The Population Control Shot – Understanding the Peoples Climate Temple

In cases of religious mass suicide/homicide, such as Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, and Aum Shinrikyo, it is very difficult to regain a humanitarian understanding of the key participants after the infamy of defining events sears the conscience and redefines reality.

Even more difficult, however, is the opposite – to BEGIN to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable, that we all seem to know is true, but which we can only comprehend in principle, not in reality.

It is almost impossible to leave the past where we could trust – and yet, we were warned about this.

Who are we taught to trust the most?
This will not be easy.
The END.

You don’t understand “revolutionary suicide”. But you need to understand it – and soon.

Those who believe in “revolutionary suicide” for most of humanity as a “solution”, are acting on that belief, because “there’s no time”.

This message about “there’s no time” was not meant as much for you, as it was meant for the people with the pitchers of Koolaid, and the people with the guns, stationed around the perimeter of the compound.

Put on your seatbelts. The truth about what is going on is going to blow you away.

Those who first noticed and described the “religion of climate change” likely had no idea that they were literally correct, but they were. It’s a cult.

The Frankfurt Marxist experiment called “Peoples Temple” and its fateful concept of “revolutionary suicide” explains all aspects of the current deadly social experiment, from Green New Deal, to Great Reset, to the semi-failed population control shot, meant to transition us into integrated population control as part of [socialized] medicine.

The climate-conned progressives had a dream. That dream, being built on a stolen election, is already “pre-failing”, but not fast enough.

Something is Looming Geopolitically, and We Better Start Taking It Seriously

August 18, 2022 | Sundance | 1,297 Comments

I will tell you what I told Sundance.

We are dealing with a cult. As in the case of many cults, they are a group of well-meaning, good-intentioned people, who have a bit too much faith in their human leadership obsessed with human solutions, and not quite enough faith in God.

When the convincing argument met a pesky commandment, exceptions were made.

Now before you tell me I’m wrong, and that they’re all distinguishably and remarkably evil, unlike us, the good guys and better girls, take a minute to cool off and remember why your Bible said why we should not take too much pride in ourselves, my fellow sinner. Kurt Vonnegut turned the clarity of his PTSD-enhanced vision for our hypocrisy into a career. We could all use a bit of that vision.

Oh, there is evil mixed in – swirled into the goodness like poison until it’s tasteless – and that’s exactly why it’s hard to detect.

It’s easy to think of cults as purely evil and therefore incomprehensible, but it’s not a great way to comprehend their danger. It is when you examine their humanity, as we walk among them and smile, and they smile back with an equally human face, that you see WHERE and HOW the danger arises.

I have learned so much about God in following this story. Hopefully some of that EXTREMELY important part will help to freely convince you that you, too, need God – even if that God exists for you in the most abstract way possible – to keep you from falling into mental traps which, paradoxically, come from our human self-reliance and “realism”.

God is a weird idea that almost has to exist by emergent self-creation from our reality, like calculus does. Where does God come from? For that matter, where does math come from? What is the weird mathematics of infinity a subset of?

Simply believing there is more, and that it is not inherently against us, but for us, as demonstrated by our own existence, seems to be key to avoiding error. If you can accept that much of a Cartesian “God”, good. It is enough.

Ground yourself in God before you go on reading this. It is our lifeline back from diabolical error.

Why [Sometimes] Jones Was Right and We Were Wrong

I’m shocking you with that title of this section for a reason.

Jones was not right about everything, obviously. But he was right about enough, that if you can use that to begin to understand his motivations, and his correct thinking on some things, you can see where and how he and his followers were led astray.

This quality of being “right about too much, but misleading in the end” is VERY typical of communism, and Jones was, if you read Peoples Temple thinking, a communist of the Frankfurt School type. His Peoples Temple was a living experiment in resolving all the accused bugaboos of Western society – the “oppressions” – that critical theory challenged.

Jones saw unnecessary, systemic, racial problems and wanted to do something about them. Jones saw marginalization of women and felt it inherently wrong. Jones saw the collectivist aspects of earlier forms of Judaism and Christianity, and felt that they could not be ignored. Ironically, he did not see the power and possibility of the “greatest collective” – all of us living independently and harmoniously in a free and truthful world – but that is what made Jones perfect as a micro-reactor experiment for the creation of a very progressive “woke Christianity”. And that is exactly what he was. Woke Christianity, only 40 or 50 years ago.

Jones saw that American Christianity could be made more “social” – or socialist – and discovered that it actually worked, when judged by metrics of earthly success.

When I began to read some writings by a leftist sympathizer of Peoples Temple, based largely on the viewpoints of insiders and survivors, and she described my own deficient thinking about the People’s Temple correctly, and how I was part of the misunderstanding and minimizing thereof, I gained deep insight into not only the truly leftist nature of the Peoples Temple, which was clearly a fellow traveler of cultural Marxism, but also how seductive both critical theory is, and the Peoples Temple was. Even the analysis itself was seductive, in correctly describing the flaws of my own views of Jonestown. However, the devil is in the details, because sympathy for the people of Jonestown can easily whitewash the truth about bitter flaws in their collective, and collectivist, dream.

In the end, it’s Jesus versus Stalin. Stalin, sadly, beat Jesus in the world of Jim Jones.

Stalin will mislead you into demanding or committing harm of others for the good of the whole, whereas Jesus will lead you as an individual into sacrifice of self for the good of others.

It’s a subtle difference, but it makes all the difference in the bigger outcome.

To gain the same insights I got, you can beneficially read the same writings I did. Start here.



Not the least reason to read this, is that it reviews the FACTS of the history and the shocking, sad end of the Jonestown experiment.

Even more importantly, this reading exposes and explains strong parallels to the Climate Cult. It does so by exposing the thinking of Peoples Temple members from the inside. This thinking very obviously maps to the thinking of the Climate Cult.

Formation of the collective – mass formation psychosis – creates a world layered on this one, beautiful and addictive as hell, and soon to be enhanced by the “metaverse”. But threaten that world, or merely create the perception of threat, and the mass can be manipulated into remarkable behaviors.

Ah, the FURY that Malone’s utterance of “mass formation psychosis” provoked in the media.


(Hat Tip Tonawanda)

To provide some contrast with the Jonestown collective’s broken view of itself, I am providing a short “outsider bibliography” on the Jonestown cult, which is differently broken, as you can see from the demonstrated preconceptions, psychological defenses, and capitalist myopias that the insider narrative points out. But be careful. Sympathy for the Jonestown victims, and understanding of them as good people much like us, can lead to sympathy for the devils that seduced them. Just because our devils hounded them, doesn’t mean that their devils didn’t destroy them.

Same goes for the Climate Cult.

If you ever had any sympathy for the Branch Davidians, you will get what I’m saying. It is much easier to see the evil in Cankles and her crew of nogoodniks in the Climate [Control] Cult, by having at least some sympathy for one of their victims – the flawed Christian cult of David Koresh. (Yeah, that gets complicated.)

Anyway, some comparisons. Here – let’s trivialize the victims!


OK, how about gritty truths wrapped in the final assessment of “paranoid”?


This next one is a rough gem – very anti-Jones, but exposes the dynamic of the suicidal closest layer of followers, who are willing to be homicidal to the greater outer layer – and THAT is exactly what applies to the Climate Cult.


Now – I told you that you didn’t understand “revolutionary suicide” – so let’s fix that.

Revolutionary Suicide

What is revolutionary suicide? It is – at its core – simply taking the ultimate exit from an unjust society, instead of fighting against it. Here is Jim Jones in his own words:

We committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.

Jim Jones, “Death Tape,” 1978

Looking beneath that statement, trying to understand what constitutes “the conditions of an inhumane world”, I believe that what we find is the failure of the Peoples Temple cult to navigate reality. Jim Jones tried everything he could, to make his utopian vision take hold in reality, but his vision ran into more and more conflicts with the real world outside his cult, until the legal and judicial systems had Jones in a state of constant challenge. Even fleeing America itself did not work. In Guyana, the conflicts grew, until legal actions against Jim Jones were imminent. Jones correctly realized that he had nowhere left to go, and thus could not maintain his vision of the Peoples Temple. Jones could not even flee to the Soviet Union – one of the options that was always on the group’s table of discussion. Jones knew that he was politically radioactive, and no longer useful to the Soviets.

“Revolutionary suicide” is the ultimate “take your bag of marbles and go home” move – but remember – THAT is also a perfect description of individual suicide.

As a number of individuals in the Jonestown cult felt the world crashing down upon them, with the increasing problems of the cult, some felt suicide was the answer. Jones was sorely tempted by this route.

I have to ask – was the Climate Cult moved ahead in its schedule by external forces? Ask the question, because it seems to me that the answer is yes. The very defects in their plan that allowed us to see it all, may have been the result of schedule changes forced by the Trump election.

Whether individuals or groups are hounded by their own perception of external criticism, or by actual hounding, it doesn’t matter – suicide can be the result. See January Sixth, as well.

The greatest moral problem with all group suicides, including “revolutionary suicide”, is that these deaths are not free of hounding or worse, this time internal, and themselves approach or even constitute murder. Hounding, tricking, and otherwise coercing the GROUP to fully participate is the reality of the act.

Innocent people who want to LIVE are forced to DIE.

Thus, there is a HUGE footprint of MURDER in “revolutionary suicide”. This is clear in the records of the Jonestown incident. A layer of “diehards” and “inner circle” were used to enforce the group decision, leaving only a few who managed to escape by using their wits.

Shades of the jab.

Most people do not want to commit suicide. Most religions teach against it. But not all, and I believe that the truest believers at the center of the Climate Cult are quite ready to kill and be killed for their goals.

If a CIA operative suggested “revolutionary suicide” to the Jonestown cult, it would not surprise me. Their collectivist nature was highly vulnerable to this form of exploitation. Indeed, the same may apply to other cult suicides.

Either way, whether spontaneous or provoked, the possibility of group error, including group entry into a suicidal choice, is a viral vulnerability of social beings.

So now, let’s apply this fully to the Climate Cult.

Revolutionary Climate Justice

It is my contention that the Climate Cultists who are knowingly behind the Population Control Shot are mostly recruited true believers, much like those closest to Jim Jones. This would be the most obedient layer. Beyond them, however, are many who believe most of the climate cult canon, but could not be counted on to obey morally contradictory orders such as murder or suicide.

So who took the shots? Did they all play “climate roulette”?

Doubly Vaxxed and Boosted

AND logic is your friend here. Some of the “knowing” likely virtue signaled to the climate goal by taking the statistically lethal depopulation shot – others less courageous and more cowardly rationalized their “need to survive for the sake of climate justice” and did not. Bill Clinton is a great example of the latter type of thinking – his view of actual obedience to feminism in men was that “exceptions need to be made for the leaders”.

Hypocrisy. It seems to be “baked in” in communism.

Either way, shot or no shot, the true-believing “there’s no time” climate cultists are, I am certain, committed to the group goal of “saving the world from climate destruction by acting now”.

You can see this in every OTHER hare-brained scheme they are rushing forward now. The “clot shot” was merely one avenue of “saving humanity”. The others are happening right now, as food and energy systems are being destroyed, both economically and physically.

Shades of Pol Pot. Who even the Vietnamese communists knew was wrong.

Yes. It’s all backwards. It’s all deluded. It’s all destructive.

They had to show us. And we are being shown.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) were joined by Democratic lawmakers from both the House and Senate on February 7, 2019, to introduce Green New Deal legislation.

Does this all seem a bit overwhelming? Having doubts? Is it just too much?

Here are two “public” explanations I have given for “higher credibility”. First on Steve Kirsch’s blog, then on Sundance’s post on The Burning Platform. These are the same explanation, only a bit softer and easier to digest.

Wolf Moon

21 hr ago

Great article and statement of principled science.

People refuse to speak up about the nuttiness of it all, even though most know something is wrong, and many suspect that there is an intentional component.

I’ll spell it out. Somebody has to go first. I’m retired. I can’t lose a license or chair, or my pension (yet).

To me this was a fairly smart attempt to integrate top-decided and down-to-the-individual-tunable (see “bad batch phenomenon”) population control into medicine, and in fact a rather ingenious strategy, too. A vaccine – hero of a media-led crisis – unquestionable by the masses or the media – with a known dose-response mortality curve (see again “bad batch phenomenon”) that can in principle be dialed up to achieve ZPG, as long as denial of adverse events is enforced by holding all questions outside the Overton window. The dual nature (decrease BOTH longevity and fertility/productivity) is quite smart. It’s a bit “cinematic” and even “sci-fi”, but it worked pretty well due to human psychology.

The phony climate crisis (“there’s no time!”) was surely used to recruit many of the needed life scientists to carry it out or protect the plan. THAT was ingenious. Use an alleged crisis in one part of science to find unquestioning believers as recruits in a different part of science, who could “do something” about it.

Something very interesting here, is that this theory – which I find neatly explains all the “mistakes” people in charge have made – is crystal clear once you have “sympathy” for solving the population problem. Our leaders have encouraged desperation over the “climate crisis” in the susceptible population, and scoffing in the remainder – a very useful division for concealing the plan. The desperation messaging thus bounces off the very people who would have any inclination to look critically for such a plan or planners. Those people don’t understand the desperation of a scientist driven to “save humanity”, and thus would never bother to REALLY look for such a plan. It just seems too fantastic. One has to open up to the possibility that they might, in principle, be right, just to make the idea conceivable. But just try it. What if people REALLY BELIEVED we were going to all die in ten years, or some other typical “climate scare story”? Would you “join a global team out to save the planet”? Almost sounds like something people have been trained to do by our “entertrainment”.

So have sympathy for the devil – I mean the plan – or at least its motivation – the idea that people who really think we all will die if some are not sacrificed now – why then it all makes sense.

Now, as Steve points out, the numbers aren’t there yet on the shot, although I suspect that the long numbers on cardiac and immune deaths are more than we know yet. And beyond that, perhaps this is a bit like Hiroshima and Nagasaki – a THREAT to force us to get population under control by other means. I suspect they have a strong “Plan B” for us catching them. What is it?

I don’t like being brought to a negotiation at gunpoint, and having grabbed their gun, I’m a bit pissed. But nevertheless, here we are and it is now (and I know that what I’m selling smells like moonshine, but bear with me). Are they going to try something else, or are we going to talk about this reasonably? Judging from CDC falling back to the real science now, methinks the inevitable cover-up is going on. While I myself hang around with a crowd that screams “tribunals”, and look across the aisle at Democrats who would be the first to cry “amnesty for the climate do-gooders” (I suspect the plan counted on this), I think it does behoove us to make this stuff not able to happen again, as the most important solution. Whatever phony “lessons” come out of CDC, just ain’t gonna cut it. Human science and medicine have been damaged incredibly, but I think not irreparably, as I have faith in the truth winning in the end.

I know it all sounds fantastic, but go back over the “errors” people have made, driving toward “fair” universal deployment of the shot, and imagine that they were “trying to help”. Things start to make sense. But yes – it would be a bit cult-like, and it helps VERY much to read about the very lefty People’s Temple and “revolutionary suicide”, which is almost a model for this.


Wolf Moon

Good work, Sundance.

I will say this. These are NOT unforeseen consequences. They are “necessary consequences” in the eyes of the true-believing “climate cult”. A literal cult which was very intentionally created. Created to do exactly what it’s doing. And I have some new thinking on it that is difficult to speak just yet, but essential to understand.

I am now absolutely convinced that the “dumb vaccine” was a very intentional plan by these same people to achieve the same goal.

When people assert that the CIA was behind Jim Jones and Jonestown, or studied Jonestown – oh – they don’t know the half of it.

THIS is essential reading:

If you know anything about the Frankfurt school, their fingerprints are all over this lab experiment.

They were WAY ahead of us.

In the last couple of days, I have come to understand the relationship of Jones as a model for the Climate Cult. Even the race obsession and CRT figures into prepping this psychological attack on humanity. The weird racial and sexual psychology of that cult was a key feature, also present now.

There is a joke meme about Jonestown and Fauci, but ironically, the very communist followers of Jim Jones who survived have an excellent, critical theory-based, Frankfurt-school critique of how we, the capitalist dupes, joke about their “revolutionary suicide”, as they called it, and don’t take anything they did seriously.

They can describe us accurately. We need to describe THEM accurately. This is no longer a joke.

That mentality has been WEAPONIZED against not just America, but THE WORLD.

I’ll have more about this later today, in my “population control shot” series.

The point is, it all ties together. “They” – whoever “they” are at the top – have used a CULT they have created – to “downsize” and “disempower” humanity against its will, in defiance of all common sense.

It’s VERY culty behavior – the irrationality and schizoid behavior of the key participants (Pete Buttigieg and his SUV-to-show-bike stuff) is a feature, not a bug.

Hopefully those explanations have helped you formulate your own opinions – whether you now think I’m onto something, whether you just can’t buy any of this stuff, or something in between.

Either way – where do we go from here?

Reject Climate Insanity Completely

The world is being destroyed by foolish choices, based on insane “solutions” to BAD SCIENCE which was LOCKED IN BY MONEY.

But don’t worry – we have time.

Trump is right – we can “build back a third time” after their latest destruction, even if many lives are lost or worsened in the process.

It’s tough, but accepting bad elections has consequences. Both GOPe and RINOs need to suffer for their sins. Smart solutions will now take time, where rush jobs (like AGW) lead to HACK SOLUTIONS like Windows Me or the spike protein, take your pick.

I’m not in a rush – I think we can wait until we’re at the brink, so that everybody agrees – this is all nuts.

BUUUUUT – I do have a solution, of how to get to that brink of “all the sane people agree” much faster.

In many ways, I am going to back up Sundance’s approach.

FIRST, we (ourselves) need to quit pretending.

Quit Pretending

August 15, 2022 | Sundance | 1,107 Comments

Stated differently, SCREW THE VIRTUE SIGNALS. We can’t afford to politely agree with the CRAP any more. Let people KNOW that it’s crap, that you don’t agree with it, and that you will not vote for anybody who even puts up with the crap when THEY are faced with it.

The CRAP is destroying the world, and WE don’t go along with it.

I repeat. You need to stop virtue signaling to the mainstream narratives, and most importantly THE CLIMATE NARRATIVE, in any form.

It you want to know the ONE REASON why Trump was not “allowed” to be President, I can tell you with near certainty – it is because he REJECTS the “climate games” in their entirety.

Trump LOVES the environment, but he REJECTS the weird corporate “bad science” that was layered into it, with the absurd CO2-based climate change story. And so do I. I reject their bad science and even more their toxic workarounds that stem from the bad science.

[Note: I have watched “climate science” from the beginning, and I have NEVER seen science that convinced me of anthropogenic global warming climate change being real – much less a threat to humanity, even if it was real. Indeed, I see an incipient ice age as the far greater threat – and one that is EASILY dealt with by following the path we were on before SOMEBODY decided to downgrade humanity rather than upgrading our technology. ]

No. Just NO. We don’t put up with climate insanity (please call it that), nor do we put up with those who TOLERATE IT. Not just those who advocate it. Those who TOLERATE IT.

And THAT gets to the SECOND point.

This point bears on Sundance’s shrewd recognition of the “DeSantis problem”.

We need to goad all GOP candidates into the “WEF unacceptable zone”.

Why is DeSantis acceptable to the establishment Republicans? Is it because he will tolerate climate nuttiness? The ONE necessity for a nod from Davos?

Personally, I like DeSantis, but I see clearly that the other side is using him to derail Trump. They have a smart strategy there. Evil, but smart.

Well, one way to thwart that is for DeSantis to join Trump in denouncing the climate insanity in no uncertain terms. In terms that are so strong, they make him utterly unacceptable to WEF and the quislings in GOPe.

“It’s wrong. It’s a hoax. It’s destroying the planet. It has to stop.”

And then, to spread it, a little criticism of even the slightest climate belief as a RINO position should put the fear of God in Washington.

Oh, DeSantis’s RINO advisors will go through the ROOF, but tough times call for tough measures. Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink and the Rothschild entourage need to burn in anger at the rejection. And while we’re on Fink, ESG needs to DIE. Kill it, before it kills humanity.

Climate insanity is crap, and it needs to end. NOW.

This means that a lot of GOP need to feel the STING – the BURN – of rejection.

When they so much as NOD to the bullshit, they PAY WITH THE BASE.

Are we clear? GOOD.


Final Thoughts

We have to grab the steering wheel. It’s that simple. We’re not going to kill anybody. We’re not going to have an “insurrection”. We’re going to demand that these assholes who have fucked everything up, stand down with their insanity and their corruption.

EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. DAY. You are going to have to make these people feel like CRAP for supporting INSANITY and causing HAVOC.

Get tough. It’s the only way forward. But you can do it.


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Wolf Moon
So, does it look like this? —
“Climate Justice” = Population Control

With the {KS} types riding serenely above the destruction, fear, and chaos, while at the same time, making sure that they have the private jets, the land, the money, and the power they demand in order to enslave the survivors?

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

I suppose this could explain some of their bizarre attributions of blame to climate change: The influx of illegals is because of climate change. There was something completely off the wall, too, that I can’t remember because I discounted it as utterly ridiculous.


I need to read this again more carefully later, but it’s well done. I think I do disagree on one point, if I understood correctly. I was in northern California when Jonestown happend, and I followed the story very closely. I do not think Jim Jones was sincere, only manipulative. I spent a few months involved with a church that turned out to be a cult, and ironically, I had studied cults and should have left (I very much suspected what it was, and when my suspicions were confirmed, I never went back, I broke with them.) Later I found out I was even more right than I knew–the leadership was in it for the money, though they appeared “sincere.” I had not caught onto the money angle. There were sincere (and naive) people in lower leadership) but many of them got out. Of course those at the very top know they are just using climate change, or fear of a virus, or anything else that can be foisted on a naive and poorly educated populace. When I say uneducated, it doesn’t mean many of them don’t have degrees in so-called higher ed. People are surprisingly easy to manipulate if one has the know-how. TheseTruths, I wonder if you heard climate change makes the world so much more vulnerable to “deadly viruses.”


At the end, Wolf includes a picture of SNL’s church lady holding a small whiteboard saying, “SATAN”.


She makes it easy to forget, by keeping track of so many things.


Maybe if she made a point of being “impaired” every once in a while, instead of consistently being one of the more informed and insightful denizens here, it would be easier to remember…..

“Yaarghh, pee-kah pee-kah, wombat, Walloon!”

— apologies to Monty Python’s Village Idiot sketch.


I went to illustrate this with a youtube video and they’re all withheld for copyright restrictions.

The scene is somewhere in Suffolk, and a BBC reporter is interviewing the local village idiot, who is sitting on a wall in mudstained rags, wearing a hat with holes in it. After minor pleasantries and exchange of names, the idiot (sounding like a lecturer in a bland upper-crust BBC accent) starts talking about the village idiot’s role in social cohesion at the turn of the century, providing an exemplar of disallowed public behavior.

Just then, two villagers walk by, and the idiot makes contorted faces and spouts nonsense — “Yaarghh, pee-kah pee-kah, wombat, Walloon!” The villagers, feeling pity, give him money — one coin he puts in his mouth and the other he throws over his shoulder.

Once they are out of sight, the idiot spits out the coin and continues, “prior to the advent of the BBC, such ravings were not readily available in rural counties….”

Another similarly-clad man walks along the road and greets the idiot — and, in return, is greeted. The other man says, “I continue to maintain that the effect of McLuhan’s reading of media influence is not receiving adequate attention in your thesis” and walks off. The original idiot explains, “He’s another idiot.”

Finally, the idiot spots a bus coming down the road from another town. He explains that for out-of-towners, he’ll have to fall off the wall. Sure enough, when they pull up, he spouts more nonsense and makes more grotesque faces and falls off the wall backwards.

Last edited 1 year ago by cthulhu

I think he planned reshaping his narrative, getting naive people sucked in and then modifying some of the things he taught. I also think I remember a woman talking about how he ridiculed the Bible.


TheseTruths, I wonder if you heard climate change makes the world so much more vulnerable to “deadly viruses.”

I’m sorry about the late reply. Yes, that’s a good example of what they say!


This is an article with brilliant insight. You are so right about DeSantis: What should clarify the situation for the people will be his stance on climate issues. Right now he looks very Trump-like, and we need to dig deeper to see who he really is and nail him down on especially that issue.

I have not read the articles about Jonestown yet, but I never ascribed evil motives to the people, who were misguided and mistaken.

So have sympathy for the devil – I mean the plan – or at least its motivation – the idea that people who really think we all will die if some are not sacrificed now – why then it all makes sense.

This is like a boat full of people deciding who has to go overboard to save the others.

I have a hard time going easy on even the everyday people who agree with reducing the population in the ways that it’s being done now, by intentionally doing things to make people die before their time. Maybe some of the true believers don’t realize that’s what is going on, but evil is evil, I don’t care how “well-intentioned” someone is. If they do not stand on principles of respect for every human life and our right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness (to have children, to make our own medical decisions, to live where and how we want, etc.), then they are our enemy. IMO, sanctioning control over, and murder of, people is not very different than a mass murderer literally killing people himself.

But your point is taken about ways to look at these people. We can separate the brainwashed, “well-intentioned” from the truly evil — because I think those at the top are evil; I don’t care what their motivation is. I could decide that a certain thing would be best for my neighbor (and the planet), and sabotage his attempts to live as he wishes. I have no right to do that, and neither do the climate nazis. At some point — and IMO it’s pretty early — you have to curb your own desires and let others live.

And absolutely we can’t cave to them an inch, and we have to boldly stand up and say no. Rush Limbaugh did this well over a decade ago by flatly saying there is no such thing as global warming. I don’t remember anyone else saying that at the time.

We have to grab the steering wheel.

Now is the perfect time to show people what the clot shots have done and who Fauci, et al., are. We need to drive it home and show people that it’s their thinking — their ideology — that prompts them to do these things TO US. And we need to see how their religious cult is behind all their actions and policy decisions.




Does anyone here know if those pictures of a completely dried-up Loire river are legit? It’s always the same image, dry river bed and a bridge. Same picture is everywhere.


So, there was this article about the Rhine’s “Hunger Stones” along the riverbed. Essentially, in previous droughts, enterprising stonemasons chiseled stones showing the water level and included a date. Since everyone knew that the drought of 1431 was followed by the famine of 1432, seeing a “Hunger Stone” from 1431 was a sobering warning.

To the evil Cabal, this serves to reinforce the feeling of “you’re screwed” in the populace….but it explodes the “it’s an emergency”, “it’s never happened before”, and “it’s global warming” myths.


Thanks, Wolf. This is making a great deal of sense. Taking past reference points and plotting on a timeline would probably reveal the implementation patterns.

I am constantly amazed at the lexicon used by almost all of the media now compared to even 10 years ago. Acceptance of absolute bullshiz as fact. Repeated over and over every day. Not enough people call it out. They just want to get along with no controversy or conflict. “Can we all just get along” like Rodney King. No, actually we can’t and shouldn’t when dealing with monsters.

A friend at church was using the climate speak a couple weeks ago. I asked him,”Have you seen the locations of the homes that Nancy and Barry bought recently?” He had not. I told him to go look them up and then get back to me on climate change. He avoids contact now.

Same type response I had with a deacon I actually like when it came to the jabs. He was pushing them to other guys standing around. But in reality was only rationalizing getting them since he and several in his family are grossly overweight and diabetic. He wanted me to agree and I simply said they are fine if you want to die or be injured before everybody else. I told him in front of the whole group that me and my house did not take experimental gene therapy shots for a disease of any type that had a 99.8% survival rate. He was speechless. It took a couple of months for him to get over it. Now he suspects I was right because he caught the COVID variant flavor of the month right after his comments and has seen church and family members get very ill out of the blue.

They watch the evening news and parrot it like it is the gospel.


Again, thank you. 👍


EXCELLENT article.

Random thoughts. Nothing too revealing I am sure.

Never thought of the problem as, cult(s). Seems to fit. I believe there are MANY Cults.

MASTER cult. WEF and whoever pulls their strings.

SUPPORTING cults. Corrupt government officials, media, medical establishment, “well meaning “wackos”… Cults may be coordinated. Intentional or not, all these cults support the Master Cult.

Global Reset, the Master Cult.

Supporting cults. Supporting cults may or may not be created, managed by the “Master”.

  • Population reduction.
  • Covidiocy.
  • Covidiot Injections.
  • GayPox.
  • Green BS to save the Earth.
  • Fossil fuels BAAAD.
  • ESG or whatever the Carbon BS is all about.
  • CRT
  • Trans… whatever the hell it is.
  • LGXYZ fools.
  • Windmills and solar crap.
  • Government will take care of us. Do what is right.
  • Media and Big Tech. Major outlets say the same thing & censor = SMEAR = TRUTH.
  • Medical establishment memorized by Money AND Power.
  • More observant folks can add several more Cults quickly.

CDC, FDA, NIH ARE THE ENEMY of America, Global citizens.

  • CDC has made NOISE they made mistakes. CDC is going back to science.
  • It’s a FUCKING RUSE.
  • Trust but Verify, Verify, Verify.
  • DO RECALL, CDC has a TRIVALENT (or whatever it is) on-deck, “at the ready” to KILL Americans, Global citizens.
  • NO Go Along To Get Along, with anything CDC says.

Reading, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, my warped mind figured FauXi, Baric and the like LAUGHED inwardly.

  • Kill now, tomorrow, next week, month, year…
  • Fund Gain of Function.
  • Deny effective preventive and treatment meds. HCQ, IVM, vits C, D…
  • REQUIRE Fed treatment guidelines to GAIN Fed funding. Remdisivir, Paxlovid, ventilator, take two aspirin and go home…
  • Covidiot Injections. Lots of deaths within days. World class athletes, regular citizens fall over dead. Reproduction problems. Miscarriages.
  • Boosters to further damage natural immunity.


  • Have supported DeSantis, as he does great things in FL.
  • Two things END my buy-in for DeSantis.
  1. IF Desantis makes a move for prez without OK nod from Trump.
  2. IF Desantis buys into climate change shit, OR any of these damn cults.
  3. Either of the above occur, THEN DeSantis MUST GO.
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bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Interesting take – Jason Whitlock on Tucker talked about the Bible and last days, separating the wheat from the chaffe. He said all these labels and division means we’re going through a sifting. 🤔 Glad to be on the wheat side!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

She’s watching over us! 😍 💖


^^^ This. Yes!

Brave and Free

I’ll add the love of money to that list. Many people get into positions within these “cult’s” or organizations and make excellent salaries which they can’t live without after living high on the hog as my father used to say. Once their used to that life style it’s much easier to control them with the proverbial carrot on a stick in front of them.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Boy you ain’t kidding. Naomi Wolfe was on Charlie Kirk today. She’s pretty sure that Pfizer is using 2 Chynese manufacturing locations to make the clot shot as a bioweapon to harm and maim us. The US and UK have well over 100K in adverse affects while 57 other nations combined have less than 7,000. Between that and all the reproductive damage in both women and men, she’s convinced there’s a depop agenda. She wants Nuremburg trials.


No idea if Pfizer or someone some organization IS targeting UK, US…

Off the wall and I surely do not know, why number seem lower in some countries.

WAG. Below may fit lack of reports from some countries.

Folks don’t have or know where to report. May NOT have the means to report. <<<Poor countries. <<<Poor folks. <<<Education level.

I know several in the Philippines with likely injection injuries. Two that stand out. Both relatives and happen to be 23yo. Both within the past few months.

  1. 23 yo family guy. Otherwise healthy. Stroke.
  2. 23 yo married mom of three. Stroke.
  • ^^^ Family over there blame, “stress”. (Yea, nonsense.)
  • Several others have had medical issues. ~30 yo with Lady issues. ~60 yo with heart issues. There’s more.
  • Philippine government exerts immense pressure for folks to get Injected AND Boosted.
  • I have been clear with family in Philippines, DW and I won’t get Injected. We believe Injections ARE Unsafe AND NOT effective. I do NOT get PUSHY. IF I were able to visit Philippines, which Unvaxed can NOT. Then I’d be more open with them about the Injection health hazards. IF they ask me why, ask for details, I’ll open up with them. Very carefully.

None of these folks are even middle class. They have reasonable diets. Daily fresh fish, veggies and fruit. Typical diet in the provinces.


Yours Truly is sorry to hear of the likely “vaccine” injuries. Methinks that within the next few months, there are going to be a lot of people finding out that their “vaccinated and boosted” friends and loved ones are also injured.


Appreciate, your thoughts. Yea. It’ll be eye opening, as folks realize the truth. Gonna be some, well founded anger out there.


*Low whistle*

Two 23-yo stroke victims among just your relatives….I am so sorry, kalbo.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

So sorry to hear about your injured family and friends K-Bo. Hope they fully recover. 🙏 You may be right about the reporting systems. highly likely our numbers are certainly underreported.


Thanks Butterfly. They are recovering well. Perhaps their young age, or some other reason, they likely will not be affected long term.


Thanks. Young and recovering, is a blessing.


Just thanking cthulhu for the help and the kind words. Also, thank you, Wolf, for this excellent post and I especially appreciated the comments of TheseTruths andtradebait2. Lots of food for thought from everyone.


Thank you, Zoe.


Another thought, or two…:-)

Recall Aubergine’s post in the daily, mentioning Sam Adams.

  • Let’s all go out and set some brushfires of freedom today.

If ya did NOT read the post, it’s in the daily. Link for the article below.

Now, consider Wolf’s article above.

PUSH BACK on the BULLSHIT. Do NOT even, passively tolerate all the Cult BS…

  • NO climate change, Covidiocy, Covidiot Injections, ESG, CRT, LGXYZ, TRans – crap, Green ignorance, fossil fuels bad…


  • Truth is I feel better after I push back. Private or public setting.

ZERO, Go Along To Get Along.


  • Trump hats, shirts, bumper stickers, flags…
  • FJB hats, shirts, bumper stickers, flags…

TRASH TALK climate change, Covidiocy, Covidiot Injections, ESG, CRT, LGXYZ, TRans – crap, Green ignorance, fossil fuels bad…

LIGHT Brushfires…E V E R Y D A Y ! Multiple TImes Daily!


This morning I turned some kind of corner. As I read that article, I vowed to set a brushfire at every opportunity. If I don’t get one, I will make one, every day.

I think it’s time for me to get the Post Its out again, and start leaving notes in the grocery store, and anywhere else I can think of.

“GOP or IRS” as Wolf wrote earlier, might be a good one.


Wolf Moon
Profound thanks for your post and for the time and effort you put into it.
This “Climate Justice” = Population Control is like “Logan’s Run” on steroids.
One wonders if Fauci, Baric, and Bourla were completely read into the “Jonestown Model.” Perhaps, with Fauci and Baric, there were “certain personality traits” that were discovered and worked on. Perhaps, with Bourla, it was an overwhelming drive to “be first”, and secondarily about money.


These thoughts need to go viral.


C’mon, Candace — #TeamHeadsOnPikes — you’re so very, very close…..




I like the idea if him spending the rest of his life in prison
all by himself. His $$ useless.
When he dies from the great diet served there
then mount his head on a spike,


The thing about a ban on “cruel and unusual punishment” is that it only works without “cruel and unusual” offenses. It is to be hoped that killing millions of people in a biowar genocide remains “cruel and unusual” — and, thus, worthy of punishments beyond a citation and promise to appear.


The Convention of States movement will be informed of our desire for such an amendment.

Just sayin…💀💀💀

Wyoming Knucklehead

And while he’s in there can Bubba plow him like a beet field?  😝 


Now THAT would be some eye for eye justice  😂 


I believe in God.

God created us. We don’t belong to ourselves, we belong to God. Most of the Commandments come down to theft, taking something that isn’t ours to take. Our lives and the lives of others most importantly of all.

Cults do that. They take what isn’t theirs. Free thought, free will, free movement, free association, and sometimes, the very lives of their members.

Most cult leaders of my experience have elevated themselves above God. They believe they should have the power of deciding for others, sometimes up to and including whether those others should live.

If you truly believe and trust that God alone made us, and we are His, then NO ONE and NOTHING can usurp his place. That includes the “climate.” Because the climate ALSO was created by and belongs to God.

I know how to tell people the truth about the clot-shot, what it’s for, and that they want to kill us off for a phony construct called “climate change.” And I do tell them, and I will continue to.

But until people themselves awaken to the reality that they don’t belong to the government, some random doctor, the New World Order, or anything other than the God who made us, they are going to fall prey to the predators who have usurped His place. That has to be the ultimate goal. Because without that, people are just going to fall for the next conman that comes along. And they are Legion.




YES – Tower of Babel stuff. 👍

There is a major, earth shaking heavenly smack down coming due.


Yes, evil and tricky. And lying liars who lie.

We didn’t create the climate, we can’t “break it” and we can’t “fix it,”

Human hubris at its finest, that notion is.


👍 👏 👏 👏

They are antichrists. And yes, they are predators and Legion.


1) Nomenklatura and apparatchik are not perfect analogues, but they are useful in thinking about the other side. Our side has nothing comparable. That fact reflects the different psychology of each side. And it also reflects the structural advantages and disadvantages of each side.

2) A friend of many decades, a highly intelligent “devout Catholic” (mass and communion almost every day) also believes that “climate change” is the highest priority facing mankind. Don’t ask. But, out of a desire to keep the friendship as non-political as possible, I have NEVER confronted him over the absurdity of his belief. This is a total coincidence, but in recent weeks I have come to regret my silence, and see it as a failing on my part. He knows silence does NOT betoken assent on my part, but silence did betoken a lack of opposition.

Our side was slow in forcefully confronting and opposing the transgender hoax, although we seem to be getting there. And mockery should be an essential part of that. I wonder how things would be if we (and I with my friend) had been consistently vocal about the climate hoax. Part of politeness is to concede minor points, or to empathize with the strong feelings another person has, without agreeing with them. That might be a mistake.

3) Part of the problem in dealing with sheer stupidity is the goodness, niceness, lovability and often otherwise pure intentions of the stupid people, not to mention on occasion their otherwise high intelligence. Graciousness and respect for the dignity of all human beings require silence in so many personal interactions. But IMO we ARE in a situation where the worse thing to do, morally, is to remain silent.

4) The first linked article, though very long, was amazingly “objective” in presenting the pro-Jonestown pov. It was a valuable illustration (for our purposes). People whose emotional and psychological experience were so valid and genuinely rewarding that they would give up their lives, not unlike Christians who would die for their faith. (I am NOT saying they are the same!). These are the apparatchiki, and the camp followers. They are used as human shields by the evil ones.

5) So much more to say about this brilliant article, but will end with thank you.

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This is a post by Todd Hayen. He believes that people are “in the eye of the storm” regarding the agendas of the “elites” [what to Yours Truly appears as a consortium of the [DS] / WEF / Cabal / UN, etc.]; and, that the “elites” have “signaled” this to the “masses” — through things like the CDC “all of a sudden” backtracking and “revising” its COVID-19 diktats. People think they can start to relax, to “go back to normal”, and so forth.
However, Hayen makes the analogy that this “eye of the storm” is like the farmer, after having plowed, prepared, and sown the field, can sit and wait while the seeds quicken into growth. He says that if one looks just under the surface of the “calm waters” of the “eye of the storm”, one will find things like a concerted effort to treat the COVID-19 “vaccines” as if they were just like any other vaccine put onto a “vaccine schedule” that people are expected to follow — from age 6 months on up, so that all people are inoculated. Hayen feels that COVID-19 “vaccination’ of newborns is next. He likens all this to “the seeds of genocide” being planted.


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