Barr Lied, Justice Died

I used to think radical scoundrel Eric Holder was the most criminal Attorney General this nation ever had, but now I believe that honor goes to the man who single-handedly erased Donald Trump’s second term – William Barr.


Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And I want you all to not only see it, but be ANGRY AS HELL about what happened.

There came a point where the other side realized that they were not going to get rid of Trump by simple staged shenanigans like Charlottesville, which happened on August 12, 2017. Trump was IMMUNE to the Fake News media. His BASE was relentless in supporting him past phony “crises” designed to weaken him. 48 Hour Rule? We were giving him 90 days to prove himself the man of courage and honor that he was. Instead, each crisis only made Trump stronger.

Then, the treasonous, murderous FIB went further. They MURDERED 58 younger “Trump base” people at a concert in Las Vegas. Surely THAT would make Trump quit. Would Trump actually sacrifice his own supporters to the meat-grinder of the Deep State and their allies?

Trump beat even that. Not only was he not going to quit – not only did Trump’s base say “SHOOT *ME*, YOU BASTARDS” – Trump began the utter destruction of the image of the treasonous FBI, whose reputation among conservatives sank down to somewhere between pond scum and the East German Stasi.

Well, the Stalinists simply moved to next steps. “What if we kill 17 beautiful high school kids on Valentine’s Day? February 18, 2018. Surely Trump will give up!”

Yeah. Go to hell, Eric Holder. Not only did we not let you “brainwash us against guns” – we closed down your evil “Promise Programs” designed to subvert due process and CREATE propaganda events.

I think this is around the point where the powers who would KILL to evict Trump, decided that Trump needed to fed into an “exit program” that would eliminate him at the NEXT election – November 3, 2020. They lengthened their plotline to make sure it would WORK.

And how did they do that?

By “saving” Trump from their 2016 trap, while COVERING IT UP, but PREPARING for their 2020 trap.

It was SUCH a beautiful idea. SUCH a beautiful idea. Few plots in human history were ever as ingenious as the Barr plot. “RESCUE” Trump to give Barr credibility. Then use that credibility to IGNORE and then DENY the 2020 stolen election plot.

Barr is not STUPID. He knew exactly what he was doing.

And it is my PRIVILEGE as a simple honest human being to unmask him.



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OMG … am I first oh humble one?


And it has responsibilities … like doing the dishes after we all leave.


Keep in mind that Bill Barr was called the stealth bomber. Multiple ways to interpret that.


On the AG I’ve always seen very dimly.

I was ready to throw in on Sessions but Sundance went very public and said to wait and see what happened.

Lots of consternation ensued, but generally people held back.

Then, days after the midterms, Sessions was let go, and Sundance very publicly threw Sessions under the bus.

Capricious, but of course that was just the beginning. The Great Purge came next.

Of course I didn’t stop reading Sundance, but Sundance seemed determined to paint Barr as a bad actor.

I never saw clearly why Sundance was so convinced about Barr.

And burned once, I don’t want to make a hasty judgement.

What then, was Trump trying to tell us?


It sounded like Barr had the screws put to him by DS actors.

Also, PT saying Barr is a “very nice person” is not a ringing endorsement…


Whoa. Blew my mind there.


I think we are becoming aware of what these evil people are capable of.

It is shocking. So glad they didn’t get you.


Demise of Trump and or someone close to Barr would fit the Cabal pattern of leveraging.


It was something like that.

Concerned Virginian

William Barr gives a bad name to bagpipes.
And that bothers me since bagpipes are a tough gig to play.

One wonders how much his bonus check was from Dictator XI (laundered money, of course).


I cannot express the contempt I feel for those individuals who obstructed justice for our President.

Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell was reserved for such as betrayed our President.


This Ninth Circle was saved for those who betrayed friends, loved ones, their cities and countries and their superiors. It is the place where Lucifer is actually imprisoned.

Enjoy Hell, traitors.


God will avenge us and our President.

I believe that. The evil is ripe for destruction. The criminals are ripe for JUDGMENT.


Fake “elections”, Fake “impeachments” – lies, lies and more lies.

Those those serve evil are always revealed by the LYING. The truth cannot pass their lips apparently. It must be like poison to them.

Well, the TRUTH is going to BURN them ……


they will overplay their hand.


Wolf, this is what I’ve been so upset about with q .were we duped by this entity dropping all those posts telling us all these things that never came to pass? It sure seems that it was all lies and the plan was to keep us quiet while the coup was ongoing. Where is our warrior against this wicked fury ?


AND….. Where is “Huber”???


It was a Rhetorical question 🙂




Agree 🙂


Its only shocking to those who deeply believed &/or truly believed – believed the intrepretators as well as own interpretations

I made 1 rule for myself: never let Q info and interpretations or time spent reading about Q (very little) impact or determine the level of political involvement & political action. Never trust or rely on Q even though I might scan the info shared here on other places, be entertained and even let it give me encouragement … but never let it reduce my political action. No regrets. Leave it all on the field. Play my role in what needed to be done – even if I was part of The Plan, I still needed to play my role.

I know too many who didn’t take their $ and PTO to spend on 1/6 in support of a pause on counting EC votes for a fraud investigation because they were convinced of a plan and that Trump’s got this. 🙁

We were the plan and if there was “The Plan” we were still part of it.


I find it strange that everyone cue said to “TRUST”, has not been trustworthy…


Btw, the Doolittle Raid helped in a critical way to clinch our ultimate victory in the Pacific. This is because it was such an affront to Japanese honor and a psy-op blow in Japanese public opinion against their (military) government that it led that government to expend enormous naval forces to search for the ship that the raid had launched from.

The fruit for us of the massive dragnet operation was that a tremendous number of encrypted messages were sent around the western North Pacific to coordinate the search.

Before the Pearl Harbor raid that definitively got us into the war, the US Army codebreakers in Hawaii had already broken the Japanese DIPLOMATIC cipher (which they codenamed Purple,) but the main Japanese NAVAL ciphers (which they called JN-25 and the simpler JN-20, respectively) had eluded them — until the new batch of intercepts from the search for the Hornet gave them enough raw data to partially crack those, too.

As the wickedpedia article you linked above states, the Doolittle Raid led the Japanese to favor and greenlight Yamamoto’s proposed invasion of Midway Island. But, by the time the invasion was launched, the Magic team had, well, worked its magic, and the preparations for the op could be monitored by reading decrypts of Imperial Navy intercepts.

About 20% of the words in a JN-25 message could be read around this time, except during periodic blackouts that resulted when the Japanese replaced their JN-25 codebooks.


William Friedman narrowed down the Japanese target to one of two islands, either Midway or one other. This led to the famous order, sent over the old telegraph cable from Hawaii to Midway, (which the Japanese
had no access to,) to broadcast in the clear the message that their water desalination plant had broken down. The comms team on Midway must have been puzzled why they were ordered to report an equipment failure that didn’t exist, but the message went out.

This led to a flurry of Japanese messages during a JN-25 blackout (code books having been changed for security in the run up to one of their largest operations,) but an inter-island transmissionI enciphered in JN-20 produced the decrypt “AF is short on water,” as the Imperial fleet made preparations to bring enough water to hold the island after conquest.

On the strength of this message, the US Navy brass at Pearl drew up the battle plan for their damaged and greatly outnumbered forces to defend Midway from the Japanese invasion. The two American carriers sank all four Japanese carriers, and this battle was one of the great turning points of the Second World War.


There is one thing I truly enjoyed.


I don’t know if that was on JFK’s bell or what, but that was the one thing that I could hold to. It rings true now. We must all be willing to go together to defeat the communists.

Also, this is such a wonderful group of individuals here. I’m so grateful for the camaraderie, the love of family, country, and a sense of the divine.

Always in the back of my mind was this: If something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.


I love you grandma and all of you here! I’m so thankful for our tree branch here.i think were all trying to figure things out amid the chaos and confusion.


Love you too. ❤🤍💙


It sure seems that it was all lies and the plan was to keep us quiet while the coup was ongoing.

This is not aimed at you, but a general observation. My impression is that people are grossly exaggerating the power that we have. In our Constitutional republic, the power of the ballot box is our main power (but not the only power, of course). We have representatives whom we vote on to stand for us. That has completely broken down, and now is irrevocably broken with rigged election machines (and by irrevocably, I mean that it is destroyed but can and must be fixed).

We were not “quiet.” We were not sitting back and waiting. We were writing, talking, educating others, showing support for MAGA causes in person and online, writing to Congress, voting, etc. We were boycotting mainstream media and encouraging others to do the same. We were filling that void by reporting the truth. We were voting in droves, re-electing Pres. Trump in a landslide.

There was nothing more we could have done to force declassification when we wanted it, or to stop impeachment, or to reveal human trafficking, and much more. Info about election fraud and human trafficking is everywhere on the internet. The media won’t report it. The media won’t pressure Congress in any way.

So, what, exactly and specifically, did we not do that would have changed things, or that had the power to change things?

We are angry, and in *blame* mode. I think we need to be accurate about where we place that blame.


Yes, I don’t think we could have done any more than we did. And Q did not keep us from doing things. I maintain that Q inspired us to do things.

But it’s not just about Q. Pres. Trump inspired us and gave us hope because someone was finally saying what needed to be said and keeping his promises to restore the country. And then we inspired each other.

The system is JAMMED BY CHINA.

Can you elaborate? I know how China has infiltrated our government and country, but it’s hard for me to visualize the ramifications of a military operation to correct the election, and how China plays into that or is possibly keeping us from doing that.


Excellent points. Truth be told, people have been warning about the progressive takeover of our institutions for decades now.

That’s why the homeschool movement has grown exponentially. That’s why conservatism has been attracting more and more people for awhile now. That’s why the Tea Party was birthed. That’s why President Trump won handily in his first election and overwhelmingly in his second one.

But we didn’t know the extent of the corruption. We are seeing it in full flower and fruit now. It is rotten to the core.

Let me be clear:

It is ripe for destruction.

I know this because I have studied how evil actually destroys itself once it reaches a certain point. Exposure is one of the main components of its destruction.

Now we push back hard in any and every way we can, large or small. God will do the heavy lifting.

Pray. Pray. Pray.


Very “ripe” imho.

Hopefully this comes out of my mind correctly. The biggest lessons learned from the last 4 years for me:

I knew DC was bad but now that the raw skin has been torn from their flesh and they barely flinched is liked being slapped sober, and I don’t drink.

This is spiritual warfare. It showed us how many of us with faith exist around the country and world. It is bringing us together.

I don’t believe a show of force via violence is coming. The left got everything they wanted but in doing so they exposed themselves.

Because of Trump and us, they had to go way beyond their normal level of evil and corruption to accomplish goals.

They’ve purged us from their money making machines and they are going to start feeling it quick. I use the example of twatter and f***book losing market value asap.

We took the post about not spending money to heart and returned over $4,000 of merchandise this weekend. What a brilliant post!

They have no one to argue with on social media because we’re no longer there. Many of us have said f you to the rep party. We will continue to engage with like minded folks and network amongst ourselves.

When you (the left, tech, rhinos, etc) remove 75-100m people from the equation you are only left with your like minded evil partners.

We know enough about society and economics to know how that plays out. Think of the chikfila backlash.

As the bible says, they will devour their own. I will watch as God allows them to tear each other apart. They are reaping what they sowed.


a thumbs up wasn’t enough.. well said


Inspirational comment!




You are right.we did everything we could as we are good people,we obey the constitution and we voted. I don’t want to place blame just want answers I know deep down won’t be coming any time soon.i feel I am mourning the loss of a loved one.this is very hard.harder than anything as it’s our country ,our way of life ,it’s everything we hold dear.


“At least tell us we’re the slaves of satanic aliens, Chinese communists, globalist goons, or whatever.”

I’m teasing you, because you already know. But for those who need a banner…

the left thinks we’re their slaves of satanic aliens, Chinese communists, globalist goons!  😈 


Why would “they” tell us?
They seem to have us where they want us.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Thank you TT, perfectly said. And to think some believe we did nothing but sit around eating popcorn (and bacon) waiting for a Q on a White Horse to gallop in and save us. 🙄 What a ridiculous assertion, Indeed.


Q was designed – ADMITTEDLY – to include disinformation.”

W – with all due respect, “to include disinformation,” then: WHAT ELSE was included?


Exactly. I think many things that were in Q drops were to cause the cabal to expend ammunition prematurely. That’s especially true of anything that sounded like a date. And a lot of Q followers jumped on those things thinking that Q gave us a date and then being angry when nothing happened. There are a lot of people mad at Q for things he never said, but other followers said.



Q was designed – ADMITTEDLY – to include disinformation.

I always knew that — Q told us that — and took everything with a grain of salt, watching how things played out. Q did not, and will not, keep me from seeing things and doing things.

Addressing things that have been brought up here before:

  • What I am typing is not a defense of “muh Q.”
  • This is not emotional thinking, rather than logical thinking.
  • It’s not that I don’t “get it.” I see everything that has been said, including today, and I fully understand it and realize it. It’s not “once you see it,” for me. I get it. And I might still have a differing viewpoint.

This has been a free speech site. Are you no longer allowing people who see value in Q to speak here? Or, if they speak, must they be told to change?


You are right; this is a wonderful free speech site, thanks to you. I only wanted clarification because I’m seeing what, to me, are mixed messages. And that is human nature as well. On the one hand:

Get out of the Q trap. Get out and SEE CLEARLY.

And on the other:

I’m going to reserve judgement about Q for now in several ways.

Many of us, I think, have been, and are, reserving judgment on Q. I see disinformation and I see a lot of good.


Thank goodness!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

 I jump harshly on anybody who individually inhibits anybody else’s speech – especially those with “unconventional” beliefs. Mockery and other psychological inhibitions of “gentle posters” gets a beat-down.

This is untrue, you’ve tolerated a number of bullies.

Last edited 2 years ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

IMHO…. a “Mute” button would equate to an “Ignore” button.
Therefore…. Suppression of “Free Speech”.


I guess I don’t see the difference in “Mute” vs “Block”.

Is “Mute” not just the “Scroll Wheel” ??

Valerie Curren

Hey Rayzorback, this is a random reply. We just recently watched a movie “Greater” on Netflix where the Rayzorbacks feature heavily. My dad, who played HS & college football, was mightily moved by this tale of faith & triumph of the human spirit. Being focussed on a team where I believe you feel strong loyalty this movie might be worth your time & inspire you too. God Bless!


Thank you

Valerie Curren

You’re welcome


Some here seem to agree with me….
Some here tune me out.
(evidenced by WHO likes and Who never do)

I have different Theological beliefs from many here….
So be it.

I think that I (we) are COMMANDED to TESTIFY of what the Lord has shown us.

Some agree…. Some don’t.

It is the way we are made.


Just because I don’t hit the “Like” button very often, don’t mean that I don’t like what you say.

I cannot remember I time when I disliked what you said, FWIW.


Thank you friend. 🙂


I t is worth a LOT to me….. Thanks 🙂


For now, it is in DT’s and Q’s best interest that we set Q aside. Other than that, I think boss told me to  🤐 . Fairly sure I have that right.

Last edited 2 years ago by para59r

Then I got that from my data set. Apparently it is different than yours. I’ll keep quiet. Not good to talk about in the open.

Last edited 2 years ago by para59r

That actually feeds into something that I’ve been wondering about, particularly since the 20th.

It is clear that “declassified” =/= “published”.

And nearly all the bureaucratic foot-dragging came after VSGPOTUSDJT said, “THIS is declassified” when flunkies, toadies, black hats, and ass-coverers went into a never-ending flurry of arguing over redactions.

But wouldn’t it be perfectly legal for the President to also hand off a copy to people like Rudy and K-Mac and say, “here’s a bunch of stuff and a copy of my memo declassing it. Keep it around for the moment you know we can use it.”?

I’m seriously suspecting this is the case, but don’t know enough about the nuts-and-bolts of class/declass to know if it would work.


^^^ Wisdom presents itself here ^^^ 🙂


Why, thank you, rayzorback.

Like I said, I’m not sure exactly how the nuts and bolts are attached, but I’ve seen some conflicting things about how POTUS’ power to declass was plenary (part of the job of POTUS, without ability to be modified). And I’ve seen a bunch of things from our VSGPOTUSDJT that appeared to declass wide swathes of data in a variety of agencies, each of which went into frenzies to obstruct publication.

And I’ve also seen that the so-called “Intelligence Community” loves to bluff on a busted flush by saying, “I’ve got the winning cards but can’t show them to you, they’re classified.”

But once data is declassified, it should exist, somewhere in the world, outside the control of the 3-letter agencies and the NYT.


Very much agreed, POTUS could always declass whatever he liked, and he could do it personally, directly, SD even laid out one of many possible scenarios where DJT could do exactly that.

So the fact that it didn’t happen is because DJT did not want it to, at least not yet.

DJT reserves various ‘cards’ to play at the time of maximum impact, or holds them as leverage in order to prevent opponents from taking some action, i.e., “if you do ‘x’, then I will expose ‘y'”.

DJT played almost NONE of this best cards, like declass on FISA, the 4-year long coup attempt, Weiner laptop, Hitlery servers, Hunter Biden laptop, massive election fraud evidence, Hussein’s direct involvement in everything, Las Vegas shooting and lots more, certainly including many things we don’t even know about.

He did not reserve all of that ammo just to protect himself in retirement, as the country goes down in Nazi and Communist flames.

So while [JB] sits in the oval office, DJT can expose him and bring him down at any moment. And they know it, because they know at least some of the information DJT has, and they know DJT must have other information they can’t be sure whether he has or not.

I think DJT is just waiting for the right moment to begin playing those cards. 👍


My current feeling is that all Patriots have been wrung out dry by intrigue and betrayal . I include DJT. He has been betrayed up one side and down the other.
It is possible that Q was designed to be real with real intelligence . Possibly POTUS was told about it, that it was an op to broaden the base and that actual military past and present were running in it. Maybe the real part was to cover the fact that it was a head fake.
People say it all the time..Trump was a business mogul not a swamp rat. Sure he has an crazy fox instincts but a deep fake psy op while he’s making peace, keeping promises,etc might’ve be delegated to one of those deep fake disloyal admin players.

Only a theory but if we think we’ve been trashed..Donald Trump must feel the same way.


Being wrung dry was a blessing in disguise, it regrounded me.


Put you and your well being first. You have a great team in place for posting dailies. Your support system and network is praying for you! 

I don’t have the personality to do what you and the authors do. My role is to pray, cheerlead and be supportive.

/Hugs from your tree branches.  😇 


You have done the most for us — set the stars in their courses (DP, Wheatie, G’ma, Steve, Carl…..and even alternates like Eggplant, Flep, and T3 [and more that haven’t posted lately]); slipped out from under; provided a refuge from those cast out of The Last Refuge, and provided a springboard for Daughn and Marica’s own sites……

But, like they say during the airplane safety briefing — when the yellow masks come down, put yours on first and then worry about others. PRESERVE YOUR OWN HEALTH FIRST. We’ll do fine for a while.


Perhaps the time is getting nearer, but I’ve long suspected we should have some posts about cryptography, and perhaps a forum / dedicated post to post public keys.


I thought this was the forum…


Within, of course, certain bounds….


“I will not expand on this point, but it is possible that those of us who made it to DC, and particularly moi, will be “rounded up” at some point.”


If that happens, in some form or fashion we’re going to need to know when and where, so we can take steps to help bail you out 👍


How can this possibly be believed, as opposed to being disinformation (for whom, I never really do understand)?

DJT knew there was massive election fraud, he has mountains of evidence, regardless of what Barr said.

DJT also has mountains of evidence of election fraud from the 2018 midterm elections.

So when we read articles claiming DJT was deceived or tricked by insiders, I’m not sure how that could ring more hollow, or how anyone could believe it, unless they get their news from mainstream fake news media, in which case these kinds of claims might be more believable.


Jo𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕕𝕚𝕕𝕟’𝕥 𝕨𝕚𝕟.

comment image


I hear it in my sleep, I hear it echo in my heart all day long, I have nothing else to say.

(beyond reading the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ out loud to my living room furniture)


I did get a kick out of seeing that the blm/antifa crowd were saying f xiden. Lol, even the useless idiots don’t like him.

Just wait til the witch of satan knocks him off to claim her throne. Then the real theatrics will start.

Fortunately we’re stocked up on food and supplies and have a garden so they can go scorched earth on each other!

And yes, I’ve spent more time reading my bible, what a joy. I forgot about all the actual book copies of the bible I owned! Thank you, Lord for reminding me!


Side bar… Las Vegas shooting – could not find information regarding their funerals, family comments or end result of investigation. Event seemed surreal.


Hello…… is Anybody out there?


Guess Not…… Goodnight all


Three goddamned minutes?




If you send out a “ping” in this sort of a situation, you can expect a response in a reasonable period of time. This includes people composing more extensive responses to other threads, people off reading things completely divorced from this site, people attending to the real world (preparing/eating a snack, taking a shower), and other things.

You sent out a “ping” and closed responses in three minutes. Note that it wasn’t “nothing immediate, but I’m listening” — it was “Guess Not…… Goodnight all”.

It’s not a hill for me to die on — but, yeah, I feel a bit stiff-armed.


I was just checking if anyone was still on and wanting to talk…..
I realize people are busy doing different things….
But your Sacrilegious response was uncalled for in my Humble opinion.


Those words were ill-chosen to express my annoyance. Sharp annoyances tend to bring forth reflexive vocabulary at very shallow levels, and do not reflect my deeper beliefs.

I apologize for the use of such sacrilegious vernacular.


Apology accepted…..

So GLAD that we can resolve differences here.

I in NO way was asking for confrontation….
Just wishing all a good night if nobody responded.

3 minutes might have been too soon….
But I am Not usually up this late.


Well understood.

The internet is rife with formats ill-suited for the communities that grow around them — but, as life responds to life, we manage to persevere. 🙂

Sleep well.


It Saddens my soul that this occurred.
I respect your insight and Wisdom….
I learn a lot from you.


Don’t take too much from it. I just realized that I should have said, “Three lousy minutes? F*** me running.”

It would have been clearer, free of religious insinuations, and completely addressed my level of frustration.

And our discussion did have me thinking of how much religious defilement has crept into casual expostulations — and it’s too much.

People (and I include myself) say things they have absorbed from the culture without really feeling what they mean or what they are saying. And we are seeing horrific levels of this today with things like “By Any Means Necessary” or “All Cops Are Bastards”.

Using slogans for thoughts is not a good way forward.

But, like my initial paragraph….that doesn’t mean you can’t express frustration.


I’m sorry that I frustrated you…..
It was NOT my intent.

I don’t “Compose” things to say…..
I speak as I am lead (post my intent at the moment).

We good?


Of course we’re good — the frustration I felt was back in the beginning, but we’ve long since talked it out.

I was just leaving breadcrumbs to show how we’d gotten there.

You gave me a very powerful realization of the debasement of popular culture. I wanted to let you know that.


Thank you 🙂
I consider YOU a VERY good source of information and am sorry that I “triggered” you 🙂

It was definitely not my intent.

I was just checking in before going to bed.


Sleep well and be at peace.

Thank you for the gift of realization. I appreciate it.

Don’t thank me, or we’ll be here all night and we both should be refreshed on the morrow.


I enjoy conversation (especially yours)
Was just checking if anyone was still up and had something to say..

my Bad.


Listen here….
That was NOT called for!

I like most of YOUR stuff here.

But that was uncalled for!

Don’t be a DICK!

Last edited 2 years ago by rayzorback

“It was SUCH a beautiful idea. SUCH a beautiful idea.”

It’s hard for me to see ‘beauty’ in such evil treachery, boss…but I get your meaning.

I see it as diabolical cleverness or wicked ingenuity.

I agree with you, though…Barr lied and justice died.

Trying to remember who recommended Barr for the job.
Did we know this?

Whoever brought Barr into it in the first place is a part of the plot against our President.

And…Joe Biden didn’t win.

Last edited 2 years ago by wheatietoo
Brave and Free

That would definitely explain the confidence in C_A communist Brn. and the rest of the Muller team. They knew that they wouldn’t be called out on anything.


Hey boss, I just scheduled Monday’s thread to drop tonight.

But it’s not showing up in ‘Scheduled’…so could you please take a look and see if it’s there?


Barr turned out to be a catastrophic disappointment, and a liar. Straight out. All his interviews in 2020 prior to Nov. 3rd indicated serious concern about mail in voting. He named it as the vehicle for massive fraud. Then when it came time to say – “Yes, there’s a problem” – he abandoned ship and crew.

DOJ could have moved promptly after election night – simply by saying that there was concern for violation of the voters’ Civil Rights. Once the counting stopped in 5 states simultaneously – that was reason enough to move in and say the integrity and security of our elections was compromised.

Barr let the Election Fraud happen. Hope his name lives in infamy.

Many of us had hopes for Barr as Sessions had failed us, but I have a friend who notes that Barr was always SWAMP.

Anyway, it’s clear POTUS could not clear out the rot of our agencies. DC Swamp dwellers don’t live in the real world and they do not have a conscience, they simply continue to move in the circles where their sanctimonious world view is reinforced.

Ironic that Barr dotes on his family and grandchildren so much – it’s those folks who will suffer in a world that denies them the goodness of America’s founding.


Not his kids and grandchildren.

They will not suffer one bit.

I do not mean to be harsh, but they are ensconced for life in comfort and security.

Last edited 2 years ago by churchmouse


Some of them probably already know it or are taking lessons as we speak.


These D-Staters are like residents of a gated community blithely watching everything outside the gate going to hell. Some are directly & others indirectly selling their souls to the father of lies. 🔥


It occurs to me, in order to keep the ChiNazis from hunting the site down – you might want to rename it from “qtree” to something else. Search engines will pull up the “q” in a nanosecond, so for site protection, taking the q out might be a good defensive move.

It doesn’t take away our using all sources of information to gain knowledge and form opinions, but it will protect the site.

Wolf, about Q – as I was quite late to paying attention regarding q, or making any sense of it since I’m not a code type person, it was always a superficial thing for me.

But, I have no doubt that it was very helpful in aiding the MAGA – people paid attention, and personally, a lot of knowledge was gleaned from the messaging.

That’s not a bad thing at all.


Another important point about Barr… The FBI had Biden Jr. laptop since Dec 2019 – that was factual evidence of trouble in the Biden family – it’s not a matter of innocent until proven guilty – there was proof on that computer. But Barr didn’t get that out there – and that pushed Biden being the Dem nominee through. Intentional.

Then when he said he didn’t want to act before the election because of it being seen as interference – that in itself was election interference. By not acting one has acted.

This doesn’t help anything, but it adds to the truth about Barr and the Deep State.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

 By not acting one has acted.

When you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice (From Rush’s Free Will)


Love Rush (the band) and the man too.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I always wanted to go to a Rush concert wearing a Limbaugh T-shirt “by mistake.”

Valerie Curren

I so enjoy the twists & turns of your mind that you choose to share!

Deplorable Patriot

The FBI had Biden Jr. laptop since Dec 2019 – that was factual evidence of trouble in the Biden family – it’s not a matter of innocent until proven guilty – there was proof on that computer. But Barr didn’t get that out there – and that pushed Biden being the Dem nominee through. Intentional.


If they had actually gone through with prosecuting any of the people who are currently demonstrating TO THEIR OWN SUPPORTERS that they care nothing about the people, none of the wider awakenings would be happening. Getting these people to expose themselves and demonstrate what they are had to happen for their supporters to wake up and accept that things MUST change in order for us to even have a country let alone freedoms and privileges that they take for granted.

There’s a number of ways to think about all of this and one is that the DOJ, which has been a known cesspool for decades, along with the FBI and C_A needed people at the top to protect evidence from being destroyed by the bad actors. No one wants to admit that that might be part of the problem. It’s not just the political appointments that may or may not be bad actors, but the permanent employees that could make stuff disappear if they could.

The SES is the big issue, IMO, not the figureheads who could well be holding things together while all the ratlines are exposed.


I never liked Barr from the beginning: Bad News Barr.


You’re most welcome!

Deplorable Patriot

Somehow I don’t think that when the book is finally written on this extraordinary time in history that what really happened is going to resemble what a lot of us are putting forward.

Deplorable Patriot

Just a thought when it comes to this.

While all the people currently exposing themselves for the world to see what they really are were not publicly prosecuted for their actions, they also did not become political martyrs under Trump’s AGs. That would have been a real nightmare.

“Orange man bad goes on a witch hunt against his enemies.”


There simply are not any political martyrs for the media to use as battering rams against President Trump.

Are they really getting off scot free. I doubt it. I have an idea that this whole Biden administration charade is part of prosecution deals that we don’t know about. Just arrest these people before the normies see for themselves what Biden, and the rest are and they become those political martyrs that need to be avoided, IMO.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s the waiting to find out the real truth that seems to be driving people up walls at the moment.

Brave and Free

“I was conned once, by guys in a bar. I learned. You don’t try to win it back by playing again. The cheaters will always cheat”
Is it your opinion T will try to play it again or will he come at it from another angle?

Valerie Curren

I so hope this is true. It’s hard to imagine that DJT’s glorious patriotism & how the MAGA movement brought so many True Americans out into the light (along w/ worldwide supporters) will be the reason for the success & venom of the anti-American globullist cabal & Deep State. I keep thinking of Ivanka’s saying of Impossible is where my dad starts.

Watching, waiting, praying, trusting the Lord–all in fits & starts…oh & navigating End Times discussions w/ loved ones!


Really peculiar things have certainly been going on.

I’ve been trying my best to make sense of it.

All the things tweeted out, or on Parler, Telegram, etc. by the Trumps, Pompeo, Lin Wood, etc#, plus videos of FAUXTUS “inauguration” being prerecorded, changing color of ladies’ shoes, changing wall paper in Oval.

Plus T gesturing “Q” in Morse code in the video the night of shampeachment 2.0, 17 flags at Andrews, how cheerful Melania seemed at Andrews*…

It’s all a lot to take in.

Vs. the FAUXTUS choice for SecDef sliding through confirmation with lightning speed, and all the other news items indicating that banksters/Xi/DS won this one big…

My brain is in a superposition of eigenstates over the whole thing.

*Melania is too bright and educated not to be aware of what happened to Marie Antoinette, the last Czarina, and the other wives of heads of state who’ve gone against the CBs, and those wives’ children.


Having patriots’ brains in a superposition of eigenstates is a very useful circumstance for ChiComs, C_A, etc., as it obviates the final resolution the would lead to decisive action.


In your opinion, is Simon Parkes, et al. the next phase of the con? Why would Lin Wood on Telegram link to Parkes and Charlie Ward?


“Barr served as Attorney General from 1991 to 1993 during the administration of President George H. W. Bush”
-Wicked Pedia

Ruby Ridge stand-off: 21-31 of August, 1992

This has been the big question mark in my mind about Barr since T first nominated him.

Jus’ sayin’


That’s the point that has always had me suspicious.


It’s the contrast between his speeches on Constitutional rights, limited government, etc., and the times he has supported T and MAGA, on the 1 hand, vs. his being a snake in the grass, on the other, that caused the confusion for me.

By words on specific topics he’s been maybe the best AG of my lifetime. For citizens who are cerebral and bookish, there’s a heady allure there.

It’s deeds when the survival of the Republic and of Western civilization were at stake that tripped him up.


I wonder when T was on to him.

I wonder if T could have gotten anybody better than Barr past Senate confirmation.

I wonder if sticking it out with Sessions would have been better.


100% agree, Wolf. At first B2 appeared to be a stealth bomber for the white hats. As the years went by he became a rusty old crop dusting biplane sputtering over the fields. We must remember he was HW’s guy. HW was a clown leading, NWO, globalist, uni-party Board member. So that makes Barr the jackal that he has clearly revealed. I feel sorry for him as he stands before the Lord if he does not openly confess and repent from his evil deeds. The only way he is restored with We the People is by revealing all of the plots and giving witness to them in a legally binding setting. I will not be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.


100% agree. Barr and crew could show what they might represent as iron clad proof and I would never believe it. If he is not playing an assigned part for the white hats, he has to be dirty. No true Constitutionalist would ever turn their back on seeking, ruling and enforcing the truth no matter what it was. His attitude when PDT was cranking up the military actions in the Caribbean/Atlantic was when I saw Barr’s disdain for him most visible. His lack of action when it mattered most convinced me.

Nothing is settled. You can see it, feel it, hear it. Tension and anger fill the air. They have spent decades brainwashing people into believing lies are truth and vice versa. They have people focus on unimportant things and emphasize how important they are. Deflection and manipulation in every word and action they take.

FEC filing for the Patriot Party was Friday. Fascinated to see where this leads.