Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19


I thought that I might withhold this post on Easter Sunday, and then I changed my mind, thanks to Deplorable Patriot, Trump, Gab and Jesus. If anybody ever FOUGHT on Easter Sunday, it was Christ. It’s time to FOLLOW POINT.

The Branch Covidians have taken a toll, but the WAR is turning, and – somewhat in honor of the Branch Davidians who were SET UP and MURDERED by the globalist scum, it’s time for some JUSTICE.

I look at the people of this blog – many of whom HAD COVID-19 or whatever – being forced by socialist idiocy to take a vaccine that seems to show the most side effects in those who had the virus, and I am ENRAGED.

WHY? Where has science gone? Who will stand against this insanity?

The PEOPLE of America, LEERY OF THE LIARS, need to STAND against being subjects of the world’s greatest socialist medical experiment since Mengele and Auschwitz. The CHINAZI SCUM and their GLOBAL PUNK ALLIES who created this convenient misfortune – who seared my lungs to take my freedom – will not get away with this. It’s time to FIGHT BACK HARD.


This is a long post that will, like vaccine side effects, expectedly yet unexpectedly rock a lot of people’s little worlds, so buckle up.

We take out something rather large in the intro, to “train the guns”, and then move on to Bio-9/11.


The name Branch Covidians just suggests itself for the madness of turning a secondary sub-flu into a phony super-plague, but the truth is, the PLOT to pull off this MIND-FRACK was neither mad nor stupid, and goes much, much deeper than the abusable psychology of the people who were predictably ginned up as Mask Karens and Vaccine Custody Kens.

The roots of what was intended to be the first biological endless war, lie in the previous kinds of endless war. So let’s start there, with the endless war on guns.

If you know how Hillary Clinton was researching the apocalyptic Branch Davidian sect before the Clintons even got into the WH, then you will have a leg up on what I’m doing here and why I’m doing it. However, to nip this stuff in the bud, we will use PEACE, not VIOLENCE.


You will see that the people running in with the convenient and money-moving solutions were, once again, the people who orchestrated the convenient problem.

I am learning to FIGHT LIKE TRUMP, and I’m going to SPREAD THE TECH, so to speak.

KNOWING THEIR M.O. is really starting to pay off for our side, and combining that with NUKES (of the information kind) and KNOWING WHO TO NUKE – which isn’t always the guiltiest party, but frequently the most STRATEGICALLY VULNERABLE…..

Sometimes being an escaping Buffalo lets you hear more than your friends Fly or Wolf.

… a real form of force multiplication.

Let’s get distracted by the “Branch Covidian” analogy for a second. This goes somewhere. Like the Branch Qvidians we were supposed to be.

Thus, to go back to the Clintons, we see a “future-proves-past” application of the Alinsky technique of freezing and isolating a “bad guy” was used on the Branch Davidians to go after guns, and yet in the beautiful way that Hillary Clinton always SCREWED UP…..

…..the other side was left in a kind of political debt which they never really got out of, and IMO that is part of why the GREAT AWAKENING is actually a thing.

This is not to say that the other side wasn’t able to keep pushing historic CRAP into the blender…..

…..or to subvert the American military and FBI almost fully into their designs…..

…..combined with some aspirin factories that eventually became a headache when a wolf sniffed some bottles in the rubble…..

…..thus realizing how this all connected to a repeatable and rather portable scam of creating security-state-monetizable bad guys who require us to give up our freedoms at the same time everybody gets robbed…..

…..however, the more beautiful part, in the Wolf’s opinion, was how much Great Awakening happened between THAT little incident and the NEXT bad guys – ISIS.

Why, one doesn’t think this much ACCEPTED REVELATION…..

…..happened all by itself, does one? Of course not. Some guys named “Q” were almost certainly doing quite a bit of work during that second Obama term that was supposed to be so fundamentally transforming.

Which it was.

You starting to see where I’m going?


Thus, when a certain…..

Buffalo Jump

I cannot claim credit for realizing that the tactical maneuver of Trump’s supporters to their political demise on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, was something known to American historians and anthropologists as a buffalo jump. However, as soon as I heard the ill-fated demonstration called that, all my questions about what …

…..happened – perhaps with a little buffalo-tipping…..

….. and it became clear not only how prefabricated this little REICHSTAG was…..

Buffalo Jump: The Plot Thickens

Alternate Title: Bring Out The Owl! We continue with Part 2 of the Buffalo Jump series. For background, see Part 1: If you want a TL;DR version of what was wrong with the Capitol Rally on January 6, 2021, imagine trying to fit a million people into the little area numbered “8”, in the upper …

…..and that certain “white hats” who went along with this shit aren’t “uniformly” “white hats” (thank you, Scott)…..

Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

Alternate Title: The moment I realized that GOD would back me in going asymmetrical on these unworthy China-compromised “U.S.” military bastards. I have recently come into possession of information which made a lot of things start making a lot more sense. I only needed a final confirmation that I was correct – and I just …

…..and how all the old parties involved in prior “events”, seem to be involved in the new ones…..

Buffalo Jump: Mafia Princess Mysteries

Impeachahontas Now Wearing Two Diapers Nobody expected Chris Wray to play Mafia Nan’s queen of diapers face-up on January 6, but that is exactly what appears to have happened. The only question now is WHY. To quote a friend from a former life, “AYE-YI-YI!” OK – let me back up a bit. First, I want …

…..then it ALL started coming together that We, The People had actually FORCED the “monetizers of created bad guys and events” to bring their little schtick a little closer to our little home on the range.

Breach Club Blotter

Please add links, tweets, videos, etc. for ALL identifications, charges, arrests, prosecutions, and sentencing of those who were at or in the Capitol Building on January 6. I’m finding a TON of this stuff hitting the media right now, and I’d like to keep it all in one place. This includes *JOURNALISTS* (CNN or others), …

Now – this here buffalo has to tell you – the Great Mystery might get a little pissed off if this guy…..

…..(that would be the OTHER QAnon garbageman) is going to be blamed for the sins of all the folks inside that building behind him, including this lady…..

… well as other potential information warfare targets who might be able to put a lid on this shit by backing the fuck off before alliances are deservedly shattered….

…..and by this shit, I mean where QAnon (QA) and other patriotic American groups are supposed to be the next Al Qaeda (AQ), in a kind of globally forced implosion on America, because we can already see that the money-grubbing phony “national security” people, who sure seem a lot more like global leeches, including a bunch of pseudo-American Brits and Aussies (OK, let’s be kind and show a DIFFERENT one with a 5-letter name)…..

…..every bit as phony as the Chinese American “citizens” who spy for the ChiComs – are just chomping at the bit to come down on AMERICAN PATRIOTS who can see what’s REALLY going on, having been the victims of a little bit of, what might we call it, maybe “Britcasting”?

…..which didn’t exactly work…..

…..but hey – sometimes it’s better to surprise the burglars and robbers, and instead of going after THEM, just put a round in the ATM machine, so it stops spitting out the bills!

…..and it’s not like the Great Spirit needs to use the crude methods of self-infliction used on that fine September day, because – in this case – self-infliction happened on a fine January day, and at a lovely place a short ways away from the ATM, indeed, at a place where I sang the Star Spangled Banner, written the LAST TIME some Brits tried to burn Congress down, only that time without any chumps in polygonal buildings, and not trying to pass it off as having been the work of American patriots.


Good. I have actual [American] [and ironically global] National Security WORK to do, which is not simply cleaning up absolutely unnecessary shit. But I did have time for an intro, which allowed me to skip a fuller and more blatantly obvious, accusatory, evidence-filled, and alliance-rending post. Some people should be thankful that I’m as lazy as I am.



Now it’s time to get down to some science – the purpose of all this.

COVID-19 is both real and a scam, and that’s why it’s hard for people who’ve been deprived of AND LOGIC their whole lives to decide which one it is. It’s not one or the other – it’s BOTH.

The entire subject of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 reflects this conjoined reality of truth and falsehood. Almost every aspect of this subject is both REAL and A SCAM. Every piece of the puzzle appears to be both TRUE and FALSE.

One might expect such a cunning thing, in YET ANOTHER MONETIZATION PLOT.

Are you seeing why I had that other intro? Good. What we have here, is ANOTHER fake bad guy – albeit rather microscopic – being used to gin up ANOTHER fake event, but a whole lot of REAL MONEY.

OK, I’ll admit it. Maybe it’s just REAL FAKE MONEY.

Better? Yeah, I like that better, too. Because I like REALITY, and that includes REAL MONEY.

Which seems to be becoming a bit POPULAR lately.

COVID-19 doesn’t want to answer questions. People who need solid answers FAST will not get them. People who need satisfying answers will have to wait. However, they won’t have to wait much longer. CRACKS are forming in stonewalls. Stories are being whispered by data. Many theories and ideas dry up and blow away, but some are sticking around, and appearing fundamental.

This post is NOT going to explain the basics of viruses and vaccines. THAT will be another post.

This post is going to throw some HONKIN’ HUNKS of precious metals, and some BIG-ASS diamond and sapphire pavers, through some MASSIVE picture windows – and these objects will just pass through glass to your amazement. I am going to CHANGE YOUR VIEW of this disease in fundamental but GOOD ways. Ways that tell you REAL NORMAL is still there, like it always was, and all this other BULLSHIT is an illusion.

I’m going to challenge your fundamental thinking about this disease, hopefully so that you “can’t unsee” certain ideas.

Are you ready? Here we go.

I will start off with an idea that will be used, very admittedly, to GAIN CREDIBILITY, by showing you where somebody SMART could have been EVEN SMARTER.

*** 1 ***

Resisting The Vaccination of Children And Supporting Natural Immunity Is Valorous

One of the absolute best things that President Trump ever did was to bring Dr. Scott Atlas aboard, as a common sense counterweight to the plotters Fauci and Birx.

And I mean PLOTTERS. When I’m done with this post, you’re going to want to see Fauci and Birx in prison. They will be lucky to get off with simply losing power. But when you see what REALLY happened – how DELIBERATE DECEIT about Influenza-Like Illnesses (ILIs) was weaponized against the world, to get rid of Trump and advance the Democrat, Globalist and Chinese political agendas, you will also see that the only way this could have been possible, is by deliberate misrepresentation of the facts to President Trump and America.

Fauci and Birx HAD TO KNOW. In my opinion, they felt that it was SO NECESSARY to get rid of Trump, that they were morally justified to hide the truths that they hid from us.

Well, we will let the justice system be the judge of that.

And, of course, Trump knew. I love that he finally got a chance to LET THEM HAVE IT.

And it won’t be the last time, either.

Back to Scott (Atlas).

Dr. Scott Atlas has a new essay in the wonderful Hillsdale College publication Imprimis.

Here are the first few paragraphs.

Science, Politics, and COVID: Will Truth Prevail?

 • Volume 50, Number 2 • Scott W. Atlas

Scott W. Atlas
Hoover Institution

The following is adapted from a speech delivered on February 18, 2021, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Phoenix, Arizona.

The COVID pandemic has been a tragedy, no doubt. But it has exposed profound issues in America that threaten the principles of freedom and order that we Americans often take for granted. 

First, I have been shocked at the unprecedented exertion of power by the government since last March—issuing unilateral decrees, ordering the closure of businesses, churches, and schools, restricting personal movement, mandating behavior, and suspending indefinitely basic freedoms. Second, I was and remain stunned—almost frightened—at the acquiescence of the American people to such destructive, arbitrary, and wholly unscientific rules, restrictions, and mandates.

The pandemic also brought to the forefront things we have known existed and have tolerated for years: media bias, the decline of academic freedom on campuses, the heavy hand of Big Tech, and—now more obviously than ever—the politicization of science. Ultimately, the freedom of Americans to seek and state what they believe to be the truth is at risk.

Let me say at the outset that I, like all of us, acknowledge that the consequences of the COVID pandemic and its management have been enormous. Over 500,000 American deaths have been attributed to the virus; more will follow. Even after almost a year, the pandemic still paralyzes our country. And despite all efforts, there has been an undeniable failure to stop cases from escalating and to prevent hospitalizations and deaths. 

But there is also an unacknowledged reality: almost every state and major city in the U.S., with a handful of exceptions, have implemented severe restrictions for many months, including closures of businesses and in-person schools, mobility restrictions and curfews, quarantines, limits on group gatherings, and mask mandates dating back to at least last summer. And despite any myths to the contrary, social mobility tracking of Americans and data from Gallup, YouGov, the COVID-19 Consortium, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have all shown significant reductions of movement as well as a consistently high percentage of mask-wearing since the late summer, similar to the extent seen in Western Europe and approaching the extent seen in Asia. 


I cannot recommend this article highly enough. This article should be a rallying point for our fight, on many, many fronts. This is Scott Atlas “setting the record straight”, and in the process, revealing the moral and logical failure of our intellectual institutions to be HONEST in their disagreements about COVID-19, and all that surrounds it.

But I’m not going to get into that right now. I want to talk about only ONE particular point, but it is one which TOTALLY CHANGES THE FIGHT.

It is my only criticism of Dr. Atlas on COVID-19. It is a point where, I believe, he should have been even MORE aggressive, seeking utter clarity, and fighting for the CONSERVATIVE POSITION of natural immunity.

So what was the point?

One of the things you will notice, if you read this piece, is that Dr. Atlas defends himself as having ACTUALLY SAID or having NOT ACTUALLY SAID certain things – including whether or not he said, either verbatim or in essence, that we should “let children catch the disease.” He denied – or perhaps it’s better to say he quibbled about – having said this.

And he’s right. Dr. Atlas was terribly misread, misquoted, and even maliciously slandered.

People always look weak when they very correctly say “I didn’t say that”, about something which may or may not be an implication of what they DID say, but the “optics” of weakness are beside the point.

The problem is much more fundamental. The problem is that the media uses this questioning technique to pin people down AWAY from where they should be. It is a brilliant deception, by which the media keeps its victims stating that – TRULY – they did not say the controversial but correct thing that they SHOULD HAVE SAID.

It’s a game. A form of misdirection. A con job. Intellectual whack-a-mole, where the TRUTH is the mole that should be a lion. A cunning use of “Alinsky fears” – “YOU DIDN’T SAY THAT, DID YOU?” – to keep an opponent away from that opponent’s most powerful argument.

And the proper answer to the question, quite literally, is “I didnt say that – BUT I SHOULD HAVE, AND HERE’S WHY.

Under further questioning, “Yes. I’m saying that NOW.

The technique of media misdirection away from an unstated power point is a brilliant kind of “forced inverted quasi-strawman”, which gets one to refute their own best implied argument, by backing off from the insinuated truth.

It’s ingenious, and it works. But it’s WRONG. It DEMANDS push-back.

Stated bluntly, I believe that Dr. Atlas SHOULD have admitted the following:

YES – we want to let children risk catching COVID-19, because we have NO REASON to believe that vaccine immunity will be better than natural immunity, and every reason to believe that natural immunity will be SUPERIOR to vaccine immunity in every possible way, including both effectiveness and safety. It will be stronger and more durable immunity, almost without a doubt. And for children, it’s very likely to be safer than the vaccine. We need to think about the children’s future – not assuaging our own fears now.”

Once you SEE this – once you REALIZE how true this is – you realize that IT WAS A HILL WORTH DYING ON – AND NOBODY WOULD HAVE DIED.

There would have been a week-long firefight, where the media would attempt to “push it through” to “chickenpox parties” – just NO, YOU FUCKERS (we’d be rough, and it would be fun) – ending in the media pouting “well, you have no proof the new vaccines won’t be just as safe as current childhood immunizations”.

And you KNOW it would have been a “safe” bet that the new vaccines could not be that safe, but NOBODY HAD TO SAY THAT. Just wait for the facts on safety, but KNOW the following already:

(a) The actual HISTORY of the immune effectiveness of childhood diseases versus the LOWER effectiveness of our vaccines for them, says that natural immunity would be more effective – stronger and more durable.

(b) The actual HISTORY of all vaccines tells us that the low-hanging fruit has been more thoroughly picked already, and newer vaccines against harder targets, tend to be less safe, less effective, or both.

Do you see how EASY this would have been? We should have HELD THE LINE on letting children – our precious children – get the STRONGEST IMMUNITY POSSIBLE, AS SOON AND AS SAFELY AS KNOWINGLY POSSIBLE.

And not just that – THESE ARGUMENTS extend to many adults as well, who are at LOW RISK.

Trump insinuated more strongly on children’s natural immunity – as strongly and as often as he could – but we the scientists could have been stronger. Yeah, I will admit it – I’m a year late and trillions of dollars short, too.

THIS is why I say that Atlas was STRATEGICALLY correct – we needed to defend children – which he did. But TACTICALLY, we should have pushed further and deeper, to not just hold the ground on children, but to advance past it.

And that brings me to my next point.

*** 2 ***

Volunteers for Natural Immunity are Braver than the Vaccinated and Deserve Respect

Again, we see how the phony Fake News media, as a SHILL for med-pharma-socialism, the Democrat Party, and the CCP, has inverted the reality of the vaccinated vs. those who choose to risk the disease for the stronger immunity it imparts.


And this extends to those of us who were merely VICTIMS of the disease, and didn’t even get a T-shirt saying:


This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, actually, as a VICTIM of COVID-19, who is now holding, as my meager golden chump change, the ACTUAL STRONGER IMMUNITY.

I don’t WANT your weak and unpredictable vaccine. I got the disease and LIVED. I like my immunity. I pick my nose, I eat off other people’s plates, I don’t wear a mask, and life is just like before.


I have watched how SO MANY people, who understand their own health and their own RISKS, have felt FORCED to do the opposite of their natural inclination – to either get the vaccine or NOT get the vaccine – because of pressure by those around them, or worse yet, by highly conflicted stakeholders like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, highly conflicted organizations like CDC and WHO, and highly conflicted politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom.

I have watched these same victimized people – including posters on this blog – dealing with what I can only describe as psychological and social ABUSE at the hands of the ant-like MINIONS of the conflicted socialist scum – victimization that should never happen in a free society.

The Karens and Kens and Chicken Littles who try to FORCE upon these victims their vaccine paranoia – and by vaccine paranoia I mean the absurd idea that “you have to get the vaccine to save ME – and GRANDMA” – I mean WHAT THE HELL – sorry – just CUT IT OUT, you BLUE SCUM. This is socialist propaganda, mediated through false and blame-shifted guilt-mongering, and it needs to be driven from American society with prejudice, because we don’t want this crap back.

Now – I’m not just blowing SMOKE that natural immunity to COVID-19 is QUALITY STUFF. You see, there is an excellent and respected scientific study on this, appearing in Science, funded by Fauci’s own rat operation, and touted by NIH, that you have not heard about, because our SHILL MEDIA didn’t want you to hear about it.

Yeah, think about that. An NIH-touted study that the media just missed. DARN!


The study says the natural immunity is mediated by multiple known and measured immunological mechanisms, and is still nice and strong even 8 months after recovery.

IN FACT, the NATURAL immunity is giving them HOPE that the vaccine immunity MIGHT BE just as good.

This work is not unique – similar early studies by other researchers were cited in the New York Times back in August of 2020.

You got that? Natural immunity is proven to last. Your vaccines which – as we know from over a century of experience, are almost invariably LESS immunizing than the disease – may last as long IF WE ARE LUCKY.

Yeah, I’m a little pissed about having had this disease, having permanent shortness of breath, and then being forced to wear a STUPID hypoxia-inducing mask, when I’m IMMUNE, and more immune than with your damn vaccine.

You want a link for the hypoxia part? I DID THE WORK MYSELF.

The Bidening of America – How Cognitive Decline is Being Forced Upon Us All Through the ChiNazis’ Useful Idiots, the Mask Nazis

TL;DR – skip down to “Crucial Experiment” and read how you can prove to yourself that masks cause real and measurable cognitive decline that lasts long after you unmask. NPR and other leftists who say masks don’t affect you and your children are LYING. LOOK, it’s time to be blunt. Senility – Cognitive Decline – …

BYE, KAREN! You hear me? And take your damn masks and vaccination passports with you!

I’m IMMUNE, you BITCH!!!

Seriously, having a population of CONTROLS is smart science, and if Fauci were a better and more honest scientist, he would have gotten out ahead on that long ago, and ironically would have gotten more of the right people vaccinated, but – well – they’re not in this for any of their stated reasons.

*** 3 ***

In The Game of Mutant Variant Fear-Mongering Chicken, Fauci Swerved

Have you noticed how there is SO MUCH BTFO on the COVID-19 “variants” thing, lately?

It’s like all of a sudden, nobody wants to talk about variant doom. Indeed – THIS article….

T cells recognize recent SARS-CoV-2 variants

…..was news released on March 30, and Anthony Fauci is even LISTED as “available for comment” on it!

There’s a reason.

Playing Chicken With The Truth Is Always Dangerous

Now, it is WAY TOO EARLY for a non-epidemiologist like me to opine as to which side of the “variants” infinity-hedron is most correct, but I’m here to tell you that THIS THING’S GOT SIDES OUT THE WAZOO, and yet the number of sides is dropping electric-razor fast, and it will be painful when whatever remains passes through Fauci’s rear end as the final truth, whatever that truth may be.

On the one side, there is, and has been, from the very beginning, evidence that “variants” are real, but not a big problem.

But did MUH VARIANTS suddenly get worse?

Doctor Rand Paul brilliantly but subtle as a ship-destroying laser through a window CALLED OUT the author of the Fauci Virus on his role in scaremongering against persistent realities, and I will admit to having ridden down on his bomb with some of my own contribution to the massive BTFO which ensued.

Rand Paul Nails Fauci and Cuts to the Chase on Coronavirus Variants – Are the Vaccinated and Recovered Even Getting Reinfected or Sick?

Introduction You have GOT to see the video I’m going to show you. It’s not just what they’re talking about. It’s WHERE IT LEADS. Most of the people who watch Rand Paul go after Fauci here, are concentrating on MASKS, because that is the TOP LAYER of the argument. But THAT is the small potatoes. …

And yeah, I could not help but notice WHERE the suddenly bad variant problem got suddenly bad…..

But before that, the “variants” problem turned even further South for the Branch Covidians, when yet another scientist – this one uncomfortably close to Bill Gates – noted that the “variants problem” could mean vaccines were a huge backfire all along – but without going “full Marek”. And this dude went “full chicken” against the vaccine establishment, with that little medical mafia punk in the driver’s seat.

Not trusting Twitter, let’s just save that tweet….

… well as his open letter…..

He also did a nice interview explaining his warnings.

That interview was then re-explained by Del Bigtree.

What you are seeing RIGHT NOW is how politicized the science has become, to where this guy has to go on TWITTER, or get picked up by YouTubers and podcasters, to call into the open what should be a big open question in science.

The game is normally – if you want to keep your job in science – to massage one’s own message of truly perceived truth toward the media’s badly managed but persistently publicly perceived mainstream “bag of somebody’s intentional errors” so as not to lose the credibility needed to stay in the game. It’s sick, it’s wrong, and it’s ugly. But honestly, you have to be RETIRED in science to speak what you’re really thinking, any more. The MEDIA controls too much of it.

Watch PBS science these days, and you realize it’s all about DAMAGE CONTROL.

That’s a good thing, compared to what it was. It means WE’RE WINNING. Slowly, painfully, and at great cost, but we’re beating these bastards back.

REVEL in the coast-down, brothers and sisters.
“YOUR LAPTOPS ARE *GROUNDED*!!! ok not really.” “SIR!!!”

*** 4 ***

Vaccine Passports Are a Gift to Patriots

I’m just gonna keep this short. Vaccine Passports are going to create a rebellion like you’ve never seen. They’re the best enemy overreach since Obama made the mistake of including “Bibles” with “guns” in his “bitter clingers” statement.

Here I am – a recoveree – science NOW on my side PERSONALLY to keep my natural immunity – science IN THE FUTURE (if it were honest) on my side to take a risk and KEEP me as a CONTROL going forward, even though I’d probably tolerate the vaccine no problems – even idiot-build Moderna 1.0……

…..meaning I’m volunteering to catch “in the wild” version COVID-25 just to make the science better…..

……and yet the statists, dumb as oxen, just keep pushing the forced vaccination stupidity.

Because it’s not about the disease. It’a about control.

Just keep overreachin’, guys. I never thought they’d set me up to win SCIENCE MINDS.

And yet HERE we are…..

*** 5 ***

Treating SARS-CoV-2 as Flying Snakebite Solves Most Mysteries of the Disease and the Vaccines

I’m just being cute there. Here is a better title, probably acceptable to many scientific journals.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Analogies to Components of Crotalid Snake Venoms and Application to Treatment of COVID-19 and Vaccine Adverse Effects

The first title is so very “Q Tree”. The second is more like Wolf in his former life. The word “analogies” is pushing it, editorially, but that can be played properly in the body of the paper, baiting in a reviewer-pleasing disclaimer on limiting the extent of the comparison, and all is good.

I’m not sure when I first realized that SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (hereafter “SP”) bore a remarkable resemblance to hemotoxic snake venoms, but I am thinking it was after I realized that the preponderance of vaccine side effects in the clinical trials were either hematological, cardiovascular, similar to the disease itself, or all of the above.

Analogies are frequently crap, and they’re never perfect BECAUSE they’re analogies, but they’re still the best beater screwdrivers ever to start fixing stuff in Scienceville. When Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell saved millions of elderly lives from Chinese/Deep State duplicity by a limited but very useful comparison of COVID-19 hypoxia to high-altitude sickness, and realized we were doing vents seriously wrong and killing people, God smiled, wept, and said “The fallacy of fallacy – this guy gets it.”

What follows isn’t anywhere near that good, but it gave me an opportunity to retweet Doc Cameron’s angelic post in a form Twitter and YouTube can never take down.

The idea that side-effects of the C19 vaccines might be similar to the disease itself is just baseline reasoning. The main active vaccine component of ALL of the vaccines for COVID-19 is either a stabilized spike protein (SSP), or the genetic instructions thereof (in mRNA or DNA). SSP is basically SP with a very few amino acids or corresponding genetic sequences replaced to make the SSP molecule hold its shape in the most immunizing form reminiscent of SP. This is done because natural SP changes shape drastically upon interaction with cellular receptors to which it attaches, This vaccine-undesirable behavior assists virus entry, and also suppresses the opportunity to gain immunity by antibodies reacting to the “normal” unchanged form. Evolution. Beautiful stuff. GOD-MODE reality. Antibodies react to the CHANGED form instead, and become fairly useless. Life gets Lagrangian, and we’re in the pipe, 5:5.

Once you realize how “out of the pipe” that movie really is, you start seeing some really interesting curves. But what the heck, it’s Good Friday. It’s all good.

Back to the story. Snakes and all.

Wikipedia denigrates (or more charitably overlooks) a guy named Bill Haast to obscurity as a proponent/explorer of mitrhidatism, which bluntly means the near-if-not-actual fallacy of taking poison to gain immunity to it, but in my opinion Haast was really one of the first people to explore in a serious way not only the general mithridatism-vaccination continuum, but even more specifically the fact that small molecules don’t provide enough mathematical possibility for organisms to beat poisoning (yet – wink), but proteins do, and thus life as a multi-faceted thing which makes and breaks protein poisoning as a tactic, can bargain and negotiate back to the beautiful place where it works for all beasts, great or small.

Come again?


Bill Haast was injecting himself with snake venoms, which don’t contain fluoride, strychnine, tetrodotoxin, dioxin, cocaine, meth, lead, osmium tetroxide, or a lot of other small-molecule poisons, but DO contain, as their most interesting and active components, PROTEINS, which do in fact lend themselves to mithridatism – whoops – I meant vaccination.

Proteins which do things remarkably similar to the SPIKE PROTEIN of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Once you see this, almost every aspect of reality underlying Branch Covidianism can be explained logically, which I find wonderfully ironic, coming from a Branch Qvidian who actually believes in God as a useful tool of deep protoscience, because a universe that gunpoints everybody toward where Moses went on TRUTH without guns – oh, man – what a ride. I’ll take more Top Macguffin with my popcorn, please!

I’ve pontificated intermittently and increasingly on the utility of looking at spike protein through the snake venom looking glass, which is not meant to keep people from vaccinating, but rather to show people how some of the most useful scientists – like Bill Haast and some guy named Faraday – are a deep part of the beauty, and if your child out there is some little girl who likes snakes and spiders, don’t change her sex – just LET HER. Science doesn’t have to be neat. It just has to be RIGHT.

I will include a few links to those pontifications as I find them, but here is one for starters.

How AstraZeneca Vaccine Problems May Be Soluble Using Antibody Treatments

Maybe I won’t find the other links. Why? I’m going to throw a freebie to the “natsec” people I just burned. If instead of “going after” QAnons and other “extremists” you did something incredibly useful, and got all Bob Massie and SciFinder on the future of populist good, you might do more good than harm.

*** 6 ***

Did Fauxi and Birx Hide Beta Coronavirus Prevalence and Diagnostic Cross-Over in Antibody Tests, and Non-Infective Coronavirus Genetic Incorporation, To Assist PCR-Based Fragment Fraud?

I think it’s time to ask.

One of the biggest mysteries / non-mysteries of this whole COVID thing has been the seeming disappearance of ACTUAL INFLUENZA from epidemiological statistics, as well as the prior 4 weak beta coronaviruses, almost all being not just displaced, but REPLACED by COVID-19.

There are “good” explanations for this, but to be frank, they support the Branch Covidian narrative a little too much for my tastes. Have a listen. This dude is WAAAAAAY SOOOOTHING to listen to.

You gettin’ that same vibe?

The fact is, viruses DO COMPETE, and that competition activates our defenses, making the competition even more severe, so one virus DOES help protect you from the next. But that doesn’t make ALL the funny business I’m seeing go away.

Now, it’s a bit ironic that this guy’s same reasoning about interferons from one infection preventing others – which also happens during vaccination (as taught to me by Dr. Shiva), is EXACTLY why you should never get two vaccines at the same time, in my careful opinion, because I get the feeling that this dude would check the PC position on multi-vax before assuring us that “Medicine Knows Best(TM)” and “don’t worry about multiple vaccines – your vaccines have all been tested and are found to be safe, blah, blah, blah.”

But there is something that even more fundamentally bothers me about his explanation. Viral interference only works by something ACTUALLY infecting people, who then become protected against THAT virus and OTHER THINGS. The only non-infected people who are protected beyond that, are protected by herd immunity.

Stated differently, if there are enough infections with COVID-19 in the population to STOP THE FLU (that’s how it works – RIIIIIGHT?) then surely there must be enough infections with COVID-19 to be preventing COVID-19 itself from finding new hosts by that same mathematical protection, too – RIIIIIGHT? Which is herd immunity. That should be showing up BIGLY.

But we’re not at COVID-19 herd immunity yet. And yet FLU doesn’t seem to be standing a chance.

You seein’ that? This is, quite bluntly, “weird kinetics”. Something very fishy about this excuse. I’m not exactly buying it – especially when the “kinetics” of faulty testing seem to explain things better, as we will see.

I am buying that SOME viral interference is likely going on, but his whole reassuring spiel just seems a bit too pat. Certain meters are just pegging out, and they’re not the good meters.

If you read the comments on this video, there is evidence that (1) many places are no longer even testing for flu, which very much supports where I’m going, but (2) supposedly, in some that HAVE tested for both COVID and flu, influenza has basically disappeared.

Sure, the absolute MESS that CDC created in both testing and statistics is not making me trust all the numbers, so let’s just say that viral interference is VERY LIKELY. But is it responsible for everything?

I have even thought – and I simply CANNOT dismiss this hypothesis – that maybe – just MAYBE – the flu vaccine was working a LOT better than these people were letting on, but that the argument in Branch Covidian clerical circles was “We can’t let off on the mantras of MOAR COMPLIANCE, or we’ll lose ground.”

What this would have meant is that ACTUAL endemic levels of influenza are far lower than we the public thought, because the CDC was pushing for vaccine compliance at levels that would solve flu at its frequently epidemic levels. Combine a different bug grabbing the golden epidemic ring with people still taking their flu shots for epidemic influenza levels, and influenza was just beaten down silly.

Which is viral interference PLUS flu vaccination “over-compliance” – basically vaccination that was actually working as a public health response, even with MANY people not taking it, but no, they have to always lie to us about things NOT working to get more compliance. Flu vaccine “failure because of YOU” is the white guilt of public health. Now coronavirus vaccine “failure because of YOU” is the Christian guilt to go with it.

Bastards. It’s not about solving the problem. It’s about CONTROL.

But it gets WORSE.

Enter TWO very interesting phenomena that were EXPOSED and oddly not anticipated.

(a) Antibody Testing Yahooism and Crossover from Other Coronaviruses

One of the things that really bothered me about American antibody testing was that the CDC loaded those numbers into normal infected “cases”. They didn’t count antibody positives as a separate kind of case, which would have made sense. They actually added them to regular infection case numbers, along with the numbers from the (already bad) PCR test.

But it got worse. We couldn’t even trust the antibody tests to give us good numbers on COVID-19, because once they arrived, there was a disclaimer that they might – or as was verified later WERE – picking up antibodies from prior infections with OTHER, NON-COVID-19, coronaviruses.

Holy CRAP.

And then, of course, this gets worse because we later learn that people are over-cooking PCR tests everywhere, trying to get bigger COVID numbers, or just because they never calibrated their machines.

Science! Yeah – it really works WHEN YOU ACTUALLY DO IT.

When you fake it? Not so much.

(b) Benign but Test-Significant Genetic Incorporation of SARS-CoV-2 and Possibly Other Coronaviruses

I have a VERY hard time believing that Anthony Fauci didn’t KNOW “coronavirus fragment replay from genetic incorporation” was either a FACT, or at least a possibility. OK – I’ll be more blunt. I think he KNEW, and kept it as an ACE IN THE HOLE.

Now I could explain this one very quickly, too, but I think people need the full monty here, because we have been having a lot of debates on genetic incorporation, and this is a point that is hotly debated with Branch Covidians. So I’m going to take this one very slowly. You may learn something.

One of the most “fun facts” – I thought – was the idea that our genomes, and the genomes of most life on this planet, seem to be literally chock full of VIRAL TRASH, accumulated over eons. It’s almost like that principle that everybody has royalty SOMEWHERE in their family tree, except it would be more like double digit percentages of royalty. I mean, “WHUUUUUUT? You KIDDING me?”

So just keep that in mind as we go forward. There is viral TRASH filling up our genomes. It must have gotten there somehow. I’ll bet it was VIRUSES!


So – I walk into this whole COVID thing, and the very first vaccine that gets into the news, I go digging on it, and it not only turns out to be a “Bill Gates vaccine” [HINT – almost ALL the top vaccines have Bill Gates funding] – it turns out it’s a DNA vaccine.

Yup. Those little circles are DNA.

So I’m just a stupid outsider with too much knowledge to keep from asking stupidly annoying questions, so I ask one, like “well, if these are genetic vaccines, which are supposed to have all the “genetic advantages” of viruses as genetic vectors, what happens if they actually DO act like viruses and leave JUNK?

It’s NOT an unreasonable question, and this not only gives me an opportunity to explain WHY – it gives me a opportunity to deal with multiple types of annoying propaganda very quickly.

The first vaccines (as we know them) were ACTUALLY VIRUSES. That’s why they’re called “vaccines“, and vaccination is called “vaccination” – because it started with infection with cowpox, which eventually “gained function” (meaning mutations that make a virus “better” at something) to become the vaccinia virus. [This is disregarding the likely fact that part of that gain of function may have been humans foisting a sequence quantum jump to the very similar horsepox, already a natural GOF.] So in a WAY, we treated smallpox with one of the very first “DNA vaccines” [MASSIVE QUOTES] – that being an actual live virus.

Let me drill down on that a bit.

Viruses are just DNA or RNA in a protein wrapper which is coded for by the DNA or RNA, along with any other proteins useful in the HACK that viruses are.

THUS, any vaccine which uses “live” RNA or DNA which THEN creates protein antigens which prompt your immunity, is essentially (but not precisely, in the way we ACTUALLY talk about them) an RNA or DNA vaccine. If it’s weakened or dead virus, and it’s only the PROTEIN of the shell of the virus that’s activating your immunity, then it’s NOT “in essence” an RNA or DNA vaccine.

Let me say this in another way that is more direct in dealing with certain propaganda.

It is kinda silly (to me) to say that mRNA vaccines and DNA vaccines are not vaccines, because of the genetic angle, when they actually get back to the principles of the ORIGINAL vaccines, which used the DNA or RNA of a live or attenuated virus to CREATE ANTIGEN.

I’m basically saying that not only do mRNA and DNA vaccines fit the very general and beautiful MODERN CDC definition of a vaccine – they very closely hew to the OLDEST definition of a vaccine from GEORGE WASHINGTON’S TIME – thanks to the dependence on mRNA or DNA.

I mean, DAYUM – the history of science is SO FREAKIN’ COOL. Stuff just COMES BACK INTO FASHION.

It was only later, when we used dead viruses, or synthetic recombinant proteins and glycoproteins from the viruses, that we actually GOT AWAY from using vaccines that relied on DNA or RNA, and were INSTEAD using the final protein itself.

Now if you want to go on saying “mRNA and DNA vaccines are not vaccines – they’re gene therapy” – I will make you one final offer of compromise – could we agree that they’re BOTH? Because if you can agree to that, you’re going to love an upcoming section of this post.

OK – I’m done with that point for now.

ANYWAY, what I found in this COVID thing, is that NOBODY in Big Pharma or Big Vaccines (like Bill Gates) really wanted to talk about the genetic aspects of these vaccines. There are multiple reasons, some obvious, some not. The genetic stuff is simply controversial.

And THAT is useful, if you don’t want people talking about it FOR OTHER REASONS – like making a scam work.

Now I was talking to Duchess, Grandma, Cthulhu and Scott, about Fauci, in the comments HERE, when Cthulhu said THIS:

“The thing is, this isn’t Fauci’s first rodeo. He spectacularly failed during the AIDS crisis, forever calling for vaccines that never happened — and pooh-poohing therapeutics, thereby sentencing many thousands to a miserable death.

And then Scott said THIS:

“What if he’s not ‘failing’ at all?
What if he is accomplishing exactly what he intends to accomplish, it’s just not what you think he’s trying to accomplish?”

To which I responed like THIS:

“Yeah, that is the key. You nailed it. Fauci likely had his eyes on a vaccine that could be given to everybody, which would allow gene therapy to commence.
OMG, that’s it. You solved the crime! 
THIS PAPER gives away the game!!!”

I urge you to read that whole section, starting HERE.

Now – my speculation right there, on Fauci’s motive being gene therapy, is just pure speculation, since I don’t yet even have any idea what KIND of vaccine he was interested in for AIDS, but I think that gene therapy is at least PART of the motive of almost everybody in the Big Pharma push for COVID-19 vaccines right now. This is not a hard bet. Wait for the next section of this post.

Short version – a good SCAM to force gene therapy on society targets the “red up arrow” “special” feedback to DNA in the following image, doing so accidentally, which both HIV and (apparently) coronavirus(es) do.

LOL. Why, what a coincidence.

However, more relevant to the question of this section, RE the “fragment fraud”, is the idea that Fauci has now shown TWICE an extreme interest in vaccines for viruses which incorporate to some significant extent into the genome. This means that a person infected with them, is basically STUCK as a positive test, if you scam things properly using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This isn’t the same motive as genetic therapy, but it COULD be a bonus.

SO….. was PCR identified as an abusable all along? Hold my wine, I’m getting Kary Mullis on the science-radar-love phone without resorting to dark means (meaning I did a great web search and found this real treat for you). Kary always said it WAS being abused. And while I suggested a maybe kinda “well, at least try this” fix for that on these pages a while back, I imagine I was far from the first to suggest it.

OK – let’s back up AGAIN. In my response to Scott, I cited THIS paper, submitted December 14, 2020.

SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome


Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 RNA shedding and recurrence of PCR-positive tests have been widely reported in patients after recovery, yet these patients most commonly are non-infectious114. Here we investigated the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome and that transcription of the integrated sequences might account for PCR-positive tests. In support of this hypothesis, we found chimeric transcripts consisting of viral fused to cellular sequences in published data sets of SARS-CoV-2 infected cultured cells and primary cells of patients, consistent with the transcription of viral sequences integrated into the genome. To experimentally corroborate the possibility of viral retro-integration, we describe evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse transcribed in human cells by reverse transcriptase (RT) from LINE-1 elements or by HIV-1 RT, and that these DNA sequences can be integrated into the cell genome and subsequently be transcribed. Human endogenous LINE-1 expression was induced upon SARS-CoV-2 infection or by cytokine exposure in cultured cells, suggesting a molecular mechanism for SARS-CoV-2 retro-integration in patients. This novel feature of SARS-CoV-2 infection may explain why patients can continue to produce viral RNA after recovery and suggests a new aspect of RNA virus replication.

This paper is showing that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is incorporating into the genetics of people, and it potentially explains why some people shed test-triggering virus protein and/or protein FRAGMENTS for a long time.

And remember – this could be happening for very mild cases, because those same mild cases are giving lasting immunity.

But what is so cool about this work is how politically incorrect that science was at the time, and still is, precisely because the TRUTH might be ammunition for the antivaxxers! HA. What scientific WEAKLINGS. Follow that link above to the paper, or to a Science article discussing it, and you will see – there were Branch Covidian clergy already thinking there needed to be an Inquisition, and maybe suppression of this work which might lead people into error. Oh, Ann Coulter was so right – it’s a RELIGION.

So – how does this ALL come together? Let’s replay the title of this section, to bring all the pieces together.

Did Fauxi and Birx Hide Beta Coronavirus Prevalence and Diagnostic Cross-Over in Antibody Tests, and Non-Infective Coronavirus Genetic Incorporation, To Assist PCR-Based Fragment Fraud?

The pieces of the scam are:

  • lots of pre-COVID coronaviruses – more than people realize
  • influenza baseline being effectively beaten down by “hidden” vaccine over-compliance
  • early release of COVID-19 which was denied by the media, WHO and the CDC
  • cross-over in testing by (maybe) influenza and/or (mostly) pre-COVID coronaviruses
  • counting antibody tests as actual cases NOW
  • COVID-19 definitely engaging in “fragment genetic incorporation”
  • other coronaviruses likely doing the same
  • PCR tests being run at default cycles
  • PCR tests being run at too many cycles “to be safe”
  • PCR tests for COVID-19 being run either FIRST or EXCLUSIVELY
  • PCR tests picking up recoverees shedding fragments in an accelerating curve
  • antibody tests picking up other coronaviruses and recoverees b/c fragments

If you look at this honestly, the whole thing is TIPPED to giving too high of numbers, and the only thing that will get good numbers is scientific discipline, pushing back AWAY from a positive diagnosis. One has to talk BACK to borderline diagnosis and say NO.

The PROBLEM with that is that FEAR pushes people to ERR on the side of CAUTION and say MAYBE or YES – this is a case – resulting in borderline tests being run for extra PCR cycles, or cycle settings being WAY too high, or people just calling it a case to be safe.

The psychology sabotaged this thing from the beginning. And I think people KNEW THIS.

And yet, they clearly didn’t have HIGH ENOUGH numbers to guarantee removal of Trump (the obvious objective), so CUOMO and his henchmen and henchladies conspired to push the numbers even HIGHER in nursing homes.


The real point is this. The TESTING PARADIGM was FLAWED, and people who knew better did NOT try to get accurate numbers by pushing back on known defects or risks in the testing – they tried to get BIGGER numbers by PRETENDING they didn’t know.


Democrats. Like Fauci and Birx.

*** 7 ***

No Matter What One Calls The COVID-19 Vaccines, mRNA and DNA Vaccines are Now an Open Gateway to Gene Therapy and Genetic Modification

This is where I come out of the closet on transhumanism. Bluntly, I’m not TOTALLY opposed to ideas of advancing technology. I just think we have to be HONEST and RESPONSIBLE TO THE PEOPLE in letting technology advance.

There is a continuum on “trans”, with transbutchery on one end, and transfiguration on the other end, but I refuse to call everything in the middle “bad”, because God implements in the real world, and building the Kingdom of Heaven means HERE and NOW.

Yup. I listened to too many radio preachers. I spoke to too many Christians and Jews and Buddhists on the opposite end of the world and everywhere in between, thanks to technology. MAXWELL and FARADAY helped save my ass. And TESLA says there’s MOAR, and it can be a GOOD THING.

One of the things I did at the beginning of this COVID ride, when I saw that everybody was HIDING the fact that we were rolling out genetic vaccines with minimal disclosure on the genetic part, clearly as a way of keeping the anti-vax response from going off the charts too soon, was to challenge everybody on Twitter with rather neutral mini-disclosures, as well as polls that would help everybody ‘fess up to reality. On the one side, it’s important to “ease out” the truth, but on the other side, it’s just important to get the truth out AT ALL.

So I got GREAT responses on my various polls including (1) would you take a BILL GATES VACCINE and (2) would you take a TRUMP VACCINE, with TRUST turning out to be a big thing – up to a point. But what people may not have noticed, was my craftily mixing in there, as much as I could, the more real ideas of mRNA and DNA vaccines.

Now I’m rightfully leery of mRNA and DNA vaccines simply as an honest scientist who knows MISTAKES HAVE BEEN MADE in the past, and now is no time for that to stop, in our much more finite universe than some that are possible. Yes, it’s a small risk, given the larger truth that…..

old-school vaccines that use live viruses, are *literal* DNA and RNA vaccines, if you get right down to it

……but the smaller truth is, even the Moderna scientists pre-quibbled on their own mRNA technology, with jazz hands aloft, saying as obscurely as they could, in one of their first vaccine papers, “BUH BUH BUH we warned you on long-range side effects as unknowns”, which are still a small but real risk, and that risk being IN ADDITION TO any dishonesty in Big Pharma, which of course NEVER happens.

Yup. Nobody can ever beat Scott467’s point that dishonesty by the industry AUTOMATICALLY JUSTIFIES vaccine refusal. Sorry – it just DOES. I don’t want to say YOU DAMN IDIOTS, but YOU DAMN IDIOTS.

But here is my new freebie to avoid the next debacle:

We’re CONTROLS, you idiots

Yup. Science needs controls. Vaccine refusers ARE CONTROLS – totally voluntary – fully informed – and just imagine if somebody smart came out and back-talked the idiot media and said:

“We will need controls – we’re good with the people who don’t want to vaccinate – they’ll help”

And when Blubbering Acosta and Sneering Welker push back in outraged tones, that person might say:

“Look, vaccine technology is accelerating – and it has to, and will, no matter what. Mistakes will be made along the way, but honesty fixes them as soon as possible. Keeping technology adoption voluntary is one of the single most important and best absolutes we can adhere to, as a nation and as a planet, for a bright future – just like free speech, just like independent science, just like respecting religious freedom – that can help us steer straight and not miss the mark. The press needs to stop being SCOLDS if they want to win back the hearts and minds they lost through helping their favorite party and candidates politicize science.”

Then, just let chattering, argumentative, toes-bouncing-on-fancy-chairs, press stupidity prove itself right there.

See? THAT is how to deal with advancing tech. VOLUNTARILY and HONESTLY.

OK, I really will get back to the subject.

How do I KNOW that they’re irreversibly gatewaying from these genetic vaccines to gene therapy and genetic modification (hereafter “genvac”, “genvax”, “genther”, “genmod” and the like)?


(1) CRISPR-based vaccines – which are straight-up genvax by genmod – are waiting EXCITEDLY in the wings.

(2) The Bidenoids at Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) couldn’t wait for the COVID-19 bodies to cool, before they started getting a serious Bidenish jones for GenVac‘s sexy sister GenTher and her crew of transhuman beauties.

And yeah – them Bidenoids are getting CRISPR and CRISPRER.

Let’s start with CRISPR-based vaccines.



If you see CRISPR or CRISPR-Cas9 (explanatory infographic below) cited anywhere NEAR a vaccine, then you are talking actual, straight-up, genetic modificationGENMOD – and anybody who is denying that is LYING. (Yes, sabotaged CRISPR-Cas9 can be used for gene BLOCKING – see later.)

CRISPR – and any other future tools like it – are used to splice genes. Remember that old term, “gene-splicing”, that seems to have disappeared for some reason?

Yeah – that is where we are.

If you read this article, you will see that, in early 2019, gene-splicing vaccines were NOT that far away, and were being openly tested on animals. YOU KNOW they had already been tested on humans, but – hey – you can’t say it, even though you know it’s true.

So where does Chemical & Engineering News figure into this?

C&EN was basically taken over by climate commies in the first stage of subversion of American science to the climate agenda and eventually “Demmunism”. Journalists! From there, it only got worse. As one can expect, during the Trump administration, every single issue was a protest against the Trump presidency. Worse still, during COVID insanity, cubic miles of water were carried for the COVID commies and the ChiNazis, to whom the American Chemical Society seems somehow eternally indebted, just like everybody else in science.

Scientists are such chumps.

But when Joe Biden “won”, C&EN had an orgasm, and THAT issue is a beauty.

Water-carrying in this issue includes (and I go into self-discrediting territory here to make a TIP to the right people):

  • justify top-down government control of science
  • bring back those ChiCom and other student spies
  • double-down on Earth abiotic life boot-up to distract from [COUGH]
  • back-handed shill for Indian dependence on China for chemicals
  • Black Chemists Matter! (They do, but damn it, can you be less obvious?)
  • We love Joe Biden and President Harris!
  • Military must be “greener”!!!
  • VARIANTS! (But still, this is excellent reporting.)
  • Pollutant cooling overstated, so GLOBAL WARMING IS BACK!!!
  • Neutral article on drug reshoring (I’m impressed!)
  • Biden HFC Treaty!
  • Biden scientific integrity guidelines ordered! (you may puke now)
  • Biden reviews everything about EPA! Hooray!
  • Massive fraudulent scientific paper bust! (Chinese authors not mentioned, of course)
  • [Black] Communities push for say in environmental regulations!
  • Will Biden and Harris outlaw common pesticide on the ropes? Please? Hooray!
  • Biden-Harris cabinet love-fest! (two page celebratory spread)
  • Tariff relief! Hooray!
  • More EPA regulations needed!
  • You can become an advocate!
  • [and the list goes on…..]



Get ready for gene-edited pigs and other animals


This was the warning shot, right here. It was the LAST item in the “Biden-Harris Love-Fest”, but it is clearly what’s for dinner.


But what follows, interestingly, is a bit different.

What’s interesting here is that this food animal genmod stuff was being SHIFTED from FDA to USDA, and this shift was being pushed by the TRUMP administration and Sonny Perdue, against the wishes of FDA. So it may not be what it appears to be, and the TITLE here may amount to some AOC lipstick on some pork that the Bidenistas don’t actually like.

It seems to have something to do with the meat market and keeping up with other nations. Could that mean China? Complicated business. Do I trust Sonny Perdue? Yes. Do I trust Trump? Yes. Whatever they did here, I trust, but I’d love to know the deep story. Maybe Gail has some insight here.

GENTHER doesn’t make an appearance until the March issues, but DEEP LIFEMOD gets a shocker cover on the very next issue, if you know what to look for.

The message here is two layers. The ostensible top layer is pretty much like what Kary Mullis intended with PCR – in this case, “let’s use ribosomes to make stuff!” That isn’t a particularly scary message – that’s pretty much what any kind of agriculture is – we’re just taking control of it down at the ribosome to “extend things”. But the hidden message layer is just as sneaky and cunning as what they DID with Kary’s baby – to abuse it for “outcome-controllable” diagnosis and even politics, in evicting Trump.

“Retooling the ribosome” is what you do to create life that’s – well – different. Want to increase the alphabet of life? To go from the planet-portable ASCII of our current amino acids and nucleic acids to EXTENDED ASCII – and maybe even someday UNICODE? This is the key step.

We are KNOCKING AT THE DOOR. And you can’t do nothin’ about it.

That is the psychological message of this issue of C&EN.

So – even though this is nothing explicit – nothing to be worried about right now – perfect demonstration of the difference between me and Dr. Carrie Madeij on how we’re reacting to transhumanism – I still agree with her that we need to WAKE UP on these topics, where others are going with careless abandon, thanks to DOMINION voting systems and their knowingly, intentionally bad security choices.

Let’s compare the deception here to climate change.

One of the problems with what I call phony anthropolitical global warming is that “solving” it doesn’t really solve OUR immediate problem of ice ages and intermittent dangerous global cooling (the reality), but it DOES solve a future problem of long-term SOLAR warming on this planet. Whether that’s OUR problem or “somebody else’s”, it’s not a problem NOW. Thus, it seems that the problem of global warming is duplicitously framed.

Even if the deception is beneficial as in – people with billions of years of planetary experience think an ice age now is helpful against the background of eventual heat death – the societal costs of the LIES are adding up.

Likewise, I feel that the push to advance genetic modification of humans is duplicitously framed. The phony pandemic – the push to GENVAX – the denial of hydroxychloroquine – it all STINKS.

Back to C&EN.

In the March 1, 2021 issue, there is coverage of an mRNA drug company, Orna Therapeutics, being launched with an 80 million dollar war chest – which is a buck for every year of Nancy Pelosi’s life, per MTG. This venture is being spun off of MIT research.

Orna launches for circular mRNA drugs


It is explicitly stated that this mRNA therapeutics venture is going forward because of the success of the SCAMDEMIC vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna. And who is investing in Orna? A whole bunch of drug companies, including Gilead, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Novartis.


Big Pharma GOT RID OF TRUMP and forced a human experiment on all of humanity, while using leftist politics to force buy-in by as many people as possible. WE CAN SEE IT.

Just because they could do it, does not make it right. SHAME on them all, including the CHEERLEADERS at Chemical & Engineering News. SHAME.

Now, jump forward to the March 15, 2021 issue, and we tie this all together with CRISPR.

Gene therapy relieves pain in mice
CRISPR-based method could treat chronic pain


What scientists at Navega Therapeutics did here was actually very cool – they used a BAD version of CRISPR-Cas9 which doesn’t properly snip the gene for a pain receptor, but instead PARKS there and blocks it, to prevent pain in mice. They didn’t do “gene splicing” – they did “gene blocking”. They used adenoviral vectors – kinda like the Johnson+Johnson and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines – to “send in the clowns”. AND IT WORKED. As an independent pain researcher said of the whole thing, “super-exciting paper”.

This is pure research, and it’s actually very cool, and even morally acceptable to people who don’t believe in gene tampering per se but – yeah – it’s all moving forward because they know they can use it on people because of the SCAMDEMIC. The next stop on this one is NON-HUMAN PRIMATES.

Bottom line: Gene therapy is here – it’s coming to your doc soon – and you can’t stop it. Not only that – if you resist too much, they will launch a phony sociobiological event to try to MAKE you take whatever they want.

Welcome to “The Biden-Harris administration – How the new leaders aim to restore science to US governance”, as stated on the February 1, 2021 cover of Chemical & Engineering News.

It’s going to be an interesting ride, no matter what.


I could end on that SOUR NOTE of Branch Covidian and ChiNazi end-zone dancing at COVID-19 half-time. We could all remain AT their game, which is really IN their game. We could run out for CRISPR doughnuts and GMO Pork Sausage and come back to our socially distant seats for the Cuban National Anthem and the “accidental” wardrobe malfunctions.

Or we could get up, walk out, embrace a life which truly respects nature, the universe, and TRUTH ITSELF. We could read some books and magazines, gain awareness of what is happening, and TAKE CONTROL OF THE WHOLE DAMN STADIUM from afar. Maybe not right away, but sooner than we think.

I believe that others have gone where we are now, and sympathize with our plight. Likewise, I believe that higher powers serve THE LORD, and in doing so, will not abandon us to the Evil One.

Freedom, independence, justice and TRUTH are all worth fighting for – and we are NOT ALONE in wanting them.

No matter WHAT you think of any of this technology, or the vaccines…..


If I would defend your right to SAY anything, would I not defend your right to LIVE as you wish?


We will bring SANITY and MORALITY back to this country, and we will do it sooner than many think.


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You had me at “Fight like Trump”

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Wolf Moon
Thank you so much for all the work and research you did to produce this piece. Congratulations! It’s very good that you decided to put it up today.
I think I understand much of what you say. However, I do have a question or two:

Am I correct in concluding that the CCP Virus “vaccines” that are out there now — Pfizer, Moderna, J&J — all incorporate genome-altering elements? What about other vaccines that are still in trials, like the Novavax, the Sputnik, etc.?
Assuming that the “vaccines” out there now do have genome-altering elements in them, what is being altered? — The recipient’s RNA or DNA? And to what end? — To keep the CCP VIrus (or its variants) re-infecting the recipient?
And if one of the end goals is to alter the recipient’s DNA/RNA — what about the documented accounts of pregnant women having miscarriages after getting the “vaccine”? — Is this a backdoor method of population reduction without calling it “genocide”?


Thank you so much, for all, esp. this little summary. Head spinning.


Very good post! Normal corrupt human motivation at work – JUST AS IT EVER WAS …

The problem is that normal corrupt humans now have the power to mess with the code of life, and their dreams of Empire building depend on their being able to deploy same.

Not to worry – do you really think God will let this happen – at this point in time? There may be some limited deployment of this with nasty outcomes, precisely because we are living in “this point in time”.

But, as you reminded me, we are supposed to “watch the water”. How about a slightly more specific version, like “watch the water in the desert”. When water comes to the desert, LIFE happens, kind of a miracle. The lifeless haunt of the Evil one is transformed, and saves humanity at the same time. Yeah, I’m not talking about an occasional rain event in a desert. I’m talking about the New Jerusalem, bring with it the Water of Life.

Note that hot deserts have the following interesting features:

  1. Just add water, and life arrives
  2. Dry deserts get very cold at night, because the heat radiates straight out to space, with no humid air present to “blanket” it.
  3. So bring water to a desert and you get 2 things
  • Plant life, which “sequesters” the evil CO2 molecule, “solving” muh “global warming”
  • A newly humid region, which no longer radiates vast quantities of surface heat out to space. Picture the Sahara and Central Australia as non deserts – no longer radiating continental quantities of heat out to space every night. Would that mitigate a cooling cycle? I would bet good money to that end. Which is actually what I am doing ……

So stop worrying, the Kingdom is VERY close.

The New Jerusalem will be established, and every knee will bow, every tongue confess. Just as surely as He is Risen, so will He Return.


Jason, I am taking advantage of your post to ask a favor. RL abruptly took over my daily routine when your bio story was on the verge of revelation. I was gone at the wrong time. Do you remember what day(s) you posted the final parts? IIRC you had just talked about the stock Jasonx and the unusual scientific names which related to your ultimate story. TY!


Hi Tona. RL intervened with respect to my story and I paused the telling. I expect to resume towards the end of this month. I will post the links to the prior sections then.

There are probably another 5 or so posts to get to the logical end – I will let you know when I resume with the necessary links


TY so much! I am glad I did not miss anything. I have enjoyed it so much and look forward to the rest.


TY for your interest. I hope the final conclusion will it!


“And the proper answer to the question, quite literally, is “I didnt say that – BUT I SHOULD HAVE, AND HERE’S WHY.

Under further questioning, “Yes. I’m saying that NOW.

The technique of media misdirection away from an unstated power point is a brilliant kind of “forced inverted quasi-strawman”, which gets one to refute their own best implied argument, by backing off from the insinuated truth.

It’s ingenious, and it works. But it’s WRONG. It DEMANDS push-back.”


It sounds exactly like you’re describing caving in to peer-pressure, to the ‘gotcha’ press tactics.

When confronted with peer-pressure, as a grown man or woman, the easy answer is to go OVER THE TOP and all-in.

Pathetic Peer-pressure Pusher: “You didn’t really mean that, did you?”

Reply: “Not only did I mean exactly that, but I forgot to mention this, that and the other thing too, so here they are.”

Then STARE at them. Don’t just keep talking, trying to justify ourselves. Use the sales technique of SHUTTING UP and let the other person fill the awkward silence, if they can.

How hard is that?

If you are RIGHT on whatever the issue is, never EVER back down, not even an inch. Take ground instead.

When they try to make you back down, when they try to ‘raise’ you, go all-in, OVER THE TOP, in their face.

What is there to lose?

Backing down and apologizing all over yourself is a GUARANTEED LOSS 😂🤣😂

But if you call their bluff, if you go OVER THE TOP, you have at least TWO chances to win:

1) your opponent folds, because they’re not even HALF as sure of or committed to their position as you are to yours

2) you are right on the facts, and they’re not

Two chances to win vs. guaranteed loss.

The math is pretty simple.

Brave and Free

So now the push to immunize children is taking place before the truth is exsposed.
Evil people they are.


“I don’t WANT your weak and unpredictable vaccine. I got the disease and LIVED. I like my immunity. I pick my nose, I eat off other people’s plates, I don’t wear a mask, and life is just like before.”

This is me.

Good post. A lot to take in.

Big Medicine has lost me altogether because of their lies. Lying about one thing absolutely negates my trusting you about anything, ever again.


 Lying about one thing absolutely negates my trusting you about anything, ever again.

This is a CRITICAL point which relates to everything nowadays.


I used to be all about the second chances. But someone told me once that when somebody tells you who they are, you should believe them. Once I took that to heart and started to really follow it, my life changed immeasurably for the better.


Exactly my experience. Regrets, I have a few, and one of them is thinking back on circumstances where I wrongly gave a second chance, mostly to keep the peace, and in hopes of better circumstances. I was the only one hurt in those circumstances.

I give most people an abundance of trust and goodwill, but a single abuse forfeits that. And I have NEVER regretted that approach.

Brave and Free

I needed that advice at this time in my life, thanks aubergine. I’ve done what you’ve described to many times.


It’s so hard not to! We want to forgive and forget, it’s almost hard-wired in.


That is the problem. I practiced what I thought was turning the other cheek. But at some point I realized I misunderstood what that meant. And with my new understanding, things are much better.



Brave and Free

I’ve recently had someone say to me that maybe this was a test that we’ve missed interpret as compassion for the other person????


Sometimes toff love is the only answer. Wonder if God uses toff love also?

Brave and Free

Absolutely, we think we’re doing the correct/biblical response, yet we’re missing the associated downside to ourselves.


My mistake, I believe, was in both overestimating and underestimating the effect of turning the other cheek.

I believed by turning the other cheek, I was somehow instructing the other person, changing them into a better person by example. Nope!

Now, by turning the other cheek, I do not hate in return, I do not retaliate, I do not harbor grudges, and I do not seek revenge. I continue to love the person, even if I have nothing more to do with them. I ask God’s blessings on them, and ask forgiveness for any harm I may have done them, of which I am unaware, and which may be in some part be a cause for their behavior.

Deplorable Patriot

You can’t change people or teach them a lesson if they aren’t receptive to what you have to say. It’s a bitter pill some days, but there it is.


The Holy Spirit changes people, if at all. That was a very hard and humbling experience to learn, but also a huge, joyful relief to realize!


Yes the Holy Spirit changes the heart of man/women if they are open to it.
I realized a long time ago leading retreats that I had no power at all. All the good that came out of the retreats were the working of the Holy Spirit.


Wonderful 🙂


I believe in forgiveness but I do not forget and yes I also believe in consequences. Forgiving is in the Lords Prayer “to forgive as God forgives me.” Even though God forgives I am still facing consequences.
Sometimes consequences are that I release a person from friendship or acquaintanceship.
Just as many people I forgave but did not let a person know the consequences. ” Did not Jesus say to forgive 7 times 70?” Do not remember but it sounds good to me.


One point touched on briefly deserves further exploration — the absorption of foreign DNA into our cells’ DNA.

Once thought impossible, we are coming around to the point where it seems fairly common. Part of this is the discovery of extrachromosomal DNA. As an example of one type of such, there are plasmids — “A plasmid is a small, often circular DNA molecule found in bacteria and other cells. Plasmids are separate from the bacterial chromosome and replicate independently of it. They generally carry only a small number of genes, notably some associated with antibiotic resistance. Plasmids may be passed between different bacterial cells.” [ ]

In other words, a L. rhamnosus can bump into an E. coli in a human gut, and politely go, “I say, you wouldn’t happen to have any penicillin resistance you might share, would you?”, and receive a DNA packet in return. Considering that the colon may have a microbiome density of up to 10^12 cells per gram of intestinal content, this probably happens quite often.

So far as I know, there is no reason to suppose that such exchanges are never made with human cells, as well.


Party in your pants?


That gut bacteria emit human hormones to regulate human organ behavior (including modifying gene expression).

That humans emit substances that regulate gene expression (and other behavior) in bacteria.

That a significant advantage of breastfeeding is preloading the infant’s gut with symbiotic bacteria.

That genetic material may be swapped between organisms, including those of different species.

Illness can also introduce genetic material into cells.

Besides coding for proteins, there is DNA that codes for an operating system, bootstrapping, and even complex behaviors like herding — and it is strongly conserved…..any mammalian species without ICU’s that gives birth to a newborn without a nursing reflex is rapidly going to lose an infant.


That you are not born with the DNA you will die with, nor with the DNA that you will pass to your progeny.

There are controls, evolved over millions of years, to limit the damage and confusion that introduced DNA can produce.

There are mechanisms in place to identify helpful DNA and facilitate its assimilation.


Epic post, Wolf.
 😳  😀  👍 

Lots to ponder here.
Thank you!


That is about right. Almost everyone should. And get a blood test every year to check your levels.

Concerned Virginian

So apparently the CDC says that Ivermectin “hasn’t been studied enough” for them to recommend it being used to treat / prevent the CCP Virus. The FDA says that it shouldn’t be used.
Isn’t it ** interesting ** that the FDA, who also gave the EUA for the current CCP Virus “vaccines”, is against the use of Ivermectin?
From the Health Impact News article, it appears that the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J “vaccines” have an element in them that interferes with the protein produced during pregnancy that assists in the correct development of the placenta and to “cement it” into the correct place. Once this anti-protein spike is introduced into the woman’s body via the “vaccine”, a current pregnancy can end and/or the woman can become infertile.
“Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19”

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

Was at a TSC the other day and there were warnings plastered everywhere in the med section about how bad Ivermectin is for humans…and don’t use it to treat Covid.


Just an interesting thing I saw in a comment on some other site. Every time the commenter had something to say about Covid, he referred to it as Covid-1984.


I so distrust pharma and government that I would call for a moratorium on experimental vaccines and ALL that entails until a public airing of EVERYTHING they have been up to, via a commission.

Humanity has a right to know what is being done and every sector has a right to weigh in on the ethics and moral basis for going forward or not.


🤣 That’s all I could think of at the moment.

Deplorable Patriot

I thought maybe you were going to go to needing to create an enemy to fight with this post, but the main point that we can’t trust what is presented as science due to political interference is well taken.

What is interesting about this particular scamdemic, for me, from a propaganda point of view is that while the sheep – all of humanity, really – wants a silver bullet of sorts like penicillin once was, it was available, but shoved aside in favor of something that sounded far more cool.


And I do think that the long standing and previous arguments against the full schedule worked to the advantage of those pushing the shots. It’s a social conformity matter at this point, as far as I’m concerned.

Deplorable Patriot

And I do agree that the passport concept is going to be the foot in the door for the truth to come out eventually. I’m not at all sure how it is going to manifest, but it simply isn’t going to come to fruition the way the powers that be will want it to.

Deplorable Patriot



Communists always opt for social credit that is how they control the population. Who does not want their child to go get a good education?
Who would not like to get a good job?
Who does not want to be able to travel to other states to see family?
Who would not like to buy something that makes life easier like a new washing machine?
See how credits work?


The DeSantis story is a distraction from Fauci and Collins roles in GoF research in China funded by US taxpayers.

American tax dollars were sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to modify bat-based coronaviruses without review from an HHS board that exists to scrutinize such research.

The board wasn’t even notified of the grant’s existence.

— Andrew Kerr (@AndrewKerrNC) April 5, 2021

Adding pandemic potential to a bat pathogen is only part of it, imo. Then, I suspect, the enhanced virus was introduced to a transgenic mouse enhanced with humanlike lungs. This mouse model was functional in 2007.

…”Mouse models play a critical role in both vaccine and drug development. Studies have shown that SARS-CoV enters the human body by binding to human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). However, due to structural differences in mouse ACE2 compared to human ACE2 proteins, the SARS coronaviruses exhibit poor tropism characteristics for mouse tissues and are inefficient at infecting mice. As a result of this poor viral tissue tropism in mice, commonly used wild-type mouse strains are not optimal for studying infections of the newly discovered coronavirus. Fortunately, a transgenic model is now available to fill the unmet need for an in vivo experimental platform for COVID-19 research”…

Jackson labs has a facility in Wuhan. They partner with China on belt and road.

Does transfer of a bat virus to a human becomes much easier when you have a genetically modified mouse with humanlike lungs that you can infect?

Looking for a civet or a pangolin for the zoonotic transfer? Might as well look for a squirrel.

Last edited 1 year ago by marymorse

We are well down the road to perdition with this stuff.


It is and has been my considered opinion that EVERY citizen has to take their health, particularly with covid, into their own hands, and plan accordingly.

Taking the right supplements every day, losing weight, and being as healthy as possible is one thing to do.

But also, making damned sure you have treatments for covid in YOUR hands before you need them!

I have at least three ways to treat in the cupboard right now. We all should. Who knows when the political winds will shift again, and cut off an avenue? Will ivermectin become a controlled substance at the feed store? It could. Will doctors be arrested for prescribing HCQ? They could.

Planning now might save you or your family.


I am reluctant to call an online doctor and tell him I have symptoms I do not have. That is what has stopped me with HQ. And the ivermectin is available at farm stores, I understand, but not having dealt with substances like that intended for animals, I am reluctant there, too (if I could find a farm store). I am probably being over cautious.

I wish a website were available which could break the considerations down very simply.


I went to my doctor, explained that I wanted the HCQ in my hands, and gave her all my reasons. She prescribed it. Not all would, I’m sure.


OK. My doctor’s office went full BLM and related baloney. I have been with my doctor many years and like him, but I think he is a weak person and has signed on with SJW and all that implies.

But I may as well try.


Go armed with information. And don’t just take the first “no” for an answer. I had to push, and my doctor is an osteopath, open to herbal medicines and everything. I just was unrelenting. It’s your body, your health, and YOUR choice.


TY so much!


You are welcome! Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


Also you might check out americas frontline doctors, They have online dr set-up but want you to be honest, & queue accordingly. I have not tried yet, but site helpful imo.


Oops sorry —I violated the read-on rule. Grandma already helped here. Back beneath my haystack, God bless all Treepers.




I believe the frontline doctors may be able to help you with that. Check their site.


OK, that site made it crystal clear! Other sites sounded too ominous.

Those with symptoms are prioritized, those without can still get results. THAT is what I was looking for!


Read all the way through and I think I got the gist, but to be honest a lot was over my head. But TY for the hard work, and courage.

On the passport being a downside for CCP/plutocrats like Gates, and their Democrat allies, I respectfully demur.

I have twice alluded to Chernobyl as a critical EVENT which loosened the grip of the Soviet communists. The alienation was already there, the truth was actually understood by most Russians, but it took the undeniable tragedy of Chernobyl to loosen the grips, as EVERYONE realized that the communist oligarchy was in it ONLY for themselves, and that the People had nothing more to lose.

Coincidentally and since, I read something about the French Revolution which was new to me. The Revolution was preceded by a summer of severe drought and famine, which was followed immediately by one of the bitterest winters on record, with subzero temperatures. These weather EVENTS and their consequent hardships loosened the grip of the Royalty and aristocracy (which included the privileged Clergy). The alienation was already there, and the truth was widely understood, but these events made the People understand they had nothing to lose, while TPTB took care of themselves in abundance.

I have my doubts about the negative political effects of the passports. The communists are masters at calibration, and the masks have been powerful evidence of their mastery.

I cannot imagine what EVENT could loosen the grip on America, but I do not think it will be the passports.



The passports may be the softening up of the target, but I agree it will take a greater evil to turn the tide.

It will happen. It may be the vaccine deaths and injuries. That is barreling down on them like an avalanche.

I hear, personally, almost every day of people I know who are getting very sick from the vaccines.

That’s why the press is now slathering the public with fears of mutant viruses. There is a window that is fast closing for the oligarchs.


And, as usual, it is the Fake Reality by the soviet media which makes the critical difference. That, and the uncomprehending nature of many, many well meaning Americans, who cannot conceive of a Fake Reality.


Thoughtful article on how the mRNA jabs are the ‘shot’ over the bow of transhumanism.

Concerned Virginian

And now there is Klaus Schwab now saying that ANY person who is an “anti-vaxxer” is a threat to humanity. And soyboy Macron, Davos tool Boris Johnson, and Mer-kud are echoing the same.
Of course, this is to set up the narrative that ANY person who doesn’t take the CCP Virus “vaccine” is an “enemy to public health”, so they must be stripped of what remains of their freedom.


You misspelled “homicidal maniac”.


Klaus Schwab is a dangerous man. I watched him speak he gives me the creeps.


I’m halfway through this article and have it bookmarked to ponder later for the wealth of material it provides. Thank you, Wolf!

[…] Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19 […]

[…] Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19 […]