6-24-20 Midweek Musings

12th Ordinary SundayJune 21, 2020“Trust Instead of Fear” Jeremiah 20:10-13Romans 5:12-15Matthew 10:26-33 My Brothers and Sisters in the Lord – There is one thing for certain that the Corona Pandemic has forced us to doand that is to assess our priorities. Everyone has been affected by the virus in some way.Sooner or later most will … Continue reading 6-24-20 Midweek Musings

Dear KAG: 20200624 Open Thread

Let's see, how has Q inspired us today.... https://youtu.be/ooPzr1vzmGY Well, the singer may not need an F-15, but I wouldn't mind one. Okay, some travelling music on this journey we call life. https://youtu.be/cg6MqWYyts0 And now for the obligatory message from our sponsors: Here at the Q tree we believe in the concept of CIVIL open … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20200624 Open Thread