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Please add links, tweets, videos, etc. for ALL identifications, charges, arrests, prosecutions, and sentencing of those who were at or in the Capitol Building on January 6. I’m finding a TON of this stuff hitting the media right now, and I’d like to keep it all in one place.

Well – that got deleted by suspension of the author – let’s try some of the great replies…..

This includes *JOURNALISTS* (CNN or others), MAGA patriots, Proud Boys (real and fake), ANTIFA, BLM, DNC plants, DNC members who met with ANTIFA, and all possible players including actual terror groups and spy agencies.

Any people connected to things, get them in here! New York Post is a rich source.



H/T marymorse

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What the hell was this guy doing on the Senate side? — all the action was over on the House side.


Staging a ‘riot’, silly.

He was performing for the camera…doing what he was told…like a good little operative.

Rodney L Short

It’s way past time to set examples of these commie asshats…


“QAnon Shaman”…?

What a crock!
This guy is an actor…and an Antifuh operative.


Been trying to find a video that I saw last week…I don’t know if you saw it too.

It was several minutes long and showed an overview of the crowd, from high vantage point.
The woman who took the footage is narrating it.

It showed the police leaving…en masse…in single-file, making their way through the crowd.
Someone fired off a flare into the air at about the same time.

It was when the crowd out in front of the Capitol bldg looked like it was reaching it’s peak.

The woman shooting the video was commenting on how odd it was for the police to be leaving.
And she was right…it was odd.

Presumably it was the DC police, but can’t confirm.

Did you happen to see that video?



But…no, that’s not the one.

The one I’m looking for was from a different vantage point…and she tilted her camera up to show the flare up in the sky, when it was fired off.


Does this guy not look like he’s wearing a fake beard for the stoning scene in “Life of Brian”?


Nothing wrong with his eyes at all… no, that’s completely normal… nothing to see here shrinks, move along…


Or one of his fingers is accidentally caught in an electrical outlet.

It happens…


or he just got that surprise proctology exam…




Videos at your link are must see. Check out the comments too.
In one video, woman in a pink hat outside, instructs people inside: “coordinate if they plan to take the building”, and provides information on the layout of the building, after she breaks out the window with a battering ram. Comments suggest her identity.

There’s a link to John Sullivan’s youtube channel, where he’s posted detailed instructions about molatov cocktails that youtube doesn’t see a need to remove.

Has the FBI identified and arrested these people yet?


John Sullivan in black block, training video, black umbrella explained, “we” will fund you…

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John Sullivan sells “accessories” at his InsurgenceUSA website:


InsurgenceUSA posts a newsletter:

This post suggests foreknowledge of the assault on the Capital.

Here’s a link to John’s twitter. He appears to have some foreknowledge of something allegedly happening on the 17th:

Perhaps this is why there are 25,000 troops in the Capital? Massive antifa false flag?

Last edited 3 years ago by marymorse

Is this John trying to cover his tracks? Check out InsurgenceUSA’s retweet of John Sullivan’s Jan.1 tweet:

“We need numbers to show up no Fascist in DC”…

Is it me or does he link to a fake millie weaver twitter account?


This video links John Sullivan to the embedded CNN reporter:


Here’s his Uber commercial. I wonder who produced this?


Here are his other commercials. He does voice overs, like buffalo boy.

Last edited 3 years ago by marymorse

Two for McDonalds, one for Dole, and one for Uber.


Must see thread. All recorded by blm/antifa agitator-propagandist, John Sullivan.

Last edited 3 years ago by marymorse

Lead up to and aftermath of the Babbitt shooting. John Sullivan captures it all. Several suspicious people behind police lines.


His brother is a member of proud boys… And he turned in his antifa bro to the FBI!


Do you have a source link?


20 minutes of John Sullivan,aka Jayden X, talking about the Capital attack, and his role in it:

(John has a strange tattoo on his hand, imo.)


He a former Olympic skater. Anitifa and has done an ad for Nike


Looks like Michael Chiklis fell on hard times after his starring role in The Shield came to an end.


yeah THAT sounds like MAGA…/s


both registered dems


Wow, she’s so scary!


Speaking of “speaking with the FBI,” I did some research “just in case.”

I am prepped and ready if the fuckers come to my house. I’ve been rehearsing.


Utica man arrested in U.S. Capitol riot: ‘It’s crazy, I didn’t enter anywhere’

By Douglas Dowty

Updated Jan 11, 2021; Posted Jan 11, 2021
comment image

Last edited 3 years ago by holly

Syracuse, NY — Utica resident William “Billy” Leary said he decided on a whim to drive to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to support President Trump’s protest against the national election.

Leary, 54, who runs a manufactured home business in Utica, started out so late, he said, that he missed Trump’s incendiary speech Wednesday that fueled a riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Leary, like many Trump supporters, claims the election was stolen through widespread voter fraud in numerous states, though such allegations have been discredited as baseless by court challenges and recounts. He told the Associated Press he distrusts mainstream media and relies on sources like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

“I wanted to go down for support, for election fraud,” Leary told | The Post-Standard today. “I didn’t go down there to rumble.”

By the time he reached the D.C. area, around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, radio announcers were already talking about protesters breaching the Capitol defenses, Leary said. He kept going, anyway.

“I’m going to keep myself away from that,” Leary said he told himself.

But within hours, Leary became one of 71 people arrested on local District of Columbia charges, accused of violating curfew and unlawfully entering public property, a misdemeanor. A dozen or so others so far are facing more serious federal charges stemming from the storming of the Capitol.

Leary faces several months in jail if convicted of unlawful entry, though it’s unlikely he’d spend any more time in jail for a misdemeanor. Leary spent the better part of a day in custody.

His cell phone was confiscated as evidence. He says he never got to make a phone call in custody or heard his Miranda rights.

“They treated us like animals,” he told the AP. “They took all our phones. I didn’t get to make a phone call to tell anybody where I was.”

In the end, Leary maintained to | The Post-Standard that he wasn’t part of the problem during the Capitol riots.

“It’s crazy, I didn’t enter anywhere,” Leary insisted.

But he was arrested, anyway, because he was out after a 6 p.m. emergency curfew and because, authorities say, he refused to leave government property, the Capitol grounds, despite public announcements ordering people to leave.

Leary says he remained in the crowd outside the Capitol Wednesday evening and never saw any more violence than a shoving match or two.

“Where I was it was peaceful,” he said. “It was patriots there, speaking their voice.”

But word came back that a woman had been shot. That’s about the time, Leary said, that he decided to leave.

There is no allegation that Leary entered the Capitol building or participated in any violence, according to court documents.

Instead, he was arrested at 7:15 p.m. — after the insurrection had ended — by authorities looking to enforce strict rules to avoid further pandemonium, according to court records. He was near the Peace Monument, which borders the Capitol grounds, police said.

Leary says he came back to the Capitol area briefly to say goodbye to people he’d met. That’s when he was arrested.

An officer wrote in court papers that the group was ordered to go inside three times over the course of several minutes.

Leary admits that he violated curfew, believing that he might be detained for a few hours and get fined.

But his trouble got worse when he discovered that he was also charged with unlawfully entering public grounds, a misdemeanor. Law enforcement at the scene told him that orders to leave had been made to the public over a bullhorn; Leary maintains he didn’t hear the orders or they didn’t happen.

Leary was restrained with zip ties and loaded on a bus to an inmate processing center. There, authorities took his cell phone (for evidence) and his shoelaces (to keep him from doing harm) among other personal items, before driving them off to a D.C. jail.

On Thursday, Leary appeared virtually before a judge for arraignment. Like in many criminal arraignments, he had no chance to talk to a lawyer beforehand. One spoke on his behalf, entering a not-guilty plea and setting the stage for legal arguments down the road.

The judge made it clear, Leary said: he was to be out of the District of Columbia by 7:30 p.m. Thursday. He didn’t quite make it: he still needed to take a subway and a bus to get his confiscated belongings from a police precinct.

He made it back to his truck after 8 p.m. Thursday. On the drive back, he dropped off a fellow protester he’d met in New York City.

He’s due back to a D.C. court in June. Leary is still upset that he never got to make a jailhouse phone call and never got his cell phone back.

Leary said the fallout from what protesters did is still sinking in. But, he said, whoever stormed the Capitol should probably face consequences.

“This had gone too far,” he said. “This was supposed to be a rally.”


Ok, plz. remove if isn’t what you are looking for.


The guy fucked up.

It’s simple really; if you get caught out after a curfew, hide your identification somewhere you can pick it up later, and say you are homeless.

You can even be with your vehicle, and say you got evicted from your house and you are living in your car.

Keep a couple of blankets and some clothes in the trunk as camouflage.

Gotta start thinking like a resistance, if they are gonna put us in that role.


so how about that tent city someone posted yesterday–you can be outside and on public grounds if you’re in a tent?


no. it was posted in yesterday’s thread…no for troops…I’ll try to find it


here’s the whole blurb

DC police officers in the area told me that they cannot evict the illegal encampment because they need the order from @MayorBowser, who appears to want it there.

— J Michael Waller (@JMichaelWaller) January 14, 2021

A respected journalist on Twitter posted a video of a tent city in Washington D.C. near the U.S. Capitol building. When I traveled across the United States, I saw the same ‘tent cities’ in Portland, Seattle, and Denver. Another journalist commented as to the reason why the tent city was not removed was due to the fact that police officers need an order from the DC Mayor in order to remove it.




Democrat Mayors like having a homeless population.


Because they can use them to manufacture votes!

They let homeless people register to vote using the address of a Homeless Shelter, where the homeless come and go.

Mail-In Ballots complete the deal.

Hundreds…thousands…of phantom people.
Difficult to investigate because you can’t find them!

Ballot harvesters collect the ballots.
All voting for Dems!


I watched some of this live on Portland Andy’s live stream, and they are lying about the bullhorn. No one told the people what they wanted them to do. Or anything about being out past curfew. NG was already there and moved in front of the protestors and started herding them around. Some guy in video is clearing yelling at them, “where do you want us to go? Not one time did I hear them say to dispurse, or anything about the curfew. I wondered then if some of the people even knew there was a curfew.
There is hours of live video from the day on PortlandAndy youtube.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I mostly couldn’t understand Trump at the Rally. I honestly have no idea what he said.

Made it easier to persuade me to start marching a bit early.


The video I’m speaking of was in the evening though. After most people had left. There were probably less than 50 people there and they were quite a distance from the capital, though you could see it in the background. I think this is where the man in the article was.


The amusing thing about this whole shebang is how 500K protesters were infiltrated with 50+ antifa. Those antifa were infiltrated with ~12 Special Forces. The protesters were also infiltrated by other groups and the antifa was also infiltrated by other groups (including press). The protesters were also infiltrated by yet other groups who aimed to keep things non-violent and not vandalize, but yet rev up the crowd to move forward.

Someone should have been selling scorecards.


Upstate NY town official resigns after being detained in US Capitol riot

Updated Jan 12, 2021; Posted Jan 12, 2021

By Geoff Herbert
comment image

Malta, N.Y. — An Upstate New York town official has resigned from their position after being detained for their involvement in the U.S. Capitol riot last week.
Sharon Pineo, 70, of Round Lake, N.Y., was identified by a local Republican lawmaker and media outlets as the woman appearing in photos taken Wednesday during the pro-Trump mob’s insurrection attempt. She was seen being helped up by police and also being led away in handcuffs.

The Times-Union reports Pineo stepped down as a member of the Malta Zoning Board of Appeals in Saratoga County.

“I tender this resignation with regret but believe that in these challenging times, it is important not to allow any impediment to the smooth operation of the town business,” Pineo wrote in a letter to Malta Supervisor Darren O’Connor on Monday. “It has been my honor to serve on the board. I thank you and former Supervisor (Vincent) DeLucia for the opportunity.”

The Albany newspaper reports Pineo, who held the appointed position since 2018, did not mention the Capitol siege.

Pineo organized a bus trip to Washington, D.C., according to a Facebook post on the Upstate Conservative Coalition, to protest Congress’ certification of the Electoral College votes in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. Supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building, leading to five deaths and dozens of arrests.

“Our President asks that we, the people, assemble at the Capital (sic) to declare to Congress that we do not support a stolen election,” Pineo wrote on Dec. 22.

It’s unclear if Pineo was taken into custody at any point, or simply removed from the area. There’s no record of Pineo being arrested or criminally charged.

Calls for her resignation spread on social media after she was identified in the photos.

“… it has come to my attention that a member of the Malta Zoning Board of Appeals was involved in the protests in Washington DC and was detained by law enforcement,” Republican town council member Tim Dunn wrote on Facebook over the weekend. “While my understanding is that this individual has not been charged with a crime, the actions and intentions of the group that stormed the Capitol are reprehensible and not consistent with the values of our community.”

Last edited 3 years ago by holly

You (and thousands of others) dared to set foot upon the grounds of the Capitol.

The earth and stone that is supposed to support the People of this Land, as they dedicate themselves to the Constitution that makes us a Nation.

The same Constitution that each one of those lying vermin swears to uphold.

And you dared trespass on its sacred precincts while our fraudulently elected ruling class betrayed us to our enemies and gave us over to slavery.

It’s disgusting.

But they unmasked.


I’m so glad you were there for us. It’s the middle of freakin’ winter on a Wednesday during accounting hell and health plan chaos and a thousand other things. I couldn’t personally make it….but you stood on a step and signified for all of us.


IF it had been an insurrection, there would have been NO DOUBT of the outcome…but it was a mostly peaceful rally


They are purposely removing the assertion of President Trump at his inauguration that we the people have our government back.

They are telling us that they yanked it out from under us again.



Hmm, isn’t that the charge they leveled against Jesus Christ before Pilate?


The Left.


not really sure what the videos are supposed to be about wolf, but right now I’m watching a kangaroo and a dog…???


Syracuse man appears as ‘person of interest’ in FBI, D.C. police investigation of U.S. Capitol riot
Updated Jan 08, 2021; Posted Jan 08, 2021

By Douglas Dowty
comment image


The area where this happened was particularly nasty, and have no sympathy for anyone who gets charged. It was very dangerous for the police and protestors.


REVEALED: Off-duty cop arrested in Capitol riot is ALSO a corporal in Virginia National Guard – making him first serving military member to be charged in the attack

comment image

  • Jacob Fracker, 29, was arrested after posing for selfie in US Capitol on January 6
  • He was revealed on Thursday to be a corporal in the Virginia National Guard 
  • Guard said that he is not among those securing Capitol for inauguration
  • Fracker was arrested alongside fellow police officer Thomas Robertson
  • The two posed for a photo in Capitol in front of Revolutionary War hero statue
  • Rocky Mount Police Department says they are both on administrative leave

Last edited 3 years ago by holly

The GOP is gone anyway. Dead as dirt. There is no recovery from this for them.

If Trump gives us nothing more than that from today forward, I am gonna enjoy watching those craven fucks twist in the wind on their way to the dustbin of history.


Recent email and text from RepubliCONs are returned with a BLAST calling them out for abandoning President Trump, stabbing him in the back and to well, fxxx off.

Then I either block them or label as spam. Totally done with republiCONs.

Last edited 3 years ago by kalbokalbs

Spot on!


this one is a corgi with 2 noses…


actually this is fun…LOL


Is he in tears, out of breath, or what? Can’t tell, but he certainly wasn’t a threat to anyone. ROTFL


Arkansas MAGA rioter who ‘beat cop with American flag pole’ is arrested after he was filmed saying ‘Death is the only remedy’ at Capitol riot – and claims he thought the uniformed officer was Antifa

  • MAGA rioter Peter Francis Stager, of Arkansas, was arrested Thursday
  • He is accused of using a large American flag to beat a DC police officer
  • He allegedly told someone he thought the officer was a member of Antifa but the cop was uniformed and had ‘Metropolitan Police’ emblazoned on his back
  • Stager was identified after videos of the beat down circulated on social media
  • Stager was also captured in a viral video saying: ‘Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor. Death is the only remedy for what’s in that building’
  • He is charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer for the incident

comment image

Last edited 3 years ago by holly



Capitol rioters included highly trained ex-military and cops

comment image

By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — As President Donald Trump’s supporters massed outside the Capitol last week and sang the national anthem, a line of men wearing olive-drab helmets and body armor trudged purposefully up the marble stairs in a single-file line, each man holding the jacket collar of the one ahead.

The formation, known as “Ranger File,” is standard operating procedure for a combat team that is “stacking up” to breach a building — instantly recognizable to any U.S. soldier or Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a chilling sign that many at the vanguard of the mob that stormed the seat of American democracy either had military training or were trained by those who did.

Last edited 3 years ago by holly


Steve in Lewes

Some thoughts:

This writer assumes that these ‘military types’ were there for nefarious reasons; aka black hats.

Couldn’t the opposite be just as true, that is they were retired military/LEO used as SpecOps contractors to borrow laptops, intel, whatever.

What we’ve learned is that the Capital security guards didn’t do much of anything to stop any of the breach-ers


h/t chamomile OT

A guy goes into a bar in California where there is a robot bartender.
The robot asks, “What will you have?”
The guy replies, “Whiskey.”
The robot brings back his drink and asks, “What’s your IQ?”
The guy says, “168.”
The robot continues to talk about physics, space exploration, and medical technology.
After the guy leaves, the more he thinks about it, the more curious he gets, so he decides to go back.
The robot asks, “What’s your drink?”
The guy answers, “Whiskey.”
The robot returns with his drink and asks, “What’s your IQ?”
The man replies,“100.”
The robot talks about Nascar, Budweiser, the Lions, and LSU.
The man finishes his drink, leaves, but is so interested in his “experiment” that he decides to try again.
He enters the bar and, as usual, the robot asks him what he want to drink.
The man replies, “Whiskey.”
The robot brings the drink and asks, “What’s your IQ?”
The man answers, “35”.
The robot leans in real close and asks, “So . . . Do you folks really think you’re going to impeach Donald Trump


crap…wolf can you delete…posted on the wrong thread…


One can read and see this video for free if you sign in with an email. This is the Japanese journalist who reviewed three video angles inside the Capitol.


She’s good! Very detail oriented.

The one thing I cannot square…are those cop-like looking men on the staircase Antifa or real cops?

If they were real, they would never let a person with a backpack in a riot with a shot fired pass by them, no? Right before he runs down the stairs to put the helmet in his backpack.


Are they part of the op? They have suits like sullivan had in his car. They are not cops are they.

Deplorable Patriot

I don’t want to bog down your post here, but this starts a thread that’s interesting in the context of the rioting.

Deplorable Patriot

It really does look like the same operative, the guys in the first two videos.

Deplorable Patriot

Saw that bearded dude in earlier Antifa videos. Prolly Portland. Could have been Kenosha or Seattle. He was a coordinator and giving pay to bad guys.

Last edited 3 years ago by kalbokalbs
Deplorable Patriot

Is the narrative turning?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I seem to have been a lot more useless where I was situated.

I do find it peculiar that the cops “broke” just as they fired that green smoke round though. As if they did that to distract us while they “retreated”




DOJ Posted this listing yesterday…..Individuals involved in the riots who were charged in the DC Federal Court….


comment image


The adoptive father of BLM Capital Hill riot agitator John Sullivan was disciplined by the U.S. Air Force for sending nuclear weapons parts to Taiwan, the Republic of China.
Maj. General Kevin J. Sullivan retired from the Air Force after the incident.
Saying he could not ignore the “breaches of trust that occurred on their watch,” Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley laid out what in some cases were career-ending punishments Thursday for six Air Force generals, reported NBC News in 2008.
The officers are mainly in logistical jobs and were involved to some degree in the mistaken shipment to Taiwan of four electrical fuses for ballistic missile nuclear warheads in 2006. The error did not become known until this past March.

[USAF Chief of Staff} Schwartz, who met with each of the Air Force generals personally, said that while the officers were not accused of any intentional wrongdoing, they “did not do enough to carry out their leadership responsibilities for nuclear oversight. “For that they must be held accountable.”
He became an associate at joined Dayton Aerospace, a defense industry and Pentagon consulting firm, as an associate the next year.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Interesting, because I believe a three star general is actually a lieutenant general (major generals have two stars, and yes that seems backwards, but there’s a long story there). Unless they bumped him a rank on retiring…


FBI: Rochester man smashed Capitol windows, was part of group that said it’d kill Pence, Pelosi

comment image

Dominic Pezzola, 43, of Rochester, (center, with long hair and a long beard) is facing three federal charges for his role in a riot at the United States Capitol Building. (Photo courtesy of the FBI)

From the article…

The group said they had access to guns and planned to return on Jan. 20, the day of President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration, the complaint said.

Last edited 3 years ago by holly

They’ve got the “look”.

Deplorable Patriot


Capital siege on Jan 6th was initiated with a signal flare

This was to tie Trumps hands so he would never mention the election again. Otherwise he would be inciting a riot. 

This was a psychological operation.

Quote Tweet
Rich Higgins
 · 24m
Just learned from two reliable police and Fed sources that the Capitol op on Jan 6th was initiated with a signal flare so the various elements would know when to launch

Muhhh…..impeach Trump

Congress is a shit hole 

5:32 PM · Jan 16, 2021

Deplorable Patriot

I’ve been trying to figure what is actually going to be locked down in this mess. Washington for sure, but I’m thinking the big ports also. There’s a reason the Navy is parked on either coast.

This is going to be wild, that’s for sure.

Deplorable Patriot

Two East Texas men placed at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., during the Jan. 6 riot by one of the men’s social media posts have been arrested.

Ryan Nichols, 30, of Longview was held Monday in the Smith County Jail, while Alex Harkrider, 33, of Carthage was held in the Gregg County Jail. Both men were held on federal detainers.

Details about the charges were unavailable Monday night.


“They’ll go after the rest under a Biden presidency”

That has been my view as well Wolf.

I’m also anticipating that individuals in future arrests, say six to eight months down the road, will be charged with seemingly unrelated charges to the Jan 6 event and that the media will help run cover for what I suspect is going to be a concerted enforcement campaign against conservatives.

Gail Combs

Trying a graph Us Computer programer vs age
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