20201028: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Arizona

Yesterday in Lansing, Michigan: https://youtu.be/K6JWqoXMFWs Yesterday in Wisconsin: https://youtu.be/2U0VvM9piBc Yesterday in Omaha: https://youtu.be/Qng2nuWSLpM In the interest of being organized and not cluttering up things too badly, multiple events on one day will be on one thread. As of Saturday, October 24, with multiple states and locations in one day, the thread will feature highlights from … Continue reading 20201028: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Arizona

10-28-20 Midweek Musings

Worrying Is a Waste of Time There are plenty of opportunities these days to worry about . . . particularly with respect to various events associated with next week's election and the cloud of lies and duplicity associated with them. We're getting more information that PTrump will gather more electoral votes than in 2016 . … Continue reading 10-28-20 Midweek Musings

Dear KAG: 20201028 Open Thread

While we're waiting for the big ugly: https://youtu.be/0t0fZeySNck And more of the Spaghetti Western Concert: https://youtu.be/efdswXXjnBA And now for the obligatory message from our sponsors: Here at the Q tree we believe in the concept of CIVIL open free speech and the discussion that fleshes out ideas. When commenting and participating in the OPEN discussion … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20201028 Open Thread