Memories, Mortality and MAGA Mysteries

In the wake of Wheatie Warrior’s passing, we renew the site mission by directly addressing “things unspoken” – now brought into the light.

In the immediate aftermath of the passing of our dear Wheatie, announced last Monday, I chose to deal with only the most substantive technicalities, in large part so that we could properly grieve, and not get caught up in mundane and mortal technicalities. Thus, many important questions for discussion were set aside.

I will deal with those items, and much more, in this post.

Mood Music

(From Wheatie’s post HERE):

(More mood music from Wheatie can be found at the end.)

Wheatie Warrior

Unlike the expected passings of some of our other comrades, Wheatie was, for lack of a better term, “missing in action”. There are reasons for this, and they bear explanation.

In giving you some explanations, I will be limiting what I tell you for TWO reasons.

ONE is out of respect for Wheatie’s desire for privacy. All authors and posters here can expect the same respect. If you want to consciously, knowingly, and with extreme intention, tell the world who you are, that is fine with me. Otherwise, I will assume you want some privacy, and by default will protect that privacy – even upon your illness, death, or simply leaving of this site – no matter under what circumstances. Maintaining your privacy does not include legitimate concerns of law enforcement, blah-blah-blah. Note, however, that I said “legitimate”.

TWO is in order to maintain site security. Keeping the enemy guessing is useful.

SO – why was Wheatie “missing in action”?

In contrast to most of the authors and commenters here, Wheatie was extremely careful to shield her identity. She did not wander far from this site. She didn’t post on “big tech” social media, other than Gab, and that was only after its security was proven, and after Gab was chosen as a secure posting back-up for this site.

Wheatie’s computer security was “minimally divulged” and “not negotiable”. Very often, with authors, I have to deal with security (or lack thereof) and/or permissions needed to work on posts or to upload information, the requirements of which are more rigorous than for merely commenting. Thus, I often learn a lot about an author’s practices of and attitudes toward computer security. They range, and that’s OK.

I will not get into Wheatie’s exact security measures, but they were substantial. Wheatie NEVER allowed convenience to trump security. She would NEVER lower security in order to comment on a site, create an account, watch a video, etc. Wheatie was a ROCK on the items needed to keep this site safe, and her identity private.

Indeed, the only people who appear to have ever gotten past her security, of which I am aware, was the Q team.

That is, in fact, why Wheatie was trusted by me, as she was trusted “in real life”. She NEVER let emotions get in the way of logical thinking, when it came to security. She was cool as a cucumber in tricky situations.

SO – without giving you the details, which would help our enemies, I can tell you that Wheatie’s own security measures likely prevented her from contacting us when she became ill, and until her death.

I want to repeat that. Wheatie was so mission-focused that she did not break her own security policy, or allow somebody else to break it, to let us know that she was in trouble.

Indeed, Wheatie tended to keep mum about most of her medical dealings, other than minor details about symptoms she was experiencing.

All of this combined to make it very difficult to find out what happened to Wheatie, when she went missing. We were very lucky, in fact, that she had divulged a few small things to me, ironically in the interest of assisting with site security. That was enough to help make a “positive ID”. Without that information, we might have never known for sure what happened to her.

Now – this would have all been a “bonk on my head” to start opening up a bit more with you – not just about my own situation, but about YOUR need to “make arrangements”, so that you, too, are not “missing in action” someday.

But there was another death that hit me particularly hard, which gave me a “double-bonk”.

My Friend, The Spy Popular Guy

There is nothing that will wake one up to one’s own mortality faster than a younger friend or relative dying. And that is exactly what happened to me.

At some point during the first half of this year – basically while Wheatie was MIA – I had another friend – a close friend – who “died suddenly and unexpectedly”. And “suspiciously”, I might add, in the words of the police.

Yeah, you are immediately thinking EXACTLY what I’m thinking.


I do know that my friend HAD to have been jabbed, because it was a condition to go back to on-site work, after roughly two years of work-at-home. Indeed, he had JUST started going back to on-site work at that employer – which I can tell you for a FACT is “deep state” as all get-out.

That employer has a rather sneaky total vaccination requirement. Everybody has to go back to partial on-site work, and everybody who works on-site has to be jabbed. That kind of “two-step from hell” logic is par for the course with this DS outfit.

“Oh, no – we don’t require our employees to be vaccinated. Only if they are on site.”

“But you’re requiring everybody to work on site.”

“People who are required to work on-site are only required to work on site part of the time.”

“But on the days they are required to work on site, they’re required to be vaccinated – no?”

“You’ll have to talk to our Washington office about the exact specifics of the policy.”

OMG – the double-talk.

Now – as far as I know – the circumstances of death point to stroke or heart attack. The trouble is that, when I go into “I’m not a medical examiner, but I slept at a Holiday Inn Express” mode, I realize without too much deep thought, that it could also have been a “George Floyd” type of death – e.g., a fentanyl-induced heart stoppage, or something similar. AND – sadly – because this person had been a known toker and party guy in his youth, any murder with drugs will likely stick as a drug death, despite the fact that this guy NEVER did hard drugs or popped pills, to my knowledge. He had not even toked in decades, to my knowledge. But unfortunately for the truth, a past like his can be used quite easily as cover. Families and survivors will ASSIST in the cover-up of a drug death.

You may be asking “why would Wolf worry that his friend might have been murdered?” Hang in there – I’ll get to it.

My friend was in excellent health – mild high blood pressure being treated – but otherwise robust. Running, cycling, tennis, ping-pong, backpacking – you name it, he did it. Good weight, good habits, good lifestyle.

It was definitely NOT suicide. No note, no obvious means, and the most happy-go-lucky guy on Earth, with everything going right and looking forward to an excellent retirement.

He could have retired at any time, and THAT is where I’m guilty of not saving him from the jab.

You see, this guy – I am certain – was connected to some agency or entity – I just don’t know who. White hat – black hat – gray hat – sun visor – whatever – he was either working for somebody, informing for somebody, or (and this is quite certain) had friends who were “somebody”. It could have even been that he was “nobody” – but EVERYBODY was watching him because of his connections.

And it gets MORE complicated. My friend was everybody’s friend. “Everybody” included absolutely anybody and everybody who you might think was a foreign or domestic spy, a player, an asset, an informant, a defector, or even just a potential mass shooter. He just “accidentally” made it a point to know all the “interesting” people. It was uncanny.

I never knew where my friend took information, but it was clear he was scooping up knowledge for somebody – and also carrying out some kind of “orders of influence” – but it was impossible to separate the real person from his apparent “mission”. And on top of that, his life was full of contradictory cover. He could have been a very good spy – or just a nobody.

Trust me – he was not a nobody.

This guy was an exceptional person – as in an exceptionally good person. He wasn’t a church-goer – far from it – but he had been raised in a godly family, by a deeply religious mother, and it showed. Despite hanging out with some of the most anti-Christian people you can imagine, he showed all of the Christian virtues in spades, to an almost Biblical degree. There were times that I wondered if he wasn’t some kind of “undercover angel”, if you know what I’m saying.

And all of that ended – mysteriously – some time after he took the jab.

But here’s the thing.

One of the biggest reasons he took the jab is because I stopped giving him information.

I stopped giving him information because of January Sixth.

I stopped giving him information because I knew that my conversations with him were always recorded by somebody – probably FIB – and that whoever was behind him would pressure him into asking about January Sixth.

And it’s not just because I expected ANYTHING I said about January Sixth to be abused by the disgraceful DODGE and FIB.

You see, there are things about January Sixth – things I saw that day – that I have not told anybody. Things that I have not told you all. Things that have implications I don’t understand.

Things that are – as I like to call them – potential “nukes”.

For my own selfish battle reasons, I didn’t tell him the information that could have saved him, about the jabs.

What could I have done differently?

Were I a better and more courageous person, I would have taken his calls. I would have warned him about the jab. I would have – ultimately – talked him out of it. I would have told him everything I knew – all my scientific thinking about it. I would have let him follow along on my journey from “hopeful believer” in the jabs, to “red-pilled realist” warning people against them. I would have said “RETIRE NOW! Take your money and GTFO while you can. Don’t let that place kill you!”

And yet, all of that is still “love of this world”. What if HE did the right thing by just letting the jabs kill him, innocently? What if – weirdly – the disease and the jabs are God’s way of evacuating the righteous from this sinful world?

I will always be second-guessing what I did and didn’t do – just like the guy who I let the ChiComs destroy and drive nuts at “shallow state”, so that I wouldn’t spill my secret knowledge that his boss had been identified to me as a ChiCom asset.

THIS MORTAL WORLD IS ROUGH. Our actions suck. Our inactions suck. Our justifications stink in the nostrils of The Lord. Or reasoning is foul and filled with error.

So – where does that leave me? Other than two steps from hell?


I have generally been vague about my health issues or lack thereof, to create as much uncertainty as possible. The “event people” are constantly looking for plausible excuses for their little arranged deaths, so it’s generally advisable to keep as much medical privacy as possible.

The problem is, both openness and secrecy can be used by the other side. Sometimes, oddly, openness is more of a friend than secrecy. After Wheatie’s passing, and that of my friend, I’ve begun to see more virtue in a bit more openness.

So you’re going to get some.

I’m actually in pretty good health for my age, but after my initial bout of Wuhan-vintage COVID, in January 2020, my level of health became erratic.

What I did NOT tell people here, when I talked about “taking care of health matters”, is that I was in the hospital a few times.

Generally speaking, I don’t like to let people know that I’m in the hospital, if I can possibly avoid it. Worse still, I also found it easier to just keep the secret after getting out of the hospital. I don’t know if that was such a good idea now.

I definitely had a cardiac inflammation which I’m going to call “wolficarditis”, to retain just a wee bit of ambiguity on the diagnosis. We will never be exactly sure what caused it, but I can tell you that it was not the jabs, because I never took one.

There is some possibility that my wolficarditis was “smoldering” since either Wuhan (Jan 2020) or Delta (Nov 2021). Or, alternatively, it could have been caused by a later brief, mild, illness which was probably either omicron or flu (but which tested negative for COVID on the initial and only test).

The first time in the hospital, between Wuhan and Delta, was mysterious. It involved odd and extremely unusual high blood pressure, weak pulse, altered vision, and distorted time perception. Looking at it now, it may very well have been what our member Happy go lucky described to us recently – a lacunar stroke – or perhaps a similar type of intermittent blockage.

Anyway, ironically, I’m now doing exactly what I need to do for BOTH wolficarditis and wolfmoonar stroke. I feel great, and will continue to do so, until I don’t.

And when I don’t, I will make sure that there is a PLAN in place, to deal with the issue, and any potential aftermath.

So let’s start talking about plans.

Your Personal Plan

If you are happy with being able to come and go from this site unnoticed, to depart with quiet mystery from this site forevermore, when you depart this world, then we’re done here. You can move on to the next section of this post. You like your privacy, and…..

“Privacy is not a crime.”

People here have no need or right to know what happened to you, if you leave the site for any reason – temporarily or permanently.

That said, friendships develop, and we worry about our friends worrying. Many of us have been together on this site for approaching 4 years, and for many of us, 4 to 8 years on CTH before that. Think about it! That’s a long time. We have talked more to each other online, than with many “real” friends in “real life”!!!

Thus, if you’re one of those people who feels a need to “stay in touch” with the group here, in the event of hospitalization or death, then please read on.

When I talked about what happened to Wheatie, two people – cthulhu and Aubergine – immediately commented about making arrangements for the blog to be notified in the event of tragedy. Cthulhu estimated only a 30% chance of this “digital legacy” working – Aubergine estimated 15%. That will do in a pinch, but hopefully this post will give all of you some tips to raise the percentage.

First, let me explain something important. ANYBODY can post on this site, and I WILL see it. This means that you can always get word to the gang via me or one of the authors.

So – if you are in the hospital, and can get online somehow, or can instruct somebody else to get online, all they have to do is get on this site ( on somebody’s phone and leave a comment AS A GUEST on any post, and I WILL see it, and it will NOT publish. If you want it to be for my eyes only, then make the comment on any one of my posts, such as the Monday open thread – otherwise, depat, bakocarl, SteveinCO, or any other author of that post particular post will ALSO see the comment (in addition to me).

You don’t have to use your normal information on this strange device, although you can do it if you want to do it. Perhaps you’re using a trusted relative’s device. Perhaps you’re borrowing a phone from a nurse or hospital staff member. The point is, you can identify yourself in the message of the comment. If I need to, I’ll respond to you in the same article or daily open thread.

The reason this works is that ALL NEW COMMENTS from new users, as well as comments with a new origin or some other change (including spelling errors), will always go into moderation, where I will see them.

You are “never alone” from your friends from this site, if you can get on the internet somehow.

However, this only takes care of situations where YOU are able to communicate. What if you can’t? What if you are intubated in an ICU, in a coma, or even GONE?

For these situations, you need to leave instructions with SOMEBODY. Those instructions can be at any level of formality or legality. AGAIN, your friends and relatives can ALL comment on this site, and I will get their comment in moderation, if they have never commented here before. I can then make a judgement of what information should be passed on to the group, per the instructions passed on to me.

You are welcome to test this out on a friend or family member’s device. I will NOT approve the comment, but I will tell you if it worked. That way it will work exactly the same, the next time, in a real situation.

Some people leave a digital legacy – which is a new feature in the Apple world. This means that people can leave control of their devices to a spouse, friend, relative, or business partner.

Other people leave their usernames and passwords to their survivors. Still others end up having some computer or phone professional get into the devices – if it’s even possible.

Please feel free to discuss personal plans in the comments, or to “test out” your plan, if you’re unsure.

But now, we have to talk about something else.

We have to talk about my plan for the site.

The Group Plan

The advantage of having a single admin who is a “security hardcore” is that there are very few social hacks that can get around site security. The disadvantage is that this single point of failure means that the entire site may fail. And yet, THAT is part of the plan. Most members here are already active on several allied sites. We also have a Gab group where people can meet freely. We have plenty of back-up. This site can disappear tomorrow, and the GROUP survives.

The value of our site is not in the archival content, as much as it is in the organic continuity of research and understanding. The primary strength of the site is in our evolving conversation and thoughts, which include many alternative viewpoints and beliefs.

Our strength is in our community, not in this site per se.

Thus, I always regard our community as its own failsafe plan. If something happens to me, and/or to this site, you all will figure out what to do.

Indeed, some of us made continuity plans in the very beginning of the site. The strategy was somewhat Alexandrian. By many of us secretly preparing to lead future alternative sites, the regime would have to play whack-a-mole to stop us.

And look at us now. Look how many healthy, viable, and active or potentially active blogs and discussion sites were created by members here.

THAT is our true safety net. This site can literally VANISH OVERNIGHT, and yet the GROUP lives on.

Now, since none of you noticed my being in the hospital, any of the times it happened, it would seem that my plan for such circumstances is both working and well-tested.

The problem is, that if I die, there need to be further arrangements. I will be shoring up the contingency plans for my “sudden departure” during the next few months. My main concern is preservation of the contents on the internet. It is likely that I can leave a small trust to support the site for a number of months or years, or at least long enough to copy the contents, if desired. The problem is then handing over administration. That gets tricky, and I need to consider the options. That will not be arranged in the open.

Right now, the cost of the site is roughly $1500 a year, but it will likely rise rapidly under Bidenomics. For other reasons, however, we may also want to move the site to a new host, depending upon what happens with our nutty regime trying to start World War III. In that event, the cost may increase or decrease. We have already been hit by a 10% energy cost increase. Don’t ask about the exact circumstances – just know that Biden is why.

Therefore, in the event of my demise, it may be best to “start over” on a free site somewhere, with a new admin, and then re-grow from that colonization.

We’ll see. I will say this. I’m not worried.

In God We Trust

You can worry about your legacy here – or you can forget about it. Ultimately, God is in control, and will correct your errors. Trusting in God will see you through.

The world to worry about is not this one – it is the spiritual world that only vaguely but beautifully intersects our own world, through us. Stand up for Truth, and the Spirit of Truth which defends Truth. Defend the Kingdom of Heaven, and its footprint in this world.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. But from that fire, arises a light that pleases The Lord. Help to make it so.


(From Wheatie’s post of last September, HERE.)

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We all will be together again!


PTL! 👏

pat frederick

I’ve wondered, tbh. thanks for confirmation of my suspicions.
it’s excellent you made plans. better to have them and not need them, then the other way around.
mine are in place as well. simply because it’s prudent, not of any forseeablee threat.
you are always in my prayers!

pat frederick

speaking of memories…if I remember correctly…you were my first!
(but don’t your missus that!)


I have already given instructions to grandson …

when I had mini stroke recently he posted under my avatar at Marica’s …

identifying himself of course. He now has instructions to take news here also.

Wolfie, I am glad to hear that you have received resolution to your health issues, at least you have info and are following protocol, which is all one can do.

I appreciate your thinking of us …later. You are very sensitive to others and their needs. You began this sanctuary for many of us refugees 😉

As for your friend … please do not blame yourself for not taking his calls, etc. You describe him as an intelligent person… he had access to info to, if it was the vax. I believe we go when God calls…

Blessings on you and your Bride… we love and appreciate you. Always.


He’s right, Wolf. You contributed to his knowledge, the rest is on your friend. When the Lord rings your personal bell, its time to go. He knew what he was involved in.

Our love and respect for you is shared by all. But how about the practical side? How do we share in the cost of the site as TT asked?

Have left instructions with our daughter/SIL on notification.

Be well, friend. Sorry for what you have endured and realize there is more you cannot share. You are in my prayers.

Last edited 1 year ago by TradeBait2

Will head to Gab for sure if the U-Tree and alternative get squashed. Mostly lurk there and gather info from time to time since they first cranked up.

All I can say is our family will be in great leadership hands when we are gone with how our daughter and SIL have responded to our instruction and training. They are like sponges.

You are a great person, it comes through the words. So many folks on here are and your description above is spot on. I will always be thankful for the opportunity to join.

When folks think, “Who is this TradeBait?”, I want them to know that my life has been somewhat like an imaginary, slightly smarter (maybe) brother of Forest Gump (my favorite movie). Somehow, I just ended up being where stuff happened of significance or had dealings with people of significance, with me being along for the ride or getting 15 minutes of fame doing something that came out of the blue. That sounds weird, but is really how it all went. Somehow the Lord would bail me out of the bad stuff and help me take advantage of the good stuff. All I had to do was remain faithful and accept his grace and mercy. I did it well at times and poorly at other times. But it all weaves a bunch of personal stories that led me to conclude what you and others also know and believe. We are here, at this time, doing what we are doing, for very good reasons.

Over time I have and will continue to discuss some history when it seems appropriate. Like you I have known or sensed when I was the target. Only a person who has been through that understands. I pray for your complete healing and peace.


Small teaser. This person tried to convince me to run for HR with Lurch’s backing so that I could be put on the related House committee that she has built her career around. She talked bad about her boss to gauge my and a co-worker’s reactions. Needless to say I did not take the bait – to talk bad about the bad actor or agree to run for office on the Dem ticket. Had she known my background in Arkansas, she probably would not even have spoken to me at the various SBE committee hearings we attended or the related industry conferences over the years.

This guy worked for my operation (I use the term “work” very loosely with him) for a few years. He could talk the game of DC speak with the best. All hat no cattle. In the right circles of influence with absolutely no substance. If you needed a bull crapper for parties and politicians – he was the guy. Limited shelf life everywhere he’s gone. He’s the guy on the left. I would send him to the hearings above so I would not have to do it.

Snakes to the right me, snakes to the left, caught in the middle with you. Or something like that…😂

Unfortunately, or fortunately if you have nothing else to do – I have hundreds of these snippets. Maybe more but my brain would need tricked into remembering them all.


I have more on him. He almost tanked our small business lending industry along with a W appointment. So it’s both sides. Will be forever grateful for an aide of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who was assigned to our stuff. He had to combat Lurch on the Senate floor who was creating mischief as the aide called it. He never attended a SBE meeting of which he was the ranking member in the three years I dealt with it. POS.


What an amazing post! We are so blessed to have you, Wolf!! 

I agree with all of what phoenix said regarding your health and your friend. My heartfelt condolences, and I do not think you bear responsibility.  You had given him some information, and he could have done further investigating on his own. And if you were being recorded, then you had to balance what and how much to say. In addition, you were dealing with health issues. You do not know if it was the jab or something even more sinister. May you find peace about this.

I’m sorry you’ve been hospitalized and hope you are in consistently stronger health now. My prayers are always with you for your health and this site. I was dreading what you were going to disclose, and it’s not as bad as I had imagined it could be.  😮‍💨

I have been thinking about what steps to take to notify this site should it be needed, and I am working out a plan. Thank you for addressing some details about what to do.

This is not clear to me, but maybe there is nothing more you can reveal.

Indeed, the only people who appear to have ever gotten past her security, of which I am aware, was the Q team.

I would be happy to contribute to the maintenance of this site, wherever it is hosted. I don’t know if it’s feasible, but maybe there could be a way for people to give anonymously so there would be no question of being beholden to anyone.

As always, thank you for your kind, steady leadership and for the depth of knowledge that you share to the extent that you can. I am so grateful for this site and for your provision for us! May God bless you and yours. 🙏

Gail Combs


You can do what I did. I am on gab but I never use it. If I need to it is there to be used. — Sort of a fail safe.


Thank you so much for sharing that!


I have always thought so. It’s good to get confirmation!


This is so important for me to know, you have no idea! Thank you!


This leaves me breathless. I know I was around, but I cannot recall this. Again, I have to be still and just let it sink in.


I’m wondering about this:. I am not on social media, including Gab. If this site went down, would I be able to connect with people on a sister site, like Marica’s? Or would other WP sites that are somewhat related to this one go down as well? Is it incumbent upon everyone to connect with this group on Gab?


Great info to help with any decision-making! Thank you so much!


A quick side note on our GAB site. There exists there now a regular group of Q type GAB members who have pretty much set up their home there, posting regularly. From their posts, you’d not be able to tell them apart from us except for the names they go by. Just mentioning for those times we are scurrying about trying to find out which life boat were gathering at as reminder to be kind.

Another side note… T3? Normally T3 runs through here every few months. Haven’t seen that happen recently. Hoping is well. If anyone has news, please post.

Last edited 1 year ago by para59r

Stand up for Truth, and the Spirit of Truth which defends Truth. Defend the Kingdom of Heaven, and its footprint in this world.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. But from that fire, arises a light that pleases The Lord. Help to make it so.

That reminds me of this Tolkien poem. We are not aiming to be kings, but hopefully to do God’s will.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

– The Fellowship of the Ring

Last edited 1 year ago by TheseTruths
Sadie Slays

One of the biggest reasons he took the jab is because I stopped giving him information.

Wolfmoon, there are plenty of people here who couldn’t even get their own parents and children to avoid the injection. I know it’s easy to blame yourself for this, I know it’s easy to imagine some scenario where you were able to get your friend to see reason, but I think you’re being overly optimistic here. A lot of otherwise smart and savvy people who should have known better succumbed to the pressure and brainwashing. It wasn’t your fault he got injected. Let it go. 

I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, and for the loss of your friend. You’re in my prayers. Thank you for all of the work you do in taking care of this community.

Happy go lucky

Sadie is absolutely correct, Wolf, please don’t blame yourself. You’ve gone above and beyond, over and over again. Think instead of all the people you did save by making this site available.

This is the only place I had for “alternative” information. And when my son got the J&J jab, and he became so very ill, I knew what to do to help him, and most importantly what not to do, because of all the good things shared here at the QTree.

I even finally got the stupid jab myself, for the same reason as your friend, to keep my job. I sobbed on the way home afterwards, and I hoped it would kill me because I thought I would deserve to die. I thought if I really trusted God enough, that I would believe in Him to provide if I lost my job. I felt I had failed the ultimate test. But with time came perspective, and faith became stronger, and I refused to get the booster right up until the last. Then God put Youngkin into office and he stopped the mandatory jabs.

Your friend didn’t die because of you, Wolf, I promise. 💕

Gail Combs

I agree with Sadie and the others. He was an adult and could have done the research we have done. The information has been out there for over a year or more.


A very dear friend of mine is very religious. She recently said to me “healthy shame comes from God, but guilt comes from the Devil, and he uses it to manipulate us.

It’s highly unlikely that you could have influenced your friend not to take that shot. The psy-op that they pulled on people was very good. We all did what we could, but in the end, people did what they were going to do.




The hardest thing now is waiting for the outcome for those we care. We are about to face unimaginable sorrow from their AVOIDABLE death. I know you’re right to recommend letting it go, but anger from failure to convince is a hard thing to let go.


You are 100% correct.


It saddens me to my soul.

Gail Combs

And if MDs are correct we are going to see a massive die off over the next 5 years. Those who die of a heart attack/stroke will be the lucky ones. If the MDs are correct, cancer and raging infections due to a faulty immune system will be the brutal deaths.

I am really hoping for Nuremberg II for these EVIL SADISTIC SOBS…


The good MDs are telling their patients to avoid the shots. My son’s relatively young oncologist told him to NEVER take the jabs. I was shocked to hear that she is on our side and will be forever grateful for her advice to him as he might’ve been tempted after the scare tactics and everything he’s been through.


Same here. We have a married couple who have been long term dentists in our town. They are retiring. As things happen sometimes, a young couple who recently became dentists and were working for a chain in a nearby city found out about the couple retiring. They inquired and now the practice is being sold to the young couple who will continue the legacy. They are already working there and the transition has begun.

I know the back story because one of their staff is a friend and fellow church member.

As they struck their deal, they asked the older, selling dentist couple what their policy had been with the jabs. They laughed and said there was no way they would ever take the clot shots and they had told their entire office staff how they felt about them. So, no jabs were desired or required of any staff member. The young, purchasing couple were ecstatic because they had not been jabbed and had been looking to leave the chain as soon as possible because they would never be jabbed even if it meant they lost their jobs.

FWIW – both couples are shining Christian examples. Funny how God works sometimes.


I love that story! I think there are more out there than we realize but they’ve been forced into silence in order to protect their livelihoods. They are working to save patients like my son and for that I’m very grateful.


I predict that random ‘events’ will take place, obviating the need for trials. The patience of the populace has limits.


Band member’s wife just had a stroke out of the blue. Hospital then rehab. But what we’re really noticing now is so many people coming down with the virus, again. All hyper-vaccinated, and all very sick. In the middle of the summer. FLCCC has revamped protocols – if you haven’t been there in awhile check it out and print. Wolfie, thank you for this post. I’m lost for the right words.


Wolf, Not sure when you hit CTH. I was on since 2014.

What a ride!!!

Plans are so important. I begged my parents to create one and am paying for them not doing so. No matter, you are doing what is best, and I will take your advice to heart!


Interesting to think back on how long we’ve been a part of this family.  😊 


Right! On some level, you have to thank SD, OT, for the banning, which brought us all there. Just sayin … 😉


Hiya Miss WSB!
I have asked my mother for years but nada. Same for mr. Gil.
We have to manage the cards we are deslt sometimes.


 and hugs to all and thank you Wolf for all you do!




God bless you and keep you safe Wolf Moon. I’ve come out from hiding behind my tree after reading about the passing of the beloved Wheatie. No more hiding. Time for me to join your awesome tribe. Love you all.


Welcome to the party! Glad you are here.


W – great and much needed post. None of us are making it out of this alive, so best to plan now.

In the Artillery world, you would want your fire plan to include “in front of you.” “on top of you (inside the wire.}” and, “behind you to clear you way out.”

This is what you’re doing here. I’ll leave my details with my trusted relative, so if I go down for some reason you’ll know.


Wolf Moon
Endless appreciation and thanks for what you wrote. Yours Truly thinks it was not easy.
Please take care of yourself.
Sending Deep Healing, Good Energy, and Peace to you.


Lots of info, and yes good ideas, esp about the guest number.
Yes, you were msking me worried about your covid illness bc i ket wondering how as sick as you were, then me being sick, you hadnt actually been in the hospital.
But, youve traveled out of the country and we didnt know.
You are an expert close to the vester.

I recommend that people click on various posters icons to check if they have a page at all and subscribe, even though you dont have content. Its a very easy way to stay connected.

Wolf Im glad you are managing the long covid well. Just be very careful with fall back to school illnesses and winter.
Fyi, i had to do a pft series a month ago for f/u of my covid and they were all WNL!


Even though i live here in socal, i take vit d daily anyway. Im so glad i did start talking while in the hospital. I just needed the reminder about redemsivir. Luckily a few people working w me said to say no and get out asap. I understand about the strenuous stuff, but moreso for you being older, male, and documented to have affected your heart.
Long term, we just dont know how its going to pan out…and we refused their vax!


Wolf, I had a lot of long talks with my family about the dangers of the shots. And since I actually had COVID, they knew it wasn’t the automatic death sentence the MSM was telling everyone 24-7. They do listen to me. But in the end they got the shot anyway. My sister is a nurse who basically supports her whole family and had to get it to keep her job. The others were worried about their comorbidities. So even though we’re close, they all gave in to the fear porn. Your friend probably also heard that fear porn everywhere he turned, so I really doubt you could have talked him out of it for long. You’re most certainly not responsible. We’re all responsible for the decisions we made. The only ones who aren’t are the children.

So far, no one in my family has had adverse reactions to the shots. I pray they never do, while at the same time knowing that they might in the future.

As far as the other, I’m going to have to think about how to let the group know should something happen to me. Privacy goes both ways. In other words, who that is offline do I want to invite into this space? I’ll have to think about it.


That’s a great idea, Wolf. Thanks!


Hi Wolf. I am sorry to hear about your health problems. I think some of it comes from Covid, and some comes from contact with the vaccinated, myself. I know other people with symptoms that seemed to arise after the vaxx program began.

I saw down below that you will take vitamin D this winter. Do consider getting a blood test of your levels at the end of summer to see where you are starting out. I take vitamin D in summer, too, because my levels can get low no matter how much I am outside.

Also, you might consider Hawthorne as a supplement. It is the best cardiovascular support herbal I know of. And you could try beetroot powder for lung function. Both of these are very mild but really effective.

Also remember, your friend died, but he is not gone, he is merely gone on. Death comes to us all, and in God’s time. We don’t control God’s timetable.


Yes, hawthorn is a general cardiovascular supplement. Heart health and all.

Happy go lucky

I didn’t know about Hawthorne, THANKS


You’re welcome!


Geez, the things I didn’t know…wheatietoo was a woman? WSB also? Call me old fashioned, but I always assumed any online moniker that wasn’t expressly female was a guy…not that it makes any difference since you ladies can be just as feisty as we codgers.  😉 

Once again, for some reason I was drawn to the site today to read Wolf’s musings about mortality and messaging. It was nostalgic to see some old names like RedLegLeader68 and Gail Combs…makes me wonder what happened to all those who used to post on CTH during the campaign of Mr. Trump that began in 2015. I once posted a list of those I thought would be the most fun to hang out with and, with Wolf’s permission, I’ll republish it here…hope it stirs some good memories:

Likely the most fun would be had with the dynamic duo of Felice Lepore and Lawrence Paul in tow!  For a military touch, Gunny66 and H&HC2/16 would be the right combo of Oorah and Hooah.  For an international perspective, A2 and Cripto would be “illuminating”.  Otherwise, how could you go wrong with patriots such as GCombs OR citizen817 OR BlackKnightRides OR FLguy OR oldschool OR farmhand1927 OR Howie OR Bull Durham OR FofBW OR Grandma Covfefe OR citizen817 OR Wolfmoon OR Sylvia Avery OR rumpole2 OR tuskyou OR ladypenquin OR WSB OR MakeAmericaGreat OR Mncpo(ret) OR patrickhenrycensored OR NYGuy54 OR Sandra-VA OR bakocarl OR wheatietoo OR georgiafl OR mimbler OR Remington OR daughnworks247 OR ZurichMike OR ForGodandCountry OR Katherine McCoun OR blognificentbee OR Ristvan…and the list goes on and on


That’s ’cause the gals like to hang with the wolves.


It is my belief that if we all were to meet in person, we would be pleasantly surprised to find each other nicer, wittier, and more endearing than it is possible to convey in this medium, even as nice, as witty and as endearing as each person comes across already. It is just not possible (IMO) to convey the complete person over the internet.

And so my preference would be for planning a get together, which is another thing not possible under the adverse and dangerous conditions imposed by the evil people running this country and the world.

At some point I realized (too late) that I had given up my entire life to the internet if anyone wanted to waste his time finding out. “They” already know how many eggs I bought last year, and where, and for how much. Years ago I stupidly, stupidly did those “fun” questionnaires online (which Green Acres character are YOU?), and the personality tests (Meyers and Briggs, the Minnesota thing), etc. so I permanently gave them valuable insights into my psychology and personality, to be collated with the other personal data they collect.

Looking back through my life, I now see very clearly instances and events which implied a bigger picture, of which I was unaware at the time, but also imply an awareness of me, not unlike Wolf’s experiences as a scientist. I am more tentative than Anonymous Conservative in my view of the surveillance state, but I certainly do not rule out his view, and believe he is mostly right about things. AC’s view (mostly) fits the otherwise bizarre and puzzling reality we face. Thanks to VSG (and Q, whoever they are), we have seen the mask pulled off the faces of the evil people, and can now understand that there are no depths to their sadistic depravity.

So, as for me, I take for granted that my life is an open book. I hate that, truly hate that. All I can do is respect the privacy of others, and do whatever I can do to ensure that privacy.

As for death, and going away, I see things as being like the beginning of Tolstoy’s story The Death of Ivan Illyich, which records the immediate reaction to Ivan’s death (the rest of the story is deep and moving). Moreso, the internet (IMO) decreases the chances of genuine emotion, and genuine relationships. Or maybe it is better to say, makes those things more difficult.

Anyway, I am all for getting together, which necessarily means our side winning, the sooner the better.


True dat! Here’s my suggestion: of all the Trump rallies I’ve attended, my favorite was January 20, 2017 on the Mall…let’s plan for a similar gathering of CTH/Q Tree alumni on January 20, 2025 as we celebrate The Return of the VSG (my apologies to Mr. Tolkien) 😉  Wolf Moon’s buying!




Open questions for discussion:

First, how does one say to loved ones and friends who are “fully vaccinated and boosted”, (many of whom came down with COVID after they got the shots, are either “all-AMA” or “we follow the science”, and who look on the un-“vaccinated” as pariahs) — that they are the ones who carry the near-certainty of damage / more illness / possibly death, in their bodies from the shots, and that there are things they can do to try and reduce the damage (FLCCC protocols, get the D-dimer test, etc.)?

Second, how does one who is un-“vaccinated” start to come to terms with the fact that “vaccinated and boosted” loved ones and friends may (and likely will) potentially succumb to the damage from the “vaccines’ in their bodies?


“Open questions for discussion:

First, how does one say to loved ones and friends who are “fully vaccinated and boosted”, (many of whom came down with COVID after they got the shots, are either “all-AMA” or “we follow the science”, and who look on the un-“vaccinated” as pariahs) — that they are the ones who carry the near-certainty of damage / more illness / possibly death, in their bodies from the shots, and that there are things they can do to try and reduce the damage (FLCCC protocols, get the D-dimer test, etc.)?”


Maybe packets would work.

Maybe 3 or 4 pages (more than that will be wasted, their eyes will just glaze over) of basic information from someplace like FLCCC or Dr. Zelenko’s website.

Print them out, fold them, put them in an envelope, and write “Open in case of Sudden Serious Illness” on the front.

Make a packet or envelope like that for each person on your list.

Then come up with a brief explanation for the packet, a cover letter, something you can print and include for whoever you send the packet to, and something you can say to anyone you give the packet to in person.

Something like:

“Dear So and so,

I know how virtuous you are, and how important it is for you to conform to society’s expectations — even if that means volunteering to be a guinea pig for insanely dangerous and ongoing human medical experiments — in order to receive society’s validation and affirmation.

I know that makes you good.

As you know, I was not virtuous enough to blindly accept whatever the professional lying class said, no matter how much personal approval and affirmation it would have brought me.

It’s a failing on my part. I know how awful I am for considering the sources, doing my own research, and for having concluded that trusting such people with my life would be… well, categorically insane.

However, in the extremely unlikely event that rational skepticism turns out to have been a better approach than conformity and blind obedience, if it turns out that taking untested, experimental pseudo-vaccines and boosters has life-threatening consequences, if you suddenly become seriously ill for no apparent reason, then take a look at the 3 pages attached to this letter.

If you decide you want to live, then give me a call, we have plenty to talk about.

Sincerely, your awful friend or family member,




“Second, how does one who is un-“vaccinated” start to come to terms with the fact that “vaccinated and boosted” loved ones and friends may (and likely will) potentially succumb to the damage from the “vaccines’ in their bodies?”


Now that’s a much harder question! 🙂


—-re this site, the qtree, and Wolfie’s recent article—yesterday I could not put 2 words together, (big CRS bout!) but before we all move on, want to add some from-the-heart comments:

Nowhere else in my life have I experienced such gentleness…love of fellow human beings, of family, friends, comrades-in arms-, than here amongst all the subscribers to theqtree—here God is at the center and boy does that make a difference!

this article, Wolfie—and the one on Wheatie that followed—- gave me over and over a big old lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I mean it—all here have become family for me–by dint of just being yourselves and interacting so respectfully and with so much love and appreciation regularly/daily/all the time.

Following several failed spine surgeries (ie, ‘failed” = the dx given whenever the pt is still in pain after surgery) (in my case, since 1st sgy in 1994) . I did lots and lots of therapies through the years [Hope springs eternal!)]—-However at this juncture, much further down the road of life here—-[ Unfortunately we do get older, not younger….] ‘my apt is my world’–Not going anyplace–for me it has become more and more difficult to sit, stand, walk…(etc)

—But/and!—[the Good News!]—in this apt which I have described as “my world” I am soooo richly blessed– have lots and lots of God, all around (and inside) AND—- many times a day I make visits with everyone over here at theqtree

PS: My reality P r e s e n c e….I am never without His Presence: “I will never desert you…you are my dearly-beloved….I hold you in the Palm of my Hand….my Grace is sufficient for you–Come unto Me and I will refresh you… —> That stuff in the Bible is true!

—despite physical compromise/inability to be out and about and to do what I used to do–life is goodI I am surrounded by the Presence of God—wherever I look, turn my eyes, there He is. God’s love!—-just the bestest doggone thing to experience in the whole wide world! AND—This is enhanced by the fruits of your respective Spiritual Journeys (all the prayers, pictures, holy cards, Mass readings, musical selections)—–>Fact: there’s more about God here —and more love freely shared!—-than I experienced in any of the churches i used to be active in.

Thanks be to God. —–And gee-whillikers—this thing is sounding more like a faith-Witness than a simple: “Big thank-you to Wolfie, and all who come here and post!—over the years you’ve become ‘family’ for me–and I am so grateful!”

Love to all, and to each of you. Have a blessed Independence Day Celebration!–L.


It is a church of sorts isn’t it .

Wyoming Knucklehead

I’m just going to post without logging in as it either tells me my pass word is wrong and I just reset it. Maybe I did it to quickly I will see or it tells me my name is wrong. And yes I am challenged on the computer.

I love hearing the Q stuff. I have missed them so. Very good to hear they are real as I have suspicion ed they were. Don’t know if it matters but before Q started again I had just started Neons Q book finally. Humm!

Wyoming Knucklehead

Thanks we will see.


Finally I am in the frame of mind to give my comments here on this thread.
Where to start?
Wolf thank you for sharing what had been going concerning on with you this spring. I had the feeling not all was right and now I am glad you are feeling better.
Your friend, I am sorry he past away . He made choices and we are not responsible what choices other adults make. You have been blessed to having a friend like he was and he was blessed to have you as friend.

Concerning if something happens my husband will leave a message here to let everyone know. The problem is if he and I perish in a car accident there will be no one.
So the cue is if I tell all of you I take a trip and never post here again means I am no more. Being hospitalized will have my tech stuff with me but have no intention going to the hospital.
Should this site be no more do not know what i will do. I pray this place will live on even if it is in my spirit. Peace and Joy