Did Ali Throw Cover for the RINOs in the “Stop The Steal” Plot Against Trump’s Base?

This is just a simple question, but if the answer is YES, it has huge implications.

Now, if you don’t know who I’m talking about, I just did a piece about Ali Alexander, a.k.a. Ali Akbar, here:

Beware The Ace of FIBs

You know, I can be such a chump. But I do have one interesting trait. When I get WISE to having been made a chump, I bring an extraordinary amount of justice with me. The justice. Of truth. Known so that all can SEE IT. No violence. The TRUTH can handle itself. And the TRUTH …

This is the guy you NEVER heard of, who was suddenly the “savior” of Trump’s stolen election. He appeared out of nowhere and started organizing the DEBACLE of January Sixth.

Just a minor point that he once worked for one of Trump’s greatest enemies – John McCain – doing dirty election ops.

Yeah, you can’t make this shit up.

Just a coincidence.

But it gets worse.

NOW – if you click that link above, you will get an explanation of why I was misled by this dude, despite my initial suspicions that he was trouble, which came from THIS article:

LINK: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/supposed-stop-the-steal-organizer-ali-akbar-is-a-convicted-fraudster-accused-of-plotting-voter-fraud-as-mccain-operative-in-2008/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/AQRJ2

You will find even more left-wing oppo on him HERE and HERE.

I really should have paid more attention to that warning, but I fell for all the virtue signals that the CIA knew I would fall for.

Oh, we want to believe that this guy was really behind Trump! Ali Akbar! For Trump!


Anyway, I had my suspicions of this guy, some of which were articulated in that last post on this topic:

AGAIN: https://www.theqtree.com/2021/07/05/beware-the-ace-of-fibs/

However, for brevity, in that post, I left out some things that I covered in ANOTHER post, earlier:

Buffalo Jump: The Plot Thickens

Alternate Title: Bring Out The Owl! We continue with Part 2 of the Buffalo Jump series. For background, see Part 1: If you want a TL;DR version of what was wrong with the Capitol Rally on January 6, 2021, imagine trying to fit a million people into the little area numbered “8”, in the upper …

The latter was the SECOND post in the Buffalo Jump series. That series had FOUR posts, and several related ones followed. In each, it became more apparent that the entire January Sixth outcome was the result of some rather technically admirable and sophisticated criminal orchestration by enemies of Trump.

Which the other side ALMOST admitted to, in that shocking “brag-fest” of how a shadowy cabal “fortified” the election.


Anyway, if you read that Buffalo Jump post, you will see that I was suspicious of Ali, but not nearly as much as I am now.

My main point was this:

EVERYTHING about the logistics of the march to the Capitol was designed to fail. The planning was so bad, so illogically wrong, that it was impossible to believe that it was mere incompetence. It was all wrong in ways that were designed to go exactly where it went.

Hanlon’s razor is total bullshit, by the way.

Hanlon’s Razor and The Mamet Principle Must Get Off Our Lawn

a guest post by our dear house guardian Suspicious Cat NOTE FROM WOLF: This post may require some explanation. After allowing my somewhat mythical and somewhat not mythical sister Fox Moon to have her guest post, our dear pet Suspicious Cat has demanded to have his post, too.You see, Suspicious Cat considers himself to be …

Aubergine’s razor is what brings home the BACON from Democrat-infested reality.

But then it gets even better, because Millie Weaver, ToRE, and Patrick Bergy all figured out that Ali was up to dirty tricks, and published it as part of a now-forgotten but EXTREMELY important documentary called “Psyop The Steal“.

I cannot recommend highly enough that you watch this at least once. Yes, it’s an hour and a half, but it is very conclusive about what went on at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

If Nancy Pelosi has a hearing, THIS DOCUMENTARY MUST BE SHOWN.

And remember – this work by Millie and colleagues was long before all the work that Revolver and Darren Beattie have done on January Sixth.

AND it gets even better.

Somebody figured out that Ali was SIGNALING CIA color revolution crap with all his “orange” and “orange dream” stuff. In particular, I cannot find the image of the tweet where he talks about dreaming that orange would be the color of the January Sixth protest, but I know it exists.

Nor can I find the article where people spotted the significance, but somebody figured out that “antifa red + proud boys yellow = orange = CIA color revolution” – and while I didn’t really buy that at first, once I saw the very phony tweet about dreaming orange, I figured – yeah, there is big bogus stuff going on with Ali.


I believe that Ali’s part of the plot was KNOWN and blessed by the RINOs in the GOP.

Just take a closer look at this tweet we saw earlier.

When I saw this tweet, way back then, I believed that Ali Alexander really was chiding the GOP brass who did such a piss-poor job of defending Trump.

But that is NOT what I believe now.

I believe that Ali Alexander was intentionally distancing himself from another party in the plot – the GOP RINOs. The McCain faction. The Decepticons. The Establishment.

Ali Alexander, Ali Akbar, whatever, was THROWING COVER on the GOP.

See how that works to destroy Trump’s movement? The GOP brass DRAGGED THEIR FEET and DRAGGED THEIR ASSES on election fraud (other than collecting money), so that we would feel unable to do anything, and thus latch on to STOP THE STEAL – the FAKE life preserver.

It’s EVIL GENIUS. It’s designed to not just get Trump, but get rid of his movement as well.

I’m not going to state that Ronna is a bad girl here. It’s a possibility, but who knows? I don’t have evidence of that. But something stinks here. Sure, Ali could have been trying to scam the GOP for money, but I don’t think so. I think he was giving them cover.

Convince me that I’m wrong.



Ali is trying to come back now and protect himself on January Sixth – AND he’s trying to insinuate himself in the forensic audits in Georgia.

Good grief! Please keep this TURD away from the audits! Merrick Garland’s little boy is just going to make it worse. It is Ali’s ABSENCE over the last few months that has allowed clarity on the plot.

Yeah. Can’t make this up.

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Taking off and nuking it from orbit sounds better all the time. It is, after all, the only way to be sure.

Brave and Free

Everything sounds logical to me, who was out there defending PDJT? Only a few that I remember, so logically people are going to wander over to the Psyop the steal. In hindsight it all fits, additionally can you imagine all the info they could have gained from the CC donations?

Cuppa Covfefe

Just a side note, that might eventually become a beeeg problem. It appears that winderz11 will require a Micro$haft account in order to log on TO YOUR OWN HARDWARE!!!!!

Windoze 1 0 could be installed without this cr@p. But witn TPM 2.0 and secureboot being enabled as a requirement for the OS to be installed, along with the M$ account, it looks like that workaround may have been closed.

[In case anyone’s interested, AMD Ryzen gen 1, 2, 3, and 4 run win7, win8.1 and *gag* win 1 0, so there’s some hope. And yes, before the Linuxen chime in, that too. Although the “secureboot” threat may be back…]…..

While nuking problems from orbit, RED RED REMOND might need some, erm, adjustment, too…

Cuppa Covfefe

The slimeballs from that pit of Hell known as SDNY were all in from the beginning. And their Satanic tactics, probably aided and “spelled” by the Klintoons led to people like Plouffe and Creamer and those who said (a la Kamel-the-Hoe) “we can’t let them or their kind [that would be US] ever in politics again”…

Their kind.

Almost sounds racist, doesn’t it?

CONgressional crabgrass. Dig it out, it pops up somewhere else. Because it’s joined at the roots: IN HELL.


This makes perfect sense.

They thought if they could keep Ali on the down low for awhile it would all blow over.

Looks like he’s being sent back into the action. The AUDIT(S). The RINOs must need Intel. 😂

Concerned Virginian

There is no doubt in my mind that the RNC (and other RINO’s) were involved with the DNC / Cabal / Pelosi in the steal of the 2020 election — and not just of the Presidency. The plans were laid well in advance and were spread far and wide.
This is not a case of “a mile side and an inch deep” — this is a case of “as far as the eye can see and miles deep.”

Last edited 10 months ago by RDS
Cuppa Covfefe

Sounds like they’re experiencing a “brown fog day”…

Time to resist the “reagent” Chemical Ali…


Well, we know what we know.

What I want to know now is, since MM has refused to pony up what SHE knows, are we rid of that plague on our house?

That’s an operative. Trojan Horse. Enemy inside the gates.

Has it been expelled?

Linda Harrison

What if MM doesn’t really know what you seem to be suggesting?

The same group (mostly) have attacked others who are now no longer here. We almost lost FG&C because of the same attacks. I am thankful he came back.

Comes to mind (Daughn, Alison). Also suffered these attacks were Scott, Smiley 2, Dep Pat (thank goodness FG&C defended her).

Cuppa Covfefe

Have you been following the poison that MM has been spreading, including going back to November of LAST YEAR to shore up her slander.

I suggest you review her posts. MM seems to not follow much at all of what is being said to her, no matter what the degree of bluntness is. I sense a bookend.

Linda Harrison

I believe your “senses” would be wrong. I do not follow MM. I did go back and read from the November posts. The only time I have paid much attention to what she writes is when there is a flare up.

It seems to me to be very similar to what happened with FG&C. I don’t see where he was doing anything wrong and look what happened. Look at the hatred that was spewed at him at the time. We are lucky he came back.

If you don’t want people posting “anything”, perhaps you should change the rules about what “is allowed” to be posted. I follow Dep Pat’s suggestion about the mouse being your friend and scroll on by.

It also seems to me that Aubergine has come out and made statements that she doesn’t seem to like most of the people here and they are not worthy of her attention (my words, not hers).

You also seem to be quick to be accusatory, I seldom post here because of people being accusatory. For the record: I only contribute to PDJT by sending a check to him at the WH or FL. I have been to NO RALLIES (my income does not permit such luxuries, I do not forgive “never Trumpers” including Mark Levine, he hasn’t earned it. He is making his living.


I like almost ALL of the posters here. I read what everyone writes, with a tiny handful of exceptions. Where you get what you assume above is beyond me.

What I don’t like is when people attack Wolf for the way he runs the site, or when people attack the ones here who are doing most of the work, i.e. authoring. I have commented pretty strongly about that in the past, and would again.

This thing with MM is something else, something I will not hang around to participate in. I am not throwing a fit and threatening to leave, I am simply stating a boundary. I CAN NOT stay on this blog if MM does. I will not cooperate or participate when I am utterly convinced I am dealing with an enemy who is attempting to frame, exploit, abuse, etc. people whom I consider to be my friends.

Like me or not, I am honest. I write what I think, and what I believe to be true. I am waiting to see if it is viable for me to continue here. I hope it is. I will be sad for my loss if it is not.

Linda Harrison

You created the ultimatum, no one asked you to participate in anything she writes or does. You are threatening to leave by your statements. Your name calling, and remarks to her has only antagonized the situation that you feel you are in.

Let it go and scroll on by. As long as the rules for posting are written the way they are, I don’t see how you or anyone other than Wolf can stop her from posting. Wolf is the most diplomatic person I have even seen. He seems to want us to work out our flare ups and I agree with him. He can’t play hall monitor to this many people.

I am ignored most of the time, there are only a few people here that even respond to anything I write. I don’t really care in a way. I enjoy reading here. I like what a lot of people bring to the table (including changing out a whole house fan, I enjoyed the posts by Dep Pat about Catholics – complaining people seemed to stop that too). I am willing to use my scroll wheel to my advantage and continue to try to absorb as much as I can.

Cuppa Covfefe

And, we have a right to say our opinion too.

You’re welcome to scroll on by as well…
Or, perhaps, research a little deeper.

Linda Harrison

I agree with being able to say your opinion but when your opinion (not meaning you personally) is calling people “it” something is terribly wrong. Where are all the Christians I see on Sunday. By the way, most of these flare ups happen on Sunday (Father’s Day, Fourth of July) and holidays.

Cuppa Covfefe

Then you haven’t been reading that frequently or perhaps skipping posts cogent to the discussion/ argument.

The point was brought that MM has many characteristics of a bot, or an AI bot.

If you’re not familiar with that, there’s no point going further. I have dealt with cults, recoverees from cults, and bot-infested boards, along with MANY boards going back to the TTY days with abysmal/questionable modem access. Amd sometimes posters seem a bit “thicker” than one would either expect or fear.

And the “logic” displayed, and the total “victim” position and obfuscation is telling.

As is your position about Christians on this board. We are to show discernment.

As in Matthew 10:16-17: (OK, the whole chapter is relevant):
16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
17 But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;

Linda Harrison

I get it, but anyone who comes here to read could do the same thing. I am unwilling to pin something on someone without knowing for sure what the truth is.

There are a few here who seem to know one another. Most of us do not really know each other because most people don’t use their real name. Wolf would have a better handle on this since he vetted the people who are here.

Linda Harrison

No one has answered the question of what if MM really isn’t what people believe her to be?

Cuppa Covfefe

And MM hasn’t answered the questions posed, as well.

In deference to Wolfm00n, I’ll leave it at that. And I’m wary of “Billy” from IKEA in these times…


*Comment deleted*

Last edited 10 months ago by Aubergine



Dang, I missed it. 😉


I forgot what I said “amen” to. 🤣




I used to like MM on OT and she was very open who she is who and what her husband’s occupation is. I know a little more about her than most here.
She surprised me of not letting go if there is a disagreement. Letting go shows a lot of a persons character.
I learned a long time ago
that “my strength is my weakness and my weakness is my strength”.
To understand that one can live peacefully in community.
Being so set on having to win is weakness letting go is strength. By letting go we take back our power by wanting to win and to be right at any cost is letting the other suck energy.
Personally I have chosen to scroll past such posts that are a set up to suck energy from me it is easy to do if I am not invested in the person.
Accept what is good and pass buy what is not. So simple so easy to do.


What would you suggest be done? Take MM at “her” word? Like we did with so many in the conservative movement…Ali Alexander being the one in the news now.

I mean, are you suggesting we invite what has all the appearances of a SNAKE into our bosom?


OK. I’ll bite. Somone else may have posted a short and sweet response.

After so many, many months of very consistent MM keyboard behavior, what is one to figure?

MM a well meaning patriot? Oh. MeThinks totally tone deaf with her message(s) recently likely bring increased scrutiny of QTree and its members. None of it positive. Do I think anyone did anything wrong? Hell NO. But our crooked government does NOT operate with honesty in mind. They have a mission. Destroy America. Yea, I actually believe that.

MM a Die Hard RNC/GOP proponent forever? Yea, 100%. Some or many here may also subscribe to that. Not me. I subscribe to, America First, MAGA, Save America…The Constitution. RNC/GOP at times supports those perspectives. Damn sure NOT in any consistent pattern.

MM a bot of sorts or otherwise simply on a mission, paid or not… Yea, I believe this also. MM is incredibly disruptive. That’s an an understatement.

Now, SCROLL ON BY. This worked for me, until I realized more of MM mode of key boarding here. AND False statements against posters is way OUT OF BOUNDS. As IS, MM posted statements may, or likely will increase scrutiny by our over lords. NOT positive.

Bringing up issues of Daughn a year or two ago or FG&C late January are of no value to dredge up. Sadly Daughn moved on. On the positive side we have some of Daughn’s insights on another site. And FG&C has thankfully, chosen to return.

Over the few years that I have been here, there were four or so folks tossed, that I know of. They EARNED their being tossed. Most unfortunately, one was a dearly appreciated gal (NF).

Back to your question.

BOTTOM LINE. No one has answered the question of what if MM really isn’t what people believe her to be?

  • Not my site. I am a guest. I value everyday Wolf allows me to participate.
  • BUT, MeThinks MM routinely is disruptive, makes false statements about poster(s). One would think this IS 100% unacceptable.
  • So, IF MM isn’t what people believe, I AM OK WITH IT. Gotta go with OVERWHELMING keyboard evidence.
Last edited 10 months ago by kalbokalbs

I’m a bit shocked that you don’t seem to understand what MM was doing.

Linda Harrison

I was not following or reading MM so no I do not know what she was doing.

I have been ACCUSED by Wolf of defending MM. I did not. I defended her right to post based on the rules of this site. Kinda of like defending the constitution. Ya either have free speech and gun rights or ya don’t.

You probable shouldn’t be talking to me based on his post further down

MM was already invited in – that is why she is posting here. I had no input into the decision making process.

I questioned how anyone KNEW what she KNEW – only God knows that.


Ok, after reading more, now I’m beginning to suspect there may be a tag team or another IT on our hands.

Deplorable Patriot

Multiple, actually. At least, I’m beginning to believe that.

IDK what Wolf has on his plate when it comes to this, but he’s asked for time to sort it out, and for none us us to feed the trolls.


Got it. I was late to the thread. 🤗🤗


The benefit of waiting, of course, being that you can use the time to cook bacon.


With clothes on! 😂


I would say that that is between you and your spouse. 😀

(Though clothes are a good safety measure depending on your favored method of preparation.)

Last edited 10 months ago by SteveInCO

I was referring to the Safety Rule.😉comment image


Yeah, like I said it depends on the method of preparation.

Was out. But now I am not out of bacon.


Wish I saw this sooner. Thanks.



Cuppa Covfefe

What I meant by bookends.

Pointy (Pointman) has a number of posts about that, well worth reading (along with the rest of his site, from old Blighty)…


Absolutely. Making the exact same types of comments to sow division and accuse.


I read pretty much everything I can, but I have had more limits on replies dt responsibilities at home. And, they are many who are guests that cannot reply.
There are many more eyes on than not!

Linda Harrison

I hit thumbs up – I forgot I am a guest. I agree with you.


It’s not an “ultimatum.” It’s a response to a threat, to me and to others I value.

I have decided that I must cut the threat from my life. There are only two ways for me to do that; one under my control, and one that is in Wolf’s control.

Would you rather I was one of the “whatever happened to ____ people?” I don’t know about you, but I hate it whenever someone just “disappears.” What happened to Gayle Combs? Some have speculated that MM ran her off, but who knows?

I will state my intentions honestly. I antagonized MM because I have long been convinced I knew what she was up to, and I wanted her to reveal herself. I believe she has. Others do to.


You seem to not know the rule that states


That’s why Wolf has an extreme vetting system. Occassionally one slips through. It is our job to call them out and bring to his attention.
When someone slanders Wolf and all posters of being violent extremists, you damn straight we’re gonna call them out and demand their expulsion.
In today’s climate, tolerance and agreement with that LIE could put us all in jail, YOU INCLUDED!!


Ok, sorry. No details needed. deleted my last comment, which I made before I saw this. I am well aware of how serious this is.


Ok. Will do.


Sorry boss, I’m ovbiously late to the party, after 3 responses I figured it out.


Wish I saw this sooner. Apologies.


This is by no means a personal attack on you. But you really don’t spend enough time here to KNOW what’s really going on. Folks who stop by every now and then just DO NOT SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE.
How can you form a reliable opinion and judgement with such lack of knowledge??


We all Love FGaC, but he is like a box of chocolates, with him, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Asshoe, know it all, sarcastic, critical, Nasty, psychotherapist, lazy, bossy, funny, smart, interesting, caring, loving, Prayer warrior

When he is good, we applaud. When he is bad, we call him out. 

FGaC has a history of bad behavior and he knows it. He recently threw a hissy fit and left. People fussed at him. He got over it and now he’s back. And we forgave him and are glad to see him. It will probably happen again. That’s just how families work.

You don’t follow here or comment often and you’re accusing Aubergine of being accusatory?!?!?!!??

Be advised, when you see an army of accusers here, usually they are confronting evil or bad behavior.

Thank you for finally commenting. But since you are unfamiliar with the MM issue(multiple threads), you seem to be completely misinformed about Aubergine.


Linda Harrison

I follow here everyday. I seldom comment and this is why. I didn’t accuse Aubergine of anything – I repeated her words that she now seems to be back tracking. Instead of telling me what I did or said – read my words.

Good bye


BaBaBaBaB I N G O!


Bots don’t care what is said about them or if they are followed. Bots have a mission.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yes, I know. I’ve seen other boards, much more vicious bots and activity. Wolfm00n keeps a tight ship here. OT was, pretty much, too. A lot of the techie boards, OTOH, are shredville…

There are bots/trolls/etc.that are paid by the click. By folks like Sauros and CCP…..

Deplorable Patriot

The problem was that people stopped to feed the troll.

Linda Harrison

I know but I believe it is only encouraging behavior that people don’t want. I seem to have become more sensitive to this situation after some of the hatred that was spewed to FG&C with no apologies. It was totally uncalled for.


Oh NO,

It’s time to set the record straight.

Many know, those who ventured to Utree and followed along, but many don’t. Some don’t tune in daily and see everything, they only get bits and pieces of opinions of others, that may or may not be the truth.

Daughn and Allison were not attacked, THEY WERE THE ATTACKERS.

Daughn mistakenly thought she was cancelled and blamed innocent Miss Wheatie for it. Her attack dog, Allison, launched a vicious, malicious, nasty relentless campaign against MW. When that didn’t gain a following, they both turned on Wolf and started blaming him.

I researched EVERYTHING, Multiple threads, many times over, and I caught Alison in THE BIG LIE.  She was guilty of STARTING what they were accusing MW of. When confronted, she had no defense, wouldn’t admit to the TRUTH and disgustingly threw out more straw men.  


Daughn left on her own, convinced it was all MW’s fault and that Wolf wouldn’t stand up for her, NONE OF IT TRUE.

It was all MEAN GIRLS. No adult conversations, no seeking of truth or understanding, no grace or mercy to be found or shown to fellow Treepers. No, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I was wrong.
It was meant to destroy and pitted one Author against another Author and the Blog Owner himself. NOT COOL!!
We don’t need people who act like that here!! I won’t tolerate it. If that type of behavior is allowed, I will leave. There is ZERO reason for us to be UGLY to one another, ZERO.


We don’t all always agree. Thankfully, Wolf has given us the UTREE to go slug it out. It’s not nice to accuse others, but if you do, you had better bring the receipts. Many times it’s just simple misunderstandings or miscommunications, in which MATURE and FORGIVING adults should be able to work things out.

There have been some tussles, resulting in hurt feelings on UTREE. Some are still nursing grudges and unforgiveness which is just not healthy. If something/someone crosses your personal red line then PLEASE JUST LEAVE. I know I will.

(If anyone needs a timeline of events of the Daughn/Alison debacle, let me know. I have ALL the receipts. I am like a research dog with a bone on this site. I WILL FIND THE TRUTH!!)


Thank you. Many people did not see everything that happened. It’s easy to get mistaken impressions.


YW. This ‘Fighting for Truth’ is contagious. I’m so proud to see all of us stepping up lately. Thank you President Trump and Wolf!!!❤❤❤


Appreciate your post.




What if MM doesn’t really know what you seem to be suggesting?

She might not. She might not have any insider info about Stop the Steal, and her involvement with it could have been so peripheral that she didn’t even think about it.

And that doesn’t change anything.

Whether she is doing it on purpose or is clueless, her comments are dangerous to this site and to all of us, IMO, because they paint us as having advocated actionable violence. This is precisely what the Left is accusing us of on Jan. 6 and at other times. It can’t be allowed to stand. And when anyone asks/confronts/discusses any of these things with her, instead of acknowledging the other person’s point of view and at least saying she’ll think about it, she doubles down on her agenda.

Another leftist talking point that she promotes is that people here follow crazy conspiracy theories.

She has said that the information shared and learned about on this and other sites has no value until someone starts being active. In other words, learning things here — which are then shared on the internet, with our families, with our friends and coworkers, and with our expended circle of influence — has no value in and of itself.

To me, these are not the views, opinions, and actions of someone who is friendly to this site. They are the very things that hurt us. That is the problem I have. And I’ve seen enough that I consider it to be very serious.


Her husband attendet the Stop the Steal and her son she did not.
Everything she knows is second hand from her lawyer husband.
She posted here on the the forum about husband son in DC.
I am cursed I remember almost everything.

Last edited 10 months ago by singingsoul1
Sadie Slays

The difference between MM and those situations is that MM has a year-long pattern of baiting, manipulating, and provoking people into arguments. People here have tried to talk to her about this many times, and have tried to point out that there are ways of expressing unpopular opinions here that don’t involve the manipulative tactics. Then she pushed too far when she implied that there’s violent rhetoric on this website, which given the current Stasi-like state of the FBI, has people rightfully questioning whether it’s safe to continue to tolerating this behavior. TheseTruths tried sincerely, calmly, and without insult explaining these concerns to MM over the past two days, but MM’s responses so far have shown she’s either unwilling or unable to understand why making false accusations like that is dangerous in this political environment.

For me, it’s an issue of respect. We’re a community here. It can’t continue being a one-way street where one person gets to abuse the tolerance and goodwill of the community to play mind games for their own twisted reasons. If MM truly respects and cares about this community, then she’d drop the manipulations and listen to these concerns. She was given many chances to do that, but she hasn’t stopped.  

Brave and Free

That was very interesting. Hollywood has glorified this too, but when people end up dead, one wonders if its bc they figured out something


You don’t have to say it, Wolf. Most of us know Ronna’s a bad girl. Did Mittens not take a dive after the first round flooring of Soetoro in their debates? Ronna is cut from the same cloth. Look good and build confidence when it does not yet matter. Then do the dirty when the time is right and disappear for a time. Then start the build up again. Rinse and repeat. They are just actors, professional fakers. All playing bit and major parts in the globalist scheme. Honestly do not know how they can live with themselves – they obviously have no consciences.

I’m convinced you are correct about Ali. Has received his marching orders and going there to do the dirty – again. The normies as well as some MAGA have no idea how they are manipulated day after day, year after year.

To illustrate – would it shock you to hear that I am aware of 2 former CIA, one former SS body guard of RR, one former law enforcement turned current federal security contractor, one high ranking local NPS leader, one DOD related contractor manager with high security clearance – all members in a small, SBC church in rural east TN? Wonder which hats they really wear? None went to PDT or STS related rallies. Many were or are Democrat leaning politically prior to PDT – who knows which remain that way? How can you vote Democrat and be a member of a SBC congregation? Sort of like being a member of the RCC and voting Democrat. These people do not believe or do not care what the denomination’s principles state. So they are infiltrators and influencers whether intentional in their purpose or as unwitting participants. Basically the are mini Ali’s sitting in our midst locally with the effect of limiting or killing MAGA.

Taking a detour here, but how could anybody paying attention not know that COVID was a bioweapon and that America’s globalists were in the middle of its development and implementation? It’s all out there to see going back at least 20 years. We give others the benefit of innocent until proven guilty too much. Assume the evil that is in man’s heart will trigger the basic responses that started in the Garden of Eden. Nothing has really changed from that time – just the tools employed, the names, the places, inventions, etc.


Whuch is why things being opened up are timed for now…bread and circuses again.

Cuppa Covfefe

Almost like over here. General Election (resulting in a “selection” of the Kanzler/in (puppet to Red China)) is in September, and all the politicos are making nice for now, EXCEPT that they put trapdoors in legislation passed in the middle of the night (sound familiar? They’re taking a page or ten out of the DEMONRATS’ book), so they can shut down everything as soon as the elections are over.

On top of that, there is a huge push by the left (which anymore is everyone except the AfD, our MAGA [MGGA? might wind some folks up]) to go to vote by mail, which isn’t allowed under current law, and appears to violate the German Constitution (which the left are busy trying to rewrite)(DEMONRATS again)…

And the UK have just opened up as well. Maybe all the people dying from the jabs are worrying them, even if they don’t admit it…..


And France. I really dont understand whats happnin there too. Macron pandering or actually trying to help? Germany seems such a mess bc of merkel.

Cuppa Covfefe

Good points. Have a look at the many excellent posts by michaelh on the current turmoil in the SBC, including their increasingly questionable leadership (https://evangelicaldarkweb.org has a series of articles on it as well).

There have been infiltraitors (as it were) since at least the times of Harry Emerson Fosdick, if not from the times of the “Downgrade Controversy” which Charles Spurgeon had to fight at great cost.

The Klintoons’ first go-round did a great deal of damage on top of what was already broken/compromised. And they report directly to the Dark Lord (cf. “Unlimited Access” and cuttingedge.org, as well as other sites both Christian and “esoteric”)…..


Somone warnent about Ali it was another DC organizer. He/ she said “Ali is not with us and collecting money for himself”.
I do not remember who it was and I thought he was given credability being on stage in GA with Woods. I was torn between is he real or not . Yes I admit I took his side because of his race not character which I knew nothing about.



Coincidence? A few days after 6 January, in one or more posts I commented about ORANGE knit caps on many on the Mall. Surmised then it was a silent signal amongst the bad guys who was in on the “plan” to raise hell to tarnish MAGA, Trump…

BONUS for the bad guys. Now toss in, energize the politicians to accept state “certified EC votes.

Now, gotta go back and watch the Ali video above.


Orange is NOT MAGA.
Good Catch K-Bo, Praise God your KADAR was accurate on 1/6. Kept you and your wife safe. 🥰🥰😍


Pure luck. Orange hats are for little kids or hunters.


Saying a prayer for you then, right now.

FYI, the website is not loading well for me today, at all.


Mine did not load easy all afternoon. The speed has picked up just now.
Aubergine Prayers to you 


Thank you, and back to you!


Warrior. ❤


Grandma, we are warrior-ing together. Love to you.


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Love to you both. 💝 💝

So who has the red hair?

I’ll take shotgun or Big Gun, doesn’t matter!😁


I’m the blond. Lol!


Me too! 🤣🤣🤣


And to you. 🥰


May the Spiritual Shield hold you and protect you .
God Bless you for all you do for us .


I have had a chilling thought that bears considering, I think. I sent you a PM on Gab.


Me too, Gab.

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I replied.


Re-watched the PSYOP the Steal video again earlier and am convinced it was an establishment/elite/uniparty plot to discredit us and enable them to label us insurgents. The whole Ali angle, the Sullivans playing both sides, several people from the “right” wearing orange markers, etc…Recommend watching for sure.


What in the hell is this?

“U.S. Capitol Police on Tuesday announced that the agency is opening regional field offices in California and Florida to investigate threats to members of Congress in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Threats against members of Congress have increased in recent years. As of Tuesday, total threats so far in 2021 are double what they were at this point a year ago, according to Capitol Police.”



More manufactured “crimes.” They are desperate to take us down and take the nation’s minds off the audits.


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oops. wrong thread….still true 😂😂


Just finished watching, Psyop The Steal.

Beyond UFB the coordinated scam ran against Trump, MAGA, America…

AND, apparantly, NO ONE in our government cares about Law & Order..

I’m numb. Shocked.


Bad thing is, a lot of the bad apples are still active. Ali and Fuentes are on GAB. Ali has his “Stop the Steal” group and many people still lap his stuff up unfortunately. (Fuentes was in the video with his orange marker…)

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