DEAR KAG: 20211224 – Christmas Eve – The Pub is OPEN / How Bill Gates Took Down Hydroxychloroquine

The Pub is OPEN again!

With a blend of humor and seriousness, like any good bar, we celebrate this grand re-opening of WOLF’S PUB on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2021, by actually opening near closing time on Christmas Eve Eve, but what the heck.


While our beloved bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we will ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE.

I will admit right off the cricket bat that this here substitute bartender doesn’t know jack shit about alcohol compared to our regular one, so he’s going to have to substitute some rather wild and crazy concoctions for the drinks, seeing as he does have some experience with ALCOHOLS OF THE WRONG KIND.

And while we’re at it, THANK GOD FOR INDIA, and another alcohol with medicinal applications!!!

Washington : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hugs President Donald Trump as Modi departs the White House, Monday, June 26, 2017, in Washington. AP/PTI(AP6_27_2017_000035B)

Truthfully, some of the best ideas in science are to be found at local pubs, when the research groups go out and have enough beer and wine to begin saying what they REALLY think about this or that.

So WHO KNOWS what fascinating things might be said in Wolf’s Pub on a Thursday or Friday night?

But first, let’s get the RED TAPE out of the way.

VERBATIM, from the regular bartender.


God bless us, every one! Tiny Tim had such a beautiful soul. He hadn’t a mean bone in his body…unlike most of us. But in keeping with Christmas, we promise to honor Wolf’s rules and keep Scrooge at bay. The Utree is where the Ghost of Christmas Present will conduct you should you need to rattle some chains. Another option, should all hell break loose is here.

Now, back to business.



And thus a moment of thanks to ALL our contributors, current, past, and future!

H/T DP for this one!

Current Art On The Wall

Every bar needs some art on the wall, and seeing that we’re a virtual bar with access to millions of digital counterfeit prints, you may find more than just “Dogs Playing Poker”. That said…..

A Late Nod To Hanukkah

I totally missed Hanukkah this year. I was planning on doing a post, but this year, Hanukkah fell PRECISELY during my bout with Delta, and my quarantine period afterwards, and I just blew it off.

Well, better late than never.

Indeed, I think it’s pretty cool that I was “counting the days” during my illness – with Hanukkah falling on “Day 2” – the height of my illness – and finishing on “Day 9” – completely recovered and feeling great.

I love these pictures of President Trump and FLOTUS Melania – she really looked happy at this White House Hanukkah celebration.

Nothing can take away the FOUR GREAT YEARS of the Trump Presidency. Nothing. They will live forever. And for some weird reason, the story of Hanukkah reminds me of the story of the Trump Presidency.

And THAT story is not over yet!

Vaccine Stuff

This is just an image! Don’t click it!

If you have not seen the video of President Trump with Candace Owens, then give SUNDANCE a click (below) and watch the video over there. Hat Tip to WSB for alerting me to this great video. She also has a comment over there, and HERE, too. Be sure to watch to the end! You won’t regret it.



This week has seen quite a bit of WTF, one might say, with “Dear Leader” “Chidin’ Biden” wagging his Bill Clinton FINGER OF NO SLEEPY NO CREEPY at the unwashed unvaxxed, but we’ve got better things to do, than to listen to that lying old coot.

Go sniff somebody else’s hair, Fake President! #FJB!!!

How about, instead, I drink a bit too much ginger ale, and tell you all how I believe Bill Gates sabotaged hydroxychloroquine? With the aid of some people who we all know VERY well? Have a seat! It’s quite a story.

How (IMO) Bill Gates Sabotaged HCQ

You all are the first to hear this story.

Let’s start off by listening to two Steves – Bannon and Hatfill – talking REALITY about OMICRON.

The “traveling vaccine”, as Dr. Hatfill calls it. This is short – 4 minutes.


Now Dr. Hatfill is an interesting guy. And MORE than just how he got SET UP as a PATSY on anthrax, by THEM.

He actually knows how an alcohol called hydroxychloroquine …..

…..was deep-sixed by Rick Bright, Janet Woodcock, and Tony Fauci. Details here:


So this guy understands the DUPLICITY – the SABOTAGE – the DECEIT – that actually goes on in science.

That duplicity is well-represented by the recent guilty verdicts against the former Chairman of the Harvard chemistry department, Dr. Charles Lieber. You know – that guy who was helping the ChiComs with their “Thousand Talents [OF SILVER] Program”, and hiding his take from the feds.

So wait – where was I? [….looks for beer glass….]

The thing is, I discovered even MORE about how HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE was knifed in the back by the enemies of truth.

Do you all remember that GREAT video on Vitamin D in preventing COVID-19?

Well, this Doc, Roger Seheult, has ANOTHER video that I was looking at, where he talks about the vaccines. And you have to be wondering “GREAT! Is he PRO or ANTI vaccine?”

I would say that he’s definitely PRO-VAX, but not BLINDLY so. More like – the vaccine is a tool, and he’s gonna use it. He treats patients – they’re young and dying – he’s very emotional – he wants to save them – and he believes the vaccine helps. So he tells people – get the vaccine.

He’s also marginally supportive of research on ivermectin, but he’s NOT gonna buck the system by advocating current use. He does NOT seem to have very much discernment about DECEIT and CORRUPTION in science, IMO. He’s a bit of an innocent, or even a chump, just like most people in science, who think the whole thing is a zone of trust, relatively free of deception and trickery.

Here is the video.

This is actually really good stuff, but if you’re looking for ammo against vaccines, this is not it. This is more like a “good doctor” trying to convince you – with mostly good data – but in some places weak data – to take the vaccine.

I can almost see it. ALMOST. But not quite. Not for me, certainly. My “medical advisor” who says “what in the HELL happened to contraindications and the VERBOTEN status of vaccination during pregnancy?” says “NO”.

HOWEVER, if you’re looking for where the pro-vax side is WEAK and DEFENSIVE, this is also a great video. You can see where they’re in trouble, and where they’re avoiding things, and where they’re grasping at straws. It’s very edgy scientific detective work, but I read these people pretty well.

More on THAT stuff in a full post to come.

This dude doesn’t want to lose his channel. Bottom line. But you can read past some of what is said.

So first, BEFORE we get to the BIG CRIME, a small sidebar.

Sidebar: Dr. Geert is Right Again

There is a slide in Doc Rogers’ video that PROVES ONE MORE TIME that Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is TOTALLY RIGHT.

Dr. Roger is showing this to us, to emphasize that younger and younger people are being hospitalized with COVID now – that pediatric cases are increasing, as Delta is taking over. This is part of why the DOCTORS are pushing to vaccinate kids. They’re getting more and more young adult, teen and pediatric cases in the hospitals. It’s an emotional strain on them to watch young people die.

But there is a problem.


This is EXACTLY what Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has been warning about. EXACTLY.

People have got to start listening to this dude.

Bill Gates’ CEO, who is advising Joe Biden, was an adjunct professor of epidemiology. Surely she can understand Geert. But she’s also on Pfizer’s board. That’s a problem. A real conflict of interest. Geert is an epidemiologist, and he is predicting all this stuff like clockwork. Maybe she should take a listen.

BUT – back to the story…..

Of the ASSHOLES who are pushing vaccination…..

By INTERFERING with science…..

By UNDERMINING science at the most basic levels.

So you see by that example – the slide of hospital age groups – what is so great about these sorts of videos is that these docs and experts will pop out the convincer graphs and references, and you can either screen capture like above, or GO TO THE SOURCE.

OR go somewhere ELSE they don’t want you to look.

So LATER in this Dr. Roger video, immediately after a rather prog-chauvinistic, hand-waving excuse why certain positive foreign studies of ivermectin should be dismissed (pure Fauci shade-throwing – go to 1:22:30), he mentions some American study – which was NOT LancetGate – that he says disproved hydroxychloroquine.

He just throws that in as an aside – but that’s BULLSHIT.

HCQ isn’t GREAT, but it works when given very early, it has saved MANY lives, and there is simply no doubt about it, at this point. So the good doctor is LOSING credibility with me right there. He’s following close, but he’s not following close enough, because he’s clearly trusting NIH, CDC, and Fauci.


He’s a chump – and he can be fooled by flowing along with the similarly chumped mainstream of science. He’s inside the big deceit – he has no reference frame.

So what IS this study that “disproved” HCQ? Screenshot:

This thing was called the “Together COVID Trial”. And it’s still out there.


These ad hoc COVID trials have been taking place in CANADA and BRAZIL – both of which make Suspicious Cat *immediately* purr “serious communist problems in both places” – and if you recall that French communist, Agnes Buzyn, who very stealthily took HCQ out of OTC status in France, you understand that this is significant.

Union communists and other embeds make GREAT footsoldiers. They’ve infiltrated medicine – they’ve infiltrated science – they’ve infiltrated universities, and hospitals – and they do the dirty jobs, where a spy would otherwise be required. My first exposure was in a university scandal, and that was just the beginning. I’ve had to deal with top-shelf university science commies on this very site. They tried to pull a really fast one on us, back at the beginning of COVID. They are dead serious in this big attempt to install WORLD COMMUNISM.

ANYWAY – back to the story.

At THAT point, I remembered something Bill Gates said on TV – the ONLY time he mentioned hydroxychloroquine. He said that “WE” would have to do studies on it.

As soon as I heard that, I rolled my eyes. Oh, yeah. FOX in the freakin’ hen-house.

“We have to STUDY the chickens.”

What a joke.

I have always felt that Gates was behind Surgisphere and LancetGate, the biggest hit job EVER on hydroxychloroquine, which was retracted, but I have yet to find evidence of his involvement – and I have looked several times.

HOWEVER, it turns out that Gates WAS behind the studies of hydroxychloroquine that killed people by overdoses, while giving it too late to save them.


Yeah. That’s convenient. That combination of two crucial errors is diagnostic for a very professional scientific kill job, BTW. When you REALLY want it dead, wooden cross and silver bullet. A scientific double-tap.

See? You learn something every day.

So I’m thinking – well, maybe GATES is behind THESE STUDIES.

So then I go looking to see who is behind them, and this is what I see.

AH! So who’s that?

I went after “Rainwater” first, because I was thinking “Oh, yeah, baby – this sounds like the Tides Foundation” – that being the “charity” by which John Kerry and his rich wife send all kinds of seed money to left-wing operations.

But I check it out, and it’s just some Texan good old boy named Rainwater who left his fortune as a foundation, and at worst, the money got pointed to help Gates by some lefty kid or nephew. More likely an alumnus story or something like that.

NOPE. Not that one.

So what about “Fast Grants”?




The way this org is set up, the people who choose the grant proposals get a gazillion begs, from which the operation can pick and choose. And there is nothing that can prevent a secret reach-around where the choosers or their puppets can SEND THEIR OWN PUPPET PROPOSALS INTO THE SCAM.

See how that works? Very slick.

So who funds the begs?

The grants are currently supported by: Arnold Ventures, The Audacious Project, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, John Collison, Patrick Collison, Crankstart, Jack Dorsey, Kim and Scott Farquhar, Paul Graham, Reid Hoffman, Fiona McKean and Tobias Lütke, Yuri and Julia Milner, Elon Musk, Chris and Crystal Sacca, Schmidt Futures, and others. AWS has contributed compute credits.

OK. This is so easy, I’m gonna leave some of these names for everybody else. But this thing is so full of “usual suspects”, it should be a movie.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is Facebook, which incidentally had – until right after COVID was released – a BOARD MEMBER and DIRECTOR who happened to be the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – a lady named Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellman – who recently joined the board of Pfizer – and is also now one of Joe Biden’s presidential science advisers. I mentioned her above.

Hellman was appointed to the social media platform’s board in March 2013 and served as it Lead Independent Director from June 2015 until October 30th 2019, shortly before the first reported case of COVID-19.

Yeah, that’s cozy.

Covered here previously.

The Vaccine-Powered Rona-Coaster

Is the Directed Evolution of Variants – Something Deeply Understandable to Joe Biden’s Science Advisors – Being Abused by the Corporate-Government-Academic Axis? Yeah, you remember that one! Several hat tips to Sundance on this one, too. It’s now becoming very clear that the mercenary Bill Gates getting involved with healthcare was one of the LAST …

So we have BILL GATES linked to, and MARK ZUCKERBERG and his CHICOM WIFEY funding, a study that tried to take down HCQ, and certainly seems to have influenced a lot of doctors against it.

SMART. Influence the docs, but do it quietly and behind the scenes – so there’s not so much outrage stirred up like LancetGate, which outraged the scientific community, and caused those two journal editors to squawk excuses in the “leaked” telephone conversation.

Less visibility, but more long-term effect. I really think this is why a lot of doctors “gave up” on hydroxy.


Who else is behind Fast Grants?

CHOOMER RASPUTIN – a.k.a. Jack Dorsey, of Twitter.

It’s a small world at the top of the COUP, ain’t it?


Who’s the last person on that list? It’s not who you think.

“AWS has contributed compute credits.”

AWS is Amazon Web Services. That’s the CIA. So THEY’RE handling the computers in some way. They likely had INSIGHT into all the trials.

Does this all make sense now?


Now – I have not looked at this paper yet, which knifed HCQ in the back – nor have I looked at one of the Together Trial studies of ivermectin which they also did, which found no utility.

I’m sure I will look at these papers at some point, but I’m lazy, and it’s late, and my wife wants me to go to bed.

But with these tips, I’m certain that some intrepid HONEST scientists out there will now find obvious problems with the studies. Because they’re gonna be there, trust me.

This is the state of science. It is extraordinarily manipulable. And one of the BEST ways to manipulate it, is to FUND IT, and then have access and control that is hidden from the public.

That’s life in the big city.

Bottom line – I think this is one piece of the puzzle of how hydroxychloroquine was taken down. MULTIPLE HITS by Bill Gates. The man was NOT taking any chances.

Christmas Eve

I could let this post end with a story of science corruption, but that’s not how things end. That’s never how things end.

You see – there was this guy named Jesus, and he was all about bringing GOD (or G_D, if you prefer) to the low-lifes. The tax collectors. The prostitutes. The immigrants. The wise guys. People like me. People like the people I understand. People like us. People like all of us.

There are a lot of things I could talk about, relating to the Kingdom of Heaven, and how it’s a lot closer than people realize, but what’s funny about THAT, is that it’s a lot like some of the things we run into here, in our efforts to shine the light of Truth on things.

The small stuff is easy to write off, and the big stuff is protected by unbelievability.

But nevertheless, I won’t give up, trying to get others to see the beauty of it all.

That the big party really is there.

That we’re all invited.

And that it really is ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS.

I don’t approach Christianity like most people. I use the Bible to try to understand the nature of reality. I try to understand what Christ was telling us at a weird and deep level, because I’ve found that his “thought experiments”, if you will, were always consistent on many levels of interpretation, and they help me to see – with more beauty and less words – what he meant.

I trust now for different reasons than I trusted before, but I still trust.

Anyway, Christmas is a time to reflect on Christ. And interestingly, this year, it’s really working for me.

I hope I can help you to do the same!

Merry Christmas, friends and neighbors. Posters and lurkers. Believers and skeptics. Allies and enemies.

There’s room for you all at a certain place in this town. Or very close by.


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A Wilderness of Mirrors, as the saying goes…..


Our area is going to be frozen for five days, starting on Christmas. Lows in the low teens and highs in the mid twenties.

I have my camp stove ready in case the power goes out. I rigged it up to run off a five gallon propane bottle. Also have the propane bottle heater that mounts on top of a five gallon bottle for the garage.

Brrrr!!!! We ain’t used to this!!!


Of course care with ventilation. But that is overblown. Many homes around here have propane heating and propane kitchen stoves. Not to mention the millions of homes across the country that cook with natural gas.

And Merry Christmas to you and all the Qtreepers.


And they’re built to code, which should keep you safe. Impromptu heating arrangements are NOT safe.


Correction: they are neither safe nor unsafe. I think that I understand basic physics but I appreciate your concern.

Most likely the electricity will stay on and my next bill will be huge.


Uninterrupted electric service would be best, of course.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about a companion lizard freezing with you.


Mine has gone up already so my gas.
My furnace is gas my stove is gas so is my fireplace.
We changed it from wood to gas many years ago because it is hard to get a chimney sweeper. I would have loved to put an oven in the fireplace .


I was so confident in our natural gas water heater and natural gas heating furnace that I moved them both out of the living area of the house (into the garage and attic, respectively).

Merry Christmas.


The real problem is that house-wrap houses with energy-star windows don’t leak enough. Without explicitly dealing with ventilation, it doesn’t take much more than a few candles to smother people (fortunately, smothering people with CO2 tends to have them feel discomfort, pant, and seek relief).


A friend had her windows replaced and she felt dizzy this Summer. She figured out their was not enough fresh air in the house. After she opened the doors she felt better. I wonder if the was unable to open her windows would not put past her to have them totally shot.
She wanted her home energy conserving and buttoned up. I would die in a place like that I need air need to feel the cold breeze zip through my house at least for a couple of hours.
Found out two days ago my daughter is the same she sleeps with windows open in CT regardless how cold. Her husband packs 5 pillows around him and a big feathered.  😂 

Last edited 1 year ago by singingsoul1
Gail Combs

CARPORT — nicely ventilated…


Second on that care with ventilation. One of the people working for me almost managed to be killed by carbon monoxide.


And that was with a permanent-install furnace in a rental property. Hadn’t had maintenance done for a decade or so, and every new tenant coming in figured it was safe…..until it wasn’t.


Parts of my employee were turning blue, and she was not auditioning for a dancing girl gig on Star Trek.


Remember to do all the other freeze stuff — like draining water lines or leaving them dripping. Make sure your car is gassed-up, and have food/water/blankets if you have to bail to a shelter. Charge up your cellphone and any reserve batteries. Have flashlights where you can find them in the dark.

Sylvia Avery

I just hope it holds off until Christmas Day. I’ve got too much to do yet…..


Accuweather says Saturday through Thursday. Highest temp is 26 degrees.

Last edited 1 year ago by pgroup2
Gail Combs

Three day forecast low 60s increasing to the 70s by Sunday…


That is good news.

Gail Combs

I am certainly not complaining!!!


We are 54 F but damp. Not complaining either


Iowa Colony (south of Houston), TX unseasonably warm. ~80.


Wow must be nice hope you brought shorts 🙂


Cold! Just have a big storm last night. It looked like the Sierras got a ton of snow but yep you have something coming the next week. Western Montana getting ready for negative at night.


OMG! Not sure we could handle below zero temps.


Its supposed to get negative 7 or 14 and be all of 1 degree during the day. Lol. Thats beyond too cold.
Forecast actually said “bitterly cold .” No ty.
Not have ever been in snow or cold more than once Ill have to be careful wherever we move to with weather!


You could build two-thirds of the house underground (generally on a hillside) with only one wall exposed to the outside. Inside temp without artificial heating or cooling will be about 55 degrees year around.

You’ll need a humungous French drain around the house, though, and God only knows how much that would cost.

Gail Combs

Humidity would also be a major, major problem.


Big difference with humid cold vs dry cold.


Lived with both and I’ll take dry cold over the humid.

Gail Combs



Forgive me as this is definitely off topic…..

It may need its own article?

I brought this subject up over a year ago….. and was seen as a Kook?

Most of us KNOW that “THEY” LIE to “us”….

About MANY things…..
The start of world war 1 and 2…..
Legal/Judicial issues….
Moral/Spiritual issues…
when LIFE starts/ends…
Medical issues, i.e. Covid/Vaccines/Therapuetics/etc. …

There are Many sceptics about the “Moon Landing(s)”

It will take an HONEST and OPEN mind to consider the following:

(About 2 hr long video)

Please… All comments welcomed as THIS site has some of the most intelligent researchers and commenters of ANY site I have ever seen..

Thank you ALL for your HONEST considerations.


Yikes! I have a hard time finding 2 hours to watch a video. Can you give us some kind of hint about what it’s about?  😯 


Flat earth.


Actually, from Rayzor’s preamble, I thought it was faked moon landing…..which I tend to discount for a variety of reasons, but which does lead inevitably to:

THANK GOD that CGI wasn’t in common use before the moon landings.


Bill Shatner got up far enough to see the curve of earth — Captain Kirk wouldn’t lead you wrong, would he?




 which sees absolutely nothing wrong with deceiving people about science”

Kind of like our MSM?
CDC and FDA?
Satanists and DemonRats (I repeat myself)
I could go on 🙂




Then why no direct flights from Australia to South America?
All flight go into the northern “hemisphere” before going to their destination.

Easterly Spinning Earth would make flights faster or slower one way than the return flight? (They are virtually the same time)



so…. more fuel use is better economics?


ok…. just looking for
I won’t bring it up again.


Also looked up the flights you mentioned….
ALL go to the US first. (No “direct” flights)


I find no “direct” flights




When I used to fly to Europe and South Africa I knew the earth is round when the sun came up. Also looking out the window one sees a curve not a flat line.

Steve would know 🙂  😂 


Time differences west-to-east in the US are more due to the jet stream than anything else.


wish FG&C would chime in.

Deplorable Patriot

So do I.


In time, I believe he will.


Not true. The flight back from London or Rome to the east coast is ALWAYS an hour longer or more.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

That’s due to the jet stream, actually, it blows west to east, giving the flight westward a headwind.

In fact, the earth’s spin is immaterial here; the plane is moving in the rotating earth’s reference frame, so it may get an added boost of several hundred miles going east, but the ground is moving that way too so it cancels out.

(As it happens, it does matter when launching satellites; an eastward launch close to the equator reduces delta v requirements–but that’s because orbital mechanics depends on an at-rest reference frame.)



Is the satellite launch still on schedule for tomorrow?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

As a matter of fact, yes it is!! (I’m just waiting for it to be slipped at the last second.)

18 hours, 33 minutes to go!


Thank you.


Time zones and longitudes stretch from pole to pole……
How is 1 hr the same length of time in alaska (shorter circular distance around the “Globe”) then at the equator (which is the broadest/longest path around the Earth)?


There used to be a bunch of joking fanfic that involved time travel by putting a stake in the north pole, then walking around it clockwise or anticlockwise. Each lap would be a day.

Valerie Curren

I read “stake” as “snake” & got quickly confused. Need more sleep–shock!

Merry Christmas Eve!


You could have read “stake” as “steak” and been even more confused.

Valerie Curren

no doubt ; 0

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Because what matters with respect to time of day is angular velocity around the axis, not linear velocity.

Alaska rotates 15 degrees in an hour, so does Panama. Both will turn a full circle in one day.

As it turns out that’s a bit of a simplification for clarity–which, as it happens, I take up in tomorrow’s daily.


“Alaska rotates 15 degrees in an hour, so does Panama. Both will turn a full circle in one day.”


How is it possible to be looking towards the sun on Jan 1 and it be daytime…. (at noon)

And then (after 1 full turn each day) and the Earth rotates around the sun once each year,

to be daylight at noon on June 1?

Should it not be dark on June 1 as the Earth is now 180 degrees into its solar revolution and rotating a full circle every day?

Last edited 1 year ago by rayzorback
SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Ah, you’ve touched on the simplification I made. Good show!

In fact, in one twenty four hour day, the earth rotates almost 361 degrees, to compensate. The true rotational period of the earth with respect to the fixed stars is 23 hours, 56 minutes, four and a fraction seconds long. (This is called the “sidereal day.”) But with respect to the sun, which is how we define time of day, it’s 24 hours. The earth has moved almost a degree in its path around the sun, it must rotate an extra degree to bring the sun back to overhead; that takes almost four additional minutes.

Astronomers use the sidereal day and sidereal time; they can basically look at their sidereal clock and see which constellations should be “up” at any given time. But that clock could be different from their wristwatch by up to twelve hours either way.

Indeed if you step outside on January first at night, and note which constellations are visible shortly after sunset, you WILL see a totally different set of constellations than you would on July 1st. But the sun, from our point of view on Earth, appears to be moving against the constellations.

But don’t confuse the sidereal day with the solar day.

I take this up in tomorrow’s daily, so your timing in bringing all this up is fortuitous.


Just looking for Truth….. That is all.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Ironically, you can make sense of what I said also assuming a stationary Earth, with the stars rotating around it every 23h56m4+s and the sun moving against those stars just under a degree per day, OR with the earth orbiting the sun as I described in my last reply. It’s mathematically equivalent and astronomers sometimes pretend the stationary Earth because it’s easier to visualize and calculate. Sometimes, though, doing so doesn’t work…and they have to understand when that is.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I literally just dealt with all of this writing tomorrow’s daily. Timing was fortuitous.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Now that is a Ptolemaic image, right there.


Can sing along, but don’t have the words.


A lot of the geometric “proofs” are simply using plane geometry and waving away any discrepancies.


so…. “Plane Geometry” is Fake?


No, plane geometry doesn’t work on curved surfaces. If you inflate a balloon, mark three points on it, then draw a triangle with those three points…..the sum of its interior angles will be more than 180 degrees.


I understand that….
slice a plane through the center of the Earth….
That gives us a “Plane”…(with a round edge)
Around the circumference, given the “scientists” numbers of the Earth’s size…..
It is impossible to see something 40 miles away. (and even less distance)

Last edited 1 year ago by rayzorback

Flat earth proofs


Flat earth is a tough one to support. Too many people have been far enough up to actually see the curve. The curve was actually measured about 2,000 years ago — . We have satellites up the wazoo, and we practically have commuter flights to the ISS. It’d also be tough to run GPS on a flat earth, in that the GPS satellites would eventually fall off the edge.


What about getting to the “TRUTH”?


How long ago did you look into this theory?
Case closed?
Nothing new under the sun?


so you didn’t bother to watch either video either?




that’s how I research too.
I Quit when I perceive a lie.


ok….. I understand


You started out with “I’ve got this thing, how valid is it?” and now you are openly supporting it in the face of evidence against it. When and how did you become a supporter?


Supporter?…. just looking for TRUTH and nobody yet will even watch the videos?


Just watch the video……. then please comment


When dividing large parcels, surveyors have a choice of either maintaining the parcels as rectangles (and adding in kludges to adjust), or laying out the parcels as portions of a sphere.


lol….. I work with and for surveyors…
and have for over 30 years.
Not one of them try to account for spherical considerations. Not ONE.


If your surveyors are measuring borders between provinces or states, ask them specifically about the subject.

If your surveyors are doing 6500 square foot plats in a subdivision, they probably can ignore the spherical distortions — and, whenever you can ignore a problem, odds are you will.


This question has come up measuring counties across the state…
More issues with “Rod and Chain” conversions than Spherical ones.


Note end of page 2 and beginning of page 3.

This is (literally) Chapter 1 of Surveying.


I work with this stuff all day, every day (at work)


Not “trolling”….. Looking for TRUTH (and Truth seekers)…… Thats all.
Can’t find anyone to watch the videos though.


There are two types of surveying:

Plane surveying: Earth surface is considered a plane of x-y dimensions.

– Z-dimension (height) referenced to the mass spherical surface of the earth (Mean Sea Level).

– Most engineering and property survey are plane survey

correction to curvature is made for long strips (e.g. Highway).


I understand these things…. very well.
If you don’t want to spend a little time on the videos….. that’s fine.


I don’t think you understand them as well as you think you do…..and I don’t think you understand how much much people will avoid wasting their time with these videos.

People have given your arguments plenty of attention. Take it with gratitude and withdraw, or continue to support them.


I did NOT “support” anything…..

But I will withdraw.
Forgive me.


Just start watching…..
If they make sense…. continue on

If you are firmly brainwashed by TPTB…… skip it


Quite possible 🙂


There is too much evidence that the earth is roughly an oblate spheroid with local texture. It comes from space observations, ground observations, observations at sea, and shadows 2000 years ago. It has been confirmed time and again, and never refuted. It wasn’t invented within the last 100 years to screw the middle class in favor of the Cabal.


Have you watched ANY of the posted videos?


Nope. And have no intention of doing so. It takes roughly an order of magnitude more effort to debug a snare than construct one, and I don’t have the time.


so be it….. Takes to much time to find the “Truth”?


Are you saying that I am constructing a “snare”?


You are bringing what you were given. It is a snare. You are right to be skeptical of official explanations, but you should be ridding yourself of this snare through straightforward observations.


straightforward observation is what the videos are about….. I wish you would watch one or both.


You’ve moved the goalposts — you don’t want honest information anymore, you want views. Why?


I didn’t move anything.
“views” is where the questions come from.
Who are you to proclaim that I don’t want HONEST answers?
That is all that I have asked for.

Don’t watch if it so offensive to your knowledge.


Get a telescope, observe the planets.


I don’t understand why the narrator keeps going on about the curvature of the earth, as if the earth is perfectly or consistently round, or as if the curvature would ever be observable, and therefore a material consideration, from ground zero (the perspective of the observer).

For example, at 4:17 he says:

“10. The London and Northwestern railway forms a straight line 180 miles long between London and Liverpool. The railroad’s highest point, midway at Birmingham Station, is only 240 feet above sea level.

If the world were actually a globe however, curving 8 inches per mile squared, the 180 mile stretch of rail would form an arc, with the center point at Birmingham, raised over a mile, a full 5,400 feet above London and Liverpool.”

It seems like the narrator is being intentionally obtuse.

You’re not building the railroad starting from ground-zero to an imaginary point in space according to a curvature of the earth calculation, you’re building the railroad to the next section of track. Maybe that’s a hundred yards per section. There is no curvature worth measuring over a hundred yards, and even if there was, there wouldn’t be at 50 feet, or 10 feet, or wherever you drive the next railroad spike.

So imagine a giant beach ball to represent the earth, and a miniature toy train track that you glue onto the beach ball. If you could actually do it to something approximating scale, which would require a very tiny train track (and a really big beach ball), every time you connect one piece of track to the next, it would appear flat at that point of contact/connection, from the perspective of a miniature person at ground-zero connecting the track.

The curvature would only be visible from great distance (from space, if the beach ball and train track model were to scale), and the curvature between each section of connected track would be so minute as to be unnoticeable.

And that’s with an actual more-or-less perfect sphere (a beach ball).

The earth is not a perfect sphere, and even if it was, the surface is irregular.

The narrator appears to assume that the surface of the earth is smooth and consistent, when it actually has hills and valleys and slopes and all sorts of elevation changes from any particular point to any other point.

So long as the ground is level from one section of the railroad track to the next, that’s what matters. The curvature of the earth seems irrelevant at the micro scale, unless you are building based on the equation (curving 8 inches per mile squared) instead of based on the actual terrain under your feet.

If you are building based on the equation, then you may end up with the absurd result of an arc raised over a mile above the earth. You would still have to support that arc though, and that support would have to be anchored somewhere to the ground below, which the narrator doesn’t mention, among other things.

I only watched the first 5 minutes or so, but it seems like the ‘anomaly problem’ is being created by alternating between the ‘distant observer’ perspective and the ‘ground zero’ or “you are here” perspective, and purposely confusing the two in order to present an apparent anomaly.

***My understanding (or lack thereof, and attempt to articulate the same) could be completely wrong, I am not an engineer and I don’t even play one on TV. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited by law, please check with a qualified tax professional before making investment decisions, never stand on the top step of a step ladder, yada, yada, yada… 😁


“I only watched the first 5 minutes or so”
Good hard look at the info I see?


“Good hard look at the info I see?”


Pretty hard, yeah, sounded like the narrator was just reading a list, and that’s not an easy kind of presentation to sit through. Five minutes flew by like it was an hour 😁

I noticed the title of the video was “200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball”, and by the time he got to point number 1, I had guessed he was just going to read 200 points. By the time he arrived at point number 10, I was pretty confident it wasn’t going to get any better.

If you’re going to make 200 points about something, you probably want to knock the audience’s socks off with the first few, to really get them thinking, because if you save your best point for last, they’re all going to be in a coma by then.

It would be better IMO to take the best, strongest 3 or 4 points, the ones that show the narrator’s position in the best possible light, and/or the ones that are hardest for the opposition to refute, and present them in a way that is compelling and can withstand critical scrutiny.

But that also risks the possibility of being refuted.

Very few people will sit though a 200 point dry recitation and then try to refute it. That doesn’t mean it’s irrefutable, it just means it isn’t presented in a way that lends itself to engagement, scrutiny or challenge.

Whether that was by design or not, the effect is the same.




Oh, for God’s sake.

I can KNOW something is bullshit without devoting hours of my valuable life to it.

Good grief. Five minutes was enough.


One bite of a BS sandwich is all it takes. No need for any more bites.


Sight over distance appears to Disprove spherical earth.
Many examples in the video(s).


No kidding that end to end placement of 20’+/- tracks will not show much.
Start elevation vs end elevation would have a LOT higher elevation in the middle if the Earth was curved.


Here is one that is only 1 hr long:

I am only seeking TRUTH.


Columbus set out westward in order to “shortcut” the way to the spices and riches of southeast Asia. Part of this was that he knew — like every other ship captain knew — that the world was curved. The other part was that he found some crackpot that botched the measurement of the curve and understated the circumference of the earth by about a third (Eratosthenes’ estimate was much, much closer).


“he knew — like every other ship captain knew — that the world was curved”

Oh really? He (They) “Knew”
Like “WE” “Know”?


They knew that they could signal several miles further in clear air if both ships ran their signalmen up their masts.


Human eye perspective?


Well, you won’t find it watching these videos.


[snort; giggle]


I wanted to circle back and plant a stake.

With the non-stop lies, bullshit, and gaslighting of the last hundred years, there is very little reason to believe ANYTHING put forth by TPTB in those last hundred years. There is nothing wrong with questioning things — it’s quite laudable.


“They”… do NOT “promote” ….”Flat Earth”….
They censor and ridicule the concept.
Like much else around us.


You would do well to read and re-read the two comments from Wolf to this comment of yours.


Thank you.


You’re welcome. [I don’t know where Wolf was riffing.]

Valerie Curren

What was your video about? It’s showing as a broken link for me.

Merry Christmas Eve 🙂




Leaders are not always in the lead.

But they ARE leading.

AND, in doing so, nurturing ALL, WHILE training future leaders.

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Wolf is a good leader here at the Q tree.
Thank you RF121
Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

Gail Combs

The three in front are also the most likely to be the wisest.

In horse herds it is a wise dominant mare who leads. The stallion is the last.

Interesting article on the dynamics of wild horse herds (It is short)

I will add many horsemen do not like to deal with mares and prefer castrated males. I always liked my mares despite the ‘attitude’ problem.

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Wonderful post, Wolf. And great detective work! I really despise these people.


They had to go all-out on HCQ because the French had botched their quash so badly.

Gail Combs



Speaking of Raoult . . . at the very start of this mess, Didier Raoult was listed as #1 in the world in the “infectious diseases” category on expertscape.

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And then there’s this…March 30, 2020:

…”UW physicians are already using hydroxychloroquine to treat patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but outside the setting of a clinical trial.

On Sunday, the Food and Drug Administration officially authorized the emergency use of both hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for use against COVID-19. To boost supplies for hospital treatments and clinical trials, the Department of Health and Human Services accepted donations of 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine from Sandoz, a division of Novartis, and 1 million doses of chloroquine from Bayer Pharmaceuticals.”…

…”The UW-NYU team is starting to enroll 2,000 participants who are close contacts of persons with confirmed or pending COVID-19 diagnoses. Participants must live in Western Washington or New York, and must be referred by health care providers.”…

…”The $9.5 million clinical trial is one of three studies receiving grants from the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator, a $125 million initiative launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and Mastercard to speed the development and distribution of therapies for COVID-19.”


This all seems so rigged, and based upon who you/your doctor knows.

(Did you know that Ivermectin is prescribed as an approved treatment for severe scabies, and it’s prescribed for the entire household?)

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Blue state secrets.


… Gates ….


I like Zelenko and think he is a very good person and very good doctor who loves humanity.


𝕎𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕒 𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪 𝕄𝔼ℝℝ𝕐 ℂℍℝ𝕀𝕊𝕋𝕄𝔸𝕊!
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…and a Merry Christmas to you, Wolf !  🎅 

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Merry Christmas Wheatie! 🎄💕


Merry Christmas Wheatie!

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Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Very Happy New Year!


Beautiful Wheatie. Reminiscent of the tree houses of our recent past. Always warm and comfy. Merry Christmas.


Thank you so much!
Merry Christmas, Peace and Good Energy to all!  🙂 


Beautiful Wheatie .. Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 .. and a blessed one. 😊🤚❤️🎄


Wheatie, if you see this, I hope you’ll come post and let us know that you’re okay. We’re very worried about you and miss you a lot!



THIS post of yours IS vintage wonderful Wheatie. Warm, friendly, inviting, neighborly…

Miss ya!


Gail Combs

Please stop by and say hello when you can. We worry about you.

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Republicans Court Manchin to Join GOP Over Deepening Rift With White House

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) have made overt attempts recently to convince Manchin to become a Republican. If Manchin were to make the move, the GOP would take over as the majority party in the Senate.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) have made overt attempts recently to convince Manchin to become a Republican.


If only Cornyn and McConnell weren’t crooks, I’d feel a lot better about that 😂

If Manchin switches parties, no doubt it will be good for McConnell and Cornyn, but the swamp won’t be one millimeter less deep.


Right, just more of the same.


Well it would theoretically (and I say that with great trepidation) act as a brake against some of the egregious activities of the House. Even crooks want things done their way.


 🌟  Christmas Eve  🌟  Cheers  🎄 

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 👉  and….always remember this scientific fact…
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…the sordid truth…



Snort – love it!

Merry 🎄 Christmas, Smiley!!!

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tempera on panel


Andrew Wyeth

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 🌲 Marry Christmas to all people of good will !!! 🌲 


Amen Singing .. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼



Deplorable Patriot

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^^^ Sad truth. Tempted to send to family in Californistan.

Well educated “idjit” brother. Christmas letter bragged about transition from Sunday dinner outside to Sunday dinner inside, AFTER ALL adults injected.

Same fool whose family Christmas picture last year, was complete with his and his three children’s families social distanced from each other. Only thing missing was Biden’s rally circles.

Them idjits, everyone of them college educated, including several with advanced degrees.

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Seems some of us have brothers like that  😅 


Some of us have disowned siblings like that.  😠 


Yes some do. This brother disowned his other brother.
I am the peacemaker between my brothers even thought we have different opinions, because we are all connected if we like it or not.

Gail Combs

Right there with you PGroup2.


We typically swap an email at Thanksgiving and another at Christmas. Have seen them once in the past ~20 years. Regretted attending that venue, which I left quite early.

Beyond blood line, nothing in common. I simply don’t fit in with liberals. They figure I’m a hard core red neck conservative.

Good bad or indifferent, goes for all five siblings.


“…family Christmas picture last year, was complete with his and his three children’s families social distanced from each other.”


The virtue signal is strong in that one… 👍 😁