20200620: MAGA Rally, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I do believe Oklahoma is the only state with an entire Rogers and Hammerstein musical named for it. Here's the title song with the original cast. Brings back memories of my 9-year old dance recital when my class was dressed as cowgirls with tap shoes. I know it doesn't quite work, but I have the … Continue reading 20200620: MAGA Rally, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2020·06·20 KMAG Daily Thread

Well, one hopes there won't be too much posting today...on account of the Mega MAGA Rally. A post is planned for that one, or so I'm told. Justice Served At Last? I'm genuinely surprised the Left hasn't gone apeshit over this. We've been hearing that having an Antifa dirtbag shot or otherwise harmed by one … Continue reading 2020·06·20 KMAG Daily Thread