Wolf’s Red-Hot Date With Retrotranscriptive Faucipox

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Is Persistent Reverse Transcription a Hidden Virus/Vaccine Objective?

Gloating Pre-Preface

There are few feelings of satisfaction like opening up the NEWS and knowing one’s theories and understandings are WORKING even better than one thought.

Let’s see if they use this one for damage control, and get the “new science” out before the STORY OF THE SCAM gets ahead of them. CDC is lying to us so badly. SO badly.

It’s all good, people. I’m on these bastards like BLACK on TAR.

Notice that the governor’s WIFE also tested positive later. But most importantly, notice how the news never asks the RIGHT QUESTIONS connecting the vaccine to the positive test. Instead, we get LIES.

Example: https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/06/politics/greg-gianforte-montana-governor-tests-positive-covid/index.html

Archive: https://archive.fo/PV9pN

The FAKE NEWS is going along with this crap. They are so deep in this.

Yes, we are now in peak MITHRIDATISM that they wanted to turn into the MIDAS TOUCH of SPIKE PROTEIN.

Such a SCAM.

In my opinion, the CDC should be CLOSED as a CRIME SCENE.

Thank you, Greg. You are a SCIENTIST, and when you felt SYMPTOMS you forced them into coughing up the DATA that reveals how badly they SCAMMED us, and how badly they continue to scam us.

I think Fauci knows exactly what I know. He could tell you EXACTLY why this happened. And once Rand Paul reads this, he’ll know, too. Somebody needs to start cornering Fauci on all this crap.

It ALL goes somewhere.

LOOSE SCIENCE that you know and everybody else doesn’t is a MAGIC ACT. BAD FAUCI!

I’m seeing into the psy-op, people. I’m seeing so deeply.


Once you see the spike protein CORRECTLY, you see why they do everything they do.

How much you want to bet Bill Gates is wise to this stuff?

Real Preface

I have come to the conclusion that something is very wrong with COVID-19 and the vaccines thereof, and I think I’ve finally put my finger on the scientific macguffin that ties all the skeevy, sketchy stuff together – reverse transcription.

That would be that little red arrow back to DNA from RNA.

It turns out that reverse transcription, and vaccines for diseases that might code for it, are very “Fauci”.

Learn to code. It’s KEY.

Too many things “political, organizational, governmental, and media” have not added up about the phony “plague”. Going beyond that, too much SCIENCE about the “novel coronavirus” and vaccines being offered for them, simply did not add up.

At least, not until now.

It’s not my inner conspiracy theorist which is finding a problem here – it’s my inner scientist. I am having great difficulties rationalizing certain seemingly careless choices which have resulted in some of the most problematic and badly framed medical offerings since “eye of newt” and “really large leeches for anemia“.

I am having a scientific problem with TESTING that is so bad – so intentionally bad – that it borders on the freaking Ouija Board.


It’s all the result of DISHONEST SCIENCE.

Background: “Science Is Real”

I’m not exactly anti-science, having worked in science all my life. I’m not even opposed to “transhumanism”, which I don’t think is inherently and necessarily BAD. The idea of expanding my memory without putting Google or Facebook or anybody else in charge of it? Talk to me. I’m listening.

I’ve ALWAYS gotten the flu vaccine – ALWAYS. I NEVER miss it. That’s not exactly transhumanism, but it shows that, for most of my life, I had great TRUST in medical science. In fact, I would even say I still do. Generally speaking.

I’ve had vaccines for everything I could get – even the RABIES vaccine, when I was bitten by a bat. The rabies vaccine is, in fact, one of the STRONGEST defenses of vaccination in medical history. No vaccine opponent WILL or SHOULD turn down the rabies vaccine – it is a HUGE success story in medicine. If you get bitten by a rabid animal, the rabies vaccine promptly administered against that SLOW virus will SAVE YOUR LIFE. Some vaccines are of arguable worth, but the rabies vaccine is not one of them.

Indeed, I consider myself to be something of a gourmet, or at the very least a connoisseur of vaccines. Previous “reviews” of vaccines on this site have featured my lovely assistant, Miss Direction, née Retroculture, who helps me convince people that vaccines weren’t always questionable, and might even be good for people.

Wolf’s Hot Date With Retrosynthetic Dinopox

Hey, it’s not every day that I get to post something that’s not only about the unspeakable issue of vaccines, but is both PRO-VAX and ANTI-VAX at the same time. I mean, what’s the use of FREE SPEECH if we can’t use it to troll EVERYBODY – including PENCILNECK? Whoops – WRONG PENCILNECK. Let’s try …

Wolf’s Chill Second Date With Retrosynthetic Dinopox

Perhaps you recall my PREVIOUS correspondence and “review” of the new, two-shot shingles vaccine, Shingrix – or more specifically, my review of the FIRST SHOT. Wolf’s Hot Date With Retrosynthetic Dinopox Hey, it’s not every day that I get to post something that’s not only about the unspeakable issue of vaccines, but is both PRO-VAX and …

I was anticipating getting one of the new coronavirus vaccines – and was holding out for the first one PROVEN to be safe for recoverees from COVID-19, one of whom I happen to be.

My lungs aren’t that good anymore – not after COVID-19 seared them like some kind of biological chlorine gassing on the front lines in France. I have to be very careful. Another case of COVID, or pulmonary / vascular coronavirus vaccine side effects of comparable severity, might actually “finish me off”.

So – I’m SHOPPING. And I mean SMART SHOPPING. I’ve been paying a LOT of attention to the new vaccines, and trying to understand their technologies, their benefits, their risks, and the science behind them. I simply can’t afford to make a mistake on side effects. Not if I want to enjoy the retirement for which I worked LONG and HARD.

I already knew quite a bit of the science behind COVID and the new vaccines – enough that it has been easy for me to follow the scientific news about these things. I’m not a virologist, an epidemiologist, a vaccine expert, or a molecular biologist, but I’ve worked with such people for much of my life. I picked up a few key ideas in the process. I’ve also come up with a few scientific ideas and principles of my own, but that is largely because I’m a devotee of the history of science, which gives perspective on science.

If you don’t think science can be WRONG, and that large numbers – HERDS – of scientists therein, can go OVER A CLIFF, just take a look at Planet Vulcan, Lysenkoism, The Great Leap Forward, and science in the Third Reich – a seminar on the latter having been quite instructive in my youth. It was not simple how the scientific masses in Germany were led astray, once socialist politics DRAGGED, PUSHED, and SCARED them away from “Jewish Science”. The top echelons of German science, filled with Jews and their friends and spouses, were forced into horrible choices, as some of the best science and scientists were politically rejected over a real social stupidity which fractured and destroyed what was arguably the leading scientific nation on the planet.

None of that had to happen – but it did.

Don’t think we’re immune from scientific debacle. We’re not. Socialism is the greatest “hold my beer” knucklehead that science ever green-lighted into a dysfunctional relationship. He’s always coming back on Saturday night with roses and cherry vodka, after the “last” last time he wrecked Science’s cute little sports car.

Science normally checks itself for errors – and it is my contention that the checking needs to be extensive – all the way out to society as a whole – including stakeholder scientists, non-stakeholder scientists, and even the non-scientific public at large. Sure, you can skip the non-stakeholders and the public, but is it wise? Hardly, in my opinion. The smaller the group needing to be fooled, the easier it is to accomplish things which society simply does not want, or which have vast intended or unintended consequences.

Yuri Geller proved that scientists are easy to fool. James Randi made that point even more strongly. And I have my own take on it, which adds pushy and manipulative politics of any kind as a RISK to science. The same “sale by urgency” which works for salesmen at the appliance store, works in science. Many of us – particularly those of us with historical perspective – saw this problem in climate science. Now, we see it in COVID and vaccines. We are being rushed into something, for some reason. The questions are WHAT and WHY.

I’m going to assume that most people reading this, have started to grasp enough of the basics of viruses and vaccines, and particularly the new mRNA and DNA vaccines, that they don’t need “the way things are supposed to work” explained to them. Indeed, if you go out, and absorb all the “mainstream” journalism on COVID – science sites – mainstream media – cable networks – your favorite non-conspiratorial “science guys” – fact checkers – explaining the way things are SUPPOSED TO WORK, you will be thoroughly and smartly educated by excellent science.

If you want, try this great link courtesy of Ethical Skeptic, one of my favorite “dissident scientists” out there, pulling us back from the current “woke Lysenkoism” we seem to be in.

See? Yeah, I’m a grade-A conspiracy theorist, because I told you to look at Snopes, and not some clickbait site saying these vaccines are injecting nanobots into you to turn you into something non-human.

The PROBLEM with the conspiracy theories on vaccination isn’t so much DIRECTION as it is MAGNITUDE. It’s all over-reach. Silly, perhaps well-intended, but self-discrediting overreach. Much of it is clickbait or psy-op. A lot of it is actually true – at some small level – often orders of magnitude less dramatic than the headline claims. I can talk to the consumers of such in terms they will understand, and I’m generally talking them DOWN and BACK to what are more scientifically grounded problems with the new vaccines. And there are some. Which is the POINT of this entire piece.

In this essay, I am now talking primarily to what might be called “vaccination normies”, who are – like me – normally rather trusting of vaccines, but perhaps feel like there’s something not quite right about the current situation. These are people who have SOME vaccine hesitancy, but are likewise leery of TRULY baseless skepticism of science.

I’m talking about the people who put “SCIENCE IS REAL” yard signs out in front of their houses. There is a side of me that likes that. However, there is a side of me that wants to put out a sign that drops LOVE IS LOVE (Pedo? No way!) and all the rest, and sticks to what I know about science from the inside:


You see what I’m sayin’? You want SCIENCE, you get the whole, lovely, crazy, smart, dumb, dysfunctional bimbo who thinks she can handle SOCIALISM, and ends up on some frat party lawn in a lab coat and a mini-skirt, throwing her shoes at strangers, demanding somebody take her home, and SHE’S NOT DRUNK.

Yeah. I knew that crazy, wonderful bitch.

Wolf’s Take on Coronavirus Vaccines

You can check out my posting history here to follow the chronology of my thinking on coronavirus vaccines, but I’ll try to recap toward my current thinking, and what seems to be wrong with them. I am going to lead you up to my last post on the vaccines, where I almost saw what I’m seeing now, plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

That post:

Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19

PREFACE I thought that I might withhold this post on Easter Sunday, and then I changed my mind, thanks to Deplorable Patriot, Trump, Gab and Jesus. If anybody ever FOUGHT on Easter Sunday, it was Christ. It’s time to FOLLOW POINT. The Branch Covidians have taken a toll, but the WAR is turning, and – …

The first news that really grabbed me was about Inovio – a DNA vaccine – a “Bill Gates” vaccine (almost all are, TBH) – and thus one of what I will refer to as genetic vaccines. Such vaccines are not supposed to work by modifying one’s genes or genome, despite the word genetic. They simply exploit cellular biochemical processes CLOSER to the genes, using the known biology of genetic expression. They dump DNA or messenger RNA (or a close facsimile thereof, to be more precise) into existing cellular processes, to “fool” the processes into creating – in the case of the current coronavirus vaccines – a stabilized form of the spike protein of the virus.

At the time, I noticed that these would be THE FIRST genetic vaccines being tested in or deployed successfully in humans. And this is where things get “iffy”. Just a little bit.

The next vaccine to get into the news in a big way was Moderna – an mRNA vaccine, again using a full and slightly stabilized spike protein as the antigen, but created in vivo via the mRNA genetic instructions thereof. While Moderna seemed to be successful in its first clinical trials, the side effects were noteworthy, frequent, and fairly significant – even compared to the notoriously “spicy”, arm-reddening-and-bicep-swelling, shingles vaccine, Shingrix. As one respected “pro-vax” scientist of my old acquaintance put it, they would have to kill him to give him the Moderna vaccine. He was definitely thinking the same thing I was thinking. Rush job, problems, keep looking.

My initial hopes quickly moved toward Novavax. Novavax is NOT an mRNA or DNA vaccine. It uses the same full stabilized spike protein strategy as the others, but it provides the spike protein AS spike protein, using a nifty little nanochemical “pincushion” to hold the spikes in an outwardly facing array, thus to engage receptors properly and at LOW DOSAGE. This is an excellent strategy that AVOIDS the unknowns of mRNA vaccines like Moderna, or DNA vaccines like Inovio or Russia’s Sputnik V.

The most significant risks of spike protein vaccines like Novavax are the risks of the spike protein itself, NOT of abusing the genetic processes to CREATE the spike protein in vivo, like Moderna. Indeed, Moderna scientists admitted in one of their first papers on their vaccine, that there ARE unknown potentials for long-term side effects with mRNA vaccines. Go find the paper – it’s there. They couch the admission in gentle and somewhat obscuring language, but the disclaimer is there. It has to be. They’re being honest.

mRNA vaccines in animals have not been uniformly free of side effects, to put it VERY kindly. We can argue about the severity of those side effects, and whether they extrapolate to humans, but I suppose we will find out now. The risks are there, and they tend to be long-term. So – in full disclosure – there are RISKS to mRNA vaccines. The older you are, the less the long-term risks matter, and conveniently, the higher the risks of COVID-19 itself. That’s a good thing. It means we only have to take the risks with those patients who can most likely afford them.

On the flip side, why the hell we want to take huge, unnecessary risks to vaccinate children is beyond me, but I’ll save those arguments for another essay. Or look at my LAST essay. Those arguments are, in part, subtle “history of vaccination” propositions that would bog us down right now.

In contrast, Novavax doesn’t take those risks. It’s a more conservative vaccine. This is why it jumped to the top of my list. An entire class of risks – the genetic processing ones – were automatically removed. As a “nothing can go wrong or I’m likely DEAD” vaccine recipient, I appreciated my better chances with Novavax.

BUT as a “real” scientist, I am not just swayed by THEORY – I love the results of EXPERIMENT. Thus, when Pfizer’s clinical trial results came out, I was IMPRESSED by the excellent antibody levels and the almost minimal side-effects. Far from being an arm-burner like Moderna, Pfizer was looking to be much milder on short-term side-effects, with stronger adverse effects being downright RARE. The large population of test subjects also implied that a recoveree LIKE ME was likely in the study by accident – and NO deaths or severe reactions occurred – definitely a GOOD SIGN for my case.

This not only bode well for lower likelihood of some kind of lethal short-term reaction due to my recoveree status – the smart scientific position would be that lower short-term risk very likely reflects lower long-term risk – and this supposition is completely absent ANY “knowing” causative reason to connect them.

Thus, Novavax and Pfizer were at the top of my list. Things were looking GOOD to take a vaccine, even if I didn’t get an explicit study on safety in recoverees.

And THEN reality started to hit.

Yes – when millions of doses of a vaccine go out, there are going to be deaths and injuries. We have a system in place – let’s be honest – which tries to HIDE the minority reports on vaccine adverse events, in order to keep buy-in on vaccine compliance. That doesn’t mean people should stop getting vaccines, any more than reports on horrible vehicle accidents OR the “hiding” of such accidents on the back pages of newspapers, mean that we should stop driving.

Nevertheless, my scientific curiosity was piqued. We DO have COVID vaccine problems now, and MORE than seemed to have been revealed by the vaccine trials.



Taking stock of the many positives and negatives associated with THREE VACCINES which gained the most initial experience – Moderna, Pfizer, and Oxford/AstraZeneca – I noted three things, one from each.

Moderna – side effects sometimes REMARKABLY resembled COVID-19 itself – even up to SEVERITY.

Pfizer – nursing home patients were testing positive AFTER vaccination – some dying of COVID symptoms

AstraZeneca – hematological problems reminded me of another protein hemotoxin – snake venoms

I could go into deep details about these observations, but in TWO of the cases, it was VIDEOS where the “light-bulb” finally went on. So let’s look at some videos.

Moderna: Ben Stein’s vaccination experience

As I was listening to Ben, I was stunned. He was describing COVID-19 – at least from my perspective. This was not coincidence – this was SPIKE PROTEIN.


Note that Ben is still “pro-vax” here – he’s just CAUTIONING people about REALITY.

Pfizer: Nursing Home CNA describes correlation of vaccination to later positive diagnosis and death

This man, a CNA in a nursing home, reported online what he had observed, amidst great personal anguish about “whistle-blowing”. He observed that he had protected his elderly patients for all of 2020, but when they finally got the Pfizer vaccine, many of them just started “testing positive” and DYING. He was NOT buying the management line that there was a super-spreader – if you listen to him, he’s fully contemptuous of the idea. He was CERTAIN it was the vaccine.

I agreed with this guy – a TRUSTED SCIENTIFIC REPORTER, in my opinion. His GUT was telling him that the chronology was one of correlation. He was very likely seeing in his mind a pattern in a delay over TIME, integrated over cases, that could only be explained by the vaccine itself. He was NOT accepting the management excuse of a “super-spreader” fortuitously infecting the vaccinated, to give that same result. THIS GUY is my kind of scientist. SKEPTICAL of ad hoc, contrived, politically correct explanations that don’t explain all the facts and observations in a clean, natural fashion.

AstraZeneca: Rare but serious clotting reactions are enough to evoke CONCERN from medical professionals

I think THESE DOCTORS in the following video represent my position extremely well – the problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine are RARE, but we KNOW there is a correlation, and it is our DUTY to stop and fix the problems, weighing in particular the relatively lower risks of COVID-19 itself in younger patients, where these events are occurring.

The difference between IGNORING the rare thrombocytopenia incidences and FIGURING THEM OUT is the difference between Stalinism and responsible popular government.

I truly admire these front line doctors for their SCIENTIFIC BALANCE. Frankly, I consider front line doctors to be scientists of the highest order, just like that CNA in the video above. PRACTICE is what matters – not DEGREES.

Now in this latter case, the AstraZeneca vaccine, I dragged in what I consider a very useful analogy to hemotoxic snake venoms, but I didn’t really see WHY this would be happening – until I found something that explains ALL of these problems.

I just didn’t realize I was holding an ACE.

The Macguffin – Reverse Transcription

In March of 2021, I reacquainted myself with a paper that I had noted when it came out, in December of 2020, but had not fully grasped the significance. The authors clearly knew that what they had found was a big deal, and worded the title appropriately, but even then, I don’t think they dared consider the possible deeper significance of their finding.

Nobody can FIRE ME from retirement, so I’m quite willing to say what needs to be said. Could it be wrong? Maybe. But if it’s RIGHT, there are issues that need to be dealt with. So let’s go there.

LINK: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.12.12.422516v1.full

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/XWC52

New Results Comments (42)

SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome

Liguo Zhang, Alexsia Richards, Andrew Khalil, Emile Wogram, Haiting Ma, Richard A. Young, Rudolf Jaenisch
doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.12.12.422516

I will refer to this paper at “the Jaenisch paper” – after the main author to whom correspondence is written – not because I don’t want to credit the fortunate and likely excellent first co-author Zhang in this instance, but because there is another paper I talk about all the time, dealing with masks, that I call “the Zhang paper“.

THAT one – the mask paper – in an embarrassingly good journal – is a piece of crap – some of the worst “political science” ever – designed to virtue signal to the CCP-DNC narrative of election-fraud-assisting masks, in utter contradiction to the very data presented by the authors.

The Jaenisch paper, in contrast, opens up a barn door that I am sure both industry and “in bed” government wants closed, Closed, CLOSED.

Stated very bluntly, the paper says that the virus behind COVID-19 actually “changes the genome” of victims – similarly to, though not exactly like, HIV.

You know – that OTHER disease for which Fauci was so interested in creating a vaccine.

And not only that – the COVID-19 virus does it enough to throw off those damn PCR tests that Kary Mullis warned us about for the exact same reason. In fact, the solution of that aspect of testing – the way “test-triggering fragments” just hung on and on and on in recoverees – is one of the BEAUTIES of the Jaenisch paper. The conclusions of the paper explain very neatly certain OBSERVATIONS and scientific conundrums that were first found by Korean scientists, who were very very persistent in proving that their COVID patients were NOT getting reinfected, as the fear-mongering American media “wanted”, but were still testing POSITIVE while being NON-INFECTIOUS.

Now we have a wonderful explanation. Excellent scientific work. THIS is why I signed up for science!

The THREE-TRILLION DOLLAR QUESTION that nobody wants to ask, however, is whether the genetic vaccines based on mRNA or DNA of the viral spike protein do the same thing – meaning get incorporated into the genomes of recipients. Well, do they?

Ever? Sometimes? Always? Or even just enough to make a difference?

It’s a great question! That deserves a CLOSE LOOK with MUCH SIDE-EYE.

I will say this. Even if these vaccines only get incorporated sometimes, that would make the “crazy people” yelling “OMG THESE CORONAVIRUS VACCINES ARE GENETIC MODIFICATION!” become suddenly – oddly – scandalously – CORRECT.

I find that incredibly ironic.


The Spike Must Flow

I had set the Jaenish paper aside in my mind in January 2021, as I was busy being pursued by the FBI as an “insurrectionist”, having wanted to see “fellow dissident scientist” Dr. Simone Gold speak at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Rather luckily, I never found her, or realized where she was. Had I found her, I would have likely been arrested and all that nonsense, since she wandered, far too trustingly, into the interior of the Capitol building.

This old wolf, too wary to go into buildings – too old to play tug-of-war games – too injured to stand up to direct pepper spray – settled for singing the Star Spangled Banner at over 100 decibels with tens of thousands of patriots outside – which was an absolutely surreal experience.

But back to the story.

When I began seeing more and more vaccine problems by March of 2021, some of the possible answers seemed to point to the WHOLE SPIKE PROTEIN being the BAD ACTOR. The trouble was, I needed disease-producing levels of it. How might THAT be happening?

Look at Ben Stein. He was injected with only a small amount of COVID spike protein mRNA, but had disease like I did, when, in my case, the virus ran wild making BOTH spike protein AND more virus from it, in my cells.

The vaccine does NOT create any new virus. It does NOT have the full virus instructions. JUST the main one – the spike protein that provides a significant part of the viral shell.

Thus, the vaccine cannot create an EXPONENTIAL GROWTH of the spike protein, which the VIRUS does. The full virus creates more and more virus, meaning more and more spike protein, until something – immune response – shuts it all down.

The vaccine creates a few “fountains” of spike protein – basically “vaccine-infected” cells – but these get shut down as immunity builds. It never really gets out of control. Or at least, not normally.

So, for Ben Stein to have a powerful, disease-like experience, he needs cells that are cranking out far more spike protein than we would normally expect with the vaccine.

Well, if the INSTRUCTIONS for spike protein – in some people – got a bit upstream of just “slipping them into the print shop queue”, to where entire new print queues of spike protein and substantial, chimeric, problematic chunks thereof were being repeatedly ordered from DNA central operations, it would explain a whole lotta spike protein and associated chimeric junk being produced – more than anticipated.

And – I think I would be remiss if I didn’t consider the possibility that some of these bogus DNA instructions might be hard to shut down completely, thus providing an explanation of “long haulers” and “immunocompromised variant generators” beyond their known suffering of what can be rightly regarded as “simply” chronic damage from initial infection.

But let’s move on the to Pfizer nursing home case, and many other reported cases like it.

If we’re getting genetic incorporation of vaccine spike protein instructions at the DNA level by reverse transcription, like the Jaenish paper, perhaps in older individuals who are more susceptible to this problem, then it explains them testing positive later – and in some cases – if they can’t shut it off – DYING LATER.

Now – here is where KINETICS comes in. Kinetics is basically process flow rates. I talked about KINETICS in my LAST RANT on COVID-19, in which I began to put all this stuff together, but didn’t really put forth the totality of things until the comments section at the end of the post. I mentioned in the body of the post that the kinetics of viral interference didn’t seem to explain the nearly complete disappearance of flu while COVID was still significantly above herd immunity levels. It just felt to me that BOTH of these would shut down with greater similarity, if viral interference was the sole explanation. In that case, CDC lying to us about flu vaccine efficacy, understating the success to increase compliance, COMBINED with viral interference, provides a nicer (IMO) explanation of the observed kinetics.

Now, in the case of partial genetic incorporation, the kinetics of interest would be how fast the body shuts down spike protein production by cells without genetic incorporation, versus shutting down cells where there WAS genetic incorporation. If cells with significant production of spike protein due to genetic incorporation were not just sources of more spike protein and more symptoms, but also harder to shut down than “unincorporated” cells, and elderly people were increasingly subject to genetic incorporation with age, we might actually see the AGE-VACCINE DANGER relationship that is being seen in nursing homes, where the most elderly patients are at significantly greater and AGE-INCREASING risk from the mRNA vaccines – something we absolutely don’t want.

Are you starting to see why this explanation works for me?

Genetic incorporation of symptom-producing protein instructions by mRNA vaccines of the FULL SPIKE PROTEIN seems like a REAL WORKHORSE OF AN EXPLANATION.

And, if you’re following my reasoning, you can see that this can also explain the odd cases of thrombocytopenia in some younger patients getting the AstraZeneca vaccine.

In the AstraZeneca case, we would be seeing rare cases where spike protein production after genetic incorporation was just cranking away at levels reminiscent of hemotoxic envenomation by crotalids – or in English, snakebite, which is also (in certain snakes with certain proteins) characterized by thrombocytopenia.

I will tell you right now – there MAY be very similar cases in older patients – maybe not – but I suspect that such cases are less “systemically identifiable” in older patients where thrombosis is more “normal”, and will be more likely attributed to age and NOT the vaccine.

And here is the kicker. In all of these cases, because of the chimeric nature of the fragments noted in the Jaenisch paper, there is a certain RANDOMNESS which could be responsible for the random responses seen in different individuals and different vaccines, which by using significantly different mRNA vectors, may result in significantly different levels and exact circumstances of genetic incorporation in different individuals.

NOW – if it turns out that there IS genetic incorporation of vaccine-origin stabilized spike protein mRNA or DNA as genomic DNA, like the virus itself, then one of the first suspects for reverse transcriptase activity or induction thereof, would be the spike protein itself.

And THAT, my friends, opens up a REAL can of worms.

The Full Spike Protein Monty

Let me ask a really impertinent but really obvious question – something that Tucker Carlson is famous for.

Why are we vaccinating people with the WHOLE spike protein, or more precisely, stabilized analogs thereof?

OK – now I’m being a LAWYER here. I am asking questions to which I ALREADY know the answers, and in particular, the answers that Tony Fauci might give. Here is my argument on behalf of Fauci.

“We don’t really know EXACTLY where on the spike protein, might be the BEST place for antibodies to attack. Also, we don’t really have time to start guessing, when we can just use the whole thing. Most of the labs are modelling the whole molecule, and sharing data. It just makes sense that everybody sticks to the same model, so that any advances that one lab makes, can be quickly adopted by the other labs and researchers. If we begin using fragments of the spike protein, then results are going to be harder to interpret from lab to lab. There will be fragmentation of the science as well, and this will slow our response time tremendously. Comparison of results will be much more difficult. The timeline to a vaccine could be extended by months – even years. Maybe never……..”

See how that works? I would make a fantastic lying science bureaucrat – I know all the tricks already, because I used to negotiate compromises that result in the status quo in fake science in other ways.

Now – HERE is the superior counterargument that will LOSE because Tony Fauci is in control. For this argument, I’m a FRONT-LINE DOCTOR. Maybe I’m even Simone Gold, or one of the various doctors I followed back during the HCQ Wars.

“Yes, that’s all fine and good. But we are doctors, administering a VACCINE to patients. Adverse effects are real, and we want to minimize them. The spike protein is almost certainly the cause of much of the endothelial damage by this virus. Anything we can do to avert that damage is smart, including NOT using the full spike protein or analogs thereof. If we know the primary sites that antibodies need to attack, which we actually do, we can just use shorter peptide sequences or protein fragments constituting those sites. Modeling can make sure these fragments present the same, active, pre-fusion conformation. We can stabilize as needed to prevent immune enhancement, just like in the full spike protein. This shorter peptide approach has been successful in hepatitis vaccines. These peptides can be created quickly and formulated as vaccines in roughly the same time as the full protein. In fact, vaccine expert Winfried Stoecker has already done this, using the receptor binding domain of the spike protein, and creating a short peptide based on it. Since this technology is well-known, we don’t have to take any of the risks of messenger RNA or DNA technology. Nor do we have to use adenoviral vectors or new lipid nanodroplet technologies. Likewise, all of the advances in stabilizing pre-fusion conformation in the full spike protein can be used for the RBD peptide, so the risks of immune enhancement will be just as low. So, unless you can give us a reason to stick with the toxic spike protein, I’d say this is a no brainer.”

At least, that’s the way it looks to me.

Now, here are some interesting facts.

First, EVERYBODY is doing the full spike protein. The ONLY party that made a vaccine using less, was Prof. Stoecker, and he got in trouble for it, with the German government, because he wasn’t properly authorized, even though – well – normally he just does vaccine work and that’s that.


Second, you should note that – IF the spike protein has any reverse transcriptase (RT) activity, that activity would likely have been LOST by switching to a small peptide dropping most of the molecule.

Third, you should note that – by switching to a small peptide, there is no mRNA or DNA corresponding TO that peptide, so there is no chance it will be genetically incorporated.

By now, it is VERY clear to me, that the industry picked the vaccine technologies that it did, precisely because they were modern and untested, and they needed an “emergency” to get these technologies into use, in preparation for their big goal – actual gene therapy. But – AND LOGIC here – that does not preclude there being even MORE motivation here. The more I see this “event”, the more I see everybody getting bought in by SOME new aspect of the scam.

Using a more conservative approach would have been SAFER, but it would not have advanced the technologies that were groomed to be advanced. Even the Novavax protein-based vaccine, fairly conservative, tests the novel use of nanoparticles to assemble the pseudo-spike proteins into cell-infective starburst patterns. It, too, is full spike protein.

But again, THIS. Everybody is ALL about the full spike protein.

Let’s ask WHY.

A Feature – Not a Bug

Now – if the Jaenisch work is good – and I think it is – and if genetic incorporation of vaccine mRNA into genomic DNA also occurs – and I strongly suspect it does – and if the spike protein itself is responsible to at least SOME degree in causing genetic incorporation – which I also think is very likely – then I am of the opinion that Fauci knew exactly what he was doing in pushing mRNA and DNA vaccines that code for the full spike protein, and that he did so as a sneaky way to get a reverse transcription promoter into the human genome.

Why? I don’t really know. Not yet. But this whole thing just seems intentional in its ELEGANCE.

This is easily expressed in logical hacking terms. Fauci uploaded a stealthy FTP uploading tool into humanity’s genetic account. FIRST as a problem, with China’s help. THAN as a solution, with the industry’s help.

The idea of “uploading an uploader surreptitiously” is just elegant. It’s HACKING. Any person who ever had to “learn to code” has to admire it. And it’s doubly elegant by doing it TWICE.

Stated in biological terms:

Create a genetic vaccine for a same-same disease, both containing the genetic sequence of a reverse-transcription promoter, such as a reverse transcriptase, as a way of creating a persistent or at least consistently available presence of a reverse transcription activator in humans.

And the beauty of this scam, is that it’s “WHOOPS” played TWICE. VIRUS, then VACCINE.

Let’s enjoy it! Scenic route…….


The ChiComs are masters of psychology on Americans. First they whip up the cultural WTF.

THEN they whip up the OTHER side of Americans saying “don’t hate on Asian cultural differences!”

THEN they pull the whole offering back, with everybody left high and dry on CCP zoonotic transfer garbage narratives, minus “bat soup”, but including pangolin “look squirrels”, when the REALITY is that humanized animal models are almost all that is actually used for this kind of viral research any more (thanks to Mary Morse for this fantastic point).

Wuhan lab. Put ALL your chips on it.

MASTERFUL MANIPULATION, and many American academic scientists fell for it like soldiers on leave in a brothel district.

THEN the cure – the vaccine – which uses the SAME genetics to get MOAR of the uploader installed in MOAR people.


This is masterful scammery, IMO.


Maybe even more than Kary Mullis realized.

Rand Paul Nails Fauci and Cuts to the Chase on Coronavirus Variants – Are the Vaccinated and Recovered Even Getting Reinfected or Sick?

Introduction You have GOT to see the video I’m going to show you. It’s not just what they’re talking about. It’s WHERE IT LEADS. Most of the people who watch Rand Paul go after Fauci here, are concentrating on MASKS, because that is the TOP LAYER of the argument. But THAT is the small potatoes. …

Something is going on here, and it seems too purposeful to be mere incompetence.

SO – Does Wolf Take the Faucipox Vaccine?

Now – I’m gonna tell you – CRISPR-Cas9 vaccines are coming, and THOSE are straight-up genetic engineering. Save some ammunition for that fight. But right now, I think it’s worth bringing up some PRETTY TOUGH QUESTIONS about the current vaccines.

Simply stated – aren’t things with reverse transcription activity a RISK, like HIV, and why would we court that risk in a SOLUTION like a vaccine?

And what’s with all the LIES to keep people from noticing that the VACCINE causes positive tests in recipients, “because spike protein, sequences, PCR, and [COUGH] maybe a little incorporation”.

C’mon. This is so obvious now, it’s PAINFUL. CDC is not even looking foolish. They know this stuff isn’t the disease – it’s the vaccines. They’re LYING.

Sheesh. The whole thing is an outrage.

So. Am I going to take one of the current vaccines?

Not if I think there is a reverse transcription activator coded for in the mRNA or DNA, or even if it’s just in there as PROTEIN.

I’m quite good with my natural immunity, which sadly may ALREADY include some uploading of the uploader. I have no idea if I have any genetic incorporation from the virus already, but if I do, I know exactly where any future positive PCR test is coming from.

Anyway, thank you, Kary. You were right all along. They ABUSED your work.


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“I am having great difficulties rationalizing certain seemingly careless choices which have resulted in some of the most problematic and badly framed medical offerings since “eye of newt” and “really large leeches for anemia“.”


That’s because they’re not ‘careless’ choices at all…

There are no coinkydinks.

Aubergine’s Razor is a powerful force a nature, often manifesting as cognitive dissonance 👍😁


I can do that 👍😁


That is my dearest wish this moment.


Brilliant, well balanced post.

But a sincere question. By what mechanism does the CDC fall?


I strongly believe in the “traditional” vaccines — measles, polio, smallpox, rabies, DPT.

I had the diseases involved before the “kiddy” vaccines came out — mumps, chickenpox.

I was looking askance when the flu vaccine was annual. I thought the last “Great Plague” Swine Flu thing was a tipoff that these people were running wild.

I started being really concerned when designer vaccines like HPV and odd flavors of Hep became popular.

The entire public health farce over COVID has shredded any trust I ever had in the medical community. I wouldn’t trust these jackwads to hold a burnt match.

CDC delanda est!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by cthulhu

I was a believer in “traditional” vaccines until I started looking into the issue of SV40 contaminated polio vaccine. Even Wikipedia makes this firm statement…
“The discovery of SV40 revealed that between 1955 and 1963 around 90% of children and 60% of adults in the U.S. were inoculated with SV40-contaminated polio vaccines.”
Some people are ok with this…others suggest that the subsequent proliferation of soft tissue cancers may be traced back to this event. The question is, who has explored the long term effects of this accident.
Rabies vaccines are the stellar example of success but good science executed badly is an ever present danger with potentially high stakes. And now we have to add to the mix corrupt scientists doing sketchy things for sketchier reasons.


Thank you, Wolf, for that very involved explanation. I think I followed most of it, even though usually medical terminology makes my eyes roll around in my head, kind of like legal jargon. What you are pointing out makes me think that these vaccines are implanting a time bomb into people. First, they obviously don’t know the long-term effects of this approach. But think about how purposely COVID was released in the first place. Are they going to follow that up with another virus that takes advantage of what these vaccines have already implanted in people to create that genocide that Bill Gates has long been salivating over?


This is very like the idea the government has of having a “back door” into encryption. Oh, sure, it’s secret now, and only the “good guys” have a key…..but anyone who knows it’s there can try picking the lock, and anyone with a key can open it.


And, BTW, some of the Windows production team were presenting at a conference some years back and accidentally showed a slide of code with “#include NSA_KEY” showing.


Whoa! I wonder if the Wuhan Lab is working on another virus to insert into this “back door” as we speak.


I think HIV may have been one of their first rodeos. And maybe SARS and MERS.


Interesting article from 2015 regarding gain of function research, the funding pause, and the framework for future oversight:


…”Two experts who took part in a “gain-of-function” (GOF) debate in December at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in Washington, DC, raised concerns yesterday about the thoroughness and transparency of an ongoing review ordered by the White House of the risks and benefits of the work on H5N1 avian influenza and other virus threats.”…

…”The National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) is leading the review, which is expected to last a year, and has been asked to recommend an approach for evaluating the studies. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) will commission a formal assessment of the risks and benefits.”…

…”The two authors also wrote that although current NSABB members are highly qualified experts in their fields, they appear to have little experience with the formal risk assessment process. “We would strongly recommend that experts in the risk assessment field become an integral part of the process and that clear definitions of risk and benefit be articulated.”…

…”In addition, they said there appears to be a conflict of interest, because the NSABB is funded and overseen by the NIH, which funds the majority of GOF work so far and has been asked to contract for the risk-benefit assessments. “For this reason, everybody who is involved in the issue should be completely open about the potential conflicts of interest, and the whole process must be as transparent as possible.”

Other concerns included an apparent lack of opportunity for public comment before the risk-benefit study is commissioned, which Roberts and Relman said could undercut its credibility. They also said the process laid out to review GOF research seems rushed, based on the timetable aired at the December NAS meeting. “This is not the rigorous, comprehensive, in-depth risk-benefit assessment for which many groups have called,” the two experts wrote.

The process lacks a provision to gauge public trust in the event of a catastrophic lab release. “Public trust in science is fragile and needs to be nurtured,” they wrote. “Many of us fear the consequences of a catastrophic event that would set back all of science for decades to come.”…

Is this the review that the Obama White House approved on January 9, 2017 paving the way for the funding ban on GoF to be lifted?

4 days after the meeting documented in the Rice memo? Did Obama have a health insurance policy?


Link to the final report of NSABB for oversight of GoF research. See page 101 for a roster of the NSABB membership in 2016.

Fauci is listed as an exofficio non-voting member.

Last edited 1 year ago by marymorse

That has to figure into your decision to accept the mark. Will it be worse for me if you don’t?

Do they have two viruses queued-up behind this one — one fatal to people who have been vaccinated and the other fatal to those who haven’t?

And they’re just waiting to see how their vax rollout goes before choosing which one to release….

Last edited 1 year ago by cthulhu

Yeah, I keep thinking genocide simply because these globalist monsters have been so openly talking about it for a long time.


What if you start by killing off the “Live Free or Die” crowd?


I’m thinking that we are now dealing with the people who used to think 1984 was a textbook, but didn’t go far enough, and are now thinking of Asimov’s The Naked Sun as a guide. We’re poised to experience something that makes genocides of the past look like elementary school dodgeball games.

Hopefully we can get enough sand in the gears in the early stages.


For those who didn’t read sufficient SF in their youth, The Naked Sun [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Naked_Sun ] is a murder mystery on the planet Solaria….whose human population is limited by regulation to 20,000, supported by a robot population of roughly 200,000,000.

To solve this, they strongarm a detective from a world with population in the billions and an assistant who is a humanoid robot.

It was published somewhere around 1957.

The villain commits suicide when the assistant robot shows up to arrest him, because he does not realize that it is a robot and would not be violating social distance protocols.


Wolf, I got lost 3/4’s of the way down, but I will send this to my two friends who are virologists to weigh in!!!

TY for this piece!!! Much to chew on!


You know the question.


I had two proposals to work on this week and tomorrow is Friday!!!! Heading along to get back to upgrading…and the good news is that it will be a rainy weekend❣️


Rainy weekends are sometimes very helpful! 😉




Although you’re going to have to put the arm on Apple.


Both women who have been in their profession for years.

One works for a German-owned group in CT. 35 years, four degrees and teaches at med schools.

Has no idea how this supposed science ‘works’. Has seen no white papers on what this ‘virus’ actually is. And no whiite papers on what these mRNA/DNA altering shots consist of. So no comment, except that this is a ‘political’ plandemic.

The other is a retired PhD. In PA. She is even more scared of her iPhone than anything else.

Both are of the same mind.

Neither will allow their husbands near any shot for at least six months because they both believe that there is a provision that Dr. Yan warned about.

Any new mutation may be more debilitating than the original after someone has already been shot up. Somehow there may be a vehicle within the shot or the original virus that distresses the immune system to pannic later on.

My words, not theirs…as I remember the conversations.

Hope that helps…we are all just winging it here!!!


If it is not too personal, could you elaborate on the meaning of “shot”?

You have alluded to the damage a number of times, and though it is none of my business, I am concerned about your health.


I am saddened to hear that.


So sorry that you both had to go through this. And certainly no one wants to make matters worse.

I will continue to heed their word and am still not participating in masked adventures for now.


PS Wolf…

The friend who works for the German firm works with monkey blood EVERY DAY.

And she reminded me that these shots were tested on animals first and that all of them died.

Then they started on us.


Because to admit the shot is flawed is to admit their loved one died needlessly.


Fauci and Wuhan, planning mass destruction since 2017 at least.


First there was the Human Genome Project, then the Mouse Genome Project.



The mouse genome explained…


Not sure I followed everything, but this is helpful.

Sometimes the depth of evil is frightening.

That other humans would plan to do to us what they are in the process of doing, makes me understand more deeply what I heard a priest once say.

He said that people who have no conscience are no longer human. I would describe them as lizard people. 😈


One of the most valuable lessons a child learned in Catholic education was the “examination of conscience.” To a child, how to do the examination is perfectly understandable, why to do not so much. But it was an exercise to strengthen one’s conscience (among other purposes). Very powerful.

I was thinking about Judas yesterday after some discussion on this site about him. And this thought occurred. When Jesus said it would have been better had Judas not been born, Jesus was talking about Judas, the man, not some person whose name would go down in history.

What Judas lacked was a proper conscience, and a proper conscience is essential to integrity. And integrity is essential to the truth.

Anything emerging from the lack of a proper conscience is hit or miss, often disastrously so, the cause of suffering and anxiety. In the case of Judas, the lack of conscience led to suicide, which IMO we can assume was unhappy in the extreme. A life messed up and thrown away, for what?

There is almost zero discussion of conscience anywhere from what I have seen. I wonder if the concept is even known to most people, let alone appreciated.


Note that Judas also took the SJW route: people before Christ.




This part right here:

“We don’t really know EXACTLY where on the spike protein, might be the BEST place for antibodies to attack. Also, we don’t really have time to start guessing, when we can just use the whole thing. Most of the labs are modelling the whole molecule, and sharing data. It just makes sense that everybody sticks to the same model, so that any advances that one lab makes, can be quickly adopted by the other labs and researchers. If we begin using fragments of the spike protein, then results are going to be harder to interpret from lab to lab. There will be fragmentation of the science as well, and this will slow our response time tremendously. Comparison of results will be much more difficult. The timeline to a vaccine could be extended by months – even years. Maybe never……..”

This is why it takes YEARS not MONTHS to safely develop a vaccine!

If it is done correctly, then the various fragments of the protein are used to make vaccines which are then tested for what works and what doesn’t.

Even IF there is no nefarious intent here, there is HUBRIS. The idea that the normal protocols and processes can just be circumvented because scientists are so “brilliant” is just so HUMAN.


Last night bflyjesusgrl posted this about about a new vaccine currently still in trials that the army is touting.

Covid US: Army starts clinical testing trial for its OWN vaccine | Daily Mail Online
U.S. Army starts clinical testing trial for its OWN COVID-19 vaccine that could protect against current and future variants

  • Army scientists developed a COVID-19 vaccine that triggered antibodies to the older ‘wild-type’ coronavirus, three variants and the SARS virus in early tests 
  • The shot uses a nanoparticle technology that is easier to develop, easier to store, and causes less severe side effects 
  • Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has launched its clinical trial to test the shot in half of a group of 72 adults between ages 18 and 55 
  • The ‘platform’ the shot uses could allow the vaccine to prevent illness from future variants and even other coronaviruses, Army scientists say 

We came up with a bit more information but not much.


An article on earlier research being done at Stanford back at the beginning of the year. https://news.stanford.edu/2021/01/05/nanoparticle-vaccine-covid-19/ So it seems the Army picked something off of the shelf and adapted it to their purposes.

I’m assuming this is an mRNA type vaccine but the articles seems to avoid calling it that opting instead for referring it to as being a simple and practical nanotech thing as the three articles do seem be avoiding scaring people off by avoiding other descriptors while promising much better and safer results to a factor of ten. Because it’s still in trials I’d assume we can wait and shouldn’t be surprised if this gets the “How Dare You!” response from the Bidenese and Pharmaceutical Mob.

Last edited 1 year ago by para59r
Deplorable Patriot

I just ran round in circles with my sister on this. She’s hell bent on taking the Pfizer shot because she’s convinced it’s the safest. She also told me that she’s done the research, and no the vaccines do not change your DNA. And in the end, according to her, there’s going to be a vaccine anyway.


I told her about the saline seeding and she said that’s the dumbest thing she ever heard.

Of course, she still believes that the fire brought down the twin towers.


At least you tried. I have given up.

Deplorable Patriot

My one brother is the only one open to listening. He’s seen the same stuff I have. Unfortunately, it’s the Couch Commando.

It’s a difference of being able to spot propaganda, I guess. Of course, I’m famous in the family for not trusting Rockefellerian medicine when the rest of them have surrendered to it.


Surrendered is a good word to describe what I am seeing.

Deplorable Patriot

The confirmation bias is just astounding.

Deplorable Patriot

She’s not going to listen. She thinks I’m nuts. Of course, my whole family does. But then, they have different life experience and haven’t chucked the mainstream media yet.

Deplorable Patriot

I have a sneaking suspicion that far more of what is being injected into people is actually saline just for optics and to preserve faith in the whole industry. Otherwise, we’d know A LOT of people with reactions.

She’s actually younger than I am, and fairly healthy, so a cytokine storm won’t kill her. My parents, and my one SIL on the other hand, if they get the real thing, it won’t end well.

Deplorable Patriot

My sister is 50 and healthy. My parents 80 with some minor co-morbidities. My SIL who has had the Moderna shot, at least the first one if it wasn’t saline, has a whole host of things wrong. She sees about 10 specialists and will be heading to the Mayo Clinic to see if they can figure out what her issues REALLY are. She’s the one I REALLY worry about and she’s the youngest.

Valerie Curren

whoops, Wolf, in my sleep deprived state I dropped some comments here that were meant for the open thread…I’ll copy them over once I get some sleep…my bad 🙁

Valerie Curren

Thanks, I’ve moved them all to the open thread now. Sorry about the extra work for you 🙁

Valerie Curren

I meant them to be on the open thread but I’d gone back to the Fauci-pox tab to get the URL for a tweet & in my sleep-deprived state didn’t notice I was dropping stuff on the Wrong Q-Tree tab…It’s not likely to be the last time for me 🙂

Keep up the mystery, you’re doing an Amazingly Awesome job here at Q-Tree wrestling all the wild dogs in the wolf pack!



“NEW: Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines offer protection against COVID-19 for six months; booster shots will likely be needed after six months – ABC 7 Chicago”


As Wolfie says – Novavax and the new one just developed by the Army are (probably) the safest.

I’m sticking with HCQ, Zinc, Vitamins C and D3 – and perhaps Quercetin if things get bad.

ALL major pandemics in the last century or so, have been tied to China and Asia – even the deadly ‘Spanish’ flu is said to have come via hired Chinese railroad workers during and after WWI.


Daughter (with two rare diseases, Friedreich’s Ataxia and Scleroderma) who, with her father, had the Moderna vaccine sent this to me this morning.



PUBLIX the largest grocery chain in FL is dispensing the Moderna vaccine.

Evidently the Advent Christian Village, the oldest retirement community in FL, with 900 residents, is also dispensing the Moderna vaccine. No information about any adverse reactions.

As of yesterday, ACV has NO cases, no quarantines among staff or residents. They did an amazing job of isolation and prevention during the pandemic. Of course, they are an isolated community on the Suwannee River, 15 miles from the closest town. They have regularly/routinely closed the nursing home to visitors during flu season to prevent infecting vulnerable elderly. They take daily temperatures and limited activities to prevent spread of CV19. They also had the State Health Department visit and outline preventive measures.

Florida has been exemplary in caring for elders during the Chinese biological attack – UNLIKE DemocRAT states and cities.

Democrat is still a dirty foul obscene word.