The Population Control Shot – New Sodompox Limited Edition

Are you ready for ROUND TWO? Here comes a gaypox (monkeypox) vaccine that causes cardiac damage in 1% of smallpox-unvaccinated normies, and in 2% of oldsters and military who were vaccinated for smallpox.

Moonshine Spots The Scam

We continue our series on The Population Control Shot with a discussion of the next installment in this saga – “monkeypox” vaccines.

As soon as the Biden regime declared monkeypox (sorry, that’s rayciss) sodompox to be a national health emergency, I knew that Political Moonshine had been proven correct. As he had predicted, lightintheloaferspox was the next SCAM that the Democrats were going to pull on America and the world.

We await homopox’s unavoidable new christening, just like when Wuhan coronavirus was renamed COVID-19.

Here is a great review of the Political Moonshine catalog of work on poofterpox.

If you have not caught up with Moonshine on either swishpox or the medical enterprise fraud model, then I highly recommend reading the above article.

The bottom line is that the medical system is now a fraud machine – the “scam disease du jour” doesn’t matter – they just buttplug one in and make coin on it.

I completely trust Moonshine on this stuff now. His work on COVID-19 scamming was brilliant. He called bladepox as their next scam, and based on the “declared emergency”, he got it right.


Karl Spots The Angle

Big hat tip to Tradebait for tipping me off to the following piece by Karl Denninger.

I will let Karl speak for himself.

Don’t Be Effing STUPID

So you think you might want the Jynneos jab to prevent monkeypox, right?

It’s “safe and effective”, so they say.

Let’s look at it.

This vaccine is used to help prevent smallpox and monkeypox diseases in adults.

Like any vaccine, the smallpox and monkeypox vaccine may not provide protection from disease in every person.

Yeah, we know that.  But it appears to work “most of the time”, and its licensed (fully) and thus “safe”, right?

Well, maybe.  The listed side effects that you should have to worry about, so they say, is the usual with any injected drug.  It doesn’t sound all that bad; pain where you got the shot, headache, nausea, chills, etc.  Ok.

Now let’s look at this:

Cardiac AESIs were reported to occur in 1.3% (95/7,093) of Jynneos recipients and 0.2% (3/1,206) of placebo recipients who were smallpox vaccine-naïve. Cardiac AESIs were reported to occur in 2.1% (16/766) of Jynneos recipients who were smallpox vaccine-experienced. The higher proportion of Jynneos recipients who experienced cardiac AESIs was driven by 28 cases of asymptomatic post-vaccination elevation of troponin-I in two studies: Study 5, which enrolled 482 HIV-infected subjects and 97 healthy subjects, and Study 6, which enrolled 350 subjects with atopic dermatitis and 282 healthy subjects. 

In other words in apples-to-apples it was six times more likely, for one percent total risk, that you’d have a cardiac reaction.  Troponin elevation of more than 2x the upper normal limit indicates heart muscle damage.

There is no such thing as “benign” heart muscle damage.  The heart does not regenerate and as such damage to the heart muscle is always considered permanent.

Now how severe the damage is may be another matter, but again — there appears to be a 1% absolute risk with this injection that you will suffer heart damage of some material and OBJECTIVE degree.

One in a hundred people who take this injection, statistically-speaking, will have this happen.  That is not a small risk!


Here is the critical information about the Jynneos vaccine.



So where does that leave me?

Wolf Spots The Usual Suspects

In my new world, having not only heard Moonshine and Karl, but having “seen what cannot be unseen” regarding population control scamming, it was impossible for me to not see WHY monkeypox sodompox is “the next thing” that these assholes are going to use.

So I said to myself……

OK, I get it. I’m starting to see how this is working. The “depopulation” stuff is THREE tracks – CARDIOVASCULAR for direct killing, IMMUNODISRUPTIVE for long-term killing by other causes, and ABORTIFACIENT + MENSTRUAL DYSREGULATING for fertility control. Look for these jokers to try to “pile on” to any of those three effects with their various drugs and other “fixes” for COVID. And now including the monkeypox vaccine.

You see – I’m a bit prejudiced here.

Having had “wolficarditis” – most likely due to one of my two cases of COVID – I’m not in the mood for some vaccine to start sending any NEW bad vibes into my cardiac test values, which thank goodness have returned to normal.


Well, you say – what about the OTHER smallpox vaccine that they’re talking about using for sodompox.




Oh, it gets worse.

Hidden Agenda

Remember how the FDA advisory committee did NOT recommend boosters for the COVID shots, but was OVERRIDDEN by that minion of Fauci, the lovely Rochelle Walensky Alinsky?

There was another, later vaccine push where Walensky didn’t even convene the advisory group, to make sure the vaccines would slide by.

Well, guess what. This tactic of ignoring advisory committees for “politicized medicine” works perfectly well for sodompox, too!



It comes after officials in New York, Illinois, California, some cities, and the World Health Organization declared respective emergencies for monkeypox. The head of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reportedly overruled an expert advisory committee to make the declaration on July 24, while the U.N. agency confirmed the virus is in about 70 countries outside of Africa.

Yeah, that China-boy Tedros is good for whatever keep Democrats in power.

It’s worth reading that link – you will see that Ron DeSantis refused to make a similar declaration.

But Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he will resist declaring an emergency for monkeypox, asserting that such policies—like the mandates and lockdowns around COVID-19—are designed to create a climate of fear. It’s not clear if any other Republican governors will follow his lead.

“I’m so sick of politicians—and we saw this with COVID—trying to sow fear into the population,” DeSantis said during a news conference Wednesday. “We are not doing fear,” he added.

“You see some of these states declaring states of emergency, they’re gonna abuse those powers to restrict your freedom,” DeSantis said about new rules around monkeypox. “I guarantee to you that’s what will happen.”

The Bottom Line

I’m sorry – I refuse to show some gay butt for my joke, so you have to see some chick ass with a fake syringe (it’s OK, Coothie – no real butts were pierced in the making of this silly photo!)

Sodompox is gonna be the big deal – or maybe it’s the fake big deal until some kind of BIG LIE gets layered on top of it.

But no matter what – think LONG AND HARD about taking any new vaccines. Including any possible new Moderna mRNA vaccine (hat tip RDS), since that company is considering the possibility of making one. If anybody can improve on 1-2% cardiac damage, it’s those folks!

I urge you to click that link (ABC News Go), because it will give you a brief exposure to the MSM, which is CLEARLY trying to gin up EXCITEMENT about the monkeypox vaccine, of which there is “not enough to meet demand!!!”, etc., etc., etc.


We are here and it is now. Further than that, all American science is now moonshine out of Washington.


“OK, explain once more how a disease which almost exclusively affects buffarino-lovin’ gay boys, who already have AIDS, has become a national emergency. I mean, is Fauci simply turning an AIDS treatment crisis into an ‘opportunity’ to inject everybody again?”

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Good info on what is happening again with jabs. Today I realized if a person has Faith one does not have Fear. The fear mongers are people without faith. I have no control when God calls me home and he is in control what ever happens in life. Faith takes away fear at least for me.
All those people who run around with masks when there is no need do think they are in control. I saw my scientist son and his wife run around with a mask and he blew up when I ask why he and wife are the only one wearing a mask?
I dropped the topic. His wife has no faith and he dropped his faith because he is a scientist. So sad seeing people living in fear .

Last edited 1 year ago by singingsoul1

I am making $92 an hour working from home. i was greatly surprised at the same time as my neighbour advised me she changed into averaging $ninety five however I see the way it works now. I experience mass freedom now that I’m my non-public boss. That is what I do..

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^^^ No idea what the original post was.


I thik that was an oops.


I think you are on to something 🙂
When people are surrounded by the same group think often people do not see truths ?


I realized the other day that my belief is in the God that predates language.

I believe in the mysterious God who made lightning, and thunder, and babies, and rain. In the God who created the system that lets us survive viruses. In the God who gave us the Universe with all its wonders.

Only when we began to try to unravel the Mystery and supplant it with so-called knowledge did we begin to lose our awe.

At least, in my humble opinion, which is for me alone.


That word … knowledge … has quite a history.

The forbidden tree in the Garden was named The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Yes. Knowledge can be a very dangerous thing.


“…and he dropped his faith because he is a scientist.”


In my best Spock voice, That is not logical.


Yes I know thinks happen when some guys get married. He keeps telling me when I bring up faith ” I am a scientist.” And I say “I know and I am stupid.” 🙂


He seems to be of the belief that science and Christianity are incompatible.

Some of the greatest scientists in history self-identified as Christians — and presumably, many still do.


Yes I know problem is he spend his adult years in the University . His wife is a 54 year old Goth . He always was attracted to different . She a nice person but always I am on guard not to take the wrong spirit home 🙂


I didn’t know one could even be a Goth at age 54.

Like maybe they were automatically exiled or aged-out somewhere around age 25 😂


I always say some people never grow up. Thank god thy pay their own bills. I am happy about that 🙂


Goth and 54yo are like oil and water – they don’t mix.


He does and has for some time. Some evangelicals fell for his crap years ago. This guy knows what he is doing. He is a heretic in my book.

Francis Collins rejects the traditional Adam. So I guess Jesus was speaking nonsense when he told the Pharisees, “If you believe Moses, you would also believe me, for he wrote of me.” Who else did Moses write about, oh yeah, Adam. John 5-46-47 pretty well handles it.

But wait, there’s MOAR. Jesus’ responses in Matt. 19:3-6 and Mark 10:2-9 address the Pharisees on divorce by basically quoting Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 scriptures in response. If Adam did not exist why would Jesus be quoting scripture written by Moses stating how a man and woman should become one flesh in the first two chapters of Genesis? Collins goes with figurative when Jesus was referencing real people. If they are real people, then you have to believe the other things Jesus says, right? Well, that’s inconvenient.

Francis Collins rejects Biblical morality. He praised LGBTQ Month. He fought for the use of aborted baby tissue from recent abortions in research and refuses to affirm that life begins at fertilization. So the progressive supporters covered for him and a false image of who he really is continued. His own words and actions reveal he does not think people sin who are involved in those things that the Bible says are sinful.

Belief or not in evolution seems to be the arbitrary litmus test for whether you are allowed to believe in science or not with his group of demons. Francis Collins believes in it. However, we know those who do not believe in it may still believe in the great science that delivers space exploration, curing diseases, technology advances and so forth. His group thinkers make it a religion that requires specific beliefs to be members or else you go on their depopulation list.

Last edited 1 year ago by TradeBait2

“His group thinkers make it a religion that requires specific beliefs to be members or else you go on their depopulation list.”


Sounds like the kind of thing that happens easily when there’s only one depop list — theirs.

If there were competing depop lists — like, for example, a depop list for demons and globalist Nazi monsters — the demons and Nazi monsters would then have a compelling reason to more carefully consider whose list they want to be on.


There is a wonderful book called “The Language of God,” by Francis Collins. You should check it out. It might make a lovely gift 🙂


Is it the same guy, really?!


All I can say is, THIS guy is going to have a whole lot to answer for, when he meets the God he so eloquently defended.

I wouldn’t wanna be him.


Wolf, I don’t believe in looking backwards like that.

You can only play the cards you have in your hand at any given moment, they best way you know how IN that moment.

Of course, later, with new cards dealt, you can see that you should have held the nine of spades. But at the time, it was just a worthless nine of spades!

We can ALL look back and judge ourselves harshly for what we failed to see or to do, or even the things we did. But those things brought us to the present moment. Who knows where and what we would be if we went down another path?

One of my favorite books is called “11/22/63.” It’s a Stephen King; I know he’s a liberal nut, but boy does he get things right sometimes. The book is about time travel, and the unforeseen and completely unanticipated consequences that can come from changing something we think was “bad” in the past. Things might not always come out like we think they would. Think “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but on steroids.

All we can do is live our best life in THIS moment, and play the cards we hold.




See below.


I think I have that book someplace in my bookshelf 🙂 I do not push people need to make peace on their own terms concerning their faith. He was raised right and wandered off like the prodigal son. He will come back when the time is right.


That is true. What is funny he used to come to church with us because he said he respected us.
When he sang the hymns he sang loud enthusiastically . He has a beautiful voice perfect pitch. Was a joy to listen to him. That was until he got married 8 years ago.


She is a Druid from W Virginia. Do not think baptized and ask me “what I think of witches.”
She dropped it when I said “light overcomes darkness every time.” I wear a ring with a cross she backed off ever since. I am not Catholic but make but cross myself before entering the room she is in. I am not afraid of her because I know truth.


We get along well unless she every pulls the witch stuff on me. I will come down on her hard and I will win.




I agree. They mostly come back.




“The fear mongers are people without faith.”


I don’t fear the less than 1%, the monsters who are destroying the world. They’re practically abstract, since I never personally interact with any of them. And I’m sure that feeling is mutual.

The difference is, I have not been planning and plotting to exterminate them. All I wanted is what most people want, to be left alone. But they would not, so they deserve whatever punishment is coming to them.

What I fear detest is the apparent purposeful incomprehension, or the total lack of awareness — or the apathy — of the general population. The 99.9%.

Because one random individual can’t stop what is happening, but even just 20% or 30% of the population could.

If the 99.9% are determined to do nothing to stop what’s happening, then we’re back to hoping for a military intervention.

From a military that already allowed the Republic to be stolen by domestic traitors and foreign adversaries.


Most people are not aware specially who are comfortable because it is not financially hurting them. People wake up when it is affecting them. Nothing has changed over history . Unless one has empathy for those who are struggling to make ends meet the comfortable group is just moving along unaware or not caring because it is not hurting them.
People wake up when the IRS is pounding on their door.


That is so bad. Many people over extend themselves. I see it over and over they buy a house to big then fancy cars. All is good and fine until one looses a job or the cost of living goes up.
What ever happened to live within once means ?


Yes young people have problems doing so. They want everything now. They do not understand people used to start out small .

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

They see their parents already at middle age, having built for 20 years. They think that’s normal and nominal.

When they have to start out where their parents were at their age, they’re like, “what?” They may even have lived like that when they were five or six (because their parents were still starting out). They don’t notice the parents getting better off, because that happens slowly and as kids, of course, they saw the tiny fraction of their parents’ income that went into what they got for Christmas or birthdays, not what went into the house, car, food, and clothing.


We always limited Christmas gifts to make the point that the holiday is more than gifts.
Yes we did move into a bigger house when they were just becoming teenager.


Wolf Moon
Thank you for a terrific article.
Yours Truly did some digging about this current outbreak of monkeypox, and one of the things that surfaced was this:
“What the surprising mutations in the monkeypox virus could indicate about the new outbreak”

There are apparently 40 mutations in the current monkeypox virus, according to researchers who are working on the issue. The “closest relatives” to the current monkeypox virus is from 2017 – 2018. For 40 (or more) mutations to have occurred in the virus in fewer than 6 years is not a normal occurrence — it is 10 times higher than what would be the “normal rate.” The linked article gives some reasons as to why there are “all of a sudden” so many mutations to the monkeypox virus.
However, FTA: “But this is not so much a copying problem, but some sort of action of a host mediated process.”
(Like, say, perhaps, what happens when DNA is altered in a person’s body after they get “vaccinated” with an mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine”?)

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

I’m wondering this, too – if people who have been jabbed are far more susceptible to monkeypox. Since we know the jabs pretty much destroy the immune system and we’ve heard talk about VAIDS, that would make sense.


I have thought, since monkeypox is so rare and is prevalent among people who engage in certain activities, which the majority abstain from, then how would *they* use it as the next pandemic for their purposes of population control and election fraud. Now I’m seeing that it’s much more complicated, involving weakened immunity from a number of factors (all orchestrated, I believe) and the mutating properties of viruses. This is diabolical. The bottom line, as you’ve said, is to not get the vaccines.

NOW that monkeypox is able to infect these weakened immune systems, and survive in them for long periods of time, it has the opportunity to EVOLVE AGAINST THE VACCINIA VIRUS which is used for the monkeypox/smallpox vaccines. This will have the effect of nullifying smallpox vaccination – particularly in COVID-vaccinated individuals.

I’m not sure if the smallpox and monkeypox vaccines are the same thing, but if I’m understanding correctly, this means that monkeypox vaccines will not be effective against monkeypox or smallpox, so the virus will have a much greater opportunity to spread among the general population. When people start to see it spreading, fear will kick in and they will want to be vaccinated.

Cuppa Covfefe

What really bothers me is that the gay community is being used as a collective petri dish and pilot plant to breed new and more dangerous variants of the gaypox and other diseases (e.g. AIDS 2.0, 3.0, etc.).

And then, despite the fact that most if not all transmission of the gaypox is via extended male2male anal sex (or at least the VAST majority of it), then any “crossover” (read: bi) infectees could well infect members of the straight community…

GEBs using the perverts to both to their dirty work and take the (mostly deserved) blame as well.


But that’s how the Left rolls.

The Left-Hand Path…..


Its being spread to kids now. 2 from gays directly, but 3 others no real info, except that in 1 case it was from a childcare worker. Molestation? Poor hygiene during diaper change? All unknown.


Monkeypox version of polio scare.


Well, I sure hope Ivermectin or some other home remedy works on smallpox then.

Otherwise, I suspect we’re all about to be dead.

No pressure though, nothing to worry about… 😂🤣😂


The US only had a few hundred Biolabs scattered around the world. No telling what they were doing, beyond nothing good.


If that was there goal, “Bad America”, d-Rats met their objective.


Interesting on that last bit.
Maybe, thats why our flu shots arent working like we expected them to, and it seemed to be a placebo. And then they were disappointed so a coronavirus so the real shot would do the jobbthis time.


Oh, great! Now I’m going to have to convince my 91 year old mother that she doesn’t need a monkeypox vaccine. “Hey, mom, do you have regular orgies with a bunch of gay men? No? Then you don’t need it!” And she had small pox when she was a kid, so I would assume she’s immune. Incidentally, I would think that all of us who had a small pox vaccine as a kid are also immune. When did they stop giving kids small pox vaccines?


Well, I know FOR SURE I am immune to one thing; CDC and government BULLSHIT.




From Wolf’s article above.
Look for these jokers to try to “pile on” to any of those three effects with their various drugs and other “fixes” for COVID.

With ^^^ in mind, RDS posted the following, in today’s daily. Worth reading EVERY word.

“Dr. Malone makes it clear that the upcoming trivalent COVID-19 “vaccine”, approved by the FDA last month to roll out THIS FALL WITH NO PREVIOUS CLINICAL TRIALS, will be “more dangerous.” This “vaccine” will contain mRNA from the original Wuhan strain, plus the mRNA of Omicron variant BA.4 and BA.5.

FTA, from Dr. Malone regarding the upcoming trivalent COVID-19 “vaccine” —
“Typically, when you do this [combine multiple strains of virus into one shot, as is done with the influenza vaccine], you maintain approximately the same dose of each antigen, so that would be, in the case of Pfizer, we’re going to go from 50 to 150 micrograms of RNA in a job. Let’s hope they don’t do that. But if they only double the dose, then we know that the adverse events are going to go up considerably.’ (bolding mine)

This increase of mRNA in the upcoming trivalent COVID-19 “vaccine” was discussed on the board here last month.

And this new “vaccine” will be used WITHOUT IT HAVING GONE THROUGH ANY CLINICAL TRIAL OF ANY KIND. The people getting this “vaccine’ WILL BE THE “CLINICAL TRIAL.””

Link also ht RDS

Last edited 1 year ago by kalbokalbs
Cuppa Covfefe

And what’s to stop them from slyly/silently adding the gaypox “vaccine” to the mix as a “die once, get one free” “bonus”…..


For a while, I was under the impression that if someone caught Covid but no vaxx, and survived, that they should have general immunity from catching Covid a second time.

It seems that my understanding on this was wrong.

What’s the latest on Covid reinfection?


Came across this earlier today and though it’s a good few weeks old it has some concerning information that I’ve not seen previously.
This Dr. who was pretty good on chicom flu says that monkeypox can spread into the animal population.


He had the same approach to ivermectin pushing it through not pushing it, hence didn’t get thrown off youtube.


Muy execellente, Wolfie!!! A serious topic and spot on with your #3WaysToDepopulate … but mostly I can’t stop laughing at all the creative, accurate descriptors and names you assign to this pox.

Calling sodomy what it is … that has been missing in all the glorified Pride BS that intrigues our youth who have been forced to be tolerant and even experiment without having a clue what male-on-male sex is all about.

Just as BShitty are the photos depicting the pox as blisters on the hand when in fact this is a buttfull of blisters that is like knives slicing through tender skin. They Deserve It … but our youth deserve the Truth from us before the harm comes to them.


Ouch 🤣🤣

Approaching a family gettogether with siblings and spouses … all of whom got vaxxed++ except Hubs and me … one of whom still says “I just follow what Fauci says” 🤮🤮 I have decided (because it will come up), my contribution to the conversation will be something like:

“I’ve come to the well-researched conclusion that all vaccines, while possibly effective, have a long-term detrimental impact on my immune system’s ability to work at top level. Thus, instead of taking so many virus-specific vaccines, I have educated myself in how to maintain my immune system in top form. I must be doing something right because neither Hubs nor I have been ill in over 10 years.”

Simple, non-judgemental and #Don’tTreadOnMe



Cuppa Covfefe

It’s one of those “don’t look away” sort of things.

Many people don’t want to think about or acknowledge what the sodomists (alphabet community) actually are doing.

Years ago my mother said about gays, “but they’re so nice”…

I replied, if they were so nice, why to they do what they do?????

The light went on (it pained her to think of it, as it both irritated, bothered, and disgusted her). And then she said, “yes, you’re right… they AREN’T nice… they’re perverts”…

The term in Old Blighty is buggery, but I didn’t need (nor want) to explain. She was from a very different era (1920s London) and “nice people” just didn’t talk or think about such things. Any more, in Kalifornistan, it’s impossible to avoid, yet it’s taboo (or perhaps even illegal) to mention the inherent problems and health risks…


Another of that spam thing appeared here. Wasn’t there a little while ago.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yes, it’s grossly immature of me, but I couldn’t help but notice you used “sodompox” and “assholes” in the same sentence.


Just had to toss in, “grossly”, with “sodompox” and “assholes”.  😂  😅  😂 

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Damn, he caught that!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

As a devils advocate (not for the vaccines but for the disease being a potential problem even for people of normal sexual proclivities) [Oooh, did I say “normal?”]

I had a chance to talk to an actual epidemiologist, and they claim that it’s just as contagious as chicken pox. You don’t want to touch the boils, or scabs, or what have you; in other words this is something you don’t have to insert tab A into wrong-slot-B to catch.

I’m personally going to go with, of course you want a strong immune system to either avoid or mitigate.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Unfortunately, it was a social gathering, and they were trying to send me to a different person who is an ER doc for better details. That didn’t make much sense to me especially since she said it was becoming her focus lately., I don’t have contact info for either of them.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

A good point, and one that did cross my mind.

It’s possible she (the ER doc) has been “briefed” on what to expect. But that would be second-hand and therefore not what I’m looking for.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

And I restricted my questioning solely to questions related to “do you have to engage in sex to get it” type questions, I certainly didn’t quiz about vaxes or COVID.


Seeing several football and athlete deaths more frequently, esp with high school kids.
I think there may be extra watchful eyes on all football games from hs, college, to pro this season.


Of those mentioned, I think poofterpox should merit special recognition.

Cuppa Covfefe

And from far left field, wrongboxpox, as it were…

(ducks and runs)…


OMG. That’s my favorite so far!


“Sodompox is gonna be the big deal – or maybe it’s the fake big deal until some kind of BIG LIE gets layered on top of it.”


Not sure how big of a deal it can become, since it only appears to affect male homosexuals. It should terrify male homosexuals, but apparently it’s not even a speed bump on the road to Brokeback Mountain.

And if the male homosexuals don’t even care about pecker-in-da-butt pox (PidBP), then what are the chances that women or straight men are going to think it’s a big deal?

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

“I think that they’re going to try to make it go to kids, and the same lefty childcare workers who stuffed ballot boxes for Biden will be making sure it spreads like wildfire, IMO.”


Except how do these Nazis dressed up like teachers and other childcare workers make kids get it, except by sexually abusing them?


“Personally, I think kids getting the disease may be a very good thing, if the relative severity is as low as COVID. Monkeypox may be a GRAND immunization toward smallpox.”


Except whatever is in any new vaxx is guaranteed to be harmful, based on the knowledge of who is making and promoting it, their immediate and long term history of using harmful pseudo vaccines, and their declared objectives.

So whatever any new shot does, it won’t do anything beneficial, but it will certainly be harmful.

And if actual smallpox is a legitimate concern (which it wouldn’t be, if these same Nazis hadn’t reintroduced a disease that was already wiped out), there is already a vaccine that works perfectly well for smallpox.

But we would need to find NOS ampules, because who in their right mind is going to trust Dr. Mengele to use the old recipe?


Wolf Moon
Yours Truly believes that those “at the top of the ladder” regarding the entire COVID-19 disaster are also just launching the “next permutation” of the scenario, monkeypox. Recall that there are at least 40 mutations that have been found so far in the current outbreak that began only a few months ago. There were at least 30 mutations within the first Omicron COVID-19 variant. The RNA of Omicron variants BA.4 and Ba.5 are now going to be put into the “new trivalent” COVID-19 “vaccine” that’s going to roll out with NO clinical trials of any kind.
IF a person caught a strain of the 40 (so far) mutations of the current monkeypox that was a more “benign” strain, that MIGHT be all right as a “natural immunization” toward smallpox. But that’s an “IF.”
The goal of the current monkeypox outbreak, to those “at the top of the ladder” may well be to have it spread throughout all areas of the population, not be “confined” to one certain “sector.”
Recall the NTI conference of March, 2021, in which a “tabletop exercise” involving the release of an “unusual strain” of MONKEYPOX VIRUS was discussed and a TIMETABLE was generated, with the “attack” outbreak staring in MAY, 2022. By December, 2023, the “unusual strain” outbreak of monkeypox would lead to over 3 Billion people infected, with over 270 Million deaths.
The purpose of the “tabletop exercise” was to craft an “international strategy” that would put the entire world under the control of the UN and other “international” agencies.
Page 10 is the “Monkeypox Outbreak” scenario.

In fact, NTI got caught. So they put out a “defense” and “FAQ” related to the Tabletop Exercise event and paper:


Yes, like the “Event 201 tabletop exercise” that was held at Johns Hopkins in October, 2019, about a “global pandemic.” Event 201 was hosted by Johns Hopkins, the WEF, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Cuppa Covfefe

MOre like fact chucking… chuck the facts away as far as you can chuck them…


Exactly! “This was not to commemorate the plague, because that hadn’t started yet.”


So what are the Nazi monsters doing to immunize themselves from all of the bioweapons they are unleashing on the world?

That might be good to find out.


Guessing, for starters:
prophylactic monoclonal antibody treatments


Good stuff, Wolf. Thanks for the work.

Any bets on the three tracks turning into more?

Seems like transhumanism is on the horizon as their next logical step after reducing the lab rat sample size.



Any fun stats?

Cuppa Covfefe

Probably the Faustian Garden Gnome and his Nurse Wretched witch helpwer the “Lying Walinksky” are behind it… as well as Ted the Ped from WHO…

Brave and Free

Plus all of those who are complicit with the deception and are responsible for their part in the plan.
There’s many names that could go on that list.


Every time we hit the nail on the head about one of their “medical emergency plans” they freak the hell out.

I hope and pray this information spreads far beyond us and inoculates the public with a REAL VACCINE against COCKS-POX misinformation.



SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’m now seeing a story that tinnitus (ringing in the ears) needs more attention from researchers; the story mentions it as a side effect of the (covid) slab jab [yes, now we have to distinguish which one we’re talking about].

That must be pretty nasty stuff; here I’ve not taken my first slab jab, and my ears are already ringing!