Dear KMAG: 20210117 Open Topic B

This Sanctuary Sunday Open Thread, with full respect to those who worship God on the Sabbath, is a place to reaffirm our worship of our Creator, our Father, our King Eternal. It is also a place to read, post and discuss news that is worth knowing and sharing. Please post links to any news stories … Continue reading Dear KMAG: 20210117 Open Topic B

2021·01·16 KMAG Daily Thread

Ever since it became apparent that the election had been hit by massive fraud, I've been saying this, but I'm going to say it again: This is for ALL of the Chips. If Trump were to not continue to be President, then history, looking back, would see his term as a mere speed bump in … Continue reading 2021·01·16 KMAG Daily Thread

Breach Club Blotter

Please add links, tweets, videos, etc. for ALL identifications, charges, arrests, prosecutions, and sentencing of those who were at or in the Capitol Building on January 6. I'm finding a TON of this stuff hitting the media right now, and I'd like to keep it all in one place. This includes *JOURNALISTS* (CNN or … Continue reading Breach Club Blotter

DEAR KAG: 20200115 I Will Fear No Evil

Welcome to Fearless Friday at Wolf’s Pub! The bar is open and conversation is flowing. They aren’t going to win, you know. The fatal flaw, the deadly flaw, the flaw that assures We win, is that Evil has irrevocably separated itself from God. Evil personified is the devil and his demons. Those who carry out … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20200115 I Will Fear No Evil

Despair and Disillusionment

sun behind tower

This very special DESPAIR & DISILLUSIONMENT thread commemorates the greatest psy-op ever attempted against Heaven's beloved, mankind. Here we are again Imagine being Peter, seeing the miracles, the honor given to his teacher, the wild popularity with the people, and then, Jesus explains all of this is going to change. 31 He then began to teach … Continue reading Despair and Disillusionment

Let the Bitch Lose

There are lots of reasons I'm about to shut up about what's going to happen, but one of the biggest ones is simply this. Now this quote's EXACT FORMS have a very RICH history, but let's not get distracted by that. Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first … Continue reading Let the Bitch Lose

Dear KAG: 20210114 Daily Thread

Cover image: Czar Nicholas II of Holy Mother Russia, the last of the Romanov Dynasty, and family. It has been mentioned in the comments from our own Gail that Nicholas II was the last of the crown heads of Europe to openly resist a central bank. In the United States, all presidents who opposed central … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20210114 Daily Thread


I am absolutely in love with this image which Deplorable Patriot brought to our attention in yesterday's daily post: Cover image: The Apotheosis of Washington, fresco, Constantino Brumidi (1805–1880), USCapitol (in the rotunda dome) In this scene armored Freedom, sword raised and cape flying, with a helmet and shield reminiscent of those on the Statue … Continue reading STRENGTH

1-13-21 Midweek Musings

Praise God Sing praises to God in seasons of storms,And when skies are clear and days are warm.Sing praises to Him when the oceans roar,And when soothing ripples lap the white shore. Sing praises to God in blizzards of snow,And when the warm gentle breezes blow.Sing praises to God in the worst of times,And when … Continue reading 1-13-21 Midweek Musings