Buffalo Jump: Mafia Princess Mysteries

Impeachahontas Now Wearing Two Diapers

Nobody expected Chris Wray to play Mafia Nan’s queen of diapers face-up on January 6, but that is exactly what appears to have happened.

The only question now is WHY.

To quote a friend from a former life, “AYE-YI-YI!”

OK – let me back up a bit.

First, I want to thank phoenixrising for her comment HERE, which alerted me to a post on Telegram from Tierney Real News, which can be found HERE and repeated HERE, about an article on John Solomon’s JustTheNews, by their Chief National Security Correspondent, Susan Katz Keating, which can be found HERE:

LINK: https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/fbi-launched-urgent-investigation-nancy-pelosis-father-behest-jfk

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/6Lk2K


…..before we get into the substance of this article, a few reminders.

OK – that’s minimizing. It’s bigger than just a few reminders. Let’s get started.


This is now the FOURTH article in the “Buffalo Jump” series, covering my perspective of the Capitol Hill “Reichstag” event as a PLOT by Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and many others to “finish off” President Donald Trump AND his movement.

Please feel free to go back to these prior articles for reference:

Buffalo Jump

I cannot claim credit for realizing that the tactical maneuver of Trump’s supporters to their political demise on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, was something known to American historians and anthropologists as a buffalo jump. However, as soon as I heard the ill-fated demonstration called that, all my questions about what …

Buffalo Jump: The Plot Thickens

Alternate Title: Bring Out The Owl! We continue with Part 2 of the Buffalo Jump series. For background, see Part 1: If you want a TL;DR version of what was wrong with the Capitol Rally on January 6, 2021, imagine trying to fit a million people into the little area numbered “8”, in the upper …

Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

Alternate Title: The moment I realized that GOD would back me in going asymmetrical on these unworthy China-compromised “U.S.” military bastards. I have recently come into possession of information which made a lot of things start making a lot more sense. I only needed a final confirmation that I was correct – and I just …

These three prior articles (please see the valuable discussions in the comments, in all cases) can be summarized as follows:

  • Explanation of the Capitol Hill event in terms of a Native American “buffalo jump”
  • How aftermath recriminations show the event was logistically set up to fail as it did
  • How cringeworthy performances and sketchy backgrounds of dubious chaos provocateurs implicate anti-Trump military elements using leftist cover as part of the coup

Generally speaking, beyond these opinion pieces, there seems to be an emerging consensus on the pro-Trump right of the following:

  • There was some sort of coordinated, planned effort to lead Trump and his movement into some kind of Reichstag moment, to finish off Trump as a political force.
  • Violence was largely provoked and initiated by people associated with leftist groups, but many of Trump’s supporters were clearly drawn into the mayhem.
  • While the events of January 6 resulted in successful certification of a highly fraudulent election, they failed to end the political career of Trump, or the strength of his movement, still dominating GOP politics.

Beyond those widely held ideas, there are also strongly held opinions among different groups on the right. Some of these opinions are highly divergent.

I will go from roughly “most commonly held” to “most divergent”.

  • There may have been either some awareness of a plot by elements on the pro-Trump side, or in the absence of prior awareness, a very fast and skilled response to the events of that day.
  • The Insurrection Act may have been invoked by Trump and is likely still in effect.
  • The Ashli Babbitt shooting was either:
    • very real and an assault on patriots that requires justice
    • very real and Trump’s fault
    • a phony provocation which failed to initiate greater violence
    • a phony shock-event designed to STOP greater violence
  • The whole thing was a giant sting operation against all of Trump’s enemies
  • Biden’s presidency is limited in some fashion
  • There are two Presidents
  • Trump is still the only real President
  • The Biden administration is not real and is not actually in power.
  • People are being arrested and we are watching actors and not real people
  • There is no plan and we are doomed.

There are many more schools of thought, and I won’t get into all of them. However, I think we can mostly agree about the following items which concern THIS article:

  • Nancy Pelosi was likely involved in any treachery on that day, January 6, 2021.
  • The FBI was the primary force directed against Trump’s followers who either entered the Capitol or participated in violence.

So THAT positions the two main players here – but not completely.

Before we get back to the article, we have more “background” to discuss. In particular, a prior article on this site.

The Pelosi d’Alesandro Lucchese Gambino Crime Family – A Bibliography

I’ve decided there is too much here to do a summary – we need a CLEARINGHOUSE. Please submit more information in comments, and we’ll include links here. Wikipedia: Nancy Pelosi’s father and related mob articles Pelosi’s Father: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_D%27Alesandro_Jr. Archived Version: https://archive.md/HWVJj The above article is very interesting because the authors (likely Pelosi aides) HIDE the …

Now, as the title suggests, the article is more a bibliography of other sources on Nancy D’Alesandro’s family background, than it is a new investigation of any kind. I didn’t even bother to quote much of it – just to provide links. I did comment on the “grooming” of her father’s Wikipedia article to HIDE her mob background.

I recommend checking out some of the links, including one where the author stopped by in the comments! Likewise, it’s worth looking at Aubergine’s comment which explains Pelosi’s behavior in a most excellent way.

SO – with all that taken care of, let’s get back to the new story.

LINK: https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/fbi-launched-urgent-investigation-nancy-pelosis-father-behest-jfk

Switching over to text for our low-vision folks…..

and inserting a few pictures…..

and starting over at the beginning…..

While Washington, D.C. was riveted Jan. 6 on events at the U.S. Capitol, the FBI quietly released a trove of files from an “urgent” — yet seemingly controlled — investigation 60 years ago into Nancy Pelosi’s father.

The files reveal the results of an intense two-month investigation into Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., a Maryland politician who served in a long career as a member of Congress and mayor of Baltimore.


John F. Kennedy’s White House ordered the investigation after JFK planned to appoint D’Alesandro to a government post. A routine FBI name check revealed “allegations” against D’Alessandro, according to a Feb. 6, 1961 teletype from “FBI Director.” The director at the time was J. Edgar Hoover.

The “urgent” teletype seemed to signal the goal of ensuring that D’Alesandro would be appointed to a government watchdog board that reviewed defense contracts. 

“The White House has requested that we proceed with a special inquiry investigation but that if substantial derogatory information were developed, we should report this and discontinue any further inquiries because substantiation of any of the allegations would eliminate Mr. D’Alesandro,” the FBI director wrote in the teletype that is located on page 19 of the trove.

“Assign immediately,” Hoover wrote, instructing the Baltimore and Washington field offices to “afford continuous attention” to the investigation.

In sometimes illegible and heavily redacted reproductions, the 248-page collection shows that FBI agents were tasked with running down rumors and facts surrounding their man.

“There have been allegations that D’Alesandro has associated with the Baltimore criminal element and [redacted] and the son, Franklin Roosevelt D’Alesandro, had been arrested for rape,” an agent wrote on page 14 of the trove. The allegations may have been rumor, the agent noted.

Elsewhere in the trove, agents wrote about the son, who was arrested and acquitted on charges that saw others convicted of raping two young girls, aged 11 and 13. The young D’Alesandro, who died in 2007, also was tried and acquitted of perjury in relation to that case. 

WOLF’S SIDEBAR LINK 1: https://welovetrump.com/2021/01/09/fbi-file-dump-nancy-pelosis-brother-charged-with-raping-underage-girls/

WOLF’S SIDEBAR LINK 2: https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-2007-02-22-0702220127-story.html

In the 1961 inquiry into the senior D’Alesandro, the G-men delved decades into their subject’s past.

“In 1945 it was alleged that one Charles F. Cammarata had been able to get away with all sorts of criminal activities in Baltimore, Maryland, and had operated almost unmolested due to his friendship with and the protection of Congressman D’Alesandro,” one unnamed agent wrote in a Jan. 30, 1961 memo to the White House.

In the same memo, which begins on page 38 of the collection, the agent summarizes allegations that a powerful D’Alesandro took payoffs from applicants to the police force, and that he helped to hinder the investigation and prosecution of crimes.

Elsewhere, the memo cites a “confidential source, who has furnished reliable information in the past,” reporting that D’Alesandro appeared onstage at a 1943 rally for the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, which was formed in 1943 by the Coummunist Party USA as a Soviet front group, according to the FBI.

The following year, the memo notes, D’Alesandro was reported as the main speaker at an event for the International Workers Order, an insurance organization placed on a list of subversive organizations by the U.S. attorney general in 1947 and later disbanded by order of the New York State Insurance Department for being too closely aligned with the Communist Party, in violation of regulations prohibiting political activity in the industry.  

In a series of endorsements commencing on page 129 of the trove, a phalanx of associates — judges, politicians, friends, and acquaintances — described D’Alesandro in glowing terms. He was “upright,” they said, or “loyal,” “honest,” and a devoted family man. 

Two acquaintances hedged their praise. In an undated memo, one agent wrote: “Another individual stated he would be hesitant in recommending D’Alesandro for any office where he would be in a position to award contracts without first having the approval of another supervisor.”

Following the investigation, the Senate confirmed D’Alesandro for the contract oversight position. He was sworn into office on March 28, 1961, while his wife, along with JFK and a young Nancy, looked on. D’Alesandro served on the Renegotiation Board, which later was disbanded.


In 1966, Mildred Stegall, who at the time was an assistant to President Lyndon Baines Johnson, contacted the FBI and asked them to search their files for material on D’Alesandro. The resulting FBI memo, dated Sept. 21, 1966 and reproduced on page 16 of the trove, did not explain why Stegall wanted the information.

The FBI did not disclose why the entire collection was released on Jan. 6, and did not immediately respond to Just the News.

Thomas D’Alesandro died in 1987, at age 84.


Speaker Pelosi did not respond to questions from Just the News.


Before commenting further, I would encourage you to check out the FBI document yourself. Compared to many of these FBI drops, this one is high in information, lacking in annoying redactions, and easy to navigate.


NOW – my thoughts on what I saw.

I think that the JustTheNews article is really good – HOWEVER – like all journalism, it has a point of view, and this one could be described as “concise yet hitting all the ‘newsworthy’ (read ‘potentially scandalous’) points briefly, to the point of mild distortion”.

That’s not a diss. Frankly, we are LUCKY to get journalism like this. However, what this means is that when you read the actual document, there are a LOT of subtleties and general impressions that come out, which DO NOT MATCH the article’s synopsis.

I found that I had to RESET my initial impressions after I read the FBI document, to realize that the JTN analysis was very good, but did not openly state some of the things I am about to say.

First off, the impression that the actual FBI collection gives, is that D’Alesandro was a GREAT GUY – a really honest fellow, a “pillar of his community”. JustTheNews addresses this prevalence of glowing testimonials, but it’s actually much different to see them in print.

It’s very interesting to note that almost all the witnesses who DO say anything other than “great guy, loyal citizen, pillar of the community” state that any quibbles with D’Alesandro were either “just business” or “just politics”. He is otherwise described as a proud child of immigrants, very religious, and otherwise a very admirable person.

So what gives?

SUBTLETY. The mark of the mafia.

There are no smoking guns here.

We don’t see brazen criminality. Instead, we see things like ONE WITNESS (the article said two – I only saw one myself) hinting that D’Alesandro could not be fully trusted with contracts (implying favoritism, “pay to play”, etc.).

We don’t see D’Alesandro waving commie red flags. Instead, we see him CANCELING an engagement when the press found out there were REAL LIVE COMMUNISTS associated with an event he was signed up for.

We don’t see informants stating any knowledge that D’Alesandro mixed it up with the communists they were watching. Instead, we remember that the LOUD AND OBVIOUS commies and the QUIET AND STEALTHY ones rarely intersect, lest the cover of the latter be blown.

Instead of D’Alesandro associating OPENLY with the Soviets and pro-Soviet Americans during the McCarthy years, we see him doing so ONLY during World War II.

We don’t see D’Alesandro naming his kids Sasha, Tanya, Vladimir and Dimitri. Instead, we see him name a kid after OUR socialist, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

AND this.

We don’t find Nancy Pelosi ordering a mob hit and getting caught.

But we DO find Nancy D’Alesandro’s MOTHER – also named Nancy D’Alesandro – testifying about the books, in a trial involving a construction company with an Italian owner.

A real nothingburger – right? That’s what it sure sounds like.

Now this point is extremely interesting, and is a BEAUTIFUL example of Baltimore corruption.

You just read that statement by the subsequent mayor – right? Saying that the former Mayor D’Alesandro was a great guy. Right? Sounds totally on the up and up. Right?

Now read the SAME THING here:

Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. and the Mafia

LINK: https://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=114132

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/3fOp0

Another serious allegation against D’Alesandro was that he had received kickbacks from building developer Dominic Piracci on city contracts.  Piracci’s account ledger included several payments totaling $11,000 to D’Alesandro which he later erased to keep the information from investigators.  The developer later explained that the payments were legitimate loans to Mrs. D’Alesandro to finance her cosmetics business which since had been fully repaid, and he doctored the documents only “to save” the D’Alesandro family “from embarrassment and from further trouble” given a criminal investigation into his business practices.  In April 1954 Piracci “was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the city of $42,996 in connection with the construction of an off-street parking garage in Baltimore,” and also found guilty for “obstruction of justice in that he submitted to a Baltimore City Grand Jury a ‘completely phony’ ledger to conceal $35,000 in weekly payments to the Peoples Holding Corporation” whose officers “were also charged with conspiracy to defraud Baltimore City in an off-street parking garage contract.”  Mrs. D’Alesandro testified on Piracci’s behalf at his criminal trial, and although she insisted the “loans” from Piracci were repaid there was no documentary evidence to corroborate that testimony.  The supposed repayments were made in cash rather than by check.  Mrs. D’Alesandro’s testimony may have saved her husband’s sorry ass from criminal liability but could not save his then-bid to become Maryland’s governor.   The D’Alesandro’s son Thomas III later married Piracci’s daughter Margaret.

Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. and the Mafia

Quite a bit of difference – right?

Indeed, reading this whole SOTN2012 article puts the entire FBI drop in a whole new light.

The difference is NIGHT AND DAY.

SO – here is the big question.


Why drop this fluffy light version of the truth?

Why drop this FAUX SCANDAL about Pelosi’s father – when the full truth seems to be much more damning?

And why drop it on January 6, 2021?

I’m open to suggestions. Very open.



Addendum: A Byrne-Moore Theory of FBI “Go-Along Plus Leverage” For Institutional Preservation of Independence at a Power Transition

OK, people. I think I’ve got it.

This is the result of a good night’s sleep, some discussions with my wife about Trump’s relationship with his various Secretaries of Defense, and roughly 50 GREAT comments by the posters here. I feel like I can pull it all together into a coherent picture.

Here are some of the components:

  • “Friday night drop syndrome”
  • Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. (TDAJ hereafter) mob, CIA, Soviet connections
  • Urban renewal, construction, and kickback culture as family constants
  • Patrick Byrne’s account of FBI trying to gain leverage on Hillary Clinton in 2016
  • Michael Moore’s (the other one – Thomas Paine’s) account of FBI political shenanigans before and after 2008 transition
  • Comey and Company getting leverage on Trump in 2016 election
  • All accounts of Christopher Wray being institutionally loyal to the FBI
  • Soviet/CIA long-term strategy of weakening America to global control through “endless war”
  • Pentagon / MIC buy-in on endless war and opposition to Trump and his “peace SecDef” ideas
  • Likely FBI knowledge of Pelosi’s plot, but no visible evidence of it

All of this stuff fits together into a neat theory of what is going on.

I will try to explain it in no particular order, but hopefully so it makes sense.

If we look at FBI antics in 2016 (and other years) in a non-partisan way, including both Byrne’s revelations AND Trump’s revelations, it looks like the FBI engages in a behavior which can be looked at as either VERY SWAMP or ANTI-HEROIC WITHIN THE SWAMP. That behavior is to maintain independence by holding LEVERAGE over whoever is in charge.

That is to say, the FBI seeks to hold something over everybody, but particularly a new President. Arguably, this is so they can stay somewhat apolitical in a highly political environment.

SIDEBAR: Yet, if we understand social theory, we know that the socialists are fully aware that they can shift the baseline politics both within and underneath the FBI despite FBI efforts, so that the FBI trying to “right the ship” in a strong current can only work to SOME extent to depoliticize, and the socialists are OK with this.

The result is that FBI presents a new or recently shifted power-holder with both “silver and lead”. These may even be false offerings and entrapments into crime.

The “lead” is “we have certain stuff that can destroy you”.

The “silver” is “we didn’t destroy you with certain stuff”.

The TWO different “certain stuffs” may be the SAME THING or they may be DIFFERENT.

SO – what we have here is a combination of the silver and the lead.

This “offering” to Pelosi on January 6 is in some ways a way of saying “we know what you did there” regarding the Capitol Hill plot – the buffalo jump. It WAS a traditional “Friday night drop” in order to not attract TOO MUCH attention, yet at the same time, to get SOME attention. It was CALIBRATED to be associated with the January 6 plot, but not enough to be provably so, or detrimental in that way. It was QUIET ENOUGH to be a kind of “peace offering”.

Thus, the Capitol Hill cover-up offering is – per se – mostly silver and a hint of lead, based on the timing and association. “Silver bullets can still kill“, saith THE WOLF.

However, what is IN THE BULLET? Is it just “silver jacketed”? Silver plated? Methinks so. I think there is a lot of LEAD THERE – hidden in the package.

I think Grandmaintexas is right – this is a whitewash – again – MOAR SILVER – but even more specifically what Aubergine is thinking – a show of possible lead – getting ahead of ALL FUTURES which would include impeachment, failed impeachment, backfire with Trump the victor, and specifically futures where ANYBODY has enough power or leverage to throw the FBI under the bus.

FBI did not “show the lead” – only hinting at it – in part to make it a peace offering to Pelosi – but even more to micromanage the outcome to exactly where they wanted it – leaving the D’Alesandro family baggage under the rug, where it still gives FBI continuous leverage over Pelosi.

But FBI also “exposed different lead” very slightly as a threat to Trump – “we can protect Pelosi – you’re finished for 2020 – remember that”.

NOW – this is very interesting. We see the SAME THING going on under J. Edgar Hoover, in several of the documents themselves, where CONGRESSMAN Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. is either writing to the FBI or commenting to agents, OR when Hoover is telling people to, essentially, “back off if they find anything”. TDAJ always subtly mentions his “good relationship” with the FBI, but he even more subtly hints at whatever POWER he has over them.

We see the BALANCE OF POWER – the negotiation – the “Art of the Swamp Deal“. Pure MAFIA.

It is almost as if the documents are saying “If you don’t understand that this is a deal, just look in the documents themselves. We cut a deal with Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., then – we’re cutting a deal with his daughter now.”

We are left to GUESS what is NOT in the documents – what is being hinted at – but I’m pretty certain that it has much to do with the famiglia D’Alesandro having both Soviet connections they find embarrassing to some parties, particularly in connection to the defense appointment, and to the assassination of JFK, as well as all the dirty mob and/or CIA stuff that is intentionally not mentioned in the drop.

Blank pages with the real message – encrypted using Steve’s favorite algo.

Chrissy Mercury shows the silver lining to Caprodite, but we all know that ZEUS can throw his bolts from the clouds if she gets out of line with her fellow gods and demigods.

Epic. We truly live in historic times. And yes. Washington becomes Olympus.

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electra_complex

Aphrodite and Adonis. Attic red-figure squat lekythos, ca. 410 BC. Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.
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Offhand, the FIB wants to whitewash her family’s mob connections and deflect from Nancy’s plot to take down President Trump and the Deplorables.


Why drop this fluffy light version of the truth?

Why drop this FAUX SCANDAL about Pelosi’s father – when the full truth seems to be much more damning?

And why drop it on January 6, 2021?

On Jan 6th, [They] didn’t know yet what PDJT was going to do.

Q had been saying…”We have it all.”

Pres Trump had said…”We caught them.”
And he had implied that he had the goods on them all.

A Clintonesque way of handling a scandal, was to put out partial truth in a fluffy way, then stall any investigation of it…
Then say:
“Oh that’s old news. Let’s move on.”

So I’m thinking that is why they dropped this, when they did.


Being from Md, I worjed regularly in Baltimore, as well as DC. One of the Baltimore buildings I worked at was owned by Peter Angelis, the owner of the Baltimore Orioles. Outside on the plaza were 2 small statues of D’Alesandro. The first time I saw them was with a co worker who commented on how dirty and corrupt D’Alesandro was. Apparently it was widely known, but not talked about in the open much. Lots of Mob activity in that region. Had several family friends with ties as well as one family member. I agree with Wheatie, they are trying to run cover for the real story…


And just like that, I hit Wolverine! 😎


Leftist false flag operation on the 6th meant to distract and also to disrupt election doings and tarnish Trump supporters, also deflect from real insurrection by labelling the Trump supporters, which is what the left always does. Now some of the real bad actors are fully exposed, they have come out in the open as traitors.

Barb Meier

Side note: The name “Cammerata” caught my eye above. So I searched for Allison Cammerata on Bing and found it is spelled differently: Alisyn Camerota with the news anchor of interest’s photo. The summary Wiki on the main results page says she was born in Los Angeles, CA. When I open the Wikipedia article though, it says she was born in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Not every child is born in two places on opposite ends of a continent on the same date. I wonder why.

Barb Meier

Oh, and normally these bios give a person’s parent’s names. So far I have not found that for Alisyn. It is as though she came from no one at all.

Valerie Curren

not like the Bill Ayers dead kids identity project, hmmm?

Barb Meier

Let me look into the dead kids identity project, Valerie. Oh, I suspect I know what you’re talking about. I looked further and some bio sites say that Alisyn has not revealed who her parents or siblings might be. If we only had journalists, I should be able to find out why without needing to hire my own PI.

Valerie Curren

The “project” I was referencing was something I read about Ayers, possibly bragging about in his writings or speeches. Something about having commie sympathizers combing graveyards for dead kids whose identities could be stolen. They’d use the real info on the deceased to apply for birth certificates & SS#’s & then have the documentation for their red diaper babies or whoever.

Barb Meier

Thanks for the details, Valerie!! I was thinking about possibly reading that O had more than one SS# or a fake one. There is so much noise that it can be hard to know what’s real and what’s sensationalism or attention-getting.

Valerie Curren

That’s so true. But so much smoke, in BHO’s case, that there’s bound to be fire somewhere!


They were all are working together to cover each other asses and paint nasty nan in a warm fuzzy i love kittens kind of light here. truth is she is a red diaper baby ,her father was a deviant crook , brother a rapist and the whole family was involved with the mob. as to why these docs were released Jan 6th i have no clue except it means nothing good for the country.however I am sure we will find out sooner rather then later.

Valerie Curren

Top of my head thought, without reading at any of the links, is that dropping the info on Jan 6 could be akin to Friday evening drop on a holiday weekend, to bury the info in a crush of other things going on.

The hopium version is Wray is a deeply embedded white hat (like Pence Might be) & he gives the appearance of covering for Nanzi’s mob & corrupt connections w/ a major distraction event as cover for the info drop–but as DJT’s deep embed he’s releasing crucial info for anon-type researchers to tease the truth from…

Barb Meier

Chris Wray told us exactly who he was since the day he took office. Coddling up to Jim Comey and crew, avoiding any honest investigation, and allowing Mueller to proceed without a whimper. Wray is anything but a white hat.

Valerie Curren

Right & Joebama keeping him on all but confirms that!

Barb Meier

As taught by Hoover? They do call it the Hoover building to this day.

Barb Meier

They also call it the JEH building.

Valerie Curren


Valerie Curren

Glad you didn’t try to articulate the LOWER bound for morality in Washington–that would be much harder to find. Great points!

So anyone involved in watching the steal in real time, on election night & the night of the GA election could by your definition not have been part of the FBI! hmmm

Valerie Curren

Thanks for the further clarification…

“They accept a “normal truth” directly from media. They assume the media has verified everything, and doesn’t lie for political and economic reasons. ”

This mindset is reflective of irresponsibility, naivete, or just plain ignorance. You would think that an institution with “investigation” in it’s name wouldn’t presume “facts” not actually in evidence…but then weren’t they the same jokers who quoted news “sources”, based on leaks from them, to justify their FISA warrants. Truth Seekers are not wanted in FIB & apparently as rare as Truth Tellers!

Valerie Curren

So little, if anything, to please regular folks, MAGA, conservative Christians, & tea party types. Plenty for Never Trumpers, dems, & delusionals 🙂


I definitely think they dropped this to try to get out ahead of something. Maybe they thought Trump was going to drop something HUGE before he left. Pelosi herself may have wanted this out there, and given the go ahead to the FBI to release it. I think the release on the sixth might be because she thought there really was a chance Pence was going to go all in. If Trump were President, he might release the thing completely UNREDACTED.

I can’t say how, but I have brushed up against the small-time mafia a bit, and the BIG mafia once. It was interesting. All of the references to D’Alesandro as “a pillar of the community” and “a great guy” sound very familiar. These guys back in the day WERE pillars of the community. The mafia was a criminal organization, sure, but they mostly only killed each other. Their crimes were limited generally to their own circle. Within the communities they lived in, they were not looked down on. The “big dogs” of the mafia were the royalty of their neighborhoods.

Pelosi grew up in an environment where her family was sort of like lesser nobility. She sees herself like the daughter of a knight or a baron would. She really thinks we should all be glad she has a freezer full of $20-a-pint ice cream. That is her mindset.


Thank you for the insight.


Even as a little girl, Nancy D’Alesandro was always driven to school in a limo accompanied by her father’s protection. Privilege, power, perks, politics, protection – that is the only life she knows.

It’s likely she learned the wrap-up smear and counter smears at her father’s knee….from her father and his friends.

Last edited 3 years ago by GA/FL

GA/FL, just wondering…. ..Nancy D’Alesandro was always driven to school in a limo”…..Did you live in baltimore at the time? …or are you relating information from another person?……My mom went to grammer school with Barbara Mikulski,,,, thanks


It was written by someone a good while back, as I recall, it was a classmate of Nancy’s. I do not have a link.


Okay. Thank you.


Used to be, one could do a search and find old links to any statements made on blogs – but no more. It’s not available to us – only to those who own/run the search engines and their cronies.

Last edited 3 years ago by GA/FL


” Her father the mayor had his city-employed driver ferry her back and forth.”

Paragraph 16 0r thereabouts. It’s from the NYT, and the next sentence is…..

“She found this embarrassing and would have the driver stop a few blocks away from the school, so she could walk up like everyone else.”

Little fraud, I notice she didn’t give any of her friends a ride to school in the free “taxi”.


Just a thought about that “taxi”.

I’m don’t know if the mayor of baltimore position ranked enough clout for use of a city car and driver for family purposes. It may have.

It also may not have, hence Nanci’s embarrassment.



It’s here around para 16. I did send another reply but it disappeared, must have misspelled my address.




My eyesight is getting worse. Third attempt !
It’s here around para 16


I want to know more about the Bill Ayers dead kids identity project. Thanks, Valerie.


Yes, it was in the television series The Americans, truly excellent and a bit scary (they blended in so well):



I have never posted anything of substance here the past two years…just eagerly lurked here ..on a daily basis….


But I am compelled to share the following:….I have visited my Mom every weekend since the Plandemic started last march….She is 85 yrs old. She grew up in the Baltimore city neighborhood where the D’Alesandro faminly lived….Last summer…as she reminisced about her childhhood days in Canton/Highlandtown area (in Baltimore city) where she lived…she brought up Franklin Roosevelt D’Alesandro …and how all of her friends would hush up and whisper and point at him,,,when they saw him walking around the neighborhood. She ..and all her friends…all knew that he raped/attacked those two young girls,,,she even knew the house in which the attacks occurred.


Holy cannoli. Thank you for that.



Just beginning to dig into all of the links.

So it sounds as if Thomas D’Alesandro is the Edward Hanna (or Juanita Crabbe) of Baltimore. Initially, I was going to say the Ruffie Elefante of Baltimore, but I don’t think Elefante held public office. Iir, he was the king maker.

So D’Alesandro Jr. was the mayor of Baltimore during the ’50’s early urban renewal projects ($54,000,000 courthouse and parking garage), and his son (the alleged rapist?) was mayor during the Johnson Great Societies urban renewal wrecking balls of the late 60’s, early seventies.

I posted this a while back. A very important document:

There are plans for Baltimore in this; not sure of how they fit in the timeline, but they certainly do. You’ll also find plans for Utica, Buffalo, Harlem, St. Louis?,iir, let’s not forget Binghamton (BingoX/9ths, Matta Clarke worked for Werner Seligman in Binghamton;developers came out of Montreal)….

The planners took this to Berlin, cities in Colombia, even Baghdad. (You can’t plan for a world capital without urban designers, protective construction contractors, and a constructed “elite”.) Some funded by the CongrIss for CulturAl Freedom. (Harlem planning exhibit at MOMA? No wonder the artists left the museums to dig in the Earth… Matta Clarke smashing Peter Eisenman’s windows.)

Huge piece that you stumbled on to.

Have to wonder if the son was leverage for one, even two generations?
They put the father into an oversight role of war profits (MIC, anyone?) during the Korean war, despite, or perhaps because of his role in construction skimming in early baltimore urban renewal?

So the President, and the Attorney General are assassinated, and Johnson takes over to rollout his massive Great Societies construction projects of urban renewal across the US, and even the world…

$$$Big Architecture$$$


Now, isn’t something dropping about the assassination of Malcom X? Something about a deathbed confession implicating law enforcement, and the FIB?


I’ll try.


Working on it. Meanwhile, it’s the

“Cornell Journal of Architecture, vol.2”

Article on the work of Colin Rowe’s Urban Design School.

They were the planners. Faculty went into local government positions. Faculty started private design firms and secured public contracts…


14 were indicted, only he walked, I believe. ( 14… 11 and 13. Let that sink in.)

D’alesandro owe some favors?

Please consider the Urban Renewal piece. Explains so many things. “Make no little plans…”




Alleged, slush mined from the construction funds? Yep, works for me as a theory. Need documentation.

Im working on understanding what you’re saying. I don’t get it all yet. Some of it, yes. Will need to read further.

For me, history is the history of families, and local political history, involves families’ networks of regional, state and federal political influence.

You need tremendous political influence in both directions to take property under emminent domain. One of my earliest memories is of the protest signs saying “Save our Homes” in a small city of about 6,000. Terrified me that the state could take someone’s home, and that my parent worked for the state.

Still does.

Think of the scale of the process that they controlled to take the wrecking ball to private property nationwide, and even planned internationally. I was stunned to learn that they planned Baghdad.

Indonesia, even.

I wanted to know how that happened.

I came across this curious book at one point: (Neither confirmed, nor denied, or authenticated; but after perusing, I came to suspect that I was screwed in my choice of professional endeavor before I was even born.)


These local histories are crazy, better than fiction, imo. Especially when diving into the documents. Many stories were told in newspapers in realtime, also personal papers in archives.

From the newspapers, a personal favorite that I haven’t seen posted:


I happen to have this guy’s autograph scribbled on the backside of a flattened Dots box.


True family story behind that, lol.

As I was saying…


There seems to be noticeable loss of sons by various causes. I can think of at least 4…


Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. was married to Annunciata M. (“Nancy”) Lombardi (1909-1995). Thomas D’Alesandro died on August 23, 1987, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Together, the couple had six children, five sons and a daughter:

  • Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro III (1929–2019), who was Mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971.
  • Nicholas M. D’Alesandro (1930–1934)
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt D’Alesandro (1933–2007), who also served in the U.S. Army.
  • Hector Joseph D’Alesandro (1935–1995)
  • Joseph Thomas D’Alesandro (1937–2004)
  • Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi (born 1940)

Nancy is the only living child in her family:



Thank you. Excellent information.

Thomas III, was mayor in the late 60’s early ’70’s.

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt D’Alesandro (1933–2007), who also served in the U.S. Army.


He raped the girls in the summer of 1953…That means he was 20 years old at the time he raped the young girls…He then had a trial (in late 1953) where he was “acquited””..and then another “CIVIL” trial in 1954…. .

…So..my question is….
When did he actually serve in the US Army?….

Was it before he was 20 years old (i.e., before 1953) …or… after he was 21 years old (i.e., after 1954)?

Could a person who was taken to court twice for rape, actually be allowed to serve in the US Army after doing that?….. If he served in the Army BEFORE the rape,,,,then is was while he was 18 and 19 years old….for a max of 2 years of time. Why such a short amount of time served in the Army?…was he dis-honorably discharged or something?


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