TLDR: The Virus is Real, the Pandemic is Fake, the Vaccines are Wrong

THE END. That is the ultimate TL;DR - the title. You can take that and walk away with an understanding of the situation in three parts. Want to know more? Stick around. It's a coming post. But I want people to get the TL;DR NOW, before Monday, because things are going to start popping HARD. … Continue reading TLDR: The Virus is Real, the Pandemic is Fake, the Vaccines are Wrong

The Demoralization of Country Music

WARNING: This post is for CULTURE WARRIORS ONLY. You were warned. INTRO I thought about doing this post for a long time - maybe even before I started this site, which was back in September of 2018. Then I actually FINISHED this post on September 14 of 2019. And then I just let it sit … Continue reading The Demoralization of Country Music

Buffalo Jump

I cannot claim credit for realizing that the tactical maneuver of Trump's supporters to their political demise on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, was something known to American historians and anthropologists as a buffalo jump. However, as soon as I heard the ill-fated demonstration called that, all my questions about what … Continue reading Buffalo Jump

Speech-Protecting the Red Flags

Let me put the KILL SHOT on these "red flag laws" right up front. Hard to read that graphic. Let's make things just a bit more clear. Now you MAY be saying "BUT WOLF - THAT'S NOT THE SECOND AMENDMENT - THAT'S THE *FIRST* AMENDMENT!" To which I say "EXACTLY." Here is the explanation. It … Continue reading Speech-Protecting the Red Flags