I’m going to make a list of four important points about Hollywood – (which was to a large extent ideologically molded by communist RUSSIA, and is now significantly owned by communist CHINA, although being uniquely developed by AMERICAN communists) – and elaborate on those four points for your interest.
Remember – this is from the viewpoint of somebody who has been substantially RED-PILLED by CUTTING THE CABLE (for two years), but who keeps his eye on Hollywood at a safe distance, and who has now been exposed to a small amount of current network TV over the broadcast channels.
My points:
1.  Hollywood’s main purpose is now POLITICAL REEDUCATION
2  Hollywood now reacts in REAL TIME to fight MAGA, patriotism, and conservatism
3.  Exposure to Hollywood products QUICKLY undoes red-pilling
4.  Satanists, following POWER, are now moving their influence to CHINA
I will address these in order.  Let’s go!


Hollywood’s main purpose is now POLITICAL REEDUCATION

One has to look no further than the “First Man” movie controversy, wherein the American lunar landing was “de-flagged” for globo-reasons, to see that the Hollywood leftists are more informed by their throbbing global hearts, than they are by even the most basic of historical truths.
The people who created “First Man” were clearly NOT educated back in the days before the Soviets and Chinese had taken over American education from the inside.  Back in the old days, BASIC FACTS MATTERED.  Nowadays, not so much.
Cuckish outfits like Red State may provide explain-away logic that says it’s all about the global ticket money (subtly implying that this makes it all OK), while HuffPo and Town Hall seem to accept the PR angle that it was about “being globally inclusive”, blah, blah, blah.  Economically OK or morally OK – take your pick of “OKs” and “well, that’s liberals for ya”.
Allow me to submit to you the proposition that our failure to push back on these edge cases is EXACTLY why we’re in our current MESS.
I WILL ADMIT (perhaps even proudly, from the “classic liberal” left ventricle of my periodically bleeding heart) that the very idea of Neil Armstrong’s immortal words “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” really WAS globalist in its intent.  Nothing wrong with that.  Profundity required it.  Realistically, every ENEMY of America helped put us there, when you think about it.
Why not be inclusive and humble?  The greatest significance WAS ultimately human.
True.  But  the SECONDARY message was deeply American, and it’s IMPORTANT.
I think that altering the most basic truths to make way for some people’s larger ideas is exactly why there is a revolution in America right now.  This kind of socialist thinking – this “social justice” thinking – where individual truths DIE for the greater “good” – is utterly destructive, unjust, and self-defeating.
Been there, done that, and nothing good comes from it.  It’s like a LOAN from the devil.  Buy now, pay later.  And PAY you will.
I would like to offer an alternative explanation, which I think is also PART OF THE TRUTH HERE.  I think the CHINESE MONEY IS SPEAKING ENGLISH.  And I think it’s saying “Take out the American flag.”  Nobody makes the social justice mistake better than the Chinese communists.
Marco Rubio’s gut negative reaction to the lunar flag dust-up, just like his gut reaction to the Confucius Institutes, comes (post bridge-collapse, for those who are REALLY paying attention) from his deep familial recognition that Communism was WAY more successful in infiltrating America than even the endlessly suspicious Cuban expat community realized.  Think about how insidious THAT has to be.
Even if this influence by Chinese money is people hearing the money themselves, and saying nothing, but making decisions accordingly, I think the prevalence of Chinese money in Hollywood is changing and limiting what Hollywood can and will do.  Hollywood can make things that are virulently anti-American, but it cannot make things that even trouble the sleep of a single Chinese censor.  Not without LOSING support from all sorts of places.
It doesn’t matter whether or not somebody said out loud “DO IT – REEDUCATE THEM!”  The fact is simple – we are not just watching our reeducation – we are PAYING FOR IT.
Get rid of it.  DO NOT GO TO HOLLYWOOD MOVIES.  If you have to, turn each one into a VICTORY for our side by deconstructing it and throwing the communist propaganda back at them in pieces, ready for public understanding.  If you have to see one, make sure 100 or 1000 people DON’T SEE IT.


Hollywood now reacts in REAL TIME to fight MAGA, patriotism, and conservatism

It looks like American justice is now being saved by a “conveniently widowed” woman who doesn’t need a lesbian plot-line [YET, I should say], and a marriage-quality tall/dark/handsome Muslim who complains along Democrat lines without sounding too complainy.
Don’t worry – there are other women in the show who can carry the lesbian torch, because the entire management seems to be women, some of whom are quite likable in that realistic “yeah, she’s a lesbian, but she seems like the only truly competent person around here” way.
Sounds like propaganda?  It is.  And THAT is before you figure out that not only are they attempting to save the “progressive gains” that constitute the Mueller FBI – they are even trying to save Andy McCabe, Jim Comey, and Robert Mueller THEMSELVES.  Oh, wait – that’s the same old FBI that WENT AFTER TRUMP.
I actually like the storytelling of the new “FBI” drama on CBS.  I admire it, and even allow myself to enjoy it.
But let me tell you – this show is absolutely LOADED with first-rate communist/globalist propaganda.  Watch this with even a modicum of skepticism, and the agenda comes tumbling out like it can’t WAIT to shed the body armor.
Demonization of the American military.  Promotion of the “crazy vet” exit lane – which is one of the MASTER STROKES of communist propaganda assault on our institutions.  Re-telling of history in left-friendly terms.  “Poor Muslim” at EVERY.  SINGLE.  OPPORTUNITY.  Oh, there is more.  MUCH MORE.
All of this from ONE EPISODE.
It’s not like there’s not a place for women and Muslims in the FBI.  But COME ON – the agenda here is just so THICK you can cut it with rolled eyes and face-palms.
The fact that such well-made propaganda could appear this quickly after James Comey, Andy McCabe, and Robert Mueller got into trouble for their CRIMES and BIAS – it should really shock you.  This one is very slick, attractive to people who voted for Trump, hijacks the “law and order” appeal of Republicans, and appeared just in time to start DEFENDING FBI CRIMINALS, with production values that put the old “FBI” to shame, even adjusted for advances in television over 50 years.
Hollywood is reacting to Trump, to re-educate you in WEEKS to MONTHS.  The FAKE NEWS may react immediately to counter narratives they don’t like, but Hollywood comes rushing in after that, ready to FIX YOU.
People – unless you are able to easily SPOT propaganda like this, I think it’s very important to AVOID WATCHING IT.
And I say that before my next point.


Outer Limits - Die unbekannte Dimension - Gehirnwäsche
Scene from “The Deprogrammers”, a fascinating Outer Limits episode providing a brilliant demonstration of the utility of controlled opposition.  Science lesson for today: Almost everything about our reality seems to be constructed based on principles of controlled opposition.

Exposure to Hollywood products QUICKLY undoes red-pilling

I have now been able to observe a BATTLE between the left’s best weaponized psychologists and YOURS TRULY, over the MIND of my WIFE.  Because I strenuously avoid propaganda opportunities for the left, it’s very hard if not impossible to get to me directly, although they do try (and it’s very funny and useful to watch that process, because it gives away a LOT of information).
Far easier to go through my wife, who provides them with certain irresistible opportunities.  I can watch those things and see how well they work, and – shockingly but not surprisingly – they work QUITE well.  The left is desperate – absolutely DESPERATE – to UNDO what Trump did.  They do NOT hide it.
I don’t want to give away TOO much about what works and what doesn’t, but I think it’s really critical for people to realize that “they” have made their PROPAGANDA extremely ENTERTAINING.  If you GIVE IN to the entertainment, they will CHANGE YOU without going through your REASON, your LOGIC, and your DISCERNMENT.
One who desires freedom must not only cut the cable, so as not to PAY for the poison, but may even have to cut the BROADCAST as well, so as not to get the poison for FREE.
Although I think it’s entirely possible to make this backfire.  Not that I would do such a thing.  Necessarily.  Oh, heck – it’s FUN to make it backfire! 😉

5th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala Sao Paulo - Arrivals

Satanists, following POWER, are now moving their influence to CHINA

I have to be careful here.  I have a WONDERFUL WINDOW into the actions of satanists and pedophiles, and I REFUSE – absolutely REFUSE – to give it up or shut it down.  The best part about it is that I don’t have to go digging for it – once I figured out who was who, and how the influence works at non-binary levels (that is one of the big tools of CONSPIRACY THEORY, folks), I can just pick up a paper and watch them do their thing.  It’s like watching moles move through the yard at a depth of 1 inch.  They think they are hidden – they are NOT.  Q was absolutely right about SYMBOLS.
China is a golden opportunity for these nasty folks, and the nasty folks know it.  You think the MONEY WORSHIPERS fell for the China thing in a big way?  STAND BACK!  For people of a blood-thirsty and cruel mentality, CHINA is like the Wild West.  China and the ChiCom party may try to fend off (or invite in) the satanists, but a nation of body organ thieves and dyed-in-the-culture corruption CANNOT resist their seductive venom.  Sadly, the ChiComs are about to get the FULL ALINSKY, where they enjoy the “blessings of the dedication”, too.
These ChiCom party leaders are IDIOTS for throwing away the protection of religion, and most of all their independent Christians.  Germany did it (turning against their Jews, too – always a huge mistake), and BOOM – pretty soon branches of their military were wearing DEATH’S HEADS on their officer lapels.  It is very easy to let satanic forces and ideas slip in, and China is almost defenseless now.  Ban the open religions, and the hidden ones take over.
So, my “schadenfreude” here is definitely a bit phony and regretful.  We will likely be seeing China turn into the next Nazi Germany if they don’t deal with their satanist soon-to-be masters.  And, sadly, I don’t think Chinese pride will let them.  They underestimate what they are up against.  Even if they are certain the panda can toy with the asp.
Controlled opposition.  It’s BIDIRECTIONAL.  And it NEVER STOPS.

So there you have it.  My insights for the day.  The product of waking up on the RIGHT side of the bed.  Be careful what you watch.  You will, in part, become it.

“Hollywood?  Yes.  I’ve heard of it.  Interesting place.”


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W – check yr blog on 17, my last comment

Plain Jane

I literally don’t watch any TV with the exception of re-runs of Seinfeld or Hogan’s Heros. We watch some movies through Roku, and really discern the propaganda easily in the more modern movies. So happy to watch old classics because we don’t like to be annoyed while trying to be entertained.

Plain Jane

Interesting thought. I do not doubt they would do such. They are are the premier agency for sowing discord and fear. They give the devil quite a run.

Plain Jane

A banner day would be when Brennan gets sentenced.

singular Zoe

Thank you for so intelligently losing your temper on my behalf, Wolfmoon. I think you speak for many of us.


I too cut the cable many years back and don’t miss it at all. No msm or alphabet shows either. all I need is the net to keep me entertained. Now I realize why I liked the old shows so much being a young boy happy watching Davey Crocket.

Plain Jane

We couldn’t cut cable because in order to get the cheapest internet, we had to take the cheapest cable as a package. Don’t even get FOX, just old shows which is fine.
Internet alone would be much more than the package. Comcast probably does this because they falsly think we would want more channels. Ha!

Plain Jane

Still very expensive. $105 a month, but the internet is quite fast here for being out in the (used to be but now suburbia) country.


The only traditional “TV” (via internet live-streaming) I watch is the weather forecast, or a significant local story. I cut the cable many years ago, and now I don’t even have a TV (even with just an antenna).
The benefits are YUGE!
But when I get on the internet, to watch, say, a favorite movie again (Matrix, Three Days of the Condor, etc.), I am absolutely dumbfounded at how LONG the propaganda has been going on. It’s almost ruined my enjoyment of the films, because I see right through the agenda.
Talk about “programming”! Hollyweird has been at it for decades now – using film and TV shows to seed the ideas they want, and to put them IN OUR FACE in re how they’ve been going about – or will be – executing their cultural destruction of America.
You’re right, it’s much more blatant in the recent years, and it’s accelerating. And Wolfmoon is right – just by watching the stuff, one becomes indoctrinated (or susceptible to future indoctrination), often without even realizing it!
In a word, Hollyweird and the regular media (shows, news, ads) are POISON.

Sue Mcdonald

I detest all movies and sitcoms from mid 90’s on. I watch all tv with a jaundiced eye and its easy to spot the mind washing and socialist propaganda. we watch tv like Andy Griffin show ,I love Lucy, mamas family . I refuse to pay the overpriced amount for a movie, havnt been to one in years besides that there hasn’t been an original made in years, the studios just repackage whats already been done and for your bonus you get to sit through the political spin . I do not care one whit for movies that tell me that I am not living correctly ,following the herd groupthink or not following the socialist way. and don’t get me started on the fake news. we dont have any network tv nor cable. we stream what we chose to watch.

Plain Jane

You are correct. Movies today basically reek. I told my youngest DIL about movies like From Here to Eternity, How to Marry a Millionaire and Carey Grant movies. Next lesson will be on Hitchcock movies.
She hates today’s movies also. She is a sophisticated 33 year old doctor, who is now hooked on old movies.


Have you seen this…it’s great:

Some of the replies are great too:


I cut my cable 6 years ago and haven’t gone to see a new movie in about 14 years. My TV is old enough that I can’t even watch broadcast TV without buying a set-top box and an antenna, so why bother? The only thing I miss is baseball. Other than that, I’m much better informed than I ever was. And I don’t need to stare at something for hours to entertain myself. There are so many more interesting things to do, including just reading a good book. (Do many people even read anymore?)
But you are right about how insidious the propaganda is. My 87 year old mother is always complaining about how liberal all the stations are except Fox. And I can’t seem to convince her that even Fox is propaganda. Maybe you have to be away from it for awhile before you really start to get it. I think one of the biggest indications that it’s all an agenda is the fact that all media is owned by just 6 companies. And they all seem to be in sync with each other. That’s the smoking gun.


Radio… yea the Greatest Generation grew up on it and it was most always on in the background. Old big band music or just am jukebox stuff, but baseball? I still listen to baseball games sitting on the porch in the summer.

A.D. Everard

We gave up television a long time ago – way back in 1993 and have not looked back. Gave up radio at the same time. Currently we ARE keeping an eye on American political coverage via Youtube – Dobbs, Carlson and Hannity mainly because what’s happening has huge historical significance and, frankly, I don’t want to miss a thing.
We keep a collection of family movies and favorite series from way back and add to it when specials are on. I’m more careful now about what we buy and what we keep and there are some actors we won’t touch with a barge pole.
Hollywood now gives me the creeps. I’m really pleased at how many people have discovered their power and are pushing back. It’s great seeing the regular man and woman rising up now in dignity to take back what is rightfully theirs: Control over their lives and their choices.


My 10& 11 year olds cracked the code on tvs satanic influence. Even pbs participates. They will call it out. Dad! They are selling their souls again. Dad! illuminati triangles again. Dad! They are talking about gay people again.
Although i have avoided cable tv there has been plenty of satanic/nwo/global citizin crap flying around on the open air waves.


HawkeyeHoney, I think you have very perceptive children.

Sylvia Avery

Enjoyed the post, Wolfie. I recorded and watched the first episode of that FBI show quite reluctantly expecting I’d hate it. But it was worse than I imagined. Never again. So full of all the really crude, unsubtle “messaging” that is so commonplace now. I am so sensitive to the programming I feel like I am getting hives when I watch much stuff on TV. I get uncomfortable and think, “Oh look now they are going to introduce the standard SJW theme of blah blah blah” and it just ruins it.
And it is interesting to watch even old movies from the 70s or 80s that I used to like and see now, with today’s eyes, what I missed back then–the hidden themes that were going to keep on being presented as years went by with greater regularity and less subtlety. Spit.


My Methodist grandmother used to warn me about Hollywood 50 years ago. Wise woman, though I’m sure she missed some of the suttle messages–those messages even in cartoons, watch out for the little ones.


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