Breach Club Blotter

Please add links, tweets, videos, etc. for ALL identifications, charges, arrests, prosecutions, and sentencing of those who were at or in the Capitol Building on January 6. I'm finding a TON of this stuff hitting the media right now, and I'd like to keep it all in one place. Well - that got deleted … Continue reading Breach Club Blotter

DEAR KAG: 20200115 I Will Fear No Evil

Welcome to Fearless Friday at Wolf’s Pub! The bar is open and conversation is flowing. They aren’t going to win, you know. The fatal flaw, the deadly flaw, the flaw that assures We win, is that Evil has irrevocably separated itself from God. Evil personified is the devil and his demons. Those who carry out … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20200115 I Will Fear No Evil