Three Little Graphs That Say It’s All One Big Lie

TL;DR - This post explains three graphs which all gave me "AHA" moments when I saw them. They all reveal lies in public science, which are used to manipulate humanity. Strategic and fundamental lies in climate science and planetary history are used to justify more tactical lies in energy and medicine. Together, these three graphs … Continue reading Three Little Graphs That Say It’s All One Big Lie

Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

Alternate Title: The moment I realized that GOD would back me in going asymmetrical on these unworthy China-compromised "U.S." military bastards. I have recently come into possession of information which made a lot of things start making a lot more sense. I only needed a final confirmation that I was correct - and I just … Continue reading Buffalo Jump: The Intolerable Lie

MUST-WATCH: Shadow Gate

I urge everybody to watch this, because THIS is who we are up against. LINK: You will note that Millie Weaver was ARRESTED right before this came out. LINK: LAWFARE. These are the people who tried to stop Trump, and they are STILL trying to stop Trump. YouTube has flagged this documentary … Continue reading MUST-WATCH: Shadow Gate