Somebody put Mountain Dew in the Wolf’s water bowl, and suddenly he thinks he’s wild and free. Indeed, while being


But not yet having waved to the patriots who overfly his house routinely to see the giant


And thinking


who concocted the

Buffalo Jump

and deserve everything that’s coming your way“, with TWO HUMANS walking directly at him, when suddenly visions of


appeared on his phone and DA WOOF


to the incredible puzzlement of everybody but the two strangers who saw it all coming and smiled



on all those who deserve it, though not in ways they likely expect.

You see

what appeared on the {{{“SMART”phone}}} was this:

followed shortly by



for a fraction of a second.

Sorry, you fucking globonazi SCUM monitoring this site – that is NOT what I saw, to your would-have-been relief, but now I’m going to


because you deserve to be MADE CRAZY before you ARE DESTROYED, you worthless bastards.


even though they deserve some


they need to WAIT FOR THE BELLS just a little longer, and maybe


is the headline they need, but don’t click yet, because


Michael Flynn’s relatives sue CNN for $75 million over QAnon allegations

And you’re going


OK, before I explain
Let me show y’all the part
That caused the laughter


Because when

Wolf explained to the wife that


then he looked down and shortly saw


and laughed out loud again.

Now – as soon as I saw this stuff, walking running with XscissorsX in mind, I knew that I would be writing this article, but I needed



to do it, and




screwed up again

and sent the red and black sneaker of backfiring inspiration

to kick me in the ASS

into listening to Gregorian Chants(TM)

and HERE WE ARE with getting the job done thanks to


Original URL:

Original title found by searching expanded URL:

Gregorian Chants in Latin | Sung by Monks of the Abbey of St Ottilien, Germany

Updated URL:


So. Time to cut the “art” and get down to business.

OK – maybe just a little. These Gregorian Chants(TM) are still messing with my mind.

You see, caught between the Scylla of Hopium and the Charybdis of Nopium, or vice versa if you are so inclined to see them that way,

We have forgotten a great truth in this matter of something called “Q” or “QAnon” if you are so inclined to make any distinction that others may or may not make.

We have lost sight of the fact that there are many ways of rather spectacular


which lie between and betwixt the various and sundry pronouncements of millions of people who, accidentally or very intentionally, but with mathematical and logical certainty, can be and must be JUST PLAIN WRONG about Q.

Let me state that again.


is in some ways rather orthogonal to almost every known or knowable about it, in the same way that


constantly wins on lies, half-truths, and unknowns

only in our case

the INNOCENT believed or did not believe INNOCENTLY


the GUILTY believed or did not believe MALICIOUSLY

and thus we are left with a



which now needs only some clean-up to find





some linear combination thereof


There are two classes of enemies right now. Those who know that I know a lot more than I am letting on and who understand what I am saying and are rightfully fearful of Qarma, and those who are still scratching their heads.

Let’s ask some questions with wildly varying answers, but which answers, when viewed as COHERENT SETS that make sense together, fall like Qbits into beautiful interdependencies that all pretty much spell the same thing.

What did or does Mike Flynn know about the REALITY of/behind QAnon?

What did or does CNN and/or CIA know about the REALITY of/behind QAnon?

What did or do Mike Flynn’s RELATIVES know about the REALITY of/behind QAnon?

How highly is/was Q/QAnon and/or understanding of it ACTUALLY classified?

How much of that was real, phony, or one pretending to be the other?

Who or what was really responsible for Q/QAnon?

Who or what did media and DNC members say was really responsible for Q/QAnon?

Who in government actually has/had classified knowledge related to Q/QAnon?

[A list of thousands of similar questions.]

…..and now some final questions……

What is the likelihood that Mike Flynn knows the answers to these questions but CNN does not?

How bad is it for CNN if ONLY Mike Flynn knows the answers to these questions?

How bad is it for CNN if BOTH Mike Flynn and CNN know the answers to these questions?


What are the answers most likely to be in either case?

You see, none of these questions even gets to the silly ones that WE innocent believers or disbelievers in Q all ask, and yet they are all CRITICAL in predicting the outcome of any lawsuit like this.

Now, before you go off to ponder the winning that falls like manna upon the innocent from these questions, and the qarma that falls like sodomandgomorrahincinerating weaponry upon the guilty – whoever and wherever they are – let’s read that article in its near-entirety, shall we?


And let’s just follow that up with THREE LINKS from the article, for your convenience:


it would not surprise me at all if that CNN video tweet I have pictured there “disappears due to technical or legal reasons” at some point, so look at it NOW if you want to see it before it’s hidden.

To think for even a microsecond that the election-stealing cabal of assholes who monitor this site and pretend to be “national security” and “QAnon” experts of any kind, while they FLEECE the tax-paying people of this great country for all their funding, and are about to be BURNED by a righteous leak in their PIG-SLOP TROUGH for a minimum of 75 million in



– I’m sorry – it just puts a SMILE on this wolf’s face.

Silver-tongued Wolf, distantly related to Doge.

NOW – I could sit here and get specific about WHERE in their pig-slopping trough that leak is going to form, but I will tell you right now that the election-stealing cabal of assholes who monitor this site and pretend to be “national security” and “QAnon” experts are going to have a lot of incentive for somebody else to get this thing settled, lest it become evident that they are now running their “make terror to fix terror” game on American citizens who actually care about this country more than they do.

And all of that kinda makes “settling” and “not settling” somewhat orthogonal to “winning” when the weighting of that linear combination of Qarma and Ag might be highly rewarding either way, and who knows where REAL PATRIOTS would settle along that axis, BARRing one more crooked judge toward which the crooks in question will surely be running in their special sneakers.

I mean – it’s not like I have to mention any NAMES here, do I?

Because, seriously. I’m sure Mike Flynn knew them a LONG time ago.

Smile for the cameras, Atlantis. Your MYTH shall grow.


We caught you sowing – we caught you reaping – what you are stealing – you won’t be keeping.


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Wolfie, what exactly did you see on your phone that so entertained you? Great post, I get the gist but a few things unclear for me.


have archive of vid


In that CNN video…at the 2:51 mark…it mentions that Allen Hofstedder (sp?) guy and says he “was known to have organized Antifa down protests in California.”

So they are pushing the idea that Antifa and Q are linked?

I had never seen that CNN video.

And I am gobsmacked that a ‘Qanon group’ would have those two Antifa guys at their meeting.

Was that even a real group of Q people?

Jim Watkins was there, too.
But he may not have known if that meeting was a setup.

Thanks for the epic thread post, Wolfie.
There is much to ponder here.

BTW…what did they mean by “Antifa down protests”?
Why did they phrase it that way.


How did CNN even know about that meeting?

They sent two guys there…so they would’ve had to know in advance, the when/where for the meeting.

I’m giving that “QAnon meeting” the full side eye:
comment image


I read that Lloyd Austin-signed-off DARPA document, and yes, I appreciate that they actually included ANTIFA – frankly SHOCKED that they dared to do that – 

So now, if they start a new false narrative that links Antifa to Q…then Q people will be classified as “terrorists and extremists” too.

They want to make Q people afraid to show that they are Q people.

The Q movement is world-wide, too…like Antifuh.

I’m sure the cabal puppet-masters hate the Q movement.

Deplorable Patriot

Remember, Q said that “we” were not the only viewers of that account. It was being used as a message board for a variety of audiences, including the other side.

You can call it a psy-op, but I think it was and still is more than that. There were multiple objectives involved, IMO, and “hopium” was just one of them. Pointing the anons in the right direction for deep dives was one. Trolling the ruling families was another. Confirming that the “theories” that went along with conspiracy research were not theory at all.

The very fact that mockingbird has been and still is trying to discredit it bolsters the reality that it is a danger to whoever is the overlord.

The biggest fear was and is the people being awake. Once you see past the way propaganda is foisted on the world, you (and I) cannot be controlled.

And above all, that is what the other side wants.

Deplorable Patriot

Okay, I get the point. It was a spike thrown into a laid out propaganda plan.

Deplorable Patriot

I’m telling you, the brain trust is gone. The smart ones all departed the living in 2017.


The FBI/CIA twisting themselves into such a knot they be unable to entangle themselves .


“It’s a mess.“
There seems to be a lot of very messy controlled opp proliferating these days. Like 4 antifa showing up at the gathering of some 200 in Schaumburg, IL …then roughing up a woman. Why so few? Why focus on a gathering that includes kids / families? Why rough-up a woman?
It’s all a hot mess and if we’re looking for cohesion that’s not in the offing.
The whole point of all these exercises seems to be, in some measure, throw spaghetti at the wall to see HOW it sticks. It could generate something bigger or it could suffice as a squirrel…in any case all working toward the goal of creating disaffection and consternation among patriots. Can’t you just picture the brainstorming that goes into these efforts?


What I find funny is, in my opinion, CIA or FBI turnend a harmless Anon into a Qanon domestic terrorist group. To me it sounds like a fabrication to suit them for the Jan 6st event. Good for the Flynn family after they have been woven into the group FBI
psy-op smear campaign. CNN the usual tool to smear that they are suing them.
Wonder if CNN now has to bring proof who and what Qanon is and how they are a terror group?
The FBI is now twisting in the wind because uless CNN pays out the bucks to the Flynn family their sham will be known to all.


My, we’re on the prowl tonight….


I heard it as “anti-lockdown protests”.


I think you’re right, Grammy.

I just listened to it again…and yeah, I think you’re right.


I listened carefully to the video around 2:51 and I heard “anti-lockdown protests.”


comment image

👉 …never discuss philosophy or politics in a disco environment. ~ A Wise Man


it’s still in the experimental stage..

how it actually works…and that would depend on the definition… who’s definition…of “works”..

it’s developing

they are toying with our natural DNA “software” ….

and while we’re all fixated on that, meanwhile, what’s happening over in Ukraine & Russia ?

👉 the next Horseman after plagues is war, no ?


click on Listen On-Line…

Hal Turner Radio Show…


Ukraine opens mortar fire…Russia deploys S-500…Nato/ US ships enter The Black Sea…

from March 19, and updated.


Wow, Wolf!!! Quite a lot to digest – had to laugh when I discovered the ‘lawsuit’ – CNN is toast – let’s get to the discovery part – Mkay?


They have no idea what is coming – AND – it has been said ‘Nothing can stop what is coming’!!! Hmmm…

“Behold His Mighty Hand!!!” God will have the last word – Watch and See!!!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Anybody got HBO? I don’t but saw this flipping through the channels. They’ve been at this awhile to make a 6part series. 4 and 8 chan peeps, the Shaman, all feature prominently and all gets tied to Trump, his supporters, and 1/6 in a nice neat little bow.

Q: Into The Storm – Official Website for the HBO Series

Q: Into The Storm, a six-part documentary series from director Cullen Hoback (Terms and Conditions May Apply) and executive producer Adam McKay (HBO’s Succession), charts a labyrinthine journey to uncover the forces behind QAnon.

Spanning three years in the making and traversing the globe, the series follows filmmaker Hoback as he investigates the movement fueled by conspiracy theories that has grown in scope and political significance, chronicling its evolution in real time, and revealing how “Q” uses information warfare to game the internet, hijack politics, and manipulate people’s thinking.
Hoback gains unprecedented access to key players including Jim and Ron Watkins, the father/son team behind the 8chan website which “Q” calls home, explores their rivalry with Fredrick Brennan, the original creator of the platform, and interviews “Q-tubers,” Q debunkers, political operatives, and journalists who have been closely following the movement since it began in 2017.

The series examines the connections between QAnon, President Trump, and political and ex-military operatives. It also explores QAnon’s influence on American culture and politics and probes the consequences of unfettered free speech permeating the darkest corners of the internet.

This page has info on each episode, 4 so far, including clips. Season 1 has at least 6 episodes. HOW MANY SEASONS WILL THERE BE???

Watch Q: Into The Storm Season 1 Online | HBO Official Site
comment image


I started watching it but it got real boring real fast…and it’s about “QAnon”, lumping it in with Q..


if it doesn’t grab the viewer within the first 6 minutes, it’s usually a dud…jmo.


Last edited 3 years ago by smiley2
bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Just the fact that it’s been 3years in the making, they have interviews since 2018 and were paying a lot of attention behind the scenes…..Black Hat OP???

Deplorable Patriot

What did I just read?


I would hazard a guess that soon the bad guys in our government will no longer be using Q and Qanon stuff to persecute the innocent.



CNN and the left trying to make Q and Trump followers into terrorists is getting old and has NO proof.

It’s just lies, propaganda, slander.


 just another ISIS – just another Al Qaeda

But these are not ‘givens’ among the public at large.

John Q Public does not know that these were contrived groups, set up to have an ‘enemy’ to go to war with and make money off of.

And…jihad is real.
“Death to the infidel” is a part of the muzlim ‘religion’.

But yeah, the enemedia demonized Q people…just like they have tried to demonize all Trump supporters.

They’ve done this to whip up public opinion against us.
It’s the same ‘othering’ that the Nazis did…and that commies do.

That way, they can justify whatever they do to us.


Yeah…no, Amish are not fighters.

The Amish only survive under the protection of others who do the fighting for them.

An Amish nation wouldn’t survive ten minutes in todays geopolitical climate.

Sorry Wolfie, no thanks.

I think the time is going to come, where we have to decide if we ‘kneel before Zod’…or fight.

They are trying to weaken us…attacking our economy, our health and our food supply.
They want to render us too weak to fight back.

So the clock has started on making that decision.


Completely agree. We tend to be less emotionally reactive.

Imagine two keyboards one red and one blue for easy symbolic reasons. Those in charge push keys on the blue keyboard and we get riots, destruction and murder.

They keep pounding the keys on the red keyboard and cussing. “Why won’t these idiot conservatives, christians, etc respond to all our commands and demands????”

Answer: logic, faith, not easily triggered, among other things.

Government is not our God, therefore we don’t follow it’s demons.

But we do follow the constitution and the laws.

Last edited 3 years ago by Elize

They want us weak…and uneducated, or at least unable to independently critically think.

Deplorable Patriot

When necessary, Christ DID turn to physical force.

From the Gospel According to St. John, Chapter 2:

[13] And the pasch of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. [14] And he found in the temple them that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting. [15] And when he had made, as it were, a scourge of little cords, he drove them all out of the temple, the sheep also and the oxen, and the money of the changers he poured out, and the tables he overthrew.

[16] And to them that sold doves he said: Take these things hence, and make not the house of my Father a house of traffic.


Bc these attacks have all been a trifecta. Muslim terrorism, mass shootings, and now like f ing CLOCKWORK….the next riot is going to be over saint george floyd.

Always these three, always within a couple months of each other, and race riots particularly over summer so they can stay out late and the heat turns a screw with constant pressure.


This is where Q’s double-messages were genius. They PLAYED TO BOTH SIDES. Example: Why is the media pumping up Q? Q would always ASK these questions, but not answer. Why not? To let it play to both sides.

I was always struck by this. Some Q decoders would take those questions as statements of fact or declaration, but there was always deniability that Q actually said them.


What makes me chuckle about all of this is this simple fact. Irregardless of how deep you dove into the Q stuff for many it was a wake up call. I view the “Q” as more of, we need to be Questioning what EVERYONE is saying and doing and not be blindly believing that politicians and others have our best interests at heart.

It was my respect for Wolf that I added the qtree to my daily check ins as I do with the CTH and Marica HB sites.

The left are such drama queens. The (insert serious deep voice) concerning tone of the CNN actor just made me lol.


 😊  😇 


Excellent observation!


Frustration mounts and people are understandably disappointed.

Justice has been denied for so long, too long, and yet the crimes continue to mount unabated.

The thing I hate to see is blaming President Trump for not draining the swamp. He did to the best of his ability. Who knew it was so deep and so corrupt?

Last edited 3 years ago by MAGA Mom
SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’ve tried to note that he failed to drain the swamp, without blaming him for it.

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
Gregorian Chants.
Opens the brain, sharpens the focus, clears the way to inspiration.
Also can be beneficial in helping one get to sleep.

Concerned Virginian

And this is aside from the profound worship atmosphere that Gregorian Chant can create and/or complement.

Last edited 3 years ago by RDS

Who or what did media and DNC members say was really responsible for Q/QAnon?

I haven’t paid enough attention to the media to say for sure. I’m assuming it’s PDJT.

From the article linked above:

As a result, “CNN falsely accused Plaintiffs of being ‘followers’ and supporters of the ‘dangerous,’ ‘violent,’ ‘racist,’ ‘extremist,’ ‘insurrectionist,’ ‘domestic terrorism movement – QAnon,” the suit alleged.

It’s not clear to me whether Flynn and his lawyers are accusing “QAnon” of being all those things, or whether they’re saying that’s what CNN is saying.

“Plaintiffs are not followers or supporters of any extremist or terrorist groups, including QAnon,” it added. “CNN falsely attributed to Plaintiffs associations that never existed, actions Plaintiffs never took, including an oath of allegiance to QAnon, and views Plaintiffs never held.”

I can well understand that, even if Flynn “followed” Q (or more), the statement that he does not follow “QAnon” would be true.

Last edited 3 years ago by TheseTruths

Hmmmm. Southern District of NY? Discovery much? Spot on Wolf…much more to come!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Mountain Dew in your water dish?

I’m reminded of the story about the guy who, one fine morning changed his routine. Instead of running water through his espresso maker, he used Red Bull.

He got halfway to work before he realized he’d forgotten his car.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

comment image

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