name:   Wolf Moon

email:   NONE


Gab: (at)WOLFM00N [note that m00n has two ZEROES in it] [not always monitored daily]

then how in the frack do I get in touch with you?: Easy!  Make a comment.  I like public comments. 

If you’ve never posted before, I will see it privately, because it will go into moderation. 

I prefer comments right out in the open where everybody can see them anyway.

If you HAVE to send me something privately, and you’ve posted enough that your comments are not being moderated, then simply do the following:

Place THIS SEQUENCE EXACTLY in your post:


Note that the sequence has THREE underscores – NOT spaces.

If you put 10 50 or more links in a post, it will also drop into moderation.  If you don’t use “PRIVATE_MESSAGE_TO_WOLF”, then please put the word CONFIDENTIAL in all caps in the front on your comment with 10 50 or more links, so I don’t publish it accidentally, which I may do anyway, or on purpose, if I find it necessary.

That is thus a WARNING to people looking to cause trouble – I reserve the right to publish all comments which I deem in need of sunlight, or descriptions thereof.  I repeat – nothing posted here is guaranteed to remain private.  It’s probably best to just comment to me in public.  Nuclear sunshine.  I’m a true believer.

I think illegal comments get reported to the Feds, so that’s not a good idea either.  I like to see evil people busted.  Just sayin’ for the record.

Normally I’m a very nice person, but when I’m not, I’m really, really, not.  I try to be nice, but things that make God angry tend to make me angry, too.  So nice is good.  I’m a very peaceful person, but sometimes people get the wrong idea about what that means.


There, that’s over.  I can be nice again!  COOL!