DEAR KAG: 2021-10-01

Welcome back to Wolf’s Pub. Friday at last! I’ve been hearing that we shouldn’t be buying stuff from China. Seems like it has become a conservative mantra lately. That would be nice, but as a seasoned shopper, I have to tell ya, IT’S DAMNED HARD TRYING TO FIND STUFF NOT MADE IN CHINA. Walmart is … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 2021-10-01

Was Nashville A Drone Strike?

Shades of TWA 800, the jump-on-comments shills are already pitching the exhaust trail backwards. Nice bookends to multiple decades of LIES. Thanking Wheatie for bringing my attention to two videos that make sense about what is going on. Please collect everything here. I will add explainers below as this WORK THREAD progresses. Bottom line - … Continue reading Was Nashville A Drone Strike?

DEAR KAG: 20201225

A very Merry Christmas to everyone at the Qtree and beyond, especially our military members who are now deployed. A special greeting to our President Trump and First Lady. God bless and keep you. And also, Merry Christmas to the true patriots who are fighting for our republic: Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Peter Navarro, Jenna … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20201225

DEAR KAG: 20201218

The hunt is on my fellow howlers! Red meat and red wine this day. I suggest a ruby swirl of a good French Pinot Noir to go with the veritable flood of information we are seeing. Cistercian monks cultivated the pinot noir grape, which truly is the King of Burgundy wines. A little history … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20201218

Hanukkah Wishes (and a Bit of Christmas Cheer!)

I had hoped that this year, we would have a GREAT holiday season, like we almost experienced last year, other than the Phony Fake Impeachment featuring Polident and Pencilneck. And then, suddenly, I realized that the commies have made EVERY YEAR a kind of hell for our side. But LAST YEAR, lacking the China Virus … Continue reading Hanukkah Wishes (and a Bit of Christmas Cheer!)

DEAR KAG: 20201211

The Wolf’s Head Pub is open for business. It’s Free-for-All Friday and your first well drink is on the house. Tonight’s special is the English classic, Gin and Tonic. If you want to get fancy, add a star anise to the bottom of the glass. It adds a hint of licorice and blends beautifully. And … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20201211


It was Wheatie's wonderful musical selection, early this morning on the daily open thread, that - as they say - HIT ME HARD, BRO!!! Here it is - a beautiful musical selection for Christmas.... My immediate thought upon seeing this beautiful video and hearing the young boys with their sweet voices was … Continue reading Remoralization

The Terrible Triggering and Trolling Power of Trumpy Bear

'Trumpy Bear': Is It Real or a Spoof? LINK: OK. I have to admit that I LAUGHED and LAUGHED when I first saw an ad for this on OAN. But YES. It is REAL. Here is the website: Look closely - the SCAM is that it's TWO payments of $19.95 - so it's … Continue reading The Terrible Triggering and Trolling Power of Trumpy Bear

20190122 Prayers For Protection

This special PRAYERS FOR PROTECTION topic is a place to share prayers for the safety of All those working to Bring Good to the World. ____________________________________________ Our Lion President Donald J. Trump with all of his administration, our much appreciated blog host Wolfmoon, the White Hats in Law Enforcement, the QAnon Team, all Unborn and … Continue reading 20190122 Prayers For Protection