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Free speech, yada, yada, yada. But don’t give Komrade Kamala any excuses to shut us down. This has been addressed elsewhere. Such as HERE:



Give them nothing but one more day to rue, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Remain CIVIL and possibly even GENTEEL.

Today, in our VERY SPECIAL Wolf’s Mole Day issue, we have FIVE SHORT LESSONS in politically incorrect WOLFTHINK.

What is a Mole?

Before we ask What is “Mole Day?”, let’s ask: What is a “mole”?

Think of the idea “a pair” (2) of shoes, or “a dozen” (12) eggs. Increase a dozen by 1 to 13 (“a baker’s dozen”) of bagels or doughnuts. Increase to 144 for “a gross” of bottle rockets to celebrate the 4th of July.

You will see that named numbers useful for MEASURING QUANTITIES OF THINGS are “a thing”. They are “convenient numbers”. Now, while dozens, baker’s dozens, and grosses of those things aren’t really all that tied to physical realities, PAIRS of things are strongly related to biology – the fact that so many living organisms have BILATERAL symmetry, so “things” appear in pairs, and thus “pairs” become a thing – a useful thing to talk about.

Still with me? Yeah, it’s fluffy. Just go along and you will enjoy the fluffiness and tastiness, and maybe even some “empty calories”, of the mental cotton candy.

Now a DOZEN is actually a useful number (12) because it is so DIVISIBLE by common lower numbers, i.e. by 2, 3, 4 and 6. So UTILITY doesn’t have to be just physically rooted – it can be rooted in mathematics, finance, money, and/or stuff like that.

A MOLE is like a scientifically useful version of the dozen or pair. A mole is the number of atoms of carbon-12 that weighs exactly 12 grams. Once that number was decided, the number was fixed.

The number is 6.02214076 × 1023

This number is also called Avogadro’s number, the Avogadro number, the Avogadro constant, etc.


Now that seems very simple, but one is bound to ask the question “12 and 12 – WHY?”, and that is a great question, but before we answer it, I want to clarify some things about the basic relationship – the definition – that will make you go “AHA!”

First, we repeat:

A mole is the number of atoms of carbon-12 that weighs exactly 12 grams.

Here is what that necessarily implies, mathematically:

  • if a GRAM ITSELF were different, a MOLE would be a proportionately different number
  • if the NUMBER OF GRAMS of carbon we chose were different from 12, then a MOLE would be a fractionally or multiply different number
  • if we chose a DIFFERENT element / isotope and used its matching number (say, 235 grams of uranium 235, a MOLE would be a SLIGHTLY different number, because of nuclear binding energy differences

All of that should help you see this basic point – the NUMBER of grams was PICKED so that “a mole of something” would make the number of grams match its atomic weight, roughly, and centered most strongly on carbon 12, the most common isotope of carbon.

A MOLE is a convenience number for roughing it. Thus, 12 grams (1 mole) of carbon (mostly isotope 12) and 32 grams (2 moles) of oxygen (mostly isotope 16) will react to give 44 grams (1 mole) of carbon dioxide, which has a “molar mass”, and a “molecular mass”, of roughly 44.

A mole (6.02214076 × 1023) makes the number of moles come out conveniently, just like a pair makes the number of legs, arms, eyes, and weapons-grade ta-tas come out conveniently.

We will forever thank WHEATIETOO for the hilarious term “WGTT”!

FOUR could be a “pair” for cows, and then cows would have a pair of legs and a pair of udders, but even for cows (no pun intended), you can see that having a pair be TWO is more convenient, because there are fewer instances of “fractional pairs”, as eyes, horns, and snorting nostrils would have to be.

SO – a “mole” of something is a LOGICAL NUMBER. And “Mole Day” was an educator’s fun way to celebrate this LOGICAL THINKING.

For more information, and a more professional explanation, try HERE:

What is Mole Day?

What Mole Day is NOT, is any kind of celebration of STINKY DIAPER and other such refuse that sneaks into positions of power, influence and especially SPY AGENCIES and then undermines them.


No, we’re going to talk about the celebration of LOVABLE, HUGGABLE MOLES!

Wikipedia actually has a good description of what “Mole Day” is.

Mole Day

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mole Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists, chemistry students and chemistry enthusiasts on October 23, between 6:02 a.m. and 6:02 p.m.,[1][2] making the date 6:02 10/23 in the American style of writing dates. The time and date are derived from the Avogadro number, which is approximately 6.02×1023, defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in one mole (mol) of substance, one of the seven base SI units.


Mole Day originated in an article in The Science Teacher in the early 1980s.[3] Inspired by this article, Maurice Oehler, now a retired high school chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, founded the National Mole Day Foundation (NMDF) on May 15, 1991.[3]

Many high schools around the United StatesSouth AfricaAustralia, and Canada celebrate Mole Day as a way to get their students interested in chemistry, with various activities often related to chemistry or moles.[3]

The American Chemical Society sponsors National Chemistry Week,[1] which occurs from the Sunday through Saturday during which October 23 falls. This makes Mole Day an integral part of National Chemistry Week.

So there you have it.

Today is MOLE DAY, celebrating the number 6.02×1023 at 6:02 AM to PM on October 23rd.

It’s that simple.

In Praise of Fellow Critter Mole

Normally, Wolf finds Mole to be either PESKY or TASTY, depending upon his mood. However, on Mole Day, Wolf recalls fondly his youthful admiration for Mole, before an asteroid called FAKE SCIENCE struck the giant Turtle upon which humanity lives.

Shortly after Fake Science struck, The Wicked Witch of The West, Nanzi Pelosi, with her Flying Monkeys of Global Warming, took Professor Molenium hostage, and promised to burn up all of Kalifornistan with wildfires, if the leaders of all the scientific organizations didn’t implement Critical Race Theory and Settled Science.

So here we are.

On Mole Day, Wolf remembers when science actually WAS real, and not decided by treasonous media and “white guilt”, another fine product of CCP brainwashing. He remembers when nobody cared whether Mole was White Hispanic Mole, Black White Supremacist Mole, or A Really Large Number (6.02×1023).

Ah, those were the days.

Mole was a Fun Guy back then – totally devoid of color.

Wolf will try to remember him that way. Or her. Whatever.

Vaccines, Nanotechnology & Reality

Wolf got a hot tip from his friend Mole, that Molenium Magazine, a.k.a. Chemical & Engineering News, had a great article about COVID-19 vaccines, which Mole knew that Wolf was interested in. Oh, boy, you can say that again. As soon as Wolf read the article, he understood not only why “Trump vaccines” are going to work, and why the ChiComs stole that Harvard Nanotechnology guy for their Thousand Talents of Silver program – he ALSO understood why the #WuMao on Twitter and elsewhere are pushing extremely bogus ideas about nanotechnology and vaccines on Trump’s base, to dumb us down and try to defeat Trump.



NOPE. Wolf has to do something about NASTY NANZI and her NASTY CHICOMS. Or maybe it’s Nasty ChiComs and THEIR Nasty Nanzi. Either way.


Allow me to explain.

The ideas that you need to understand why TRUMP VACCINES WORK are very simple, but they expose a lot of DECEPTION, and that part is COMPLICATED.

First, viruses ARE nanomachines. Viruses ARE little robots. They were designed by nature, which was designed by God.

If you used REAL nanotechnology (called chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology) to make a little DRONE VIRUS that looks like one but doesn’t actually infect you, you’re not even making a working robot. It’s almost like a SCARECROW of a robot. It’s like a kid in a Halloween costume, and we’re figuring out how to make them actually scary to scare your immune system into BEING A PREPPER.

That is the level of technology the Chinese communists have made you FEAR, when their trolls get online and gin up CONCERN about NANOTECHNOLOGY AND VACCINES. The ChiComs ALMOST HINT that little robots are going to be released by these vaccines, and that they will turn you into a TRANSHUMAN of some kind.

SCARECROWS. That is the level of “robot” we’re talking about.

See how this works? We want antibodies to attack the SCARECROW VIRUS out on its tips of the spike proteins, so scientists figured out how to make it more like a porcupine shape, so they don’t have to put a bunch of aluminum and GARBAGE in poorly working vaccines, that Adam Schiff pretends are not a reality.

Note that such GOOD SCIENCE is the stuff that ChiNazi spies try to STEAL from our researchers. REAL science. GOOD science.

And then they try to make us believe BAD SCIENCE, or better yet, DISTRUST ALL SCIENCE.

Communism did this. COMMUNISM.

AND logic, people. Vaccines are sometimes BAD but they don’t have to be. Vaccines are often GOOD but they aren’t always so. SCIENCE IS REAL – but not like lying Democrats and deceiving socialists will tell you, because socialism has allegiance to itself and not THE TRUTH. Socialism says “believe Tedros and WHO” when both are proven LIARS and puppets of deceitful socialists like the CHINAZIS.

The W.H.O. can be WRONG, DECEIVED, or LYING. Susan Wocommie of YouTube pretends that’s not true.

LOGICAL THINKING. Accept the complication of multiple simple truths. It will help us BEAT THESE COMMIES.

Second, there ARE NO little metal or plastic nanobots that race out of vaccines to destroy you, for the exact same beautiful quantum mechanical reasons that Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace are both science fiction and not science.

No matter how many HOT WHITE MAGA LADY DOCTORS tell you things that are just a bit out of their league, those things are not always true – or at least, they’re not COMPLETELY TRUE.

I recommend that you listen to this lady, as far as learning to be SKEPTICAL. Much of what she has to say is very true. Some of it is a bit wrong, or very distant and “hand-wavey”.

Listen to this lady on things like UNKNOWNS of new and untested DNA vaccines, including uncertainties about UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, which are “NOT POSSIBLE” on paper, but could be realities, like GENETIC INCORPORATION. After all, why are our human genomes LITTERED with viral JUNK? Yeah. There’s that, too. How did THAT happen? Bear in mind that there ARE vaccines which DEPEND on genetic incorporation. Those vaccines use CRISPR-Cas9 technology to EDIT YOUR GENES in T cells.

None of the current TRUMP VACCINES use this KNOWING gene-modifying tech, as far as I know, and I sure would not want MY NAME on any future ones that are not VERY up-front about using CRISPR-Cas9 genetic modification technology or similar, and about the DANGERS of this technology.

Listen to this gal on UNTESTED NEW TECHNOLOGIES like mRNA, which even the Moderna mRNA vaccine scientists ADMIT in their published papers could have unintended consequences because they’ve never been tried on humans on a large scale, and are full of uncertainty. The subtle aroma of CYA just POURS from that part of the scientific papers. They wrote the disclaimers for the ages. Nobody wants to be remembered as Doctor Frankenstein.


On nanotechnology? Ehhhhhhh, NOT SO MUCH. She’s out of her league, in my opinion. This is where she waves her hands and relies on fear. Yes, TRANSHUMANISM is both a threat and an opportunity, long range. Yes, NANOTECH can and will be abused, no doubt. But not in these specific vaccines, IMO, as far as the active, openly sought, coronavirus vaccines, PER SE.

The nanotech being used NOW in the stated vaccines is actually just advanced biochemistry, bleeding into biology via biophysics. You will see below. It’s very simple, crude, early stuff. I will explain, very gently. And once you understand it, it’s simple, but WONDERFUL.

NOW – this is not to say that REAL quality scientific breakthroughs – like TRUMP VACCINES and TRUMP ANTIBODIES – could not possibly be used to hide LIES and DECEPTION – such as added STERILITY VACCINES and ABORTION ADDITIVES and HUMAN TRACKING NUMBERS (any dye-bearing micro-needle array vaccine will mark you uniquely), because – well – just listen to this lady above, and also below, with Mike Adams to help ferret out the truth.

Good vaccines are KNOWN to have been TAMPERED WITH to inflict ABORTION on unknowing recipients, mostly, apparently, black women in Africa. It’s UGLY and CRUEL and people need to be in PRISON for this stuff.

This is a VERY fascinating interview. What is revealed here is that ABORTION VACCINES are a THING. Not just sterilization vaccines. ABORTION vaccines.

There are GOOD PEOPLE in science, who pursue only TRUTH. They don’t have HIDDEN AGENDAS.

However, there are BAD PEOPLE who try to control science for hidden agendas. Like these.

They may FUND good science for COVER, such as coronavirus vaccine research, but their real interest is their HIDDEN AGENDA, such as surreptitious contraception, abortion, and depopulation. To say nothing of GETTING TRUMP OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

OK? It’s going to be COMPLICATED BUSINESS to ferret out the BAD GUYS and KEEP THEM OUT.

The “nanobots” and “nanotechnology” are always the SCARY PAYLOAD of #WuMao anti-vaccine propaganda to dumb you down. BEWARE. They won’t explain it, so you will just FEAR IT.

I’m explaining it, so that you will not only NOT fear it – you will DESPISE and NOT TRUST the Chinese communists who try to deceive you. And so you will not trust ANYBODY WHO HELPS THEM.

Third, the main nanobot action of the COVID-19 virus is for the spikes to CHANGE SHAPE to EXPOSE HIDDEN WEAPONS as well as to deploy DECOYS designed to fool BODILY DEFENSES.

This is INTELLIGENCE. This is SMART. It’s SNEAKY. Evolution was the INTELLIGENT PROCESS used by various viruses to LEARN TO HIDE THEIR WEAPONS from bodily defenses.

We have the explanation of the appearance of vaccine immune enhancement (i.e., a substantial fraction of “failing and dangerous vaccines”) RIGHT HERE. It’s beautiful, and it shows HOW and WHY viruses evolved defenses against the human immune system.

And if you are thinking “Wow, this kind of viral sneakery will only get worse because of the CCP ChiNazis”, then yes – you see the THREAT that the CCP poses, allying not with humanity and LIFE but with CHAOS, LIES and DARKNESS.

One of the most important points from Li-Meng Yan and her two papers is the level of DECEPTION built into the China Virus. The ChiNazis have learned to bury their sneakery under evolution. How cute. This is why HER testimony is so important to the world.

So are you ready to “read along with Wolf”?

Let’s begin.

Back to the start.

Let’s read the title. “The tiny tweak behind COVID-19 vaccines”. This is actually a big deal. Almost ALL of the “Trump vaccines” which are also “Bill Gates vaccines” IN THEORY (very important) are using this “tiny tweak” which FIXES THEM against vaccine immune enhancement.

[ Side Note: A Trump vaccine is a Trump vaccine until you add an ABORTIFACIENT to it, or a DIGITAL TRACKER to it, and then it becomes a Bill Gates vaccine. ]

Vaccine-induced immune enhancement is something that Gail Combs and I have harped on endlessly as a HUGE bugaboo in vaccines, and particularly in coronavirus vaccines. It is the PROBLEM which Communist Democrats REFUSE to admit exists, and – OMG – it was SOLVED for these vaccines.

I am POSITIVE that scientists have FOUND the basic problem and FIXED IT.

SOMEBODY will get a Nobel prize for this stuff. Not a “Noble Prize”. A real NOBEL.

Read the SUBTITLE to begin understanding the KEY MOVE.

Prepandemic coronavirus research by Jason McLellan and Barney Graham led to a trick for stabilizing the prefusion form of spike proteins

This seems like a “tiny tweak”, but it’s not. This “trick” is a major advance in FIXING VACCINES AS A WHOLE. Conceptually, it has opened the DOOR to making VACCINES as SMART as VIRUSES.

NOW do you understand why those ChiCom SPIES are trying to get this stuff?

And it is all NANOTECHNOLOGY. REAL nanotechnology. Not some scary Alinsky boogeyman nanotechnology.

So – let’s look at the problem, using the SAME VIRUS that Gail Combs has been telling us about – the one where the early vaccine KILLED KIDS.

Here is how the “spike-like” F surface protein of RSV CHANGES when it interacts with a cell.

The protein on the left is what it looks like BEFORE it attacks your cells. The one on the right is AFTER it attacks. The disappearing RED ZONE is the part that SHOULD GET flagged by antibodies.

Very ironic (or perhaps I should say VIRONIC) that the protein turns from what looks like a CLOSED KNIFE into what looks like a CLUB.

This is VERY, VERY similar to what happens to the spike proteins of COVID-19 virus:

What this means is that we should NOT be looking for and trying to stop THIS…..

…..because doing so will result in the useless biological law-enforcement cluster-pluck that we know as IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT – which is doing too much, too late.

Instead, we should be looking for and trying to stop THIS:


Going back to the “left-vs.-right” protein pictures above, we want antibodies that seek out and stop what is ON THE LEFT – not what is ON THE RIGHT.

The stuff on the RIGHT is EXPENDED protein. It’s USED BRASS. It’s FIRED BULLETS.

This was ALWAYS the problem with BOTH our bodily defenses AND failing vaccines. They were primarily keying on the WRONG THING. This is why DEAD VIRUS was a fail as a vaccine for so many viruses. The proteins “hair trigger” into their FIRED STATE and the resulting virons don’t work to train the body to spot LIVE VIRUS with UNFIRED PROTEINS.

So how do we get the proteins we need to TRAIN the body correctly?


Yes. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. The TRUTH is almost hilarious.

I’m not going to get into the SPECIFIC chemistry of what scientists did to create DUMMY RIGGED SPIKE PROTEINS for your body to take target practice on, but they basically used two approaches, in combination with BLANK ROUNDS.

First, the BLANK ROUNDS part.

The “blank rounds” are the fact that these new Trump vaccines are INCOMPLETE as viruses. There is no complete virus. No matter what principle is used, there is not enough information for a COMPLETE VIRUS. Trump vaccines cannot infect you, unlike “live virus” or faulty “attenuated / weakened” virus vaccines.

In the case of Novavax, you are getting DUMMY RIGGED SPIKE PROTEIN stuck in a FAKE VIRUS BALL, with no RNA to create more of it. This is ultimate scarecrow stuff. Pre-fab scarecrows.

In the case of the others, like Pfizer and Moderna, you are getting DUMMY RIGGED RNA which serves as instructions to make the DUMMY RIGGED SPIKE PROTEIN, but nothing else needed to build the complete virus. These vaccines create the equivalent of the Novavax vaccine “in vivo”.

YOUR body, near the injection site, MAKES the scarecrows.

SO, the main point. How did they create “dummy rigged spike protein” or its instructions? What *IS* the dummy rigged spike protein? Alternatively stated, “how did they make the scarecrow, or the design of the scarecrow?”

They basically used TWO techniques, to make a FAKE spike protein that is LIKE the real thing, but which can’t change shape and “open up”.

One technique was to substitute ANGLE IRONS for hinges.

The other technique was to substitute MOLECULAR VELCRO for smooth chrome plate at key points.

The combination of the two types of MUTATIONS (because that is what these would be in real life – BAD MUTATIONS) utterly SABOTAGES the spike protein. It turns it into a super dud. It cannot “open up” and attack cells. But it’s a DUD that looks exactly like the real McCoy, coming into the fight.


Send ’em in, and let the immune system shoot ’em up for target practice. It’s RUTHLESS.

The first innovation these scientists tried used TWO of the angle iron substitutions – the amino acid PROLINE – and is thus called the “2P mutation“. That is being used in MOST of the Trump vaccines, but not all. The AstraZeneca vaccine (which ran into trouble, BTW) does not use it. It’s not fully certain that the 2P mutation works in ACTUAL VACCINES, but based on reports that the Pfizer vaccine could be approved in November, it is VERY likely that it does actually work “well enough”.

[ PS and hint – it’s always useful to look who casts doubt on key advances in science. Just sayin’. ]

Now, this research is not resting on its laurels – it is ALREADY moving on to better and better crisis actor proteins and / or instructions for the same. Stated more fully…..


How do you like THAT?!!!

Here is a new rigged spike protein called “HexaPro” (named after the SIX proline angle irons – the red/blue pentagonal units pointed out in the upper left magnification).

Here is a guide to the picture, for those who are interested in the how the FOUR TYPES OF RIGGING work.

Here is a LINK and a summary – basically the header information from the paper (it’s still HUGE).


Structure-based design of prefusion-stabilized SARS-CoV-2 spikes

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Stabilizing the prefusion SARS-CoV-2 spike

The development of therapeutic antibodies and vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is focused on the spike (S) protein that decorates the viral surface. A version of the spike ectodomain that includes two proline substitutions (S-2P) and stabilizes the prefusion conformation has been used to determine high-resolution structures. However, even S-2P is unstable and difficult to produce in mammalian cells. Hsieh et al. characterized many individual and combined structure-guided substitutions and identified a variant, named HexaPro, that retains the prefusion conformation but shows higher expression than S-2P and can also withstand heating and freezing. This version of the protein is likely to be useful in the development of vaccines and diagnostics.

Science, this issue p. 1501


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has led to accelerated efforts to develop therapeutics and vaccines. A key target of these efforts is the spike (S) protein, which is metastable and difficult to produce recombinantly. We characterized 100 structure-guided spike designs and identified 26 individual substitutions that increased protein yields and stability. Testing combinations of beneficial substitutions resulted in the identification of HexaPro, a variant with six beneficial proline substitutions exhibiting higher expression than its parental construct (by a factor of 10) as well as the ability to withstand heat stress, storage at room temperature, and three freeze-thaw cycles. A cryo–electron microscopy structure of HexaPro at a resolution of 3.2 angstroms confirmed that it retains the prefusion spike conformation. High-yield production of a stabilized prefusion spike protein will accelerate the development of vaccines and serological diagnostics for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Dig into THAT if you want to get very close to the state of the art.

Now – here is where WOLF is going to put in a good word for Molenium Magazine, a.k.a. Chemical & Engineering News. This is one HELL of an article. This kind of reporting, and this particular article, should be everywhere. If people knew this stuff, they would realize all kinds of GREAT things.

Not only GREAT THINGS about REALITY, but about the REALITY of great things IN AMERICA.

About GREAT THINGS happening in America.


About TRUMP.

And that is exactly why you are NOT hearing about this stuff – ANYWHERE.

Our FAKE NEWS is sitting on the TRUTH about the Trump vaccines precisely because they ARE the “Trump vaccines” – the vaccines that Trump, together with his advisers, pushed for.

And THAT leads me to my next topic. Exactly WHY we’re seeing the TRAVESTY of great science journalism and great science truth being IGNORED and MARGINALIZED in the mainstream.

How China Stole Logic From The West

When I worked in shallow state, I saw – literally, over many years – thousands of jobs shipped overseas, many to China. It was done in a very careful way. Nobody saw THEIR current job shipped to China. Nobody saw their close coworker’s job shipped to China. It was always done carefully, distantly, and invisibly. Sometimes there was a certain amount of “musical chairs” to make jobs come and go in a complicated way, to hide the sending of jobs, but away they went. The jobs that were sent to India were more open, because they were less controversial. But when numbers came out, the numbers indicated there had been a massive loss of “growth jobs” to China.

Jobs going to China were always more hush-hush than jobs going to India or elsewhere.

The thing is, China doesn’t just do this by simply gaining advantage for China. They also insist on hurting America at the same time. It’s HOW THEY ROLL. They don’t just beat America in the race. They make sure America runs a bad race, or is permanently harmed. THAT is China.

THAT is the CCP.

When mainland, PRC Chinese suddenly started working with us, here in the US, the Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese who had previously worked for us, began a delicate dance of “situational awareness” and self-protection. This produced a wealth of information, for those who had friends in those groups, who were willing to talk. Not all were forthcoming with information, but some information I got was simply astounding. This information made me watchful, and my vigilant state then PAID OFF BIG-TIME.

One important thing that I began to learn, once made aware of CCP actions in US companies, was how CCP assets in the United States would deniably sabotage US operations. Their work is subtle, and sometimes even hidden by a certain amount of self-deprecation, but it is extremely effective.

A CCP asset doesn’t have to crash a US company by themselves to begin what can become a massive compromise or even downfall. They only need to compromise a small bit of workflow around themselves – possibly while looking good themselves. All they have to do is remove the MARGIN – the EDGE – the BREAK-EVEN – the BLACK INK – of a low-margin but critical group, and they can create the case for outsourcing to China. Combine this with “global-minded” upper management and the inability of lower management to make allegations against skilled players who are ready to use leftist “protection” memes as defenses, and it becomes very difficult to defend keeping operations in the United States.

One example really stayed with me, of how they operate. The CCP asset was a young mainlander with “some computer security experience”, whose pretense of slight incompetence was simply too opportune and skilled to be real, but whose pretense of goofy honesty could disarm almost ANY American.

The way I caught him was almost accidental. There was a certain long-running, weekly, technical meeting which was always a struggle. In its past, it had achieved many useful things, typically resulting from a combination of policy resolutions and creation of enabling new technologies to facilitate the agreed resolutions. Good things had come from all of the members, except a few.

Sadly, this meeting had become notoriously ineffective and rarely produced any worthwhile progress for several years, despite leadership and membership which should have yielded great things. It got to the point where many of us simply joked about the meeting being a waste of time. Many felt that the meeting would likely go away, as it produced nothing.

At one meeting, where a surprisingly worthwhile solution was actually getting traction, I observed that this Chinese guy derailed the discussion by injecting an outdated concern, ironically an older problem mostly with some of the Chinese staff and non-Chinese management, who he was specifically targeting with this concern at the meeting. I was shocked at how effectively this torpedoed the progress of the group on the issue. My old conversations with non-PRC coworkers familiar with PRC tactics came rushing back to mind. This was NOT something they had told me about, but it resembled other tactics that I HAD been warned about.

Knowing what to watch for, I decided to spend less time interacting at this meeting, and more time observing the likely CCP asset. He had a remarkable way of heading off almost ANY productive discussion. It got to the point where I had to (not always successfully) suppress laughter every time he derailed the group. The group leaders, who included many managers and senior technical staff, were utterly oblivious to what he was doing, and sometimes he would even ham it up a bit, as if he was playing a trick on a small child and “having fun with it”.

With this experience, it was not hard for me, more recently, to believe that a CCP cell spread among California graduate students was undermining multiple American universities, by promoting American radicals, when their communications were exposed.

But it gets worse.

I am now convinced that socialist-trained scientists have been LITERALLY trained to “virtue-signal through science”, and thus follow MEDIA CUES on how to TIP their science for psychological rewards.

This is why the CCP always made sure that there was a party political officer in both military and technical units – not so much to apply the STICK of party discipline, but to make sure that the CARROTS which reward VIRTUE SIGNALS went to the right people for the “right work”.

This does not just work on the Chinese – it works on EVERYBODY.

I have mentioned before that I know a number of “East Bloc and Former Soviet Union” emigres, refugees, defectors and escapees. Though most will not describe themselves as socialists, and will even reject the label, they love Bernie Sanders, and support policies that are basically socialist.

THIS behavior fits PRECISELY with what a young Taiwanese friend told me years ago. This friend insisted that mainland socialism just CHANGED people – that it removed parts of their human morality – that it made them socialists, whether they admitted it or not. In the opinion of this friend, the DAMAGE could never be removed, if the person actually GREW UP under CCP socialism. CCP socialist training STAYED with a person.

This is, I believe, how the climate change scam worked. People don’t WANT to admit that they “virtue signal in their practice of science”, but they DO, and socialists KNOW IT. Just like a FIRE can be grown from a small bit of smoking grass into a FOREST FIRE, so a small, politically desired bit of politically useful science can be grown from small to large, first in the Petri dish of a small corner of niche science, then fanned larger and larger with media attention and publisher rewards. Having “comrades” in both the media and science publishing world helps.

It has been EXTREMELY easy to see this in the case of COVID-19, because not only is the COVID “scam” a bit of a rush job, but the CCP narratives have been very obvious.

First let me simply cite the entire hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) travesty, where CCP interference was run mostly through (1) the UN, WHO, and Tedros, (2) science journals which have huge exposures vis-a-vis China and Chinese publisher entanglements, and (3) the pharmaceutical industry, also highly compromised by Chinese involvements. Were it not for the discovery of the murderous LancetGate Effect, wherein people in Switzerland, France and America provably DIED when HCQ was withdrawn and then reinstated, it’s possible that China would have gotten away with undermining a drug THEY were using inside China. Bear in mind – there is evidence that HCQ usage has been both popular AND promoted inside China, at the same time that various FRONT-FACES for China have deniably undermined the drug OUTSIDE of China. That, of course, matches other CCP behaviors, like travel restrictions INSIDE China but not to the outside.

This is simply a PATTERN with the CCP. Get used to it.

My biggest catch here was arguably that FIRST and really BAD scientific paper that ALLEGEDLY first supported masks, at an essential moment in their political advancement, based on terrible US state-by-state data then available. Even disregarding the bad underlying data – the problems of which were not known at that time – the authors committed a shocking number of egregious and grievous scientific sins in order to help prop up the narrative that “masks work”. This has been dealt with elsewhere by other scientists – I just bring your attention to this graph which literally mocks the very idea of “cause and effect” to its face. See if you can see what I mean. “Read the graph”, and see how THEY DID NOT.

The Chinese authors, in an American university, were not “following the data” to see where it led. They were NARRATIVE-FITTING. And this BAD work was in a PRESTIGIOUS JOURNAL.

I’m not claiming these Chinese authors were part of a conspiracy. I *AM* claiming that they were engaged in almost irresistible socialist virtue signalling to a media narrative, according to the known psychology of people exposed to – and trained by – Chinese communism. And, increasingly, by American communism.

It is a subtle difference, between conspiracy and conformity, or really between EITHER ONE and a conspiracy to generate conformity, which IS communism, but it is something that Americans will have to begin to understand, as we begin to pry REAL science from the mouth of the dragon.

Now, if you go out and look for it, you will find all kinds of Chinese science that rushes out to support media narratives on COVID-19. Not universally, but enough. It’s a TWO-WAY STREET. The media will PICK and HIGHLIGHT virtue-signalling work that conforms to its desired narrative, so that “the winner” is not picked by science, but by the media. It really is a sweet scam.

The trouble is, however, that sometimes the “meeting of the narrative” is simply overdone – it becomes ridiculous. In some cases, the CCP will “crow” too loudly over a self-demeaning victim. In others, the victim will rush out SO HARD to the narrative, for virtue signal points, that they self-demean at humorous levels.

Horrible optics indeed.

MASKS are a strong part of this psychology, but it goes far deeper. CCP virtue-signalers will self-debase in the most remarkable ways.

Sometimes you can play along with this virtue signalling for personal advantage. For instance, because my lungs have been damaged by the China Virus, masks give me nasty hypoxia, pushing my limited oxygenation ability over the edge. My solution is to wear a super-dorky face shield INSTEAD of a mask.

People know in their hearts that whatever weird spit-spray-blocking utility masks may have – and there is some, undoubtedly – it is obviously not as strong with face shields. HOWEVER, face shields are far more dorky, stupid, and self-debasing. They are a STRONGER virtue signal than a mask like everybody else is wearing. So by using a STRONGER virtue signal that is less effective but easier on my ultimate victim status as a COVID recoveree, I basically grant myself some “COVID privilege”.

It’s all BULLSHIT – but I go along with it, to go easy on my lungs, and to not give my enemies a chance to generate a conflict scenario, were I not wearing a mask at all.

NOW – let’s get to the biggie – the example par excellence of scientific virtue signalling to China on COVID-19.

This science-world self-debasement is entirely analogous to two art-world analogs – pinnacles of cultural debasement of Western art, those being the “golden anti-Trump toilet” and the “giant artwork vagina of Versailles” – two of the most extreme cultural Marxist societal debasements in existence.

This scientific paper – renamed by Wolf Moon to translate into its CCP-over-USA ChiNazi political reality – is:

“Why Americans should not flush the toilet, to keep from spreading COVID-19”

I am not kidding you.

THIS work is featured in Molenium Magazine (i.e., C&EN) immediately after the same highly worthy work on mutated spike proteins that I just told you about, and that is leading to successful vaccines. Both articles are 3 pages long – yet they tell such different tales.

First, the HIGH ROAD OF SCIENCE – what China steals. Then, the LOW ROAD OF SCIENCE – what China leaves on our doorstep in a flaming bag.

The first article describes vaccine work that can FREE US from the stupidity of COVID-19 lockdowns.

This work, in contrast, is perfectly set up to give CCP-controlled communist Democrats a veritable softball of concern to start regulating our TOILETS in new and even stupider ways than they already have.


Yes, I can hear it now. FAKE SCIENCE breeds FAKE TECH while CHINA GETS AHEAD.

Just STOP for a moment and realize how much this is like the ChiCom who derailed our technical meetings with picayune concerns that WORKED on STUPID AMERICANS.


AND I QUOTE (my emphasis)…..

There haven’t been any confirmed cases of people catching COVID-19 through exposure to the virus from feces or urine. But some researchers—and many people who need to find a bathroom while on the road—wonder if public toilets pose an infection risk.

Earlier this year, Yun-Yun Li, Ji-Xiang Wang, and Xi Chen at Southeast University were concerned about this exact question and used computational fluid dynamics models to determine how flushing the toilet can drive water from the toilet bowl into the air. According to their model, a flushing toilet generates a cloud of thousands of aerosol droplets that rises about a meter into the air if the lid is up (Phys. Fluids 2020, DOI: 10.1063/5.0013318). They also modeled how urinal flushing can produce aerosols (Phys. Fluids 2020, DOI: 10.1063/5.0021450). These weren’t the first studies to show that flushing generates aerosols, but the researchers hoped their models might nudge the public to consider bathroom hygiene more during the pandemic.

This picture says it all:

OK, maybe not. Maybe THIS ONE says it all.

The best part? TWO PAGES LATER, a paid insert for a Chinese university, AUTHORED by a staff writer for C&EN.

Look. It’s time to stop being FOOLS. The CCP will DESTROY whatever it cannot be. And it cannot be good, so it must DESTROY good. It is already destroying science with politics. The CCP doesn’t care if the publicly “agreed” climate science is a CROCK. All it cares about is that IT knows the truth, and plans accordingly, while everybody else is MISLED.

The CCP will try to MISLEAD Western science by HOOK or by CROOK. Wake up, and TURN IT OFF.

The CCP is everybody’s problem now.


We have just ELEVEN DAYS until the election.




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Valerie Curren

Some blinders about to come off?

Valerie Curren

Most likely…sadly…not a conscience to be found on the left it seems…

Valerie Curren



From the article:
“I wonder if Republicans understand how much they advertise their disrespect of women in debates when they consistently call women members of Congress by nicknames or first names while using titles & last names when referring to men of = stature,” the congresswoman tweeted from her personal Twitter account, the handle of which is @AOC. “Women notice. It conveys a lot.”
“AOC is a name given to me by community & the people,” she continued. “Y’all can call me AOC. Government colleagues referring to each other in a public or professional context (aka who don’t know me like that) should refer to their peers as ‘Congresswoman,’ ‘Representative,’ etc. Basic respect 101.”
Well, AOC, why is RBG A-OK? What about FDR and JFK and LBJ?
She’s in pretty elite company — 3 presidents and a SCOTUS justice — but she has to find something to be offended about.

Valerie Curren

Nice catch & calling out the hypocrisy 🙂




How ’bout her disrespect to the president of the United States?
only her itty bitty feelins’ count, right?

Valerie Curren

Dems love them some Hitler!

Valerie Curren

Nope……..He’s going to tell them resign, admit guilt and live or roll the dice with a tribunal.
That’s the level of mercy he will give them.
NO DEALS – and certainly not cover up their crimes

Valerie Curren

Whichever way he plays it will be winning bigly!


That’s already been offered, and why there were so many Rs that resigned in 2017.

Valerie Curren

I thought that was Paul Ryan continuing his sabotage of Trump’s presidency to practically hand the House to the Dems…?


According to the letter after P, the same offer was made to various people, not specifying who or what was offered, but told anons to pay attention and note who left office, resigned from important positions in business. It was a message that was dropped fairly early, and has been “re-dropped” a few other times. Various charts and graphs have been made, and are updated.
Ryan where he is may be trying to protect people, interests, or defeat what’s going to happen. I don’t know how vulnerable he is or if he is, but time will tell.

Valerie Curren

Isn’t he part of Fox News Network now, continuing his swampian version of destruction from within?


He’s on the Fox board of directors, so yes.

Valerie Curren



Here’s a link to what he wants to do. (He’s a NT, but you prolly know that!) It’s just conformation of what we know. Take the asterisk off!

Valerie Curren



Never Tr…….

Valerie Curren

Yes of course! Thanks.
I thought Ben Shapiro was an NT too, but according to my 20 something daughter he’s voting for Trump & encouraging others to do so too. He still articulates how he doesn’t like his personality or style but is very happy with how conservative his policies have been!

Valerie Curren

LOL…glitch in the system!


Very eager to read Rich Higgins’s new book, The Memo. Realize he has his detractors. I am not one of them.


Yes, I would say Higgins is onto them. He is exposing the plotting.

Valerie Curren

Straight shooting!

Valerie Curren

One of my regular donations. Fitton as well.

Valerie Curren

Lots of bang for the buck in both of those patriots!!! Thanks for backing them tangibly 🙂

Valerie Curren

The best one I’ve seen so far!

He’s so dorky funny, he doesn’t move his feet, dances in place. Can’t you just picture him in High School dancing like that? 😊😊

Valerie Curren

hypocrisy? wasn’t she one of the accusers of Woody Allen, I think, of child sex molestation. Stockholm Syndrome?

Valerie Curren

I’ll have to have a peek. We have So Much Moar fun on the Right!!!

Valerie Curren

This is rather out of line, but oh well 🙂

Valerie Curren

Wow…hard to have respect for the office here…


Rich Higgins has several web sites including which he has with Stephen Coughlin.

Valerie Curren

Leo promoting Q???

Valerie Curren

election integrity upheld in Maine!

Valerie Curren

Michelle Obama on sax???

Too Cute, Catturd!!

Valerie Curren

Battleground border (Very Stable!) genius!

Valerie Curren

Teen trauma grrrr!

Valerie Curren

Yuuuge Middle East moves–Trump time!!!

Gail Combs

A couple of interesting comments on the Trump China Bank acct.

Trump’s tax returns:
Then Trump’s enemies could accuse him of trying to hide something.
A bank account in China.
“Having a corporate bank account is mandatory for all business entities that are operating within China.”

Open Chinese Business Bank Account, China Company Bank Account Opening
If you are a business owner who his thinking about setting up a WFOE in China to do business, then you will first need to set up a China Company Bank Account. Find out more about it here.


So NORMAL operating procedure in China.
Brian Cates had this info to add to the above in another thread

How many bank accounts does the Biden family have in China?
All CCP money comes with plenty of strings attached.
Here’s the question the media needs to be asking right now:
given the millions of dollars being funneled to the Bidens as their cut in these massive business deals, did they park any of that money in bank accounts inside China?
Now I know what you’re thinking:
they couldn’t POSSIBLY have launched that attack on Trump over a bank account in China for a deal that never happened while Trump was a private citizen and that was closed in 2015 if the Bidens….
Well I got news for you. They are that stupid.
China has strict controls on capital movement. Many companies doing business there are forced to park earnings in accounts in China where they have to share control with the CCP regime.
The feds have been digging into international money laundering involving the Bidens & their business partners for over a year now as they assist the Zelensky government in tracking down missing billions in foreign aid.
International money laundering involves multiple foreign bank accounts and foreign shell companies and banks.
So Ukrainian prosecutors & the federal agents & US Attorneys assisting them in their investigations dug into all the Biden’s foreign $ movements.
If the Bidens have or had millions of dollars parked in banks accounts in China while Joe was Vice President?
That will drop before the election.
Remember, their own business partners have flipped on them, are cooperating with investigators & have gone public.

Useful for killing any DemonRat talking points on the Trump China Bank acct that was CLOSED before he became POTUS.


Sadie Slays

Incoming rant about my trip to the local library. They make the DMV seem like Disney World.
The library partially re-opened to allow people to pick up books they request. I visited for the first time since March. The first thing that happened was a security guard approached me and said, “First you need to cover your nose.” Then a masked woman behind a partition of plexiglass started shouting at me. Her shouts were too muffled by the mask, so I moved closer and asked what was up. “PROCEED TO THE SECOND CIRCLE,” she shouted and pointed. There was a line of socially distant Biden circles leading up to the checkout desk. I pull my scarf up and go to the second circle. “Put the card on the desk,” the woman at the checkout desk shouted. I comply, put my card down, and she goes and retrieves my book. “Follow the arrows to exit the building.” There’s a line of arrows away from the circles. I pull my scarf down as I walk past the plexiglass harpy.
It makes me sick that this is the kind of life that they want everywhere and permanently. The kind of life where three adults micromanage literally every step through the building and their top concern is whether you’re wearing your government-mandated mask. Meanwhile, I saw zero masks or social distancing outside of buildings today. It’s like the pandemic only exists inside our taxpayer-funded institutions and grocery stores. The contrast is utterly absurd.

Sadie Slays

On a positive note, the amount of Trump support in my moderate blue neighborhood has gained the teeniest tiniest edge over the Biden support. Saw a few new Trump signs, a new Trump flag, a man doing yardwork in a Trump shirt, and a new thin blue line flag (I doubt that household is voting Democrat).

Harry Lime

Someday somebody will write a book…comment image


Yikes. We just text them for our books. That’s crazy.


How long do they hold your books when you return them? Mine was 48 hours then it jumped to 96 hours and now a week. Rollseyes

Sadie Slays

72 hour hold on returns. Book requests take forever, too. It took two weeks from the time I requested the book until the time I could pick it up. It used to take less than a week.

Deplorable Patriot

If it is any consolation, I got a text from the parish choir director that we are going back three Masses on Sunday morning as of the first of November. I’ll find out more later, but since our pastor is NOT strict about all the masking BS, and all that, I get the idea it’s going to be over before we know it.

Sadie Slays

That’s great news! I think a lot of people are simply waiting this out until after the election.


WHOO HOO!! 🦋🤸‍♀️🦋 (We Miss Flep!)
Jobless claims released this morning surprised The Street to the upside, providing fuel for Donald Trump’s bid to be re-elected President of the United States in a couple weeks.
California saw a huge plunge due to changes in reporting processes. However, the news is still timely for the Trump campaign.
Home sales continue to be on fire as people flee Democrat-controlled cities suffering under corrupt management, violence, and homelessness, in addition to draconian virus lockdowns.
Continuing Jobless Claims (Oct 9) printed at 8.373M vs 9.5M consensus estimate.
Initial Jobless Claims (Oct 16) printed at 787k vs 860k estimate.
Initial Jobless Claims 4-week average (Oct 16) printed at 811.25k.
Existing Home Sales (MoM) (Sep) printed at 6.54M vs 6.3M estimate.
Existing Home Sales Change (MoM) (Sep) printed at 9.4% vs 5% estimate.
EIA Natural Gas Storage Change (Oct 16) printed at 49 B.
Kansas Fed Manufacturing Activity (Oct) printed at (released at 11am)


I likely did not have my glasses on, at first I thought these long bright white dresses were some sort of old Vietnamese traditional dress, but with a closer look I could see the additional red and blue colors were representative of good o’l American Patriotism as hundreds of Vietnamese woman, young and old, lined the street for Trump.
Oct 21
🤗🤗 #FloridaForTrump
AMAZING!! These #MAGA2020 #PatriotsUnited understand #CommunismKills… They want #FourMoreYears of
Look how beautifully they are dressed❤️❤️


Those dresses are amazing.

Deplorable Patriot

I’ll tell you what, most of the nail salons around here are owned by Vietnamese ladies, and they are fantastic. I mean great service and so welcoming. Very professional.
I just wish they would put any network other than CNN on the big screen across from the pedicure spas.


I like trader joe’s (Aldi’s is my go to)
Sadly TJ’s still counts the number of people going in.
Now they only have every other check out open. You push your cart up to the check out and step back while they scan and bag your items and once they are done they ask you come forward and pay. I mean really?!??!?!


Great way to get over charged. Wife is always going back into the store as is, when she checks the receipt in the car.


That is a very good point. I always check as well.

Harry Lime

Just saw the best ad ever…Biden and Harris are fracking liars…
I gotta track this down and post it!!!


Is this guy just an idiot or is this one of the tactics to be used to combat the inevitable back lash coming his way, should he succeed in stealing the election, by using travel restrictions?
World News Tonight
Joe Biden says, if elected, he’d “mandate mask wearing in all federal buildings and all interstate transportation.”
“Masks save lives, period…wearing a mask is not a political statement. It’s a scientific imperative.”




Corey’s Digs listed as many as she could find – which was a blessing – yes – glad to find him, too!!! This whole censorship thing stinks!!!

Valerie Curren

Does anyone know the source of this & if it’s legit?


Scroll up to hear it in his own words. 🙂

Valerie Curren

OK, thanks para!


It’s Rappaport’s opinion.

Valerie Curren

Thanks Jam!




Comments like this are telling
“Four Years Ago,” Trump Was “my last choice”…”Now, I will walk across a vast plain of burning coals to cast my vote”
And very true
“This Low Level Trash Isn’t Going to Stop Me!” – Rudy Giuliani Promises to Defeat the Biden Crime Family in Plea to Patriotic Americans to Get Out and Vote


This is an excellent, enlightening article linked by Citizen Free Press about why a staunch progressive just voted for Pres. Trump. It is long but worth the read. A few points: the riots backfired, she discovered conservatives are not what the Left portrays them to be and that they have treated her with respect and dignity, she recognizes what Pres. Trump is accomplishing, and she sees that the Left has become intolerant and that it condones harming people.
Why I Voted Trump: A Coming Out Story

Valerie Curren

Hope so!