Strengthening The Fortress

The Prelude: CUE THE MUSIC! The First Message: To all who may be locked out at this time PLEASE go to THE U TREE and post a comment - EVEN if it goes into moderation. I will get you out of moderation, and we will get you into here. This strategy has worked for … Continue reading Strengthening The Fortress

Party Like It’s 1953

Enjoy another one of my "musicals". I'll get to it in a moment. But first, the background. I actually like the idea of "Juneteenth" as a holiday, despite its unfortunate association in some parts of the country with black violence (Am I allowed to say that? It's the truth.) The end of slavery in America … Continue reading Party Like It’s 1953

Dear KAG: 2021-05-07

Another Friday, and time to gather at Wolf’s Pub. Welcome, and sit back for the smackdown! I’ve had it with the liberals. Enough is enough. We are long past niceties. Our drink special today is a dose of Liquid Liberty, aka Hard Cider. Americans were cider drinkers from before we became the United States of … Continue reading Dear KAG: 2021-05-07

No New Bioweapon Under The Sun

OK - we're going to have some fun here - but stick with me, and you could learn A LOT. Cue the music! Borrowed from Wheatie! Previous posts helped put both the SPIKE PROTEIN DISEASE and the SPIKE PROTEIN VACCINE into deep perspective. We were seeing that the SOLUTION was a significant part of … Continue reading No New Bioweapon Under The Sun

Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19

PREFACE I thought that I might withhold this post on Easter Sunday, and then I changed my mind, thanks to Deplorable Patriot, Trump, Gab and Jesus. If anybody ever FOUGHT on Easter Sunday, it was Christ. It's time to FOLLOW POINT. The Branch Covidians have taken a toll, but the WAR is turning, and - … Continue reading Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19

The Demoralization of Country Music

WARNING: This post is for CULTURE WARRIORS ONLY. You were warned. INTRO I thought about doing this post for a long time - maybe even before I started this site, which was back in September of 2018. Then I actually FINISHED this post on September 14 of 2019. And then I just let it sit … Continue reading The Demoralization of Country Music

Know Your Villains: Mitch McConnell, Part Two

Part One here.So, I’m moving through Senator Mitch McConnell’s memoir, “The Long Game.” I had intended to go through it and comment on each chapter, but honestly, it is getting more and more revealing as I read through it. What seemed scandalous in one chapter is nothing compared to the next chapter.Because Mitch is in … Continue reading Know Your Villains: Mitch McConnell, Part Two

Burma Shave

The Wolf has a NEW FAVORITE PRODUCT that he just wants EVERYBODY to know about. No, not that one! No, not THAT ONE! No, Silly! Not that one either! NEW from the makers of Aubergine's Razor comes..... That's right! BURMA SHAVE! Burma Shave contains essential ingredients, although perhaps no essential oils. Essential ingredients like..... CORONAVIRUS … Continue reading Burma Shave

Buffalo Jump

I cannot claim credit for realizing that the tactical maneuver of Trump's supporters to their political demise on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, was something known to American historians and anthropologists as a buffalo jump. However, as soon as I heard the ill-fated demonstration called that, all my questions about what … Continue reading Buffalo Jump

Let The Storm Pass Over – and Prepare for Amazing Days

I had just been thinking about matters of DC and the likelihood that President Trump already invoked the Insurrection Act some time after the Stolen Election - and probably much sooner than we realized - when THIS NEW INFORMATION came to my attention. Hold off on viewing it, until I explain this a bit more. … Continue reading Let The Storm Pass Over – and Prepare for Amazing Days