The Population Control Shot – Did Bill Gates Gaffe, Troll, Let it Slip, Or None of the Above?

You’ve probably heard OF the Bill Gates and if we do a REALLY great job on new vaccines quote, which many consider to be an admission of population control through vaccines. What is the real story here?

Strap in.

This is a complex question, beneath all the lies, counter-lies, half-truths, and diabolical chaos left in the wake of the elite and their evil plans.

We’re gonna look at the question, and we’re gonna have FUN doing it, too.

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Today I feel like an ANNOYING PUNK OF SCIENCE, pointing out the fecklessness of the lying elite and their captive lab coats of FAKE SCIENCE, with their ridiculous population control shot and their wicked lies to try to make us take it (yeah, FJB!), so I’m choosing the sneering, annoying, Billy Idol to be today’s musical mascot.

You think raiding Trump ends this?


So where do we begin?

Just the Facts, Ma’am

We continue this THIRD installment in our series on The Population Control Shot with a discussion of the notorious Bill Gates quote which incongruously juxtaposes vaccines with reduction of either population or population increase, take your pick.

This is it.

So what’s the real story here? Did he really say this? And what did he mean?

In my opinion, this episode turns out to be one of the most remarkably complex LIES + COVER in history. It is every bit as brilliant as Lancetgate and the HCQ / ivermectin hit job studies.

Get your SNEER on.

Even when the numbers are wrong, the science can be right. Always keep focused on the big picture. “THEY” will try to throw you off on details.

First – Did Gates Really Say That?

Looking only at the quote itself, there is audio of him saying it, that’s very fast and easy to verify that – YES – he said it. Pay careful attention to the exact wording.

That tweet is found on this reddit discussion…..

As you can see, it’s very easy for “telephone” effects to creep in on this quote, with “great” turning into “good“, and “on” turning into “with“, not to mention “new” (as in “new vaccines”) disappearing. There’s not a LOT of difference in meanings, but there is some.

At the very least, it’s sloppy, and easy to get derailed into trivia about inaccuracy. Fact checkers love such diversions.

Now, the next question is context. Is that quote missing some necessary context when it’s standing alone?

In my opinion, the context is enlightening about Bill Gates’ thinking, but it turns out not to make much difference in the quote. He’s basically making a projection about population, as something that impacts climate change, and then talks about the fact that certain simple changes in how we’re doing things, would only reduce that projected population increase by 10-15%.

Gates is saying, basically, that ALL THIS STUFF HE MENTIONS, even his favorite thing, vaccines, can only lower the projected increase in population by a fraction of that increase.

You can either READ or LISTEN TO the full context of the TED speech at the following link. I’ve also embedded the video below.




The above article about the video is interesting for several reasons.

  • it triumphantly chides the fact checkers on “Gates really said this”, but pointedly fails to bring up or counter any of THEIR arguments
  • it notes that the YouTube video has disappeared
  • it provides an embedding of the TED video
  • it allows creation of a timeline
    • Gates speech was in 2010
    • author’s first article was in 2020
    • this article was from 2021
  • it does NOT address the question of what Bill Gates MEANT by saying that vaccines would help to reduce population increase

That’s actually a good question.

What in the heck do vaccines have to do with REDUCING population?

As a side note, it’s somewhat MISLEADING that this article lets the reader ASSUME that Gates meant something nefarious here. However, it’s even MORE misleading to go to the fact-checkers, who will conversely tell you SOME MORE TRUTH, and thus misleadingly imply that the story ends THERE.

Indeed, this point is where things get complicated – probably by DESIGN.

If you don’t get past the truth of the article, and THEN the truth of the fact-checkers, you will remain trapped in a kind of diversion, in which Gates wins. It’s actually a very smart defense.

You have to get past this “immunizing fake scandal” to figure out what’s really going on.

You will see later that Gates very likely SAID THIS ON PURPOSE, so that people would “discover” what the fact checkers tell you, and settle on it.

Because “what’s next” amounts to Gates’ ultimate defense.

Ask what they were REALLY getting these medals for.

Gates: The Innocent Do-Gooder

Let’s start off with Bill Gates stating WHY he’s interested in vaccines.

Basically, vaccines save lives CHEAPLY, according to Gates.

But why does he want to save lives?


Come again? Saving lives to….. reduce population?

Here are two videos explaining how that works.

First, Bill Gates.

Next, Melinda Gates.

I’m pretty sure that’s the establishment shill Scott Pelley “interviewing” Melinda Gates.

Pelley was the presstitute who tried to “take down” Mike Cernovich for Hillary Clinton on the whole #HillaryHealth issue during the 2016 election – with a rather amazing backfire.

We can TRUST that this 2018 Melinda Gates interview is a softball set-up for the Gates Foundation.

The establishment WANTS people to suck this up – whether it’s true or false.

What is being alleged here is a paradoxical effect…..

  • …..that by people “living better” they have healthier kids…..
  • …..that better lives and healthier kids leads to fewer kids…..
  • …..that by having fewer kids, the population decreases…..
  • …..and could in principle even stabilize or decline.

If this is correct, and I believe that it IS correct – more or less – then helping people live better, so that they have fewer but healthier kids, can basically “defuse” the so-called population bomb.

I personally believe that the achievement of zero population growth (ZPG) by Japan was a perfect demonstration that this principle CAN work.

It may not work for every society, and it may not be compatible with all the freedoms we desire (gotta stay skeptical), but we know that it’s not a complete loser.

But before we go on, let’s ask a pesky question or two.

WHY would the IMF then try to subvert Japan’s population “success” by trying to force them to take in Muslim immigrants, which would be very likely to cause social problems, including new population problems?

For that matter, why does the UN actually CAUSE migration problems, and then “solve” them in nonsensical ways that make things worse? When we KNOW that migration problems lead directly to new population problems?

Somebody’s not really serious about things – and in my opinion, it’s because “population” is NOT the goal of the people at the top – sometimes referred to as “Mr. Global”. CONTROL is far more likely to be their goal.

In my opinion, the “population crisis” is only a motivator for lower-level DUPES. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let’s get back to Gates. It seems like he’s telling the truth! Vaccines (and I’m talking vaccines that are TRULY safe and effective) WILL (or at least could) actually help reduce the rate of population increase, or even help to stop the increase, or help reverse it.

OMG! Is Bill Gates INNOCENT???!!!

AND Logic To The Rescue

Remember what I love to say about Hitler and “2+2=4” – the idea that the truth of that statement does not depend on who is saying it.

Even bigger, this.

Hitler stating publicly, for the world, that “2+2=4”, would not preclude Hitler’s own Nazi camp guards literally grinding Jews under rifle butts until they said “2+2=5”. Nor would it preclude Hitler from secretly believing “2+2=5” in some mystical occult fashion.

The truth of 2+2=4 is independent of who states it, or why.

BUT – remember as well, something I ALSO like to say.

There is no cover like the truth.

Thus, we are led to the truth that Gates may speak openly about a very publicly palatable route to population control, but that fact does NOT preclude him from ALSO secretly pursuing a more aggressive route to the same goal.

To assume it’s one or the other is an ERROR that you are encouraged to make by “exclusive OR thinking”. The kind of thinking which explains why “they want you divided”.

AND – there are certain advantages to DOING BOTH.

  • “bad vaccines” depopulate much faster, while “good depopulation” through “good vaccines” helps to manage public expectations, and can even “succeed more than we thought”
  • a “good cause” always provides the cover of innocence to a “bad cause” (see Aubergine’s razor)
  • “good vaccines” are so adjacent to “bad vaccines”, that only LIES are needed to complete the deception, that ONE is not in fact THE OTHER.

And if you don’t like calling them “bad vaccines”, perhaps we can cynically call them “socially more efficacious” vaccines. Indeed, think about that. “Socially”, they’re not just more effective – the killer vaccines are “safer”! Maybe even “socially more just”! I’m sure Obama would like that.

So what does Wolf think?

“You can’t catch me!” said The Spiky Shot Man

I think that Bill Gates NEVER changed his spots or his stripes.

The same guy who used every underhanded trick imaginable, to sabotage Linux in favor of Windows, while evading all blame in the mainstream press, did NOT go into “curing malaria in our lifetime” because he suddenly found his sweet soul.

Let’s look at this guy’s prior history, between LINUXGATE and DEPOPGATE, just in terms of attacking COVID treatments. What follows here are 7 earlier posts about Gates and/or Lancetgate and/or related conspiracies against treatments other than the Population Control Shot.

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SO – it’s not like I’m just pulling my suspicion of Gates out of the clear blue sky.

I believe all of the following.

  • Gates helped sabotage every exit from the population control shots that he could, including HCQ and ivermectin
  • the Gates divorce is a money and power protection device, invoked because there was too much failure on the COVID scam, and the Gates world is protecting its assets
  • Gates eased into vaccines via malaria, knowing that going directly to vaccines might raise suspicions
  • Gates “owns” CEPI and GAVI so that, combined with the Gates Foundation, he effectively has two votes on all things vaccine-related
  • Gates is by nature “covertly direct”, ruthless, secretive, and aggressive – so he CANNOT not pursue direct depopulation – it’s IN HIS NATURE
  • Gates always takes dangerous fast shortcuts that cause problems (see WINDOWS), so there is no way he would bypass direct depopulation methods in favor of slower methods
  • Gates has tried to keep his fingerprints off the depopulation shots, but was largely undone by the spike protein’s striking success as an abortifacient
  • Gates is very likely behind Surgisphere and LancetGate, but I don’t know if anybody will ever be able to prove it, because these “titans” like Gates, Zuckerberg and Brin can just cover for each other in ways that defy detection. If you can’t follow the money, you can’t find the proof. But Surgisphere just smells like Gates. I’m sure he’s behind it.
  • Gates prepared for his task by developing MSN and MSNBC media ventures. He knows how to manipulate the press.
  • Gates’ statement in the TED talk was a VERY intentional drop, to “fluff the paradox” and center people’s attention on either a disprovable attack, or a glowing defense – leaving nobody to ask the “AND logic” question, which solves everything neatly.
  • Gresham’s law applies to depopulation methods. In other words, bad vaccines drive out good ones. And in secret depopulation conspiracy world, they almost certainly do. People who are “performing” for “them” need stronger actions for bigger “gimmes”.
    • (insert pictures of “nursing home governors” Cuomo, Wolf, Whitmer, Murphy, and Newsom)
  • Oh, what. the heck – here’s the picture

Let’s cut to the chase. Gates is STILL A MONSTER.

The Getaway

So what is my final prediction?

Gates is slick. Gates seems to get away every time.

Why, he’s probably laughing right now!

I think he’s going to get away this time, too.

But I think we may be able to put the heat on these bastards – enough to make them stop killing us for a while, as they crawl back into their evil villain caves, to plot their next insidious attack.

Evil ain’t going away any time soon. But we can make its life pretty rough in the meanwhile.



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Nor will we, friend.

Thanks for drilling down on this. It helps.




Wolf Moon —
Thank you for another very timely piece, and for the time and effort you put into this.

Yours Truly went down another rabbit hole today in a different kind of document. Please beat with me, this will be a “down and dirty” summary.
This document, located at, is the European Medicines Agency “briefing document” that they used to “fully approve” the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 “vaccine”, COMIRNATY, in December, 2020, for use in the EU / Scandinavia. According to, COMIRNATY and BNT162b2 “are biologically and chemically the same thing.” According to the press release by of 23 August 2021, COMIRNATY and BNT162b2 “…have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series.”

Now, the “down and dirty” summary — and, from here on, Yours Truly will be ** very careful ** in what one says:
In general, the information and data on BNT162b2 / COMIRNATY that Pfizer-BioNTech presented in the EMA’s “briefing document” appear to be hand-picked from our old friend, the “clinical trial” C4591001, that was discussed here in the previous “Depop Shot” piece, and that many of the documents for this “clinical trial” are found at
*** IMPORTANT NOTES: Study C4591001, which is really NCT04368728 at was apparently quietly “updated” so that the Estimated Study End Date is now 8 February 2024 for ALL age groups in the clinical trial, defined as subjects from age 12 through age 85.

ALSO: NCT04368728 test subjects will receive doses of EITHER Pfizer-BioNech BNT162b1, the “other vaccine candidate”, OR of Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2, the COVID-19 “vaccine” currently in use in the U.S. BNT162b1 is currently in use in the EU.

ALSO: NCT03468728 will include monitoring of VAED (Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease).

In the EMA “briefing document” referenced above, Page 47 states that the mRNA of the “vaccine” was distributed “…to liver, adrenal glands, spleen and ovaries” in lab rats.
On Page 56, in “Biodistribution”, the following statement is made: “…LPN-formulated RNAs can distribute rather non-specifically to several organs, such as spleen, heart, kidney, lung and brain.” ALSO, same page: “In line with this, results from the newly transmitted study 185350, indicate a broader biodistribution pattern with low and measurable radioactivity in the ovaries and testes [of lab animals].”

The bottom line appears to be that the lipid nanoparticles and/or the mRNA of BNT162b2 / COMIRNATY do migrate to the ovaries and the testes in measurable amounts. IMO, any “medical professional” who claims otherwise is either “misinformed” — or is lying.
DePop shot? IMO, yessir.
Cull and Maim shot? IMO, yessir.

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

Typo correction: It’s NCT04368728 that will be monitoring for VAED.


IMO, anybody who has a family history of stroke needs to stay FAR AWAY from any COVID-19 “vaccine” that has ANY mRNA in it, or adenovirus DNA in it (the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 “vaccine”).
And if, God Forbid, someone with a family history of stroke DID get “vaccinated”, let alone “boosted”, IMO, they need to be taking supplements to help the brain “neutralize” the mRNA (like NAC and/or “full flush” Niacin) — and get their MD to order a brain scan to check for damage.
It *** may be *** that the Novavax product is “safer” than the mRNA or adenovirus DNA “vaccines.” Nobody knows that as of yet.
IMO, the only really “safer” COVID-19 “vaccines” are the ones made strictly from dead / inactivated ingredients (such as the CoronaVac COVID-19 vaccine).