2021·07·31 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system.

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is hopeless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

Kamala Harris has a new nickname since she finally went west from DC to El Paso Texas: Westward Hoe.

Colorado Statehood Day

Once upon a time, this actually mattered. Colorado became a state on August 1, 1876. Because of the year, it is known as the “Centennial State” and I remember, buried in the Bicentennial hype, Centennial hype as well. We even managed to get Congress to order the mint to strike us a medal. (If you took a tour of the Denver mint and bought the souvenir set, you got a cent, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and one of these, all of course struck at the Denver mint. [Yes, you did not get the bicentennial Ike dollar.])

Of course today this matters not one damn bit. I was once proud of this state, and am still proud of what it once was. But now August 1 is just a date when many absolutely stupid or outright tyrannical laws passed by our so-called “representatives” convened in the City and Cesspit of Denver, become effective.

Do I blame the Democrats? Yes. Do I blame the Republican RINOs? Yes. Do I blame the Libertarian Party for pulling enough votes from the Republicans that Democrats started getting elected? No. (Many republicans do blame the LP for that.) If the Republican party had done its f*cking job instead of continuing to fellate the Left even when it had veto-proof majorities in the state legislature in the mid 1980s, there’d have been no need in anyone’s mind for a Libertarian Party. [Which, by the way, was founded in Colorado Springs…]

If you think I am just a wee bit angry about this, well, it likely seems that way superficially, even though in reality, my attitude is completely different: I am a great deal angry about this. Just thought I’d clear up any possible confusion.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

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Spot Prices

All prices are Kitco Ask, 3PM MT Friday (at that time the markets close for the weekend).

Last week:

Gold $1802.80
Silver $25.26
Platinum $1065.00
Palladium $2760.00
Rhodium $19,500.00

This week, markets closed for the weekend at 3:00 PM Mountain Time

Gold $1815.20
Silver $25.56
Platinum $1053.00
Palladium $2747.00
Rhodium $19,500.00

Gold broke out and up into the 1830s this week but much of that gain was lost by close on Friday. Silver is up a bit too, the PGMs however are down (or steady).

Part XII: The Rest of Special Relativity


I had to cut Part XI, which introduced the four ground-breaking “boom” papers Albert Einstein published in 1905, short two weeks ago because I simply ran out of time. Our lupine host might be willing to tolerate a post as much as twelve hours late, but I don’t care to do that.

So I’m going to pick up where I left off.

But first I’m going to drag out a soapbox (Stop that twitching eye, it’s at rest in our reference frame!) and explain a couple of things.

I have seen people criticize Einstein for not being a real scientist, on the grounds that he didn’t do real experiments, but rather a lot of “though experiments.” I walked you through a few of them last time (all those examples with the moving trains).

You’re invited to imagine that Einstein did a bunch of thought experiments, and that other scientists accepted them as Holy Writ and that is how the theory of special relativity became accepted as being true.

But Einstein didn’t rely on his thought experiments. And neither did anyone else.

Science is like any other line of work. People specialize. Scientists can be divided into two broad groups, theoreticians and experimentalists. And of course there’s usually at least some of each in a scientist. But the archetypal theoretician is someone who shouldn’t even be allowed to touch a screwdriver lest he put out his own (or someone else’s) eye with it. Whereas many scientists are quite handy with tools and design and build very intricate equipment. And this distinction doesn’t just exist in pure science. I recall overhearing a fellow (engineering) student complaining to a prof about what a klutz he (the student) was in the lab courses and wondering if he were cut out for this line of work and the professor practically fell all over himself explaining that no, there was plenty of room in engineering for people who were good with the theory. (Those would be the sorts who design things and do not build the prototype!) It was pretty obvious to me from his talk that this particular professor was himself one of the more theoretical types. (He didn’t teach one of the labs!)

Einstein started by trying to explain things prior experiments had shown, did his “thought experiments” to come up with a theory, and put the theory out there…to stand or fall as people did more experiments. He was about as pure Theoretician as one can imagine, but he himself and everyone around him knew that even the most elegant theory was useless until validated by experience.

As I alluded to Einstein’s paper on the photoelectric effect had such sweeping implications about the very nature of reality that it took sixteen years to earn him his sole Nobel prize (he didn’t get his Nobel for relativity). Scientists certainly didn’t take that as Holy Writ, nor did they take anything else Einstein produced as Holy Writ.

Not until experiments upheld it, and it became plain that Einstein’s theories explained them better than anything else. If they hadn’t, he’d never have become known to absolutely everyone.

In 1905 Einstein was a 26 year old clerk in a patent office. He had the requisite credentials in science, but he still had to prove himself as a scientist. But even after he was considered absolutely solid as a theorist, that still didn’t mean that everything he put out there was considered Truth. Not until checked. And even then, there’s always the possibility someone will do some experiment somewhere that will put a gigantic crack into one of Einstein’s theories. And a good scientist knows this.

And on a related but different topic:

General relativity is often presented as though Einstein started with the Michelson-Morley experiment (which failed to detect any difference in light speed in a vacuum regardless of direction, even though Earth was presumed to be moving through an aether that serves as the medium light traveled through). This wasn’t actually the case; he was trying to reconcile a seeming inconsistency or two in electromagnetic theory (more about which, soon). But let’s set that aside. I’ve personally known people who can’t abide special (and especially general) relativity because, they claim, it “reifies space” (makes nothing into something). They don’t like quantum mechanics either, because (as we will eventually see) it’s non-deterministic. Of course some of these people are so confused they conflate relativity and quantum mechanics, accusing relativity of being non-deterministic (it’s quite deterministic–just not in the manner you expect), and so on.

But be that as it may, special relativity has its detractors, and they often start by suggesting a different explanation for Michelson-Morley’s “null” result, which seemed to show there is no aether, no medium for the propagation of light (just like sound requires air to propagate) that we (Earth) are plowing through One I read many years ago was that perhaps the aether is real, but is, locally, being “dragged along” with Earth, basically, “entrained.” So Earth can be moving through the aether, but because some of it is sticking to Earth, Earth is really dragging some bits of the aether through the rest of it. If so then here on the surface of the earth, the aether will seem stationary with respect to us, or us stationary with respect to the aether. So measuring the speed of light in different directions, in the expectation that we’ll find out how fast we’re moving through the medium it propagates through, will return a zero result. However, if we did the experiment far away from Earth, we might just discover that we are moving through an “aether.”

OK, that could indeed be an alternative explanation for the Michelson-Morley experiment.

But that’s not enough. A proposed alternate has to not just explain one thing, the one thing that got the ball rolling on a train of thought (um…pun left there even after I realized it) that became the theory being targeted as well as that theory does. [Note though that Michelson Morley isn’t where Einstein started from…but let’s pretend for the sake of argument that it is.] The alternate had better explain everything else that the target theory explains, as well as if not better than the target theory. And it would be nice if it also explains things the target theory does not, especially things that the target theory actually gets wrong.

If it can’t do this it’s worthless in our current context and can be shelved, perhaps to be brought back in a different context when we learn more, but more than likely, never to be brought back at all.

The entrainment suggestion, if true, would have certain other consequences which are very different from special relativity’s consequences. Those consequences simply aren’t true. It also doesn’t explain time dilation, which is absolutely real, measured in the laboratory, nor length contraction, nor mass deficits (another thing I haven’t got to yet), all of them measurable. So at that point, it’s not worth considering given what we know today.

If Einstein had decided to entertain entrainment as an explanation, and followed that through to its logical consequences, his work would have been worthless, because those consequences wouldn’t match reality.

I’ve beaten up on flat earthers before and I will do it again now. It is possible, in many cases, to come up with a flat earth theory that explains one phenomenon that suggests that the earth is instead almost perfectly spherecal. Differing sun angles at two different places on the earth? Well, that’s because the sun is close enough that parallax puts it in a different direction as seen from those two places. This is an alternative to the round earth theory that says the different sun angles are due to being on two differently oriented parts of the surface of a sphere, looking at a sun that’s far enough away you can approximate it as infinity. But that actually falls apart when you add a third point. And it doesn’t explain how nighttime can exist in some places at the same time as daytime in others. No doubt a sufficiently clever flat earther could conjure something up to explain that (I can’t). But that would be a different flat earth theory, because the particular one I alluded to earlier cannot explain how it can be dark in Tokyo and light in New York City, at the same time.

There is no one flat earth theory that can explain everything that the round earth theory does; and there’s nothing relevant that the round earth theory cannot explain. If one believes the earth is flat because there is a flat earth theory that can explain away everything, their logic is defective if those flat earth theories contradict each other. The mere fact that an alternate explanation can be made for every single thing a currently-accepted theory doesn’t throw that theory into doubt, and cannot unless all of the alternate explanations are the same explanation or at least not inconsistent with each other.

OK, hopefully after all that you have a sense of the rigor to which a proposed alternate theory will be subjected to. And hopefully you recognize that, at least back in the day science was science rather than SJW activism, the currently-accepted theory would not itself be the currently-accepted theory if it had not already run that gauntlet, going up against an older theory. And so on, back to Galileo, who founded the scientific method. (Before that, it was pure theory, pure thought experiment, rarely if ever checked against reality.)

OK, so on to more Special Relativity.

The Doppler Effect

Imagine, if you will, that I am now stepping onto a moving soapbox (so your eyes can start twitching now if they want to).

But for now I’m going to move at a fairly sedate speed, about 76.7 miles per hour, one tenth the speed of sound (at sea level, on a “standard” day with standard temperature and air pressure). And let us assume the air is perfectly still with respect to the ground (which means this is not Wyoming or anywhere on the Great Plains). So I am moving at that speed through the air.

This speed is also 34.288 meters per second. And the speed of sound under these circumstances is 342.88 meters per second.

I strike something with a hammer. The sound from this radiates outward from where the hammer fall happened, at 342.88 m/s, in an ever expanding circle. But it does so through the air, not relative to me. After the first second, the sound has gone 342.88 meters but I have also moved 34.288 meters, so the sound wave in front of me is only 342.88 – 34.288 = 308.592 meters ahead of me. Similarly, the sound wave directly behind me is 342.88 + 34.288 = 376.168 meters away. If at that instant I strike with the hammer again, there will now be two sound waves, expanding outward. They won’t be concentric, the smaller, later wave’s center is 34.288 meters away from the center of the larger, earlier wave.

If you are standing directly in front of me, you will hear the first hammer blow at some time, then you will hear the second hammer blow. But you will not hear them a second apart. Remember that the forward edges of the waves are 308.592 meters apart, not 342.88 meters apart, and that corresponds to a difference of 0.9 seconds.

If I continue with the hammer blows, one second apart, you will hear hammer blows every 0.9 seconds. If you turn that into a frequency, it’s 1 / 0.9 = 1.11111111… hertz (Leftist lurkers: keep writing ones until I grow tired).

If someone else is standing behind me, they will hear hammer blows every 1.1 seconds, for a frequency of 0.90909090 hertz (and the somewhat more intelligent Leftist lurkers can take on the more intellectually challenging job of writing alternating zeros and nines until I grow tired).

A sustained tone is simply many, many pulses every second, and the same thing happens to them as to my hammer blows one second apart. Their spacing gets reduced by one tenth (for people in front of me) or increased by one tenth (for people behind me). That in turn increases/decreases the frequency by 1/9.

This shows something moving at 0.7 times the speed of sound (not 0.1) but it gives you the general idea. the wave fronts are closer together in front of the moving source, further apart behind it. Someone standing at the left or right edge of the diagram will experience very different frequencies than the source is putting out.

This affect was first noticed by lots of people when trains would pass through towns, and blow the train whistle as they went by. They’d hear a certain pitch as the train approached, then the pitch would drop as the train went past, and the train receding into the distance would be blowing a lower note on its whistle. Many thought the engineers were playing some trick with the whistle, but they weren’t (train engineers had better things to do than to make sure they trolled absolutely everyone they saw along the side of the track, with their whistle).

To put this more mathematically:

fheard = ( c / (c + vs) ) femitted

Vs is the velocity of the source through the medium, c is how fast the waves propagate through the medium. Vs should be treated as a positive number if the source is moving away from you, negative if it’s moving toward you. So in our example where vs is 1/10th the speed of sound, c /(c+vs) reduces to 1/1.1 for a source moving away from you, and whatever the frequency I blow, you’ll hear a frequency 0.90909090 times that.

A similar analysis gives a slightly different result if the source is stationary but you are moving towards or away from it:

fheard = ( (c + vr) / c ) femitted

You end up dividing by c/(c+vr) instead of multiplying by it, or alternatively, multiplying by (c+vr)/c, and vr is the receiver’s velocity through the medium, positive when you move toward the source. So if YOU are standing still and making the note and I am travelling towards you on my magic mach 0.1 soapbox, I will hear a frequency 1.1 times what you made, traveling away from you I’d hear a lower pitched frequency, 0.9 times as much.

There is a more general formula covering the case where both you and the source are moving through the medium, at different speeds, but it’s not important here. I’ll give it to you anyway.

fheard = ( (c + vr) / (c + vs) ) femitted

It sort of looks like a combination of the two others, doesn’t it? If you think about it, the two other formulas come from this one, if you set either the receiver’s velocity to zero, or the source’s.

Things get much more interesting if you move at the speed of sound, or faster than it, or if the source and the recipient are not moving directly towards or away from each other.

OK, now to look at special relativity.

Light has a frequency, that frequency, if it’s one our eyes can detect, is a color. Higher frequencies look blue or even purple, lower frequencies will look orange or red.

Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if a light source is moving towards you, it would look bluer, and if moving away, it would look redder?

Yes that makes sense. But wait a minute!

Light doesn’t propagate through a medium. It simply propagates. So all that stuff up above where I derived the Doppler formulae under the assumption that sound propagates through a medium and its your speed relative to the medium that affects what you hear…is crap when applied here.

But nevertheless, light does do Doppler shift. It just doesn’t do so quite the same way. The formula won’t involve your speed relative to the medium (which doesn’t exist), but rather go directly to your speed relative to the source, since that’s the only thing that could possibly matter. There won’t be two velocities built into this, but rather just the relative velocity between the two.

Now it’s:

fseen = [ sqrt( 1 – v2/c2 ) / 1 + v/c ] femitted

v is positive if the seer and emitter are moving away from each other, negative if they are moving toward each other.

Note that our old friend sqrt(1-v2/c2) shows up again, but this time it’s in the numerator, so this is 1/γ this time.

fseen = femitted / γ [ 1 + v/c ]

This formula does not have to be used on just the frequency of light waves. You can apply it to any occurrence that has a regular period. For example you could be travelling away from Earth at close to light speed, and use this to see how far apart it seems that the Earth is at the same spot in its orbit. Since that’s a yearly event (by definition!) you can therefore see how often an event that happens on a certain calendar date will appear to happen from your point of view.

In particular, you can see how often Billy receives Bob’s annual messages (and vice-versa), from our “Twins Paradox” example last time. When I discussed this example, Billy was on a spacecraft headed for Sirius at v/c = 0.8, outbound for the first leg, then stopping and returning. The twins had agreed to send each other messages once a year, and due to the press of time two weeks ago I simply asserted how often the other twin would receive a message. But now we have the mathematical tool to back up my assertion.

This made γ = 1/0.6 or 5/3. 1 +v/c = 1.8, so the denominator above is (5/3)(9/5) = 9/3 = 3, so you divide the emitted frequency by 3.

So as Billy travels away from Bob, any regular pulse (like an annual message from Bob announcing Bob just got a year older) will come in at 1/3 the rate it would arrive if they two weren’t moving with respect to each other. So Billy gets the message once every three years while outbound, as I noted.

On the return trip they approach each other so now you multiply γ (still 5/3) by 1 – 0.8 = 1/5 and get 1/3 which, remember is the denominator, so multiply the once per year frequency of Bob’s messages to Billy, and see that Billy gets three of them a year not one.

Relativistic Momentum

One consequence of all of this is that, if I am watching a moving person fire a weapon, the velocities do not add up. For example, if Bob were to see Billy fire a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, straight ahead of him, and the beam from the phased plasma rifle travels at 0.5c (from Billy’s point of view), Bob will not see the beam of the phased plasma rifle moving away from him at 0.8 (Billy’s speed away from Bob) + 0.5 (velocity of the beam) = 1.3 c. Nope, no way, no how.

Velocity doesn’t add up like you’d think based on your much-slower-than-light experience.

Here’s the formula, on the left is the speed that you see as you watch someone, who is moving, fire his phased plasma rifle.

Vtotal = (vbolt + vperson) / ( 1 + vperson vbolt / c2 ).

Vtotal is the total velocity you see. vperson is the velocity the person firing the rifle is moving. vbolt is the muzzle velocity of the rifle. In other words vbolt and vperson are the two velocities you are trying to add, the velocity of the person in your reference frame, and the velocity of the rifle plasma bolt, in his reference frame.

So in our example, the top is 1.3c, and the denominator is ( 1 + .4c2/c2 ) so the total velocity is 1.3/1.4 times c. Which works out to .928c. That’s how fast you’ll see the phased plasma rifle’s bolt move from your reference frame.

The formula works in such a way that any two speeds slower than light will add to another speed slower than light.

If you are dealing with situations much, much lower than the speed of light, the bottom of the formula becomes 1 and you can just add velocities like you’re used to doing, a 60 mph pitch straight ahead on a train moving at 50 mph will look like 110 mph to someone watching the train go by. It will be very very very (immeasurably) slower than 110 mph in fact.


But if you cannot add velocities, then you also cannot simply add momenta (momentums) because momentum is simply the mass of the object times its velocity. Indeed momentum itself doesn’t seem to be conserved in collisions!

However, there’s such a thing as relativistic momentum, which is conserved. It’s essentially our old friend γ times the classical momentum. Which means, of course, that at very low speeds, it looks just like the momentum we are used to and that momentum therefore looks to be conserved.

Even F = ma gets called out. Doing a unit analysis, force is mass times distance over time squared. But mass times distance over time (without squaring it) is momentum, so force can be thought of as momentum over time. We already have a relativistic momentum, so now just by dividing by time we have a relativistic force.

Force, of course, allowed to operate over a distance without being balanced out, is work. You can, through some rather messy algebra (which my college physics text…you guessed it…left as an exercise for the student), get from there to a formula for relativistic kinetic energy.

This is:

Ek = γmc2 – mc2

If an object is not moving, γ is one, and the kinetic energy is zero. We can sanity check this for very low speeds by using an approximation for γ which is that γ is approximately 1 + 1/2 v2/c2…. with the further terms all vanishingly small.

Plug that value of gamma into the equation above and you get:

Ek = (1 + 1/2 v2/c2) mc2 – mc2

Multiply out the first term:

Ek = mc2 + (1/2 v2/c2) mc2 – mc2

The first mc2 and the last one cancel each other out. The middle term’s two c2s cancel each other out as well which leaves you with the familiar:

Ek = 1/2 mv2

So again we see a case where a familiar classical formula is equal (to within an immeasurably small amount) to the relativistic formula for the same thing, at very low speed.

Our situation as people who move very slowly compared to light is just a special case, and classical mechanics only holds true in that special case. It’s close enough, in fact, that for daily life you can just ignore the special relativity aspect of things. Which Galileo, Newton, et. al. did do, out of not knowing it was there.

Returning to our formula for relativistic kinetic energy:

Ek = γmc2 – mc2

The first term has γ, which in turn has a dependency on velocity. The second term does not depend on velocity; it’s a sort of energy that just depends on the mass of the object.

In fact mc2 is now called the “rest energy”.

If you add the rest energy of some particle to the kinetic energy of that particle, the mc2s cancel out and the total energy is simply

E = Ek + Erest = γmc2

But of course, unless you just arrived here from the nineteenth century (or earlier) by time machine, you recognized the rest energy formula right off the bat:

Erest = mc2

Interestingly that famous formula is only half of the real formula for total energy.

But it does imply that even a totally stationary mass has energy locked up in it.

HOw much energy? 1kg times the speed of light, times the speed of light. Which is 1kg x 299,792,458m/s x 299,792,458m/s = 89,875,517,873,681,764 joules, 89 quadrillion joules, still slightly more than our national debt. Ten million 100 watt light bulbs could be run for 89,875,517 seconds with this energy; that’s almost exactly 2.85 years! A billion watts for three years!! Out of one lousy kilogram of mass.

Of course, we don’t know how to convert all of any mass into energy.

But pretty much any time we release chemical or nuclear energy, we convert some of that mass into energy. Chemical reactions release so little energy per kilogram (compared to this ridiculously huge number) that we can’t actually measure the mass change. But nuclear reactions do have a measurable effect on mass, as we shall begin to see when my narrative returns to the atom next time.

As I pointed out previously, this throws the conservation of mass into the toilet. Since mass can turn into energy (and vice versa), we now have a conservation of mass-energy. To be honest though, many physicists simply think of matter as just another form of energy, and talk about the conservation of energy without qualification since energy is seen to include matter now.

Now I’ll be honest with you that derivation seems to me like a lot of hand waving. At the end you just added the thing you were subtracting out back in and called it “rest mass.” But there is no real doubt any more, “rest energy” is real. We see it turn up every time we look inside the atom.

Revisiting Electromagnetism

Recall that Einstein’s original paper on relativity was titled “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.” We haven’t even mentioned electricity and how it behaves at these velocities, though.

Einstein got all of this stuff by looking at electromagnetism, not from trying to figure out why Michelson-Morley got a null result.

Remember from last time: “If you move a coil of wire through a stationary magnetic field, a current is induced in the wire. The problem is, if you looked at it from the point of view of the wire, the effect is due to an electrical force. But from the point of view of the magnet, the effect is due to a magnetic force.”

So, two different reference frames, each getting a difference in the mechanism for getting the current flowing in the wire. This looks like a contradiction, and it worried a lot of people at the end of the nineteenth century. But it turns out that if you bring relativity into play, it gets resolved.

The too long, didn’t read is that magnetism will turn out to be electricity–with relativistic effects.

I’ll illustrate that with an example; this is going to force you to remember a lot of electromagnetism.

Imagine a long, straight wire carrying a current. You’re sighting down that wire, looking in the same direction as the current. The wire is running past your eye and diving into your computer screen, so the current flows into the screen.

(And remember that current is treated as if it were a positive charge moving, not an negative charge, so in reality the electrons are coming toward you. [And gee, it’s nice not to have to talk about “electrical fluid” any more.])

Even though current is flowing, there is as much negative charge in any part of the wire as positive charge. There’s no net electric charge, and therefore there is no electric field.

However, every current creates a magnetic field, In this case, it runs in rings around the wire according to the right hand rule. Orient your right thumb in the direction of the current (which, remember, is defined based on notional positive charges moving, so it’s in the opposite direction of the motion of the electrons). The fingers of your right hand point in the direction of the magnetic field. Thus from your vantage point the magnetic field lines run in clockwise circles around the wire. To the left of the wire they run upwards, to the right, downwards.

OK, so imagine a positive test charge sitting near the wire, to the right of it as seen by you. If it’s stationary with respect to the wire, it just sits there. There’s no electric field, so it’s not being pulled towards (or pushed away from) the wire. And it’s not moving through the magnetic field so no F = qv x B because v is zero.

OK, now imagine that test charge moving, away from you, into the computer screen. Now we have a velocity, and qv is a vector pointing into the screen. But, where the test charge is, the magnetic field points straight down. Use the right hand rule, and the test charge feels a force towards the wire thanks to its interaction with the magnetic field, created by the flowing current.

So: send the positive test charge alongside the current, it gets drawn toward the wire by the magnetic field induced by the current. Still with me?

OK, let’s back up. Let’s run this scenario again, but momentarily forget the magnetic field.

The notional particles carrying the current are positively charged, and they must have a certain spacing as they move along, if they are further apart than that spacing, then the wire would have more negative charge in a certain length than positive and the wire would have a net charge and there’d be an electric field.

Now let’s ride along with our test charge outside the wire. It is now moving closer to the speed of the current than it was when stationary. And it is now moving with respect to the negative stationary charges in the wire.

So it sees the negative charges get closer together, because of relativistic length contraction.

And it sees the positive charges get further apart, because it’s moving closer to their velocity so the length contraction that was always there, is now lessened. In fact, if the charged particle is moving at the same speed as the current, the partices making up the current are as far apart as they can be because they’re at rest in the postive charge’s frame of reference.

If you crowd the negative charges in the wire closer together and space the positive charges further apart, which is what our moving test charge sees, now the wire does have an electrical field, one due to a net negative charge in the wire. The positive test charge is now attracted to the negative wire by an electric field.

How much is it attracted to the wire? Exactly as much as the magnetic field did when we looked at our test charge as if it were moving through a magnetic field.

They are, in fact, the same effect! A magnetic field is just what someone sees due to relativity acting on distributions of electrical particles.

Note, we got this by applying length contraction to the charges in the wire, not through the laws describing the interplay between electricity and magnetism. Length contraction, etc., must be implicit in Maxwell’s equations, but Maxwell certainly never noticed!

And thus, another thing gets explained by relativity. In fact it was the first thing to be explained–this is what Einstein was trying to solve after all, but the point is all the pieces fit together, quite nicely.

And 116 years later they still do.


The most important of these pieces is that Joe Biden didn’t win.

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Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The evil of Nancy Pelosi will be remembered for a very long time.


Only if there remains people or script that can attest to her tyranny..

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

True. And THAT is sad.


There will be.


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Ah, the first Terminator.

The most romantic movie ever made.




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I hate it when this happens….

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Cuppa Covfefe

Sounds like more than a Yogi could Bear…


Who hasn’t been paid to propagandize for the shots is a fair question.

Mitch McConnell To Air Pro-Vaccine Ads On Kentucky Radio Stations
The 60-second spot will be paid for by the Republican senator’s reelection campaign and will draw on his experience surviving polio as a child.
By Igor Bobic

A report by Axios shows how much the state has put into a social media push to get information about vaccines to Coloradans. Using $8.8 million in CARES Act funds, the state government has contracted with the Denver-based Idea Marketing to hire 126 social media influencers across diverse demographics.

Inside the $250 million effort to convince Americans the coronavirus vaccines are safe


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia is prodding all physicians to make regular social media posts promoting inoculation, even maintaining a repository of vaccine-related GIFs they can deploy. Kaiser Permanente is identifying social media heavyweights in particular communities, or “micro-influencers,” to spread pro-vaccine messages — and in some cases even offering to pay them.

There’s a lot more..too many to list

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They want it WAY TOO BAD to be sincere.

Street-corner drug-pushers can’t hold a candle to what these cretins are perpetrating.

It’s a time-tested, and classic, ploy of tyrants and wanna-be tyrants to claim that they’re taking such actions “for the safety” of those they’re trying to oppress / murder.

I haven’t any doubt we’re in WWIII.


Totally agree EmStar and no mistake, it is world wide .


IMO, there isn’t any way that it can be ORGANIC that SO many nations have hopped on board with this scam.

Mexico is one of the few major countries that seems to be balking, and that’s good – but almost every other country?

The only reasonable conclusion is that there is power BEYOND that of individual countries – pulling their strings, as it were.

And THAT is the scary part – that there is a power GREATER than any nation, than almost ALL nations – that is orchestrating this world-wide event, in near-perfect lockstep.

Who’s doing it? Who’s behind the curtain? Who controls this MASSIVE world-wide effort to bring the peoples of this planet under total and permanent subjugation?

Although those-in-the-know know … WE don’t know (yet).

I think the Redshields (central bankers, controlling 95% of the countries via financial enslavement) are the number-two.

But we haven’t identified the number-one culprit (again – yet!).

I believe it’s coming soon, though. The panicked-pace of their intended implementation of WW tyranny is becoming clear now, even to those who’ve been oblivious up until now.

The heart of evil is absolutely BLACK. This is what we’re fighting. It truly IS “Biblical” …

God wins – and we can take the greatest courage, and hope, from that.


Understanding that it is GOD who will give us the victory allows us to keep going in the face of the hellishness.

If GOD is for us WHO can be against us?


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy





But a few things on the earth or in the air could certainly help us.

We have certainly paid, equipped and trained them awfully well to sit by and do nothing.

I know, I know, they’re doing all kinds of super secret stuff in the background, and they’re professional charades champions, so they can’t tell us anything, they can only show us.

For four year, nine months and counting.

We entered, won and came home from WWII in less time than that.

And we didn’t even keep it a secret from he American People.

Quite the opposite.

The American People were key to the entire war winning effort.

And the good guys explained it to the People, without relying on charades or mimes or anything, they actually just told them, in addition to showing them.


You sound more and more like a troll every day.

Just saying, friend.


Cynics need answers and arent completely reliant on faith alone. Its a coordination thats needed, with some leadership and answers. He isnt trying to troll. Theres a deep frustration with it all, I cannot let myself get that far into the weeds but I get the difficulty in weathering the situation.


Not so sure. Think back.


“Not so sure. Think back.”


Think back to what?

Am I being accused of something of which I should defend myself, or did I misunderstand?


“I presume you understood you are being accused by these people of being a troll.”


I understood that it’s a possibility, so I asked for confirmation.

I have noticed that these three (and sometimes a fourth) occasionally converge on someone they disagree with, and sometimes they overdo it a bit.

But I don’t remember any of them being mean-spirited, or at least I never took it that way. And so I wouldn’t take it that way, unless they were explicit about it.

And even then, it would be hard not to tease them in response, because I don’t think they would really mean it.

Even if they did 😂

Deplorable Patriot

You noticed. Good.


How about we don’t go after Scott and we don’t call people’s opinions “delusional fantasies.”


I don;t think they are delusional fantasies, I think they are hope. And hope is a two-edged sword.

I, too, want to hope. But my ever-logical and relentless mind finds little hope in our current situation.

I feel like Mulder did about aliens…

I want to believe.


It can, yes.


Thanks a million for this. I feel the same but couldn’t find the words.
Sometimes the timeline gets me…Biblically the “saving” might be centuries. We keep expanding the ‘when it all started going evil’ and it’s been many decades and no saving happening yet.
I’m getting less able to reconcile our timeframe and God’s.


Man plans, God laughs.

“Let go and let God” is what the AA people say. Saying it and believing in it is one thing, actually DOING it is actually another!

It’s a daily, sometimes hourly, struggle for me, which I frequently lose.

Deplorable Patriot

I’m not going to “go after” Scott. It’s pointless.


“I’m not going to “go after” Scott. It’s pointless.”


Maybe I’m just playing hard to get, you don’t know…

Don’t give up so easy 👍😘😁


For awhile now…I keep quiet. 😀


From Day 1 on my part. And I have never been quiet about it.


“From Day 1 on my part. And I have never been quiet about it.”


That’s why you’re like my sidekick, my favorite rake-stepper 👍😁


We didn’t “win” WWII, Scott.

We only *apparently* “won”.

I’d hoped you’d have figured that out by now.

After WW2 was “over”, General Patton said:

“[W]e defeated the wrong enemy.”

Senator Joseph McCarthy was RIGHT, in the 1950’s, about communist infiltration into America. He got smeared.

Eisenhower warned against the megalithic “military industrial complex” in 1961.

JFK was RIGHT, about “infiltration”, rather than “invasion”, and all the secret societies – it’s a famous clip.

The Clowns executed “Operation Paper Clip”, to SAVE as many Nah! Z’s as practicable – especially those who did IN-HUMAN experimentation, following Mengele.

Disney – and Hollyweird in general – have been exploiting children for many decades – both before AND after WWII.

Need more? Try researching for yourself. I know a GREAT place to start – well, it’s also a TIME.

October 28, 2017.

It’s be Kewl if you start there, and then.

What tree is this?


We didn’t “win” WWII, Scott.
We only *apparently* “won”.
I’d hoped you’d have figured that out by now.”


Is that a ‘faith alone’ statement, am I only allowed to visit the club so long as I accept the foundational principles of “the faith”?

You know just how sensitive I am to peer pressure.

I was hoping you would know that as a general statement, we did ‘win’ WWII, certainly from the standpoint of the cessation of military battles, and certainly from the standpoint of U.S. world economic dominance for the following 50 years.

So it wasn’t nothing.

And ALL of that, from the moment the first bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbor, to the time the last of our combat troops came home, was as I said, LESS than the time that has already elapsed between the time DJT took office and today.


“After WW2 was “over”, General Patton said:
“[W]e defeated the wrong enemy.”

Did he specify who the ‘right’ enemy was, or was he a secret mime and charade professional like all our current white hat spooks?


“Senator Joseph McCarthy was RIGHT, in the 1950’s, about communist infiltration into America. He got smeared.”

I know that. What does that have to do with why our military has allowed a foreign hostile adversary to take over our government?

Or if they didn’t take over our government, then who is running our government?

How long does this farce go on, before you consider the possibility that the reddest pill of all is that there is no one coming to the rescue, and we’re on our own?


“Eisenhower warned against the megalithic “military industrial complex” in 1961.”

Yes, I know. What does that have to do with the specific, current situation we are dealing with right now, in other words, how does Eisenhower’s quote help us to confront and defeat the enemy he warned us against?


“JFK was RIGHT, about “infiltration”, rather than “invasion”, and all the secret societies – it’s a famous clip.”

Yes, it’s so famous even I’ve seen it. What does that have to do with NOW, and what we do about NOW?


“The Clowns executed “Operation Paper Clip”, to SAVE as many Nah! Z’s as practicable – especially those who did IN-HUMAN experimentation, following Mengele.”

I love story time, and these are all good ones, I know them well. What do any of them have to do with anything we are dealing with NOW?

As a mental exercise, put yourself in a trench in WWI, at night, and the Germans are advancing on our position.

You’re regaling me with anecdotes about Kaiser Wilhelm and Napoleon and Rothschild, while I’m pointing at the Nazi who is about 30 feet away from us, crawling on his belly.

I love your stories, but the Nazi is close enough now that I can see his face, and in the quiet of the night your voice travels quite a bit further than the distance from our position and the German crawling towards us.

And I can tell from the expression on his face that he doesn’t care about your vast knowledge of everything that has led up to this moment in time, where he is crawling toward you on his belly with a knife in his teeth.

I don’t think he’s here for story time.

And now he’s just 20 feet away.

So what I would like to know, is what you intend to do, when he gets here.

Because our military bugged out.

They’re on a transgender safari retreat.

Unless you have some evidence to the contrary?


“Disney – and Hollyweird in general – have been exploiting children for many decades – both before AND after WWII.”

Yeah I know, you don’t have to recite The Tell of Captain Walker to me, I’ve heard it enough times that I get the gist of it.

What I never hear discussed, is what we’re going to DO about it.

Imagine if after Pearl Harbor, Americans came together and tried to talk the Japanese to death.

Imagine if we didn’t manufacture or issue a single rifle, didn’t build a single plane, didn’t build a single ship, didn’t raise money by selling war bonds, didn’t even acknowledge that Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Instead, we just learned how to mime, and developed an extensive vocabulary of code-talk for the initiated to recognize each other, who know the back story of how Pearl Harbor happened, and what the plans of the Axis Powers are, and how those plans are being carried out every day.

But we never actually DID anything about it, we just talked.

How do you think that would have turned out?

Because it looks like that’s the strategy we’re using right now, and I have a strong sense that the enemy — any enemy, at any time in history — would like nothing better than for their target to do nothing besides turn into masters of the analysis of their own demise.

At some point, someone has to stop the rape in progress, because the rapers never stop themselves.

That means either a professional military is going to stop them (e.g., Myanmar), or it means We the People are going to have to do it, if our military — the most powerful military in the world — took a powder.

If you have any genuine concern about the future at all, then figuring out whether the military is going to do anything, or whether we’re on our own, has to be awfully close to the front burner.

If it is your contention that the military is going to show up some day (it has been 9 months and counting since the election was stolen with assistance from our chief adversary on the planet), what evidence do you have to support that belief?

Will you not share THAT with us, instead of our version of The Tell of Capt. Walker?

And if it is your contention that we’re on our own, then what are we waiting for to happen?

I’m pretty sure we can’t force the enemy into submission by bombarding him with anecdotes.

I understand that women have a natural aversion to physical conflict. As far as I know, no war has ever been initiated, declared or fought by women.

Of all the things which women seem to want equality with men, I hope man’s capacity for war is never one of them.

But our enemies are not women, and they are not led by women.

And I understand that women are the majority of most online forums like this one, and I understand that generally speaking, women are better at talking (communicating) than men, which is why women often dominate forums like this one.

But a Communist with a gun doesn’t care about your words (or mine).

He’s crawling toward our trench line.

He’s only about 15 feet away now.

What are you going to do when he gets here?

And why are we waiting for him to attack us first anyway?


Can we id any real leaders on our side? No one is really saying tyranny. Theyre afraid to it seems. and im sitting here with my son watching a Harry Potter movie. A more entertaining metaphor for the worlds situation. They still end up not wanting to cause pain and yet it happens anyway.
We are lucky atm that we can debate and also need to have hard conversations about where we will end up.
Some people are afraid of the reality and others will not discuss it on a forum for security reasons.
No matter what though, it comes diwn in the end to personal safety and your own red line.
All I can “hope” is that enough of us can stand together where and when it counts.


“Some people are afraid of the reality and others will not discuss it on a forum for security reasons.”


They can’t arrest everybody, so the more people there are who speak out, the safer it is, for everybody.

Maybe call it The Spartacus Principle 😁


No they cant, like russia they tried and used other means, but we still have si many freedoms that yes, we should speak up when we feel the need. Leaders, we need more.
I saw this today. Here is someone in Scotland who gets it. Need more!



That was GREAT, thank you giloo! 👍


Yw. I thought youd appreciate. Citizen free press ended up posting it so i figured people here would like it. I reposted on top of Sundays for everyone else. Have a nice day.


Oh, he is fantastic! Thank you for posting. I could listen to him talk all day.


It did take me a few times to figure out what “turney” (tyranny) was, because of the thick accent 😁


Lol! I was raised in the Appalachian South. He sounds perfectly normal to me!


I was just trying to sound it out, maybe t’rny would have been a better way to write it.

It wasn’t until about the third time he said it that I understood it.

I have a similar problem with song lyrics. Regularly there is some word or even a couple of words together (as they are being sung) that I just have no idea what the singer is saying, until I look up the lyrics online.

Then it makes sense (usually) 😁


Totally agree with your analysis (and metaphor), as I have all along, with this caveat: all of us to some degree are guessing.

No disrespect toward anyone intended whatsoever by this following remark, but I will say this: it is impossible for me to comprehend how a reasonable person could think you are, or might be, a troll.

There is a lot in what you say in passing about other subjects relating to site dynamics, which I do not want to discuss.

Several months ago Steve wrote a brilliant post which I found to be very “hard” but very compassionate, essential pointing out the unreality of aspects of the pure Q pov. IMO it was something we needed to hear and consider.

Similarly, your well written and often entertaining posts are, IMO, something we need to hear and consider. They strike me as being most probably true, and so I might consider them more affirmatively than many.

But they can be considered by anybody without suspecting any nefarious ulterior motive, especially because you have so consistently (and often eloquently) agreed in detail with everyone else here on the evil which actually confronts us.


Tonawanda, thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated! 👍


“Need more? Try researching for yourself. I know a GREAT place to start – well, it’s also a TIME.
October 28, 2017.
It’s be Kewl if you start there, and then.”


I found out about Q on October 29th or 30th of 2017, and I kept up with Q all the way until Q stopped posting.

Which was a long time ago.

I realize this is an emotional issue for many people, and as such, appeals to logic and reason tend to aggravate many of those same people.

It is not my intention to aggravate, or annoy.

I’m doing what I always do, asking questions, in a variety of different ways.

Q hasn’t posted anything since December 8th of 2020, or about 8 months.

The military has allowed someone who is clearly and obviously not the lawfully elected leader to occupy the position of the presidency for 7 months.

Not 7 minutes, or 7 hours, or even 7 days.

Seven months.

This ought to be concerning to any rational human being.

We have played ‘move the goal posts’ since DJT was elected. This results in plenty of contention among patriots and supporters, naturally.

Like most problems, there is a simple way to resolve the ‘moving goal post’ problem.

There has to be a ‘good till’ expiration date, when wished-for outcomes must be set aside. What that date is is debatable, but there has to be one.

Even the most ardent true believer (in whatever rescue is expected to take place) has to acknowledge that if 20 more years go by and nothing has changed, then the military was never coming, and we’ve been had.

At SOME point — if we reach it and nothing has substantially changed — we will have to admit we were wrong, or we’re just the opposite side of the Democrat coin, living in our own form of denial.

Clearly we can’t wait 20 years to reach that conclusion, and it’s hard to imagine anyone would argue otherwise.

Or even 10 years.

Or even 5 years. As discussed above, we entered, won and returned home from WORLD WAR in less time than that.

Pearl Harbor was on December 7th, 1941. The Nazis surrendered to the Allies on May 7th, 1945. That is THREE years and five months, start to finish.

The Japanese surrendered on September 2, 1945. That is just under THREE YEARS and NINE months, start to finish.

By comparison, we haven’t even arrested anyone yet, unless you count Kevin Clinesmith, who really took a brutal beating in the just-us system. Community service and time served (nothing), if I recall.

It has already been longer than WWII since Trump took office. I know it’s hard to remember now, but that was supposed to be our big VICTORY, because once Trump had control of the military, the criminal government’s goose was cooked.

The criminal agencies of government couldn’t defeat the United States military, they wouldn’t even try, they would run just like the criminals they are.

Remember? Hillary was finally going to prison. Hussein was going to prison. They were finally ALL going to prison (or the gas chamber), because we had accomplished the impossible — we actually WON on election day.

It was one of the best days of my life.

And then what happened?

And here we are, nearly half a decade later.

First the games began, and the delays, and we have to let this play out, and the optics would be bad for that, and this has to happen before than can happen, and ALL the BS in the whole world will be added to that plate if we allow it, all the way until the end of time.

So a line has to be drawn somewhere.

But some (understandably) don’t want to draw a line anywhere, because if the goal posts are set in concrete and that day comes and goes without any change in status, then they will have to concede that whatever they believed was wrong.

One solution to that problem is an open-ended commitment that even it if takes forever, we will manage to win.

But that’s not real or honest.

We’re already well past the amount of time it took to engage and win WWII, and what do we have to show for it so far?

I’m not trying to demoralize anyone by pointing out the truth, quite the opposite. How can we ever get to a point of making actual progress, if we don’t acknowledge that what we’re currently doing isn’t working?

So what date would those who counsel further waiting like to set?

It has already been nearly half a decade.

How many more years before we see some visible, tangible, undeniable progress?

It’s a fair question, isn’t it?

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

It is also interesting to me how Scott has had not an iota of disrespect or abuse toward other posters, and never fails to actually address points of contention. To my mind, that is significant in assessing his posts.


He is ever-cheerful and never disrespectful. He is questioning and that is uncomfortable.


Questioning is also a much softer or gentle technique than declarative statements 👍

Not trying to make anyone uncomfortable by it, just trying to frame things in a less confrontational way, to allow for the possibility of a different response, rather than an automatic or reflexive (defensive) response.

It doesn’t always work, but at the very least, it can help to avoid a negative reaction, which in some circumstances might be the best you can do 👍


I like hard questions. It makes me think.

And you’re welcome!


And thank you! 👍😁


“It is also interesting to me how Scott has had not an iota of disrespect or abuse toward other posters,”


That part’s easy, I like everybody here, and we’re all on the same side 👍

It’s a whole different ballgame when I’m on an enemy forum (rarely), or a forum where there are lots of Lefties to fight with, like Breitbart.

Or at least that’s how it used to be, I haven’t been there in a while 😁


Yes. Very fair.


Yes, sir, it is an eminently FAIR question. And it makes people REALLY uncomfortable.

And that’s the problem, really. I have a few “real-life” friends who are true believers, that Q had a plan, we are in it, this is a movie, etc.

And what I note in them is, it allows them to go about their everyday lives without the constant worry and anxiety for the future that I have.

I envy them. But as I have said before, my relentless, logical mind won’t leave me alone. I can’t help but see the possibility that all our “hope” may be in nothing at all.

And you are correct about needing an end-date, a line in the sand. How long do we wait to find out WHO is right?


>>”I envy them. But as I have said before, my relentless, logical mind won’t leave me alone.”<<

There are two parts to the mind (well, actually three, when counting the connection between the two):

the “left” side, which is the creative half (the “yes” – belief, faith, trust, creating [art, music, literature, and more], and

the “right” side, which is the destructive half (the “no” – reason, analysis, logic, science).

Getting the two to work together is very difficult – and most people have more ability (sometimes MUCH more) in one side than the other.

I began with a potent left-side; knowing this, I consciously decided to work on my weakness (by comparison), the right-side.

As I think I’ve said here before, negation is PREDICATIVE. The “no” of destructivity requires the “yes” of creativity – beforehand – to negate.

Creation comes FIRST; therefore, it is greater in *quality* (independent) than destruction (dependent).

In the case that the white-hat military will act, then we must do our utmost to keep faith with them – this will create the maximum WIN, and the most satisfying and long-lasting WIN.

That’s why I’m all-in.

And, somewhat ironically, it’s more logical to do so! This is the essence of game-theory.

It’s also the meaning of “Future proves past.”

Food for thought – I hope it helps with the anxiety! It isn’t wrong to doubt, now and again … but when one lets that take hold as the *primary* feeling – permanent, rather than temporary – then one may wish to re-assess.

The military cannot succeed without US … and we cannot succeed without THEM. Each must have faith in the other for it to work.


I am trying hard to balance the “creative” and the “destructive.”

I am in a holding pattern.


“the “left” side, which is the creative half (the “yes” – belief, faith, trust, creating [art, music, literature, and more], andthe “right” side, which is the destructive half (the “no” – reason, analysis, logic, science).”


This makes good sense.

I had lots of confidence and trust in the military.

But then the military destroyed that trust, by allowing the Chinese Communist Party and criminal traitors in our own government to steal the election.

They just stood by and let them do it.

And not only that, but to make matters worse, they didn’t even correct their mistake.

Nine months have gone by, and there’s not a single sign that the military intends to do anything about it at all.

And the more time that goes by, the more certain that becomes.

Like momentum or inertia. There was plenty of momentum and inertia (and support) to do a Myanmar dance on the Deep State’s face right after the election.

But now?

Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.

Our military has been resting for a long time now since the election.

Very well rested, they are.


I think we are all just hanging on in whatever ways we can. This is so anxiety-producing for me that I am simply walling off and waiting.

My dad always said “hide and watch,” so I am heeding that advice.


And please, keep asking your uncomfortable questions. It’s important that they be asked, and not everyone will have the fortitude to risk the blowback to ask them.


I have a home-made blowback deflector.

It’s sort of like the deflector they use on aircraft carriers, to block jet thrust before take off 👍 😂

comment image


Lol! Liking the image of you in a wind tunnel!


The purple screw? Careful now, remember who you’re talking to! Lol!

Cuppa Covfefe

The interview Ronald Bernard, the Dutch Financier, explains the levels ABOVE the “red shields”. There are 7.5 Billion of us, but only about seven thousand of them.

The interviews are in Dutch, with English subtitles, which are extremely accurate, according to my Dutch-speaking friends (and other reviews).
In the first video he explains the “network”… the vids are well worth the time to watch, and EXTREMELY informative. Also as to what goes on at that level. Money embargoes (e.g. Iran)? No problem. They can be gotten around, even without pallets of cash…..

Here are all the Ronald Bernard videos with English subtitles (there are five, plus an FAQ) from the interviewer’s channel: (replace underscores with periods) (Hope sausage-squisher doesn’t do it automatically…)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Ronald Bernard – FAQs


Thank you. These are strikingly profound.


I thought there was only 1

Cuppa Covfefe

Originally there was only one, basically the first two of these interviews. Then they expanded (and overdubbed) the material, adding another four or so interviews, and an FAQ. In addition, there’s a YouTube Channel now.

The original video has a transcript (I downloaded that onto another PC, I could post it if anyone wants it); not sure if these do. Ronald Bernard is still active in his projects, and has been through a TON of hardship. Well worth watching. There are probably transcripts, but I just wanted to put these up, as they give a REAL picture of what the Cabal is up to, and just how EVIL they are…


Thanks for posting these, Cuppa.

I watched only a part of the first interview (15-20 min?), quite a while back – and because I knew mostly where it was going, I did myself a favor and bailed.

One cannot go down ALL the rabbit holes, and keep ones sanity / perspective.

There are some dangers a man must flee (channeling Faramir …).

Cuppa Covfefe

You HAVE to go on to around 25 mins or so… that’s where he says what REALLY goes on at those meetings… stunning, tragic, and eye-opening. As SD used to say, and Wolf does now, DO NOT LOOK AWAY…

Cuppa Covfefe

Honestly everyone, this describes TO A “T” what the “Deep State” and their minions are about.

PLEASE, if you only watch just one of these videos, watch this first one.

Ephesians 6:10-18 in real time.

He didn’t believe it until he was asked to go to a meeting where a child sacrifice was to be done. And then he realized just exactly what was going on, and just how evil these people are.

Until we see and realize what we are up against, we won’t assemble the tools (and allies) we need to fight this. And above all, prayer.

Note also that he talks about psychology and “manipulating sheep” as part of his (former) job. Just as they are doing now with KungFlu…


Amen. People just don’t want to accept the truth.

Cuppa Covfefe

Oh, and speaking of Faramir, here’s something from the comments of a twitter upthread 🙂 (a few f-bombs, etc.) (the gif, drat…):

Last edited 1 year ago by Cuppa Covfefe

Ty then.


It makes me wonder immediately why DeepStatetube has left these videos up, and why this guy hasn’t been silenced.

They routinely Arkancide people with far less knowledge than Ronald Bernard, people who don’t even speak about their knowledge publicly.

Cuppa Covfefe

When you look at the levels at which he operated, he could probably cause a few *cough* problems and then some were he to release any deeper info (e.g. names)… And if you listen to all of the videos, there’s a lot more to this…

And these are one other sites as well; the interview was done by a famous Dutch interviewer, so they can’t just squash these out of hand…

But of course, blow these off if you will. There are other reports and victims/reporters of the same…


“But of course, blow these off if you will. There are other reports and victims/reporters of the same…”


I’m not saying that he isn’t telling the truth, I just reflexively wonder why the people he could expose haven’t silenced him, and why these same people, who control the enemy platform (youtube) haven’t removed the videos.

Considering they have no hesitancy to silence people or remove videos that merely contradict their narrative — much less expose them — whenever it suits them.


I’m guessing that the utube nazis weren’t doing a deep dive considering it had illuminati in the title..you know that’s just for the flat earth crowd, not worth their attention


“I’m guessing that the utube nazis weren’t doing a deep dive considering it had illuminati in the title..you know that’s just for the flat earth crowd, not worth their attention”


That’s plausible, except I expect they have algorithms that do all the work, automatically transcribe all videos, automatically do word searches on all transcripts, and red flag those with even 1/100th of the key words inherent to any discussion like the one in those Ronald Bernard videos.

Cuppa Covfefe

Which are in Dutch…..


“Which are in Dutch…..”


I’m not sure why that would make a difference. Certainly Goog/youtube has voice-to-text translator programs for most if not every language spoken on earth.

Military grade, not the consumer grade stuff like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Even more, there is a text transcript at youtube for this video.

Click on the three dots (…) to the right of “save”, below the video, to the right of center screen. Select ‘transcript’ from the drop down menu.

It’s in dutch, but GoogleTranslate will translate it.

This should be easy stuff for Big Tech.

Plus it is translated into English for the subtitles on the video itself.

Certainly Goog/Youtube has technology now to read text in memes, photos and other ways people used to get around their auto-censors.

It’s a short step from there to analyzing text in videos, and the subtitles may be separate file uploaded to youtube, which would simplify everything.

Gail Combs

Remember France pulled HCQ from over-the-counter JUST BEFORE the plandemic was ‘announced’ and then threatened the French Doctor, Didier Raoult:
Esteemed French Dr. Didier Raoult Testifies Person Behind Death Threats He Received Is Top Doctor Linked to Gilead Pharmaceuticals

French High Council for Public Health stopped the use of HCQ.

…the World Health Organization and France reacted immediately. WHO stopped a study of the drug and it took French Health Minister Olivier Véran only one day after the publication by The Lancet to ask the French High Council for Public Health (HCSP) to decide whether hydroxychloroquine should continue to be allowed to be prescribed in hospitals to COVID-19 patients. HCSP came back with its answer on May 26: all prescriptions in this context should be stopped, it said.



That was when I knew it was going to be very, very bad.


Polio affected McConnell’s left leg at the age of 2. According to his autobiography, he had access to the same facility that FDR had.

He said he had to spend 2 years without walking, all the while being forced to endure relentless leg exercises. Finally, at age 4 he was pronounced cured and was completely recovered.

I just found his blasted book again. One of the grandkids left it on the floor. I will have to go through the rest of it now. Ugh.


Obvious what the turtle is trying to do here, but equally obvious that Polio Vaccines and Vaccines to stop a virus in the middle of a pandemic are not at all the same things.





Absolutely! This is why my trust in them is completely broken.


Broken ? I’d say blown to smithereens !

Do they still accept that we’re human beings ?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Bezmenov was RIGHT!!! The brainwashing is AMAZING.


Getting us ready for Transhumanism?

Cuppa Covfefe

I think the greens and the DEMONRATS are aiming for subhumanism… 🙁

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OMG. Wins the Comment Contest for today.


Ama is a political body. You must know these things to provide proper care, etc. This is crazy.

Cuppa Covfefe

A merican
M isanthropics
A nonymous

A llowing
M oloch
A ccess



These people are so damned stupid.


…and irritating. I’m nosy and want to know about this last picture. I’m assuming that’s the magazine cover


Not sure. That may just be a copyright/ID thing. That looks like a typical section where partygoers are photographed for the gossip column. Very typical.

Cuppa Covfefe

D.C. crook Paid-off-Politico posing with Sum Ting Wong…


I did some research on him the other day, and I believe that is most likely his wife. Her name is Hsin Yi Wang, aka Victoria Wang.
Can you believe this shit?


Not knowing the context either. However seeing the tattoo on the guys neck. Is that an early picture? The tattoo may of been in the early stages (then again does he have a tattoo on both sides? This one is the wrong side, but there appears a dark image just beginning on the other side). Yeah this cop guy is off. I think were seeing a lot of hints that cop is not who he is purported to be.

Last edited 1 year ago by para59r

I believe he does have tats on both sides of his neck.

I can’t believe that would be allowed on a Capitol Hill policeman.


Seems Wheatiewoo has added to this further up the thread. Definitely him, with tattoos on both side of his neck.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That picture…..

comment image


*IF that’s a spiderweb tattoo on his neck (which it looks like it could be) he really went the extra mile to blend in with skinheads or convicts…Odd that a Capitol LEO would need or want that type of tatt



Is his wife, as I posted up above. Hsin-Yi Wang, aka Victoria Wang, aka Hsinyi Fanone. Can’t make this shit up.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



High five to this lady !

Cuppa Covfefe

Charlie Brown would be proud 🙂



Show them how fucking ridiculous they are! Good for her!


Guys…what’s this?


Just asking. Nothing seems terrible, just wondering how Stew went from bounty hunter in 2019 to what he’s doing now. Does anyone know if he’s addressed this info? I don’t necessarily trust From Rome. They may be a honeypot.

Cuppa Covfefe

There is so much CRUD flying about to discredit MAGA folks and patriots that I don’t trust ANYTHING out there.

As the release of audit results approaches, the increase of misinformation, disinformation, and OUTRIGHT DEMONIC (and DEMONRAT) LIES will be asymptotic. In other words, “to infinity, and beyond” with their lies…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yeah, everything needs side-eye right now.

But I think this discred it tied to him having Karen Kingston on.

I know her type – she’s an honest scientist – trouble for Big Pharma.

She differentiates between her suspicions and her facts, and her facts are going to really send Big Pharma into trouble.


New Political Moonshine article:

A Beholden and Bad Bill Barr Betrayed the Boss
July 31, 2021

Intro: “A beholden and bad Bill Barr, the former two-term U.S. Attorney General and point man for the Department of Justice who was first appointed by George H.W. Bush and later served as the replacement for a beleaguered and recused Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States for President Donald J. Trump, betrayed his boss – President Trump.

More recently, we have the capstone piece of evidence that galvanizes and finalizes our position on Barr, which had been controversial and hotly contested in the backdrop of Moonshine; and with some in our group having previously held faith in him.

Barr led us to some infighting but I do all of the work, reading, researching, writing, etc. – literally all of what appears at Moonshine – so that work prevailed resulting in the earlier notions that Barr was somehow situated for good being dispatched forever and for cause.

I also wish those guys had been right because coming down on the right side of the Bill Barr line means coming down on the wrong side of what America needs and needed. Tragic falls short of appropriate, here.

Moving forward, we’re latching on to federalism, compromise, infiltration and prosecutorial discretion as you’ll see and come to understand. All of these will hammer beholden and bad Bill’s nail straight into the board and entirely so.

In a bedrock of long established and exclusive work, we have the evidence to this end and it presents in spades. Collectively, it leaves precisely zero room for alternative explanations on Barr. There’s no doubt about it and the picture is crystalline and presents with unmatched clarity. A beholden and bad Bill Barr betrayed the boss. It starts there and unfortunately, it ended there. At least for now.”

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. Bill Barr is a VERY tough call.


I disagree.

Happy to be PROVEN wrong about Bloated Bill. Don’t think I ever will be.

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Its not just Australia.
He is right.

Avi Yemini 🇦🇺🇮🇱 (@OzraeliAvi) Tweeted:
“A generation ago, we thought it was worth sacrificing millions of lives for the sake of preserving freedoms.

Now we throw away those freedoms for the sake of preserving lives presumably.”



CodeMonkeyZ https://t.me/s/codemonkeyz

Regarding the Cyber Symposium:

I am of the personal opinion that the PCAPs are highly unlikely to be real. However, if they are proven real, then it will be HUGE. 

I have not seen the pcap data.

For now, I recommend not getting your hopes up with the PCAPs. 

I will address this again in a few days.


Regarding the PCAPs:

I know a lot about this that I have not published yet. 

I am waiting until August 2 to discuss this publicly. 

August 2 is the final date that anything can be done about the PCAPs privately.

I don’t know what that last sentence means. I think a lot of people are skeptical about Mike Lindell’s evidence. I know Lindell has hired experts who should know what they’re looking at.

If CodeMonkey doesn’t think the PCAPs are real, maybe he can try to get the reward Lindell is offering.


Lindell put his company on the line. He is a patriot doing something most people would not. He love this country and it shows. To me he is like the founding Fathers of this country who put everything they had on the line.
I am positive he has something he listen to the experts he hired and the lawyers he hired.
I pray to God that those who advised him are that like those who advised POTUS 45 and stab him in the back.
There are not many people who would give all material possessions for this country to right a wrong.

Last edited 1 year ago by singingsoul1

Who is Code Monkey for whom does he work? Does he work for the other site?
I do not trust him. Do not know why but there is something could be me.


Others here know more, but CodeMonkeyZ is Ron Watkins. He and his father administered the site that Q posted on. I think he is definitely on our side, and he knows a lot about computer tech.


Thank you 🙂




PCAPS are packet capture. Traffic into and out of the U.S., presumably.

I think what CodeMonkey is saying is, if the ARE real, and it just comes out, that is potentially WAR with whatever country is involved.

Hence doing something “privately,” i.e. diplomatically, before the shit hits the fan.

At least, I think that’s what he means. Everyone else’s mileage may vary.


That might be what he means. I have seen posts by Seth Keshel and someone else (maybe CodeMonkey), and cthulhu here (I think), that to track the PCAPs you have to have access to either the point of origination or destination. Otherwise, if you could see that data, then all privacy on the internet could be compromised. So my understanding — which is no doubt incomplete and could be flawed — is that they’re saying that Lindell’s people have to have access to the ending or beginning point of the data breach. That goes back to what you’re saying, that to reveal a foreign country’s participation in stealing our election would be YUGE. But my impression is that CodeMonkey is casting doubt on Lindell’s having the real PCAPs. That would be disappointing.

Lindell says no one knows all of what he has, and I know the Left is worried. It should be very interesting.


You are correct in thinking that the great majority of data moving over the internet is encrypted. So you’d want to intercept it before it is encrypted or after it is unencrypted.


Yes, it will be interesting.

I think Mike Lindell is VERY smart. I don’t believe he would risk everything he has if he didn’t believe the evidence.

I guess we’ll see. I think CodeMonkey is hedging his bets.


Watkins often stirs the pot. And he’s been both right and wrong numerous times.




She is now dust off my sandals. Glad she has outted herself, tho.

Another fake con that has to GTFO.

comment image

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If you knew what the governor was going to say before she sent this tweet what advice would you have given her other than do not send it? What should have been her message to the citizens of South Dakota?


Just speaking for myself, I would like to see challenges to employers’ “rights” to force vaccines on their employees. They are violating people’s human rights. I also believe it is unconstitutional. Noem didn’t say a word about that. It was just “get another job.”


Her statement did seem to be the politician’s favorite “not my responsibility” maneuver. It would be a novel approach in these times for the government to represent the interests of the citizens.


It should be very easy for people like Noem to use their highly visible positions to deliver WITHERING sarcasm and mocking to the “experts” forcing this politically weaponized bio-terrorism upon We, the People.

If I were a Governor, I’d have these people on my communications team and writing speeches for me…


Shes getting manipulated and bad advice.She pretty much has lost focus and isnt going to win over people nationally at this point.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


In fact, at this stage, Governor Wolf Moon would make an emergency declaration that the vaccines are potentially a danger of creating immune enhancement, and would FORBID all mandates within the border of the state IMMEDIATELY. If that bothered anybody, BANNING THE VACCINES would be waved around as the alternative.



I gave up in Noem quite a while back.

Corporate whore.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

She could easily be a hard-ass bitch for the People and give the companies cover by threats that would make them drop mandates in the state. Three-way win. Why is she not doing that reflexively? I suspect her entourage is infested with RINOs now.

I do think she likes business, but she needs to be more of a flat out TOUGH/tender BITCH to them, because the left found out how to get her – through corporations. She needs to cut companies breaks where they count, but make their social engineering BURN IN HELL.

WAIT – don’t they have a huge CocaCola operation there? AYE-YI-YI. That’s it. The wokies from Coke must be wheedling her butt-boys HARD.


It’s REEEEEALLY f’n simple…


Corporate HR departments DO NOT get to induce economic coercion upon workers.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Fair to assume union(s) representing pilots are fighting injection mandates?

Saw Delta CEO saying new employees would be required to get injected. That is a pretty broad policy considering the spectrum of talent airlines maintain.


No. ALPA is thoroughly corrupt and run by democrats who sell out to the corporate suits.

That said, how this is all playing out and will be played out in my neck of the woods will be very VERY interesting to watch.


Makes sense.


Yup. I held out, but this is one too many.

Hell, DeSantis has provided the template for guvs looking to protect individual Rights from all levels of government over reach.


No kidding! “Do It Like DeSantis” should be the Republican motto.


I would tell her to resign and step down…that her soul is worth far more than what she is selling it for.




Well I think it can be assumed that she wants to be President. According to the political playbook the Chamber of Commerce is her ticket. It is an unfortunate truth that the pursuit of power is usually paid for with one’s integrity.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Chamber of Chinese Commerce is a BAD MOVE right now.

She’s got RINOs in her circle of advisers, and she needs to BOOT ‘EM fast.


This is a harsh assessment but this is how I would catalog a group of politicians.

If you have 100 politicians in a room 90 of them will already have committed criminal acts while in office. Of the 10 remaining 5 of them, before their career is over, will have joined the 90 criminals.

So Steve I believe there are 5 of every 100 actual politicians who represent the citizens who voted for them. From a probability perspective that means you have 2 standard deviations before you find an honest politician.


I label myself an optimistic realist.


Perhaps you are a rational realist and are not prone to leaps of faith like I am.


Yep. And THAT right there is exactly why she has to be thrown out of office.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly! Why isn’t she offering to cover medical insurance for anybody who gets forced out by a vaccine mandate? Woke companies will lose half their workforces. They’ll drop the mandates QUICKLY.

She don’t play chicken well.


That’s because she’s not trying to play chicken. She is a corporate whore who is doing what her corporate masters are telling her to do.

Barb Meier

I do not think suggesting finding a different job is a bad idea. It is something I consider whenever a position no longer makes me comfortable for some reason. I understand that some people feel locked into a particular sector that is more likely to require vaccines or masks, but I am trying to consider different things like doing research or analysis or finding ways to improve local news in small towns that have either lost their newspapers or rely on news from larger towns farther away. There are many more options for remote jobs than there were 15 or 20 years ago and one never knows what opportunities might turn out to be real gems.

Gail Combs

I do not think suggesting finding a different job is a bad idea. 

It is when ALL the corporations require the same vaccine mandate and that is where we are heading FAST!

Remember the Financiers aka Banksters aka Devos CONTROL most of the corporations using your mutual fund and pension funds.

SEE: The Network of Global Corporate Control


She’s in the mold of Gov. Abbott. 🤨



Oh, come on! Is it a pandemic or not? Is it dangerous or not?

I didn’t think I would be interested in the Olympics because of basketball, soccer, and other athletes dissing our country. But I have been interested in the pursuit of excellence that has not been political in a number of sports (not basketball, and not soccer). But in swimming, for example, when the athletes finish a race and are still in the pool, they hug each other and exchange words. It is similar in other sports. In gymnastics, Simone Biles and three other gymnasts were in the stands watching teammates compete. Biles removed her mask to cheer on her teammate. Athletes remove their masks to take photos. I don’t blame them for any of this; it’s just the mind-bending inconsistency between what we’re being told and what really happens. *They* think we’re stupid, and we are if we comply and fail to call them out.


It’s beginning to look like if we don’t take matters into our own hands, even with marches…something…”they” don;t give a flying flip about us merely calling them out.


Interesting tweet.

Rand Paul is not the type to simply stir the pot for no reason.



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

It is interesting.


From a timing perspective, given our expectation that the AZ audit information should be coming quite soon, it actually is very interesting.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Let’s start calling it the “Durham variant”, even more transmissible than the “Audit Variant”!


You know we’ve crossed over into a new dimension when satire is actual, real news….


Deplorable Patriot

That was my thought, actually.


They can’t help themselves, always so proud of their handiwork (probably need to enlarge to read)


This looks awfully suspicious:

“Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3 am. I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting!”

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that is how it’s supposed to work.


Those numbers.. omg

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Democrats create problems on purpose.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

HA! I love it!


Found this on Gab.

This guy was a congressional staffer…?

comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This is getting good. I think he’s a PHONY run by MAFIA NAN.


That page link above? It’s been REMOVED.

This guy is a RINGER. FAKE. PLANT.

They covered those tattoos on Jan. 6. I’d bet good money on that. Infiltrator.


Who is Michael Fanone’s wife?According to reports, Fanone was previously married to Hsin-Yi Wang, also known as Victoria Wang. She reportedly used to work as an executive assistant in DC. It has been said the pair exchanged the vows on June 5, 2010, in DC, after meeting each other at a bar. The marriage proposal came from Fanone’s side while they were having a meal at the Park Cafe in Capitol Hill. It is not known when they got separated. However, the two share two daughters together — Piper Fanone and Seraphina Ming Fanone.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

comment image

I’d like to remind people that this is the END OF THE MONTH.

Donations to TRUMP and SAVE AMERICA, at the following link, are the way to go, per Trump himself, unless you want to donate DIRECTLY to a TRUMP-ENDORSED candidate.

Fifteen minutes left in the Eastern time zone!


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