Wolf's Chill Second Date With Retrosynthetic Dinopox

Perhaps you recall my PREVIOUS correspondence and “review” of the new, two-shot shingles vaccine, Shingrix – or more specifically, my review of the FIRST SHOT.

Wolf’s Hot Date With Retrosynthetic Dinopox

Hey, it’s not every day that I get to post something that’s not only about the unspeakable issue of vaccines, but is both PRO-VAX and ANTI-VAX at the same time. I mean, what’s the use of FREE SPEECH if we can’t use it to troll EVERYBODY – including PENCILNECK? Whoops – WRONG PENCILNECK. Let’s try …

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Well, I’m BACK to report my experience with the SECOND SHOT.

This was all something of a surprise.

I had FINALLY – in LATE JUNE – gotten to see a doctor [IN PERSON] for COVID-19 aftermath. This was LONG AFTER having gotten the disease in late January [LONG STORY] and THEN spending the first half of this year figuring out how to treat both the disease and the aftermath MYSELF [AND WITH YOU GOOD PEOPLE], mostly through internet rumors, discussions here, and self-experimentation by trial and error.

After all the discussion, the data gathering, the prescribing, the scheduling, and the blood-drawing, I was asked WHICH ARM for my vaccination.


Yes, I had forgotten that it was only just in September of 2019 when I had been infected with the mythical disease of RETROSYNTHETIC DINOPOX – namely recombinant glycoproteins of Herpes zoster virus plus various adjuvants – which had knocked out my left arm like a line-drive baseball, and left me mildly sick for the better part of a week.

Was I ready for a REPLAY?


Well, as I stated before, retrosynthetic dinopox is bad, but SHINGLES is far, far worse.

Yeah. Gimme the disease shot.

So – what has it been like? In a word…..


While I immediately noticed both soreness and swelling at the injection site, deep in the muscle of my triceps (back of the arm), most of the local effects were delayed.

Much like the FIRST shot, redness did not reach the surface for over 24 hours, and was not pronounced until about 36 hours.

In contrast, systemic effects were almost immediate. I could tell that something was happening while I was driving home. It was that uneasiness one feels at the beginning of the flu, or – COUGH, COVID-19x (more on “x” later). It’s somewhat non-descript, but unnerving – the unmistakable feeling of incipient illness.

Unsure of how significant these effects might be, I plotted a course which would take me close to both a hospital and an outpatient clinic, in case things got bad. Fortunately I got home without incident.

Once home, I was able to take it easy and observe things more carefully. I was feeling joint stiffness, dull and very diffuse headaches (more aptly labeled discomfort), and a kind of light tingling all over – a mild but very definite “electric shock” sensation. This sensation persisted for about a day, too.

Taking a brief nap, I noticed a dull ache in my kidneys some time after awakening. This was very reminiscent of what I had experienced with COVID-19x, as well as earlier [mild] episodes of kidney stones when I was not hydrating enough. I had treated both of these before with vitamin C and plenty of Gatorade and water – the same trick worked here.

By evening, I noticed that I was experiencing mild chills. These lasted almost all night, but they were gone by early morning. This is one of the more interesting parts of the experience. I don’t remember experiencing chills as part of the FIRST shot at all.

They weren’t terrible chills – no shaking – no chattering teeth. Just some goosebumps and a mild desire to put on a jacket in an admittedly cool summer.

I decided not to alter my normal regimen of vitamins and supplements. I had considered backing off on all minerals to ease the burden on my kidneys, but the truth is that I needed to treat the post-COVID endothelial damage to my kidneys more than I needed to go easy on them. This turned out to be correct – my kidney aches went away without reducing my mineral supplements in any way. Good hydration and vitamin C were all I needed.

The first night (or, TBH, morning) of sleep with round 2 of retrosynthetic dinopox was reasonable but not exactly pleasant. I eventually felt rested, but just barely.

My sleep was filled with recurring dreams of – as best as I can describe it – being medically strafed by small planes, the noise of which would shoot away a kind of weird ground cover grown by the vaccination and COVID-19. I won’t even get into the spiritual aspects of this, which involved American Indian converts to Christianity around the Revolutionary War. That’s a bit harder to explain.

These were not normal dreams. These were definitely “I’m coming down with something” dreams.

The next day, however, was much better. ALL symptoms were diminishing, except for redness at the site of the injection. I eventually has a “prophylactic Gatorade” before bed, but otherwise had a normal day, and even did some light yard work and heavy lifting.

Things were “on the mend” – at least SYSTEMICALLY.

Interesting, though, that by the SECOND night (36 hours), redness at the injection site had increased to the point where it was clearly visible. The total area of redness was as big as my whole hand and fingers. There was still localized swelling at the injection site.

Redness maximized by the THIRD night (60 hours). It diminished somewhat by the 4th night (84 hours), and was almost GONE by the 5th night (108 hours). I was back to “heavy work” earlier that day. At this point, I regarded the vaccination drama as OVER.

SO – the bottom line – FOR ME – is that the SECOND Shingrix injection was NOT AS BAD as the first.

Take that for what you will.

Thus, my final recommendation is the same as before. BE A SMART VACCINE SHOPPER. Listen, if you want, to what I have to say – apply it to your own case and beliefs if you so choose. You don’t have to do what I did – just know what I know, and consider whether my experiences have any bearing on yours.

And THAT is the way all reviews should be, IMO. We report. You decide.



LINK: http://www.pharmafile.com/news/522455/gsks-shingrix-scores-approval-china

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‘Discomfort’ is one of those words that has a w-i-d-e range of what it can used as a descriptor for.
Having a splinter in your finger can cause you some discomfort.
Or a mosquito bite can cause some discomfort.
But when a doctor says, “This may cause you some discomfort.”…it often means “This is gonna hurt like hell.”
I had a doctor describe labor pains as “discomfort”!
Wolfie, I am glad that you’ve got your second Shingrix Shot behind you.
Sorry you had to go through it.
Hugs. 🤗🥰
My daughter had a scorching case of Chicken Pox as a child.
She developed Shingles in her twenties…and a rather bad case of them, too.
I was lucky as a kid and had a very light case of Chicken Pox…only had a couple of ‘pocks’ and they were very small.
So far, I’ve been lucky…(*knocks on wood*)…and have not been hit by Shingles.
So I can’t help but wonder if there is a correlation between the severity of one’s bout with Chicken Pox, to developing Shingles later in life?
My daughter takes after her father, in that regard…because he had a bad case of Chicken Pox as a child, too.
He is also very allergic to Poison Ivy.
And so is she.
I, on the other hand, don’t seem to be bothered by Poison Ivy.
So I’m lucky there too.
(*knocks on wood, again*)
Guess who gets to be the one to hack down the Poison Ivy which keeps encroaching into our yard.
Anyway…can’t help but wonder if there’s a correlation between:
Severity of Chicken Pox case — Shingles — Susceptibility to Poison Ivy.

Gail Combs

FWIW, I had chicken pox as a very young child (2? 3?) and IIRC it was pretty nasty. (I have one snapshot memory) I am also very very allergic to poison ivy. However I have had zero problem with shingles.
On the other hand I have been a ‘health food nut’ since I turned twenty and a major outdoors type. AS in I have been outside horseback riding, farm work, caving and climbing every day that it did not rain. I have never been particularly concerned with hand washing/ sanitizing either.


Just in case you were thinking of asking me to help with your yardwork, I am also very allergic to poison ivy to the degree that it endangers my life! So no, I’m unavailable. (just kidding about the life part)
As far as labor pains go, I will bet $10 against a thousand bucks that the doc was male or butch lesbian.
I have had severe chicken pox as a child but … the latest theory among the natural peeps is that immunity is stronger from actually catching the disease than if one gets a vaccine. Apparently, a big portion of shingles sufferers in later life never had chicken pox as a child.


“Yes, I had forgotten that it was only just in September of 2019 when I had been infected with the mythical disease of RETROSYNTHETIC DINOPOX – namely recombinant glycoproteins of Herpes zoster virus plus various adjuvants – which had knocked out my left arm like a line-drive baseball, and left me mildly sick for the better part of a week.”
I’m not a doctor, and thanks to one of those long-ago writer’s strikes, I lost my gig with Marcus Welby (M.D.), so I don’t even play one on TV.
And I haven’t slept in a Holiday Inn for years.
So I have no idea what Shingrix is, or why you are getting a vaccination shot for whatever that mouthful of broken glass (medical words) I quoted above.
Is this some new disease I should be concerned about?
The timing (September 19) of your first (of two doses?) made me wonder, because it seems CLOSE to the time you got sick from ChinaCovidVirus19.
You’re sure the first vaccination shot and your ChinaAsshoe virus symptoms are UNrelated?


One phrase I’ve used a lot in my life is, he sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles. I am now retiring it, to be replaced with he sounds like he has a mouthful of broken glass.
Kudos, Professor English.


Fever blisters aka cold sores and herpes are also part of the Chicken Pox and Shingles family.
I knew kids in high school who got fever blisters every time they got the flu, a cold or were really upset about anything.


Are Hives also related to the Chicken Pox/Shingles/Herpes syndromes/infections?


No. Hives are an allergic type response.


Chicken pox and shingles are both caused by the same herpes zoster virus.
When you have large, continental populations, the chicken pox would sweep through periodically, normally infecting every kid, and making them immune to further symptoms. After the end of symptoms, the virus continues to live in the brain, where the immune response is dampened by the blood-brain barrier. So, traditionally, every adult would have it living in his brain.
On a small island, or other isolated population, you could have a situation where everyone above a certain age has the immunity, and no outsiders come to give the disease to the young children. So they could grow up without the virus, and it could thereby become extinct on the island — except for the existence of shingles.
Shingles is the mechanism the virus in the adult brain uses to infect children living in insular populations. It reproduces itself by spreading down the nerve ganglia to the skin, where it forms a painful and inflamed rash. Scratching the rash releases a fluid that is chock-full of virus copies.
The regular herpes venereal disease is caused by a closely-related virus, herpes simplex, of which there is more than one strain.
I think there may be at least one other member of the herpes family.
Mononucleoisis is caused by a virus that, iirc, is not a member of the immediate herpes family, but is a close relative.


Great information, Covadonga. Copied and saved.


Yes. Fifth Disease (aka slapped cheek syndrome) is a herpes virus infection.


Bwahahahah. My nephew got that and when the doctor told my sister he had slapped check she was outraged.




ThanQ for giving a basic seminar on herpes viruses. We learn more at this blog than anywhere else.


thanks for sharing with us Wolf!
I am on the fence here about this myself.
but in all fairness, I should say I just got a “free” screening kit in the mail from my doctor for colon cancer. I didn’t ask for this…and am annoyed they wasted this on me. I am not the curious type. but there it was in the mail. I threw it out.
I have had bad experiences with doctors and so do not trust them as i perhaps should. if i want a test I will ask. if I want a flu shot (which I don’t) I will ask. every visit they remind me of things I should get screened for and every visit I put on my sweetest smile and say no.


I’m also non compliant on mammograms…wonder what they’ll want me to send in for that?


you owe me a new keyboard!!!


I absolutely HATE the boob crushers … you can’t get away from the damn machine once they clamp down. I told the tech it was very painful, her response … take Motrin … my silent reply “ kma B” ..
I’m going shit can that test, at my time in life intentional is incredibly stupid .. when I can bring Mad Dog 20/20 with me to that … PLACE .. they can whistle Dixie through whatever or orofice they prefer.
orifice noun
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or·​i·​fice | \ ˈȯr-ə-fəs , ˈär- \
Definition of orifice
: an opening (such as a vent, mouth, or hole) through which something may pass
an anatomical orifice
the nozzle orifice
the cone built up from the cinders around the eruption orifice
— R. H. Mohlenbrock
I’m 71 y/o as of Friday ….comment image?itemid=8449097
My husband and sons forgot my birthday … 😞


Happy Belated Birthday Nikki!!!!!!!comment image


… 😮🤚❤️‼️‼️ … awww shucks TY Pat you sweetie pie .. 😍👍


sorry your family forgot!


… well … stuff happens, … move along, nothing to see here .. 🙃


<3 <3 <3




every time my doc reminds me i haven’t had my mammogram, I tell him i will do that when they test men for testicular cancer by clamping their balls in a vice. seems to shut him up for a while…


they scared my mom silly year after year after she had her mammograms–till she finally switched docs. the new doc recommended ultrasound tests and they implanted markers under her skin where the dense tissue existed.


… perfect .. 😉👍‼️ … kudos Pat ❤️‼️


I particularly like the slight wince and drawing of his legs together before he says ok…bwahahahahahahahahahaha


… 😂👍 … bwahahahahahah … did he walk pigeon toed when he left the examination room, snort. 😣🤚


no…but he definitely gave me a wide berth when he left!


… good .. social distancing at its finest .. bwahahahahahah … 😜




… 🙂🤚❤️‼️ … 😜 … 🍹 … ty Wolf 🐺 ..
I appreciate it …


Had chicken pox. Took the original Zostavax shingles shot at age 60 since Shingrix was still in development. At age 65 got the shingles. So that didn’t work. Miserable. Fortunately, got to the doc to get the diagnosis and meds within 48 hours to stop the spread on the skin. Had a patch on one side of the torso/hip, but could feel the effects even in my arm and stomach area. Skin healed over the next couple of months, the twerking and pinching (yes) inside continued for several months randomly. The dumbest disease you can imagine – just weird. I knew what to expect since my dad and a close friend had contracted it in previous years. But until it happen to you, you really don’t know.
Was not prepared for the loss of stamina. It has been over a year later and I am still trying to get back to my previous physical level, which was pretty good for a guy in his mid-60’s. Never took naps. Now I take naps and can fall asleep mid-afternoon at the snap of the fingers.
But there was something that happened that probably extended that stamina loss.
So what happened when COVID shows up unannounced, like Wolf states, in January? Yep. Doc thinks I got it then since my immune system was suppressed. Going to have the antigen test as part of my normal physical next month. They treated it with two separate rounds of steroids over a two month period. Was stuck inside along with my wife, who also got it, for the two months anyway. A good number of our neighbors and fellow church members went through the same thing. We probably had passed it around to each other unwittingly. Treated the same way with z-pacs thrown in for good measure with some. All recovered, all have the same lingering stamina loss and overall weird feeling at times.
Whatever. It’s aways something.


Covid-19 and stamina loss, that is similar to what I experienced. Looking forward to seeing more discussion on this!

tom f

Your post is timely, Wolf. Thanks. I’m scheduled for my 2nd shot this week at the VA clinic.
I had shingles about 8 years ago. Midsection/torso was the affected area.
So painful thought I was going to die.
The damage is ever present, fortunately it’s just daily morning itching in the same area.
As a result of my experience many friends have gotten the shot.
Shingles is an ass kicker.

tom f

BTW, I don’t recall any ill effects regarding my first shot.

tom f

I had my second shot on Tuesday, 6/2 at the VA clinic.
I hadn’t been there since December 2019 and things have changed.
Almost no one was there and an interrogation upon entry.
Sign of the times, I guess.
Today, 7/2 the effects of my shot are mild discomfort and redness (day 1) around the injection site.
Aside from two naps instead of one not much has changed.
I did take the advice of making sure I had increased movement in my shot arm.
Thanks again for the timely info.

tom f

7/2 not 6/2


My collage roommate got shingles on left arm and breast at least 5 years ago and still has phantom pain. She’s gotten very fond of the meds her doctor prescribed.
As regulars here might remember, last year I had 2 severe bouts of hives and if shingles is anything like that experience, I can understand how it can drive people to the point of suicide. In fact, as I related previously, a young acquaintance (around 35-40) got singles on one side of his face and eyes and did, fact, hang himself because the pain was unbearable. I would think if it were that severe, a patient could be sedated (Even semi-coma) and infused with medications for the pain and healing…very similar to how somewhat how some COVID patients were treated.


Antiviral should be started ASAP. Like within the first 24-48 hrs to lessen the chance of permanent post hepatic pain


What a coinkidink, I had my 1st shot on Thursday last week. Shingles does not sound pleasant at all. Just mild soreness at the site so far. No redness or swelling. Round 2 later this summer I’m told. Hope this works out.


I have had every vaccine required by the military and now as a health professional have the annual flu shot and current on the tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough vaccine. Hepatitis B vaccine, three rounds of 3 shots, and still produced no antibodies (genetic inability to get the Hepatitis A, B, C, etc). I also had the Zostavax. When I have had these vaccines, not much of a reaction. I have had the shingles, mild cases a few times. Then the Shingrix! Not all the symptoms as reported here, but my arm was red, warm, and sore for a week, another week to get my arm back to normal. With the booster 60 days later, arm red, sore, and warm, but dissipated within a week.
Although exposed, I haven’t had reaction to poison ivy or poison oak. Never had had a cold blister or a wart. I am over 6 decades old. No signs of the Chinese plague even though I traveled and flew in early March, all within the USA, but not East or West coast travel.
So people get and manage disease differently dependent on their genomes. I have always wondered on God’s design of genomes since we all descended from Noah. Now scientifically there are no races as posited by the Victorian “scientists” but just variations, such as in canines, felines, birds, etc, which makes all the current “racial” indentity politics lies. But Lucifer (Satan) is all lies to humanity.
Remember, Lucifer has seen God, knows Him, and is the world expert in God’s plan of salvation and the Bible. He uses this knowledge to beguile and deceive humanity because Lucifer is insane as he is now a mortal running out of time and humanity has immortality with salvation. That makes Lucifer insane which explains the insanity occurring in the past month. Q keeps reminding us of the Full Armor of God:
Ephesians 6:10-18 New International Version (NIV)
The Armor of God
10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. DON’T LIVE IN THE SPIRIT OF FEAR!
11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. SUCH AS AUNTIE FAH, BLM, PELOSI & HER ILK, CHINA, NEVERTRUMPERS, eGOP, DEEP STATE & SUCH!
12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. WHO IS THE REAL ENEMY?
13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. FIGHT WITH EVERY SKILL ONE HAS!
4 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, lucifer IS TRYING TO ERASE THE TRUTH OF GOD AND WESTERN CIVILIZATION, WITH ALL THE STATUES, ACADEMIA, & NOW GOD, UNDER ATTACK!
with the breastplate of righteousness in place, WE ARE RIGHT AND lucifer AND HIS FOLLOWERS ARE WRONG!
15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. HAVE YOU BEEN SAVED? HAD YOUR THIRD EYE OPENED TO THE PATH OF SALVATION? SUPPORTING A RELIGION IS NOT ASSURANCE OF SALVATION AS lucifer IS THE CREATOR OF RELIGIOUS SECTS (Jews have different sects, Protestants have different sects, as do Catholics) TO CAUSE STRIFE WITHIN BELIEVERS!
17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. BE SAVED AND USE THE WORD OF GOD TO DEFEND AGAINST THE ENEMY AS ONLY GOD CAN DEFEAT lucifer.
18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. AND DON’T FORGET TO PRAY FOR GOD WITH PRAISE, TO LET HIM KNOW THAT HIS ENEMIES ARE OUR ENEMIES AND HAS OUR PERMISSION TO SMITE THEM. Genesis 18:16-33 New International Version (NIV), this version is very clear about God getting Abraham’s permission to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah. (verse 20 mystifies me– Whose outcry?)
Thanks to all the likes given my past postings and the wonderful comments.


One tip I’ve used successfully for dealing with vaccinations and other intramuscular injections is to flex the arm completely and repeatedly right afterward, and to repeat this later in the day, and again at bedtime. Alternate the flexing with a deep massage of the muscle around the injection site.
This helps the vaccine spread out and get into the bloodstream, so it doesn’t cause too much damage in one spot.


Surprised to see your pox post today, Wolife. Hits close to home. Hubby had got the first one – no problem. Second one was terrible. Systemic symptoms all around for him – to the point where he was flu-like the next day, easing some on the third day.
We had no warning of this. Talked to our pharmacist who administered the vaccine, and they did say folks sometimes have more reaction the second time around. Nice to know after the fact. 🙁

[…] Wolf’s Chill Second Date With Retrosynthetic Dinopox […]

[…] Wolf’s Chill Second Date With Retrosynthetic Dinopox […]