Beware “The Prestige” of Democrat Black Magic Acts

Democrats are fakers, scammers, and con artists of the highest order. If you THINK they are doing something stupid, you had best reevaluate – they are almost certainly doing something EVIL and covering it up with something that’s merely stupid.

The above is AUBERGINE’S RAZOR – a wonderful formulation by QTreeper Aubergine of my earlier RANT against Hanlon’s Razor.

Hanlon’s Razor and The Mamet Principle Must Get Off Our Lawn

a guest post by our dear house guardian Suspicious Cat NOTE FROM WOLF: This post may require some explanation. After allowing my somewhat mythical and somewhat not mythical sister Fox Moon to have her guest post, our dear pet Suspicious Cat has demanded to have his post, too.You see, Suspicious Cat considers himself to be …

Hanlon’s razor is the old saw, behind which Democrats hide, that says, more or less, to never attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence or stupidity. Under some circumstances, that may be reasonable, but “never” is utterly WRONG and DANGEROUS, and in my opinion makes Hanlon’s razor a “false aphorism” designed to protect the smartly wicked.

In considering HOW Democrats fool us, I just had a wonderful realization about ONE MORE WAY in which they do it – by following a kind of twisted form of a MAGIC ACT.

A magic act has THREE parts. The PLEDGE. The TURN. And the PRESTIGE.

First, let’s see how this is used in magic – from a truly great movie – THE PRESTIGE.

Thus, there are THREE PARTS to a magic act.

The Pledge – something ordinary but now suspect is offered for inspection

The Turn – something extraordinary happens to the pledged object

The Prestige – an even more confounding return of the pledged object happens

Now one can leave off the prestige, but this is most often done as a SERIES of pledges and turns, CAPPED at the end by a very dramatic prestige.

In the Democrat game, however, the PRESTIGE is replaced by the GOTCHA.

The GOTCHA is critical. It disappears ONLY if some rascal in the audience calls it out before we’re deep in the TURN.

The PLEDGE is also shrewder than in a magic act. It is offered as REALITY – not as a possible trick. It can be offered coyly, or brazenly, but it is always offered innocently.

The TURN is offered seductively, to bait the mark fully into it.

The Pledge – some typical Democrat scam is offered, brazenly or innocently, but deceivingly

The Turn – something unexpected happens to the Democrat scam

The Gotcha – something even WORSE happens because of the turn

A perfect example of this was NanXi’s trap for Deplorables on January 6.

The Pledge – Deplorables can protest the bad electors at Capitol Hill! Really! Stop The Steal!

The Turn – Fake MAGA and FBI informants create a phony riot on Capitol Hill! But no fair!

The Gotcha – Treasonous FIB chases hoodwinked Deplorables down as “insurrectionists”

The TRICK here is to always make the SUCKER go too deeply into THE TURN. You HAVE to be careful. Democrats will always try to lure us too deeply into the Turn. It’s our job not to go there.

NOW – the reason I’m cautioning here, is because I am very suspicious of this bullshit about three Texas Democrats who flew on a plane without masks, thereby getting COVID.



I’m sorry – this is not passing the Wolf Smell Test.








Let’s look at this sucker closely.

THE PLEDGE – Democrats perform a typical dastardly Democrat deed that draws attention from all the fist-shaking MAGA. The outrage! It burns!

THE TURN – Great and WONDERFUL KARMA befalls those DASTARDLY DEMS – provided we accept all of the following:

  • Democrats are honest and really told us the truth
  • Dems have NO motive in bragging up stupidity leading to COVID KARMA
  • A bunch of mask Karen Dems wore NOT A SINGLE MASK on that plane by random chance
  • PCR tests worked GREAT and didn’t give us some false or “on-demand” positives by being cooked too long
  • Vaccines are not working because of some Democrat propaganda reason – for example – that the “unvaccinated are infecting the vaccinated” – their latest bullshit
  • sick and exposed Dems now have a legitimate reason not to come back into legislative session

Do you see how this works? That last one – THAT is just the CLINCHER for me.

Already, going into the TURN, things are looking SKETCHY. Just like they did to me on January Sixth.


SO – what would be next?

THE GOTCHA – Democrats use these three cases – to which we have “pledged” – as propaganda mills.

For example:

  • all three say that they didn’t have bad symptoms, credit the vaccine, and then justify vaccines as “preventing hospitalization and death”
  • all three claim it’s the horrible dangerous delta variant that must be stopped
  • Democrats say this proves that masks work, and demand remasking by CHUMPS like DeWine
  • Joe Biden and Facebook conclude their phony fake wrestling act with DRACONIAN censorship

Are y’all seeing how this works?

For a cheap fake hit on Dems, we PLEDGED LIKE CHUMPS.

Democrats NEVER give us this kind of easy victory unless there is a huge defeat for us, waiting behind it.

WISE UP, PATRIOTS. This is bad stuff.

We just need to figure out all the GOTCHAS.



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This is exactly correct!

With perfect timing, I was given news by my nurse friend that the virus is now showing up in facilities in our SMALL, RURAL county. In the middle of a summer heatwave when flu is almost nonexistent.

My BS meter took off immediately.

Thank you for explaining the magic trick. Texas ought not to fall for it. But we have a RINO governor.

At this point, Covid should be treated like any other flu variant, and the CCP should be kicked out of our nation’s political life.

We can no longer submit to their fraud, whether it be medical or electoral.


Yes. This needs to be DONE WITH.

I hate how our nation is laboring under the CCP Covid tyranny.

And yeah, Krazy Klaus needs to be kicked to the curb.

Sadie Slays

My immediate thought when I first head about the positive COVID tests was that they needed a public excuse to stay in DC and out of sight for awhile. If they’re trying to evade arrest or demand for them to return to Texas grows unmanageable, then they’ve got the “Well, we can’t leave DC for 14 days because we’re under quarantine” excuse that can’t be questioned. I’m not buying that they all suddenly came down with the virus, either.


Walks like a duck…..


Such a shame it’s not an Ebola outbreak. Or smallpox. Then we could put them into quarantine with infectious cases.


That’s right, Wolf…it’s Evil.

Let’s call it what it is:

It is dangerous to attribute to Stupidity, that which could be the result of diabolical Evil.

Using our health as a way to control us?
— That’s just Evil!

Yes, it’s malice and guile…but that’s too polite.
It is Evil.


Ugly evil Leftist Bolsheviks thwarted again by wise old Wolf Mooncomment image


And fortunately Evil is full of pride and loves to boast. They’ve exposed themselves!


Instead of “making friends and influencing people”, they pose as “Wolf Warriors”.

That’s not what Sun Tzu would’ve advised.

Brave and Free

Excellent catch Wolf.
A covid False Flag event, these people are Evil beyond pale.

Concerned Virginian

And there’s the “Let’s take the attention away from the Arizona Audit and all the other 2020 Audits going on” ploy. Nothing like “fully-vaccinated” state legislators “coming down with COVID” for a distraction, is there?
Which begs the question, “What else are the DemCommuninsts doing behind the wall created by the distraction?”


It’s bigger …. much bigger


Here’s the big question mark for me. Why are they being tested ? All 3 felt sick enough to run to a clinic or doctor ? Did they have fever ?
Our screened porch meeting (last night) of skeptics has determined it’s bullshit.

They needed a public example of the cv boogeyman creeping out of the shadows yet it really doesn’t make a solid 3 pointer for them because too many people are gobsmacked that the vax didn’t protect them from it.

Wonder when they’ll come up with a home CV test ? The paranoia could make somebody rich.


Forgot to add that how many times in the last months have we been told So-in-so tested positive…but we never hear any follow up. Were they ill ? Did they feel horrible ? Did their family get it also ?
The tests…too many celebs and people who rate us plebes being alerted about their cv status are testing positive. I’m not understanding if celebs are getting some sort of routine testing every week or something…

I saw a vid of an infant getting the nose ream test…an INFANT, swaddled in a blanket. I’m still shaken by it. The test giver rammed that long stick so far was heartbreaking
They’re going test manic

Deplorable Patriot

In my opinion, the media only reports what grabs headlines

It’s been that way since Nellie Bly and the Hearst/Pulitzer competitions in the early 20th century. Sensationalism, negativity and fear sell. Period.

The evening news has teasers to get people to watch it.

The numbers of readers/viewers drives the advertising revenue. There’s companies that publish that information which is how an advertising schedule is developed – around the audience needed to be reached.

This is why TURNING OFF THE TELEVISION, especially at “news” hour is essential. Starve it of revenue and the viewership will send a message in and of itself.


too many people are gobsmacked that the vax didn’t protect them from it

That is what I’m wondering about. Where will they go next when people realize the vaccines aren’t protecting them from getting COVID? They are already saying the vax keeps people from getting seriously ill even if they get COVID. They are also hinting that booster vaxes might be needed. Mask-wearing and lockdowns are trying to make a comeback. But what else? I know there’s more to this plot.

Barb Meier

Has anyone given the names of the three who tested positive? How can they be interviewed if we don’t know who they are? How can we send get well cards? /s


Right ?!
how can we know if we may have possibly been around them and need to be isolated and shunned ? Has the hyena herself begun her isolation ?
Has the death aircraft been cloroxed or burned up to prevent another charter passenger outbreak ?
This stink of plot and rot.

Other questions..were the 3 seatmates or roommates or are they implying that they all had it prior to the trip ? 3 random lawmakers ? puleeeze

Last edited 2 years ago by mollypitcher5

Have read they claim having Covid prior to flying. So everyone on that AC is exposed. As is Hoe, who met with them.

Or so the BS D-Rat story line goes.


LOL.. what a cluster of insanity. Self righteous Dems who parade around wearing face diapers when not needed get on a plane unmasked….
For sure when we take two seconds to think about this..if they wanted to preserve the integrity of their vax campaign this would’ve been held under wraps. Instead they splash it over every media venue.


Perhaps a way of segregating lawmakers from the general population…


Gitmo’s a better way.



Cuppa Covfefe

I’d rather send them a

DO NOT COLLECT $200,000.000″

card. Ajusted for congress-critter-flation, of course…
comment image


Has anyone given the names…

Under current practice, these people have ZERO expectation of privacy. HIPAA laws don’t seem to apply to whether one is vaccinated or not, and people who want to ask questions at a Biden event are being asked to give their vax status first. So cough it up (so to speak): Who are they? When were they vaccinated? Which vaccine? When did their symptoms start? What were their symptoms? When and where were they tested, and by what lab? What is their current status and prognosis? What are they being treated with? We have a right to know.

Cuppa Covfefe

Considering that a lot of this info has made its way to India to call centers to support the door-to-door jab gangs, their details are probably on the dark web…

Along with ours, sad to say…..


The two Indian callers inquiring about my vaccine status had my DOCTOR’S NAME.

And they didn’t get it from my doctor.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s funny, I didn’t get asked point blank until last night. And my response was, I’ve had it. I’m immune for life.

I got pushback on that.


Well, let’s just go further down the rabbit hole. I just finished reading this post when I stumbled across this article:

Bad News for Kamala Harris: Those Texas Democrats She Met With? Three of Them Got COVID

Hummm … Just how badly do the Dhimms want to be rid of Kamala? Or, better yet, just how badly does Dr. Jill want to be rid of Kamala?

Somethin’s afoot here way beyond the closing down of the vote in Texas.


Deep state has a logistics issue to solve requiring Houdini like skills. Before deploying the 25th on BiteMe, Hoe needs to be “innocently” managed out. Nanzi, wholly owned by deep state, has her sights on ascending to become 47 or 48.


O M G….Nooooo


100%. PURE nightmare for America.

But, E V I L Nanzi has ambitions. Deep state has methods.



Brave and Free

Or will ole Joe come down with it from Ho? Then he’s out the door…..maybe Ho too. Then Piglosie can take over….


I have a question for all of you.

Have you gotten out into the “hinterlands” and wandered around lately?

I ask because out here where I am, and in Idaho where I just was, there is NOTHING about covid visible. I was in two Walmarts, several grocery stores on multiple days, a Lowe’s, five thrift stores, five or six restaurants, and many gas stations. I saw, at most, ten masks TOTAL for the WEEK.

The calculators in DC are not taking into account the American people. They’re done.

I have bemoaned the fact that our attention spans are so short now, but in this case it is a BLESSING. Americans have paid attention to the ‘rona for longer than anything in recent memory (9/11?), but they are just over it now. Variant, schmarient. Who cares? It’s a COLD.

I think the DC crowd is shouting into the void for most of the country. They many have the cities, but I doubt some of those will comply. Like the LA County Sheriff who says mask mandates aren’t scientific, and he won’t enforce them.

So what do y’all think? Am I in a magical wonderland out here, or is it like that where you are?


My thinking is that it will be mostly ignored until ‘they’ begin the death charts again. Daily Fauxi-Mengele reports of deaths, the ICU Tik Toks, etc
The first time around it worked so well for them. I think they’ll repeat the lockdowns and crush business and schools again.


I honestly don’t think most people will believe again. I just don’t. I think they won’t be able to enforce lockdowns in rural areas again, because I don’t think sheriffs will enforce them. And parents, who need to work, will storm the schools if they try to close them.

But that’s just me. I could be wrong, and I could be living in an unusual place.


Yes, I agree that most people will not believe it again BUT when the jackboot comes down again how do we stop it ?
If businesses are forbidden to operate who will defy and risk even more $$ loss through fines and atty fees ?

Here…not kidding..people are vocal about the entire thing being a scam so seems like it’s fairly national..people getting it.
Overheard a convo of 2 men yesterday while going into the grocery store..raised voices about the election being stolen because they hated and feared Trump..


I think like the push back on crt, we’ll see more push back if/when they try lockdown #2.


Hope so ! Of all places, Ca rose up in anger over this mess so other States might too.


A general strike would solve the entire problem of government over reach. Feds, state, county and cities would back down over night if folks would simply put their foot down and say “ENOUGH”.


It’s good that people are waking up. Here, some businesses defied the lockdowns and mask mandates. They were not fined. Depends on the area, I guess.

Deplorable Patriot

It depends on how traumatized people have been over this. One woman we know who lost her husband to God only knows what ailment (it was listed as a COVID death) who normally is pretty sensible was OUTSIDE and wouldn’t talk to my mom unless she knew she was fully jabbed.

Seriously, the mind F&%$ing is beyond belief.


Yes, we have one of those here.

A local business owner died “of Covid.” The family claimed loudly and publicly that he had “no comorbidities.” Some of their friends privately told me otherwise. Then the health department publicly stated that “all cases” of death in our county had comorbities. The family shut up pretty quick, but were still masky and stupid at their business.

I honestly think some people are addicted to the attention they get from tragedy.




Do you mean that the potential for ICU and or death was and still is a known factor for almost any respiratory ailment if comorbidities are present in the patient?

For example, a bad cold can bring a nursing home to it’s knees if they all catch it ? Many can’t fight it off because they’re so compromised already ?


They killed off a lot of people with ventilators.

Valerie Curren

Great encapsulation of the scam–Thanks!


Our Sheriff will NOT enforce. A few months back, County Commissioners on record telling businesses to do as they please.


We had that, too. It was excellent.

Cuppa Covfefe

The Aubergine Zone…
  :wpds_cool:  (in the background, ne-ne-ne-ne ne-ne-ne-ne)…



Some crazy shit does happen in my world.


Same here, the majority of people and businesses are over/done with the bs.




Vast majority of folks out my way are done with masks, social distancing, lock downs… Vax rate NV 39%. My county 36%. We’ll NEVER hit BiteMe’s dream of 70%. Folks ARE done with this shit.

That said, increasingly sheep wearing masks out my way. Absolute minority, but increasing. I attribute most of this to 1) fools from California playing tourist in the Tahoe, Reno, Virginia City areas AND 2) CA transplants (idiots) to NV wedded to CA logic.

Fully expect feds, states and counties “suggest” businesses require proof of being vaccinated to do business. My guess is requiring vax will FAIL. The only areas vax requirement may gain traction is where Feds already have a “heavy hand” – travel industry, National Parks…

Tomorrow heading out to Vegas, Grand Canyon, down LAs cruces, NM. Cross TX I-10 towards Iowa Colony, south of below Houston. Ground reports to follow.


I look forward to the ground reports!


MA vaxx rate: 68%.
My county: 71%.

Cuppa Covfefe

For those of us in the computing world, it’s been on display since the 1970s…
A bundle of evil packaged in an (at the time) innocent-looking nerdly kid…..


Look, we know this thing is bio-warfare.

How many people set up an entire lab for bio warfare and only study one single agent?

Will the next agent target those who have had CV-19, those who have been “vaxxed” for CV-19…..or those who haven’t? What if they have multiple agents prepared, so it can be either?


Remember, there’s Baric “the teacher” in NC and Fauci “the government teat” in DC, as well as Gates “the funder” in WA. We can’t just take out the Chinese.


“I’ve got my little list.”
“He’s got his little list”!
-the Mikado


Will the next agent target those who have had CV-19, those who have been “vaxxed” for CV-19…..or those who haven’t? What if they have multiple agents prepared, so it can be either?

It looks like lambda shows UNUSUAL changes:  

“The high case numbers are occurring even though 58.6 percent of Chile’s population is fully vaccinated and another 10 percent has received a single dose….”

What has changed in Lambda?

The Lambda variant is very unusual because of the way its spike protein is altered compared to other variants. It has mutations at 14 positions including a long stretch of seven amino acids which has been deleted from a region of the spike protein called the N-terminal domain or NTD. Beyond these, Lambda also has mutations in the ORF1abgene that are found in other variants of concern: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

The ORF1ab gene encodes a large protein, parts of which help the coronavirus replicate and suppress the human immune response. Because of its importance, scientists are already developing antiviral therapies to target ORF1ab proteins. [Much more at the link.]

Last edited 2 years ago by yucki

….and all the vaccines target the original spike protein. How convenient. Meanwhile, anyone with natural immunity will resist the coronavirus regardless of spike.


NV numbers for injections and testing have steadily decreased. Injections since April. Testing since December.

MeThinks, folks ARE calling BS on Covid skeer tactics.


Agree with all you say. And I have been preaching the “natural” way of beating covid since the beginning. Our bodies own systems are generally superior to any vaccine if properly cared for.


Yes. And if you think about it, diseases like measles, diphtheria, and a few others we currently vaccinate for are probably perfectly survivable with today’s medical treatment anyway. I lived through measles, mumps, and the chicken pox. A few we need vaccines for, but many we probably don’t.

Deplorable Patriot

I think you are right on this one. Even whooping cough. Put everybody on the anti-viral preventatives, and see what happens.





Brave and Free

Same here I remember having measles, mumps and chicken pox too.


Yeah, it sucked, but I’m still here!


I had the measles shot and not measles. I did, however, have mumps and chicken pox — back to back. My babysitter’s two kids had one, and I had the other, and we did a one-for-one swap. I don’t particularly remember it, however, as I was pretty young.



The fact that no one is reporting on this is telling. You have to search out studies and quotes about natural immunity and its effectiveness. It’s as if an entire segment of the population — those who had COVID — is irrelevant.

That isn’t scientific. If *they* were seeking the truth they would look at all the variables, but they’re not looking at people who have had the virus and recovered. Why not? Everything points to there being ulterior motives to steer the population in certain directions: to get vaccinated and to be slaves to mandates about masks and lockdowns.

People need to wake up, but it’s hard when the media is part of the propaganda machine. The media should be asking questions about people who recovered from COVID: what their immunity is like now, how long their natural immunity lasts, whether natural immunity protects them from variants, whether getting a vax would be helpful or harmful to them, etc. By not bringing these questions to the fore, the media is doing a huge disservice and is complicit in harming people.

Deplorable Patriot

It depends on where you are as to how open people are to chucking he masks, etc. I live in an overeducated part of the world, and there are still masks on kids at Church. This morning from the choir loft I was livid. And the pianist was wearing one. She got so sick last year, and part of it was from wearing the mask, and for her it’s a security blanket.


Ground report from Burbank, CA in Los Angeles County, where masks are now mandated again. Just returned from a grocery run at a Vons. There was a new sign posted on the doors stating that masks were required to wear while shopping in the store. Same signs were posted on the plastic dividers at the check out stands. Some people were wearing masks as well as all employees, but about half the customers were not wearing them and no one was stopping those of us who were not wearing them, nor did they mention them nor give any nasty looks. It was as if no one noticed. I think everyone has had enough. Live and let live. If you are more comfortable wearing one – fine; if not – who cares. The Sheriff has stated he won’t enforce the mandate. I’ll bet some of the customers who wore them were only being compliant out of fear of being confronted. After seeing people not wearing them, they will ditch them next time – at least that’s my hope.

My son said he went into a Cold Stone Ice cream and the young employees told him to leave if he wouldn’t wear a mask, so he left. He said they had no other customers on a very hot night. They have been indoctrinated at school, I’m sure. Maybe they will wake up when the store closes.


This is how Texas was about halfway through the year in 2020. Signs of mandated masks everywhere but NO ENFORCEMENT.


We have to be BRAVE. You are right that others will shed their masks if most people don’t wear them. THANK YOU For the ground report from the belly of the beast. If LA County won’t do it, it’s over!


Methinks the Sheriff coming out early saying, no enforcement AND masks are not backed by science may help stiffen some Gumby spines in LA County.


Boy, I hope so!


There’s not much I believe that is reported anymore. It’s all propaganda until proven otherwise. News sources are literal “reporters”, not journalists. They simply read and say what is handed to them by their leftist masters. In doing it correctly per their bosses, they use professional faker (actor) methodology. They smile with self important smugness and move on to the next lie. I have noticed local news is Entertainment Tonight oriented like the network celebrity news shows. Many of the stories they show are from other regions of the country and many come from FB and YouTube posts.That’s when they are not showing pet dog clips. Nah, nothing of value ever happens in a Red State community worthy of reporting per the experts of local television.

For example, the local news reports that I saw on the CBS and NBC affiliates yesterday about Wolf’s subject on the Dem’s fantasy flight did not state that all of the participants had been vaccinated, yet, 3 had COVID. There was no mention that none wore masks because well, we can see none wore masks. Rules for thee, not for me.

I don’t know how they live with themselves knowing they are delivering lies and pure BS to their local communities. Apparently their love of money and pats on the head from their leftist masters matters more to them.

Last edited 2 years ago by TradeBait2

I listened to some PBS on the radio (know your enemy….) and they were completely unsufferably over-the-top.


Here’s some more info. So according to this we conclude that the positives became positive on the very day they were tested because the braintrust says that Kamala can’t be at risk since she met with them 2/3 days before their test positive???
Covid is so tricky


IDK…could it be as simple as they really saw the tangible effects of forced mask mandates ? They liked the control and along with it the lurking specter of lockdowns as punishment if we don’t submit ?


The CDC guidelines, at least as of yesterday, say that vaccinated people who get exposed to people with COVID don’t need to isolate or self-quarantine or even get tested. They are just supposed to watch for symptoms.

How do you meet with someine in person and not be in “close contact”? I doubt they were screaming across the room at each other.


National face mask mandate…


Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
Well, that takes care of ONE thing that the DemCommunists were working on behind the wall of their COVID-19-positive-Texas-legislators scheme — a “national mask mandate.” That’s for starters.

AND — here’s NUMBER TWO:
2 hours ago

Down and Dirt Summary: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, now the head of the Senate Rules Committee, is going to see if she can insert the “FOR THE PEOPLE BILL” (which would Federalize elections) into the current “infrastructure bill” to get it passed as a “piggyback” measure.


There should be a prohibition against these schemey inserts into bills.


Missed ya! 😉

Hope all is well in your, “Hundred Acre Woods”.

Cuppa Covfefe

Howdy Pat!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

You’re back!!!!

Valerie Curren

Hey Pat. Playing catch-up reading again & it’s GREAT to see you here!!! We had my daughter’s bridal shower over the weekend–it went great–so we’re still wiped out & taking extra naps. Daughter, future son-in-law, & myself are all more inclined toward introversion so get more “worn out” in social situations–hmmm God Bless you & yours 


This post mirrors an excellent article from The Federalist (back in May, I believe) that pointed out the EXACT same thing as Wolf does re: the prestige.

However, in this case there are several important caveats.

First, we were told the vaccines would PREVENT one from getting the Rona.

Second, the virus has a 99.8% survival rate, and everyone knows it.

Third, mocking dems for their own hypocrisy should not be allowed as an excuse to reinstitute demands that they have wanted all along. No one was mocking them because they weren’t wearing masks….they were and are being mocked because of point #1 above AND because of their own hypocrisy.

And fourth, the American public is simply fed up with democrat’s bullshit. Dems are going to get SLAUGHTERED in the ‘22 midterms, and they know it.

The American public is NOT going to buy into a 2nd Corona scare. Too many are now awake, and FAR too many are now thoroughly skeptical.

It may well be that dems try to pull off the Prestige, but it won’t work now. They pulled it off in ‘20, but we’ve seen the trick. Wolf is right to point out all he does in this post, but this pathetic bullshit isn’t going to work again.

A renewed nationwide mask mandate because of 3 Texas democrats in DC?

No. Way.

DeSantis, for starters, will tell them exactly what they can do with their renewed mandate demand.


Dems are going to get SLAUGHTERED in the ‘22 midterms, and they know it.

We trust free and fair elections?!

Last edited 2 years ago by yucki
Hoofhearted Did the global mofia burn it down

Barb Meier is very interesting. She presents possibilities but makes no conclusions. She shows sources that we could find ourselves to confirm what she is saying. Good analysis that others could repeat to confirm or deny. Great job, Ms. Polly!