Q vs. Reactive Disinformation

Before I get into the larger issue of Red October today, I want to focus attention on a small nugget of ADVANCED Q thinking and logic.  This will be a bit nerdy, and will twist a few undies, but it's a good twist - maybe even a wedgie - of which some of the insufficiently … Continue reading Q vs. Reactive Disinformation

Over The Target: Our First Site Hack

It's great to know that we're already bothering the other side.  Tonight - the first attack on this site, via the WordPress sidebar widgets.  These are people who know who I am, too - very interesting.  My guess is KGB-CIA, although Brits and ChiComs are likely, too. Sadly, I may have to disable the sidebar, … Continue reading Over The Target: Our First Site Hack


"Fiat justitia ruat caelum." "Let justice be done though the heavens fall."    It's not every day when Q makes reference to the same great legal, moral, and religious principle that this darn blog is named after (well - more like dedicated to - see the "Q" image below), so you can bet your last … Continue reading SkyFall

The Timelines Always Get Them

One of the greatest things I ever learned from Sundance over at The Last Refuge is this: the timelines always get them I will keep this simple, so the "aha" is easy to see. This is my prior article on the conspiracy against Brett Kavanaugh: Here is a link to said prior post on the … Continue reading The Timelines Always Get Them

The Lawfare Playbook Is Already Written

I just had a profound realization over at the Treehouse. And that's not counting the fact that the scenario I describe probably solves the Kavanaugh case via Ed Whelan's findings. THAT is just one of many. THE PLAYBOOK OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION BY CRIMINAL LAWFARE HAS ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN FOR EVERY SINGLE TRUMP SCOTUS NOMINEE, JUST … Continue reading The Lawfare Playbook Is Already Written

Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20180920

This intermittently re-posted open thread will be VERY OPEN - a place for the various MAGA, Treeper and Q communities to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.  We ask that people NOT duplicate material posted to the Treehouse open threads.  Don't cross-post, … Continue reading Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20180920

Q's Parascope

When people say "we are Q", I find it immensely satisfying to consider the reality of that statement, and not to simply brush it off.  To look at the totality of our elaboration of Q posts into a movement, and consider how we might do it better. Clearly, understanding Q helps us do it better.  … Continue reading Q's Parascope

Post 2221

Q had a "Q&A" today, and one of the questions was - at least from my point of view - a bit unexpected.  OK - VERY unexpected. Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 98088e No.3094236 Sep 19 2018 19:25:34 (EST) Anonymous ID: 5948d8 No.3093831 Sep 19 2018 19:10:44 (EST) Q Are we alone ? Roswell ? >>3093831 No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space. … Continue reading Post 2221

Q, Sessions, SCOTUS & Trump

Treeper Johnny Bravo had a great question yesterday: Right here is the Q post in question: Before getting into that, it's worth looking at the Q post right BEFORE that one, which may or may not be related: Treeper RAC then asked this excellent question: To which I responded: Followed by this graphic: From this … Continue reading Q, Sessions, SCOTUS & Trump