The Herd Of Jussies Is On The Run

TL;DR – If you want to CUT TO THE CHASE, scroll on down to THE POINT.

However, if you want to savor the STALKING OF THE HERD before the CHASE, then turn on the MUSIC and enjoy this whole post.

When I realized today just how PANICKED the Plotters of both November 3 AND January 6 are right now – well, I got this weird feeling that we might actually see some ELECTION JUSTICE.

Yeah, they may try to stay cool and collected on the outside, but they see that THEIR plan is leaking like a SIEVE. The FAKE ELECTION SCAM is falling apart at all seams and on ALL LEVELS.

It was actually TWO smaller things today that caught my attention, but they have some big context.

Let’s start with the latter.

The Context

Once you realize who ALL the big players are in the election scam, and add the players in the January 6 election fraud COVER-UP scam, things start making sense.

The Barr betrayal, of course, was most excellent, as far as betrayals go – possibly as good as the Pence betrayal.

Barr Lied, Justice Died

I used to think radical scoundrel Eric Holder was the most criminal Attorney General this nation ever had, but now I believe that honor goes to the man who single-handedly erased Donald Trump’s second term – William Barr. ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And I want you all …

Yeah, then add the buffalo jump…..

Buffalo Jump

I cannot claim credit for realizing that the tactical maneuver of Trump’s supporters to their political demise on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, was something known to American historians and anthropologists as a buffalo jump. However, as soon as I heard the ill-fated demonstration called that, all my questions about what …

Then look at that MARCH a little more closely, and realize that Ali set the whole thing up to FAIL.

Buffalo Jump: The Plot Thickens

Alternate Title: Bring Out The Owl! We continue with Part 2 of the Buffalo Jump series. For background, see Part 1: If you want a TL;DR version of what was wrong with the Capitol Rally on January 6, 2021, imagine trying to fit a million people into the little area numbered “8”, in the upper …

Then observe how certain elements of the MILITARY were tied into it.

Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

Alternate Title: The moment I realized that GOD would back me in going asymmetrical on these unworthy China-compromised “U.S.” military bastards. I have recently come into possession of information which made a lot of things start making a lot more sense. I only needed a final confirmation that I was correct – and I just …

Then finally take a look at the weirdness of Nancy Pelosi and the FBI signaling over old COMMUNISM and CORRUPTION.

Buffalo Jump: Mafia Princess Mysteries

Impeachahontas Now Wearing Two Diapers Nobody expected Chris Wray to play Mafia Nan’s queen of diapers face-up on January 6, but that is exactly what appears to have happened. The only question now is WHY. To quote a friend from a former life, “AYE-YI-YI!” OK – let me back up a bit. First, I want …

And THEN I put it all together – but used that awesome BURN of the “QAnon experts” and global contractors as an introduction of a COVID-reframing post, which I have to say looks better every day as more truth comes out.

Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19

PREFACE I thought that I might withhold this post on Easter Sunday, and then I changed my mind, thanks to Deplorable Patriot, Trump, Gab and Jesus. If anybody ever FOUGHT on Easter Sunday, it was Christ. It’s time to FOLLOW POINT. The Branch Covidians have taken a toll, but the WAR is turning, and – …

And if you want a finer (but admittedly fuzzy) point on the karmic downfall of these “barely American” people who think they can paint American patriots as “extremists” and get away with it, evidenced in the context of the brilliant Flynn family suit against CNN…..


Somebody put Mountain Dew in the Wolf’s water bowl, and suddenly he thinks he’s wild and free. Indeed, while being WALKED BY HIS DOGHANDED OFF TO HIS WIFELEASHED TO HIS {{{“SMART”PHONE}}}X///RUNNING WITH SCISSORS IN HIS MIND///X But not yet having waved to the patriots who overfly his house routinely to see the giant TRUMP SIGN …

Now, as the COVID plot started really falling apart….

Signs of COVID Plot Downfall

Don’t relax now – we have them ON THE RUN There are many SIGNS that we have scored a MIDWAY VICTORY….. ……in the fight against the COVID PLOT. I’m not kidding. Bringing down the SPIKE PROTEIN – the ABORTION PROTEIN – and the WHOLE-BODY SPREADINGTHROUGH-SKIN SHEDDINGTEEN-AGER DEADING mRNA vaccine – is like – in reference …

…..attention shifted back to the January Sixth Plot. Darren Beattie and Revolver News really began taking it apart, when I realized that the old thoughts from the SECOND Buffalo Jump post were extremely relevant, now in the context of a guy named Ali serving up the pitches that FBI needed and was counting on.

Beware The Ace of FIBs

You know, I can be such a chump. But I do have one interesting trait. When I get WISE to having been made a chump, I bring an extraordinary amount of justice with me. The justice. Of truth. Known so that all can SEE IT. No violence. The TRUTH can handle itself. And the TRUTH …

This was followed by another post where I realized the GAME that Ali was playing with the RINOs he had been operating with since he was a McCain hack back in 2008.

Did Ali Throw Cover for the RINOs in the “Stop The Steal” Plot Against Trump’s Base?

This is just a simple question, but if the answer is YES, it has huge implications. Now, if you don’t know who I’m talking about, I just did a piece about Ali Alexander, a.k.a. Ali Akbar, here: Beware The Ace of FIBs You know, I can be such a chump. But I do have one …

That was yesterday. My point was, Ali made a big deal of distancing himself from the GOP(e). Sure looked like he was throwing them some COVER.

I threw in Liz Cheney’s photo as a bit of an afterthought, like a bobber on a fishing line. Who would have thought that a FISH would strike the bobber?

The Point

TODAY, two things happened which are EXPLAINED by old posts.

First, Pelosi decides to farm out the Capitol Hill Police to field offices in all the states. If that doesn’t stink, what DOES stink?

Are The Pelosi Police Going to Do a Job The FBI Won’t, and Go After the January Sixth TRESPASSERS?

It’s a simple question, but I think it needs to be asked. My money says Her Slyness, Queen Jussie of Pelosi, is going to do what Chris Wray KNOWS is destroying the FBI – the harassment of patriotic Americans for going to THEIR Capitol and registering the MILD REBUKE of YELLING outside the Capitol Building, …

I see this as “offense is the best defense”. The commies got PINCHED by pushback against the FBI – so they PUSH FORWARD with a new stratagem. Nancy knows that far too many people see her as the Jussie Smollett of January Sixth. Gotta do something about that. FIB would be the normal mechanism of federal bullying of patriots.

But FIB has it’s own problems there.

You see, it is my belief that Pernicious FIB was taking too much HEAT for going after patriots DIRECTLY, and I’m sure that state and local LE have had their fill of this political bullshit.

I’m guessing that FIB recruitment is taking a BIG HIT.

Wray’s ability to cut off Pelosi from using FBI to go after ALL the Trump supporters in DC – an agency-killing folly – comes from his owning the “D’Alesandro Dossier” on her and her father.

FBI showing Pelosi that they had goods on her, was the answer to the mystery covered by the 4th post of the Buffalo Jump series. Clearly Wray has bought some independence from Pelosi with those old records on her father’s mafia ties and pussyfooting with Moscow, of which he only showed a “clean taste”.

So we see some discomfort amongst the plotters against Trump.

And now THIS.

I’ll get to what he said momentarily. But let me tell you – the moment I saw this, I took it for what it was – the same thing Schiffty Schiff does. GET AHEAD of the story by FLIPPING IT fast, hard and early onto your opponents. Straight outta Goebbels.

Sorry, Adam – not gonna work. You were a dupe and a putz to go along with CIA on its stupid payola operations to “create terrorists to go after terrorists to raid the piggy bank”.

But your biggest mistake was trying to flip that narrative onto patriotic Americans – meaning onto the DUPES of GOOD WILL who have gone along with this shit unknowingly for the last 20 years, since your last big hoax.

So now let’s get to the meat of what RINO Kinzinger is doing to EVADE justice.

This is an article in Red State by Sister Toldjah – one of the best opinions in conservatism no matter what position she takes. Even when I don’t see it exactly her way, she is THE BEST articulation of the NEXT intelligent mainstream viewpoint.

Her arguments are always close to, and appealing to the emerging stage of modern, mainstream conservative thought. So don’t expect her to be fronting “conspiracy theories” like I’m proposing. She’s not bleeding edge – that is left up to people like us. But if we’re RIGHT, expect her to get there in a timely fashion.



Please click these links and bookmark them – this is going to be a nifty point in proving what is going on, later. Also, I’d prefer that Red State get the clicks, even though I’ve saved this whole article TWICE because of its importance.

Sister is making some AMAZING points right here. The most important is this:

Kinzinger made a very dangerous claim in that interview. It’s dangerous enough that he needs to start flashing some receipts if he has them – because while claiming a politician “incited” a Jan. 6th-style is serious enough, claiming they actually took part in planning it is much worse, and shouldn’t be alleged without some cold, hard proof.

In short, regarding the allegation members of Congress knew in advance what would happen, Kinzinger needs to put up or shut up. It’s just that simple.

Now – it is basically known that in these “Goebbels battles”, which traditionally start by the perpetrator accusing back when the heat gets close, the perpetrator is essentially inoculated by the falsely directed accusation and saved by the confusion. The act of “media-required denial” is then shifted to the righteous accuser rather than the guilty perpetrator.

And with New York Slimes as the media, you KNOW this is not the truth – this is backing up of Democrat LIES.

BUT Sister STILL makes a great point for BOTH sides. Show the receipts.

My job is speculating what kind of receipts exist and where they might be, based on observations.

Personally, I don’t think that a dumb putz like Kinzinger would be involved in the deep planning and preparation of the January Sixth frame job. HOWEVER, the degree of panic he is showing here leads me to believe that he was aware of what was going to happen.

He is – in my opinion – showing consciousness of guilt.

He KNEW there would be a frame-up of Trump on that day, so that he could ACT in ways that would lead the Congressional crowd in the directions it needed to go.

Now I don’t have receipts beyond “body language”, but I’m fairly certain his accusation MUST contain the full weight of his own guilt. So let’s read it.

NYT: Do you suspect that some members of Congress were aware of what was going to happen that day and supported it?

Kinzinger: I won’t name names, but yes, I do have that suspicion. I will say, if you just looked at Twitter — the whole reason I brought my gun and kept my staff home and told my wife to stay in the apartment was looking at Twitter. I saw the threats. When Lauren Boebert — I will call her out by name — tweeted “Today is 1776,” I don’t know what that meant other than this is the time for revolution. Maybe it was a dumb tweet that she didn’t mean. Fine. I’ll give her that credit for now. But if you have members of Congress who were involved in nurturing an insurrection, heck yeah, we need to know.

Now, I won’t speak for Sister Toldjah here, nor for Lauren Boebert, and especially not for RINO Kinzinger, but I can very well speak for myself as an “insurrectionist” (OY VEY) in the crowd that day.

WE WERE DENIED OUR RIGHTEOUS AND PEACEFUL PROTEST. And we were denied our right by the creeps who set up the violence.

Most of us DID in fact protest peacefully, and we were DENIED THAT TRUTH by the fake news media, which is basically the Democrat press.

Guess what? ALL OF US expected a BIG PROTEST. We indeed hoped to YELL so that they would hear us inside. We wanted to CHEER and throw our hats in the air when Mike Pence sent those crooked votes back to the state legislatures.

Which of course didn’t happen, because, like most of the others, Mike Pence was in on the SCAM. Not necessarily knowing the whole thing, but FAILING TO DO HIS DUTY just like all the others who conspired by action or inaction to deny Trump his rightful victory, and to deny US our rightful President.

If everybody just shrugged off their DUTY, it would work. That is how the scam worked.

A STRIKE by government.

A STRIKE against the PEOPLE.


Anyway, Kinzinger is pathetic, too. He likely will never have to answer with jail time for being an accessory before the fact, mostly because, IMO, he surely didn’t do much other than play along with Nancy Gambino’s charade.

Yeah, he didn’t go running to the FBI and telling them about THEIR PLOT. LOL. Yeah, really. Hilarious. And that is the REALITY in which we live. Don’t go telling the FBI about crime it FAVORS.

But to accuse Lauren Boebert? That’s LOW. That’s really low.

And I agree with Sister Toldjah. RINO Kinzinger – for his own good – had best not FALSELY ACCUSE. When I accuse him of things, I truly BELIEVE my accusations. Enough to take them back when I have contradictory evidence.

Indeed, if I were RINO Kinzinger’s lawyer, I could truthfully argue that he deserves no punishment for being in on “Barr’s shrugging coup” of Donald Trump. These people are perfectly within their RIGHTS to not do their jobs or their duties – to “take a dive” – and even to conspire for what might be regarded as “legally permissible injustices”. Otherwise known as politics.

But to try to paint Lauren Boebert as anything other than a law-abiding American patriot?

It’s a good thing GOD is GOD and not me, because I’d seriously think about TORCHING that fucker with a lightning bolt. His LYING MOUTH deserves nothing less.

And that’s not extreme. Not by the GEORGE WASHINGTON who loved the TRUTH even more than I do.


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Well, we are in good company. It’s not just the little people who are being accused of fomenting the Fakesurrection.

God bless Rep. Boebert and keep her safe from the Kinzingers of the world.


At least we know that Rep. Boebert is armed.

Barb Meier

As I began to read your post, I got an email from Mike Pence. He seems to want money from me. I unsubscribed though I had never subscribed and then blocked the account and deleted it. Perhaps he thinks he will need $ for upcoming justice seeking.


I always go the creepy feeling when that Traitor opened is mouth and my instincts told me that he was no good.
I should have listened to my instincts, which usually is my rule of thumb, when something is off. Unfortunately I didn’t.


IMO Mike Pence has evolved in his political career into a plastic man. Makes himself into whatever as he thinks the situation demands. Disappointing from my perspective as he was a primary reason I initially supported PDT.

First and may be the most important rule for analyzing the words and actions of others, especially in government – test them against scripture. Did Mike Pence’s choice(s) reflect what the Lord would have him do? Would the Lord have him ignore the will of the people and certify fraud when he had evidence in his possession that revealed it? I keep hearing “brood of vipers” from Matthew 12:34 in my head.

We know the answer. That is not a judgment of Pence as to whether he is a Christian or not. Only God knows that. That is a judgment of his choices and actions as to whether they reflect a Christian choice when it mattered so much in our nation’s history.

Last edited 2 years ago by TradeBait2

I think the shocking pictures from China and Italy gave us a distorted impression how dangerous the virus was. Como putting sick people in nursing homes and the deaths from that furthered the distortion.


Yes even I gasp when I saw the pictures coming from China and Italy my brain had trouble comprehending the images. All of it was so disconnected in my mind so unreal and still it made my cautious at least for a little while when I realized it was a farce.
Yes people got sick including I but everyone experienced it differently.


You and I are in 100% agreement, Wolf. I think your example was a great illustration and I wish more understood. It took me quite some time to see it all for what it is even with multiple experiences in my life in which I should have understood. The truth did not set me free from righteous anger, it set me free from the blindfold and acceptance of evil. I was slow to accept because I did not WANT to believe that parts of my life had no relevance and that I was fooled. My come to Jesus moment at the foot of the figurative Cross came and I admitted I had been a tool of the evil and had not seen and acted as a believer should in response to it.

When I confessed and repented, others began to see wisdom and discernment in me that the Lord imparted. Nothing is as it appears on the surface. Everything has meaning. Test everything you hear and see against scripture and the principles the Lord gave us. Give evil no quarter in your own life so others can be strengthened and learn. Call things for what they are, do not be afraid you may offend somebody. To be effective be loving and kind when doing it unless you are dealing with the modern day Pharisees.

I lost relationships with friends and a few family members over it and still do. They prefer to idle along in life and not seek truth. Oh well. However, once you know what you know and how it all fits you have no choice but to tell others and take action because Christ told us to love God with all we have and who we are while loving others as ourselves. That is a command, not a suggestion.

As a result, I am deeply appreciative of this “neighborhood” you and others have created here at The Q Tree. From understanding truth we can not only mount a defense, we can construct an offense to take evil down. One person at a time.


That seems really strange, is he running for something? Or is he just asking for money?


Needs anew house, on a lake…

Barb Meier

I had the reaction to Pence that he is doing this periodically to see if it is safe now for him to come out and politick again. I can’t see in his mind, but that’s how his behavior makes me react.

Concerned Virginian

The Kinzinger “interview” smells to me like a couple of things:
He’s pi$$ed that he was passed over by Pelosi for her January 6th “commission.”
He has an ego the size of Montana.
“Somebody” put him out there in this clumsy attempt to involve Rep. Boebert in the January 6th situation.
He’s desperately doing a CYA to cover up his own involvement with the CIA in funding terrorists.


Kinzinger friend of Pence that tell everything.  😡 

Cuppa Covfefe

Speaking of Piglosi, that picture of her, her father (and mother?) and JFK has always been a tad disturbing; now I realize why.

Her father looks like Alger Hiss… Probably pwned like he was…..

Deplorable Patriot

Random thought: is Adam Kinzinger a plant in the Republican Party just to give the [CB] forth estate/fifth column someone to call when they need a sound bits?

Brave and Free

I would think the CB has multiple #’s in the R party to call at any given time. He could just be the rookie that just joined the Big club and has to prove his loyalty.


Sort of like what John McCain used to be.


And his underling, no pun intended, Ms Lindsey.


I just PM’d you about a couple of things.


This’n belongs in that header:

comment image


A perfect fit in the header.


Thanks! He’s the biggest Jussie of all!


Probably all boils down to money and ideology – they are bought and paid for – just like spies.


Hee-hee! Great play on words.