20201031: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Pennsylvania

Yesterday in Waterford Township, MIchigan: https://youtu.be/CXb-5ReyGn4 Green Bay, Wisconsin: https://youtu.be/jbt6j8XZlZ4 Rochester, Minnesota: https://youtu.be/9VhCyZsMjKI In the interest of being organized and not cluttering up things too badly, multiple events on one day will be on one thread. As of Saturday, October 24, with multiple states and locations in one day, the thread will feature highlights from … Continue reading 20201031: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Pennsylvania

2020·10·31 KMAG Daily Thread

Shitstorm Saturday? As usual I am writing this Thursday evening, so there's a decent chance something Big, something that's not just a Boom or even a Kaboom, but a Kaf*ckingboom, has happened between then and the time you're reading this! WordPress Sucks. I decided to go back to the eagle from my first post. I … Continue reading 2020·10·31 KMAG Daily Thread