Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

Alternate Title: The moment I realized that GOD would back me in going asymmetrical on these unworthy China-compromised “U.S.” military bastards.

I have recently come into possession of information which made a lot of things start making a lot more sense. I only needed a final confirmation that I was correct – and I just got it.

I want to thank churchmouse for alerting me to this recent news about Buffalo Boy, or as he is more Q-mockingly self-named, QAnon Shaman.

Man who wore horns, hat apologizes for storming Capitol

2 hours ago

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona man who participated in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol while sporting face paint, no shirt and a furry hat with horns said he regrets storming the building, apologized for causing fear in others and expressed disappointment with former President Donald Trump.

In a statement released late Monday through his attorney, defendant Jacob Chansley said he has re-evaluated his life since being jailed for over a month on charges stemming from the Jan. 6 riot and realizes he shouldn’t have entered the Capitol building. Chansley, who previously said Trump inspired him to be in Washington that day, said Trump “let a lot of peaceful people down.”

That’s just the beginning. We’ll get into ALL of it in a minute. So what is the meaning of this?

TL;DR – “I’m peaceful, I’m sorry, Bad Orange Man let us down.”

Stated on the first day of the “impeachment”. Yeah, right.

Are you starting to see what they’re doing there? This guy is an actor – supposedly – Jake Angeli being his stripper stage name – and yet the Fake News trots him out like something real.

Now, I’m always up for a good joke. Back in the days of my various amazing misadventures at MKULTRA University, we all enjoyed this kind of sport, and while sometimes our mocking names for each other, and for the things each other loved, were quite cruel, after a while one gets to feel comfortable with that Babylonian style of humor. It’s very New York, quite frankly, and “I’m just bustin’ ya chops, buddy” was rarely needed.

People understand this. Humor creates acceptance. Lovable Buffalo Boy is disarmingly lovable, and – well – that is the mark of a quality psy-op. How can I not respect that?

Even after discovering an enormous amount of fascinating information about this guy, I just can’t hate him. He’s just a lovable buffoon – right? And he IS – and you MUST grant me this – the very FACE of the “insurrection” – would you not agree?

Let’s go on with the AP piece.

Chansley said he’s coming to terms with events leading to the riot and asked people to “be patient with me and other peaceful people who, like me, are having a very difficult time piecing together all that happened to us, around us, and by us. We are good people who care deeply about our country.”

Chansley’s attorney, Al Watkins, released the statement about a half-day before the second impeachment trial of Trump was scheduled to begin in the U.S. Senate.

Watkins, who unsuccessfully sought a pardon on Chansley’s behalf from Trump, said the Senate didn’t take up his offer to have his client testify on how he was incited by the former president.

The defense lawyer said his client’s apology wasn’t self-serving but rather a genuine expression of culpability. Still, he said he doesn’t think it’s right for the government to prosecute people who were incited.

“If you believe the government is correctly prosecuting the (former) president, you can’t at the same time hold criminally culpable those who were incited, because the people incited become victims,” Watkins said in an interview.

Chansley has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of civil disorder and obstructing an official proceeding, plus four other misdemeanor charges.

The U.S. Justice Department declined to comment Tuesday on Chansley’s apology.

OMG, the poor peaceful baby – the pobrecito – was incited by mean old Trump!

I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing.

Oh, my goodness, this is beautiful, beautiful psy-op right here. This is PAYLOAD.


This ties in with EVERYTHING ELSE they’ve been doing. This is the TEMPTATION right there. This is Peter saying to Christ “You don’t have to do this – there’s a way out.”

And once a patriot – a TRUE PATRIOT – sees that payload – there is only one proper response.


That is to say “I am past this decision. I will not take the safe, satanic choice. It is BEHIND me now. I will choose the future of pain and suffering. I will choose the Cross of Freedom over the satanic snuggles of phony forgiveness and luscious lies.”

Truth is clarity. It’s the brisk chill air of liberty in COVID-seared lungs, rather than the self-deceit of the warm, stupefying mask.



Oh, my goodness. A real Indian – a REAL Sitting Bull – a real medicine man – sets this treaty on fire and hands it back in FLAMES.

Let’s go on.

Chansley was among hundreds of pro-Trump supporters who charged past outnumbered police officers and stormed the Capitol as Congress was meeting to certify Joe Biden’s electoral win.

Authorities say Chansley was one of the first people in the Capitol building, disobeyed orders by an officer to leave, refused the officer’s request to use Chansley’s bullhorn to tell rioters to leave the Senate chamber, and wrote a note to then-Vice President Mike Pence saying, “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

Prosecutors said a spear on top of a flagpole carried by Chansley was a weapon, though his attorney has characterized the spear as an ornament.

I want you to look at the INSANITY of our Department of Justice. They are fighting over whether that fucking spear was a WEAPON or an ORNAMENT. Meanwhile, one of the greatest crimes in history, involving all these characters, and committed to cover up an even BIGGER crime, goes not merely unpunished, but uninvestigated, by the very same people. Mostly because most of them are committing it, or are protected by it, and are collectively allowing it to happen.

The rest of the above, however, demonstrates the CARE and PLANNING which went into this attack on President Donald J. Trump. You can see that “QAnon Shaman” was very careful to prepare his planned pacifist EXIT from his dilemma. He caused no real mayhem, because he knew this precise exit was coming.

With apologies to every gay friend I ever had, the fact that Chansley’s big crime was refusing to lend the kind officer his bullhorn to tell people to disperse – I simply cannot go there without screaming at this orchestrated farce, in Rocky Horror Picture Show tones, “THAT’S SO GAY!“, as not just a way of saying “Yeah, I get it”, but as a kind of camp praise of every peacefully spunky gay or “should have been gay” who ever lived.

Bravo! Somebody – wake up Mel Brooks. We need him again!

“Moving on……”

Since being jailed, Chansley has had two instances in which he wasn’t eating because the detention facilities where he was being held didn’t serve organic food. He lost 20 pounds (9 kilograms) during the latest starvation episode. Chansley, who calls himself the “QAnon Shaman,” said he has been following such a diet for eight years while practicing Shamanism.

Last week, a judge ordered corrections officials to provide Chansley with organic food. He was later moved to a jail in Virginia after the District of Columbia Department of Corrections said it couldn’t honor the court’s order to feed him organic food.

And that is the end of the article.

Organic food! Really!

Are you starting to see how they just rub it in? How they mock us?

This is all meant to either demoralize us, or provoke us. The latter, preferably to violence.

They want to take our guns. They want to take our “people power”. They want to wear down our “resistance”.

Can EVEN YOU LEFTY “#Resist” types see it now? Can you? Or are you so bought into the safety of ORANGE MAN BAD, that you cannot see a system that either USES you or DESTROYS YOU?

Welcome to CHINA, leftists. You’re getting your new China Joe good and hard, even though WE almost saved you from it.

Yes, almost. Except for the “valiant” efforts of a small cabal of powerful people, who made sure Trump didn’t win, and thought we would never learn how they stopped him.

The same people who pulled off the buffalo jump.


YES. Let’s go there.

Everything Wrong With The Buffalo Jump

The video Everything Wrong With The Capitol Hill Shooting is genius. In the same way that the usual Everything Wrong With… videos tell the story of Fake Entertainment clocking in with less-than believable action and scenery under close examination, EWWTCHS simply busts the Ashli Babbit shooting as a cringe-worthy, staged operation, designed to float a meme that “Trump got somebody killed”.

If you have not seen the video, I urge you to watch it, before going on.

It used to be on YouTube:

…..but now one has to look elsewhere. Here is Bitchute.

And here it is on Gab TV:

Now – I will only incorporate in a limited way, how the prominent Mr. Sullivan / JaydenX / whatever……..

Sorry – not that Sullivan…..

No, not THAT Sullivan, either…….. how about…….

YEAH! That’s more like it!

This particular Mr. Sullivan is HEAVILY connected to a lot of very high-level MIC stuff, not only through family, but just in general. He was raised in a “Religion of CIA” household (that would be Mormons), by a military father, and seems to have interesting “feelz” for groups across the spectrum.

Just read this stuff and see what you think. WINK, WINK.

LINK: https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2021/01/16/robert-gehrke-what-we/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/1m9da

So this guy shows up with a CNN reporter….

…….and leads an eye-rolling orchestrated event – straight out of active shooter training, only badly done – where an Air Force woman with what appears to be an “intel background plus cover” gets cringingly killed or at least it “looks that way if you suspend disbelief”.

Are you with me?

I’d say we have a little “MIC” on this stuff. Although possibly without the real bullets.

NOW – this stuff could be EITHER SIDE. I’m not going to get into that, because things get COMPLICATED when things ARE complicated. Sometimes, it’s only the END effects that tell you whose side somebody was on.


Yeah. Sometimes you don’t REALLY know until the end. I get that.

SO – when I found all this information about Mr. Jake Angeli, I had to wonder.

This was in response to the “Everything Wrong With” video. (PRIVATE SOURCE REDACTED)…….

I haven’t watched all of this video but Ive watched others. Much of what happened that day was a military op. It’s why Pelosi was crying about her laptop being stolen. Had some bad stuff on it like her brother being a pedophile I read. I read many personal electronic devices were taken, not stolen, that day for evidence. It was behind clearing the chambers — go, go now for your safety, leave everything behind! Yep. That whole girl being shot scene was as fake as could be. As a retired RN I know that blood doesn’t defy gravity and travel UP from her back to her front. Big nope! there. She’s fine. Viking horn guy was one of ours. Very out there all the past year so everyone would know him. Made himself highly visible. He’s one of ours, too. The actor “bio” found on-line for him — fake along with the name used on it. I had a photo of him shaking hands with Rudy G but lost it getting a new phone. He’s a super soldier type but sorry to say I’ve forgotten his real name per his sister. She wanted others to be clear that he was not Pantifa and not a bad guy. Photos from his sister. Guy on the right. I think that’s Chanel Rion from OAN maybe but not sure. Just know it’s him.

Now – here are the pictures that go with this.

Now – beyond my impression that NONE of the 3 soldiers matches the guy with Chanel Rion, I wanted to check against a known picture of Jake Angeli / Jacob Chansley WITHOUT the warpaint.

Such a thing DOES exist.

Look at the last comparison long enough, and you can see it’s him. Then take that back to the picture with Chanel Rion, and it all makes sense. It’s him.

Now, this is all fine and dandy. There’s a lot of HOPIUM on this, to assume that it’s OUR op, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. Nevertheless, I decided to dig a little deeper.

I wanted to see where that Chanel Rion picture came from, so I did a tineye search, and found the original image:

Now THAT is pretty interesting. It’s Jake’s fanboy picture with Chanel Rion.

And WHERE did it come from? Turns out, it was a TWITTER POST by a HARDCORE LEFTIST OPERATIVE, who was COUNTERING contentions that Buffalo Boy was ANTIFA or BLM.

He posted ANOTHER picture as well.

I repeat – an [apparently – I get that] unremittingly leftist Twitter account – a virulent Trump-hater – posted MAGA-doxxing photos of Angeli with two of the people who have been most faithful to Trump. They appear to be fanboi pictures, but still, he got CLOSE and got PICTURES.

Very USEFUL pictures.

Are y’all starting to see this now? How REAL sleazy operations work?

AND YET – in this same Twitter food-fight there were photos of Angeli at both BLM and climate change rallies, with an article for the latter:

LINK: https://www.azcentral.com/picture-gallery/news/local/arizona-environment/2019/09/20/hundreds-march-arizona-solidarity-climate-strikes-around-world/2391592001/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/7hgAp

Quite useful – at the very least – to make him seem a bit crazy, no?

Are y’all starting to see this?

Now I just need ONE MORE “confirming article” to round this all out.

LINK: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/01/12/navy-career-of-qanon-shaman-ended-after-he-refused-anthrax-vaccine.html

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/Ibf4D

You can dig under this one for two more links:

LINK: https://taskandpurpose.com/news/qanon-shaman-guy-navy-veteran-vaccine/

LINK: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/01/11/qanon-shaman-arrested-storming-us-capitol-navy-veteran.html

SO – if you read up on Angeli’s military career, then it just looks like Mr. Perfect Discreditation graduated with a degree in Anthrax Refusal, then went onto a career of infiltrating leftist organizations, until he appeared (in a sharp right turn) to be the perfect vehicle for discrediting MAGA and QAnon – not like the latter needed much, but nonetheless, he served his purpose.

And right as the impeachment opens up, he delivers the final payload……

“I’m nutty but nice, and peaceful, too, and BAD TRUMP incited me to violence and insurrection.”

I mean, I suppose I could roll up my sleeve and inject myself with pure ChiCom HOPANYL at DEATH LEVELS and say “Hey, this is just cover – something WAY BIGGER IS COMING – that he HAD to do that to “sneak by” everybody’s suspicions – he had to TAKE OUT TRUMP to prove himself to SAVE MAGA!”, but what possible payload can this guy deliver FOR MAGA in the future? What possible payload that undoes all the damage he just did?

Or can we just, finally, at long last, admit that this guy was an MIC operative who helped take out Trump?

And THAT brings me to MY BIG PAYLOAD.

Wolf Moon’s Asymmetric Counterattack on Chinese Infiltration and Control of Our Military

I am TIRED of being called a “racist” by lead-dumb brasstitutes and their civilian defense lady-boys who can’t grasp ChiCom racial, political, societal, and military strategies. These folks couldn’t spell 4GW if it walked up and kicked them in the ass. Which it apparently just did.

I am TIRED of being called a “white nationalist” by idiots who don’t understand that being white and loving this nation are only “extreme” to people who have been hypnotized into a state of reflex delusion by much SMARTER people. People who think nothing of abusing psychology for their group gain, at the expense of this nation.

I am TIRED of being legally threatened for being an “extremist” or an “insurrectionist” because I oppose those who want to change this nation into its antithesis by cruel, cheating, lying methods – AGAINST the will of the people.

BUT NOW – it’s much worse.

There is talk of “standing down” the military for what amount to political purges. They can call it what they want, but we know what it is. Sure hope China don’t get any ideas during the “stand down”. Sheesh. BUT CHINA JOE SAID DO IT!

The HORROR of this political attack on our military, is that the military is not allowed to engage in political advocacy of any kind, so they’re PARALYZED while the Chinese politico-military spider draws in close to suck them dry.

Now THEY can’t do anything, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.

As a civilian who loves our military, I cannot watch this crap and remain silent. But that’s the asymmetric beauty of this situation. I don’t HAVE to remain silent. I can call out all this Chinese race-mongering bullshit that is being leveled at our military and WITHIN OUR MILITARY through DUPES and IDIOTS all I want.

Trump understood this. He knew that all this critical race theory and related crap is a beautiful but very cold Han-Chinese catalyst to get the oxidizer of black America (sorry – caps for both or caps for neither) and the reducing agent of white America to BURN UP and EXPLODE. I find it actually very impressive that the ChiComs knew they had to up the stoichiometry of the oxidizer to get the maximum yield, too.

Meanwhile, the utter corruption of the Military Industrial Complex was just waiting to be put in service of China. I mean – you didn’t think that Mr. Comey and HSBC and Lockheed and Hillary and Mueller all added together meant anything but CHINA, did you?

No, no, no – you don’t start talking about “rooting out” “white nationalism” in our fine military, until you FINISH rooting out CHINESE RACE POISON, BRITISH IDEOLOGICAL SABOTAGE, and the CORRUPTION that invites both of them in at nation-destroying levels.


I can get people to join me in FUCK WITH OUR MILITARY IN AMERICAN WAYS.

Oh, I don’t have to sit there and mess with this “Patriots” and “Oath Keeping” and all this stuff that the ChiComs have already made toxic using their race-minion Democrats, and that can’t be understood by their money-minion Republicans.

We just come in and say “China has no fucking business running our military, and every time you utter their race garbage, you salute CHINA, and we call you out as a CHINA PUPPET.”

And there’s other ways, too, but for now, rooting out pro-China extremism in our military seems like a winning strategy.

The race stuff is CHICOM ideological infiltration.

The trans stuff is BRITISH ideological sabotage.

Anybody going to do anything about it? I would say that any time and EVERY time that somebody brings up “white nationalists” and “domestic extremists” in the military, that maybe we bring up the FOREIGN-incited extremism – the sneaky stuff that is already doing harm – and do something about THAT first. Because critical race theory and the like IS EXTREMIST.

Maybe we start with LIE DETECTOR TESTS.

Ain’t that right, CHINA JOE?

See you around, energy-BOY. And here. Have your “buffalo chips” back. We don’t need ’em.


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Competition is fierce around here.


We get another round of peeling the onion….and how false the prevailing narrative is.


Bravo! BRAVO!! BRAVO!!!!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP ThankYouTHANKYOUThankYou Mr.WolfMoon,SIR. A most welcome burst of clean cool eye-clearing soul-restoring and fortifying TRUTH.

Lead on Wolfie–I for one am right here with you. It’s a long road back into standing fully and totally in the LIGHT. One day at a time, one step at a time.

May God protect you and cover your every thought and move. God bless you real good this day, every day.

Love you!–L.


Don’t know if this has been posted on here previously, first time I have seen it (some language)

6th Jan Eye witness testimony of Antifa insurgents (www.youtube.com)

or to avoid youtube


Last edited 2 years ago by RAC
Gail Combs

BOTH videos have been TERMINATED….


May it all come out in the Senate. May the truth be vomited upon them all.

Gail Combs



Don’t know how long it had been posted on youtube, but was put on P.win 12 hours ago. I should think P.win is being monitored pretty closely, and the reactions prove the commies guilt and bad intent.


So…Jake Angeli’s real name is Jacob Chansley?

And I wonder who got him access to Rudy Giuliani?
Someone did.
Someone that is apparently trusted.

Wow, this movie has so many twists and turns…it is mind boggling.


Well thank you for dissecting it for us, Wolfie.
This is great work!

You know…lately I’ve been thinking about Big Pharma and the role they’ve played in getting Trump out of office.

He was in the process of lowering the boom on Big Pharma.
They had to be seething.

I wonder what role globalist Big Pharma has played in the development of the C19 virus…and the toxic vaccines?


Accomplices, yep for sure.

But I’m thinking that they could’ve played an active, integral role.

Big Pharma has been the major funder of virus research.

Big Pharma was the one who justified ‘creating viruses’.

They claimed they had to do this “in order to research existing viruses”.

So the whole idea of lab-created-viruses was accepted.
Accepted without any debate about how it could be a recipe for disaster.

Gail Combs

A bit of background:Do not forget the Rockefellers owned Chase Bank and Chase Bank employees ended up in charge of the World Bank. Also after the annual IMF & Word Bank meeting in NYC they traveled to the Rockefeller Estate for another meeting errr lunch at the Rockefelller’s  Pocantico Center, a venue for conferences and meetings…

Interesting link and link I found while trying to find the old reference about that.

 “Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bring together central bankers, ministers of finance and development, parliamentarians, private sector executives, representatives from civil society organizations and academics to discuss issues of global concern…” From IMF site.


History of pharmaceutical interests

In the early half of the 20th century, petrochemical giants organized a coup on the medical research facilities, hospitals and universities. The Rockefeller family sponsored research and donated sums to universities and medical schools which had drug based research. They further extended this policy to foreign universities and medical schools where research was drug based through their “International Education Board”. Establishments and research which were were not drug based were refused funding and soon dissolved in favor of the lucrative pharmaceutical industry. In 1939 a “Drug Trust” alliance was formed by the Rockefeller empire and the German chemical company IG Farben (Bayer). After World War Two, IG Farben was dismantled but later emerged as separate corporations within the alliance. Well known companies included General MillsKelloggNestleBristol-Myers SquibbProcter and GambleRoche and Hoechst (Sanofi-Aventis). The Rockefeller empire, in tandem with Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), owns over half of the pharmaceutical interests in the United States. It is the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world. Since WWII, the pharmaceutical industry has steadily netted increasing profits to become the world’s second largest manufacturing industry; [3][4] after the arms industry…..

IG Farben & Auschwitz

Auschwitz was the largest mass extermination factory in human history. However, few people are aware that Auschwitz was a 100% subsidiary of IG Farben. On April 14, 1941, in Ludwigshafen, Otto Armbrust, the IG Farben board member responsible for the Auschwitz project, stated to board colleagues:

“our new friendship with the SS is a blessing. We have determined all measures integrating the concentration camps to benefit our company.”

Thousands of prisoners died during human experiments, drug and vaccine testing. Before longtime Bayer employee and SS Auschwitz doctor Helmut Vetter was executed for administering fatal infections, he wrote to his bosses at Bayer headquarters:

“I have thrown myself into my work wholeheartedly. Especially as I have the opportunity to test our new preparations. I feel like I am in paradise.”

After WWII, IG Farben attempted to shake its abominable image through corporate restructuring and renaming. So great has been their success that the public has no idea that it many of the men responsible for such atrocities, were able to carry on their work even after the collapse of the Nazi regime. Namely, a medical paradigm that relies almost exclusively highly toxic drugs. Such men were in control of the large chemical and pharmaceutical companies, both well before and after Hitler. The Nuremberg Tribunal convicted 24 IG Farben board members and executives on the basis of mass murder, slavery and other crimes. Incredibly, most of them had been released by 1951 and continued to consult with German corporations. The Nuremberg Tribunal dissolved IG Farben into Bayer, Hoechst and BASF, each company 20 times as large as IG Farben in 1944. For almost three decades after WWII, BASF, Bayer and Hoechst (Aventis) filled their highest position, chairman of the board, with former members of the Nazi regime. Bayer has been sued by survivors of medical experiments such as Eva Kor who, along with her sister, survived experiments at the hands of Dr. Josef Mengele.[6] See also Bayer.

Other references:John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie Killed NaturalMedicine And Built The Big Pharma Drug Empire of Today!Skip to the center of the article to get to the meat. The first part is about the 13 Illuminati families that I tend to give the side-eye to.
The last part is references.

The Rise Of The Rockefeller Pharma Industry


Good stuff…thanks, Gail!
You’re amazing.

Gail Combs

I do what I can. A lot of this was dug up by others and I am just passing it along.

Luckily I took notes over the years and I have a good memory.

Gail Combs

People keep forgetting:

#1. Han Chinese have ZERO reverence for human life.
comment image

#2. Han Chinese look at other races WITH CONTEMPT. They consider Whites ‘Barbarians’
Huff and Puff: 6/27/2016 Nigerian In China: Why Are People Here So Racist Towards Black People?

The Chinese will take every opportunity they can find to talk about their 5,000 years of history and that theirs is the longest continuous civilization on Earth (which is pretty impressive). For all of that history, including the present, China has been almost exclusively a mono-ethnic culture that is basically ethnic Han Chinese.


Drunk on Han supremacy, Communist China holds a very racist image of India

…China is not like the West, and it will not become like the West.”

A better model of understanding China is offered by Samir Saran, the president of Observer Research Foundation, one of the most influential think tanks in Asia. He offers the 3M framework, the first M of which is the reemergence of historical identity of Zhōng Guó, or the kingdom at the center (of the world). He says, “You are beginning to see a huge emergence of the Middle Kingdom identity again. They [China] now believe that they are Centre of the world and no rules will restrict their global and domestic behavior.” This “Chinese exceptionalism is aided by two other Ms — Modern tools of engagement and Medieval mindset”. In effect, while China is ready to embrace modern tools, its cultural values are firmly embedded in a very anachronistic mindset….

A key part of this ONE CHINA mindset is the Chinese view on race. To quote Martin Jacques again, “The Chinese have a very, very different conception of race to most other countries. Do you know, of the 1.3 billion Chinese, over 90 percent of them think they belong to the same race, the Han….

Historically this one master race has always considered itself superior, but the combination of humiliation that China faced at Japanese and Western hands, coupled with the communist imprint has driven it to crazy heights. It is now a mixture of great arrogance and great insecurity….. 

#3. China’s HUMILIATION at the hands of Britain and the USA


Lessons of history: China’s century of humiliation“Repercussions of British opportunism during Opium Wars can be felt in geopolitics even today”


“….A passage from an essay by the Australian defense analyst Paul Monk is very telling on the subject of what President Xi intends for Asia’s near future:”

In any case, Xi Jinping, despite his genial smile, good English, and familiarity with the United States, is no reforming liberal. Shortly after assuming the presidency, he took all the members of his politburo with him to the bizarre museum the Party has built in Tiananmen Square – the museum of national humiliation and revival. He pointed out to them the exhibits showing the arrival of the Jesuits via Macao in the sixteenth century and how this had been the beginning of the infiltration and humiliation of China by the West. He pointed out the exhibits showing the Japanese invasions of China and making the unfounded assertion that the Japanese were defeated by the Communist Party with a little help from “good” Nationalist generals. The Americans, he said, then became the enemy. “Against this external enemy,” he told China’s inner group of top leaders, “we must stick together.”

“To erase the shame of its century of national humiliation, China will need to have an unequivocal victory over somebody….” LINK

LAST China plans ahead not in quarters or years but in DECADES. China is well aware of the coming (Little or Big) Ice Age. (I have read some of the papers out of China on the subject.) China NEEDS RAW MATERIALS and most of all LAND for the Han People.

What country produces 1/4 of the grain in the world??? WHY THE USA!!!


Now given the above facts about Chinese Han leaders and their mindset, Is a 1, 2, 3 punch not out of the realm of possibility?

  1. Produce a bio-weapon. And hype it to the world as much worse than it is.
  2. Produce an injection that SENSITIZES the human body to a spicific virus
  3. Release that virus to KILL OFF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN INJECTED.
  4. While western and African countries are reeling from this bio-weapon attack that creates chaos, move in and EXTERMINATE YOUR RIVALS.

It goes worldwide.

Prof Didier Raoult was vilified in France by the medical community there. They made him out to be a crackpot.

Here in Britain — as elsewhere in what used to be known as the Free World — we have had NO prophylaxes (e.g. HCQ+Zinc/Azithromycin or Ivermectin). The UK Government finally started distributing Vit D tablets to the vulnerable, but that’s been it.

There’s something very odd about a policy of ‘it’s either lockdown or the vaccine, and, even then, restrictions have to stay in place until at least 2022’ (British policy).

Meanwhile, millions of people from toddlers to the aged are suffering terribly in one way or another, psychologically or economically.

It would be interesting to know what the political persuasions of these ‘scientists’ and ‘behavioural psychologists’ are. One of our behavioural scientists involved in our coronavirus restrictions is a Communist: Dr Susan Michie.

She has not been a stranger to the BBC News channel during the coronavirus crisis. She appears fairly regularly on the BBC News Channel and is a member of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), from which Boris and his dreadful health secretary are taking all their advice. She is also on a breakaway group, Independent SAGE (don’t ask me).

Here is an article from May 2020 from our foremost political blogger in the UK, Guido Fawkes:


Here’s a 2018 article about her from the Daily Mail:


‘Toffs’ is slang for members of the upper class, BTW. The Liberal Party (as was) was a halfway house between Labour and Conservatives. Today, the successors, the Liberal Democrats, are as bad as Labour.


‘Susan Fiona Dorinthea Michie is the granddaughter of Henry McLaren, the 2nd Baron Aberconway, an Eton-educated Edwardian industrialist and Liberal MP. 

‘He inherited major interests in coal, iron, steel and engineering conglomerates, and created the sumptuous gardens at Bodnant House, a stately home set in 5,000 acres near Snowdonia.

‘Her mother, Dame Anne McLaren, was born at Aberconway House, the family’s imposing 2,800-square-metre second residence in London‘s Mayfair, and was one of the world’s leading biologists. When she died in 2007, aged 80, she left £52million in her will.

‘Ms Michie’s father, meanwhile, was an eminent computer scientist who was the son of a wealthy banker whose photo is among the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

‘Despite these moneyed roots, the blue-blooded Susan, 62, marches to the beat of her own drum.

‘She stretches her every sinew in pursuance of a class war as a member of the Communist Party of Britain.

‘On Monday night, she addressed a meeting of about 40 true believers at the Marx Memorial Library in London’s Clerkenwell …’


In conclusion, it would be very interesting to learn where some of these other people lie on the political spectrum. We know about Brennan, but what about everyone else?

Maybe this is more of a British issue than an American one, but I doubt any loyalty to Britain from many of our scientists advising on coronavirus strategy.


Absolutely. Agree 100%.

Also notice with coronavirus that no contrarian science or perspectives are allowed.

Gail Combs

Science? What Science? All I see is propaganda and Dis-info THAT IS HARMFUL to the average human.


That’s what I meant, Gail.

From the beginning — last March — my greatest fears have come to pass.

‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ (R. Emmanuel): a perfect way to usher in communism.



Not what we learned in school — at all.

We learned that humans developed a natural immunity to certain diseases. Now ‘experts’ are telling us it can come only through a vaccine. Madness. 🙄

Then, again, they’re relying on an idiocracy. Unfortunately, half the population fits that description.


Big Pharma is no different that Wall Street, Globalist, CoC…DRIVEN BY PROFIT.

Minimal profit with HCQ, D, Zinc…

Develop NEW medicines and vaccines, NOW we are talking hundreds of Billions in profits. An opportunity to screw up immune systems…more opportunity for profit.

All big Pharma had to do was “shut up” regarding HCQ, D, Zinc… Be faithful puppets and a leap at emergent opportunities to develop new meds and vaccines at warp speed. Profits also at warp speed.


Maybe helpful to Rudy to send him a link to this article (any twitterers or whatever he’s using now), regarding who allowed Chansley to get close.
Dates on the pics may not mean much but Chansley is wearing same clothing in each so probably same occasion that should help him tie down who was regulating hangers on.

Gail Combs


If Chansley is an asset he could strike the pose needed against a green screen so it fits correctly.


Dangling a “get out of jail free” card for patriots is going to fail.

He’s looking for mass absolution in order to get President Trump.

Denounce Trump and you are free to go.

Eff that horned ass, and eff those who put him up to it.



Let me correct that.



That’s right!

𝐂𝐂𝐏 𝐁𝐮𝐭𝐭-𝐁𝐨𝐲 𝐁𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐧’𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐧.





Hah! Perfect.

Gail Combs

𝗩𝗶𝗰𝗲𝗿𝗼𝘆 𝗝𝗼𝗲 𝗗𝗶𝗱𝗻’𝘁 𝗪𝗶𝗻… 𝗛𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗮!


PS from the QV link – Sidney Powell: There is a large number of active election fraud court cases ongoing contrary to what you have heard.
Trump and the GOP won 2/3 of the 21 cases heard with evidence.


I appreciate that you explain this stuff to us.
my disgust meter is redlining this morning…
we need to reset from last good checkpoint.

Gail Combs

As said, Americans have to be brought to the brink to WAKE THEM THE HECK UP!!!

WELL, I’M AWAKE!!!! 🤓 


me too…
awake and pissed off…

Deplorable Patriot

Trying to absorb all of the who is on what side is going to be a real challenge when all is said and done, IMO.

This is interesting about horn dude, that he may well be a plant.

Gail Combs

Horn Dude IS A PLANT!

With this ‘I’m sorry’ he just told us on which side he is playing.

Barb Meier

Do we know yet if attorney Al Watkins is the dad of NYT “journalist” Ali Watkins who sleeps around DC for scoops?

Gail Combs

WIKI: ZERO info on her parents.

[Ali] Watkins was born and raised in Berks County, Pennsylvania and attended Fleetwood High School in Fleetwood, PA.[9] She is a graduate of Temple University, where she was a news editor for The Temple News.

In 2014, while she was still a senior in college, Watkins broke a national story about the Central Intelligence Agency monitoring United States Senate computers while the Senate Intelligence Committee was preparing a report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program.[11][12] For their work on the story, Watkins and two other journalists were named as finalists for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in National Reporting….

From Law and Crime DOT com (Created by TV’s top legal commentator and attorney, Dan Abrams, Law & Crime brings common sense written and video analysis…) So not exactly MAGA friendly.

The Bio of the Lawyer Representing Two Gun-Toting St. Louis Attorneys Will Leave You Speechless

…the attorney they chose to represent them, Albert S. Watkins, is—in his own words—“beyond description.”

Watkins is the founding member and senior counsel at St. Louis-based law firm Kodner Watkins, LC. His attorney bio page is a collection of surreal boasts which must be read to be believed.

“Self-centered, egotistical, and a self-proclaimed expert in all matters, Watkins is unabashed about bringing to the public eye the irreconcilable nature of a position taken by an adversary in a case,” the bio states.

Watkins then rattled off a list of “achievements,” starting with his defense of former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Jack Clark….


But after Pujols filed a defamation lawsuit against Clark accusing him of disseminating “malicious, reckless and outrageous falsehoods” to “generate attention and ratings” for his new sports-radio talk show, Clark issued a public apology admitting he had “no knowledge whatsoever” that Pujols used any banned substances.

Next up was Watkins’s defense of a Missouri rodeo announcer who had apparently been unfairly maligned in Cuba.

“When the Obama mask wearing rodeo clown appeared at a state fair in Missouri and garnered international attention for making racist comments, a school district superintendent announcing the rodeo was erroneously named as the maker of the offending comments,” the bio stated. “Watkins not only reversed a global media error in attribution, including front page clarification in the Habana, Cuba state owned paper, but he brought to the fore the counterintuitive prioritization by the media of inconsequential minutia while the world erupts around them.”

The bio also said that “witnesses subjected to [Watkins’] cross examination” have been rendered “incapable of speaking.” It further said that one of those witnesses went on to die by suicide….

‘QAnon Shaman’ hires St. Louis attorney Al Watkins, seeks pardon for following Trump’s ‘invitation’
This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2006. LINK

This comment is interesting (He gets a rating of ZERO BTW)

Theres a good reason the DC Bar censured Al!

Posted by nonaht

July 17, 2012

Al Watkins plays a billing game: he charges you every time he touches your file (as he should), then he passes it to his “assistant” for review (fee is about 1/4 of what he just charged you for). Then he sends it for filing (more $$$). just a few contacts and your ten thousand dollar retainer needs ‘refreshing’! After he blew through my retainer (having a recent law grad doing the work he was charging for at full rate), he ‘fired’ me as a client for not giving him more cash! When i went back to court on my own (and won), i moved the court for attorneys fees. the court gave me $2500 (not the 10 grand i actually spent), and said he could only give 2500 because it was the highest fee that he felt could be ethically charged. then the judge told me (ON THE RECORD!) that Watkins charges were so far out of line that i should make a bar complaint and call him as a witness! Watkins was censured by the DC bar and then came here: now we know why. Represent yourself if you have to, but steer clear of Kodner Watkins!!!

So he was practicing IN DC before getting censured by the DC bar and THEN moving to St Louis with the hopes his reputation would not follow him.

So it is very possible the two are related.

Gail Combs

OOPs, GOOD Possibility they are NOT related. She was in Pennsylvania while he was in DC.

He sounds like a wannabe Michael Avenatti, the former Stormy Daniels attorney,

Gail Combs

I do not think so BUT Bite-me’s family was from Scranton PA

It is  66.5 miles from Fleetwood to Scranton.

It is 3 hrs from Fleetwood to DC.

Fleetwood is northeast of Landcaster PA.

I find it strange there is NOTHING about who her parents are.

Here is her DECEMBER 5, 2017 bio from the NY SLIMES

Ali Watkins, who covers intelligence and national security for Politico, will cover national security, starting Dec. 18….

Ali, who covers intelligence and national security for Politico, has had a series of important scoops. She broke news that Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser, met with a Russian spy in 2013. She also had exclusive new details on China’s harassment of American spies. Last month, she was the first to reveal the name of the Russian woman, Olga Vinogradova, who met with the former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos during the 2016 campaign.

Ali arrived in Washington in 2013 as an intern covering national security for McClatchy, where she was part of a Pulitzer-finalist team that uncovered the C.I.A.’s spying on Senate Intelligence Committee computers.

After McClatchy, Ali covered national security for The Huffington Post and then Buzzfeed before going to Politico….


OK back to the Lawyer. Looks like he is mainly located in the mid-west

State Status ……………. Acquired — Updated
MN Authorized to Practice 1987 — 12/17/2020
IL Authorized To Practice 1986 –12/06/2020
DC Active …………………..1986 –10/14/2017
MO Good Standing, Active 1985 — 11/19/2020

Reprimand issued in MN, 2006

  • updated on 03/02/2010
  • Reprimand means an attorney did something wrong but may still practice law. The State gives the lawyer a public reprimand in hopes that he or she will not repeat the behavior.

Reprimand issued in IL, 2005

  • updated on 03/15/2010
  • Reprimand means an attorney did something wrong but may still practice law. The State gives the lawyer a public reprimand in hopes that he or she will not repeat the behavior.

Reciprocal – Censure issued in DC, 2005

  • updated on 01/08/2013
  • This means that the attorney’s misconduct in another state, or jurisdiction, also violated the rules for practicing law in District of Columbia Bar.


The two bad reviews were for MO on July 17, 2012 and June 17, 2014

Gail Combs

Watkins is a rather common name. There are 168,248 people with the last name of Watkins.

There are 34, 546 Al Watikins.

Valerie Curren

perhaps this needs an Aubergine style sleuthing?


If only we could get a peek into that file drawer with the pre-written obits … She’s just famous enough to be in there.

Gail Combs

Wolfie I want to bring these two comments of mine to this thread.

From Yesterday’s Buffalo Jump Thread:

GA/FL said:We can’t rant and post on blogs?” https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/13.0.1/svg/1f641.svg

I replied:
Of course we can. BUT we should not be enticed to bring guns to the state capitals like the Commies tried just after January 6th.
Someone spotted that as a False Flag set-up. The news spread like wildfire and it got nipped in the bud. NO ONE SHOWED.  😎 
So that part of the PLAN was a real dud. IF the Commies had pulled it off it would have been something similar to what they pulled in the Ukraine.

Referencing the piece run here at Fort Russ on 27 October “Confessions of Maidan Snipers” by Darrol, here is the original confessions given to Italian journalist Gian Micalessin which transcript should closely match the testimony provided in the Belarus’ courtroom, noted in the 27 October piece:

(With English subtitles) Italian investigative journalist Gian Micalessin interviews three snipers who shot the people in Maidan square. They were Georgians sent to Ukraine by security services people aligned with American allied-educated Mikhail Saakashvili. American mercenary Brian Christopher Boyenger ran the sniper operation on location.




transcript of parts one and two:

What the hell? Who is shooting? Somebody got shot! I can’t believe it happened right here! A man standing right next to me just got shot!

It was at dawn, I heard sounds of gunshots as bullets were flying. Somebody got shot in the head by a sniper.

𝕎𝕖 𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕕 𝕥𝕠 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕠𝕥 𝕒𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕡𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕤 𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕠𝕞𝕝𝕪.…


Now we learn
Neo-Nazi Ukrainians, and Forefathers of Antifa, Instigated and Participated in the Capitol Hill Riot Alongside Antifa

…With the help of Yaacov Apelbaum, from the illustrated Primer, we know that Ukrainian Neo Nazis were at the Capitol on the 6th as well. One noted member of the fascist group who refers to itself as the Zhidobanderites, Sergai Dybynyn, was photographed at the Capitol with the man known as Jacob Anthony Chansley (see above). Sergai was also in the Ukrainian army and is wanted for horrible crimes in his past….

comment image
comment image

comment image



From Today’s Daily Thread:

Last Night RF121 was saying Ashli Babbitt was MAGA and WAS SHOT…
(If she was Military police AND a Security Guard then SHE more than anyone else DARN WELL KNEW SHE WAS BREAKING THE LAW AND COULD BE SHOT!)

Unlike with other cases of an unarmed civilian being shot we have:


Investigators Recommend No Charges For Capitol Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt But Still Won’t Release His Identity It is unusual that the police officer’s identity is being withheld from the public and yet he is being exonerated of any wrong doing from the authorities reviewing the case.


Although we also have this:
January 13, 2021 in News by RBN Staff From Redpilled on the 12th
REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt is a Brazilian Immigrant and Black Lives Matter Militant — HE REPEATEDLY THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON FACEBOOK FOR MONTHS! (Exclusive Evidence)

THEN yesterday @ February 9, 2021 at 8:39pm we have THIS from the Gateway Pundit

EXCLUSIVE: Ashli Babbitt’s Legal Team Breaks Silence on Capitol Tragedy – Requests Public’s Help in Identifying Persons of Interest

“…After over a month of silence and many unanswered questions, Ashli Babbitt’s legal team has started opening up to the public.
Last month four Trump supporters were killed in the US Capitol siege in Washington DC. One victim, was Ashli Babbitt who was gunned down by a Capitol Hill Police Officer inside the capitol during the protests. To date, this officer’s name has not been released.
Ashli Babbitt’s legal team has been working day and night to uncover the truth behind her death. [Yeah, right…]

For the first time since the shooting, they have gone public and are asking for your help. They are seeking information to help identify four persons of interest, all of whom were present during the shooting.

All four individuals are believed to have important information regarding the death of Ashli Babbitt:”

“We want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of the Babbitt family. We are early in the investigative process, but we need to identify a few key witnesses. We would also greatly appreciate any video footage of the incident.” – Ashli Babbitt’s legal team

[Several Photos @ Gateway Pundit]


First off,

  1. WHY are the lawyers looking to ID those four individuals?
  2. At least two are the guys IDed as ‘in on the hoax’ in a video shown here a few days ago.
  3. WHY the request ON THE 1st DAY OF THE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS 35 days AFTER the Shooting?

Stinks to high heaven to me. AND it is interesting to see the comments at Gateway Pundit. Instead of smelling something fishy, they are all getting riled up about the shooting and no justice all over again.



Looks like the patsies may be in danger to me.

Gail Combs

My next comment further down show that lawyer is a SLEAZY as they come. He USED TO WORK IN DC and was SO BAD he was censured by the DC bar!!!

The SMELL OF SET-UP is becoming over whelming…

Barb Meier

What are we missing while all this bad acting is going on to distract us? How much progress is the current administration making at completing their selling of America to the highest bidder? It is always about following the money.


They, Beijing Biden’s handlers are brazenly tossing America over the precipice.

EVERYTHING they are doing IS destructive to America. R-Cons silent. Fake news complicit.


Tayler Hansen reports for Gateway Pundit, and his name and image are referenced throughout the Babbitt “shooting” video, because he was there – on the scene of the incident. Last night he wrote the article at GWP with photos referencing the “lawyers” looking for people. The article includes this disclaimer from Jim Hoft.

Notice to Readers: There are several claims online that Ashli Babbit’s death was a staged event and that those around her were paid actors. We want to be clear that Tayler Hansen is a contributing reporter at The Gateway Pundit. He has broken stories across the country. Tayler was tweeted by President Trump at least twice. We can assure our readers that Tayler Hansen is not a paid actor. Jim Hoft

Thoughts on this? How did the video narrator know who Tayler Hansen was? Everyone else has a nickname, even John Sullivan and Ashli Babbitt.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009
Gail Combs

Tayler Hansen reports for Gateway Pundit,….”

And how in heck does the Gateway Pundit KNOW that Tayler isn’t a DEEP PLANT?

What better way to SHAPE the narrative?

comment image


There’s footage of Hansen being interviewed at the end of the video, talking some nonsense wearing a BLM hoodie. Did GWPundit pull a project veritas on this thing? As I said, it’s above my pay grade.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009

Edit to my comment above. In the video they do identify one other person by name, Adam Gray (“their photographer”).

I’m watching it again now, stopping every few seconds. Tayler Hansen is called out ALL through it, by name. I’m at the point of leaving this for the boss to unravel.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009
Gail Combs

At 18:51 you have Tayler Hansen shouting “They F…King Shot a Girl”

Prior to that he was standing in the corner between a cop and Jayden watching the scene.

Either he is REALLY STUPID or he is ‘Controlled Opposition’ in my opinion.



In an interview with CNN on Wednesday night, Ochs said: “We didn’t have to break in, I just walked in and filmed.” CNN also reported that Ochs said he was working as a professional journalist. 

Tayler Hansen 

Tayler Hansen, founder of a movement called Baby Lives Matter, posted a graphic video he took inside the Capitol, showing the aftermath of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, who died from her injuries. Capitol Police shot her as she tried to climb through a window.

Hansen said in an email that he was there doing his job, documenting events “as they unfolded,” he said. “I am a Trump Supporter, but it wasn’t the reason I was in attendance.”

THIS is now showing 404 AND is not archived, but the search engine blurb says:

EXCLUSIVE: Independent Journalist Tayler Hansen: A Riot that turned deadly, What I wittnessed at the US Capital Riot

In Conclusion I, Tayler Hansen, in no way, shape, or form support the events that unfolded on the 6th. With that being said, it doesn’t take a genius to know it’s impossible for unarmed protestors to have successfully breached one of the most secure buildings on Earth, while the Vice President was inside….

Playing for sympathy maybe? June 8th, 2020 Salt Lake City ANTIFA Violently Attacks, Threatens to Kill Citizen Journalist Tayler Hansen

The 20 year old male was arrested for suspicion of the below crimes:


DISORDERLY COND 2 (B Misdemeanor)

No bail has been set for Hansen which is listed as a 6 ft 0 in white male weighing approximately 185 lbs.

[Legal disclaimer]

This information is made available by the local sheriff’s office near Multnomah County Oregon….



The simple fact is that they have been trying to provoke Trump supporters for years into something stupid. It’s been the Antifa M.O. since the beginning – but try as they might they were never able to get that “made for TV moment” that made Trump supporters the aggressors. They had to build it themselves.

And Thank God for Nicholas Sandmann who knew how to stand his ground without flinching in the face of evil!


Sandmann is weak. He worked for McConnell’s reelection then fired Lin Wood. He’s got more money to rake in, don’t you know, and wouldn’t want any distractions. I’m over that kid.

Gail Combs

I think Sandmann is bowing to pressure from the University and the students.


Sorry. He has popped his own balloon.


Perhaps his parents also.

Gail Combs

Yeah, he has to get through university and POTUS is radioactive on College Campuses right now and he would be a prime target.

Actually I think it is best for the kid, Lin Wood and POTUS for a bit of strategic distancing.

Questa Nota

As Wolf and team continue to document, current politics and economics stories contain elements of false identities, purposely confusing portrayals, misleading or incomplete reporting, phony coincidences, actor role-playing presented as news and general all-around skullduggery. You need a scorecard to see who is playing which role, and why they are playing that role for the time being, along with who is behind the scenes pulling so many strings.

Given the above, how is the average person among 330 million Americans supposed to sort out what is truth from what is fiction?

They aren’t.

At least not on the instant gratification news cycle schedule through which people get stimulated and respond.

If and when enough people learn that they’ve been lied to for years by authorities in media and government that they trusted, or at least tolerated, or didn’t actively dislike, that would trigger reactions.

In short, that would freak them the heck out.

Generating, or manipulating, a critical mass of such awareness becomes very difficult to control, and too many have vested interests in suppressing that awareness. That seems to be the real challenge confronting the long term effort to drain swamps and expose treasonous actors, in that we all have to survive the process and resume living without destroying the country, the Constitution, the Rule of Law and each other in so doing.

The truth takes a little longer, and is not without pain and adjustment. That is being revealed, and life reminds us that patience is a virtue.


REX holds forth and pretty much aligns with you, Wolfmoon.


Gail Combs

I am going to put Rex thread up since some can not see it. Also it aligns with what I think despite Saul and Thomas Wictor’s blaming of MAGA for getting duped into ‘violence’ As I said it has been a DUD!

(One day ago)
1. As predicted, the Democrats and their RINO friends mean to turn Citizen Trump’s impeachment into a major spectacle.
This despicable show trial of a private citizen by an illegitimate oligarchy aka ‘The Senate’, is a first in US history.
Guilt or innocence is irrelevant to these vile scum. Even if Trump is acquitted, as is likely, the FakeNews attack machine will make it appear he should have been convicted.
It’s the MO of the People of the Lie.

2. Of course, don’t be surprised if they pull a stunt that ends up with blood being spilled and so-called Trump supporters being blamed.
And of course Trump convicted.
We already know the oligarchs are capable of very evil schemes to destroy people.
And they desperately need to make sure Trump never threatens them again.
Trump remains a threat. He is perhaps more dangerous out if office, than in it.

3. My sense is that Obama & Co’s plan was to provoke violence on Jan 6 and then all the way to impeachment.
They wanted this sham impeachment of Trump to be drenched in conflict, violence and bloodshed.
Securing Trump’s conviction.
It’s the way illegitimate governments consolidate their power. It allows them to crack down on domestic enemies, as well as to ‘save’ the people.
They have tried EVERYTHING. But their plans have FAILED (no surprise, they are losers).
There has been no violence.

4. There are at least 74 MILLION furious and frustrated voters out there, many who are armed to the hilt, but they have MAINTAINED DISCIPLINE.
And respected the law.
This is testimony to the resilience, intelligence and patience of Trump fans. Turns out, years of being under assault have made them TOUGH.

Way, way tougher than the crowd supporting Biden & Co.
Also, we have become SMART. Trump’s supporters are canny and understand when they’re being played.

5. My view is that Biden & Co may be in real trouble.
They desperately wanted to use the window between Jan 6 and the impeachment sham, to consolidate their illegitimate power grab.
Their aim was to provoke enough violence and bloodshed by Trump’s supporters, to secure not just Trump’s removal as a threat – but also a widespread crackdown on the huge majority who support him.
Didn’t work.

6. Instead, the crooks arrive at Feb 8 widely loathed and openly mocked.
Put simply, the population just hasn’t bought their bullshit.
In fact, opposition is likely INCREASING.
Again, the sheer level of opposition is too difficult for Biden & Co and their FakeNews slave dogs, to overcome.
They arrive at the sham impeachment in pretty much the same situation they found themselves on Nov 2, 2020.
Weak, hated, corrupt and illegitimate.
I have no doubt that they will now double down on dumb.

7. The impeachment will be a travesty, of course.
BUT guess what?
Trump, the supreme strategist and showman, also has a say. And he will know everything I wrote in this thread is true.
He would have known months ago.
Of course, the criminals will crow about what a huge success the impeachment trial was.

8. Let them crow. How many will have the guts to walk down the street?
Not many.
They know 80 – 100 MILLION Americans are quietly watching their every move.
Impeachment will make Trump more popular than ever, whether he is found guilty nor not.
There is zero appetite for violence among genuine Trump fans and never has been.
Besides, it’s not required.
Biden and his cronies are destroying themselves, after all.
We are patient, and will wait for their inevitable fall.
The end.


Thank you for posting it for we members of the “banned!”

Gail Combs

That is why I did. I know a bunch of Treepers got BANNED because of Q.

I still think Saul is a Pied Piper meant to lead the good researchers on Twatter off into the weeds once they were banned.


So I am going to try and state some thoughts of mine but if they seem incoherent it’s because I’m not good at this. Thanks Wolf Moon as I have known from the get go this guy was not nor are most of this people around Ashley Trump supporters. I was also thinking that he was put out there to make the Q thing look like we are crazy. Funny all the fur hats, really?

Also did the CNN gal get arrested? I haven’t heard if she did, and if not why not. I want all the people in that room arrested. Lets let them set in jail and see if they will get what they want to give to the peaceful supporters. Then see if any one will start talking. Who did Ashley go to DC with? Talk to them, where are they? Where were they when she got shot? Or did she go there alone? I find it hard to believe she did that. I can’t imagine someone going all that way alone, or maybe it’s me.

Also Buffalo boy, was there any footage of him outside? I think maybe a little but, come on man, it was cold out there that day. He didn’t have on a shirt, there was no way he was outside for long. I will not believe he was that tough. So that means he was not at the Trump speech and he was just there to be at the Capital. Or he was with Sullivan and already in the Capital. I say let him stay there tell he rats on his bosses. He gets the, let me see I think some one posted about one guy they want to go to jail for 20 years. The they all should, especially the ones that were breaking the windows and going into offices.

There is no way most Trump supporters didn’t know that was wrong. I don’t think most of them are and if they are they are not smart or good ones. I know there were good ones that did get caught up in it but I don’t believe they were doing the window breaking or most of the violent stuff. So come on FBI lets get the ones on camera and pictures and lets see if you can put the squeeze on them and get to the real people that organized this. And I would love to see all reps and senators phone calls at this time…..ALL of them!!!

Oh what fun that would be.

Chyyyna Joe didn’t win. Nor did hoe.


The FIB is an enemy of the state – a domestic sedition group.


In my weird mind the only thing I can think of is that we have the right to have a new government if it’s not working for the people, right? Even antifa and BLM would agree to that one even if we would not agree with them.

I know it would never work but some how we need to find a way to work together to get them out. Our Gov. I mean. Crazy as it sounds. I know they are out of there minds but I keep hoping.

I guess I am just trying to think of how to go from here. Even if the likes of Liz Cheney don’t seem to care if we here in WY hate her guts, I still think there egos just have to be hurting just a bit, they just have to.

I am sure the turn out that Trump got to come to DC scared the begebus out of them. So they lie as they always do. Not working


In many cases, he probably had no choice but to accept the wrong people (e.g. Barr): ‘It’s so-and-so or else’.

They tried to wear him down. Maybe they succeeded.

If not, the other way is to ‘go via the wife’. Works most of the time: ‘Oh, darling, don’t fight this. Let’s leave and get our old life back’.

Gail Combs

I do not think it would work with Melania unless it was harm aimed at Barron.

Remember she KNOWS Communism well.


And they have to know that they will NEVER get their old life back. The left will keep going after him until he’s completely broke or dead. We know that, and he must know that as well.

Gail Combs

The left point blank in 2016 said, it was not enough to defeat Trump, he must be DESTROYED!

 David Plouffe, an Obama adviser-turned-Silicon Valley lobbyist…

It is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.

— David Plouffe (@davidplouffe) June 13, 2016


Would she have equated it with communism?

I’m not so sure.


Yes, I forgot the JFK bit. Thank you for the reminder.

Chuck ‘Six ways from Sunday’ Schumer (early 2017) was not wrong about the intelligence agencies.

Re guns: they’ll still be there, just no ammo. The ammo supply will continue to diminish. That started in the Obama era.

However, the supply of guns will continue in order to maintain the charade: ‘You can buy a gun anytime. We haven’t taken your 2A away’.


Yes, they are VERY sneaky.

Tie that in with the coronavirus lockdown/mask policy — ‘It’s for your health’. Lefties begin to drag in Conservatives.

It all begins to make sense.


80% lower supports an untraceable option. Requires some fine machineing. But folks in the know, make it work.


View post on imgur.com


Nice find.


This whole episode is so FUBAR, Grandma!!!!

Gail Combs

See the info I just added if you want to see REALLY FUBAR!

Certainly makes you wonder about 9/11 and the Patriot Act that was WAITING in the wings… NO WAY that bill got written so fast after 9/11!


It is utterly disgusting. Our government and its paid actors are on par with burlesque.


Indeed. We no longer actually have a government.

Yet we do have burlesque.


Grandma, do you or Wolf know how to copy, find and send the John Solomon interview in Thomas Caldwell to others?

I cannot seem to find the info on gab or Solomon’s website and see no place to click and send.


Thanks, Wolf!!!!! Excellent interview!

Gail Combs

What is it? I see nothing but dark gray.


Strange…it comes up for me after loading. It is a profile from a site called Backpage…Jake Angeli’s actor’s profile.

And here is a photo with Pelosi’s son in law.
comment image


I very much appreciate the mention, Wolf! Glad that article was so useful.

Another excellent post, which explains a lot. Thank you.

Gail Combs

comment image

Gail Combs

WASHING COMPOST:Alleged Oath Keeper leader Thomas Caldwell was former FBI 

The feds say he’s an extremist leader who directed rioters. He also had top-secret clearance and worked for the FBI, attorney says.

Feb. 9, 2021 at 1:10 p.m. EST

Navy veteran Thomas Edward Caldwell led a band of the Oath Keepers extremist group to Washington on Jan. 6 to storm the U.S. Capitol, federal prosecutors allege, helping to mastermind a violent plot to stop lawmakers from certifying Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

But Caldwell’s attorney, Thomas K. Plofchan, says he isn’t just a retired lieutenant commander. Caldwell also had a top-secret security clearance and served as a section chief for the FBI after leaving the armed forces in 2009, Plofchan said….

2009??? AS IN OBAMA???


The claims about Caldwell’s high-security clearance and FBI service add to concerns about extremism in the military and law enforcement. The indictments against numerous alleged rioters with military and police connections have led local agencies to open investigations and the Pentagon to order each military branch to dedicate time to addressing the problem in the coming months….

Nice bit of AND Logic there isn’t it Wolfie?

Any bets the guy fades and never spends a DAY IN JAIL?

Oh and it gets even better

“The presence of law enforcement officers in the riot reinforces and substantiates the greatest fears many in the public had in the nature of law enforcement in the United States,” Michael German, a former FBI special agent and fellow with the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, told The Washington Post….

You just can’t make this stuff up!!!

And from News Week:

The alleged leader of the group, Thomas Caldwell, 66, of Berryville, Virginia, worked as a section chief for the FBI from 2009 and 2010 after retiring from the Navy.

A YEAR??? He worked for the FBI for a YEAR???

Yeah right. Any bets he worked undercover for the last decade?

Gail Combs

After a bit of thought, I realized you had to LOOK at 2009-2010.
The Oath Keepers Formed in March 2009


April 16, 2009 Napolitano stands by the controversial Department of Homeland Security report which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S along with ordinary American patriots.

“Rightwing extremism,” the report said… goes beyond religious and racial hate groups and extends to “those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely.”

“It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” said the report, which also listed gun owners and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as potential risks….

Oh and to add icing to the cake, travelers from Saudi Arabia, the country that spawned the 9/11 terrorists, get most trusted traveler status allowing them to by-pass the indignities from TSA that Americans must suffer.

So I would BET dollars to donuts (If the LEOs didn’t eat them all) that Thomas Caldwell was ASSIGNED BY THE OBAMA FIB to INFILTRATE THE OATH KEEPERS….
The timing certainly fits.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gail Combs
Gail Combs

Ain’t that the Truth Wolfie.

I am so darn SICK of these Psychos!

Why couldn’t they be content with robbing us blind? That we could live with. But NO they have to insist on controlling every aspect of our lives.



Valerie Curren

Thanks for this. Attempting to pass along, hope the link works here

Gail Combs

Discovery   @Discovery@social.quodverum.com

Former Capitol Police Chief Blows Hole in Dems Case Against Trump:

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund wrote an 8-page letter detailing the events that occurred at the Capitol on January 6.

In the letter addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sund’s timeline of events seems to directly refute the Democrats’ claim that the insurrection on Capitol Hill was incited by a speech given by President Donald Trump on the same day.


In the letter, Sund, who stepped down as Chief shortly after the insurrection occurred, states that his department “did not fail,” adding that the Capitol Police acted according to the intelligence available prior to the events. There was never any information showing they would be facing a group of “thousands of well-coordinated, well-equipped violent criminals,” intent upon attacking law enforcement officers as they sought to gain access to the Capitol itself.

Sund asserts that he would like to “set the record straight” on the events that took place: “There has been much conflicting information presented by various officials and the media regarding preparations and actions taken at the Capitol that day, and I would like to set the record straight from my perspective.”

Sund adds, “I also wish we had better intelligence and warnings as the possibility of this type of military-style armed insurrection. The entire intelligence community seems to have missed this.” Recently, there have been reports claiming that President Trump had offered ten thousand National Guard troops to be in DC on January 6th, but those offers went ignored. According to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, “That accountability needs to rest where it ultimately should be and that’s on Capitol Hill.”

Former Chief Sund adds in his letter that many in the crowd that overtook the Capitol “were wearing radio earpieces indicating a high level of coordination,” while several others carried “weapons, chemical munitions, protective equipment, explosives and climbing gear.” These statements call into question the statements from the Democrats where they say the attack was spontaneous and caused by the words President Trump spoke that day, despite his call that supporters “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard by members of Congress.

Sund’s letter also states that the crowd of coordinated attackers breached the Capitol line of security at 12:52 PM, stating in his letter, “We were monitoring the actions and demeanor of the crowd, which at the time did not raise any concerns, when we received word at 12:52 p.m. that a pipe bomb had been located at the Republican National Committee headquarters, immediately adjacent to Capitol Grounds. We responded immediately to coordinate and send resources to the scene, including a number of officers, officials, and a bomb squad. We also dispatched resources to look for other explosive devices, suspects, and vehicles. At almost the exactly same time, we observed a large group of individuals approaching the West Front of the Capitol.”

The timing of the breach, 12:52 PM, is notable because President Trump did not conclude his speech until about 1:13 PM, making it impossible that the group that breached the Capitol did so under the former president’s direction. The fact that President Trump’s speech was given about 20-30 minutes’ walking distance from the Capitol makes it even less likely that his words caused the insurrection….

Sund’s letter also states that the Capitol Police’s past experiences with “MAGA” rallies at the Capitol were handled successfully and peacefully with few if any, arrests or injuries. You may access the full letter from former Chief Sund here.


Lots of good info and putting pieces together. I had wondered a lot about all those different type pictures with Buffalo Jake.

Did you notice that it looks like the fan boy pictures with Chanel Rion and Giuliani were at the same location? The ceiling and rug are the same, so it was likely at some conservative convention type event, where it would be easy to get photos.




Thanks Wolfe for the timely reminder that there are no bigger racists than the Chyna\Han…they are the top of the pyramid inside Chyna as well.


phenomenal Thread, Wolf & Crew…!!

bookmarking all of it including comments. 👍

(taking a few days off…back next week)

Biden lost

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[…] Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie […]