The Demoralization of Country Music

WARNING: This post is for CULTURE WARRIORS ONLY. You were warned.


I thought about doing this post for a long time – maybe even before I started this site, which was back in September of 2018.

Then I actually FINISHED this post on September 14 of 2019.

And then I just let it sit in draft, for basically a year and a half. It just didn’t feel DONE, and people didn’t feel READY for it.

Well, today is DIFFERENT. I finished it up.

You see, NOW we read about “country rapper” Lil Nas X, who went from a novelty country song that nobody heard, to a video a few people saw, to a duet cover version with COUGH “father of Miley Cyrus” Billy Ray Cultural Marx… I Mean Billy Ray Cyrus, to an industry-self-congratulatory “CMA” award, to a guy in a cowboy hat with inverted crucifix earrings singing gay stuff to kids in some weird Disney deal, to…….

EVIL: Lil Nas X and MSCHF Release Nike Shoe Dedicated to Satan with a Pentagram and Human Blood in it – In a Limited Edition of 666 Pairs

Yeah. This is Country and Western on Chinese Fentanyl via Hollyweird.

OK. Let’s back up.

I KNOW that the issue of “country going downhill” is as old as country music itself. I mean, first there was ELECTRIC. And DRUMS. And ROCK. And OUTLAW. And…….

Yeah. Country changes. I get that. I LIKE that. SOME of the new stuff is really awesome, in that it actually mixes old root country with new interesting things. It reflects REALITY.

Country GROWS. Just like America. And beyond. That’s all good.

SIDEBAR: Kinda interesting that THEY chose to shoot up THIS guy’s concert.



And I even like some of the offbeat mutations. (Note, however, the CM on it.)

And sometimes country is just neat when it’s almost out of nowhere.

Hands off this song, you bluegrass liberals! This one is ours! It’s just “old timey”!

And sometimes, the COOL of the MODERN just makes me think that I’ll trade in my truck for some of that “transhuman” crap RIGHT NOW if that PORT in the side of my head means that I get to listen to amazing stuff like this:


That ain’t what I’m talkin’ about.

I’m not talking about the MUSIC as much as the MESSAGES.

I’m talking about YURI BEZMENOV and DEMORALIZATION – which is SMART and much more subtle than just random issues of cultural modernization in country.

You have to wait for about 1 minute into this video to get to the point where Yuri explains psychological demoralization and how it works, as the first step of ideological subversion.

This is where my red lines are crossed – where country music is being POISONED. And those red lines are RELIGIOUS, CULTURAL and (to some extent) POLITICAL, going back to the undermining of basic morality.

I think I started to become AWARE of it under Obama, or maybe even under Bush, but when some Hillary PAC put out a country music song about CANKLES – well – GOOD LORD.


Yeah, that was bad. But it got worse. The friggin’ CIA got on country stations, saying not to vote for Trump…. (Account suspended by Twitter) (Account suspended by Twitter)

Yeah, you’ll just have to imagine somebody saying something intelligent about CIA domestic influence ops, and me responding intelligently about lying Obama CIA deputy Mike Morell of Benghazi video fame showing up on iHeart Country Radio shilling for Hillary Clinton right before the 2016 election.

But freakin’ Choomer Rasputin….

Yeah – THAT GUY – deciding that you can’t hear this stuff. THAT is how desperate they were to get Trump out of office.

But LATELY, the manipulation of Nashville by Hollyweird colonists has gotten REALLY strange. Country songs have WEIRD MESSAGES that are straight-up VIRTUE SIGNALING to some unstated future manipulation agenda.

They’re actually half-messages – those Orwellian absolutes that mean nothing – not even nonsense. They’re unattached emotions declared “good”. They’re serious discernments declared “bad”. They are like lullabies to BABIES – to TODDLERS. “Love is good.” “Hate is bad.” They are “fallible truisms” – quarter-turns or half-turns to FULL ORWELL.

Sometimes they hint at where they will be applied politically, but often they are just generic virtue statements – to be applied later.

They aren’t even OLD TRUTHS – much less COMPLEX STORIES.

And STORY – that’s another story.

Let’s go back for a moment, for comparison. Back when the current forms of socialist politicization of country music were just getting started, under Bill Clinton, in the 90’s.

I didn’t see it then – or rather, I didn’t ADMIT TO MYSELF that it was happening then – but I can certainly SEE IT and ADMIT IT now.

There was a kind of “crypto-feminist story” country genre, in which liberal murder fantasies against “country boys” were fulfilled through aggrieved white women in virtue-signal-filled, plot-laden, country songs. that ended with dead white “bad guys” of unstated but ominous nature, who had “wronged” in various nebulous ways the women who needed to take vengeance – frequently the wife or daughter.

The BAD MEN were clearly abusers – but the songs were just ambiguous and poetic enough to make EVERY MAN GUILTY.

It was “Billie Rae Jack” – or GOD in her stead – killing the old white guys in radio format.

Of course, these songs always sounded GREAT, and I cheered along with their EXCITING PLOTS and ENERGIZING MUSIC – even though I knew that *I* was the guy who was gonna be killed by the wife or daughter for rolling my eyes at some giant tin chicken.

Sorry – couldn’t resist. We men have to stick together under these circumstances. *wink*

I miss Daughn. That’s how long ago I was writing this sucker.

Remember those? THOSE SONGS have been the LITMUS TEST that country women have had to perform to “get credibility”. THAT or similar “agenda” songs. Gotta do one of those. Ya know? Gotta PLAY TO THE AGENDA or the CAREER ain’t goin’ nowhere, babe. Can I call you babe?


Now – I am going to WAKE YOU UP. Right now. FUTURE PROVES PAST.

I love Martina McBride, by the way. Not sure if her pixie face here is real or Photoship or whatever. This is nothing on her. This stuff is so smart, it flies past almost all of us. It weaponizes EVERYTHING WE LOVE and ONE TRUTH AFTER ANOTHER to sell a SOCIETY-CHANGING MYTH.



FUTURE PROVES PAST. It was pure psychology – smarter than almost ANYBODY.

Sorry – I have HAD IT with the cultural Marxist ABUSE of the entire country music lifestyle as a way to CHANGE US and DESTROY AMERICA.


Jack Posobiec, doing some kind of penance for recent laziness, seems to be hitting them out of the park this last week.

OK – I did die of laughter there.

Thank goodness I saved that as an image.

Here is the actual tweet. (Tweet gone, of course)

To which I simply HAD to respond: (Yeah, my ENTIRE history on Twitter, only available to leftist “researchers” – meaning SOVIET stooges in academia.)

ANYWAY – finally – I’m putting it all together. What’s happening to country and western music.

The WAR ON COUNTRY has been going on a long time, and they have snuck in so many ringers, dupes and chumps – IN THE BACKGROUND – that “country” is starting to sound – quite frankly – nothing like country.

But just like “it’s not the MUSIC – it’s the MESSAGES“, we have the same thing here – it’s not the FACES, it’s the WORDS.

They use OUR faces – people we can relate to. PEERS.

The RINGERS are in the BACKGROUND. It is the SONG-WRITERS and THOSE WHO PICK WHICH SONGS GET AHEAD who are the real brokers of cultural Marxism in country.

By the way – is there anything in country music similar to the highly skewed cultural Marxist virtue signal emporium known as the “Black List”? If there was, that would sure explain a lot.

This is presumably the SAME as in media, where it’s not the REPORTERS, it’s the EDITORS.

See how it works? The ACTIVE PUPPETS ALWAYS hide behind HUMAN SHIELDS.

So – let’s dig more deeply into the assault. And here is how I see things.

There are two main forms of cultural Marxism attacking country – GENDER-BASED and BEHAVIOR-BASED.


First of all, before we even deal with what is left in the country music scene, is the EVACUATION OF BIG TALENT.

Notice how FEMALE EXEMPLARS LEAVING COUNTRY (by any means necessary, or even BEFORE going country) is actually a “thing”. It’s a MESSAGE.

They always move the biggest ones OUT, too. ALWAYS.



Remember that girl, when she was just a girl?

Stay with me, boys! I know it’s rough. It’s HARD to look away.

Kinda funny the way they have changed the objects of attraction from sexually dimorphic types to “boygirl” and “girlboy” types. Well, it’s INTENTIONAL. That’s why it changes so fast.




They are MUTATING both the objects of attraction and the objects of self-image. Isn’t that the way that TRANS KIDS works, too? They are deconstructing GENDER FIRST and SEX NEXT.

Wait until pushy, face-palm, forcible TRANS hits country. Trust me – TRANS-COUNTRY is coming, and DON’T YOU BE A “HATER”, cuz YOU YOURSELF sung the anthems against “hate”.

You see what I’m sayin’?

We have NO VOICE in this, unless we fight it tooth and nail. And you had better fight NOW.

So now let’s get to BEHAVIOR, which is where the self-immolating CABAL gets more of the winnings from THEIR side of the deal.


Yeah, Miley Cyrus ain’t country, and maybe she NEVER WAS, but that’s not how it works psychologically. Her relation to her FATHER matters subconsciously to you like a HOSTAGE, and THAT IS WHY THEY CHOSE HER. She will always will be a country baby hung over Hollywood crocodiles, psychologically, and THAT is why they did what they did.


WE THE VICTIMS pretend that psychology doesn’t last one second after the commercial, when the reality is that this stuff lasts our WHOLE LIVES and they have simply LIED TO US about it. They LIED to us that we can “change the channel” and it all goes away.


WAKE THE HELL UP and cut your cable, because on PRIME TIME they don’t show this stuff, but they TALK about it in the background of FAKE NORMAL.

You will notice that EVEN in the “six-mega-hit mash-up” video there is a massive appeal to easy lovin’ in almost every modern country ballad. I remember when this would have been as controversial in country music as #MeToo was for liberals a year ago. Yes, it was consensual premarital sex, but it was still SEX OUT OF WEDLOCK.

Trust me, this itty-bitty beginning of omnipresent sex in country doesn’t sound bad, but these people want WHITE FOLKS to start filling up the Cloward-Piven welfare rolls, and THIS is exactly how to do it, along with FENTANYL – fronted by the CHICOM PUPPETS. First they normalize the baby daddy, and then they normalize kicking him out, and then they normalize him running around proving that he’s a man using his stolen AR-15 as the new country gang-banger.

Sound familiar, but NEW, FRESH, and EXCITING?

The reason I get ahead of THEIR plots is because I can write THEIR stories before THEY bring them to reality. Before they FORCE and SUGGEST those stories into existence.

If you can’t see this shit coming from a mile away, and you would like to JOIN ME IN THIS WAR, then I strongly suggest that you need to cut your cable NOW.

Don’t listen to their chaff stories. Listen to your own.

The next WORLD WAR ain’t gonna be fought with anything like the last two.

It will be fought by PREDICTING THE FUTURE.

Be there before they even think about getting there.


PS – Addendum 2021

THIS article:

This article really gives some insight into the “mentality of musical credibility” that is being used to sneak satanism into Country & Western music. You can just see how a slow and steady program of patient manipulation uses the desire of white and black Americans to “get along”, and the semi-knowing naivete of selected C&W artists, to allow the satanists and Luciferians to sneak in their devilish tricks.

LOL. Good Lord. When George Clooney playing a Soggy Bottom Boy is more real as Country music than Country music….

Nashville – we’ve got a problem.

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OMG, that Hillary pseudo-Country was awful.


It’s like “Hillary is female, and I like females — like my daughter and my mother, and she’s been an adoring wife *GACK*……”


It’s more like the way political operatives wish they could convey Hillary as being, while everyone else is “she’s a cold, hard, bitch who happens to be a power-mad psychopath.”


I actually think the forces of evil are tripping over themselves with this. If your background is country, you’re going to look at this and flinch away. It’ll only be attractive to someone in the pop world pursuing crossover potential — and they’ll likely say, “why should I cross over when it’s much the same over there as it is over here?”


Yahoo has an article praising the lil x video.
The comments, say no thanks.


Who is the blonde?


Heh. She looks way younger and far less stressed-out than she did at Yahoo.


Look — Keith Richards looks younger in a picture with Nanzi Pelosi.


Im glad im homeschooling next year, but 4th grade i dont know. He needs friends. Mr gil has 5 years to go.


All of them are closed to any new people. We tried for this year, but Ill check again.


“The abrupt ouster last month of Mike Huckabee from the Country Music Association’s charitable board just 24 hours after his appointment sends a strong signal that Nashville’s cultural revolution is in full swing.

An organized right-wing backlash against the removal of the conservative gadfly and presidential aspirant quickly fizzled, and Music City breathed a sigh of relief. The swiftness of the forced departure of Huckabee, who has been vocal about his support for the NRA and objections to same-sex marriage and parenting, underscores how the country music industry has become a nexus of discussion for two of America’s hot-button topics: gun control and gay rights.

In stepping down from the position, Huckabee bitterly publicized his stance by posting his resignation letter on social media with the headline “Hate Wins” — far from how most of the town saw the decision.

For the keepers of country music’s social conscience, some questions remain that are worth exploring: Is Nashville really the progressive bastion that Huckabee’s exit would seem to signify, or does the ease of his initial appointment indicate that the genre that’s synonymous with the city has a way to go toward being on the right side of history?
It wasn’t just Huckabee’s perceived backward-ness on gay rights that made him anathema to the new Nashville. It was the tone-deafness of selecting someone who’d also recently attacked opposition to the NRA as “cowardly” — particularly when the business was still reeling from the October 2017 massacre at a country music festival in Las Vegas, modern U.S. history’s worst mass shooting.

“Everyone I talked to [on the day the Huckabee announcement was made], including chairmen of labels and major managers, all collectively agreed that that move would have put Nashville back 20 years,” says Steve Schnur, head of music for gaming company Electronic Arts and a former CMA board member. “What Huckabee represents is everything that Nashville is not about anymore. I know plenty of country music artists who are next generation, and they don’t come here with redneck-pro-gun-conservative-religious points of view. While country will always remain respectful to older artists, it’s still a twentysomething coming to town, and they come with a different attitude than the Oak Ridge Boys did, you know?”

Philips (past president of CMT) worried that Huckabee’s appointment might have been seen as reversing the industry’s recent disassociation from NRA Country, an NRA offshoot that once hosted events with singers like Blake Shelton but finally removed what was left of its once sizable affiliated artists page in March after most of the stars listed asked to have their names taken off. As CMT head, Philips says he made a copy of every artist who was on the NRA Country website and “tucked it away as ‘These aren’t people that we necessarily want to be in business with.’ If we were sponsoring tours with acts who were taking money from the NRA, [CMT parent] MTV Networks would have been outraged, and rightfully so.”

{This is while he was head of CMT!}

Jason Owen, one of the most powerful managers in Nashville, had led the charge against Huckabee’s appointment with a strongly worded letter to the CMA in which he threatened to pull all of Sandbox’s artists, including Faith Hill, Little Big Town and Kacey Musgraves, from the organization’s future philanthropic endeavors.

{Note: many he manages and that are listed above are also known for left leaning politics, left leaning statements, weak/against 2A – are they this way because the big guys, the powerful in the industry are now leftists or are they managed by this guy because they agree with him?)

…president’s remarks about Haiti being a “shithole” (which they countered by pointing to the fact that they, like many country fans, are proud of coming from a “shithole” upbringing).
{Note: pushing fake news that President Trump supposedly said but other witnesses say he did not say}


Wow…. that cements country as full of sheet via their handlers doesn’t it?


I notice there are more songs I turn off and flip to another station these days + artists I avoid because I know their stance on issues and it just turns me off, esp. 2A.

Side Note: I have noticed a lot more of Garth Brooks lately, since 1/20. Payback for being willing to sing for Biden? It has been glaring to me and my mind went to how do some of these people get “paid”? Like people get “paid” by writing books/via publishers do performers get paid via playtime?

I have been hearing this song and until right now had no idea who sings it because I always change the station. I mean, yes, I want to get along with people, but this song sounds SO forced and was, in my opinion, not very good. Just now learned who sings it.
McGraws are known for appearing on Oprah and being squishes on 2A

Just now learned who sings it.
McGraws are known for appearing on Oprah and being squishes on 2A. Singing the above song makes sense with his politics (and I like other songs by him)

Others in country music have become outspoken about gun control but Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (they are married) are almost always featured:

Deplorable Patriot

The LEFT does not actually ALLOW us to have a voice any more.

We do, but it will get drowned out by larger operations.

The people themselves have to say ENOUGH and walk away, and that just doesn’t happen often enough.


The LEFT does not actually ALLOW us to have a voice any more.

And we do not allow ourselves to have a voice, even with each other. That is a generalization and not 100% applicable.

The brainwashing and psychological manipulation have been so successful, even otherwise normal and patriotic Americans self-censor, self-intimidate. That is why our President’s promise “we will say Merry Christmas again” told me he understood precisely what the problem was, and had the leadership to do something about it (or at least try).

Too many of us have ceased being honest with each other, and worse, too many of us have ceased to be honest with ourselves. The soviet psy-ops have been wildly successful.

We have long since gone past the powerful acceptance of 2 + 2 = 5.

Our side too often buys into the Fake Premise of the psy-ops because we are fair, and tolerant, and not bad, right? When in fact it is mostly about definition of words. Orwell was right.

But we do not fight on the grounds of definition. We agree to fight on the totally phony/manipulative grounds of the emotional impact of definitions.

True, our side is at a disadvantage because we control nothing other than what is left of our personal lives, an area dissolving like salt in water. Our personal lives are almost gone, we are very close to the end.

I am fortunate to have a couple friends who do not self-censor with me, nor I with them. Those conversations will be prohibited in the not distant future, under threat to our lives and well being.

For the time being, I have my books which I have collected over a lifetime, but they too will be subject to confiscation in the not too distant future.

Last edited 3 years ago by Tonawanda

Christianity in America has largely accepted the Nice Jesus view of their LORD AND SAVIOR.

Nice equates with political correctness and a one-sided view of the God of the universe.


Why the acceptance of Jesus as historic fact is essential to actual Christianity.

Brave and Free

Sadly I believe your right T, I still hold on to faith it’s not so but getting harder to do so.


Very good post.


Maybe Nashville is like DC a time to move things out of the cities?
Where I live we still have real country music and it is not fake. The people living in the hills and hallows are real. They all own guns and they are no city slickers who discovered country music. Appalachia will keep country music alive.
Over time I came to enjoy blue grass country music. I like the real stuff not the watered down version.


Pay to play has never ever gone away in the music industry.

Deplorable Patriot

And it’s a centuries old practice, too.


Yep. More complex, more avenues of rot, but its still rot.

Deplorable Patriot

You want the role, you sleep with the director, or the patron financing the production. It’s been that way in theater and opera for hundreds of years. Not universal, but yes.

That’s why for a long time actresses and opera singers were considered nothing more than prostitutes.


Actors are just as bad. They are gay for pay as well.


Some Christain actors won’t kiss in acting as they say that even that is wrong.

Brave and Free

Tim McGraw was always fake to me, he can’t sing has no range and was living off his father’s name IMO.
PS, and his wife’s popularity.

Brave and Free

Very well said Wolf my thoughts exactly. I wish i could exspress my thoughts like that. 🤔🤔. Your insight beautifully displayed in words is powerful and must have the communist alarmed.
And not to slight others on here at all, many here post great comments/articles.

Last edited 3 years ago by Brave and Free

Paisley is another Dixie Chick if you ask me … always flip the station when he comes on …

Brad Paisley is a leftist on social issues and 2A, etc.

environment w/sexual undertones

more anti Trump digs and welcoming immigrants – we all welcome Legal Immigrants (esp. in appropriate #s and merit based)

friends with Obama … entertaining the troops is a GREAT things and a long tradition with country music stars … but why with Obama? why supporting his turn out and the enthusiasm to come out and see him?

hated his CMA hosting … not that I actually watch the show but I do hear about it and then watched the clips


Now Rita Wilson is getting into Country Music … ugh!

I don’t know how one would classify “My Church” but we always flip the station as it just seems sacreligious and very inappropriate. She is hosting awards show this year

It seems there are more and more songs I flip away from these days. Riding around with my son in the car and listening from his point of view … just so many more that are not for young ears. Teens have a hard enough time keeping their mind out of trouble without adding song after song that are blatently sexual (Body like a Back Road comes to mind but he also sings Sinning with You so guess I should not be surprised.)


Speaking of riding around with my son and country music playing …

When son was young, 1st or 2nd grade, he noticed that when we were on our way to homeschool tutorial we listened to praise and worship but on the way home we always listened to country music … little stinker is always watching me … for better or worse! ha

When he was even younger, about 5, he asked me way “cussify” was. Well, my homeschool mom heart just rose up and sang, back straightened and shoulders went back as pride flooded my being … My son discussing science and classifying objects like we have been discussing. Big pat on the back to myself.

As I explain “classify” to him, he rolled his eyes and said, I know that mom but what is “cussify”? You know, like in the song, Where I learned to “cussify” too?”

Cuss and fight. Where I learned to cuss and fight too.

Yes, my son was learning the science … but also the worst parts of a good song. Great, country music from mom was teaching my son so much he didn’t need to know!

humbled and reminded me he is always watching and learning

H always blames my country music (which, as I type this evening, I realize I listen too much less than I used too … changing tastes and much less playing that I enjoy … less time in the car “thanks” to wuflu … son often studying while we drive so less music then too … but even when driving by myself, just fewer songs on that I enjoy)

But I always blame H’s movies and video games (which I know are judiciously chosen but I would still not let my precious boy play video games at all or watch any action films … well, that is not true as I showed him High Noon and Red October and the Fallen movie series, although I did tell him to close his eyes during some parts of that series which I like … because of politics? idk as I don’t like very many action films at all)

I guess pop culture sneaks in through us even as we try to protect him.


Yes, pop culture is all around us.

We want to protect our children from it.
But does sheltering them from it really protect them?

Critical Thinking…is what will inoculate them.

I played an ongoing ‘game’ of “Find The Propaganda” with mine.

First, I taught them what ‘propaganda’ is…and how it has been used down through history.

Then, I challenged them to Find The Propaganda in what they were seeing today.

There is propaganda everywhere…in the media, in music, films…you name it.

A part of our find-the-propaganda-game was to then figure out What the message was, that was in the propaganda.

As adults, our kids are now doing the same thing with their own kids.


Agreed … worldview and critical thinking and specifically about pop culture and even advertising all part of what we have emphasized to him and intentionally taught

but want to limit exposure until age appropriate or just teach to limit his own exposure as how much exposure to pop culture do we really need or want?

Many movies and popular music, including country music, are so opposite of what we think, read and want to live up to.

We don’t have TV (cable/satelite) and try to choose carefully the shows we watch via other methods and certainly don’t have a tv on as the background noise of our house or life.

So, yes, we teach him to see through it, to think about it, etc., but also just to choose less exposure and to not be curious, or at least be very cautious about satifying curriousity, about sin and how non Christians live their lives.

I want to limit my own exposure and I want to limit his as well … even while letting him know its out there.

And yet, when is he old enough to know about some sin? Like transgenderism and that we are supposed to play along with it? So different than cross dressing as that was not a delusion that we were all supposed to go along with.

When is the right time to tell him the real reason I didn’t want him to go to the public bathrooms by himself? When is the right time to tell him about abortion? (well never forget the look on his 11 or 12 yr old face when I explained what the bumper sticker he had asked me about actually meant – he was stunned and revolted that moms actually did such a thing on purpose and that was without me telling any grusome details of how/methods)

Sometimes I just wish I could shelter him from me … bad words he learned at school … and we homeschool! partly funny and partly sad to admit

I wish I could just protect him forever from the negative realities of our current society.


Logic is not the be-all and end all of understanding, but it is the best start.

Children are fully capable of understanding fallacies if explained simply. IMO a radically different educational system would start teaching children logical fallacies early and continue through the years.

Formal logic can be taught later, but fallacies are discrete concepts which can be simplified and made understandable by people who are clever at that.

And wheatie, I LOVE what you do/did with the kids!


We did exactly that … while limiting the pop culture he had to dissect. We did not want to rely on a 2-10 yr old brain to always be “on” when general TV was on – the shows or the commercials.

I recommend this book for getting children started in understanding commercial and fallicies. Son enjoyed this @ about 8 or 9 yrs old.

When he 10ish he enjoyed this book: An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi

We have used Critical Thinking Co materals as well as the Lollipop Logic series, Logic Safari series, and Logic Countdown series.

Logic by Master Books (curriculum) is a great, gentle introduction.

Apologia Worldview series is excellent. And this is a big part of our approach – have him firmly grounded in what is good and the pop culture trash won’t appeal adn he will know what to do/how to handle it when it does.

Ex: He flips the radio stations when inappropriate country music comes on faster than I do becaue he can recognize songs in the first few notes and realizes it before I do. He doesn’t want to hear them as he knows its already tough to keep his mind on track (thinking of girls respectfully, etc.)

Nothing substitutes for ongoing discussions with adutls and parents watching media with the children to discuss but limiting media/pop culture to reduce the exposure in the first place helps it not be a constant need.


I LOVE it! I am so happy to know hose books exist and are used!


This. ☝☝☝


Now that is interesting. Ive told mine how they are out to sell you, trick you, bribe you, make you like bad things to be “cool”. Ive explained during movies some of the things going on.
Youve done a more thorough job. Good for you.


The world we create for ourselves is to some extent our reality.

If we allow our days to be filled with pop culture, and especially our children’s days filled or even partially filled with pop culture, we are allowing pop culture to creae their reality.

We don’t actually have to be surrounded by pop culture.

We can choose the radio stations (and flip them when something inappropriate &/or distasteful comes on), we can choose TV or no TV, we can choose what videos, we can choose movies, we can 100% choose the media & culture in our lives.

If one has Zero TV and little radio, only shows specifically and Intentionally chosen via youtube, Right Now media (which is a Christain netflix style media service), amazon prime, netflix (we stopped them cold turkey several years ago despite them being our main source of entertainment), or selecting videos from the library, etc.

Imagine intentionally choosing all media consumed, from the books (both those we read together and read on our own) to the children’s curriculum to the magazines on the table that the family reads and discuss, to the music (even Christian radio stations discuss divorce, suicide and other things that young children don’t need to have presented to them to know about or to think are common) to choosing family vacations (camping/nature v. entertainment parks) …. we choose to shape the reality in which our son grew up by choosing the media allowed into our home and into our son’s life.

Getting a firm foundation and slowing, at age appropriate times, revealing the ugliness in the world helps to lessen the “this is normal” and “everybody does this” or “everyone lives like this”.

Pop culture is all around us … only if we let it into our homes and into our lives.


Song just feels weird to me, like it is promoting substituting pop culture, even great country music culture, for spiritual substance and actual Christian content.

There is Christian content in country music, esp. old school country music, but she seems to be filling the God size hole in her heart with pop culture/country music.

just feels off to me for us. Not saying it was satanist or wrong or bad. Just not for us. As we were listening, son and I just looked at each other at the same point in the song, like that is weird/off/too much for us. But that might just be us on that song. idk …


My husband likes techno … and he listens to it with headphones as he works so we don’t distract him (homeschooling in the same room as he works). I don’t “get” techno at all

And, yes, we listen to many other flavors of music too. Seems country is mainly for the car with the radio handy and we drive so much less these days


I “get” and enjoy many forms of music but techno evades me. I keep waiting for … something … IDK

But H loves it and son enjoyes it as well. It seems to work so well for them and yet leave me on edge. Fun how we are all made so differently and are fed by different forms of art.


I truly believe it will cloistered communities that save the West again. Both religious and conservative ones.


Very well could be, and the question will be WHERE.


I actually researched what it took to become Amish a few weeks ago. Turns out, it is mostly about religious beliefs, not lifestyle.

I would still consider it if my family would. But they think I’m nuts.


“Another Dixie-Chick” — exactly!


I liked Wide Open Spaces as it took me back to living in MT when I was young and loved the Big Sky and freedom and travel throughout the west and possibilities … turned my stomach though to hear them in another country attacking during war … when I still thought Bush jr was ok

Just didn’t seem right.

Now, knowing what I know now … might be different … hard to say

OK to trash talk President Trump while in foreign countries?

Would I be OK with someone I like in pop culture trash talking Biden while in a foreign country, esp. if it was a foreign policy action by Biden {by the Deep State in control} I might not like? Where do I stand on the issue not just on specific examples is really what I have to ask myself and then apply it equally.

Guess its how its done and where.


Natalie Maines reveled in her bad girl persona at the time of all that controversy. As an example I’d cite the concomitant feud that she started with Toby Keith over his “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” song calling it ignorant. Keith was the one to call off the fight…I believe Maines wanted the resultant publicity. At the time she was sporting a shirt emblazoned with
“F U T K” …not exactly victimhood…


My husband does not like country music he is an all classical music guy. At home when i grew up I was not allowed to listen to any pop music or country or any American music. As a result I enjoyed church music a lot.
Some classical music and organ music calms my spirit.


Sure they had a right to say it.

And I have a right to flip the station every signle time they come on

Freedom of speech is preotected by law from the government punishing us (and now I am thinking from private company discrimination but that is another Huge debate and I am not 100% certain).

But Freedom of Speach does not mean that the speaker is protected from others reacting with disproval and/or the own words/opinion/speech right back at ’em.


I think [They] took control of the award shows as a way of controlling artists…and the content of artists’ songs.

Those who conform — get the awards.

Award shows used to be pretty cool.
Not anymore.
Not in a long time.

Award shows now are just big virtue-signaling propaganda fests.


I woke up from a nightmare (unusual, thankfully!) and so hopped on line to distract myself before going back to sleep. With this close to my heart post I have now been wide awake for a while and have some good country music playing … not a great post to get sucked into for going back to sleep! ha


Randy Travis pull me into Country music. Love(d) Garth Brooks. Right now, don’t enjoy his music as it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth after him playing for Biden. I am too left brained and the facts get in the way of the music.

And it still just jumps out at me that I have noticed it so much more since January. Am I noticing Garth getting more play time or same amount of play time and I am just paying attention? I really think he is getting more play time because his music would usually be one I would turn up.

IDK for sure which … thought of this blog when I heard his music playing more (I think) and had the idea that it might be a way to pay to play like book deals – thought, boy! am I being influenced! eyes opened and trained to see is probably a better description. 🙂

And the Cyrus connection to the satan shoes and music … I really did used to feel sorry for him and think he must regret his daughter’s path … also wondered if he used her to for his own success and then thought, of course not! no parent would do such a thing … now, not so sure! seems to much of a coincidence.


DW’s query to me was if I thought Miley was abused? I had to shrug. But now Billy Ray public satanic embrace makes me revisit the issue…not to mention the obvious Disney connection with his daughter.


She has an older brother who is a train wreck. The family is a mess.


comment image


Country music is good when cleaning the house 🙂 Classical when reading and Taize to relax before bed.


[They] want total control over us.

So [They] have infiltrated every area of our interest.

With the proliferation of Rap Music…many people migrated to C&W music, since so much of it is countrified Rock & Roll.

In order to survive, many Rock & Roll musicians just added a bit of C&W twang to their music…and they found work.

So of course, [They] had to go after C&W music, so that they left us nowhere to run to find wholesome music that represented and celebrated our values.

It’s diabolical.


I didn’t grow up watching much tv and we were very involved with church when I was a teen so when Madonna hit the scene, I was repulsed by her persona and only aware of her because of girls at school. It was during my time in the military that I first heard rap, that was too hateful and made no sense to me.

When we moved to OK there was no cable available so another decade of no tv. When I divorced and moved to a mid size town I purchased the tv, internet cable package and even then the only thing I watched was Fox news.

I’m 50 yrs old, have never birthed children and most 8 yr old kids today have probably used a cell phone, heard more music and watched more tv than I have consumed in my entire life.

My “niece” by marriage not by blood, visited us once. We asked her to please not smoke her weed on our property. She didn’t listen and when we asked her to please leave, she said (I’m removing the foul language), “You (bleep, bleep) prude, I’ve had more d*** in my life than you’ll ever have.” Well, she was right!

I prefer my quiet life with my like minded husband. It was only because we like Candance Owens that we became aware of Cardi B and that public display of disgust. We couldn’t bring ourselves to watch the video, the written description was vulgar enough. So when we see these articles and various video clips on here, CTH, TGP, etc it just verifies to us that satan is succeeding in his mission. Or as my husband says, “One step closer to sodom and gomorah.”

Honestly, at this point I couldn’t even begin to offer up a theory of possible solutions. I have my daily time with the Lord and pray for the best. My husband and I discuss this often.

Looking at history, sometimes you just have to wait for the corrupted decay to crash and burn and build anew from the ashes.


I understand sticking to your principle concerning niece and pot smoking. We had a friend we took with us for 8 years on our vacation trip to Pleasant Hill KY. There is no smoking and she smoked her pot there.
My husband put his foot down and she cannot come any longer with us. I felt bad because she is poor and could never afford a short vacation on her own.

Valerie Curren

8 years sounds like a pretty long vacation to me! 😉


I did not express myself properly, we took her every year on a 4 day vacation for 8 years. She was our guest and she in the end abused the generosity. She felt that pot smoking was the only luxury she had. I did not even know she still smoked pot just thought she did when young.

Valerie Curren

LOL..I was just playing Singing. I’m sorry for your loss & that your friend is more into substance abuse than respecting your reasonable rules. It’s truly her loss–on multiple levels!


She is a writer and lived a life most dream off with little responsibilities. She is everything I am not and that attracted me. What was upsetting was she violated the trust. Since we were paying if anything would have been said about her smoking in the room would reflect on us and we could have been banned. I wanted to handle it my way and clear things up with her but my husband took over and she will never be allowed to come with us again. I still send her food packages of salmon but my husband handles everything now concerning her because he knows I am forgiving. A pastor told me some time ago I could never live alone and need my husband. I give everything away always have all my life. My parents called me stupid for nothing 🙁

Valerie Curren

Oh my, Singing, that does sound complicated & entangled w/ strengths, weaknesses, faith, & even manipulation (potentially on her part). What a blessing that you have your husband there to protect you. Your compassionate heart is precious!!!

Forgiveness is crucial to healthy & godly living. Being forgiving doesn’t mean having to allow the forgiven to take further advantage of you. It’s a difficult balance to strike, imo.

I always return to the scripture that says we are to Speak the Truth in Love. It is hard to do both. Oftentimes Truth is spoken but not in love & oftentimes Love is spoken but not in truth. The Holy Spirit can give us the grace & strength to do both!


You have much faith and placed in a loving heart.
I am not attached to things, house stuff in it or money. Yes my husband is a good man and very kind.

Valerie Curren

beautiful Singing 🙂


Country music has gone down hill in a bad way – it’s no longer blues and homefolk with a country accent. I love classic country – Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Gentleman Jim Reeves.

Nowadays, when I’m on the road, I tune to the ‘Gospel Greats’ countdown on the Christian station.

Otherwise, I listen to our local iHeart talk station, Hannity, Levin…and now Rush is gone, haven’t heard Bongino yet. (always turn off Glenn Beck)


I am not over teh 2016 cheeto face either. loved the moment he was talking on stage in NV, stumping for Cruz and President Trump walked into the room. All left Beck standing there talking to himself. So funny


He’s just so oily and wise in his own eyes.


That is the Mormon thing. Seriously. I have known quite a few of the Mormon male leadership, and they think they have the direct line to God. I find it repulsive,


Oh, jeez, we have many Mormons here. I have several friends who are Mormon. It’s just the leadership I don’t like.


They are very easy to brainwash, because they are essentially already brainwashed from birth.

The creepiest thing I ever saw was when I went to a Mormon church service and they were having “testimony.” A mom held up a three year old and made him recite his “testimony,” which is the same as everyone else’s (they are all the same).

She would whisper in his ear a few words, which he would repeat. Like a ventriloquist dummy. “I know this church…” *whisper* “is true…” *whisper* “Joseph Smith was…”

Really messed up shit, in my opinion.


Agree, wolf. This stuff and due to production studios screwing them over is why many real country artists left Nashville years ago. Nashville is fake, just like Hollyweird. It’s all been a systematic take down of America’s backbone. Real country music artists are people you typically do not see on the awards shows. There are only a few real ones left in the general public’s view now.

Take more care in what you view and listen to. Spend more time reading and praying/contemplating. Visit real people in person – not FakeBook and social media. Enjoy some outdoor time in nature. Listen to God. Learn to play an instrument and sing. Enjoy a sport or hobby. Stop viewing your life through a lens or a screen – that’s not living.

Take away the clicks and cable from the blood sucking whores. Live free or die.

Deplorable Patriot

And, please, widen your musical listening repertoire. Variety is the spice of life.


I love classical. So much that I had my kids listening to it so they could identify the composer when they heard it years later.

Need to get back to that again.


Deplorable Patriot


SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA


They call Rossini the “Italian Mozart” but I know that’s an unfair comparison.

If they truly were an even match, you’d hear Mozart called the Austrian Rossini sometimes. But you never do.

Also fond of Dvorak, Beethoven and Chaykovskiy (that’s closer to being a transliteration than the usual spelling).

Deplorable Patriot

The only composer I’ve ever halfway mistaken for Mozart was Haydn, and it’s more like he’s “Mozart lite.”

The others have unmistakable signatures in style. Rossini is too fast to be compared to any of the others. Beethoven, on fire and really a force unto himself. Dvorak is lush and dark at the same time. Tchaikovsky is way to playful in many ways.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Exactly my impression of Haydn. It’s like Mozart on an uninspired day. There’s just something not there.

Oh, Mendelssohn wrote TWO violin concertos, not just one. The famous one is Op. 64, and unfamous one (which doesn’t even have an opus number) was a very early work of his, and sounds very much like Mozart. Enough so in fact that I suspect few could spot the ringer unless they just happen to know every Mozart piece like the back of their hand.

I mentioned Mozart, Dvorak, Beethoven, and Chaykovskiy together because to me those are the “Big Four” composers where I will buy a “new” (to me) instrumental work without hesitation. Do that enough, of course, and eventually you do end up scraping the bottom of the barrel. Mozart and his father actually once deliberately wrote a bad piece to satirize some of the crap THEY had to listen to; it even has a Koechel number but I don’t remember it.


It was K. 522. I found the concept fascinating from the first time I learned of it.

What makes it bad, from Wiki:

Compositorial comedic devices include:

  • secondary dominants replacing necessary subdominant chords;
  • discords in the horns;
  • parallel fifths
  • whole tone scales in the violin’s high register;
  • clumsy orchestration, backing a thin melodic line with a heavy, monotonous accompaniment in the last movement;
  • going to the wrong keys for a sonata-form structure (the first movement, for example, never succeeds in modulating to the dominant, and simply jumps there instead after a few failed attempts);
  • starting the slow movement in the wrong key (G major instead of C major);
  • a pathetic attempt at a fugato, also in the last movement.

The piece is notable for one of the earliest known uses of polytonality (though not the earliest, being predated by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber’s Battalia), creating the gesture of complete collapse at the finale. This may be intended to produce the impression of grossly out-of-tune string playing, since the horns alone conclude in the tonic key. The lower strings behave as if the tonic has become B-flat, while the violins and violas switch to G major, A major and E-flat major, respectively.
Whole-tone scales and polytonality are foreign to music of the Classical era. However, these became common for early 20th-century composers like Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky, who were searching for a new musical language. In this later context, these were legitimate new techniques in serious music. In Mozart’s time, however, these non-classical elements gave the piece its comedy, expressing the composer’s humor.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

The wiki has a two or three second excerpt and it almost sounds like bad harmonicas thanks to the nastiness of those chords…yikes!!!


I love it. Mozart was such a genius, so confident in his own abilities, that he could produce a piece like this and enter it into his own catalogue of his works.

I don’t have the depth of knowledge of composition to recognize all the things that are off — I just know that something is wrong — but the horns at about 10:10 are priceless, as are the ending chords, LOL.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

As far as I know, Mozart didn’t catalog his own works.

K stands for Koechel, that’s someone who came by after the fact and did the cataloging.


Yes, Mozart made a list of his own works, but no doubt it’s incomplete. You can see it here:

The buttons to scroll through the pages are on the top right. Koechel didn’t come along until the 1860s.

1784-1791, Mozart’s catalogue of his own works, which he kept from 1784 to just before his death in 1791. Cover label (f. i) and contents entirely in Mozart’s hand. Written in ink. Signed ‘Wolfgang Amadé Mozart [paraph]’ on the cover label (f. i). Contents arranged with dates and description of each work on versos (the left page of each opening), and musical incipits opposite on rectos (right page of each opening). Each opening usually contains the entries for five works; the incipits are written on systems of two staves, the rectos pre-ruled for this purpose with ten staves grouped in pairs. The first entry, dated 9 February 1784, is for the Piano Concerto in E flat (K449), the last (ff. 28v-29r), dated 15 November 1791, for the Masonic cantata ‘Laut verkünde unsre Freude’ (K623); thereafter folios are ruled with staves on the rectos but otherwise blank. The first ten entries are numbered in ink [perhaps by G.N. Nissen], thereafter numbers are inserted in pencil, with the number 30 used twice. With various other later markings in ink and pencil, notably crosses in groups of three against the beginning of many of the text entries, single crosses at the end of some of the incipits, and an incomplete numeration system on the incipit pages grouping the works by fours.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Fair enough.

If he started the catalog in 1784, it’s going to be very incomplete! He had been composing since 1764 I believe.

This does explain why, when you look over koechel’s list there are a lot of -a’s and -bs in it…works that Koechel didn’t know about that were discovered later. They’re almost all early works, presumably from before Mozart began recording them.

And indeed, K449 is pretty “late” in the sequence which ends at K626.

It’s not uncommon to read a news report about someone buying an antique desk and discovering a “new” work by Mozart in one of the drawers.

Koechel no doubt relied on this list and thus didn’t have too many surprises later on.


That reminded me of something I’d forgotten. Both of my grandparents played the piano/organ and my grandfather played the guitar, which they taught me. I was buying and listening to classical music while other teens were slobbering over the creation of mtv.

Thank God for my grandparents influence and the Lords protection of me!

Brave and Free

Absolutely true, most of the time am listening to instrumental music. Just love the different sounds of different styles of blues, jazz, Cajun ……..


Could not agree more we need balance in life 🙂

Deplorable Patriot

It’s a not so subtle take over of the American Way since the traditional consumers of “country” are passionately patriotic. I’m wondering how fat some bank accounts got while this devolution was going on.

Honestly, I’ve been listening quite a bit to talks by Fr. Chad Ripperger, one of the exorcists here in the US, and the attacks are completely in line with the way the demonic takes over. It starts with compromising on sex outside of marriage and then goes on to homosexuality and devolves from there.

Deplorable Patriot

And, BTW, the recommendation for fighting the demonic in your life when it comes to music is Gregorian Chant. Apparently, the exorcists do have it playing in the background while in session.

I thought that was interesting.


I love Gregorian chants.


Powerful! We have a “sound table”, a massage table hook up with speakers (and tech that I don’t understand and hooked up by professionals) so that the sound vibrates through the entire table and into the body. Add good headphones so one is completely immersed in the music/sounds and then lay and relax. One of my favorites is Gregorian Chants, the rich tones vibrating through … now I know they are powerful & restorative. Thanks for sharing as now I know they more than just a musical taste of mine!

Last edited 3 years ago by MAGA Mom

Good to know. TY

Deplorable Patriot

I meant to say the attacks on what is known as country music.

However, I believe it begins more in the 1960s than most people will accept. I’m not at all a connoirsseur of the genre, but a few offerings from that long ago demonstrated compromise.


I wonder if satan-worshipers get more in the way of earthly payola, if their ‘public display of fealty’ is bigger and more blatant?

There has certainly been more of it in recent years…
TV shows about satan, making him out to be a good guy.
Satan-worshipers depicted as ‘normal’ in other shows.

[They] have really been working hard to normalize satan-worshipers and the devil.


When you’ve had that niggling little feeling that something has been wrong…and then Wolf blows it wide open.

I will never look at that Martina song the same again.

It made everything near and dear to us seem evil.

Religion, Independence Day, marriage, small towns, parades…


I find it so interesting that I watch that Martina video, and see it so differently. It makes me cry.

I grew up with abusive parents. Both of them, in different ways. My grandparents were my salvation, I spent a LOT of time with them.

That little girl in the video was me. The “outside world” was only an illusion to my young eyes. It was not my reality. Reality was at home, and it sucked. If somebody had “burned down the house” while I was gone one day, my life might have gone very differently.

I get what you are all saying about that video. But I also see it from another side. I think there are lots of people who grew up like me who see it the same, and that it is used against us if we are not vigilant. I don’t think all men are molesters, and all women are manipulative monsters, but that has required a lot of therapy to overcome.

JW in Germany

Hannity used that song every day on his radio show. I have that CD. Wow!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

The bit he used started with “Let Freedom Ring…”

Taken out of context it was perfect for his show.


I had heard it many times on Hannity, and the first time I saw the video and the real theme of the song, I was shocked. I understand why Hannity used that part of it, though.


I guess what I mean is, they twisted my parents generation first, and then my parent’s generation twisted us. This has been in the works a long time.


Whoops, see my other reply below.


Was listening to Sierra Hull “station” on Pandora. Sierra is a very talented Bluegrass mandolinist and singer. The algorithm was working well enough in staying within the genre but one add ran several times in my session which stood in stark contrast to the peacefulness of the music…a stern woman’s voice commanded “BLACK – LIVES – MATTER!” And the page offered a click thru to “learn more.” I took it as one more devolution of culture so saw the timeliness of today’s Wolf post…

Brave and Free

Same here, love the variety or the way you can find new stuff with Pandora. But the BLM ad started to how up so now looking foe another source to listen to.
Anyone any suggestions?


Fantastic post.

I loled hard…bc he now forever will be choom Rasputin.

Mr Gil told me a while ago that essentially the actual writers of mainstream music are a small club, using the same midi or something to contrive the songs from similar sounds.

Ive noticed that im hearing way more sex, drugs, and party nonstop lyrics I dot like.
Kiddo loves country, but the fact is I frequently have to change the station because of the lyrics AND the djs talk about REALLY inappropriate stuff and they used to be more family oriented.
Its a really big popular station in socal too.

I end up frequently listening to classical music more than anything. Its good he likes that too.


Calming. I think kiddo might get creeped out, lol, but you enjoy!

JW in Germany


When you see it written…it becomes so obvious…what is hidden in plain sight.

The same tactic is being used globally. Separate people from their cultural/national roots…usher in a New World Order.

Outside an international sporting event…you better not fly the German flag outside your house. You know…Nazis and stuff…….

I remember when Rush Limbaugh would warn that once they get the Confederate flag…they will come for Ol’ Glory…the Betsy Ross was the stepping stone.

Evil is attacking from every angle.


Yes and I believe that them using covid to keep people from going to church and socializing was purely used in their warped minds to distance us from God. They clearly don’t understand how our relationship with the Lord works!

Brave and Free

OMG that Hilldabeast video 😂🤣😃😨😱☠. I couldn’t watch it all, that just proves some people will do anything for $$$$$.
I listen to all kinds of music genre. Was into country for awhile 05-13, definitely notice it happening back then, as all the “New artists” appeared with the songs you describe. One of the reasons I stopped listening to it. Not really realizing the physiological aspect of it at the time. I am much more aware of what I am listening to now.
There’s “always a message”.

Deplorable Patriot

Seeing the reviews of that video here…I’m not even going to try.


I don’t have the discipline to wait through the intro and get to the meat of it, so I spent literally 5 seconds skipping through and hearing country music with random pics of HRC. She is NOT country in any sense of the word or musical genre. It was a complete misfit.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It’s a shame she’s not country…because she would sure put the cunt in country.


  :wpds_shock: She is one of the most nauseatingly dishonest politicians ever, and that’s saying a lot.

Sadie Slays

>Kinda interesting that THEY chose to shoot up THIS guy’s concert.

In short, I think Jason Aldean was specifically groomed for this task. Take a look at his tattoo at the time of the shooting—blackjack. Jack is 10, Ace is 1 or 11. Shooting happened on 10/1. Jack + Ace = 10/1. What are the odds that the attack begins during the set of the man wearing this tattoo? Knowing how the occult people who planned this attack work, my guess is that his part was the concert was a ritual both to “bless” the attack and lull the sacrificial sheep into a trance.
comment image

I’ve also suspected for awhile now that the code name for their Las Vegas plans was “Blackjack” given the 10/1 date. 
comment image

Blackjack Predictive Programming:

I doubt “Jason Aldean” is even his real name. The initials JA were probably chosen years in advance by the occult planners putting together the attack.

Sadie Slays

Seen recurring comments about 4chan that the entire point of country music these days is to keep white men depressed with a never-ending stream of negativity about losing a wife, job, or drinking. I don’t listen to country music, so I don’t know, but it’s like that with most other music genres where the major hits on the radio are about drugs, sex, or other propaganda supporting the cabal agenda.


There are reports that the Ever Given has been refloated. Now they need to get it to a port outside the canal to be inspected.

In the meantime, the snark is freely flowing worldwide:

Why isn’t there a livestream of the ship stuck in the Suez Canal? I feel that would be very relaxing to watch and make me feel a lot better about my own problems.

— Existential Comics (@existentialcoms) March 25, 2021


Wolfie and All!! Happy and Blessed Holy Week!! I love you All!!!!💖💖💖


a little late to the party but here’s my Demoralized contribution…

Taylor The Swift…or something…



Still thinking about this post.

And thinking my listening to County Music … might be time to let that go. What am I supporting? What words/messages am I allowing into my own mind, esp. while singing along and not really thinking?! What kind of creeping changes am I accepting?

Thinking about who the left destroys creeps in and starts destroying, slowly with tiny shifts and then gains momentum until it is a different animal than when they started.

Like Boy Scouts, football, school sports, the left doesn’t care that they are destroying in the name of “changing” … destroying is a feature not a by product or unexpected result.

And most of the time there is not a substitute for our culture at large.

Trail Life is a spin off of Boy Scouts … GREAT program … but still missing the years of tradition and unifying culture of Boy Scouts (pre leftist changes).

Changing pass times from pro sports to other hobbies still leaves culture more fragmented and seperated from the past, from traditions and from each other in smaller groups. I don’t even like football (used to be a Huge baseball fan but not since the early 90s strike) and I think there are MANY better ways to use spare time than sitting around watching most sports on TV. However, they played a unique roll in traditions, culture and in sharing time and common interests with others.

No country music because it is tainted and too many artists & songs soft to hard left? There just aren’t substitutes that have the same culture and messages as old country music and that is a loss.

Is country music causing the changes or reflecting changes?

Still mulling these things over but your post and discussion by all the commenters have given me much food for thought and I am feeling convicted that it is time (past time) to turn off that stream of pop culture messages from our family’s minds.


Part of the issue is what will we feed ourselves, our children and allow into our private and our homelife, our personal day to day, our personal culture and reality?

Part of the issue is what will be our societal culture that binds us and gives us common ground, common references, and binds us together, both as indivisuals and as generations? (many in the younger generation is being completely disconnected from preceeding generations)

This applies to music as well as other entertainment including tv, movies, books, magazines, social media (there are “stars” on social media that no one outside of social media and a certain age group have ever heard of) and information/history that we learn during our education.

Even as we intentionally (and wisely) disconnect from pop culture we are also disconnecting from those who are connected and informed by pop culture.

…no answers … just mulling things over … you post gave much food for thought

…no answers other than, “As for me and my house … ”

Control what we can control and continue wrestling with the rest.

Intentionality and how we spend our own time and what we allow in our own minds + the opportunity costs of those choices … critical!

Last edited 3 years ago by MAGA Mom

Seems very anti multiculturalist of them to want to through out all that western culture and civilization has to offer.

But I suspect this type of thing is really never about multiculturalism, adding to our knowledge, expanding appreciation, including other culture’s accomplishments, etc.

It is about tearing down an imperfect but successful and well developed culture to be replaced with nothingness/subculture of their choosing. And all Western Civilization must be destroyed including the hard sciences, history and the fine arts … truth and culture.

Cultural retardation and regression results and is then reflected in individuals minds.

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Still in the public eye

Note: Nashville does have some hope – The Federalist has a # of writers from the greater Nashville area.

PS: conservatives in the greater Nashville area our turning our attention to Nashville as their Blue/leftist policies directly impact the surrounding deep red counties. Dear rest of the country, we are working on it!


A little late to the commentary, but yeah, this stuff has been going on for a long time. One daughter has joined, it is a ministry org that provides support for all sorts of artists. She became aware of how all the show biz stuff is run, perverted, etc. as she explored different avenues. I’m sure DP is familiar with many of the same things as well. The promoted bias is found in all sorts of artistic areas, music, literature (if you can call it that), art, etc. You have to go hunting for things that are worthwhile, but they can still be found, old and new. The newer stuff is found off the beaten tracks usually.

One thing my daughter has discussed with me several times is the disappearance of regional music. All music for sale currently is pretty generic anymore, and actually, rather blase. (Should have an accent over the e, but don’t know how to do that.) Too much auto tune, too much voices having the same sound, and the music being less than memorable.


Exactly. One daughter kind of falls into that category. She’s learned a lot about the music industry.

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Wolf…I thought this video should be added to this thread.

It’s good.
Matt Walsh explains how Lil Nas X is preying on very young children: