Buffalo Jump

I cannot claim credit for realizing that the tactical maneuver of Trump’s supporters to their political demise on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, was something known to American historians and anthropologists as a buffalo jump.

However, as soon as I heard the ill-fated demonstration called that, all my questions about what happened were answered. It was, by far, the most compact description of what occurred.

Herding Trump’s supporters into a buffalo jump, at the very end of a long series of political and electoral humiliations, was actually a rather brilliant maneuver. The fact that Trump’s enemies kept it a secret, or mostly so, seems remarkable at first, but you have to understand a very important point.


Yes. Even Trump’s “friend” Mitch McConnell. Even the three new Supreme Court justices who Trump and McConnell, together, had worked so hard to appoint.

NONE of them would stick up for Trump. NONE of them. It’s too difficult, for those who have things to lose, and the other side knows this.

I can hear them now, either privately whispering, or at least thinking the following: “Wouldn’t it just be better if Trump were gone?”

But it was more than just getting rid of Trump. Cue the greatest living asshole on Earth, David Plouffe, of the DNC, the Clintons, and the Obamas.

Yeah. And it looks like that was, indeed, the plan.

It wasn’t just a set-up. It was an intentional humiliation of Trump and his supporters, designed to destroy his movement, which was otherwise destined to return power to the American people.

You see, it’s not like they tried to hide it. It’s not like they didn’t just rub it in our faces.


Here is some advice from Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse.


I repeat.


They WANT you to look away, in some kind of quiet, submissive, humiliated shame, so that they can continue to rule over you, and the rest of the demoralized masses.

No. I’m not going to look away.

In fact, I’m going to drag you through what they did, every horrifying inch of the way, so that the only thing exceeding your shame and humiliation, is your ANGER at the people who would do such a thing.

To do such a thing to the GARBAGEMAN.

I am going to show you that they PLANNED A REICHSTAG, but all they were left with was a sad, brazen, wicked, buffalo jump of the very HUMANS who fix their cars, haul their trash, and carry their luggage.

Let’s begin.

We’re going to take this VERY slowly. Here are the tasks I lay out for us to understand.

  • What is a buffalo jump?
  • How did the Capitol Hill Buffalo Jump work?
  • What evidence do we have of such a plan?
  • How can we obtain justice?
  • How do we FIGHT against such an enemy?

I’m not going to be too rigorous about the organization of this post, because I will want to get into some sidebars, and show you links as they happen, not because they really belong at that point in the discussion. This is just a word of warning. Some things may appear out of place, and if they do, it’s because I wanted them to appear out of place.

You’re already starting to see it now – aren’t you?

Good. I’m bringing my little friend along.

What is a buffalo jump?

Imagine this surreal situation. You are sitting quietly in this prairie field pictured above, hearing a distant rumbling which gets louder and louder, until you can feel it in the ground itself. Suddenly, thousands of bison are running off the edge of that cliff, like giant lemmings, into space, and then crashing to the ground below, in a pile of carnage and gore. Imagine the thundering horror of that freak tragedy.

That may be what a buffalo jump looks like to a casual observer, waiting patiently at the finale, but that is NOT what actually happens.

I can do no better than THIS description, by Katya Peterson, also archived HERE:

The whoop and cry of the braves. The startled bellows of the bison as they plummet to their death. The schthichk of skin ripped from flesh. The chanting murmurs of the butchers. Wood smoke. Dust.  Blood crushed grass. Raw meat, slowly heating in the sun.

This is the pishkun, the deep blood kettle. For over one thousand years the Madison Buffalo Jump near Logan enabled comparatively feeble humans to take down the greatest animal of the American plains—the buffalo. Perfected over a millennium, the buffalo jump is one of the great innovations of pre-equine plains hunting. Using a variety of methods, Indian warriors would whip herds of buffalo into a frenzy, herding the agile behemoths to the brink of a cliff, where, unable to stop because of the stampede behind, the buffalo would fall to their deaths. Butchers (probably women) would then take over, dispatching any survivors, skinning, cleaning and butchering the animals. A persistent myth exists that the Indians, in their role as proto-environmentalists, would utilize every facet of the dead beasts. The eighteen feet of bison remains at the bottom of the First People’s Buffalo Jump near Ulm, Montana belie this notion. Certainly motivated by respect for the animal and necessity, the Indians would use more of the buffalo than later hunters, but they also left enough behind for archeologists to establish the site as dating from at least AD 500, making it one of the oldest such sites in North America.

Katya Peterson, Virtual Montana, “the montana state park where i refrained from jumping off the cliff”

Now, let me disabuse you of any nobility-granting inclination to think this tactic was invented by American Indians. Driving game has been done by humans since prehistoric times. Going further still, trapping prey against a feature is a tactic older than humanity, and older even than land animals. Once could argue that it’s encoded in GENETIC INTELLIGENCE, and has been since the first multicellular organisms used evolutionary algorithms to create their own entrapment features.

DRIVING PREY WHERE THEY SHOULDN’T BE only requires one thing. Predators that somehow understand or are literally adapted to the danger, and prey that either don’t understand the danger, or DO, but are nevertheless forced upon that danger by individual or group needs.

Sometimes the prey simply doesn’t see the danger until too late.

Note that a school, a herd, or a crowd provides an ASSISTING FORCE to any trap. Because of NUMBER and SPACIAL CONSTRAINTS, any trap is going to work BETTER when more potential victims are pushed or pulled against it, and thereby constrained not to avoid it.

The difference between animals and humans, is that humans are much more cunning and long-term in their thinking, in how they prey on both animals and other humans.

But before we get into the specifics of Nancy Pelosi’s modern-day buffalo jump, let’s look at the SOURCES and METHODS, so to speak, of the old American Indian buffalo jumps.

Wikipedia actually has a useful description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_jump

These parts are extremely relevant.

Method of the hunt

Hunters herded the bison and drove them over the cliff, breaking their legs and rendering them immobile. Tribe members waiting below closed in with spears and bows to finish the kills. The Blackfoot People called the buffalo jumps “pishkun”, which loosely translates as “deep blood kettle”. This type of hunting was a communal event that occurred as early as 12,000 years ago and lasted until at least 1500, around the time of the introduction of horses. They believed that if any buffalo escaped these killings then the rest of the buffalo would learn to avoid humans, which would make hunting even harder.[1]

Buffalo jump sites are often identified by rock cairns, which were markers designating “drive lanes”, by which bison would be funneled over the cliff. These drive lanes would often stretch for several miles.

Buffalo jump sites yield significant archaeological evidence because processing sites and camps were always nearby. The sites yield information as to how the Native Americans used the bison for food, clothing, and shelter. Plains Indians, in particular, depended on the bison for their survival. Every part of the animal could be used in some way: hides for clothes and shelter, bones for tools, sinews for bowstrings, and laces. Hooves could be ground for glue, and the brains could be used in the tanning process for the hides. The extra meat was preserved as pemmican.[2]

In one of his journals, Meriwether Lewis describes how a buffalo jump was practiced during the Lewis and Clark Expedition:

one of the most active and fleet young men is selected and disguised in a robe of buffalo skin… he places himself at a distance between a herd of buffalo and a precipice proper for the purpose; the other Indians now surround the herd on the back and flanks and at a signal agreed on all show themselves at the same time moving forward towards the buffalo; the disguised Indian or decoy has taken care to place himself sufficiently near the buffalo to be noticed by them when they take to flight and running before them they follow him in full speed to the precipice; the Indian (decoy) in the mean time has taken care to secure himself in some cranny in the cliff… the part of the decoy I am informed is extremely dangerous.[3]

More information is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bison_hunting

This more general Wiki entry describes similar methods by which bison were driven toward, over, or onto various dangers such as thin ice, enclosures, narrows, circles of hunters, and other physical entrapments. All of these methods predated the use of horses, which fundamentally changed the nature of bison hunting for American Indians.

How did the Capitol Hill Buffalo Jump work?

Let me BEGIN with proper attribution. I’m not positive where I first heard the term buffalo jump used for the Capitol Hill debacle, but almost all usages that I have since found, go back to this video:

If that video doesn’t work for you, try these links to it:

Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=6005b9203aeba24828c6b8e2

News Wars: https://www.newswars.com/how-the-left-breached-the-u-s-capitol/

Brand New Tube: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/how-the-left-breached-the-u-s-capitol_FLfd2RRWu1cvtb5.html

Speaking About News: https://speakingaboutnews.com/how-the-left-breached-the-u-s-capitol/

Now this video begins to allude to the fact that many if not most of the most prominent “rioters” and “riot leaders” on Capitol Hill that day, especially those seemingly groomed for the media, appear to be ANYTHING BUT Trump supporters. That includes “Buffalo Boy” Jake Angeli, the long-haired Pelosi lectern swiper Adam Johnson, and MKULTRA crazy-eyed John Sullivan, who was one of the very first non-MAGA MAGA to be identified.

Here is a transcript of that video, which was published as part of the Bowne Report.

Bowne Report

John Earl Sullivan appears to be a key figure in the left’s buffalo jump of unsuspecting patriots to flood the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Sullivan’s brother James, turned John in to the FBI after he had previously been released. James explained to the FBI that he believed his brother was not only involved in the riots at the US Capitol but was somehow in charge of the breach into the U.S. Capitol. James Sullivan said “He was going in there to document but he was also part of the Antifa groups.”

Further video evidence implicates John Sullivan with the intent to burn down the U.S. Capitol. An act that was last accomplished during the War Of 1812 by the British Military. If that isn’t domestic terror than what is? While patriots and Q believers excitedly and respectfully traversed the Congress maze. And left peacefully after being told by one guard. Of course a pitched battle ensued, as the media would dub it. But where was the Capitol police to counter the potential visit by hundreds of thousands of patriots they had plenty of intel on hosting on that fateful day? These are questions you won’t hear from the mockingbird media.

Jon Bowne, Bowne Report, https://banned.video/watch?id=6005b9203aeba24828c6b8e2

SO – you can see that somebody other than me came up with the term buffalo jump for what was done to us, and I was merely an early adopter once I heard it.

Nothing else captures not only the herding of Trump’s supporters down Pennsylvania Avenue and Constitution Avenue toward their political demise – down those driving lanes past the rock cairns of government buildings – but also captures the falsely robed hunters – Antifa and BLM radicals or whatever they were – leading their prey to their demise by another force.

Indeed, the early congregation of the leftist radicals AT THE CAPITOL to breach the entrances was exactly like buffalo-robed Amerinds waiting behind rocks and in gullies near the cliffs to begin leading the bison over the edge to their doom.

Are you seeing it now? The term buffalo jump is just too perfect. And they mock us at the same time with Buffalo Boy.

Note the other guy with Angeli, with the backwards MAGA hat. Multiple researchers have determined that the left-connected provocateurs used backwards MAGA hats as one of their identification symbols to each other.

So cold.

The point about “burning down the Capitol” and “British in the War of 1812” is actually critical, and I am extremely glad that the author of this video brings it up.

Embarrassing – right? I mean, BURNING THE CAPITOL would be the ultimate traitorous thing to do – RIGHT?

As I said earlier…..


In fact, push it through to SEE THE TRUTH, in reverse Alinsky style.

You are about to see how Trump’s supporters didn’t fall for the FINAL STEP of the plot – to set fires in the Capitol Building under the urging of the provocateurs – which would have irreversibly damaged Trump.

If you listen to the above and other videos, you can actually hear the provocateurs continuously suggesting BURNING DOWN the Capitol building and other greater acts of violence. They are pushing – but not themselves performing – acts designed to irreversibly tarnish Trump’s movement. You can also hear a kind of silence, as they were unable to generate the kind of ACTUAL violence and destruction that they WANTED to generate.

LINK: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2021/01/14/blm-activist-arrested-for-after-attuning-capitol-riots-n2583176

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/ZUJ87

THOSE are horrible, beautiful, indicting moments.

Don’t look away.

Had these inciting leftists and bizarre MIC agents – whatever John Earle Sullivan actually is – in fact gotten MAGA to “burn it down”, they would have indeed created a REICHSTAG MOMENT that would have committed irreversible arson on Trump’s movement. There would have been no recovery from such a thing. Even if BLM started it, and everybody KNEW it, had MAGA “burned down the Reichstag“, all of us who were there, would be in prison RIGHT NOW.

Can you see that? Can you see that I would be in prison RIGHT NOW? Even if peacefully rallying OUTSIDE the Capitol Building?

Don’t look away.

The fact that Nancy Pelosi’s radicals DIDN’T get the kind of response they wanted – that nothing ignited in the crowd to set fires – made this plot a spectacular DUD. It was like a Molotov cocktail that whispering leftists talked us into throwing into the Capitol. It went through the window, but didn’t break – and then the flaming wick went out.

This is now SPECTACULAR EVIDENCE of what Trump’s enemies tried to do to us, and FAILED.

And the FBI let this guy, John Earle Sullivan, out? REALLY?

This just shows you what in the hell is going on. THEY’RE NOT ON AMERICA’S SIDE.

Let me repeat that for you.

The FBI assisted in covering up a LITERAL “Reichstag” plot to get MAGA to start fires in the Capitol building using BLM and ANTIFA, and then pin it on Trump’s supporters. But Trump’s supporters, in ironic similarity to the newbie Congressman “Bob” and his wife “Alice”, from Trump’s well-worn rally speech skit, were TOO AWED by the lovely and majestic building, to fall for it.

In beautiful irony, the same innocence which led Trump’s frustrated plebes into the trap, protected them from the final destruction of both Trump and themselves.

This is why the FBI’s prosecutions, now going after Trump’s supporters mostly for ENTERING THE BUILDING, seem so hollow. Those supporters didn’t really fall for the FINAL SOLUTION of the AMERICAN REICHSTAG.

Yes, I call them Bidenazis with REASON.

But FBI are not the only bad actors here. This is why the immediate over-reaction of Congress seemed so hollow and inappropriate to those of us in the crowd outside, when we heard that they were “sheltering in place” or whatever they were doing. They were prepared – they were waiting – for a plot that would have succeeded far more than it actually did. They were prepared for fires in the building that never happened.

So NOW you can see why John Earle Sullivan was ALSO involved in that very phony murder, which – thanks to the video record, seems so horribly staged and orchestrated – whatever really happened. Whether that woman is actually dead or not, does NOT matter. They had to have a death to make that ultimate Trump got somebody killed” narrative. Whether it was a real death or a fake death didn’t really matter. They needed a DEATH NARRATIVE. So they created one.

Amazing. Just amazing.

This Reichstag plot is one of the most amazing crimes in history, and the FBI is not only “seemingly oblivious” to it – they’re helping to cover it up.

They’re not stupid. Hanlon’s razor is a the greatest, rolling, permanent false flag of all.

Aubergine’s razor for the win.

But let’s move on to another very important aspect of the buffalo jump plot. This was how the plotters made the “deep blood kettle” deeper, by putting sharpened stakes, pointed upward, at the bottom, where the buffalo will fall.

This is more of a movable tactic – an Amerind version of the punji stake. “Sharpened sticks at the bottom of the fall” is not an exclusive feature of the buffalo jump.

SO – what is the Pelosi/DOJ/FBI version of the Viet Cong punji stake? The sharpened pine branch in the rocks at the bottom of the buffalo jump? Something that I noticed in the FBI charging documents for MAGA protesters, and which Gail Combs has repeatedly warned about, and which she explained HERE.

LINK: https://www.rt.com/usa/trespass-bill-obama-secret-227/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/NhFGy

Obama signed this law, interestingly, in 2011. I want to thank Gail Combs for pointing this out.

This law is in addition to or commingled with SPECIFIC STATUTES about protesting at the Capitol. All of these laws are what are being used in DOJ/FBI charging documents against individuals.

This important part of the plot created highly manipulable law which makes protest in all the right places in Washington highly illegal – UNLESS Democrats (who passed the law) and their DOJ (because it is) excuse the protesters from prosecution by simply NOT PROSECUTING, or by prosecuting “lightly” and “favorably”.

Thus, if you READ the actual code about protests on Capitol Hill (it has appeared in many places) it is written so that protests in ANY area of the Capitol are significant crimes. More than that – almost any kind of protest – even unfurling flags and banners, or displaying signs, in or around the building – is technically ILLEGAL.

Yes. Pulling out and displaying an AMERICAN FLAG in the Capitol Building, while on a tour, violates the rules AS WRITTEN. Sorry about that. You may not get prosecuted – but at THEIR discretion, you can.

And even bigger, this.

As far as I can tell, the GRANTED, PERMITTED RALLY at the site was – in and of itself – technically in violation of the Capitol Hill statutes. There is no way for me to read that statute, and think the rally which was planned, could possibly be allowed.

Now, you may or may not be charged for such a “crime”, but if you read the code, you COULD be charged, at the sole discretion of the Powers That Be. There appear to be no exceptions, unless they are ensconsed somewhere else in the massive lawfare against We the People that American justice has become. What I read had no exceptions.

Thus, Nancy Pelosi can invite HER protesters right into the building and NOT charge them, but she can also prosecute TRUMP’S protesters who were both inside or outside AT HER DISCRETION.

Such Pelosi hypocrisy was demonstrated fully in 2011, when Pelosi PRAISED the “storming” of the Wisconsin Capitol.

LINK: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/us-news/13845523/nancy-pelosi-hypocrite-storming-wisconsin-state-capitol-2011/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/enot4

This is a fun read, and I encourage you to click the link.

Now do you see why I keep calling the Capitol Building “Queen Nancy’s Castle”?

But let’s dig a little deeper here. When we do, you will see that Nancy Pelosi and her staff are VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE about “Congressional Protest Theater”.

LINK: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/more-100-arrested-climate-action-protest-outside-pelosi-s-capitol-n946231

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/59ih2

This is a BEAUTIFUL example of how the DEMOCRAT MEDIA can amplify, in a positive fashion, a DESIRED, ARRANGED protest for the Demsheviks.

They spin this sucker just the way the Democrats need.

First of all, this wasn’t Pelosi’s main office. The article explains this. The media uses headline techniques to make this protest out as a bigger crime than it actually was, but these AOC-inspired protesters KNEW how to avoid more serious charges, apparently, by doing this at one of Queen Nancy’s lesser offices, where she is not actually present.

CUE Gail Combs’ point about the Obama trespass law, made above.

Now – this part is interesting. The FBI did NOT arrest these protesters. Why? Because there were PLENTY of Capitol Hill Police on hand to arrest them.

UNLIKE the much larger buffalo jump, where many of the Capitol Hill Police were actually sent home for the day. Where Nancy Pelosi AND Mitch McConnell both LOWERED SECURITY when asked to raise it. Where they REFUSED to bring in the National Guard to help – until they were not needed later.

Funny, that.

Read the details. It’s very clear that this climate protest was ARRANGED SOCIALIST KABUKI.

I have no idea if these protesters were lightly charged, had charges dismissed, or whatever, but I can tell you this much. This was NOT referred to as an “insurrection”. The FBI did NOT detain these protesters in all 50 states. Their mug shots were NOT exploded all over the media, with lurid stories from ex-boyfriends, and selected scandalous tidbits from social media, positioned to make them look like idiots.

NO! These brave youth are Climate Justice Heroes!!!

You seeing how things ACTUALLY work in Soviet America?


So let’s recap here.

We had the PIT called Congress, about to SCREW Trump over the stolen election (the REAL CRIME here), with the able assistance of Mike Pence. But they all made it look like a possible ESCAPE ROUTE.


We had a scheduled protest rally there, on the wrong side of the building, which is technically in violation of the law anyway, but we didn’t know that. It looked like we were approaching SAFETY.


We had President Trump innocently telling innocent people to march peacefully and safely down Pennsylvania Avenue. The crowd was so big that most had to go down Constitution Avenue. Little did any of us – even Trump – realize that we were walking down DRIVE LANES past ROCK CAIRNS of booing DOJ apparatchiks, to keep us moving FORWARD along the drive lanes.


We even had DC metro police cars on the edges of the drive lanes, to keep us moving absolutely straight forward, and not think about going anywhere else but straight to the Capitol.


We have various people positioned along the way, or moving through the crowd, directing people straight up against the West side of the Capitol Building – THE WRONG PLACE (think CLIFFS).


We didn’t have anybody waiting at the Capitol Building to direct us AROUND IT, to the North side, which was too small, anyway. Instead, we had what appeared to me to be a cunningly limited military maneuver by both Capitol Hill police and the first arrivals, to anger the crowd and DRAW US INTO AN AMBUSH. To herd us right up to the CLIFFS.


Before we even got there, there were ALREADY leftist FALSE MAGA drawing REAL MAGA to help them begin breaking windows, pushing in doors, and basically creating a CLIFF for the HERD to come up against.


We had FBI and DOJ, which KNEW – which HAD TO KNOW – what was happening, waiting with sharp sticks of OBAMA LAWFARE and stone knives of ABUSABLE SURVEILLANCE – waiting at the bottom – the BUTCHER WOMEN of the Soviet Tribe – waiting for all the MAGA who followed the “brave” Jake Angeli and John Sullivan over the edge, where THEY, the FALSELY ROBED FAKE BUFFALO, hid in the rocks of FBI safety, as the rest of the real buffalo thundered by and over, to the media delight of the Soviet Tribe.


I find the whole thing fascinating and somewhat sickening, but I will tell you all this.

We had better learn to deal with this stuff, because the Soviet Tribe will keep doing it.

And that brings me to the greatest irony of all. Why I made sure – as a WITNESS to the buffalo jump – to “get away” and then document what I experienced IN WRITING.

They believed that if any buffalo escaped these killings then the rest of the buffalo would learn to avoid humans, which would make hunting even harder.[1]


I agree. Let’s make it harder. The Soviet Tribe are cunning and wicked, and they’ll be back – probably with their devious, smallpox-blanket allies, the ChiNazis.

What evidence do we have of such a plan?

In my opinion, the mountain of evidence centers around BLM top activist John Earle Sullivan, BLM protester Jake Angeli, and their various MAGA-unlikely cohorts and fellow “buffalo-robed” inciters and misleaders from the left.

There is plenty of circumstantial evidence of “intentional bad preparation” by Pelosi and McConnell, as well as by other agencies and organizations. Every opportunity to secure the Capitol properly was turned down.

Aubergine’s razor. They wanted to get Trump. End of story.

We can find more circumstantial evidence of likely-intentional neglect to deal with the crowd, but don’t wait for a smoking gun letter or email saying “we’re going to screw Trump and need to let the guard down on his MAGA idiots“. Instead, expect the opposite at best – denials of security because of “we don’t want to appear militarized, or to ascribe bad motives to Trump’s peaceful rally.

You know EXACTLY how to play REVERSO on this. It’s a game. There is no smoking gun.

Some of the Capitol Hill Police know SOMETHING, and two of them “could not live with what they knew”. You can take that line BOTH of two ways, and it will be correct without a doubt.

Don’t look there. Nobody is going to talk, and if they do, FIB will shut them up. WE KNOW THIS.

No – we need to get close to the linchpin of the crime – the buffalo robes.

The best evidence of a buffalo jump is the small group of leftist operatives who led the way – who tempted the herd to escape Trump’s and the herd’s nasty predicament of a LEFT-STOLEN ELECTION, by entering the Capitol Building in protest – a FOOLISH and ultimately DANGEROUS mirage.

If you are not really SURE that such a thing is possible, I want you to listen to a man who studies activist groups for a living, and who has a wonderful grasp of the HISTORIC REALITY of false-flag operations, to incite the other side into blame.

LINK: https://rumble.com/vd7fwb-expert-identifies-multiple-agent-provocateurs-in-jan.-6-attack.html

Here is the video itself.

This expert avoids naming names. HOWEVER, there is a really great ThreadReader post which ties together MANY of these false-flag actors, and does so at a name level.

LINK: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1349492807837372416.html

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/DpZuw

I have also compiled a nice thread with a good mix of interesting Trump supporters AND leftist inciters, who have been arrested. I refer to this as the “Breach Club Blotter“. It includes many of the most visible miscreants – and for that reason, it includes a very high proportion of leftists and false flaggers.

The breach club thread includes a VERY important video shot by John Sullivan himself, which shows that he entered the Capitol along with a CNN reporter. He was supposed to delete that footage, and FORGOT.

It’s VERY disturbing to any fool who still trusts the FAKE NEWS.


In all fairness, before I go on, I want to make a VERY important point.

I may be “causatively cherry-picking” on the leftist radicals as inciters and agents provocateur, but if I want to be cherry-tree-level Washingtonian (old definition) about things, I have to ADMIT that I’m still cherry-picking.

Pelosi may have incited the Capitol violence using her small corps of radicals, but she still found a very good number of angry Trump supporters who were quite ready to be incited.

Just like in a buffalo jump, MANY more REAL BUFFALO go over the edge, than buffalo-robed FAKE BUFFALO who trick them. This is EXACTLY TRUE HERE.

THOUSANDS of MAGA buffalo “approached the cliffs”. Probably TENS OF THOUSANDS. Out of those, HUNDREDS went “over the edge” or up against it.

It is believed by researchers of extremist groups that there was a maximum of 225 Antifa and BLM in the crowd or in the Capitol – not all of whom “breached the building”. Yet there were HUNDREDS of people inside the Capitol building. Most of those HAD TO BE Trump supporters, and arrests bear this out.

Most of these were MAGA Patriots – some violent – some foolish – some stupid – but all insufficiently suspicious and morally discerning, IMO, because entering the building put them in Pelosi’s and McConnell’s most closely guarded territory.

We must be clear – there were HUNDREDS of people who were NOT Antifa and NOT BLM who took part in breaking windows, pushing past doors, and wandering around in the Capitol building.

To understand this, I find one particular USA Today article very useful.

LINK: https://www.usatoday.com/storytelling/capitol-riot-mob-arrests/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/vAQx8

I believe that while a very few of the people described (generally with no details) may be leftist provocateurs like Sullivan and Angeli, almost ALL of these anonymous names are MAGA Patriots, with their most angry statements being trotted out to make them look like dangerous revolutionaries.

Don’t look away.

Study these cases. Read how these people – VERY MUCH LIKE US, but less educated on average – were angered and beaten down until they were ready to be incited to violence. This is EXACTLY the way that Hitler and the Nazis baited young Jews to anger and violence. MAGA-baiting NOW works EXACTLY the way Jew-baiting did THEN. You can even see a match in the SUBSET who were tempted into violence.

But with that, we need to get BACK to the task which the MEDIA is not doing – looking at the INCITERS.

Read about the MAGA Patriots to see how people were CHUMPS. Read about the leftists, to see how other people USED THE CHUMPS.

Now there were a few very interesting CHUMPS on the left, too. This is one of them.

LINK: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/01/07/us-capitol-riot-michigan-arrestee-ant-itrump/6588851002/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/aLJxC

This is a fascinating case, where a potential provocateur was inadvertently busted by his family, horrified to see their poor dear child identified as a <THE_HORROR> TRUMP SUPPORTER </THE_HORROR>.


And yet there are people saying there’s no justice any more!

This was the guy caught with a pistol and ammo.

Logan Grimes, 25, of Grand Rapids was arrested Wednesday in the 1000 block of Vermont Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., and accused of carrying a pistol without a license, possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, and possession of unregistered ammunition, according to the Metropolitan Police Department website.

He was a little over 1.5 miles, as the crow flies, from the Capitol building and a few blocks away from the White House.

But Robert Grimes, 54, of Cadillac says his son is not a supporter of President Donald Trump and should not be associated with those Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building. His son keeps an eye on groups such as the Proud Boys and was there to protest the Trump faction, he said.

“We’re a very progressive liberal family … if there’s any reason my son was even present, it’s because of his stand against what a lot of those folks who did horrible things yesterday (believe) — and I’m still sick to my stomach (from) when I saw it on TV last night.”

Logan Grimes had been helping run his father’s store, The Comic Book E.R., and aiding with the nonprofit Mai Place Project but left for Grand Rapids to live with friends and find work when the coronavirus lockdowns were lifted, his father said. The store and nonprofit permanently closed a few months later.

Logan Grimes is a social justice activist who participated in Black Lives Matter, is transgender, and believes many groups have faced injustice since Trump’s election, his father said. 

Robert Grimes warned that people shouldn’t flip that information on its head, either, by suggesting it was anyone other than Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol.

“Now thanks to that man that I just despise, Donald Trump — who I did not vote for and did everything I could to make sure he would finally leave office — has served me up one last injustice by making sure my son got arrested so he could stick his pride out,” he said.

He also raised concern that his son was arrested, instead of more of the Trump supporters who stormed  the Capitol.

The elder Grimes became aware his son was headed to Washington, D.C., from a post on Facebook,  he said. When he saw the unrest, he hoped his son wasn’t in it.

His son was a gun hobbyist, but the elder Grimes said he always saw him following the rule of law for guns in Michigan.

“I’m hoping a lot of stuff will come forward that my son was probably trying to do the right thing in the wrong way at the wrong time,” he said.

He raised him in a peaceful, loving family, he said.

“My son certainly doesn’t deserve to have his name on the same list as those despicable people who paraded the Confederate flag, which I find vile,” he said.

Police made a reported 68 unrest-related arrests from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning, according to D.C. Police.

In my opinion, Logan Grimes was totally out of the loop on Antifa and BLM actions in Washington, DC, due to their SECRECY. Grimes was thus hoping, based on social media chaff, to meet up in DC with a bunch of like-minded, openly identifiable Antifa and BLM, squaring off with the MAGA people.

Little did Grimes know, the Antifa and BLM activists WERE out and about – and planning to commit crimes against the Capitol while wearing Trump gear, to PIN THE CRIMES ON MAGA. This was such a huge and terrible secret, that nobody outside a small circle of activists could know.

In a sense, by knowing nothing, Grimes is a WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION against Antifa and BLM, as well as Nancy Pelosi and whoever else was plotting the buffalo jump.

The literal disappearance of these groups, to reappear as phony MAGA supporters, explains everything. The fact that Grimes was wandering around DC with no movement to hook up to, shows the reality of the situation. The leftist radical group members trusted to know, were inside MAGA, but Grimes was out in the cold, on his own.

This is backed up by my own experience in DC. I only saw 3-4 clearly identifiable Antifa on the streets of Washington, late in the day. Nothing else.

There is now a long list of investigations into the “non-MAGA MAGA” who were in the Capitol Building, and in the crowd, and it will take a long time for researchers to sort this out. There is an enormous amount of discussion.

The daily threads here, since January 6, are filled with links.

At some point I will begin collecting that information into a bibliography. I’m sure books will be written about it. But until then, we have more important and immediate questions.

How can we obtain justice?

Yeah. Let’s talk about that.

If I was cynical enough here to be a REALIST – if I wasn’t a follower of the great chief TRUMP, who seems to keep doing the impossible or “damn near so”, I would say “Hey, guess what, paleface? We’re ALL Indians now!”

But, because I really believe that Trump is right, and Martin Luther King, Jr. was right, and even some guy named Jesus, who was totally hooked up to The Great Mystery, I must have FAITH that we, too, can do the impossible.

But it’s gonna be rough. Justice IS going to be delayed. Justice IS going to be denied.

In my opinion, our best shot at justice SOON is not in the horrible, corrupt, elite-serving courts, but rather in the history books.

We are WINNING there, and we are winning there INCREASINGLY.

We are changing Fake Normal to Real Normal, because we cannot change Fake News and Fake Entertainment. But we can TURN OFF their crap, find the TRUTH, inject it back into the system, wear them down past their “misinformation” lies, and eventually WE WIN.

We are, in my opinion, shortening the “time to truth” on every false narrative that the enemy throws at us.

With TRUTH, we win at the CULTURAL level, and even before that, at the RELIGIOUS level.

Take hydroxychloroquine. It took a YEAR, but eventually, the TRUTH won the day. We didn’t even have to be there for the end of it.

Seriously – it’s as if we had forgotten all about it, and yet – when the heat was off, the AMA reacted to THIS:

…..by doing exactly what they had to do. Quietly back off their mistake.

Dr. Simone Gold was ARRESTED because she wandered into the Capitol building, but she WON THE DAY on hydroxychloroquine anyway.

ARREST LINK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9165163/Beverly-Hills-doctor-Simone-Gold-arrested-connection-Capitol-riots.html

HCQ LINK: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/12/ama_lied__how_many_died.html

Will we ever get the enemy to admit they were WRONG?

We are up against SOVIETISM, but we have rapidly moved to the stage where most people know it’s CRAP.

Thus, to get JUSTICE on the buffalo jump, we simply have to push the truth narrative until it BREAKS THROUGH to the masses, PAST the leftocracy’s denials.

And THAT leads to STRATEGY.

How do we FIGHT against such an enemy?

I will REITERATE the most important of WHEATIE’S RULES.


  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
  4. Never stop saying that Joe Biden didn’t win.

Just in case you didn’t see that…..

Never stop saying that Joe Biden didn’t win.

The illegitimacy of the Biden Regime is the ultimate weak point of the Bidenazis.

NEVER give up on it, even if you lose everything and go to jail. NEVER give up on it.

Remember this. WARS have been fought over the illegitimacy of monarchs. The RIGHT TO RULE was the ONE RULE – the PRIMARY RULE – of monarchy. It was the ONLY control people had.

In this new communist system, we have nothing left except what we cling to as we are dragged to the gulags and reeducation camps. Yeah, it’s not fully here yet, but they will try to implement these things IN PLACE. The gulags will be our cubicles. The reeducation camps will be our schools, our training, and our “community service”.

But don’t let that fool you – they are WEAK now, and weaker still in the hearts and minds of the people who KNOW they are illegitimate.

You would be surprised how deeply and widely the recognition of Biden’s illegitimacy runs. We are WINNING in the hearts and minds. Don’t ever forget that. The Bidenistas and Bidenazis will NEVER admit the truth – don’t wait for them to do so.


Now – let’s talk about hopium.

In my opinion, smoke as much as you need, as little as you can. Hopium is our best anesthetic, and while it is addictive, it has remarkably few side effects which might hamper our fighting ability.

I will NO LONGER criticize any Patriot. You may choose methods I will argue against, or more likely argue FOR alternatives. But we are getting to the point where…..


Unity. Not the FALSE unity of the foreign-bought, treacherous, LYING Bidenistas and Bidenazis. No. The TRUE unity of people UNITED in a search for TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY.

Corny? Maybe. But it has a good heart that doesn’t try to TELL you what those things are. It lets YOU be part of figuring out what those things are.



The American Way.

What are they? They are OURS TO DISCOVER.

NOT the truth that has to be TOLD to people.

NOT the justice that is INFLICTED upon the people.

NOT the Hollywood proto-Soviet leftism – that Orwellian “People For The American Way” – which tried to INFLUENCE people.

No. I’m talking Superman. The “Clark Kent” and “Lois Lane” and “Supergirl” in all of us.

Are you already seeing how GREAT this woman was at her job, compared to……?

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 06: State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki attends a joint news conference with European Union High Representative Lady Catherine Ashton and Secretary of State John Kerry in the Treaty Room at the State Department May 6, 2014 in Washington, DC. The two leaders spoke about the ongoing conflicts in South Sudan, Syria and Ukraine. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


So BE Supergirl. Or Clark Kent.

You never know who that might be.

NOW – I have to caution all of you.

We have to LEARN from our mistakes.

The reason that we were BLINDSIDED by the buffalo jump is not simple. Here are just a few reasons.

  • we were not prepared for such a scurrilous act
  • we were engaging in PROTEST – an enemy strength, but a People’s weakness
  • we did not realize that the ENTIRE ELITE would all betray Trump at once
  • we clung to hope in HUMAN process and not in DIVINE purpose
  • we allowed our EMOTIONS to overcome LOGICAL THINKING

However, the fact that we BEAT THEIR REICHSTAG – meaning we did not follow the advice of the radicals to “burn it down”, but instead CAUGHT THEM setting a vicious, SATANIC trap – shows that we are on the right track.

GOD protected us there.

We need MORE GOD in this fight. I am not kidding. It was GOD that kept even our most angry, bumbling, “deplorable” deplorables from doing what the radicals wanted MOST.

SO – getting past the CLOSED CHURCHES is very important.

Likewise, we have to keep doing what is working.

We have to be RELENTLESS about the TRUTH as we see it – no matter what this costs us. Even our lives.

Not all of us have the strength for that, but with God, and a little persistence, nothing is impossible.

So – I will finish with this thought.

A real part of don’t look away is to EMBRACE THE LABEL. We did that with “Deplorables“, and it was AWESOME.

Are we buffalo?

Maybe so. That’s not a bad thing. The BISON is a great animal.

And if we’re buffalo, does that make me some “QAnon Shaman“?

Well, let me tell you, FBI and Hollywood.

You can play with your actors.

But the real one? He ain’t goin’ away.

Enjoy the show.


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I am still stumped about REALPOTUS calling us to DC.
he HAD to have known sixpence’s betrayal was coming.
he doesn’t make mistakes like that.


if I didn’t have a paralyzing fear of crowds? sure
but sixpence wrote that letter stating exactly what he was gonna do (or NOT do) and why and congress had it days before…his betrayal was no surprise to REALPOTUS…


I had forgotten about the letter. That does leave the faint possibility that ‘it’s all in the plan’ and things are not what they appear.

I have had a hard time thinking of Pence, the father of a Marine, as a traitor.

Deplorable Patriot

I think this is a big part of it.

BIG post percolating over the “this is not just any four year election” concept.

I think the down ticket races at the local level are just as important as the presidential. Has to do with the wall, watch the water, etc. Believe it or not the Patrick Byrne articles on voter fraud put the pieces together for me. Forget Rudy and the booze. That’s a red herring for alcohol gaslit Americans who don’t know they have been.


That’s been bothering me, because it’s well known how Trump feels about booze and why. He’s seen in his own family the effects of too much boozing. Might have offered Rudy a “job” hoping for the best, but Rudy’s job has never seemed an integral part of Trump’s strategy.


Rudy is a brawler, low puncher, always gets back up and is loyal to the President. DS used his “past”weakness against Trump. Believe and agree that was a red herring only to hurt President Trump.


Trump has a very open mind because of that he can see path past barriers before him. People who are narrow minded cannot see the path.
I know because some projects I see the end vividly and cannot understand why the others do not see it. When one is married to an engineer that can be challenging 🙂 I see the simple way and he makes it complicated where it does not need to be.
I have a feeling Trump has the ability to see clearly but there are people who do not and that can create a problem.


The father of a Marine.

^^^ The father has not measured up to or grasp the Marine’s commitment.


Not to mention, there are bad ones too. Look at Robert Mueller for example. I come from a family full of Marines. Mueller is a Marine, but he is also a bad person.

Last edited 3 years ago by CMinTN

The Bourne Supremacy.

Deplorable Patriot

Manchurian Candidate also.


Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.

I’ve never seen another TV show where the seasons were more different from each other. 1st season like a slicker, better-written Fantasy Island, but with an intriguing, gradually developing mystery element. 2nd season dystopian, like life in a world where our bankster cabal meets 1984 meets Dawn of the Dead. But with everything growing logically from the clues sprinkled in season 1.

Like all Whedon, very crafty, intelligent dialog, with a lot of subtle humor.

Looking back at it, knowing what I know now, it’s almost certainly a coded message from people inside the system sending us a”fair warning” about what they have intended for us. The kind of warning Dannielle Blumenthal says they’re required to offer.


Doesn’t look like it, does it? I’m heart broken at all the ostensible betrayals of our President.


i know you do.
I have many more questions than answers at this point.


Excellent piece and should be shared widely and I’d not shrink from the Q brand.

That the President needed to bring America to The 6 June Great American Betrayal in an attempt to pressure law makers to do the right thing and failing that, call them out on doing the wrong thing was IMO the correct thing to do.

Buffalo Jump though it was, I’d not help but wonder if history points back to 6 January 2021 as the last best chance those poor dumb bastards had to take back their country from the clutches of the Uni Party and misbegotten goal of Totalitarian One World Government (it does not need to be that way at all).

If we had done things the way the President likely imagined we’d of gained ground and more people would of known our justified stance in fighting the steal.

If the buffalo had not hesitated in their stampede we’d be in unknown territory but likely finally coming to terms with the Uni Party and fighting them the way our forefathers would have. Lord knows we are justified in taking back the steal.

That we acted predictably and did hesitate because we are conditioned to be law abiding and respectful to a fault we fell in to their trap and must now prove it was a trap and prove it we will by not standing down from the shrill discourse but instead shoving it back in their faces as dharma dictates.

Personally I’m putting all the blame on the scum who led us to this point. Both the left who won’t stop pushing the American people over the edge, looking for every chance they can get to establish themselves as a totalitarian regime to lord over us in their misbegotten quest for globalization in the most worse way, and those too on the right that won’t take principled stands and instead attempt to appease these miscreants, quell us, all while thinking small and for themselves in an attempt to hold onto their petty fame, fortune and or power. There would of been no 6 January if our Congress critters had a back bone. That there was a 6 January reflects poorly on them, and not the people who met in the spirit of 1776.

Biden did not win.

Last edited 3 years ago by para59r

I feel that Trump summoning his supporters was a needed show of how huge his support is.

He needed to show Pence, who he hoped would change his mind last second to be with the millions of MAGA, instead of siding with the 400 crooks of Congress.

I feel Trump needed to show Congress his huge support. They are still feeling it, knowing they can’t go into middle America without being scolded for their transparent evil anti-American ways.

Trump needed to show America of his support. He needed to show US, his loyal supporters, that we haven’t been crushed despite everything seemingly going awry.

I think he also needed to see for himself the love and support HE needed to continue. If 10K showed up, he might have slipped away forever. I think seeing millions lifted his heart and soul. I think rallies are a big part of the movement, to break through the censorship and energize together on the beautiful MAGA movement.

So I feel it was important for multiple reasons to have the MAGA Rally on Jan 6. The folly of the Buffalo Jump as it comes to light, will awaken that many more to the corrupt evil ways of our swampy, festering government

And joe biden DIDNT WIN!


I can’t wait until Pres. Trump can speak to us again. I’m hoping impeachment is the only obstacle and that it will be a disaster for the Left.


The WH response to the virus and the vaccine have me rather uneasy as well.


PT put Pence in charge. That is all.


Just like FauXi. PT gave them the rope.


Vaccines only got the emergency use go-ahead because they would not ALLOW the proven treatment/cure. They ignored the success of and discredited docs worldwide, from the most renowned to your basic PCP in order to push the vaccine agenda. And Pence ran it – front and center.


He did. And he let The Fauci loose.


I heard at War Room today “that Fauci is proposing vaccines for children that they are key for hurd immunity.”
Fauci for me is a failure and has an agenda that is in my opinion unspeakable.
Yes Pence led he led election reform also and who knows what else ? Wonder if anything panned out?


I listened to it also. That episode was so packed full of info that my head was spinning.


Yes they went from one topic to another and did not spend enough on any of them. At 5PM they might elaborate.
I do ignore Bannon when it comes to lawyer issues since he is not one. At times he pushes to hard with something that has no consequences to him.
Before Jan 6 he also was hyping the deplorable gathering in DC. Sometimes I felt he was pushing to hard and I stop there for obvious reasons.


I figure Bannon is part of the disinfo war that continues apace.

I think part of his job is to keep us all jacked up about what the Bidenites are doing.

Fact is, there needs to be a whole lot more redpilling going on. I had occasion to be in a group of local officials recently. They are pushing the vaccine, preaching unity with Biden, etc.

It is nauseating. Many people who believe themselves to be God-fearing Christians are nothing more than yes-men to the world power structure.


I believe most people have no clue what the wold power means in real life. People have been so protected in the US and take freedom of faith and speech for granted. When they wake up it might be to late.


Sad, because these people claim Christ. They are as trusting of big government as a baby in the arms of its parent.

I could just scream.


Many forget the teaching of the bible it reflects our imperfect humanity. The imperfections are as valid today as 2000 years ago.
Just the way I read Scripture.


Wait. What is the difference?


Ok, that makes perfect sense.

ᴊᴏᴇ ʙɪᴅᴇɴ ᴅɪᴅɴ’ᴛ ᴡɪɴ.


“This is why I call them the SCOFFLAW SCOTUS. It’s a travesty. A black mark on American history.”

It’s not exactly their 1st.

Dred Scott
Separate but equal
A switch in time saves 9

In short, whenever they’re pandering to, or being spanked by, Democrats.


someone said Donald Trump came in like a LION and went out like a lamb.
it sure looks that way, but that goes against everything i have ever heard about him and seen from him thus far…


good advice, but is it how REALPOTUS operates?
has he ever not hit back twice as hard?

thanks, btw, for explaining the bj…hmmm…that won’t work will it? LOL

nasty, evil pricks we have in gov’t…


Dressed as or appearing to be a lamb.


The Art of War


Actually it seems more like the ending from the last page of Ingersoll Lockwood’s “1900, The Last President” when the Capitol Dome blew up after Nancy refused to let him give his inaugural address and then finally relented. Time line is just a bit compressed is all but its all there.


Barnes said that on his podcast.


Don’t get fooled by the lamb.

The lamb is Kabuki.

“Every line has meaning.”

“Every lie will be revealed.”


He called us, but I don’t think it was even necessary. People would have been there anyway. They had this planned – to make use of whoever was there.

He delayed the speech to keep the crowd down I assume. But I can’t believe, after the riots all summer and the danger his supporters have been subjected to by these people – that he could not predict this was coming. DC police were told to stand down all summer – they were part of the plan.

Deplorable Patriot

he delayed the speech to make the crowd LATE to the invasion so they wouldn’t get swept up in it, IMO.

Deplorable Patriot

Given the NSA meta data collection, I think the President and his team knew EXACTLY what was planned and worked to spike it thus creating the dud of the Molotov cocktail.

Moves and counter moves.


Yes, I even recall a tweet by Lin Wood, before the event, warning POTUS that he (Lin) felt they were being led into a trap. They had to have known, and decided to use it. Only time will tell how it fit into the plan.


If REALPOTUS knew what was going to happen, I don’t think he would have sent the crowd to the Jump.

He could have been more clear about the trap, or sent them somewhere else.


Absolute doubt NSA briefed President Trump on trouble.

NSA is a major problem I, perhaps WE assumed away having Rogers and Flynn as white hats. 100% does not mean NSA is led by a white hat these days.

IC in general is a major problem.


Agree 100% and believe President Trump knew Pence would deny his oath. Pence needed to get swept up with ALL the garbage.
President Trump “is not done”.


Yes, agreed. I just can’t wrap my head around him not figuring out their plan beforehand, or at least realizing the potential for a trap. The DC police had been standing down all summer.


IC never briefed him – intentionally hid information.


Guessing President Trump believed he could get pence up to live up to live up to his Oath. Both 6 January as he presided, CAVED during the EC vote acceptance. AND support IA.

IIRC, pence waited until 6 Jan to announce his betrayal of his Oath, The American People, and President Trump.

Once we were on our way to DC, nothing was going to stop us.

Last edited 3 years ago by kalbokalbs

I agree he did not make a mistake. He was betrayed by people he trusted. His weakness is to trust unless proven otherwise and then if they do he unloads on them.


People were called to witness. Over a million people were there or know someone who was. They got front-row seats to the little Kabuki production that went down and know it to have been a farce.

Even if Biden’s voters were real people, that’s only 155 million voters total in the 2020 election. That means that almost one percent of Americans got to witness this garbage drama production.


Brilliant, Wolfmoon! – I sent the link and a recommendation to Doug Ross.


I have a lot more to say about this and other related items, but I need to read the Buffalo Jump article again, pray and think more about it.

Last edited 3 years ago by GA/FL

It just occurred to me that in the current threat to Q people, Doug Ross may be hesitant to post anything under this site’s byline.

It might be a good time, a wise move, to change the name to The Wolf Den or The Wolf Head Pub or something to that effect.

No one would think you are giving in/giving up – just changing strategy.

You could post a disclaimer saying this site believes Q was an anonymous, trained intel group that was operating in cooperation with people in government agencies to teach and inform the public – and like this site – has NEVER supported or promoted violence of any kind.

Last edited 3 years ago by GA/FL

Please pray and talk with Mrs. Wolfmoon, to consider it – for the battle will be a very long one. I have loved GrandmainTexas’ Friday posts and the wolf head is so handsome. Just consider/ponder it. No need for a quick decision…maybe.


….and then again…things could heat up quickly with another false flag….and that might mean the loss of this new site after all your hard work…. and the loss of our being able to meet/talk/share and help/inform one another.


Love you – Wolfmoon!


Oh Wolfs, I love you too. You are in tune with America and our King. Now and forward, you will be in my prayers; grateful to God to have made your acquaintance.


God bless you, wonderful man.

Last edited 3 years ago by Tonawanda

” We have to be fearless in truth.”
That says it all and is truth.
Thank you for sharing in your post.


The name of the board does not bother me one way or the other.
How to survive a totalitarian system one can make two choices one lay low but work quietly or take them head on not hide.
God has a call and gifts for all of us.


This post was so helpful. Thank you, Wolfmoon. I didn’t fully understand it, but knowing the capitol police and congressional leadership were offered help in advance made me very suspicious there was a trap of some sort. I think Trump knew. It’s not over yet. .


count how many times Red Jen says circle back …and…moving forward…and umm

…whenever she moves her demon mouth.


Little Red Jen

( and I see you, too, have had enuff of that obnoxious leftie circle back crap)👍


Red Jen is not there to give answers, though.

She is there to promote false narratives and direct people away from the truth.
That’s her real job.
Her bosses will judge her on how well she does this.


kinda surprised she hasn’t told her media shills to LEAN IN 




Such an innocent-sounding word.

Then there’s Cass Sunstein’s usage.



Brave and Free

Moving Forward…….
That’s one of the more subtle ones too. Who has not heard that in the corporate world?


Global Community

Our Children’s Future





Let me be clear…


Oh I hate that one so much. They have normal people using that all the time. It is like a scratchy record.

And yesterday a really GOOD writer with GREAT thoughts said he “intersected” with a person. IOW he met him. Oh, Lord.

Gail Combs


I HATE what COMMUNISM has done to our language!


Real Latinos won’t vote for those who use latinx.

Just wholesale wipe-out of the first Romance language with its own, printed dictionary.


Build Back Better. IOW restore the progress towards building socialism. That slogan is being used around the world in the march towards the great reset aka NWO.


Or us to Bend Forward.


Orange chick bad!


Our first FEMALE PM in Aus beat all of these. “Moving forward into the future together” was her bread and butter.

Her crowning achievement, and yet to be bettered by ANYONE, ANYWHERE (Imho) was her “We are Us” speech. I am of course saying all of this in honor of Julia Gillard ….


snort   :wpds_lol:   :wpds_twisted: 


Epic post, boss.
 😌  🤓 
Thank you!

The term ‘Buffalo Jump’ is in our vernacular out here in the plains where buffalo once roamed.
But I can understand how it would be a little known thing in other parts of the country.

And…𝐉𝐨𝐞 𝐁𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐧’𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐧.


There are a lot of invisible canyons out here in the plains.

Looking out across the landscape…you don’t see them until you are right up on them.
So those are perfect for the buffalo jump.

But as you mentioned…the principle of driving prey into a pit-trap, goes back to the earliest human hunters.

Early hunters would dig deep trough-like pits that are still discernable today, even though they have trees growing up in them.

It is truly diabolical that the DemComs would deploy this practice on their fellow countrymen.


I use Dissenter. That is Torba’s version of Brave.


I lived in Lawton, OK as a child when my Dad was stationed at Ft. Sill – and remember seeing the cliff where Geronimo allegedly jumped – or was he driven?

I also remember the dust storms blowing on me as I walked home from school.


There is some beautiful country down around Lawton.

Thankfully, dust storms are rare now since there have been so many man-made lakes & ponds built.
That plus conservation efforts with landowners to do terracing in order to hold moisture in the soil:


Oklahoma is a lot greener than it used to be.


And it has a lot, lot, lot more trees than it had when I arrived.

From an airplane you can see that every lake has one straight line on its boundary. That’s the dam.


Brilliant post, Wolf. This needs to be widely shared.

Time to harden up, fellow Deplorables.



I just subscribed to Michael Scheuer’s blog. Highly recommend it. He confirms so much and illuminates a lot.


Great Stuff!

Re posted at Conservative Political Forum, will be interesting to se what is said, mixed bag of Q folk, Maga defeatists, and Leftist trolls



Michael Scheuer’s blog is called Non-intervention.

Gail Combs


Our enemies have been putting in place the ‘Perfect Storm’ the “buffalo Jump’ for DECADES!

WHAT are our most important God Given RIGHTS enshrined in the Bill of Rights???

#1. Freedom of speech. Do we have freedom of speech still???

NO! When did we ACTUALLY LOSE our Freedom of Speech?

𝕆ℕ 𝟡/𝟙𝟙

“…Speaking at the Muslim Advocates dinner on December 3, [2015] Lynch’s remarks… U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch condemned the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric” in America and pledged to combat this trend and prosecute those responsible when possible….

Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech, but when it edges towards violence, when we see the potential for someone … lifting that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric, or, as we saw after 9/11, violence against individuals who may not even be Muslims but may be perceived to be Muslims … When we see that, we will take action….

Since 9/11, we’ve had a thousand investigations into acts of anti-Muslim hatred, including rhetoric and bigoted actions, with over 45 prosecutions. LINK

So WHY was this necessary in the first place???
The USA WAS a Christian nation. Then in 1965, Ted Kennedy Revamp of the Entire Immigration System.  He was behind the “massive expansion of the refugee programs in the late 1970s” AND “The 1986 blanket amnesty.”

Then came Bush and 9/11. The Response of Bush to 9/11? He DOUBLED THE IMMIGRATION FROM JIHADIST HOT SPOTS!!! People the Saudis would not allow into their Muslim nation.

…How many people in this country are aware of the fact that immigration from Islamic countries has doubled since 9/11? According to data Conservative Review collated from the DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, the U.S. has issued 1,628,854 green cards to immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries from 2001-2013. ….

The overall numbers track closely with Pew’s estimates of 100,000 new Muslim immigrants per year, almost twice the level of the previous decade. It is also 10% of our annual immigrant population…

LINK on Bush cosy relations with Muslims

Obama took it a step further. By seeding Rapugees throughout America. LINK
Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Philip Haney …discussed an investigation that might have stopped the San Bernardino jihad attack… but was scuttled by Homeland Security brass for politically-correct reasons.

“This case actually took six years to develop,” he said. “It started in 2006, and it gradually gained momentum over time. By 2008, I was interviewing twenty, thirty people a month sometimes.”

Once the Advanced Targeting Team at the NTC became involved, the initiative broadened until it encompassed over 1,200 law-enforcement actions related to the case – including revocations of visas and visa waivers, preventing individuals from entering the country, and deportations. Haney described it as an “unprecedented” and “high-powered case,” the law-enforcement equivalent of slamming a sledgehammer down on a Test Your Strength game at a carnival and ringing the bell.

“It was exactly what DHS was created to do,” he said. “We were doing what we took our oath of office to do. We were well-trained, capable subject matter experts, focused like a laser beam on a trend that was putting our country at threat. We had the full endorsement of the entire management structure of our agency

(Now you know WHY Phil Haney was Suicided)

So step three was accomplished.

The fall of every empire in history has a few common elements.

1. Lack of warriors to defend the way of life that made the empire successful (from the successful people point of view)

2. Becoming ‘too’ civilized.

3. Mass migration of foreigners.

4. Weak Leadership.

Hmmmm… Are we witnessing the fall of the European Union?

Bravo Zulu  comment on brietbart


𝔹𝕪𝕖 𝔹𝕪𝕖 𝔽𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕕𝕠𝕞 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕡𝕖𝕖𝕔𝕙.


Well said. I’d also add the condemnation of “the N word”. But that only applies to white people. Blacks can still use it. We’ve gone from that to the ridiculous list of Pelousy’s where you can’t use man, woman, mother, father, etc. etc. etc.

Gail Combs

The First Amendment also gives us Freedom of the Press.

In 1915, two years after the passing of the Federal reserve Act and the Income Tax Amendment that allowed FOREIGN BANKERS to confiscate the wealth created by Americans, Banker J.P. Morgan and the munitions (aka Military-Industrial Complex) bought up control of the major News Papers. LINK

The elite continued to consolidate power over the Press until we now have only 6 corporations controlling our news. (So where are the antitrust indictments???)

With the internet, Citizen Journalists have been getting ACTUAL news out so we are now seeing the fight to THROTTLE the Citizen Journalist.
comment image

(This was via a secretary who was taking notes at the meeting BTW)


Steve in Lewes

In the Piglosi picture…

“that which Witch could be the result of malice or guile”

Works much better for me anyway!


Thank you for this clear and detailed post. I want our side to be able to be proactive and set our own (legal) traps. It’s hard with the entire establishment against us, but we have a lot of resources.
Power to the  🐃 !


By strange coincidence – this topic – not with the same name – has been on my heart and mind for the last week or so.  

Our United States of America, and our MAGA movement has most certainly been infiltrated with 1. Indian drivers, 2. Buffalo hide covered indians, 3. Buffalo butchers and sellers, 4. Easily driven buffalo and 5. Wise Buffalo – All of these have been operating among us.  

1 Buffalo Drivers – These are modern day carpetbaggers, profiteers, who use the name of Trump, MAGA, Patriot and even in the Holy Name of GOD acting as prophets and prophetesses – are really self-seekers, vain egotists, false guides, purveyors of misinformation, lies, hoaxes, deceptions.  

2 The Buffalo Hide covered Indians – double agents pretending to be Conservatives, Patriots, Tea Party, MAGA – but are TRAITORS and opponents, propagandists – all the while discrediting, hoaxing and humiliating, making real conservatives and our President look bad! 

3 Butchers and Sellers – these are the politicians, big money donors, military and civilians, who are Communist/Socialist/Islamist/heretical Christian ideologues, intentionally deceiving, hoaxing, selling out the buffalo, taking their Constitutional freedom and rights away! They may even want to kill and destroy is – some have even said as much.
4 Easily Driven Buffalo – Groups of naive, enthusiastic, easily led, testosterone-fueled patriot groups – who have become useful tools to be manipulated and deceived.  

5 Wise Buffalo – who watch for and detect the game of the drivers, and hide-covered fake buffalo traitors, who do not join the stampede, but stop, look for and carefully vet for true leaders, rational, solid Biblical truth.

We have seen the works of all of these among us – the greedy profiteers, the purveyors of lies, the clever propagandists, cunning politicians, hot-headed patriot groups. On various links posted here – there have been false, out-dated, photoshopped, manipulated photos used as evidence of a rumor or hoax, many unproven scenarios and theories promoted as truth.  

We have got to weed all this out of our minds and website reading!

As Sylvia Avery said – 1/24/21 – in her great post at Marica’s Place, Hold The Line – https://marica1776.wordpress.com/2021/01/24/hold-the-line/

“I am unspeakably weary of signs and symbols, ciphers and numerology, codes and spies and the old double cross. I haven’t the faintest clue which of the many the scenarios and theories might be still in play. I just can’t do any more cloak and dagger. But I can keep it simple, and hold onto President Trump’s words. America will never be a socialist country. He will always fight for us.”

In the light of so many betrayals, deceptions and horrors – it would be a wise time to take a time-out to seek GOD and pray – do the One Thing Necessary (Luke 10:40-42) – instead of increasing our fears, anxieties, frustrations and tensions through reading and writing about political, church and societal ills. 

Last edited 3 years ago by GA/FL

I can tell you that I am hearing a groundswell of young people waking up. From a young Canadian friend who now supports gun ownership, to those who see what the financial elites have done to us, to young liberals who can’t believe what the hell is going on with the Fake Biden administration.

The SYSTEM can no longer hide. We must continue to speak openly and loudly.

The SYSTEM is beginning to destroy itself. I think PT knew this would happen. He did what NONE of them in the SYSTEM thought he would do. He ‘walked away.’

They were not prepared to deal with that. Look how idiotic they are!


Gail Combs

“…. too many easily driven buffalo.”

I wrote this several years ago but it applies just as well to January 6th. The Commies KNOW young males are RIPE for being LED into nasty situations they would otherwise not go into.


Between childhood and adulthood most mammals go through rebellion and become obnoxious. Mom by that time has finished teaching them to hunt and kicks them out or in the case of social animals like horses the top stallion drives them off (around age two). The females get picked up by other stallions if they leave the herd (rare) and the young males are either killed or form ‘bachelor herds’ until they find a herd where they can kill or drive away the ‘king stallion” In this way you do not get as much inbreeding. Also males have much more wanderlust than females, again a mechanism that helps prevent inbreeding.

Often the ones who are going to have the greatest urge to leave are the ones who have the dominant type personalities. If they are smart they contain their rebellion until they are ready to make their move. Often it is at the end of high school beginning of college which is why colleges are such a ripe target for recruitment. (So yeah the Commies DO understand the psychology but they are not going to tell us that.)

For example between September and Thanksgiving, my brother (IQ 200+) was recruited by SDS and came home spouting Marxism. At age nine I spotted the weaknesses in that scam but the lure of rebellion against Dad blinded brother to those weaknesses. The discussions at the dinner table were interesting to say the least but they did serve to inoculate me against the lure of SDS when I later went to college.

Another case is a female grad student. Again high IQ and good family, that was recruited by Earth First. She was later caught bombing businesses. (Don’t have the link darn it.)

The Making of a TERRORIST
h ttp://abclocal.go.com/story?section=news/special_segments&id=7961433
(Not archived)


We will target you in your homes.

We will target you in your businesses.

We will target you in your synagogues and your churches.

You are the enemies of Islam.

For the sake of Allah we are coming for you.

“…Islamic bomb plotter Derrick Shareef.
Shareef’s friend was actually an FBI informant who recorded Shareef plotting to detonate the grenades at Rockford’s Cherry Vale mall during the height of the Christmas shopping season.

A born and bred American intent on killing his fellow countrymen. The type of person, Homeland Security says, is being recruited by foreign-born terrorists….”


TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE SOURCES of TRUTH in the stress and fog of information warfare is critical – a matter of life and death!

The Scammers, Liars, Hoaxers, Rumor-mongers cannot be excused in a time like this.

Innocent mistakes are one thing – but intentionally creating sensational, untruthful story lines for clicks and cash is inexcusable.

These people need to be exposed.

Gail Combs

The First Amendment also gives us the Right of Freedom of Religion, but as we have seen that Right, under the guise of a HOAX Pandemic has EASILY been removed. Even before that Churches were targeted and infiltrated by Communists and suborned by $$$ from the US government.

Before the more recent $$$ for Illegals bait was used on Churches, Johnson, in 1954, moved to MUZZLE the Church via 501c3 LINK

Going along with this move was the PURPOSEFUL destruction of our communities and family structures to WEAKEN our support network and FORCE OUR RELIANCE ON GOVERNMENT SUPPORT. In the 1950s our support network was mostly left to the Community and the Church. But the Global Elite SAW that WELFARE — making people dependent on the GOVERNMENT — and NOT on the Church, family and community was a very potent weapon.

Nicole Johnson does a well documented article on EXACTLY what the Globalist Elite did to our American Comunities.

This transformation was the result of organized plans developed by a group of highly powerful – though unelected – financial and industrial executives who wanted to drastically change agricultural practices in the US to better serve their collective corporate financial agenda. This group, called the Committee for Economic Development, was officially established in 1942 as a sister organization to the Council on Foreign Relations. [Both Milner Round Tables] CED has influenced US domestic policies in much the same way that the CFR has influenced the nation’s foreign policies.

Composed of chief executive officers and chairmen from the federal reserve, the banking industry, private equity firms, insurance companies, railroads, information technology firms, publishing companies, pharmaceutical companies, the oil and automotive industries, meat packing companies, retailers and assisted by university economists – representatives from every sector of the economy with the key exception of farmers themselves – CED determined that the problem with American agriculture was that there were too many farmers. But the CED had a “solution”: millions of farmers would just have to be eliminated….

Their plan was so effective and so faithfully executed by its operatives in the US government that by 1974 the CED couldn’t help but congratulate itself in another agricultural report called “A New US Farm Policy for Changing World Food Needs” for the efficiency of the tactics they employed to drive farmers from their land.

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕙𝕦𝕞𝕒𝕟 𝕔𝕠𝕤𝕥 𝕠𝕗 ℂ𝔼𝔻’𝕤 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕟𝕤 𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕖𝕩𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕖𝕟𝕠𝕣𝕞𝕠𝕦𝕤.

CED’s plans resulted in widespread social upheaval throughout rural America, ripping apart the fabric of its society destroying its local economies. They also resulted in a massive migration to larger cities. The loss of a farm also means the loss of identity, and many farmers’ lives ended in suicide [6], not unlike farmers in India today who have been tricked into debt and desperation and can see no other way out….


At this point the stage is set and in walks Johnson again in 1964-65 with his plans to undermine the USA using a set of domestic programs called ‘The Great Society’ 

 …it was Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson who stated, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years” as he confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One regarding his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs. — Allen West

[Allen’s Good Reads quote has been removed of course here is the Archived Copy. ]

Of course it was not just the Blacks Johnson was talking about, it was the people the Globalist Elite view with contempt and call the Great Unwashed.


Now Bill Gates is the biggest “framer” in the USA.
The CED collective might be laughing in hell.


This planner had considerable knowledge of the policy to restructure farming:


Note his first position as a planner, and where he goes next. Strange education path,sort of. Military.

Very important person in the execution of Johnson’s plans, I suspect:


Start at pg. 58. Notice the projects and the dates, especially pg.79:

Binghamton, Buffalo, Utica, Baltimore, Harlem…

and also Beirut, a city in Indonesia, Colombia…

Students tasked with preliminary urban design for the urban renewal wrecking ball?

How does that happen?


And before him:



Classic Wolf Moon and brilliant in every way. Every detail rings true, including the advice about hopium. The truth can be very discouraging if allowed, and you speak the truth. Better to see things as they are as soon as they can be seen.

I want to offer these random thoughts I had while reading:

1) Our enemies are brilliant, even the stupid ones. Some might prefer to call it cunning, which it is, but it is cunning on a brilliant level.

2)  Many Patriots, maybe most, do not think like our enemies, or act like our enemies, and so do not understand our enemies. And our enemies commit a lot of energy and thought into keeping us in our natural, unaware state. This in part is what makes them think they are intellectually superior.

3) Wolf uses the word chumps. Criminals use this word, or its equivalent. And yes, I do know what I am talking about.

4) The preposterous but all too real aspect of the criminal mentality is the pride criminals take in having figured it all out, unlike the chumps. They truly do not understand that other people refrain from doing wrong because it is wrong, not because they are stupid.

5) Sadism and a sadistic spirit are the heart and soul of our enemies, and the feeling of superiority is an essential part of their sadism. And in a sense, the criminal sense, they ARE “superior” to us.

6) My blood is boiling after reading this post, despite the fact that NONE of it surprises me.

7) What happened is still going on. We are being baited daily to express our anger in the most detrimental way. And the baiting is extremely clever and brilliant.  It is very hard to feel the anger and to acknowledge that the anger has been consciously provoked. I have thoughts which I would NEVER act upon, but there will always be people, even basically good people, who will feel no such restraint.

8) For people not feeling the restraint, all I have to say is that you are not smart enough to do what you are thinking about doing and have it turn out well, for you, for us, for anyone. 

9) Patriots cannot afford unintended consequences. Our enemies are strengthened and energized by unintended consequences. That is one of the restrictions we operate under.

10) I have no doubt the FBI/CIA/whoever has already designed and cultivated the detrimental act or acts which will be used against us very soon, in conjunction with impeachment. They say so every day, all day long, explicitly. It was like Hillary warning about Russia in the first debate. Why would she say such a gratuitous thing? Now we know.

11)  Our enemies are not even trying to be subtle anymore. That is part of the sadistic taunting which is part of the plan. And that is a significant fact. Communists only do what they think they can get away with. They are disciplined in that respect, and brilliant. It is a mistake to assume they have overplayed, even if they may have.

12) It seems irrelevant, but look at the transgender issue and the way it is being enforced. That tells you a lot about where they think they are.

13) Or look at the obvious malignancy of the China virus enforcement. They think they have won. They have already destroyed the Kulaks.

15) Mental illness, hatred, resentment, revenge-seeking and other assorted evils are weapons used by the enemy, and their success reflects how far we have come from a moral, healthy society. Have you ever dealt with a mentally ill person? That is what they are making us deal with.

16)  And the ultimate psychological act of sadism is to accuse your victim of what you are doing, and pretending not to know what the actual facts are.

17) The lessons of history and the lessons of faith share a lot in common. It has all happened before, all the deformities of human nature, and there is only one correct way to address them.  

Deplorable Patriot

2) Many Patriots, maybe most, do not think like our enemies, or act like our enemies, and so do not understand our enemies. And our enemies commit a lot of energy and thought into keeping us in our natural, unaware state. This in part is what makes them think they are intellectually superior.

This is an excellent point.

Concerned Virginian

Then there is the example of the Swiss, who have their own way of understanding their enemies: most adult men are trained to use a firearm; there is a “citizen-militia”; and the concept of “armed neutrality”.


Bravo – Tonawanda – a keeper! Many excellent points.




“If it were possible for any nation to fathom another people’s bitter experience through a book, how much easier its future fate would become and how many calamities and mistakes it could avoid. But it is very difficult. There always is this fallacious belief: ‘It would not be the same here; here such things are impossible. ‘

“Alas, all the evil of the twentieth century is possible everywhere on earth.” — Aleksander I. Solzhenitsyn


In my experience Russians are very decent people, as a whole.

Your quote is the truth.


I’m still on the intro in The Gulag Archipelago and honestly, the truth is so potent that I’m almost in tears.


The Gulag Archipelago is a beautiful book, in its way. It is a literary experiment which works.

But it needs to be read, and it is suppressed.


It took a long time to arrive. It is not readily available.


Excellent points. Regarding the Left’s cunning, it’s easy to do bold, cunning, dastardly deeds when you know there will be no consequences. A few random congressmen like Jim Jordan do not have the power to counter it. Not even a “stalwart” conservative like Ted Cruz will genuinely stand up against the fraud; he only appears to at times.


Yup – they are increasingly brazen about their actions. They can’t wait to fully reveal what they truly are. It is going to get very disconcerting seeing them crawl out onto the open and revel in their “freedom to be themselves” ….

This is where faith in our Lord is going to be vital.


The lack of consequences really is key, but part of the cunning has been in constructing a “reality” where there are no consequences, and this is part of the brilliance the communists have shown.

Gail Combs

At this point I want to actually LOOK at the First Amendment.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I have already covered the erosion of the first part:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;

So what about the second part.

ℙ𝕝𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕖 ℕ𝕠𝕥𝕖 𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝕊𝔼𝕄𝕀ℂ𝕆𝕃𝕆ℕ!!!

Proper Semicolon Usage for Lawyers

….Generally, semicolons are used to connect two or more related, but independent, clauses in the same sentence. For example:


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; pickled peppers that just so happened to be in Queen Grimhilde’s pantry.


And while semicolons can really class up your writing (as the above example’s dramatic-effect-semicolon illustrates), they can also help you write more clearly. In legal writing, clarity is critical as meaning matters, and failing to properly separate clauses of sentence can lead to garbled meanings, vagueness, and confusion. For lawyers, the most important semicolon usage includes lists.

Semicolons and Lists

Semicolons are perhaps best used in legal writing to connect independent clauses in a list, such as elements of statute or analytical framework; case citations; or when a list has one or more items that includes an “and,” or an “or.” This applies both when the list is in an outline (or numbered) format on the page, and when written in paragraph form. Though, if you are using line breaks to separate your list, then the semicolon’s effect is not as pronounced.

Using semicolons when ordering lists written out in paragraph form provides a more structured experience for the reader, as the semicolons reduce the risk of confusion that can be common with commas….

OK, so it is clear that “Semicolons are perhaps best used in legal writing to connect independent clauses in a list.”

So what are the lists separated by those semicolons?
Let’s write the First Amendment AS A LIST as is done in many newer laws.

Congress shall make no law respecting

a. an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

b. or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;

c. or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


Notice that the last of the list is to assemble AND petition the government.

So How in HADES can you EXERCISE THAT RIGHT when you are PENNED in a ‘FREE SPEECH ZONE’ well away from the government officials you are petitioning???

That anti-protest Trespass Bill aka  the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 is COMPLETELY ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL.
I wonder if POTUS was completely unaware of this ‘Law’ or if he is USING it to show us just how far our country has gone down the path towards true totalitarianism.


Thanks for all the work that went into this, Wolf. Truth.

Our collective and individual response: 2 Chronicles 7:14.


IMO, the key words are “if my people…” – then you will do the following.

We know those who do not know Him and/or have rejected Him will not understand, much less do what the Lord states. Will we as believers? It’s a call to not only confess our sins, but to actual repentance as individuals and as a nation.

Seems we need to start there first to receive His blessing.

Deplorable Patriot


Rep. Jim Jordan


How do you incite a riot that was already planned?

How do you incite a riot when the president said “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard?”

This #impeachment is ridiculous.

10:44 AM · Feb 2, 2021


Thank you, Wolf Moon, for this wonderfully detailed, excellent article! I, like Patfrederick, have been stumped by President Trump’s invitation to D.C. to peacefully protest and telling all, “It will be wild!”.

I keep having this nagging feeling that it is/was a part of the plan. He must have known, through Intel what was being planned by the other side, and the delay in his speech definitely seems intentional to keep our side from being present for the initial onslaught. IMO, it gave him the opportunity to call in the military, have the fences installed, and keep them there long term for future/ongoing operations.

I may be too full of hopium, but that is what my intuition is telling me.

Thank you again for the great article and for this fantastic site!


I agree Wolf did a wonderful reflection on that day Jan 6 and the aftermath. Thank you Wolf..

I cannot believe that then President Trump would mislead his supporters. He knew nothing is my opinion and I feel his intel. has failed him many times.
I truly believe he thought that the stealing of the election would be aired and he would get a fair hearing and his supporters would celebrate with him at the end.
What he did not count on was that Pence his supposed loyal VP would turn on him.
No surprised he has wavered every time Trump was in trouble. Just my observation over 5 years.

Last edited 3 years ago by singingsoul1

I don’t believe IC informed President Trump of any threat at the Capitol.

IC hates Americans, including President Trump.

President Trump is always a bit late for rallies. Just is. We expect it.

He would never set us up.

It was the D-Rats and mayor bitch bow-won that insisted on NG and haevy secirity…then allowed the physical security to fail.


Military Intelligence. And only the real sitting President can order the National Guard in D.C. There is a reason the NG turned their backs on JB. He is an imposter.


And I don’t believe that POTUS set anyone up. He needed a large crowd of supporters and he knows the vast majority of them are peaceful and would follow his directions. The mayhem began before his speech ended and it took about 25 minutes for the real MAGA people to get to the Capitol. A few hotheads may have joined in, but most did not.

The MSM cannot be trusted. They covered the high profile people (i.e. Dr. Gold and Brian Strakka), who were brought in, questioned, and released. The others – how do we know what side they were really on or if they even exist.

As Lin Wood mentioned, you are not seeing the Stasi break down doors and haul people away. The MSM is playing the optics to scare everyone. They are liars.


Michael DeLauzon twitter feed is back with a vengeance and red hot tweets. He is close to President Trump/family.

https://twitter(dot)com/MichaelDeLauzon – take out (dot) put in period to activate.

Barb Meier

Thank you for the refreshing link to DeLauzon. I’m still suspended there. My crime was deactivating on the 6th. hahaha! Immediately after, Twit sent me email saying I was suspended for some imaginary crime.


Will be so glad when we have viable alternatives!!!


WOLFIE – Doug Ross posted your masterpiece – Buffalo Jump – Wolfmoon – is linked in bold type!!!


Well deserved recognition!


Doug Ross – Director Blue – Bad Blue – has been a faithful truth warrior for decades. His daily compilation has linked to several QTH and Marica’s Place posts.

Ross did a list of Ø’s bad un-American unconstitutional deeds, a Benghazi Timeline and does a daily blog article compilation in addition to Bad Blue. (see links in right column)


First of many, I’m sure!


Fantastic article Wolf. Thank you!

Buffalo Jump. Vaguely recall from grammar school years. PERFECT analogy to 6 January.
For a moment..

  • 2016 Reno. Candidate Trump rally ~2,000 folks.
  • 2020 Minden and Carson, NV. Each rally 15K-25K depending on source reporting.
  • ^^^ 100% peaceful and H A P P Y folks.

Jan 6. Arrived DC Smithsonian metro station. Glanced at the Capitol Building as we exited. No one seemed to be walking towards Capitol. No reason to, in my mind. Whole lot of folks streaming towards Washington Monument Ellipse – the Main Event.

We started walking towards Washington Monument Ellipse area.

Pit stop en-route. TMI, but gals line easily 45 minutes. Shitbrid Bow-wow didn’t provide porta facilities. Bitch. Or should I be pissed at NPS. Yea, BOTH.

Did notice a whole lotta guys kitted out with everything short of guns and ammo. Many with dogs.

Anyway, 9:30AM – 9:45AM. ~75 yards SE of Washington Monument. I am remain, (patiently) waiting for better half.

By this time I had noticed ZERO ANTIFA or BLM. I do recall seeing a fair number of Maga hats on backwards. Can’t say I saw hat worn backwards at any of the previous three rallies I had attended. Reno, Minden and Carson.
Following is what REALLY CAUGHT MY EYE. Did post below back on 6 January, and one other subsequent day.

THIS fits “herding the buffalo”.

  • Easily 75+ flag carrying folks collectively walking towards the Capitol.
  • Not a straight line. Sort of meandering.
  • All the while, waving folks to join them.
  • LOUDLY yelling in unison, FUCK ANTIFA. FUCK BLM.
  • Did NOT expect this behavior. Sure we all think it. But we DON’T act out like that.

ALL of this BEFORE President Trump spoke one word.

Wonder how many more like groups, were “herding the buffalo”. Believed then (that evening) and even more so now, THIS was part of the set up.
Closest we got to the Ellipse was just north of Washington Monument. Folks were packed in. Couldn’t hear the speakers. Definitely heard the energized crowd – typical Trump rally. Folks were happy.

Windy & cold Better half’s fun meter zeroed out after a while. Headed back to Smithsonian metro station. Folks still arriving. We were the only dead beats departing. 🙁


Great report, KalboKalbs! Your insight and alertness ‘radar’ picked out the paid and trained communist infiltrator-agitator-instigator-escalator all right! Wow!

I’m so glad you and your wife, Wolfie, FG&C didn’t get caught up and hurt in their ugly scheme.

It was obviously not the typical real Trump people!


Hopefully FG&C will visit soon. Share his insights.


He’s taking a 30 day time out to pray. I wish I had the discipline.

I wrote to Flep about Gov. DeSantis’ measures against social media censorship and just heard back from him!


Missed the 30 day time out. Thought it was 10. The time will refresh FG&C.

Yea, I gotta read about DeSantis taking action against social media.

Hope Flep is well. We all miss him. But, I do understand his not posting dailies. An incredibly upbeat guy, these days are tough to figure out a way ahead.

As for me, I am largely stumped. Short of I’ll never give in. And when Trump reemerges, I am with him.


A gazillion times this! He is sorely missed.


Brilliant, dead-on reconstruction.

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Barb Meier

Alert! I was just awoken from a nice snow-day nap by a nice sounding man named Carl. He was calling on behalf of “Republican leadership.” He mentioned Ronna and Mitch. In my recently awoken state, I could only reply harshly: no, no! He politely closed the discussion. Ronna and Mitch are trying to fundraise after betraying and attacking MAGA voters. What do they not understand about 74+ million Trump voters? Off to the wilderness with the lot of them.


“Be ye wise as serpents.”

The serpent got into the Garden. If it was allowed in there, where else could it go?

Who told us “These people are stupid?” – REPEATEDLY – Almost like it was important for us to believe ……

Appears the “stupid” people keep “winning” the battles (they WILL lose the war).

Remember, the serpent is tricky – it snares you with half truths – Lies covered with a “truth”, to get you to swallow the LIE …..

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So, you have hit many high spots for me over the years. Your 9-11 one was right up there. This may well be my favorite – I loved the post and all your comments here.

I may be calling attention to Q for reasons that many here don’t like. My agenda is not to get people to hate Q – crikey, without Q we WOULD NOT BE HERE! So I support 100% your response to GA/FL below. The point is to get to the truth – warts and all.

And we are getting ever closer. You called forth the apocalypse the other day. Well, we are witnessing the unveiling (apocalypse) of the principalities and powers of the world in real time, on a daily basis. Whichever “side” Q is really on, Q has played a big part in this unveiling. I firmly believe that God will respond with His long awaited unveiling in the very near future. In a sense, it has already started – because the unveiling of the World IS God’s work.

PS, just FYI

Around 4000 years ago, in the age of Taurus, Hinduism (they still hold the cow sacred) was born and people in the ancient near East were prone to idolizing the golden calf (amongst others) – Wall Street still does, by the way.
Then Abraham came along and intended to sacrifice Isaac – God provided the ram in his stead. This was the beginning of the age of Aries. Roughly 2000- years later, the age of Aries was ended with the death of the Lamb of God.
Jesus recruited some fishermen, amongst others, and taught them to become Fishers of men – the fish becomes an important symbol of Christians and it just happened to coincide with the beginning of the Age of Pisces. Coincidence? God tells us that He put the stars in the Heavens for signs and wonders.

Well, the age of Pisces is at an end and Aquarius is dawning. The bible has numerous passages about the Son of Man coming at the end of the age – not the end of time. There are technical requirements for the transition from one age to the next, but it seems they overlap a bit – so no one can know the day or the hour.

But we are in those Days.


Wolf. I read your article with my mouth open in the brazen plot. I remember that vile woman(I wont say her name)saying she had more arrows in her quiver. Wolf your right we better get smart to these kind of tactics


Perfect analysis, Wolf.

It never occurred to me.

And I have visited Buffalo Jump in Montana. On its own, it rather shocks the system as to the vastness of the operation.

It just never occurred to me that mankind would do this to fellow men.


Here’s the thing — much as the loathsome scumbuckets in power TRIED to engineer a “buffalo jump” — very few jumped.

Mind you, TPTB very much wanted multiple deaths, priceless artifacts smashed, burning, a “coup” and an “insurrection.” They had agents provocateur on hand, a “stand-down” order for DC and Capitol Police, a recent (and unconstitutional) change in the law, and cameras trained…..and got a nothingburger. They even had to count spectator heart attacks to inflate their body count. VSGPOTUSDJT arranged to have a million witnesses to their shenanigans, their failure, and their overblown rhetoric.

Pelosi’s so panicked by the fizzle that she’s planning on having a “9-11 Commission” to bury it. Is she going to bring back Jamie Gorelick, “Mistress of Disaster”, to chair it? Two Capitol Police were so ashamed of their part in the fiasco that they committed suicide (or threatened to spill — “to-may-to, to-mah-to”).

And people of discernment are profoundly shocked that the lawless entrenched class of government ticks would gleefully attempt to herd thousands of citizens over a cliff.

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The worst of the scum.


Eyes wide open, excellent!


PS, Wolf…what I saw at Buffalo Jump was not hunting…but mass murder. I have not though about that trip for years until today. I came away very disturbed.

Similar to the more recent archeological information at Jamestown.

Many scalped skulls. Some were children.

There is a poignant tale by Tom Cruise in ‘The Last Samurai’ about how the American Indian fought. He scares the living daylights out of the writer by seizing his hair and describing what the Indians do to saw off their victims’ scalp to gain power.

It ain’t pretty.