Signs of COVID Plot Downfall

Don't relax now - we have them ON THE RUN There are many SIGNS that we have scored a MIDWAY VICTORY..... the fight against the COVID PLOT. I'm not kidding. Bringing down the SPIKE PROTEIN - the ABORTION PROTEIN - and the WHOLE-BODY SPREADINGTHROUGH-SKIN SHEDDINGTEEN-AGER DEADING mRNA vaccine - is like - in reference … Continue reading Signs of COVID Plot Downfall

Forum Feedback Discussion

Let me begin by thanking everybody who helped test out the forum, including a couple of "new" posters. I want to emphasize that the forum is going to be designed to bring more people to the discussion, which is basically designed to be like Twitter or Gab - talk about whatever. I want to THANK … Continue reading Forum Feedback Discussion

Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19

PREFACE I thought that I might withhold this post on Easter Sunday, and then I changed my mind, thanks to Deplorable Patriot, Trump, Gab and Jesus. If anybody ever FOUGHT on Easter Sunday, it was Christ. It's time to FOLLOW POINT. The Branch Covidians have taken a toll, but the WAR is turning, and - … Continue reading Branch Covidians – Seven Ways To See Through The Phony Pharmageddon of COVID-19


Somebody put Mountain Dew in the Wolf's water bowl, and suddenly he thinks he's wild and free. Indeed, while being WALKED BY HIS DOGHANDED OFF TO HIS WIFELEASHED TO HIS {{{"SMART"PHONE}}}X///RUNNING WITH SCISSORS IN HIS MIND///X But not yet having waved to the patriots who overfly his house routinely to see the giant TRUMP SIGN … Continue reading QArmageddon

Saying Goodbye, For The Moment, To Plain Jane

I want to thank Concerned Virginian, for letting us know that Plain Jane has passed. Thanks to Marica and IOTWreport as well. LINK: HERE Concerned Virginian Offline Wolverine March 20, 2021 20:32 from Marica’s blog) Plain Jane, who would come to the Q Tree and comment when she could, is now with the Great Physician. … Continue reading Saying Goodbye, For The Moment, To Plain Jane

Let A Thousand Plans Blossom

Whereupon we REALLY start messing with the enemy I want to thank Lisa Mei Crowley for this little clip, which is now a bit of a Buddhist mantra for me. LINK: "The advantage in life, in business, and in wartime goes to the competitor that does not flinch and does not broadcast his game … Continue reading Let A Thousand Plans Blossom

Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

Alternate Title: The moment I realized that GOD would back me in going asymmetrical on these unworthy China-compromised "U.S." military bastards. I have recently come into possession of information which made a lot of things start making a lot more sense. I only needed a final confirmation that I was correct - and I just … Continue reading Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

Buffalo Jump

I cannot claim credit for realizing that the tactical maneuver of Trump's supporters to their political demise on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, was something known to American historians and anthropologists as a buffalo jump. However, as soon as I heard the ill-fated demonstration called that, all my questions about what … Continue reading Buffalo Jump

Despair and Disillusionment

sun behind tower

This very special DESPAIR & DISILLUSIONMENT thread commemorates the greatest psy-op ever attempted against Heaven's beloved, mankind. Here we are again Imagine being Peter, seeing the miracles, the honor given to his teacher, the wild popularity with the people, and then, Jesus explains all of this is going to change. 31 He then began to teach … Continue reading Despair and Disillusionment

We Are Mighty To Save This Republic

The Truth About Our January Sixth Protest I was there, and I am PROUD of it. I am proud of the thousands and thousands of patriots who showed up to make an historic statement that the other side could only TRY to stop, by besmirching its beauty with their LIES and TRICKERY. Yes, their LIES … Continue reading We Are Mighty To Save This Republic