Gab Shut Down / Final Warning

Right before Gab was shut down by the Obamanazis, I saw a post that I wanted to share.  It is somewhat Q-related. Here it is.  I wanted to save it, and share it with those who might heed the warning.   Sean Sweat (TexasVet) @TexasVet PRO 7 hours ago Guys, even though there is zero reason for … Continue reading Gab Shut Down / Final Warning

Free Talk Will Not Be Q-Free Talk

I just wanted to let people know that if what Q predicts will happen, actually DOES happen, and the Socialist Media pushes Q off of most platforms, then there IS likely to be one place that will NOT push us off - and the Q folks are already showing up there. That place is FREE … Continue reading Free Talk Will Not Be Q-Free Talk


I'm going to make a list of four important points about Hollywood - (which was to a large extent ideologically molded by communist RUSSIA, and is now significantly owned by communist CHINA, although being uniquely developed by AMERICAN communists) - and elaborate on those four points for your interest. Remember - this is from the … Continue reading Caballywood

The Q Junction

We are at a very interesting time. I had a great Twitter conversation with a fellow Treeper, which explains WHY this moment is interesting, and I'd like to share my side of it - more or less - with everybody. The subject was the recent FBI/DOJ plea bargain with James Wolfe. Discussed at the Treehouse … Continue reading The Q Junction

Logical Thinking

I want to directly address Q's latest, very long post (number 2381 on  I believe that it is critical for sorting out what is happening right now - not only with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but also with FBI Director Christopher Wray. Jeff Sessions is directly addressed by Q's post.  However, it was by … Continue reading Logical Thinking

Tips on Stopping Hoax Calls

Did you notice that they let people with Q shirts and gear into the same Trump rally where there was a REALLY WEIRD Q post just a couple of hours earlier?  I think there may be a connection.  I know this is a much different (and less catastrophic) interpretation than a lot of them - … Continue reading Tips on Stopping Hoax Calls

It's Happening. But WHAT IS IT?

The last three Q posts: Anons ready? Q Well, I'm almost ready.  I have been under fairly intense bandwidth attacks for the last week, that are crimping my style badly, but yeah - other than the normal downside of #WAR, I'm ready. Memes ready? Q Actually, they're not.  I usually get them ready on the … Continue reading It's Happening. But WHAT IS IT?


The Trump rally of October 2, 2018 in Southaven, Mississippi will long be remembered as one of his best.  Fully calling out the RISKS to America from the SOCIALIST Democrats in the 2018 midterm election, our VSG POTUS pulled no punches, yet spoke such plain, unarguable truth, that it would be impossible to ignore his … Continue reading AIR Q

Q: The Media Credibility Sting Unfolds

Last night - a SMALL but very public demonstration of Q's growing power over the Fake News media.  And you saw it here first, people, in the Q WORLD. For the visually impaired: "We will be voting this week." Heading to TN now. Q Heading to TN now. This looked very similar to other Q … Continue reading Q: The Media Credibility Sting Unfolds