The Bidening of America – How Cognitive Decline is Being Forced Upon Us All Through the ChiNazis' Useful Idiots, the Mask Nazis

TL;DR – skip down to “Crucial Experiment” and read how you can prove to yourself that masks cause real and measurable cognitive decline that lasts long after you unmask. NPR and other leftists who say masks don’t affect you and your children are LYING.

LOOK, it’s time to be blunt.

Senility – Cognitive Decline – Dementia – OLD GUY BRAIN – Sleepy – whatever you want to call it, it’s just plain EMBARRASSING.

Double that for a DIRTY OLD MAN.

But there is a much bigger story here, than that the Democrats are running a creepy old codger who is now STUPIDER and more CONFUSED than he is CREEPY. Who is now SLEEPIER than CREEPIER.

The bigger story here is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is performing this sad spectacle of ritual humiliation of America because THAT’S HOW CHINA ROLLS.

Biden isn’t the only one that the ChiNazis are humiliating.

EVERY HUMAN BEING is fair game for the ChiNazis.

Oh, trust me – the Big Brother CCP has its little brother DNC convinced that this Biden insanity is some kind of plan to save their treasonous asses, but that is half a lie for them, and half a lie for everybody else.

The truth is, CCP engages in RITUAL HUMILIATION both because it WORKS to keep people in their places, AND because they ENJOY THE SPECTACLE. The CCP are SADISTS at heart, and they have NEVER encountered a ritual humiliation they don’t enjoy. Their only concern is NOT GETTING CAUGHT, because that reduces the EXTRA JONES and PLEASURABLE PEACE OF MIND they get from knowing the victim is too STUPID to see what is happening to them.


ChiNazis have all the compassion of Hitler’s SS who RODE ON THE BACKS of black American GIs – forced to crawl on the ground for the Nazis’ amusement.

After having worked with and UNDER a bunch of CCP creeps, who snuck in and took over, I can tell you exactly what is going on with the Democrat party.

Democrats are now the ARM of the CCP in America – a mouthpiece for whatever socialist insanity the ChiComs want to inflict. Every possible hypocrisy will be forced upon us – “rules for thee and not for me” – to get us to knuckle under and accept our “place”.

Biden was a little late to get on the mask train in a big way, which just shows that he’s slow, even compared to various “little tyrant” governors who got there first. Maybe Biden was saving it for his “big opener” after he was assigned Kamala Harris as his running mate.


“I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask.”

Note the subtle combination of CONFUSION and Nazi enforcement reflex in the next one.

“Anyone to reopen would have to make sure that they walked into a business that had masks,” he said.

THAT is some cognitive decline RIGHT THERE. Biden can’t figure out if he’s talking about the store or the customer because he is CONFUSED just by continuous speech.

And if you think Biden is just saying “masks in stores”, think again.

“We absolutely need a clear message from the very top of our federal government that everyone needs to wear a mask in public, period,” he said.

Here is the money quote, that tells you why “Beijing Biden” is so comfortable with the CCP.

“It’s not about your rights; it’s about your responsibilities,” Biden said. He tried to present the issue as a matter of patriotism to protect fellow Americans.

NOW – this is interesting. Watch what Trump says in response.

In a news conference later Thursday, Trump took issue with Biden’s nationwide call for mask-wearing, ignoring that the Democrat urged governors to issue mandates.

“[Biden] does not identify what authority the president has to issue such a mandate,” Trump said, “or why we would be stepping on governors throughout our country.”

Trump added: “If the president has the unilateral power to order every single citizen to cover their face in nearly all instances, what other powers does he have?”

There’s a lot to unpack here.

First of all, Biden’s cognitive decline – just screaming in the second quote. Biden gets confused between the BEGINNING and END of the sentence. That is BAD, and it’s OBVIOUS.

Secondly, note how the media tries to protect Biden here, in essence saying that Trump didn’t say about governors what he said about governors. It’s subtle, but the LyingPress just gets away with it every time.

Lastly, note how Trump has gotten the Democrats and the press onto THIN ICE with masks. They sure seem “all in” for masks, don’t they?

Trump never went there – did he? Trump mentioned VOLUNTARY masks from the beginning. He has steadfastly refused to be baited into NON-VOLUNTARY masks, although he has let governors issue what have turned out to be hated and despised mask edicts.

Funny, isn’t it?

In my opinion, Trump gave the Democrats ALL the rope they needed to tie themselves up – and not just that – it was THEIR ROPE – left over from hoarding masks, just like the CCP did. Trump knew the Dems would try to get rid of their masks for CASH, and that they would do it in a bullying and flagrantly despicable style which would be their undoing.

You want to wear masks for the rest of your life? I can tell you exactly who to vote for.

Nope. Trump has BLESSED THE MARRIAGE of Democrats and Masks.

People are going to remember, as they CAST THEIR VOTES TO GET RID OF MASKS.

NOW – I could tell you that Masks are going to be bad for Democrats simply for people hating them, and wanting to get rid of them. But that’s not all.

Masks are going to have their own #LancetGateEffect moment, and Democrats are always going to be remembered as the CCP STOOGES who fell for China’s game of “how can we actually make the stupid Americans stupider?”.

Let’s look more closely.

Rebellion Against Masks on Twitter

I was not originally opposed to masks. I have people I follow on Twitter like yohiobaseball who are vehemently opposed to masks, e.g., Mike DeWine’s mask mandate, and I did not initially go along with their opposition, which was not articulated LOGICALLY, but purely from a FREEDOM standpoint.

The problem was, I was laser-pointered to only look at the GOOD masks MIGHT do in preventing infection by COVID-19. There is some evidence that “masks work” in that respect.

Then, I realized that FLU is actually a much worse problem than COVID-19, and THUS it would be illogical to EVER get rid of masks. That simply doesn’t make sense. The problem is that we are not being logical right now. We didn’t have masks in the past – at a time when we were MORE LOGICAL.

Something is NOT RIGHT with using a “new sub-flu” to make us all wear masks now. What are we missing?

What we are missing is the focus on why we never wore masks before. We are missing the NEGATIVE side of masks.

Why? Because the NEGATIVE side of masks is COMMON SENSE. Masks simply CANNOT help respiration, oxygenation, and COGNITION. They have to hurt – the only question is HOW MUCH.

And THAT is what I “rediscovered” by simply taking my oximeter – left over from COVID self-therapy – and using it to test the effects of my masks.


What follows FIRST is a bunch of Twitter “realizations” that masks are problematic, which led to my experiments.

(“Hypocapnia” is an error here – I meant hypercapnia – too much carbon dioxide.)

HERE is where I really got it. This is when I started EXPERIMENTING with masks and my oximeter.

Are you ready to do a little science? GREAT!!!

The Crucial Experiment is the One That YOU Do

One of my best realizations with masks is that THEY can stop ME from convincing YOU with MY DATA that masks cause inevitable cognitive decline, because THEY control our communications.

There are more of us than them; they just control the mechanisms that allow us to communicate with each other – nothing more.  Remember that!

Sundance, in “Good Grief, Goodyear is Run By Idiots…

It’s all part of “reactive disinformation”, something I realized in October of 2017, during the Las Vegas attacks. At that time, “trolls” (in reality, Chertoff-Hayden cubicle rats) were creating NEW photographic meme disinformation in a continuous fashion, REACTING to each discovery we made, to THWART US on discovering what was really going on.

I began to realize that we needed ways to bypass reactive disinformation. Bypassing reactive information is, in fact, part of what Q does.

Modern internet warfare on Twitter is basically a giant distraction from HONEST debate by bombardment with DISINFORMATION using DISHONEST techniques. I have now spent enough time FREE of “Fake Normal” that I remember what HONEST DEBATE includes – and Democrats are INCAPABLE of honest debate.

Real, regular, good science is literally impossible with people who don’t subject their own “side” to scrutiny, but waste EVERYBODY’S time by subjecting what does not need scrutiny to scrutiny.

The answer is to BYPASS DISHONEST PEOPLE. Shut them out of the scrutiny loop.

Yeah, I can stick my numbers out here and we will argue about them because that is how FAKE SCIENCE works now. Fauci calling remdesivir the new standard when it had absolutely cringeable numbers – THAT is Fake Science right there. How do you fight against that crap? You can’t, unless you can FIRE FAUCI and put Dr. Zelenko in his place. You want to see WAR with Bill Gates? Try THAT.

However, they cannot stop YOU from proving TO YOURSELF that masks cause cognitive decline.

Better still, THAT is science itself. Duplicating results – reality checking – reproducibility.

It’s very “Q”. It BYPASSES the reactive disinformation.

Here is how I described the experiment that YOU CAN DO, on Twitter.

Twitter is absolutely suppressing the hell out of all my stuff, and this tweet is getting it BIG TIME.

That is exactly why I’m BRINGING IT HERE. Let’s dig in.

And ALL of this is just on hypoxia issues. There is more. MUCH more.

Again, the key to doing this experiment is to create an overly elaborate method of recording data that includes very particular ways of spacing, punctuation, grammar, allowed terms, allowed notations, etc. Maybe a list of things to check yourself on, and an order to do it in. Practice it a few times without the mask to validate that you can do it, but right before you put on your mask. Keep these rules IN MEMORY – essentially IN RAM – and particularly your SHORT-TERM MEMORY. Thus, I suggest NOT writing any of these rules down. Force your brain to WORK.

It’s a lot like taking an SAT test, isn’t it? EXACTLY MY POINT. You are forced by both test rules and TIME to keep stuff in memory. We are creating fresh memories, and then watching masks DEGRADE THEM.

You will see FOR YOURSELF that masks degrade your short-term memory, and keep it degraded for a surprisingly long time.


Let me give you some of the “conclusions”.

The most important thing I found is that masks make people FORGETFUL. Not just me – I am now able to spot “mask head” in other people. It’s FREAKY. It’s like being in a science fiction movie and spotting the puppetmaster on people’s BACKS. Or is it a FACEHUGGER?

“Sorry – I asked you that already, didn’t I?”

“Yes! That’s the mask, actually! Masks make you forget stuff.”

One of the very first times I wore a mask in a store, I found myself getting more and more forgetful, going down my list of items. Near the end, I felt like reality was becoming a bit “dreamy”, so I figured I needed to GET OUT AND GET SOME AIR. I then FORGOT the last item – the one that my wife had specifically asked me to get.

Interestingly, that time I not only caught myself SPEEDING on the way home – in a place that I pride myself on NOT speeding – I later FORGOT LOADING THE GROCERIES INTO THE CAR. I had no memories of it. It was FREAKY. I had MISSING TIME. I felt real worry that I had left the groceries in the cart at the store. I had one of those “OMG” moments. I had to search my mind to realize that I had both forgotten to load the groceries into the car, but also I had also just put them away at home.

It was ILLOGICAL, but those were my memories. Of course, MKULTRA works similarly, but let’s not go there now. Maybe another time.

MISSING TIME FROM MASKS. And the effect is beautifully consistent with logic. It takes time – it’s cumulative – it has a latency, and it wears off. It took over half an hour for the effect to build up to where it was making me forget things significantly, and it took about half an hour for the effect to fully wear off.

It’s the mask. It is simply the mask.

Now – not all masks are the same. For me, the bandana is the worst. My numbers go down quickly to 96 or 97, and don’t get back up easily. Rapid breathing doesn’t raise my O2 as quickly as with either a “regular real mask” or my “cheater fashion mask”.

Obviously, I rarely use my bandana any more, except for experiments.

My regular store masks – the normal ones everybody wears – are better, but I still get hypoxia, followed by strong, measurable cognitive deficits with them. However, when I am wearing a mask in a place where I absolutely want to avoid any drama, and my time will be short, I stick to these masks that “blend in” with the crowd.

My “fashion mask” barely covers my chin. Hard breaths get strong oxygen immediately, relieving the hypoxia. That is what I wear when I don’t need to impress any Mask Karens or Mask Nazis.

Another thing is this. Yes, the oximeter scale is “scrunched up” to where meaningful stuff for normies wearing masks is roughly four numbers – 96, 97, 98, 99 – and if you interpret the oximeter waffling between these numbers as 96.5, 97.5, and 98.5, then you basically have 7 numbers you’re likely to see. It’s surprising how much you can prove with just those 7 numbers, but there is a reason for that, too – the COGNITIVE SCALE is also scrunched up near the top.

That is a POWERFUL realization, and NOT KNOWING IT is how the NPR lie works.

NPR has a pro-mask television ad with a soy boy, trying to convince you that “masks make sense” and “masks are smart”. It has a very cunning “proof” that hypoxia is not a problem – the soy boy says they’re not a problem, while showing a doctor in a gown and goggles and a mask showing you an oximeter on “99”, and then the doctor shrugs.

That is PURE PROPAGANDA. It’s not science. What YOU are doing is science, and what you are going to confirm is COMMON SENSE.

SO – that is why I am using the VERY FINE-GRAINED TEST of journaling with lots of little rules that you make up before, about how you are going to record and format your observations. With a small window of numbers that go from nodding off to alert, and a mind that – IRONICALLY – is going soft right when you should be making critical observations about your mind going soft, then it is the SET OF DETAILED PICAYUNE RULES for recording your observations that serves as the fine-grained test of cognitive ability – in addition to how you subjectively feel.

Self- analyzing your performance – being as hard on yourself as you are mentally able to do – will reveal your cognitive decline from masking.

So what’s next?

Well, some of us should not be wearing masks AT ALL. And yet, in my nearest “deep blue zone”, the TDS mayor actually EXCEEDS the regional mask mandate, by not allowing people to NOT wear a mask. You MUST wear a “face covering” into government buildings.

My recommendation in such cases is to wear a plastic face shield, as loosely as possible.

But that is not all. We need to work very hard to UNMASK, and to get around this unhealthy BS which has been foisted on us and our children in the name of health.

So let’s turn to MASK REBELLION.

How To Rebel Against Masks

People tend to be either “all in” on masks, or “all in” on mask rebellion.

What I advocate is SMART REBELLION. And part of smart rebellion against masks is for us to do back to the commies what they did to us – but OPENLY, PROUDLY, and LOGICALLY.

We need to SUBVERT masks, and encourage others who wish to join us, to join us.

  • substitute “social distancing” whenever allowed to do so (typically outside stores)
  • take “cheater breaths” around the mask whenever you feel like breathing harder
  • pull the mask away when you talk, so that you can be understood
  • wear the thinnest and least hypoxia-inducing mask you can find
  • point out “mask head” to forgetful people in a nice, concerned way
  • use a face shield instead and tell people why
  • use opportunities to tell people about mask hypoxia
  • show people your oximeter and explain how it shows mask hypoxia
  • use the oximeter in public and show people the truth
  • make your BREATHING FREELY in public very obvious and SMILE BIGLY

I will be getting a face shield shortly, and I will likewise do an oximeter experiment with it. Yeah, it will look stupid as hell, but hopefully somebody will ask.

Real science is coming back, one person at a time.


PS – thanks to Dep Pat for this wonderful CLOWN WORLD video!
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The Dim Governors all bug me – they want to ‘control’ us all until the Election – why is it they are sending out ‘absentee ballots’ when no one requested them? Why are their ‘flash signs’ on the highway reminding people they must wear their masks? Do they think people are stupid or just afraid? Enough is enough!!!

Cuppa Covfefe

I think DeWhine and all the other DEMONicRAT governors (and Merde-Kuh, for that matter) are a bunch of MASKholes…..


Thanks, Wolfie. I cannot and should not wear a mask, but I do have a face shield that I wear when I have to, and it is a bit better.

Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf again for calling out this mask charade for what it is, hopefully we’ll wake up the sheep….
Going to order the oxygen meter and run my own test.


See Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on masks, also The HealthyAmerican, Peggy Hall’s site, and PamelaPauper, think it’s


Also Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is on many sites and interviews. Vaxxter is one site.


Great article Wolfe, dovetails with my research and real world, I am reposting my link on hypercapnia under yours. The cumulative affects of BOTH too little O2 (Oxygen) and too MUCH CO2 (carbon dioxide) are going to be DEVESTATING. The O2 has the cognitive effect you mentions, but couple that with the CO2 displacement in place of the depleted O2 and you literally have acidic blood going to major organs.
We are being LIED to. WE ALL KNOW what to do, we always HAVE. What is the FIRST thing recommended in a carbon MONoxide poisoning? Remove to FRESH air, in severe cases PURE Oxygen is applied.
If it WORKS for CO, it WORKS for CO2. IF MORE Oxygen and fresh air is the curative for CO it is the curative for CO2. IF LESS Oxygen is BAD, how can a mask which you PROVED creates a lower Oxygen level be GOOD.
IF CO in place of Oxygen is BAD, so is O@, and if we are FORCED by masks to decrease the inflow of O@ while simultaneously DEGREASING the outflow of CO2.
BASIC health class, BASIC Biology.
Humans BREATHE IN Oxygen, the lungs oxygenate the blood, and Carbon DIXODE IE WASTE is exhaled.
There is a LEVEL of Oxygen REQUIRED in an atmosphere, or we will QUICKLY pass out and DIE. It is called a confined space protocol. Ever see those plastic yellow hoses going into a manhole?
They are NOT removing bad air, they are supplying FRESH air to a low oxygen area.
The hazards associated confined spaces include:
Toxic Atmosphere. A toxic atmosphere may cause various acute effects, including
impairment of judgement,
unconsciousness and death. …
Oxygen Deficiency. …
Oxygen Enrichment. …
Flammable or Explosive Atmospheres. …
Flowing Liquid or Free Flowing Solids. …
Excessive Heat.
Based on OSHA guidelines, a confined space is considered to have safe oxygen levels if readings are between 20.8-21 percent, while a space with readings of less than 19.5 percent are considered to be oxygen deficient.
Now put ALL you said, and couple that with this article
and then combine that with the health and biology classes we ALL had around 4th grade, and THINK.
Masks CREATE a verifiable LOW oxygen intake.
Masks create a verifiable HIGH CO2 intake and a LOW CO2 outflow.
CO2 is HEAVIER than Oxygen, and it WILL replace it in the bloodstream. THAT makes it CUMULATIVE.
Gee THIS sounds BAD
(ăs-fĭk′sē-ə) A condition in which an extreme decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the body accompanied by an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide leads to loss of consciousness or death. Asphyxia can be induced by choking, drowning, electric shock, injury, or the inhalation of toxic gases.
How about THIS
Although they can vary from person to person, the most common hypoxia symptoms are:
Changes in the color of your skin, ranging from blue to cherry red.
Fast heart rate.
Rapid breathing.
Shortness of breath.
Slow heart rate.
Cerebral hypoxia
Email this page to a friend Print Facebook Twitter Pinterest
Cerebral hypoxia occurs when there is not enough oxygen getting to the brain. The brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to function.
Cerebral hypoxia affects the largest parts of the brain, called the cerebral hemispheres. However, the term is often used to refer to a lack of oxygen supply to the entire brain.
In cerebral hypoxia, sometimes only the oxygen supply is interrupted. This can be caused by:
Breathing in smoke (smoke inhalation), such as during a fire
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Diseases that prevent movement (paralysis) of the breathing muscles, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Pressure on (compression) the windpipe (trachea)
ALL those and still we have THIS
Hypoxia[1] is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. Hypoxia may be classified as either generalized, affecting the whole body, or local, affecting a region of the body.[2] Although hypoxia is often a pathological condition, variations in arterial oxygen concentrations can be part of the normal physiology, for example, during hypoventilation training or strenuous physical exercise.
Hypoxia differs from hypoxemia and anoxemia in that hypoxia refers to a state in which oxygen supply is insufficient, whereas hypoxemia and anoxemia refer specifically to states that have low or zero arterial oxygen supply.[3] Hypoxia in which there is complete deprivation of oxygen supply is referred to as anoxia.
Generalized hypoxia occurs in healthy people when they ascend to high altitude, where it causes altitude sickness leading to potentially fatal complications: high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE).[4] Hypoxia also occurs in healthy individuals when breathing mixtures of gases with a low oxygen content, e.g. while diving underwater especially when using closed-circuit rebreather systems that control the amount of oxygen in the supplied air.
and then finally
Hypercapnia (from the Greek hyper = “above” or “too much” and kapnos = “smoke”), also known as hypercarbia and CO2 retention, is a condition of abnormally elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood. Carbon dioxide is a gaseous product of the body’s metabolism and is normally expelled through the lungs.
What are symptoms of high co2 levels?
excessive fatigue.
feeling disoriented.
flushing of the skin.
shortness of breath.
Over time, the MORE CO2 you take in in PLACE of Oxygen (because of the mask restriction) BUILDS UP. It does NOT go away rapidly, and once it reaches a certain level, BAD things happen. It CHANGES your blood PH, making it ACIDIC, and THAT destroys the ORGANS first. Thinks like the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, and BRAIN.
The mask LIE is making you listless, sick, and COULD be killing you in secret by attacking other organs especially the kidneys. The point is you WON’T really know until it is BAD, and perhaps too late.
Masks are made for SHORT term use, ACUTE exposures, not everyday consistent use.
Why no medical professional does what Wolfe and I have done, and puts it to clinical STUDY is beyond me.
TWO more things, underlying health problems like COPD, Hypertension, Heart problems, and SMOKING make it ALL worse.
We will NOT know the TRUE effects or COSTS of mask use for YEARS. THAT is the insidious part, lasting chronic effects coming.
An OLD colleague once said. Sometimes, the CURE is WORSE than the DISEASE.
THAT is masks in a nutshell.
Again great job Wolfe!


Yep, the phrase “they will not be able to walk down the street comes to mind.
ALL the death, and devastation. NEEDLESS>


Damn straight! and that “not being able to walk down the street” better happen prety DAMN soon


I know these bad looks are going to happen — I want to accelerate the learning curve, and have them happen before the election.


Peggy Hall of spoke to the Orange County Board Of Supervisors, and they rescinded their mask mandate the very next day.

Plain Jane

Can you imagine making a person who has received 3000 Grays of radiation on her brain after the max of chemo, wear a mask? Plus have PTSD since childhood about having their mouth and nose covered. The bass turds.


I was just thinking about you, Jane. You should Never be expected to wear a mas unless You Yourself feel you want to for your own protection in a crowd or something. Prayers.

Plain Jane

Thank you SingularZoe, I worry about the grandkids and the stupid mask requirements. Our Rhino gov Holcomb is requiring masks in public but is not prosecuting. It gives cover to the Dr. offices to not serve anyone who can’t wear a mask. Insanity. The Americans with disabilities Act is useless.


Yes, physical and emotional DAMAGE. Hope they PAY for their crimes in their wallets and prison

Plain Jane

Youngest son, physically fit, under 40, has had sinus and deviated septum surgery, went through all the allergy injections, etc., has a difficult time wearing mask. He gets hot, sweaty, and agitated when he goes into a store. There has to be others in his and my condition.
At least one school system in IN actually has desk shields the kids have to carry around with them, plus wear masks.
When I was tested for my by blood oxygen level before my last Immunotherapy session, I asked the tech to check DH’s, and his was low…I think 93. He wears a mask to alleviate the pressure from Karens, on me about wearing a mask, is worried about me, just pushed me in the wheelchair after driving me to the poison drip center, and is pushing 78 years, and has suffered with a deviated septum all his life.
My diabetic eyes are feeling the effects of the chemo and rad, but I got kicked out of my former ophthalmologist’s office appointment b/c mask, and another place will NOT allow anyone without a mask.
I wish I could sue the pants off the lemmings and Marxists. and share it with those who suffer trauma from this crap.

Plain Jane


Plain Jane

Yes. He doesn’t realize but I see him get agitated also. He is too stoic when he is in fixer mode for anyone he loves, or even doesn’t know. He’s a mensch.
Mine isn’t so great when I anticipate the mask hassle, either, or just came off of mask hassle.
Anymore, just seeing a mask on someone makes my gut twist. I’m nearly at the end of my tolerance.

Plain Jane

People who aren’t caretakers or affected by masks just don’t have a clue what ordinary old people feel compelled to endure. Karens don’t give a bleep. Pols don’t hear the stories. Some old peeps are so scared poopless that they will ask to-wear mask during their cremation so not to co tract the WuFlu.

Plain Jane

Great punch Wolfie.


see that is just it you CAN. Claim they are violating your civil rights, and endangering your health. Make them PROVE it …Try telling your story to Harmeet Dillion.

Plain Jane

Unfortunately, DH and I don’t have the energy to sue. I’ve been battling C since January. Prior to that I got real sick with other stuff around April 2019. I’d get into a class action in a heartbeat though.
Thank you ProgRex, I put her org on my homescreen, to think about it more.


YW, sorry it took so long to respond back, been real busy. I will pray for your recovery. Go bless yo Cancer is the TRUE plague of the last 150 years.

Plain Jane

Thank you ProgRex.

Deplorable Patriot

What’s bugging me about the messaging is the trigger words. “Safe” and “protected.” These are the same selling concepts used for all sorts of things: the need to apply sunscreen, birth control, home security systems….
Pure trigger points.
And…the mask I carry around is too big for my face, doesn’t fit right, so I RARELY rebreathe. It rides away from my face. Only one person has ever said anything about it.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s all for show, and I only wear it in stores because our county executive – sporting an MD behind his name – mandated it be so. We don’t have a choice if we want to eat and don’t want to drive half an hour to the next county for food.


DP, we have a very Rino mayor who did the same to us, same for dem mayor in the twin city next door. Mask nazis.


I am getting VERY impatient with this whole subject—BECAUSE NONE OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE!
1.None of this mask-stuff out there protects either you or me from the virus 2. to be efficacious you must be fitted–so there is no opening around any border of the mask—NO ONE is/has been fitted 3. Medical/scientific information is now being published that the dang things adversely affects your health-therefor WHY would you wear such a thing?? 4. exactly WHO is properly credentialed (WISE ENOUGH) to decree ALL OF US must wear a mask? –can be trusted to make this determination 5. to me very unwise to continue to allow fellow citizens to think / believe—they are safe because of this stupid piece of fabric or paper stuck over their mouth and nose—-> FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY….over time the FEAR is not being intellectually / intelligently dealt with and starts to kind of sit like a wad inside. God gives us fear for our protection–alerts us to something is dangerous-pay attention-take steps!. Here the wrong steps are being taken…I fear people are starting to cling to masks–whole matter is not being thought about or thought through——————-> = “ALL WE LIKE SHEEP…..” We are more and more being turned into sheep.
On a rant here….. Sorry-bear with me–this has been building. Around me 90% of the population walk around with masks on—95 degrees and people running/biking/walking/driving with NO ONE in the car —-have masks on. Geeezeee…..
I go in all my stores mask-less, as I said before, but/and armed with packets of explanatory (“educatory”, per IPOT) material to distribute to anyone interested. I also have the form all completed re Medical Exclusion to show, if necessary (has not been). I’m cool—-and experience of late is everyone else is too, I AM PERFECTLY NATURAL—talk to people (never about masks), ask questions, stand normal distance from folks. POINT: THIS is normal (underlined!) Walking warily around, suspiciously, face all covered up—is not.
My next step: I am making a (big) sign (piece of cardboard, a magic marker, hunk of rope), hanging it around my neck—-(probably wearing it on my back)— which says: ” JUST SAY NO ” —–> Big and bold. Making a statement. Planting a seed.
Everyone, all of us have to decide for ourselves. No big deal folks—just take it off, and return to normal.
Thanks for reading this far. Love this place; love all of you. Feel much much clearer! L.


And think what this is doing to children having to wear them in school, and I’m told my grand-nephew is getting so used to it–wonder how he will adjust when (if) it’s ever over with. I think it is traumatizing and warping the minds of these children.

Plain Jane

Highlander, where on earth were you able to obtain a MEDICAL EXCLUSION FORM?


See Peggy Hall’s It’s a one page “FACE MASK EXEMPT CARD” form—with all the blurb to show any reader you mean business—that this is indeed a legal matter and you are not just being ornery or contrary—[example—form includes tel. # for “ADA Violation reporting number: (800) 514-0301”. ]
Etc etc. WE MUST PUSH BACK. Become equipped with legal information to stand up to whatever “authority” is dictating our behavior. This form is fantastic and can be presented by ANYONE—they are not allowed to ask your disability so you do not have to explain or defend—-just show this form and they immediately back off. No need to argue, or persuade, or defend—-show the form and continue on your way demonstrating NORMAL behavior (no mask!)
Everything starts in the head—-get clear for yourself what you believe, what the facts are, what you will and will not do. Peggy is fantastic on that score!!!!!! Watch her videos….digest all she shares… Whole different mind set from what we have been lulled into.
Here’s to all of us becoming “Healthier Americans” ! With wits about us, eyes open, stiffened back bones. I was mush when I encountered Peggy’s site—now feel more sure of myself. Good luck. L.

Plain Jane

Thank you Highlander.
Well Over a month ago i went to the Justice dept website and it disavowed the cards. I called them, got the run around and the wench actually asked me if I can’t wear a mask or don’t want to. Will try again.

JW in Germany

Dr. Mikowits sounded credible to me in a recent interview. In a nutshell, she strongly hints at the idea that there is no Corona virus…it is part of a 30 year coverup of the use of contaminated vaccines that leave behind XMRVs in the body. Wearing a mask can disturb the immune system basically triggering the XMRVs in your body…you get “COVID”.
She even hinted strongly that this is by DESIGN—population control. I know that may be hard for many to believe—I am not a scientist—but Dr. Mikowits sounds damned convincing to me. Why are all of the scientists connected dying of “suicide” or “COVID”?
She even goes so far as to demand—SHOW US THE ISOLATED COVID VIRUS from a patient or corpse.


Also see info from Peggy Hall on her site, TheHealthyAmerican. She is a California educator. Also PamelaPauper, think it is Pam has another consumer site, forget the name but it is on that site. Someone might kindly post all these links here and elsewhere. Thank you. The other thing I like about face shields is that people can see the face of the wearer, which isn’t quite so creepy.


I like Dr. Judy a lot.


Dr. Judy Mikowitz is LOADED with information—I have listened to her being interviewed over and over to get a hold of / get a matter-of-fact detailed medical/scientific explanation of this whole subject—-what went before, what went wrong, SARS, HIV, etc etc– up to this point. Biggest thing I picked up: the/our blood supply is contaminated (!!!)–cannot be trusted —-ergo, “safe” vaccines??????
Sooooo much nefarious stuff has gone on, for years and years.. WHOM CAN WE TRUST?? Not the CDC, or WHO, or the other buraucracies (sp?) I urge: watch everything you can by Judy, by Bobby Kennedy Jr—and anything on Bill Gates (NOT to be trusted!!!!!!!)


Here’s a mask that, in some aspects, will defeat a number of detrimental characteristics of a more standard WuFlu mask.comment image
As you can see, this mask is really a small face shield, and a face shield appears to be accepted as, or in lieu of, a mask.
If you wear the ear loops around your ears, the mask falls enough away from your mouth that it doesn’t impede the dissipation of CO2 or the inflow of air. If you fasten the ends of the ear loops together and wear the resultant elastic cord under your ears and around your neck, the mask is held even farther away from your mouth. Obviously, there is no seal here.
Also, the visual aspect of MASK is removed because the face shield is clear. No hiding behind a cloth barrier.
Also, they’re inexpensive. For the 5 pieces option, I paid $11.25 plus sales tax for Nevada . . . free shipping.
The bad news is they’re sold through Amazon and undoubtedly are made in China. They have a 3 week or so delivery schedule.


Cheaper version: take a standard size bandana, cut it in half, use a stapler to make pleats across one side, use string to tie up corners on each side, tie behind head.
Looks ridiculous—and is just as effective as anything else out there.


I like Dr. Tenpenny’s idea of a mask with the word “placebo”.

Plain Jane


Concerned Virginian

It appears that the “medical experts” that Biden used for his nationwide mask mandate is based on this:
The “experts” and “study” mentioned in the Marketwatch article are from — guess where? — the doom-and-gloom INCORRECT researchers over at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (HME) at the University of Washington School of Medicine. This “study” says that over 70,000 lives could be saved by “consistent mask wearing” starting immediately.
Wonder if “consistent mask wearing” by Gov. DEWINE of Ohio has produced enough hypoxia and cognitive changes that he came out with the new diktats about the performing arts in Ohio a couple of days ago? He’s requiring that ALL performers wear masks during rehearsals and to try to wear them during PERFORMANCES — by cutting a “mouth hole” in the mask to accommodate singing and playing wind instruments!
think about these examples: Can one imagine a TUBA player wearing a mask to rehearse and/or perform? How about an OBOE player? What about a VIOLINIST — who ALSO needs maximum oxygen flow and utilization for playing coordination? How about a BALLET DANCER — another performer who must have maximum access to free oxygen? What about a SINGER — the “Queen of the Night” aria being sung while wearing a mask? STUPID and LIFE-ENDANGERING; let alone what it would do to the quality of the performance.

Deplorable Patriot

Frankly, when I cantor these days, I flat out refuse to wear one. The whole point of the singing is communication, and you can’t be understood wearing a mask let alone the oxygen deprivation that is in short supply anyway when singing, since it’s essentially a controlled exhale.
As for the Queen of the Night…I’d be more worried about catching the mask in the mouth as open as you have to be to get to the Fs. The one that would really be an issue from an athletic standpoint, IMO, is Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis. That’s exhausting even without a mask.


IHME in other words, the people who put out the PHONY projection numbers at the beginning, the people Fauci is tied to and used as a LIE to get the lockdowns, the SAME people who are funded by…Bill Gates.
These people need a lead enema. I think it is HIGH time to RIP off the band aid, put on our big boy pants, and start dishing some accountability for this shit.
I had a suggestion, but it never took hold. Simply, unless you are TRULY sick and showing symptoms, REFUSE to get a covid test. That is EXACTLY what happened in Europe, and some of the OTHER places dems like to tout, I am sure it is just an “oversight” that they NEVER mention Sweden.
SHUT of one leg of the FRAUD triangle. Less tests or FEW tests, equals LESS “cases” THE LIE is that all these cases turn out to be OVERWHELMINGLY not hospitalizations or DEATHS. NO ONE seems to EVER recover, despite MONTHS of “counting and recounting and testing ands retesting.
Sop NO ONE dies, NO ONE goes to the hospital, and NO ONE recovers, but you are STILL “sick” and counted as such.
MY ASS. THE LIE is that Covid is asymptomatically spread. That ALLOWS them to KEEP fooling people with BOGUS statistics…hey JUST like they did in the very BEGINNING with Neil Fergusson and IHME. Coincidence?
I think the BIG part of Trump’s press conference tonight was NOT the fast track FDA “allowance” of convalescent plasma, I think MOST missed it. It was EXPLICITLY mentioned by Azar.
RIGHT TO TRY now applies to COVID. OOPSIE, now you CAN and WILL be able to get Ivermectin, Hydroxy, plasma, or anything ELSE like doxycycline to be applied by a physician to treat Covid.
THAT will end this shit and PDQ too,


What style face shield will you get Wolf? Eyeglass or forehead strap or something else?


I have had a few places say they wont accept it. Nazis gonna nazi, just fyi.


We are required to wear face coverings in all stores here. I found that after 15 minutes in a grocery store with a mask that I was ready to pass out. But I noticed 2 sales clerks wearing face shields. So that’s what I’ve been wearing the past few weeks, and I can breathe so much better. If you are required to wear something, that’s what I would recommend.

Sadie Slays

Strongly recommend that people in mask zones start Sheila Jackson-ing it. Let that nose free and breathe! I’ve been doing this since April, and have received only one half-hearted complaint about it.
I’ll also recommend my scarf solution one more time. I use an old winter scarf that I very loosely wrap around my lower face. It’s easy to adjust without touching my face. I can pull it over the nose if necessary, or pull it away from my face discreetly.comment image

Concerned Virginian

Might be an idea to take a photo of Rep. LEE not wearing HER mark on her nose and show it to a “Karen”, or anybody else who “orders” you to put your mask over your nose.
If Rep. Lee can wear a mask this way, so can ALL the rest of us.

Concerned Virginian

Or how about putting a photo on one’s phone of DR. FAUCI NOT wearing his mask at all like he did at the baseball game — he had HIS mask draped down AROUND HIS CHIN, if I recall — AND wasn’t doing social distancing while sitting the stands.
If Dr. Fauci thinks it’s good enough to wear a mask down BELOW the mouth, then it’s good enough for ALL the rest of us.

Sadie Slays

comment image


Oh, my friend told me she won’t take me to grocery store if I let my nose out. Pastor will, though. He doesn’t care what I do. It’s no one’s business but mine, except they have now instituted big fines after the first warning.

Sadie Slays

A word of caution about face shields. I looked into face shields a few months ago and found a ton of cheap Chinese garbage. Amazon is flooded with it. If you read the reviews, people complain about them falling apart, smelling like chemicals, not matching the product desciption, etc. Do your research before buying! The only thing I found that looked promising was considerably more expensive than the Chinese trash. Ultimately, I changed my mind on face shields entirely and didn’t buy it. I figured the Sheila Jackson method of leaving your nose unobstructed was better for oxygen intake than the shield.
One more thought about face shields. Isn’t it curious how the media and government tyrants pretend they don’t exist? I haven’t seen a single politician, celebrity, and media figure wear one. If this was all truly about public safety, then you’d think the face shield solution would be promoted more to people who can’t or won’t wear traditional masks. But this is not about public safety—it’s about dehumanization and humiliation. Encouraging people to show their entire face doesn’t fit their agenda.


Sadie, my son called this MONTHS ago when they restarted the mask and cases shit. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GLOVES?
See, I think Trump KNOWS this shit is ALL fake, and he subliminally SHOWS us. He RARELY wears a mask, he NEVER wore gloves, and ALLOWED that part of the narrative to “die” The MSM were too concerned with masks, because as I saidd, they MAKE you sick, and the symptoms of Hypoxia and Hypercapnia mimic…Covid 19.
Gloves were a MINOR inconvenience, and most likely FAR more effective than masks, as MOST of the flu is spread by surface contact. The left ABANDONED that narrative, after initially promoting it as Covid could “live for years” on surfaces.
Now you HAVE TO ASK, WHY, because, gloves will not, unless you are allergic to the powder in them or the latex material, make you SICK. There was NO psychological FEAR from gloves. People were actually USED to seeing everyone from doctors to food service wear them.
The masks are a FARCE. Time to simply STOP playing the game, they CAN’T win if we don’t play, OR if we don’t play by THEIR rules.

Sadie Slays

Excellent point about the gloves. You’re right—I forgot about them entirely. If this was all truly about public safety, then where are the glove mandates?



Deplorable Patriot

You know what, I still have a ziploc in my purse with gloves, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes in it.


Oh, Sadie, you are right, but I have heard there are a situations where they are requiring both–mask under shield. At a horse show, and I don’t think one is very near anyone while showing a horse. My shield doesn’t smell, and I think it will hold up as often as I wear it.

Concerned Virginian

OK, everybody — here’s the latest AMA Ed Hub CCP Virus Update video, this one with DR. EZEKIEL EMANUEL (yeah, THAT Dr. Emanuel — Rahm’s brother. Zeke is apparently subbing for DR. FAUCI).
I took 4 pages of notes on this 42 minute video. Following are the highlights — and the REAL MESSAGES are at the very end: All the below are from Dr. Emanuel:
** 240K deaths in the US from the CCP Virus are expected BY NOVEMBER 1.
** Positivity Rate must be UNDER 3% for public schools to open.
** Colleges: students not “being responsible or adhering to rules”, therefore cases are spiking.
** VACCINE: Large number in Phase III trials. Possible “October Surprise” of a vaccine that gets FDA emergency approval, but approval MUST be based on data evaluation of efficacy and be driven by science.
** VACCINE DISTRIBUTION: must be “prioritized” with the goal of reducing premature deaths: maybe give first to people who are at high risk for TRANSMISSION as opposed to Age-related (to elderly). Even FDA emergency approval wouldn’t get enough vaccine produced to cover ENTIRE US population.
** VACCINE: has “conventional vaccine” in Phase III trials there. “The world won’t be back to normal unless the United States is back to normal.” CLEAR inference that IF a Chinese vaccine shows enough data + efficacy, USE THAT ONE before another vaccine.
** FALL 2020 FLU SEASON: Very worrisome due to number of people not going to work or school that would normally require flu vaccination. Emanuel pushes MANDATORY / UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINATION using a new system combining mayors dividing up cities and assigning “vaccination zones” via CVS, Kroger etc., WITH healthcare workers going HOUSE TO HOUSE and giving the flu shot. BUT — NOW HEAR THIS — Emanuel ALSO advocates this combo method FOR THE CCP VIRUS 2-SHOT PROCEDURE.
** CONVALESCENT PLASMA: Emanuel says studies / trials for this treatment are “not understandable” because they’re NOT random or controlled and are done in-hospital only. CLEAR inference that there are NO treatments that work prophylactically or for “mild” CCP Virus cases.
NOW THE REAL BEHIND THE SCENES STUFF, neat the end of the video, again from Zeke:
** Regarding the lack of real “public health leadership” related to the CCP Virus issue: All public health AND government leaders must “speak with one voice” and “have a common message” about vaccination.
“WITH THE CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP, we should be able to get that done, with the Federal government AND SOMEONE AT THE WHITE HOUSE calling celebrities, athletes, business leaders…to reinforce that message over and over.”
“PEOPLE WHO CRITICIZE [about a vaccine mandate] and ‘chirp’ from the sidelines, WE HAVE TO MAKE THEM A MINORITY and MARGINALIZE THEM.”
“A RETURN TO NORMALCY won’t happen UNTIL NOVEMBER 2021 for in-person education, to re-open “NON-ESSENTIAL businesses”, and to achieve 70% herd immunity.”
Dr. Emanuel is CEARLY inferring that REAL LEADERSHIP at the Federal level will ONLY happen with JOE BIDEN in the Oval Office; also inferring that POTUS Donald Trump is a CYPHER who hasn’t done ANYTHING.
I can morally guaran-d@mn-tee you that the AMA is working HARD to get BIDEN elected in November.
And why, one asks, would Dr. Emanuel be SO CLEAR in pushing a CHINESE VACCINE for the THEIR CCP VIRUS on the American people AND on the rest of the world? FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Concerned Virginian

Typo, sorry:
It needs to read
** VACCINE: CHINA has “conventional vaccine” in Phase III trials there.”


Well, we know all about Emmanuel and his rationing plans. He’s a worm. Wish he’d crawl back under-ground. Pure evil. His zones idea is very scary, and I already feel marginalized, but I have friends who agree with me, so we’re Not Alone.

Deplorable Patriot

When Dr, Emanuel volunteers to be a trial subject for that vaccine, maybe, just MAYBE the people who see through this $#!+ will entertain not balking at his suggestions.

Steve in Lewes

PRECISELY!!!!!! Start wearing stuff that is ridiculous ! PUSH BACK !!!! We have to challenge the narrative they have shoved down our throats, and act/say—–NO. This makes no sense and I am not doing it.


Great post Wolf, Explains why I spend so much more time time in the grocery store( back and forth stumbling along trying to find things on DW’s list) the only place I go for any extended time.
And the drivers going insane driving like idiots since this all started!
THURSDAY, April 23, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Sparse traffic on U.S. roads during the coronavirus pandemic has spawned a spike in speeding and other types of reckless driving, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) says.

Concerned Virginian

First, thanks so much for your terrific article.
Second, one wonders just how long it will be before some government / public health officer dolt “decrees” that face SHIELDS don’t count as a “face covering”.
If that happens, then we’ll KNOW that the REAL purpose of the mask cr@p is to KEEP US OPAQUELY COVERED IN SUBMISSION.

Sadie Slays

Maine already declared that face shields need to be “worn from the collar” like a dog cone.


That’s pretty similar to what I got. Mine came in a pack of 4 and are pretty sturdy, as long as you don’t sit on them. 🙂 Most important to me is that I can breathe, which I can’t with a face mask on.

Deplorable Patriot

Just a bit of a ground report on the mask thing.
A neighbor’s house alarm went off while he was away earlier. Naturally, the fire department shows up to see if there was a fire. Nope. No masks on them, and that being the case, it is very clear that our fire department needs to do a calendar. (Mmmm) About the time the neighbor pulled into his driveway (I assume he has an app or something alerting him to the alarm going off), a couple police cruisers stop and the cops get out…masks under their chins. None of us were wearing masks.
Yeah…I think just about everyone not bamboozled by the news media is done with this and we’re waiting out the duration until the election.

Sadie Slays

Most of the employees at the small businesses I frequent either aren’t wearing them or are wearing them around the chin. The masks are mandatory here, the businesses have “masks required” signs posted (I’m told they have to post them for insurance purposes), but the employees are simply over it.


Short list of things that are disconcerting concerning masks and oxygen deprivation.
Start with yours first.
Children wearing masks.
Pregnant woman wearing masks.
Any one required to do a full shift wearing masks.
Mechanics, electricians, and construction workers wearing mask.
School bus drivers wearing masks.
See told ya it be short.
I wonder if there are any OSHA stats on the number of work place accidents that might show a correlation to mask wearing and accidents.

Deplorable Patriot

I don’t like pregnant women wearing them, either. The body is already under stress, and the baby needs oxygen for brain development just as much as small children do. In utero brain injuries are tough to deal with. Trust me.


Might of been brought up (didnt read the whole thread) but what about emulating a cival rights sit in? Get a group to go into a store without masks. Could just all walk arounf without masks and shop or literally have a “sit in”.
Pass out anti mask literature, wear shirts that proclaim the main points against wearing masks from health to denial of Liberty….
Could do this outside stores for a lower confrontational approach or the wear the shirts and have the handouts but wear masks that also have anit mask messaging.

Brave and Free

From the beginning of this BS I haven’t worn a mask (FL) have been in NY most of the summer and it’s nuts. Mask everywhere, I just put it on to get into wherever I am going and then it’s under my chin. No one’s said anything to me yet I do get the side eye once in awhile though.
Also don’t the Chinese ware mask all the time for the air pollution?


Note, CO2 is heavier than oxygen and would pool in the cone, giving the “stupid” effect more power. UNLESS you only had a “half cone” that allowed it to sink out the back. STILL is humiliating and wrong headed.


Yes, the face shield I have comes with a visor-like top piece. It’s the real deal for dental hygienists and probably is to protect from splattering spit. It got very warm with that piece in place, so I removed it. But I only wear a mask/shield for as short a time as possible. Moving quickly through a store, straight to items on my list.


I have yet to wear a mask. I can’t, so I won’t. If I am going somewhere new, I call first to inquire about the mask policy. If they tell me I have to wear one, I tell them I will be going elsewhere. My area isn’t as bad as some of the cities, but I am telling you right now, if I lived in one of those places, I would move, come hell or high water. Enough is enough.
It’s time to just say NO. The more of us who walk around like normal people, the more the people who know it is bullshit but can’t stand the peer-pressure will take them off. Because that is what it is now, peer pressure.
It’s just like in high school when the cool kids were going to do something you knew was wrong, but standing up to them was SO hard. But if you did, nine times out of ten, several other people would join you. It’s just that no one wants to go first.
Be FIRST. Be the bold one who walks in without the mask, looks them in the eyes and smiles. All they can do is ask you to leave. And if they do ask, do so. But find an alternative to them, and NEVER go back. Write a letter to the owner and tell them that you will never return.
Be normal. Be fearless. Don’t let them damage you for the rest of your life. Because you only get the one, and who wants to live it like Basement Biden?


“Because they care about your health.”comment image


WebMD seems authoritative…
“Masks and people with respiratory problems like Asthma, Lupas, and alergies should not be wearing masks all day, probably not at all.
Many breathing problems are long-term (chronic). These include chronic sinusitis, allergies, and asthma. They can cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, a runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, chest congestion, coughing, wheezing, trouble breathing, and shallow breathing.
Your nasal passage is a pathway for viruses and allergens to enter your lungs. So your nose and sinuses are often linked with many lung disorders. Sinus or nasal passage inflammation may trigger asthma attacks. And the No. 1 trigger for asthma is allergies”. — comment from Gab
Remember when the wildfires had loads of people wearing masks in 2018?


From Pat Fredrick’s collection in the Open…comment image


Great article, boss!
Thank you.
I’m now wondering about doctors and surgeons who wear masks for hours during long surgeries.
You’d think they would’ve noticed the bad effects of mask-wearing for any length of time.
How could they not?
They have probably remained silent about it because if they spoke up…they would be punished.


I think there are studies on it.
Or maybe not…


Sigh… nobody wants to make it easy to cross post images.




From kun via wearethene.wscomment image


Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous”
Post 10394499 • 8kun via
Sweden’s Senior Epidemiologist Warns Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous”
Andres Tengell, Sweden’s top epidemiologist, warns against people wearing face masks, saying it is “very dangerous,” but not because of health risks, but instead, they provide a false sense of security.
Summit News reports:
“It is very dangerous to believe face masks would change the game when it comes to COVID-19,” said Anders Tengell, who has overseen Sweden’s response to the pandemic while resisting any form of lockdown or mask mandate.
“Face masks can be a complement to other things when other things are safely in place,” Tengell added.
“But to start with having face masks and then think[ing] you can crowd your buses or your shopping malls — that’s definitely a mistake,” he further urged.
Tegnell has consistently spoken out against the use of masks, last month declaring that “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport.”
“The findings that have been produced through face masks are astonishingly weak, even though so many people around the world wear them,” Tengell has urged.
“I’m surprised that we don’t have more or better studies showing what effect masks actually have. Countries such as Spain and Belgium have made their populations wear masks but their infection numbers have still risen,” the epidemiologist also declared.
Sweden, which didn’t enforce any mandatory lockdown order, has seen its coronavirus cases and deaths slow to a trickle.
“That Sweden has come down to these levels is very promising,” Tegnell has said, adding “The curves are going down and the curves for the seriously ill are beginning to approach zero.”
The one thing we can agree on is that face masks are of no help to the people wearing them. However, they are indeed a threat to your own health as well as a symbol of your submission to your fears and to liars preying on those fears.
As we have reported previously, Ohio Rep. Nino Vitale demonstrated that wearing a face mask does reduce oxygen levels, and though his video was pulled down by YouTube, who claimed it was somehow misinformation, the fact is it has been demonstrated to fall even below OSHA standards.
For those of you who actually believe this alleged “virus” escaped a biolab in Wuhan and made it’s way here and is threatening us at every turn rather than those in authority usurping authority to put you in a constant state of fear to take advantage of you, you really should stop, take a step back and look at what has been going on for months in Wuhan. America has been had!

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