2021·10·02 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

Another week, another deluge of BS from the White House and from the Controlled Opposition.

The Audit is over, now the spin doctoring begins. Other efforts are afoot in other states. Good. The more the merrier.

The collapse of the Covidschina continues.

No doubt much will be said about those today. (And I have missed a lot this past week.)

To my mind the audits are the last hope for a within-the-system fix to what happened last November. “Within the system” meaning the audits find fraud, the various states decertify the results, and some dang judge rules that Biden must step down and Trump must be installed.

That last step is crucial. The way our system works, “fraud” isn’t a fact until some “competent authority” (i.e., meaning “one that has jurisdiction,” not “one that won’t end up with an ice cream cone on its forehead”) rules it is so. That must happen before the system will accept that the election is vitiated by fraud. No finding of fraud means, as far as they are concerned no fraud, no fraud means nothing vitiated. We sit and fume, because the system has failed.

I’ll leave it to you to decide how likely you think it is that a judge will rule against the Left given the riots that would likely endanger his/her family.

As for the military stepping forward and doing the job instead? Well, that’s technically “outside of the system” and besides…this military, that’s being made woke as we speak?

What do we do in the likely event that fraud is found, but no judge will find it to be “fact” as far as the Federal Government is concerned? I keep hoping someone will come up with a suggestion, and so far “general strike” (H/T Scott) is the only one I’ve seen.

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system. (This doesn’t necessarily include deposing Joe and Hoe and putting Trump where he belongs, but it would certainly be a lot easier to fix our broken electoral system with the right people in charge.)

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is pointless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud in the system is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

This will necessarily be piecemeal, state by state, which is why I am encouraged by those states working to change their laws to alleviate the fraud both via computer and via bogus voters. If enough states do that we might end up with a working majority in Congress and that would be something Trump never really had.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Spot Prices

Last week:

Gold $1751.20
Silver $22.49
Platinum $986.00
Palladium $2047.00
Rhodium $15,750.00

This week, 3 PM MT on Friday, markets closed for the weekend

Gold $1762.00
Silver $22.65
Platinum $981.00
Palladium $2000.00
Rhodium $14,050.00

Minor shifts in almost everything. Gold and silver up a bit, the PGMs down a bit. I, as always, intend to hold.

Part XX – The Little Neutral One

Let us start off by recapping our list of “as of 1894” mysteries and conservation laws, and bring things up to date including the neutron.

  • Conservation of mass
  • Conservation of momentum
  • Conservation of energy
  • Conservation of electric charge
  • Conservation of angular momentum
  • (ADD:) Conservation of mass-energy

The following mysteries were unanswered at the end of 1894. I’ve crossed out the ones that have been answered up to this installment.

  • Why was the long axis of Mercury’s orbit precessing more than expected, by 43 arcseconds every century? Was it, indeed, a planet even closer to the sun? If so, it’d have been nice to actually see it.
  • Why was Michelson unable to measure any difference in speed of light despite the fact we, being on planet Earth that is orbiting the sun, had to be moving through the medium in which it propagates?
  • What makes the sun (and other stars) shine (beyond the obvious “they shine because they’re hot” answer). What keeps the sun hot, what energy is it harnessing?
  • How did the solar system form? Any answer to this must account for how the planets, only a tiny fraction of the mass of the solar system, ended up with the vast majority of the angular momentum in the system.
  • What is the electrical “fluid” that moves around when there is an electric current, and that somehow seems imbalanced when we perceive that an object has a charge? Were there both negative and positive fluids, or just one fluid that had a natural neutral level; below it was negative (deficit), above it was positive (excess)?
  • Why are there so many different kinds of atoms? How did electrical charges relate to chemistry? How is it that 94 thousand coulombs of charge are needed to bust apart certain molecules (though it often had to be delivered at different voltages depending on the molecule)?
  • Why were the atomic weights almost always a multiple of hydrogen’s? Why was it never quite a perfect multiple? Why was it sometimes nowhere near to being a multiple?
  • Why does the photoelectric effect work the way it does, where it depends on the frequency of the light hitting the object, not the intensity?
  • Why does black body radiation have a “hump” in its frequency graph?

As of 1930, we had a notion of the rough answer to #3, thanks to Arthur Eddington. I hinted at it last time. But details still needed to be worked out.

Number 4 was still a mystery back then, as far as I know.

Recaps and Refreshers

There are some preliminaries to get out of the way here, some of them are refreshers on what came before. Back in part 17, when I told the story of the discovery of the neutron, I brought in the concept of “spin” in regards to electrons and protons. But it’s not spinning like a top, it’s something else, still measured as angular momentum. But apparently one “rotation” doesn’t bring the particle back to where it was before, it’s somehow upside down, and another rotation is needed to get it back to where it was. (Yes, that does not make sense to us here in our macroscopic world.) It takes 720 degrees of rotation, not 360, to put the particle back the way it was. (And yes, that doesn’t make sense.)

As I said, it does get measured in units of angular momentum, and Planck’s constant, h, has the same dimensions as angular momentum. Angular momentum can be thought of in terms of whole revolutions of whatever is spinning, or in rotations through an angle of one radian (which is preferred), so Planck’s constant is often divided by 2π to give a “reduced Planck’s constant” called ℏ (pronounced “h-bar”).

It turns out that electrons and protons have a spin of 1/2ℏ. Physicists will often drop the ℏ and just say that electrons and protons have “spin 1/2”. Two electrons, side by side, might be oriented the same way, or in opposite ways, in which case one of the electrons is assigned +1/2 spin and the other one is “upside down” and has spin -1/2. Similarly for protons. And neutrons. All have +/- 1/2 spins.

Like angular momentum, spin is expected to be conserved, because it is a funky form of angular momentum.

If you have many protons (and neutrons) in a nucleus, the nucleus itself has a total spin, which is just the sum of all those half spins. The combined number of protons and neutrons is the atomic mass number, so for an atom of nitrogen-14, there are seven protons (because it’s nitrogen, and nitrogen by definition has seven protons) and seven neutrons, total 14. So the spins of seven protons and seven neutrons have to be added up. When actually measured, the total spin is 1.

It turns out there’s a rule here: If the mass number is even, the total spin is an integer. If it’s odd, the total spin has a 1/2 (or -1/2) in it. This makes sense, if you think about it. You can go through the protons and neutrons in a nucleus and group them, arbitrarily into pairs. Each pair will consist of two +1/2 spins (total 1), a +1/2 and a -1/2 spin (total 0), or two -1/2 spins (total -1). And it doesn’t matter which protons and neutrons you arbitrarily choose to pair together. The result is that all of the pairs put together will make up a whole number spin since you’re adding 1s, 0s, and -1s. So if the nucleus has an even mass number, its spin is the sum of a bunch of pairs of nucleons and will be an integer. If it has an odd mass number, there will be one proton (or neutron) left over after you make up your pairs, again no matter which pairings you use, you have one left over. It will have spin -1/2 or +1/2, so you’ll end up adding or subtracting 1/2 from the integer spin you get from the pairs. In general, a spin with a 1/2 in it is called a half-integer spin, because when you double it, you get an integer.

Before the discovery of the neutron in 1932, there was an idea that a nucleus consisted of protons–as many as the mass number–and some electrons to cancel the charges on some protons. So the nitrogen-14 nucleus would have 14 protons and 7 electrons, leaving a total charge of 7, and that total charge made it a nitrogen nucleus. On one level (considering electrical charge) this makes sense, but it turns out to make no sense at all when considering spin. That (hypothetical) nucleus would have 21 particles in it, all with half spins (remember that electrons too have a half spin), so it should have a total spin with a 1/2 in it, a half integer spin. Yet the nitrogen-14 nucleus, as I mentioned earlier, had a measured spin of 1. That was a powerful argument used as support for the existence of a hypothetical “neutron” and indeed the discovery of the neutron made the math work out; now there were an even number of particles in the nucleus so it could have an integer total spin. However, as we shall see below, this solved one problem but left another problem in place.

When the anti-electron or positron was discovered, it turned out to have the opposite spin of an electron. Even when oriented the same way as an electron, its spin was -1/2 compared to the electron’s 1/2. And this is true of anti-protons and anti-neutrons as well; in fact the difference in spin is the only obvious difference between a neutron and an anti-neutron (but it’s enough!).

In 1925, Wolfgang Pauli enunciated the “Pauli exclusion principle.” At first he applied it only to electrons, but in 1940 it was generalized to all particles with half-integer spins. In short, it states that no two such particles can occupy the same quantum state. An example of this is the lowest energy level of an atom, the “1s” orbital. An electron in that orbital is in a certain quantum state. But spin is part of the quantum state, so you can put a second electron in that orbital, so long as it’s oriented the other way and has spin -1/2. But after that, no more. You have to put a third and fourth electron in the “2s” orbital, then six subsequent electrons into the three “2p” oribtals (two each), and so on. (This is why the periodic table “rows” (or periods) all have even numbers of elements in them; if you subdivide them into blocks corresponding to the s, p, and d orbitals, those blocks also each have even numbers of elements in them.)

This is fundamentally the reason why two material objects can’t be in the same place at the same time. They’re made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons with half spins.

This principle does not apply to particles with integer spins, like photons (spin 0). Photons can pile onto the same quantum state by the billions, and it’s no problem. That’s very “non-matter” behavior, and indeed photons aren’t considered to be “matter” as we know it. They can occupy the same place at the same time, and often do. Beams of light can cross through each other without a problem.

Eventually, the name “fermion” (for Enrico Fermi) was given to all half-integer spin particles as a class, and “boson” (For Satyendra Nath Bose) to particles with integer spin.

OK, that’s enough about spin (for now).

I’ve also already told the story of how physicists had discovered the “Strong Nuclear Force,” often just called the Strong force. It’s responsible for keeping nuclei together, and when it’s just not strong enough to do the job, you get alpha decay, where the nucleus ejects an alpha particle (after 1932, known to consist of two protons and two neutrons), total four mass units. When this happens to a uranium-238 atom, it becomes a thorium-234 atom; four mass units less. And the charge has decreased by two, from 92 (uranium) to 90 (thorium).

It was beginning to look, by the way, as if the total number of nucleons (be they protons or neutrons) was something that was conserved, a new conservation law. Eventually this would be called “conservation of baryon number” (other similar particles would be discovered after 1950, they ware all called baryons). Protons and neutrons each had a baryon number of 1. The only way to wipe them completely out was to hit them with antimatter, but the antimatter was regarded as having negative baryon numbers, an anti-proton or anti-neutron had baryon number of -1. So proton-anti-proton annihilation took a +1 and -1 and turned them into zero. Nice and tidy.

Beta Decay Spells Doom?

But there was another kind of radioactive decay, beta decay.

And it was causing headaches for physicists.

As a reminder, this is when a nucleus spits out an electron. The charge of the nucleus goes up by one, but its mass number stays the same. For example, that thorium-234 atom undergoes beta decay to become protactinium-234. Same mass number, but the charge has changed from 90 (thorium) to 91 (protactinium). That process repeats to get you to uranium-234.

The old notion of the nucleus as consisting of one proton per mass number, counterbalanced partially by electrons, seemed plausible because of this. One of those electrons could be kicked out, “uncovering” a proton and increasing the charge. But as I described above, this notion of electrons in the nucleus left an issue with spin. This was solved with the discovery that the nucleus in fact contained protons and neutrons, and no electrons, but there was still a problem with beta decay.

That thorium-234 nucleus has to have an integer spin (just like the nitrogen-14 nucleus) because 234 is an even number, and the discovery of the neutron explained why. (According to wikipedia the spin happens to be 0.) The resulting protactinium-234 nucleus similarly has to have an integer spin (also happening to be zero). But in moving from thorium-234 to protactinium-234, an electron was ejected; it has a spin of 1/2. Shouldn’t the resulting nucleus have a half spin as well?

It doesn’t. So it appears that beta decay violates conservation of angular momentum.

Another issue popped up when energy was measured. With alpha decay, the masses (considered as their energy equivalents) and kinetic energy of the particles before and after the event balanced, once you added everything up, including the recoil of the nucleus like a rifle firing a bullet.

With beta decay, some of the energy disappeared. The energy of the nucleus (including its recoil) plus the kinetic energy of the electron, did not add up to what was there before. There was always some missing energy, but the amount could vary from very tiny to most of it.

This of course looked very much like a violation of mass/energy conservation.

[I’ll pause here to note that physicists typically simply speak of “energy conservation”, not “mass/energy conservation” because they consider matter to just be another form of energy; so a change in mass of a nucleus due to binding energy and so forth, is just another change of energy to them. I’m going to follow that convention from here on out.]

Yet another issue was noted when the recoil of beta decay was considered. With alpha decay, the alpha particle and nucleus recoiled in exactly opposite directions, much like a cannon firing a cannonball is shoved back in the opposite direction. The two new momenta (a relatively light alpha particle traveling quickly, versus a relatively heavy nucleus traveling in the opposite direction slowly) cancel out, leaving the total momentum unchanged.

But with beta decay, the recoil was not in the opposite direction from the velocity of the beta particle that was ejected. If the two directions aren’t opposite one another they cannot cancel completely–there’ll be some slight motion to the side left over–so there’s some “new” momentum where there had been none before.

And this looks a lot like a violation of the conservation of momentum.

So beta decay broke not just one, but THREE conservation principles!

Oh, dear.

This was hard to stomach. Sure, these conservation principles are generalizations. We see them work all the time without fail, but there’s always a smidgen of a chance that we’ll discover that they don’t really hold true. After all, we had once had conservation of mass, and conservation of energy, but then realized they weren’t true after all. But in that case, they were still true afterwards when combined into the conservation of mass/energy (or conservation of energy could be kept if mass was simply regarded as another form of energy, but that still involved “scratching” conservation of mass).

But three such violations at once was hard to believe.

At least, baryon number was safe.

And the problem persisted in 1934, when a second form of beta decay was discovered as part of the discovery of antimatter. A phosphorus-30 nucleus (one which does not exist in nature) would decay by spitting out a positron not an electron. It would end up moving to the left on the periodic table (because a proton had turned into a neutron) and become a nucleus of silicon-30, which is stable. This new mode of decay is now known as beta-plus or beta-positive decay, and it suffered from the same issues with conservation of angular momentum, energy, and momentum.

There was another violation on top of all of these but one much less troublesome. It had been suggested that the total number of electrons was fixed. Before the neutron was discovered, back when the nucleus was thought to contain protons and electrons, beta decay was just considered ejecting a pre-existing electron from a nucleus, so it wasn’t unreasonable to think that there might be some law conserving electrons. So we never saw electrons being created from nothing. But with the new understanding, beta decay consisted of a neutron turning into a proton and ejecting a brand-spanking, made-from-nothing electron. And beta positive decay transformed a neutron to a proton, creating a positron from nothing. So conservation of electrons, never very well established to begin with, seemed to have been scotched.

Wolfgang Pauli (of the Pauli exclusion principle) pondered this problem and realized there might be a way to rescue all of these conservation numbers. He wrote a very famous letter in 1930 (two years before the discovery of the neutron), in which he suggested there might be a totally new particle, one that was very light (lighter than the electron) and had no charge. As such it would be very difficult to detect.

This could solve all of these problems and save all of the conservation laws.

The spin issue could be solved by positing that the particle had the opposite spin as the electron (or positron), so that the two ejected particles together added up to zero spin, so the nucleus didn’t have to have a spin change at all in order to comply with conservation of angular momentum.

If the new particle carried away some of the energy, it would cover the “missing energy” that seemed to suggest a violation of conservation of energy.

And if beta decay resulted in three entities, not just two, then any two of them could move in directions not opposite each other, with the third particle serving to cancel the sideways momentum.

Pauli named his proposed particle the neutron. (Remember this was two years before Chadwick detected “the” neutron, and the name wasn’t taken yet.) Enrico Fermi, the next year, renamed the hypothetical particle the neutrino, This is Italian for “little neutral one,” as opposed to the big neutral one, the expected but still undiscovered neutron we know today.

And in 1933 Fermi proposed a new force, the weak nuclear force (to contrast it from the strong nuclear force). This force would cause a neutron to turn into a proton, neutrino, and electron, or alternatively a proton to turn into a neutron, neutrino and positron. In other words, it would be the force that governs beta decay–both kinds of beta decay.

In fact if we assume that there are also anti-neutrinos, we can even create a new conservation law from the ashes of the conservation of electrons. If we classify electrons and neutrinos as “leptons,” then a hypothetical “conservation of lepton number” might work better.

“Regular” beta decay, then, would turn a neutron into a proton, electron, and an anti-neutrino. Baryon number is preserved (neutron +1, proton +1, electron and anti-neutrino both 0), and the new lepton number is too; no leptons before the decay balances with the situation after the decay where there is one electron (+1 lepton) and one anti-neutrino (-1 lepton). Beta plus decay spits out a positron; to balance this anti-lepton we need a neutrino lepton.

This is very tidy. Not only are the three old conservation laws saved, a new one is created. It must have been very tempting to just assume it’s true. But it’s not enough.

We need to find the particle.

The neutron, after all had been a suggestion that would solve a lot of problems, but few were willing to take its existence on faith. Fortunately it was found, fairly quickly.

But this particle was going to be a cast-iron bitch to find. Because it didn’t have an electric charge, so it wouldn’t interact with the electromagnetic force. And it, like the electron, wouldn’t be affected by the strong force. It could only “feel” the weak nuclear force. (Just forget about gravity, it’s so weak.)

The weak force has a very, very short range. In fact, now we know its range is less than a tenth the diameter of a proton. So the only way a neutrino could interact at all is when it is directly in contact with a nucleus.

Remember that a nucleus is about 1/10,000 the width of an atom, so even with solid matter like lead, only 1/10,000 x 1/10,000 x 1/10,000 or one trillionth of the space is actually nuclei. So a neutrino, travelling through a block of solid lead at pretty basically the speed of light, is only in contact with a nucleus one trillionth of the time. So, only a trillionth of the time could it interact with a proton or neutron. So for some reaction that has a half life of (say) 1/10,000th of a second, the neutrino would have to spend 100,000,000 seconds travelling through the lead before it had a fifty percent chance of interacting one of the lead nuclei. That works out to be about three years. In those three years about half of the neutrines will have traveled three light years, or basically 18 trillion miles, and come out the other side, intact.

It’s a common trope that neutrinos will pass through light years of solid lead (if you could arrange for that to be set up) without interacting, and this is basically why. They need to spend a fairly long time (1/10,000 of a second is an eternity inside a nucleus) near very small things and they’re buzzing along at the speed of light. More realistically, the vast majority of neutrinos would simply drill right through the earth without affecting it. In fact, sixty five billion neutrinos pass through every square centimeter of the arth every second, and no one notices. More to the point, that many neutrinos also pass through every square centimeter of you every second, and you don’t notice, because they pass through, and don’t get stopped by your body.

The first detection was actually of antineutrinos generated in a nuclear reactor by the huge number of beta decays occuring in the reactor core.

When a an antineutrino does condescend to react with a proton, the proton becomes a neutron and a positron is spat out; it’s basically anti-neutrino induced beta decay, except that this decay absorbs an antineutrino instead of creating a neutrino (the books balance either way). And this was how neutrinos were eventually detected…in 1956.

Clyde Cowan, Frederick Reines, Francis B. Harrison, Herald W. Kruse and Austin D. McGuire did this by parking their apparatus–which largely consisted of large tanks of water–near a nuclear reactor, which generates a lot of antineutrinos, then waited for the tiny fraction of them that would interact with their detector. The reaction, as noted turned a proton into a neutron and spits out a positron; the positron finds an electron and mutually annihilates it, generating two gamma rays. If the nucleus hit is one of the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule, it turns from a single proton to a single neutron, which will wander off until it hits a nucleus and is absorbed–in this case cadmium was used since it absorbs neutrons readily. When this happens the neutron also generates a gamma ray. By watching for both of these events, two gamma rays from the electron-positron annihilation followed shortly after by a different-strength gamma ray from the neutron absorption, the experimenters could see that the signal matched the profile of the reaction and conclude a neutrino had hit a proton.

Even though ten trillion neutrinos passed through every square centimeter of the detector every second, only about three neutrino events per hour were detected. And just to prove that it was neutrinos from the reactor, they shut the reactor off and continued monitoring the detectors, and noticed a drop in the number of events.

But the actual detection of neutrinos (well, actually, antineutrinos) is getting ahead of our story.

Next time we’ll tackle Mystery Number 3.

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

To conclude: My standard Public Service Announcement. We don’t want to forget this!!!

Remember Hong Kong!!!

If anyone ends up in the cell right next to him, tell him I said “hi.”

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

China is in the White House

Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

China is in the White House, because Joe Biden is in the White House, and Joe Biden is identically equal to China. China is Asshoe. Therefore, Joe Biden is Asshoe.

But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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Wadda ya think…luggage commercial? or freaking hero?
(Guy demolishes three ticket kiosks at the airport as people stand around shocked, apparently they did not take his QR code.)

Last edited 1 year ago by para59r

Is he available for elections ? HIRED.


interested in American gun legislation ?

sharing this link…to NRA- ILA


article from 9/27

biden’s amicus brief, NY.

lots of other relevant, timely articles on the subject, FYI.


The tsunami of destruction keeps coming at us.
The lawfare ministry cranking out more and more ..


In case you don’t have time to read this, Dewine is going redistrict Jim Jordan out of his seat along with 3 to 4 more Republican seats in Ohio. WTF!


They’re corrupt and driven by evil. They won’t stop until..I don’t know the answer to that.
Fair and balanced is determined only by them .

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

YES. This is WEAKNESS on DeWine’s part. Let me explain.

The DEMONCRATS have been running a “gerrymandering” theme very strongly. They run it nationally, but DeWine is a serious target. DeWine is easily manipulated by the Democrats – he is very proactive on political angles, but that bites him in the ass when he responds to nearly EVERY SINGLE Democrat manipulation. He is not good at facing challenges from the left.

DeWine is facing a tough challenge from the MAGA center with Renacci, who is an AUTHENTIC pro-business AND pro-freedom candidate, but not by any means a hard right candidate. Renacci is just a straight-shooter who is a lot like DeWine, in reality, but with a BACKBONE.

DeWine IS actually very pro-business, but by being WEAK on the mask mandate issue, he hurt himself BADLY for re-election – as the Democrats planned. As you can see, he’s a “survivor mentality” RINO – he is NOT a “MAGA hero”.

DeWine’s new campaign theme is that he LED on COVID and the pandemic – that he “took action”. It’s a bit of a farce, but it’s actually smart, because it’s “half-true”, in that he committed to a leftist folly against all advice from the right. What he did was played to the left on masks, but played to the right by exempting businesses to the greatest degree possible – but not all by his own doing – a lot of that was PRESSURE from non-RINO GOP.

I suspect that DeWine is trying to LEVERAGE the GOP for support with this threat. That is NOT SMART for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is “penny wise, pound foolish” on the GOP’s future – even the machine RINOs. There is a better way.

DeWine needs to become what he’s trying to sell, which ironically is true MAGA like Trump (even if he doesn’t want to say it). Moving away from mandates of any kind as a THEME and as a REALITY is how to do it. What would Trump do? Yeah, that’s what he’s selling – “Leaders don’t sit on the fence”. Trump took action on vaccines, even against the odds. Now, nobody wants to say that DeWine fell on his ASS off the fence with lockdowns and the mask mandate, but that’s the truth. He actually HURT business terribly with that. He only kept businesses on LIFE SUPPORT – and Ohio lost a lot of smaller ones. But a LEADER LEARNS – and admits the truth, if only to self.

We all got CONNED by the Dems on COVID, but we don’t have to say that. What we have LEARNED is that MANDATES DON’T WORK – they’re counterproductive – they lead to BAD STUFF – they help the Democrats. Masks have consequences – including elections, where DeWine needs NO MASKS, or the Dems are going to machine back into power once again with fake elections. You think they’re gonna try Philly in Ohio’s big 3 cities in 2022? I DO.

DeWine is free to say that he did preserve business, but that the SCIENCE HAS CHANGED and now we know that we didn’t need masks, and that businesses would have been better with LIGHTER PROTOCOLS like SUGGESTED social distancing, hand washing, etc., but that we still lost a lot of businesses due to lockdowns and masking. This is a FACT.

Renacci knows this – that DeWine was good for Ohio business with one hand, but terrible for them with the other. Renacci would be GOOD for business – authentically.

DeWine had depended on COVER by the GOP (legislature, mostly) to say “my hands are tied” on masks, etc. IMO it would be better to say that he’s changed on the issue – that he helped business during COVID, but that he’s learned that lockdowns and mandates are simply too hard on business, and that any new pandemic will be handled more smartly, because that’s what a leader does. His goal in any future pandemic is to PROTECT ONLY THE VULNERABLE – to stay with the REAL science – to keep the state MORE productive.

I think this will sell, too, because even the COVIDIANS in Ohio now seem to be very non-compliant on masks. Nobody wants them back. Ginther tried to bring them back, and they do nothing but hurt business. Very poor compliance, and where there is compliance, business suffers.

MASKS ARE A THREAT TO BUSINESS. They don’t work, and even if they do, it’s at too great a cost. Gotta get rid of them. “We’re smarter than masks.”

Therapies are the way forward. Like they always have been. Vaccines were an industry GRIFT to get a green light on gene therapy. They’re done. Move on to where the industry is going – therapeutics.


Well Put Wolf!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


I really don’t think DeWine is actually trying to help Pelosi – BUT HE’S HELPING PELOSI.

The GOP machine wants to hold Ohio, and I totally get that, and they WILL hold Ohio with either DeWine or Renacci, but not if they make too many stupid mistakes like giving Pelosi a boost due to infighting. The Demoncrats are CUNNING. Prepare for their next THREATS. That preparation needs MAGA strength and MAGA savvy.

You see THAT at the ground level. Ground level GOP is a TIDAL WAVE building across the ocean. We’re DONE with these fucking communists. Part of getting fair elections again is STOPPING THE MASK BULLSHIT.


comment image


I hope you get Renacci. Dewine is duplicitous and reminds me of a bully’s toady.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Fingers crossed!!! Renacci would really send a message.

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OMG Denninger completely gets covidism. I don’t know why I’ve never stumbled on his website before now so thanks so much for the link!

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This might have been up before, but this is from German pathologists who has performed autopsies of people who had died shortly after being jabbed.


My «incline-o-meter» has gone another order of magnitude more negative….


comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Lick it, Joe! It may be a giant malted milk ball!


Can we imagine if we had an honest media ? The greater public would be shocked and demand answers, demand a halt,demand accountability….but we don’t have that.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly. If we had an FDA that was not controlled by the industry, they would be examining this stuff and PUBLICLY stating what they were finding.

Because there is a LACK of good information from this corrupt regime and its TAINTED, COMPROMISED, and CONTROLLED agencies, we are inundated with weak information, misinformation, and disinformation.

And our stupid media, which actually KNOWS exactly the right people who should be examining vials, does NOTHING.

16 to 3 against boosters at FDA, and simply overruled by Fauci’s butt-girl, Rochelle Alinsky, at CDC.


No we don’t. It IS a shame.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks! I did look at the video. Sadly, this is not terribly convincing at a scientific level. The macroscopic appearance of a complex mixture of nanoparticulates as they warm up and fall apart (but then the pieces do their own thing) is just going to be a mess.

She’s not a specialist in this kind of thing. And even more sadly, there are VERY few people who are capable of doing the work. Almost all of them are in the industry.


True… she couldn’t identify what she saw…..
But what she saw looked pretty bad.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes – but lots of things look weird under a microscope, because the laws of biological and physical growth are often similar and follow the same mathematics. Thus, I used to grow crystals that absolutely looked like some kind of alien plant. But they were not – they were just organic molecules crystallizing as best they could. Not looking like salt or snow – looking like wrong-colored FERNS, MOSS, LICHENS, and LEAVES.

JW in Germany

Politics is Downstream from Culture: YouTube reaction videos

The following reaction video is a fantastic example of why I think independent rap artist (I stress the word ARTIST) Tom MacDonald is so extremely important to the culture war.

The video stars the Cartier Family featuring 3 young Black men. Immediately, you notice a BLM poster on the wall behind them. The song they are reacting to is Whiteboy by Tom MacDonald.

The fact that these kids were open minded enough to watch the entire video…respect! They did not agree with everything Tom said but did agree with much! And notice how the discussion evolves to the end of the video…Tom says some things that kind of stops them in their tracks.

The point is not that we might not ourselves agree with everything Tom raps about…the point is that his MESSAGE is starting genuine conversations! And Big Tech has noticed evidenced by the suppression tricks and attacks he has received from trolls and jealous fake woke artists who wish that they could compete with his INDEPENDENT success.

Tom’s is a rags to riches story…a REAL one. Not to say he grew up poor…but he fell into a hole and lived in the hood in LA…broke…addiction…alcohol almost killed him about 5 years ago.

Together, with the help of his now girlfriend Nova Rockefeller they were able to turn the corner…now Tom is making millions working his ass off….while still remaining true to who he is. The Left does not want these types of genuine success stories out there undoing their years of brainwashing.

Tom is a pioneer…and the powers that be do not want it to become a trend.

As you may have gathered…I am a Tom MacDonald fan. Bought all of his CDs and he signed the cover of each one.

I think Tom is a great artist with not only his rap…but his message. I love that he takes on the industry face forward. Tom could take a big contract but gives them the finger.

Now this next video may not be everybody’s taste in music…but I post it as another example of how Tom’s message is dangerous to the Left’s agenda.

This one is hosted by the beautiful Asia and BJ. They are reacting to Tom MacDonald—No Response<<<I do not even like rap in general…but Tom shows all of his haters that he is truly a world class artist! He goes off for over 5 minutes of straight hard rap that even metal-heads could appreciate. 😎 

Again, why is this important? The message and perhaps more important…the CONVERSATION…we can disagree on the details. Just these two reaction sites alone have over 150k followers together…most new followers from reacting to Tom MacDonald songs! Some reaction channels have MILLIONS of followers…many also review Tom’ work…reaching audiences that need to be reached!

If you know some kids listening to the mainstream rap that Tom says is destroying kids lives and even putting them in the grave…glorifying drug use…sex….money…INDUSTRY POISON! Try to slip some Tom MacDonald in while they are not looking. 😉 

Shout out to the HANGOVERGANG! Tom’s loyal fans!

Last edited 1 year ago by JW in Germany

We need variety in all things, music too. Freedom to express ourselves and all that. Any avenue to get that message across is great.

JW in Germany

Forgive me…just one more…I promise. 😊 

This is Asia and BJ again reacting Tom MacDonald’s masterpiece ‘Don’t Look Down’. If you like Rock and have never liked rap…Don’t Look Down just might turn out to be an exception to that rule for you.

Tom is showing all sides of himself…the vulnerable to the self-glorification (but that is only to trigger his haters…notice the laugh when Tom calls himself a superstar). That said, Tom talks about his addictions…cleaning up and working hard…success…Don’t Look Down to the people that are like crabs in a bucket with their claws pulling you down.

The song ends in a crescendo that…I do not care what genre of music…EPIC! 7 minutes of pure  🔥 . Now remember…Tom gets a LOT OF HATE…so he does drop some F-bombs aimed at those that want to see him fail. BUT he is nice enough to censor them in the video.

Unfortunately, you will most likely never hear this song on MTV or radio…only zombies need apply.

I do not know of any truly independent artists in ANY genre that are as influential in a positive way that are having the impact that Tom has currently…and he is only getting started.

Btw, Tom’s new song America trended #1 on HIP HOP yesterday, and #2 all genres. I do believe that was digital downloads…YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, etc….NO LABEL…

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JW in Germany

If you do not have the time to watch the video…just check out some of the comments below the video. Tom is reaching a lot of people!

Brave and Free

I agree with ya JW. I’ll listen to him and through that found other rappers that are anti woke too. He’s definitely making waves in the industry, the kind they don’t want though. And as you say when he spews out truth the blacks listen IMO. Thing is these rappers dis each other all the time to get respect from others, I didn’t understand it at first but after watching what others said when they did the analysis of each other I got it. His buying the NFT to Eminems Slim Shady and coming out with Dear Slim was a marketing genius move.
It’s a whole different culture for sure.

JW in Germany

The attention to detail right down to the car with mud and weeds…water rolling down the windshield as if it had been pulled out of the water. He and Nova are a great team!

Some of his best stuff he only releases on his CDs…YUP he still believes in a good ol’ hard copy…just like me.


General McInerney

BREAKING Trump sues Twitter, seeks account reinstatement ahead of 2022 midterms.


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Ground report. Typically, I’d call this good news.

Gas prices have dropped 0.22 over the past two weeks.

True, I think it is normal to drop a bit with the end of summer, school back in session.

BUT, I suspect it is folks out of work, not driving.

  • Out of work because they quit over injection mandates or were fired for same reason.
  • Folks out of work from businesses bankrupt or otherwise shut down because of Covid shutdowns.
  • Short of select gas stations, there are NO MORE 24 hours stores.
Last edited 1 year ago by kalbokalbs

Interesting. Course here no drop and plenty of 24hr. Went to wally world. Tons of empty shelves. Not sure if its bc its Saturday m, but also not so many being stocked. Bottled h2o decimated. Pasta, crackers, paper plates, cheaper meats(big steaks and roasts arent selling anywhere), frozen potatoes, anythibg for school like juice boxes and snack size anything, and halloween except candy.
The amount of candy, cookies, and crap they had like that was sickening .

Deplorable Patriot

The shelves empty here are sports drinks more than anything else.


Ive seen that too, but they were fully stocked today. Really need juice boxes but luckily ive got him satisfied with ice water mostly.


Have you tried getting juice concentrates at the grocery and mixing with sparkling water for a special treat?


You know apple cider and ginger ale is good.
I havent done what you’ve suggested but i may do it. I like the flavored sugar free carbonated waters and he likes to have the smaller ones with juice. But ill try this too.


So basically a 48hr no fly rule after receiving any one shot of any of the vaxxx’s for medical airmen who are certified.

This appears to me at least as if one small group in the military is paying minor lip service to the Ft. Rucker Flt Surgeon. Likely expecting other authorities to follow suit so they can all get on with serving the beast as soon as possible. She must of had some effect to get them to say, “See we heard you, stay home for two days and then shut up and get back to work. End of discussion.”

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Sorry if this got posted already. But they are right. And when the USA vetoes. Oh boy.

Deplorable Patriot

We shouldn’t veto, but given the regime claiming to be in charge….




This Dr., goes right up to the line but doesn’t step over and get himself banned lol.
It was him that was pushing Vit D3 in early 2020, caused me to buy some.


“COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct Timeline: Major Dates, Events, Entities & Legislation”


Not a fan of rap, but at least I don’t have to merge into the slow lane to understand this one.

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His youtube is “samson”. I enjoy hearing the rebel yell getting louder.


A theory by Lin Wood: https://t.me/s/linwoodspeakstruth

Lin Wood

1. What were the ingredients in the Pfizer shots taken by President Trump? You know experts would determine the exact ingredients before allowing anyone to inject a substance into the body of the President of the United States. That would be Secret Service Protection 101. 

2. Was the initial “vaccine” under Operation WarpSpeed produced by the 3 pharmaceutical manufacturers little more than a flu shot? Even a flu shot has a certain number of complications. 

3. Was the original “vaccine” under Operation WarpSpeed switched out to the nefarious, deadly “vaccine” by all 3 of the drug companies after the J & J “pause”? Was the “pause” a signal?

After the “pause” in the counting of the votes on November 3, we had to let the criminal acts continue until the crime of treason was complete. 

After the “pause” in the administration of the J & J “vaccine,” would we have to let the criminal acts continue until the crime of attempted genocide was complete?

No wonder I am accused of being a “conspiracy theorist!!!” 

I blame it on having a curious mind.


He might have a theory with teeth. It definitely seems like some get a hot shot and others not


The problem is that it’s not ‘attempted genocide’ if tens of thousands of people have already been killed.

If there are any white hots, WTF are they waiting for now?

Deplorable Patriot

If Lin Wood is posing this as a theory, it’s more than likely a fact.


👍 I’m surprised that your comment didn’t get more traction.

Deplorable Patriot

Nobody listens to me.


I do


Haven’t posted in a while, but have to tell you about my big accomplishment today. Sometimes you have to fight back locally in small ways. Today I got up the courage to exit a writers’ organization that I belonged to, that I had actually founded 7 years ago. They are a bunch of ultra-liberals, and I was fed up with all of the increasing political discussions at meetings, which has nothing to do with our group or mission. We’re talking Trump-bashing, vaccine fear-mongering, Biden worshiping and the works. I was their guest speaker today (via Zoom because there’s no way I’d present with a **&* mask on), and at the end of my well-received presentation on research, I told them I was done. They were fairly shocked, but I just had to do it. I really can’t be among this group any more; life is too short for that much stress.

Secretly, I told some conservative members (all 2 of them!) about my real reasons for leaving, and they feel the same way. Maybe someday liberals will figure out why people leave their groups, but I can’t be a part of this craziness any more. Perhaps this is just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things today, but it was a big move for me, and very freeing. Thanks for listening!!


Thats a sad way to exit a big accomplishment, but the silver lining is that it was on your terms. You did it once, you may be called to do it again, but perhaps a different mission. Saving our country needs lots of people with lots of skill variety.


Too bad you could not lock the door on the way out. Understands good guys would not do that, alas.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Bravo! This is tough love for your fellow writers – but they need it.

I’m dealing with a similar bunch from my past. They are tolerable – even lovable, in venues which forbid political discussion, but let them loose on Twitter, and they’re rabid communists and useful idiots.


I’ m sending you a huge high five!

It’s hard to finally get to that place in your head that we can’t have relationships that are toxic. It’s one thing to have good natured disagreements, religion, politics, etc but ever since Trump bashing 24/7 on every single show, print, online and the meaner the better…the average Joe has gotten meaner too, imo.

They’re not worth it but I am sorry to hear it’s the end of something that meant a lot to you.


Thank you all for the comments and support. I still can point to the group I founded as an accomplishment and it will live on, but I also think it’s headed in the wrong direction and people may leave. Kind of bittersweet, but it was time for me to leave. I have another creative local “tribe” with my local radio station and that group stays out of politics, so I’ll be happier hanging out with them.


Gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes, the things you create grow up…..wrong. It’s the nature of creation.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Here is a great “cut” of a long Yuri Bezmenov interview. It’s the classic on ideological subversion, with the usual beginning but a somewhat different ending.

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I’m sure Baghdad Blitzer knows!



The reporters are natural born liars.

She knows exactly what the crowd was saying.

She didn’t have to comment on it at all.

But she knowingly, willfully misrepresented it as something completely other than it was.

That’s MSM.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes – EXACTLY. And she’ll get a BONUS for LYING.


h/t kyblue:


comment image

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG – this is such a GRIFT.


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Blood money



Isn’t that the truth?

All the anti-vaxxers used to be the dirty hippies with the unwashed hair and kids in filthy cloth diapers, burning incense and smoking weed. Now those same people are vaccinating those same kids with an untested poison, and bragging about it on social media. Meanwhile, all us straight-laced religious types with the clean hair and well-dressed kids are running screaming for the exits.

What a world.


Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) Tweeted:
The reporter’s desperate damage control might be my favorite part


So…how big is the big guy then!!!!!!?????


That’s a twenty-footer if it’s an inch. Whoo-boy, that’s scary.


Y’all need more than a screen door on yer house to keep that mutha out.


“Y’all ready for some fried chicken?”


And its in the guy’s backyard! Om Lird thats scary cause he isnt the only one out there.


Right ?!?


Not gonna lie, gators scare the crap outta me!


The bitty ones are cute but otherwise im good staying out of their space.


They got big heads. I don’t think he’s 20 feet.


I’d guess about 15 feet. Don’t worry, they hardly ever attack humans.

We were walking through a garden area in a plantation in South Carolina. They had some of those little twelve-inch garden fences of bent wire between the path and the flowers. Then we came to a little footbridge, and while we were on the footbridge a 10 foot gator went underneath. I don’t know if the flowers or the bent wire were supposed to stop him.


I just think about all those disnee hotels next to the swamp….ugh.


The ones wearing employee badges are ok.



Cuppa Covfefe

I can see it now: A new restaurant chain opening up in Florida (and most of the deep South): Gators and Taters 😀  🐊 
(Maybe a spinoff from Suds and Spuds 🙂 )…..

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Much more common than I thought!


Cannibalism in the American Alligator on JSTOR

› stable › 3892690
Cannibalism in the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) was evaluated in Louisiana by examining 706 alligator stomachs for web tags previously attach…


Dinosaurs….no mercy.


Thats very interesting. Control their own population fairly regular.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Humans control each other’s contribution to population using a thing called “society” which makes us all responsible for progeny. An infinitude of CHEATS happen around that.

Crocodilians control each other’s contribution to population by EATING each other’s progeny!


Well, certain caballists must think they are reptiles.


LOL…I wondered if it was in South Carolina..the tweeter is a Gamecock fan so I’d say yeah.
My neighbors there said one day a big one was spraddled on top of a utility box. 3ft off the ground sunning himself !