of the CDC / Big Pharma “usual suspects” — monoclonal antibodies (bebtelovimab and other mAb drugs); the antiviral molnupiravir; remdesivir (has a 30%+ Kill Rate; now approved for use in children who get COVID-19); and Paxlovid (called an “antiviral” in the CDC Guidelines, and does NOT mention that one of the two drugs in the Paxlovid treatment combo, ritonavir, is an HIV treatment drug). The CDC Guidelines document ALSO does not make it clear that Paxlovid is an INVESTIGATIONAL MEDICINE — one has to click on the document hyperlink to see this,)
Not a single word, of course, about Ivermectin, HCQ, antibiotics, etc.

And here’s the “new, streamlined” CDC recommendations:
Notice that this release, stated right there at the top of the documents, was “Embargoed” until 3PM on 11 August.
The recommendations repeat many of the “vaccination, boosters, and [government-sanctioned] treatments” mantra the CDC has been pushing for the last two years.
After going down through the “new, streamlined” recommendations, there’s this, at the bottom of the document:
“This updated guidance is intended to apply to community settings. In the coming weeks CDC will work to align stand-alone guidance documents, such as those for healthcare settings, congregate settings at higher risk of transmission, and travel, with today’s update.” (Italics mine)

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