Hanlon's Razor and The Mamet Principle Must Get Off Our Lawn

a guest post by our dear house guardian Suspicious Cat

NOTE FROM WOLF: This post may require some explanation.

After allowing my somewhat mythical and somewhat not mythical sister Fox Moon to have her guest post, our dear pet Suspicious Cat has demanded to have his post, too.

You see, Suspicious Cat considers himself to be NORMAL CAT, and the rest of us to be DUPEY HUMANS, HUMAN SHEEP, or TALL DUMB DOGS, depending upon how stupid we are about things. He just thinks that humans are the best deal he’s going to get, so he’s “covering the downside” by watching out for us. And OH YEAH, he would vote for TRUMP if Democrats would let him.

Anyway, Suspicious Cat thought I made an exceptionally cat-like, albeit “incomplete like quantum mechanics” thread on Twitter, and he’s demanding to post it here, since he knows that my Twitter account is highly throttled and shadow-banned by other Dupey, Sheep-Like, Tall, Dumb Dogs. So here you go. Enjoy being lectured by a mouthy pet who thinks even the Watch Dog is an idiot.


PART 1: Hanlon’s Dull Razor

Thanks, Wolf. I’ll take it from here.

Wolf made an interesting thread on Twitter yesterday, and I’d like to begin there. Actually, it started with his Twitter friend Girl Grimly, who noticed Maggie Haberman “playing dumb” on Trump’s strategy vis-a-vis Turkey, Erdogan and Syrian withdrawal.


You will notice that there is a typically human non-sequitur here – “You cannot possibly be this stupid.” followed almost directly by “The globalist DC establishment is stupid.

Just like what happened repeatedly with that smarter human named Einstein, this very bright young lady “had it right the first time“.

They cannot possibly be this stupid.

Smart people are remarkably easy to fool. Particularly if you tell them they’re SMART. After that, you can deceive them in all kinds of ways. Trust me – I’m a PET. Laziest, most deceptive job on Earth. I know how this works.

Normally, Wolf doesn’t catch onto this stuff, but for some reason, this time he did. So here is what Wolf said in response. We will start from the top using IMAGES – not tweets, because eventually Girl Grimly will be banned from Twitter, and only the DNC and CIA will have access to her wisdom.

See how that works? And you people are STILL ON TWITTER. Ridiculous.

To which Wolf said (with ZERO engagement, of course)….

Social media for humans to vent, in combination with Fake News playing dumb, is an amazing control tool to keep humans in the kiddie pool. In a normal world run by household pets like me, Maggie Haberman would have been fired long ago for this crap. But she’s actually a pet to her masters, and she is intellectually lazy – ON COMMAND – to get her treats.

It really is “fake news”. It’s a way of controlling people. It is NOT real news. It’s a kind of movable jail without bars.

Anyway, despite the fact that nobody is ever going to see his postings on Twitter, Wolf rather stupidly kept yelling into the void.

Wolf made this point before – LOST in the void of TWITTER.

Thomas Wictor likes to use Hanlon’s Razor, and while Thomas is a smart person, remember what I said – SMART PEOPLE are among the easiest to fool.

Wolf’s explanation of the fallacy follows:

Wolf’s corrected maxim, “Stupidity is likely to explain misfortune where deception is highly unlikely.“, accounts for the intriguing fact that the smarter and more capable the deceiver is, relative to the deceived, the EASIER it is to rely on deception, which in the case in question would mean PLAYING DUMB. This is why deception has to be not just unlikely, but HIGHLY UNLIKELY, for Hanlon’s Razor to even BEGIN making sense. Otherwise, Hanlon’s Razor is BACKWARDS thinking.

Hanlon’s Razor….

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

….is problematic because YOUR stupidity matters even more than the PRESUMED stupidity of the potential perpetrator of “whatever”. If the other party is smarter than YOU, then they can simply FEIGN STUPIDITY and you will TAKE THE BAIT.


I really have to admire the remarkable LULLING that Hanlon’s Razor accomplishes. To REMEMBER this deceitful malaphorism PROPERLY, remember it being whispered into a foolish king’s ear by your tribe’s mortal enemy, whoever that may be.

“I beg of thee, your Highness – remember thy own wisdom, as I have remembered it, and dare I say been served so well by such wise thought – that we must never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”




Let’s go on.

Wolf hadn’t noticed this part about “malice”, THE LAST TIME he woke up on Hanlon’s Razor, only to be lulled back into “compliance”. I’m very glad he spotted it, because the “malice” part ALWAYS grated on my nerves.

Malice is a diversion – a presumption – a shiny object – a distraction.

The sleight of hand of asserting MALICE helps to sell the LIE that is Hanlon’s Razor.

If you’ve ever dealt with real criminals, like my previous owners (yes, I’m a rescue), then you understand that they are malicious about as often as good people. They just follow a simple rule:

The rules don’t matter if I don’t get caught breaking them.”

Crooks are actually somewhat lovable people. They have reasons for breaking the rules, just like others have reasons for following them. Malice is rarely part of the equation.

It’s hilarious, but there should be a FULL STOP in Hanlon’s Razor, the absence of which almost argues for its diabolical intelligence. We’ll use a different form that shows it more clearly:

“Never assume malice when stupidity will do.”

But look at it this far:

“Never assume malice….”


You just assumed malice, as DIRECTED by the PROGRAMMING of the assertion.

Take a look at how this looks from the “perp side of the con job”….

“Never assume malice, but you just did, and your stupidity will do.”

Are you seeing this? I hope so. It really is time for you tall dogs to grow the XXXX up.

Let’s go on.

Wolf is onto the key point. Hanlon’s Razor is very useful for DELUDED SHEEP to keep themselves in line.

“Don’t worry about that bloody spot. Nobody was malicious! Somebody was just stupid!”

Do you see how this has the wonderfully deceptive property of being “not even wrong“, due to the false attribution of malicious intent from the start?


Has anybody studied the theory of “dead-endedness” of theories, or of theoretical approaches? Would older civilizations have discovered this idea first? Would they be tempted to – well – use it, for – say – “mutual benefit”?

Just theoretically. Since we’re all talking about deception.

Think about it.

Suspicious Cat

So let’s bring this back to something we can remember and carry with us at all times.

And I’m not going to let you go to the water fountains from hour 1 of this class without some homework.

The link won’t work in the tweet image. Try these links. FIRST, a variety of translations of Matthew 10:16.


Next, a useful exposition on it.


SO, go take a break, and come back to the next step – how to GO BEYOND the Mamet Principle, using Hanlon’s Broken Razor as a BEATER SCREWDRIVER.

PART 2: Beyond The Mamet Principle

OK, class. There is a reason that we’re back here.

We need to bust not just one, but TWO ideas. The problem is, the second one is actually EXTREMELY useful as a “spotting scope”, but it is NOT accurate as a RANGE-FINDER.

What I am talking about is the Mamet principle, something which was LOOSELY stated by liberal-turned-conservative playwright David Mamet.

“In order to continue advancing their illogical arguments modern liberals have to pretend not to know things…”

Sundance, paraphrasing David Mamet in his book “The Secret Knowledge”

Wolf was taught this idea by SUNDANCE at The Last Refuge. Sundance uses it A LOT. Wolf LOVES it. So much so, that he made that MEME above, which alludes to the Mamet Principle using the idea that liberals utterly ignore Uranium One and the payoffs that Hillary Clinton received, to the tune of 146 million dollars. Liberals who still support Hillary Clinton LITERALLY pretend that these things didn’t happen, and/or don’t matter. The meme is designed to make liberals UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THE PRETENSE.

For some background on the Mamet Principle, [Go Deep] here:


Now, recently, Wolf started to WAKE UP on an idea – the idea that one can USE the Mamet Principle like ALGEBRA to SOLVE for what liberals are ACTUALLY DOING.

This is sometimes a scary thought, as you will see. When liberals PRETEND things, it is comfortable to think that they’re just being ILLOGICAL. What is NOT comfortable is realizing that they are actually pursuing something, and that their LIES are actually LOGICAL in that pursuit.

It is very important to DIVORCE the “brain-dead fronts” themselves from the liberal propaganda. Maxine Waters and Beto O’Rourke may be fronting the illogic, but if you let them personify it, you may have trouble appreciating the STALIN or the BERIA or the HOLDER or the AXELROD behind it.

Here is Wolf on Twitter again, as he was starting to see this. Let’s track his understanding as it grows.

You can see here that Wolf was starting to get beyond the illogic – to see their LOGIC. The leftists WANT the political violence. That is a HARD PILL TO SWALLOW. It means they’re BOLSHEVIKS. It is much easier – much more comfortable – to think they’re stupid.

Their IDEAS and LYING GOALS interpreted at face value may be illogical, but the PEOPLE are not. Perhaps the “brain-dead fronts” who PARROT the ideas are illogical and stupid, but NOT the people behind the situation.


Now look at this two-tweet response to Thomas Wictor. You have to follow it to Twitter, to see Thomas’s “missing” tweets, all nice and linked up in a row and weirdly accounted for, yet somehow invisible. It is extremely reasonable to presume that Thomas’s TWEET DATA is still on Twitter, usable by DNC and CIA. But WE cannot see it.

Kristin Welker’s FACE says more than 1000 words could possibly tell us.

THEY KNOW. THEY ARE NOT STUPID. It is not illogic. WE are the ones who are being illogical about THEM. We are not admitting that this Fake News Media is absolutely NOT ON OUR SIDE – meaning HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT – and must be UTTERLY REJECTED.

Don’t assume THEY are stupid. Look hard. Look deep. Be humble. Who is REALLY being stupid? It is only by adopting THIS attitude that we can EVICT THEM from our lives.

Consider how the media CONSCIOUSLY slanders and CONSCIOUSLY psy-ops us, while simply pretending they are not. It’s worse than phony. It’s literally CRIMINAL but they get away with it by HIDING MALICE.

Here, Wolf talks about another Wolff, that horrible author of lies and malicious slander, who “pretends not to know” that he publishes assault garbage for a political agenda. Wolf also lays into another bad practice of the left in the publishing world, while he’s at it.

Perhaps the best place that Wolf actually put his new realization to use, as he was developing it, was PARKLAND. The entire operation depended on MASSIVE PRETENSE OF IGNORANCE.

Here is the first tweet of Wolf’s LONG THREAD on it.

The entire thread is captured HERE:


It turned out that the situation was even WORSE than that.

Wolf LATER applied the Mamet Principle, and seeing beyond it, to Twitter’s shadowbanning of conservatives. Another long thread HERE:

Here is where Wolf was starting to see the connection to Hanlon’s Razor:

Most recently, Wolf applied this idea of “logical lies behind Mamet principle apparent illogic” in dealing with a troll, who formed part of a three-way “conversation” (sort of) with Girl Grimly:

So WHERE ARE WE, people?

It’s very simple. DO NOT assume that the leftists are stupid. Yes, some of them ARE stupid, and THEY are the ones who make excellent FRONTS – a deception that buys time and opportunity for the more devious leftists.

When liberals “pretend not to know things”, don’t stop there. They are PLAYING STUPID or fronting a stupid position, but it is not the REAL position. Their stated goals are not the REAL goals.

FIND the real goals and STOP THEM from getting there.

Here is an actual plan of action.

  • when you hear illogic, realize that they pretend not to know
  • ask yourself why they would LOGICALLY do what they do
  • figure out what the LIE actually is, and WHY they are lying
  • explain the lie OPENLY to truth-tellers, to DISARM the left
  • work with other truth-tellers to END the source of the illogic

A perfect example of this technique, is how we shut down the Obama-Holder “Promise Programs” that were destroying due process (Trayvon Martin) and creating propaganda such as the Parkland massacre. The left had pretended not to know what was happening. We had to figure out what WAS happening – what the LIES actually were – and then STATE THEM OPENLY.

It was identifying the CONSPIRACY OF FEIGNED STUPIDITY and LIES behind #Parkland that put the Promise Programs in jeopardy.

  • find the indefensible reality behind the lies and illogic
  • accuse the left openly of the indefensible reality
  • end the indefensible reality without opposition

Why, it works so well, it’s almost TOO easy.


How to make your own Robin Whiteboard memes: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator/190550378/Robin-Whiteboard

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“It really is “fake news”. It’s a way of controlling people. It is NOT real news. It’s a kind of movable jail without bars.”
One of my favorite descriptions of the world we live in.
The best prison ever invented has no bars, so most people never realize they’re in prison, and therefore never even try to escape.


“YES! They never even try to escape.”
I don’t know why more people don’t see it, or even feel it.
We don’t even have half the freedom we had when I was a kid, and I’m not that old.
I ‘feel’ it every time I try to do almost anything, because anything you do today you have to cross-reference against a hundred different ways it could be ‘wrong’ or in violation of some local ‘code’ or statute or federal regulation.
I was playing with my youngest nephew the other day. I explained to him what a ‘Big Wheel’ is, and ever since, he really wants a ‘Big Wheel’. After researching them, they don’t make ’em like they used to.
I found my old Big Wheel and gave it to him as a surprise to use at my Mom’s house when she babysits him, and he was thrilled. There’s a hill nearby, and he loves to go halfway up the hill and then coast down the hill on it.
So we’re having a blast, and he’s laughing and riding that Big Wheel down the hill, and all of a sudden it occurs to me that a police officer could drive by any second, and who knows if there’s a helmet law for kids or not?
Who even knows how big of a violation it may be, if it is any violation at all?
EVERYTHING is like that now.
Everything we do is subject to fines or civil prosecution or criminal prosecution. Not the political-class, they can literally commit high treason and engage in international racketeering all day long, but WE worry about crap like not having a kid wear a bicycle helmet because who even KNOWS how much trouble you could be in?
And who could possibly keep up with the tens of thousands of ordinances, codes, statutes, regulations and laws that hem us in and bind us like Gulliver by the Lilliputians?
It’s like we’re in a minefield and any direction we step could blow our leg off.
That’s not freedom.
That’s not even a close approximation of freedom.
That’s a maximum security prison without bars.


You illustrated for me that vague but ever present feeling I have about life today.
Even in our own homes we have to wonder if ‘They’ are watching us, looking for some little thing they can ding us on.


Yes, very much so.
It’s hard to put into words, to describe it easily, but it’s always ‘there’.
There is a famous quote in the film ‘The Matrix‘ which describes it, but I can’t remember it at the moment.


I found the quote:
“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.” — Morpheus (The Matrix)
That’s exactly it.


That’s it.


… smart phones are “pinged” to get all sorts of information on you …

Sue Mcdonald

What pisses me off is when I’m driving or just shopping minding my own business and see a cop and instantly I’m checking every move I just made in the past 10 minutes,even though I know I have not done one thing wrong. I am sick of feeling this way. Common sense also tells me that when ever these commies open there mouths ,spout there lies to the sheep,I know instinctively and look for the hidden Agenda. Wolf is right what looks illogical to us isn’t to them. They follow there master,who is the father of lies and deception. So we are to be wary cause the wolves ,the bad ones are interwoven among us,yet always we should be wise and discerning. I truly wonder what life would be in true reality.i bet it’s amazing.


I’m with ya. 😡

Deplorable Patriot

It’s called an echo chamber, and when in a real one – I’ve been in two – it is amazingly disorienting.


Reference > Quotations > Respectfully Quoted
Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.
NUMBER: 1823
AUTHOR: George W. Cecil (1891–1970)
QUOTATION: On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the Dawn of Victory, sat down to wait, and waiting—died!
ATTRIBUTION: GEORGE W. CECIL. Under the pseudonym of William A. Lawrence, Cecil wrote and published an advertisement for the International Correspondence Schools in The American Magazine, March 1923, p. 87, in which this sentence is used. For further information and later paraphrase, see The Home Book of American Quotations, ed. Bruce Bohle, p. 208 (1967).


Why did the image of AOC keep popping into my mind when reading this?


When it comes to AOC, she really is that stupid. The idiocy lives loudly within her.
But that’s the genius of the AOC sock puppet. She really is that stupid – she completely blinds people to the malicious intent!
Saikat Chakrabarti, formerly AOC’s right hand man (By “formerly” I mean suspicious cat) revealed the game for all to see:

“The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” Chakrabarti said to Inslee’s climate director, Sam Ricketts.
“Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” Chakrabarti added.

With AOC stupidity is a BOTH/AND.
See here: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/07/16/deep-dive-on-justice-democrats/
And here: https://dailycaller.com/2019/07/11/saikat-chakrabarti-green-new-deal/


Brilliant essay, Wolf!
It’s diabolical, isn’t it.
That’s a word that needs to be used more these days.
It fits all the plans that the Deep Left are trying to force on us.
When exposed, they try to feign ignorance or being ill-informed…but they know exactly what they’re doing!
Hussein was on a mission to destroy us.
He still is.
People call him a “failure”…but that implies that he actually wanted to do things that would help us.
Which is wrong.
He never wanted to ‘help us’ in any way.
I always thought that the Mamet Principle was too kind.
It softens what the Left does, by calling it “pretending”.
Let’s call it what it is…it’s Lying.
It’s deception.
And it’s deception that is willful and with malice aforethought.


Yes, they were going to fundamentally transform…more like deconstruct…better yet, the original plan was and STILL is, to destroy, destroy, destroy.


Absolutely! Best example I have from living in Commie-Boulder … the city sets up a ‘task force’ to study every controversial issue.
Example – I was on task force when Boulder wanted to put massive homeless shelter in MY n’hood that was already being destroyed as longtime family homes were being bought by absentee landlords and stuffed to the gills with drunken, misbehaving students.
The task force visited many Colo homeless shelters as well as researching what other cities across US were experiencing as ‘issues’ when shelters were forced into n’hoods.
The FACTS and ACTUAL experiences we discovered supported our contention that an already-over-saturated-with-rowdy-students n’hood was NOT a good locale for a homeless shelter.
But the entire faction of city staff and Lefties (who conveniently lived in other n’hoods) who were on the Task force COMPLETELY disregarded everything we had researched AS IF we hadn’t even done the research! They refused to even put it on the agenda as a discussion item!
That was my Great Awakening – there is NO educating Lefties. They aren’t ignorant; they are deliberately obtuse in order to accomplish their preordained agenda.
Four months later, we moved and never looked back.


Might have better spent those months researching the city council and staff to find out who had them in their pockets. Especially city attorneys. Always research the attorney’s affiliations.


… kind of like the military term … “soften the target” and the target is mankind …


“Hanlon’s Razor….
“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
I’ve never heard of it before.
It seems like a poor aphorism on its face.
Malice and stupidity are not mutually exclusive for starters, which renders the entire saying useless.


Ausgezeichnet! Wunderbar! Outstanding!


The trouble with Hanlon’s razor is that there’s no such thing as simple malice. There’s a whole hierarchy of human malice that average people would never dream of and those with ill intent rely on it.


Correct, “they” can’t possibly be that stupid, which means “they” are not.
It’s intentional and malicious.
You know, Wolfie, sometimes we sort of know things, but don’t realize it until you point it out, label it, drag the issue out front for a full blown rectal exam.
Thank you.


Sidebar (just for reflection or consideration, not derail or change the direction of discussion)
“This brings me to a final point. The disarming of modern Christianity…”
This raises a fundamental question.
Without a written record (e.g., the New Testament), how would anyone know how the Author of Christianity intended for Christianity to be followed and practiced?
This leads to a follow up question:
Has the New Testament — which contains the examples, commandments and pattern for Christianity — changed since it was written down? Yes there are minor discrepancies due to translation and other anomalies, but to my knowledge not even scholars who are critics claim any of those anomalies result in any conflict of doctrine, practice or belief.
If the New Testament has not changed since it was completed in the 1st century AD, and the New Testament contains the examples, commandments and pattern for Christianity — then what difference could there be, between 1st century Christianity and ‘modern’ Christianity?
Or to ask it another way, WHAT practice or doctrine or belief found in the New Testament and practiced by Christians in the 1st century is not also applicable today?
And if we do anything today that was not practiced in the 1st century and recorded in the New Testament, then by what AUTHORITY do we do that thing?
By the power and decree of Toby?
Was it Toby’s idea?
Is Toby in charge?
Are we going to be judged by the word of Toby?
Or by the Word of God?
Has the Word of God changed since it was written down?
Has God indicated that He has changed His mind about anything, or added anything, or subtracted anything, since the New Testament was completed?
If the answer to that question is ‘No’, then how can ‘modern’ Christianity be even the slightest bit different than 1st century Christianity?
[The reason the question is relevant to this discussion is because the closer we adhere to what the Scriptures actually say / authorize / approve by command / example / necessary inference, the LESS likely we are to be deceived or led astray into false doctrines by wolves in sheep’s clothing.]


Just the word “Sidebar” at the very beginning was supposed to be boldface!
There was probably a couple other individual words that I meant to boldface, but not the first half of the post.


This is profound.


The message of Christ through the church is best heard when spoken from one that has laid down their entire life & goods if need be. When we lose the COST of following Christ, we lose the MESSAGE of following Christ.


“Next, a useful exposition on it.
It is amazing that you found and linked that website.
More than 10 years ago, when I was searching to find if there was any church today that practiced New Testament Christianity simply as it is written and authorized in Scripture — not more, and not less — that is the first Christian website I found, in which I could not find anything to trip them up, or anything which was taught, that was not according to what the Scriptures actually say and teach.
And it took a long time to find it. There are THOUSANDS of websites which self-identify as Christian. Probably tens of thousands. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack. A BIG haystack.
I saved it / bookmarked it (that particular website is in Canada), and kept searching. About a month later, I stumbled across another website (this one is in America) which is completely different, but which taught the same things, on every subject that was covered by both websites: http://www.gospelway.com/
It turns out that both websites are owned/managed by members of the same worldwide church, which is not to say they are related by any human governing body, but autonomous, independent congregations without any umbrella Authority organization, just as the congregations at Corinth, Ephesus, Loadicea, Thessalonica, etc.
Each congregation’s sole Authority is the Scripture, and there are independent or autonomous congregations of this church all over the world, in fellowship with one another, but with no congregation having any authority over any other. Decentralized, organized according to Scriptural example, with the governing power and authority being God’s Word, and only God’s Word, for each congregation.
It is the second website link above which I eventually contacted, and who in turn put me in contact with a faithful congregation near where I lived, which is where I was later baptized and have been a member since.
If anyone has a Bible question and is looking for a Bible answer, I would recommend either of those two websites. 👍


I should probably mention that I have not spent a lot of time on either website in recent years, as once I identified the church itself I could easily find lots of other websites managed by members of other mostly small, autonomous congregations of the same worldwide church.
I have no reason to think either of them are not still faithfully teaching and practicing according to Scripture, but as they would say and encourage themselves, check everything they might say against God’s Word to see for yourself whether those things are so (cf. Acts 17:11). And they make it easy to do so, providing the Scripture references, and often the verses themselves.
It may be hard to internalize or remember at first, but try to bear in mind that these websites are run by individuals, there really is no ‘synod’ or ‘board’ or ‘president’ or governing Authority behind these websites or over the congregations of the members who are responsible for these websites, and this is in stark contrast to most churches.
The men who run these websites don’t speak ‘for the church’ because that’s not how it works, any more than I speak for the Lord’s church when I discuss Christian subjects. God’s Word speaks for the church. God’s Word is the Authority. As such, each website will somewhat reflect the personality of the man who maintains it, but the teaching should be the same, whenever it comes to doctrine, practice or belief. What these men are doing is pointing out what God’s Word says about different subjects, with extensive Scripture references to back it up.
Where they might be different is, as I recall, the website Wolf linked goes more into history, and pointing out conflicts between various churches (denominational, Protestant, Roman Catholic, non-denominational, etc.) and reflects that particular member’s views on various subjects, which is certainly his right, and I may agree or disagree with some of his views — but what is Authoritative is the Scriptures, which he references extensively.
The history is also fascinating, but I remember that he is very blunt in his assessments, which may be off-putting to some. That’s his style, and everyone has their own style, and the style of the man who manages the second website is maybe a little less aggressive, which may be preferable to some, but where it comes to actual doctrine or practice, they should both be teaching the same and referencing largely the same Scriptures.
I could post links to many other independent congregations of this same church, and each one reflects the style of the individual who runs the website, they are all going by the same Authority and teaching the same doctrines and practices, all cross-referenced to the same Scriptures.
I hope that makes sense. It’s not complicated, and I might be making it more complicated than it is.

Elizabeth Carter

Hi Scott, Thanks for the links. Elizabeth


Hi Elizabeth, you are very welcome, and it is great to see you today 🙂

Elizabeth Carter

Hi Scott, I always enjoy your posts. Good to see you too.


We did not knowingly raise our children as un-churched, but we did, in other words, following the teachings in the Bible and not church dogma. Our oldest ALWAYS checks to see what the Scripture says about various things and is active in a church that sticks with the Bible. Thank you for the link, I will be sharing it.


You are very welcome 🙂


“WE are the ones who are being illogical about THEM. We are not admitting that this Fake News Media is absolutely NOT ON OUR SIDE – meaning HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT – and must be UTTERLY REJECTED.”
Agreed 100%.
The hardest for me to ‘see’ this about was Fox News. It was easy to see with all the other MSM outlets.
There are some at Fox News who seem legitimate (Judge Jeanine, Hannity, Tucker, Catherine Herridge and others), and some who are clearly in the tank (Shep, Judge Napolitano), but it’s the ones who pretend at being ‘neutral’ who never really are.
It is difficult to believe that, generally speaking, the MSM really does coordinate and orchestrate a daily narrative, and that narrative always serves the interests of the Left. Always.
It is most easily seen whenever there is a new catch-phrase, and suddenly EVERY station and channel and network is using that exact same term or word or phrase. There are videos online that demonstrate this very clearly.
But even knowing this, it’s hard for many people to ‘believe’ that it’s literally scripted propaganda, hardly different than an evening soap opera. That they completely ignore subjects TPTB don’t want you to know about (e.g., the ongoing violent protests in France… yes, still going on, every week!), and conversely they ALL focus intently on whatever subject they are assigned to ‘push’, e.g., the ‘orange man bad’ de jour.
It’s completely fake, worse, it’s intentionally subversive and designed to undermine morale, no different than Tokyo Rose or Hanoi Hannah. It is psychological warfare on the biggest scale imaginable, pointed directly at the American People, by outright traitors.


My problem with Fox is the same as with all the outlets. At the end of the day, the FRUIT of their style of spoon-fed drivel leaves good and sincere people asleep in their easy chair. It’s entertainment with a dash of “conservatism” to help people feel self-righteous as they DO NOTHING to change their local/state/fed for the better.


“My problem with Fox is the same as with all the outlets. At the end of the day, the FRUIT of their style of spoon-fed drivel leaves good and sincere people asleep in their easy chair.”
And we know that since Roger Ailes orchestrated firing, and O’Reilly the same, and Multinational Murdoch turning the reins over to his Hollywood Leftist sons, with the hiring of Donna Brazille, and now Former House Speaker Paulie ‘the Snake’ Ryan on the board, that the entire Fox News business model has turned notably Left and more openly NeverTrump.


Sheeple gonna sheep.
Some of my family in that boat.
Think they are patriotic because they fall asleep watching Hannity every night.


“There was a great saying about Obama that most of us have forgotten:
“Once you accept that Obama is actually on the other side, everything he does makes sense.” ”
It was especially obvious with Hussein, because every single thing he did or touched or influenced turned to crap almost instantly.
Without exception.
If his intentions were GOOD but he was just an IDIOT, then occasionally he would have to get something RIGHT, just by dumb luck. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
But not Hussein. Hussein’s actions were always and without fail in the same direction — destructive for America.
Always, always, ALWAYS.
And there is no possible way that “always” could be accident OR coincidence.
It could only be by design and intent.
And once you know that, he never fools you again, because you know he is literally the enemy within.
At the highest seat of power (at the time).


Occasionally when some idiot MCM chatter head praises hussein, I recollect, that I canNOT recollect even one good thing hussein did in his eight years of reigning over destroying America.
Nothing. hussein is evil. hussein is muzzie.


Aubergine’s Razor:
“It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.”


“It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.”
And now the corollary:
The Democrat rule is PLAY DUMB.
That cannot be repeated enough.
Once you see it you can’t unsee it.
They are just PLAYING DUMB.
Once again, Democrats are PLAYING DUMB.
When backed into a corner, they PLAY DUMB.
If the Democrats seem stupid, THEY ARE PLAYING DUMB.
That Democrat isn’t stupid, he’s PLAYING DUMB.
They’re all PLAYING DUMB for the cameras.
Don’t let him get away with saying that – he’s PLAYING DUMB.


Here is a video where Chris Matthews drops the mask a fair amount. He admits a lot here, and it’s clear he knows that he and the political-class that he’s part of has betrayed our country. He tries to spread the blame around and goes easy on himself and his ‘elite’ audience, and he was proven flat out wrong about a few things, but he clearly knows the political-class has totally betrayed America and Americans:

Elizabeth Carter

This is the first time that I have felt something close to respect for Chris Matthews. This is a very good video.
Thanks Scott for sharing this.


You’re very welcome! 🙂


That is so cool! Thank you, Wolf!


I love it!


Every time I read Aubergine’s Razor, especially when accompanied by images of crooks and traitors, I find myself substituting ‘is obviously’ or ‘likely to be’ for ‘could be’.
“It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which is likely to be the result of malice or guile.”
Considering past performance, and ‘the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior’, the words ‘could be’ seem too generous, by a lot.
The words ‘could be’ preserves a kind of neutrality, which may be more appropriate.
But in practice, I’ll be thinking “is likely to be” or “is obviously”.
They don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, when they reveal their malicious intent 24/7/365.




Grab your Hammer!
Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl commercial


And now…Apple is embracing & bowing down to the ChiComs and becoming like 1984.


“Communist Socialist Brainwashed Drones”comment image


Akin to nitwit Nan’s smear.
1. Idiot left pretends to not know the truth.
2. Complicit MCM reports idiot left lies and truth.
3. Repeat. Repeat again. And again…
In effect, the left and MCM have smeared the truth…
WE can see it in the faces of moronic chatterheads as the listen to lefties yammer on TV… Andersen, Cuomo… They simply look stooopid, as they wonder if the listeners believe the lies.


Madcow, the opposite. Plays her roles perfectly. She is an actor, smirking and cheering on the lies.
FREDO is simply an awesome tag, on, Fredo. LOLF;-)


I’m coming back to your thread Wolf 🐺 … I gotta get up and get moving I’m may be starting to marinate .. yuk .. get the old circulation going so my mind doesn’t get the idea my body is a very big paper weight …
… I’ll be back .. 😎 .. bwahahahahaha.. 🤫


WOW 😮 WOW 😮 WOW 😮👍 .. awesome banner ‼️‼️ .. 😎🤚 ..
… they think we’re stupid … HA‼️ … well …

… we are tough AND very smart .. 🤨👍‼️


I remember seeing the commercials for “Kill Bill, Vol. 1” and then “Kill Bill, Vol. 2”, and thinking they looked ridiculous, not my kind of movie at all, so I never saw them.
Then one night, years after they came out, they were both on TV, one after the other. I was flipping through channels and realized what it was, and laughed, and started to watch just for a few minutes, to prove to myself that it was as stupid as I thought it would be.
About 3-1/2 hours later, when the second movie ended, I was ready to watch the whole thing over again, it was GREAT, lol! 😁
Whoever made the ‘trailers’ and TV spots for these two movies really blew it. They looked terrible (to me) from the TV ads, but when I finally saw them, I understood how it was supposed to be ‘over the top’, so it wasn’t taking itself seriously in the sense of some of the action sequences, but the story was serious, and the whole thing really ‘worked’ and was a lot of fun, as many of Tarantino’s older films are.


Yes!! I wasn’t keen about all the gore but the cast did an excellent job of carrying the story line through .. my favorite scene was Darryl Hannah and Uma fighting in the trailer and Uma takes Darryl’s ONLY eye 👁 left …. having a Hatori Hanso sword did not help that woman … it’s a wild movie but she gets her daughter. Oh and Mickey Rourke … where’s beeeeeel …


Damn -I did it again. Wolfie, I have a comment in Suspicious Cat’s litter bin (moderation) cuz I mistyped my contact info 🙄🙄🙄


This is some serious mental jujitsu!
Suspicious cat is incredibly gifted. If only he could clean up his hairballs.


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