Bidenazis Fend off Bidenistas and China on Sensibly Chummy NASA Bro Pick, but Will They Hold the Testosterone Line?

WARNING: Snark Level 10/10. Blunt Objectivity 9/10.

Ah, sometimes the INFO-SNIPING is so much better from the trenches, where we have a real shot at the belly of the beast. Or have I just been listening to too much country music and drinking Mountain Dew at 3 AM?

Yeah, I’m being a prick about the stolen election. FOUR YEARS, you cheats. That is how long you will have to put up with me, making the Biden administration’s every move look like Mark Zuckerberg getting reamed by Xi Jinping on top of a burning cop car in the middle of an Antifa-BLM riot during a California brushfire. And then Mike Pence, AOC and Miley Cyrus show up.

Have I gotten y’all in the mood for ANYTHING ELSE – maybe even a little SCIENCE to go with the MIND BLEACH?


Enter my favorite political magazine, Chemical & Engineering News, otherwise known as C&EN, upon which I almost foolishly promised never again to cast my eyes, back when they declared anthropolitical global warming to be “settled science”. Ah, yes – those wonderful bypassers of “show the crowd the data, please”, who declared our most urgent problem, back in our somewhat less collective youths, to be “bad human” global warming.

Yes – you heard the fake science from a science organization which gave the ideas scientifically temporary but geopolitically lasting legitimacy – that grave pronouncement of imminent global misfortune by heat death, oddly at the beginning of a solar mini ice age – and even more oddly at a likely critical point for RE-LAUNCHING of a full ice age. The only real beneficiaries of said mad science – at least on THIS planet – seeming to be Russia (URANIUM) and China (COAL).

I never thought it could get worse.

Did somebody say “worse”?

Hold their white wine and sensimilla smoothie – Team “Get Rid Of Trump” Science is already having an orgasm over the 46D double-wide silicone election.

Governance. Such a wonderful word! And you get it TWO ways with the Biden administration.

State control with Big Science, Big Military, Big Intelligence, and Big Euro-Fabian elite overtones, sometimes having to keep that rising arm down, I refer to it all as the Bidenazis.

Alternatively, and we mean alternatively, you have the hot-headed, designer-encrusted, faux-plebeian radicals through whom China makes sure the US doesn’t generate TOO MUCH theft-worthy research and technology, lest the CCP never get into the passing lane. These, of course, are the Bidenistas.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) were joined by Democratic lawmakers from both the House and Senate on February 7, 2019, to introduce Green New Deal legislation.

Now – some will undoubtedly object to my application of the Third Reich metaphor as being [and which I of course regard as illusory and tangential] Holocaust diminution, or even more wrongly as Godwinian nullification of my own message.

Well, as Biden talks about nullifying my favorite bit of Judaica – “every Jew, a .22(3)” – by executive order, looking a bit “old-timey German executive” in the process, let me be blunt in ways that certain people should have been with Madeleine Jacobs about global warming. However it happened, the assigned Jewish monopoly on calling out center-left totalitarian outrage is – in my “well this is a fine mess” opinion – PRECISELY why we now suffer from center-left totalitarian outrage.

Yes. Having ONE GROUP and ONLY ONE GROUP in charge of calling out Euro-Left-Faschy-Soashy-Commie-Jackboot statism – which was not exactly good for a WHOLE LOTTA GROUPS – and then failing to object when that ONE GROUP made it all about THE ONLY ONE GROUP, and not about Euro-Left-Faschy-Soashy-Commie-Jackboot statism itself – is why, in my persistent if somewhat pestilent opinion, we are presently sliding into Euro-Left-Faschy-Soashy-Commie-Jackboot statism.

Allies. They’re USEFUL, damn it! Even at the VICTIM LEVEL.

Asleep at the wheel doesn’t even begin to describe it. The “don’t worry, we’ll create good socialism this time” assigned self-own WORKED, when it was made to look neo-liberal friendly, and roughly orthogonal to the Zionism-antisemitism axis.

It was a brilliant strategy. Give it up, people. You were OWNED. We’ll never be exactly sure by WHOM, but that’s OK. Whatever life is on this planet, eventually, they will find it all rather hilarious.

“Good God! It’s the Vaccination Passport! We can’t dock there!”

Now – the Bidenazis play a good game being “responsive” to Bidenista concerns, but it’s largely a scam, in the same way that Reich RINOs (let’s be fair, now!) respond with cuddly and illusory kabuki to populists, non-monopoly free-marketers, true conservatives, libertarians, and others who didn’t get the UNIPARTY message and realize it was an ORDER, not merely a suggestion.

The relative center of American statism – just “absolute left” enough to let technology drive humanity on toward a bald, androgynous, trans-human future – is solid, and it is PURE UNIPARTY. The RINOs just smoke their cigars in the slow lane and warn their children never to listen to any of that gay shit in private school, because grandkids.

Realities. Accept them. It’s easier to see where the FRONT actually is.

SO – where are we now?

Red Jen is an interesting barometer of where things are, as White House Kremlinologists (again, a horribly stretched metaphor, but it works like crazy) try to read the tea leaves (whoops) that explain the smoky, oily, acrid output of the black box that is the Bidenazi-Bidenista two-cycle Trabant engine.

Red Jen’s most notable “give up the strategy” moment seemed to have been about SPACE. See her face above. THAT is what she thought about Space Force.

Let’s break that down a bit.

The Bidenistas don’t think much of spending money on SPACE, because what little spare change we will have in their windowless, concrete, China-indebted future, will be needed by THEM. Think Castro or Chavez with access to all the levers of power in Washington. Can they crash it all but still have exquisite and fashionable feasts for the tippy-top of The Party, like Castro did? Hold their credit-card-maxxed-out organic salad and trendy micro-brew. They can do it. But trust me, there is no future for SPACE FORCE on that tab.

The Bidenazis, however, are in a bit of a quandry on space exploration. Tech may be pricey, but it just appeals to them. It’s a MUST-HAVE. Why, it matters more than life itself. Especially somebody else’s life. There is always some new gadget that will cinch the New World Order.

Red Jen’s subtle mocking of Space Force reflected her ginger-hot levels of Bidenista TDS, but that is just one side of her – the one she normally keeps in check to keep her job at the inter-factional interface. Her walking it all back to a Biden reassurance of full support for the infant military branch, reflected the reality that Bidenazi nominal support for Bidenista social insanity comes at a price – FULL SUPPORT FOR PLAY-TOYS. Red Jen had to virtue signal to that reality, and she almost sounded like an “actually served” Pentagon mom doing it. Impressive.

SO – Space Force is SAFE on 46th base. The natural question is, what do the Bidenistas get in return?

I had been thinking the Bidenistas would get control of NASA, meaning more “Muslim outreach”, giving the farm to Russia in the manner of the last 3 decades (while condemning Putin, of course), and maybe letting China run the place, albeit secretly.

Well, it looks like that dramatically bad future has an actual chance of NOT HAPPENING.

Indeed, thanks to a Kremlin tip from C&EN, it appears that the Bidenazis are driving a VERY hard bargain in defense of space, by getting or allowing Biden to nominate former senator Bill Nelson as head of NASA.

Yes, Nelson is a politician, and a “fren” of Biden, and this is a typical leftist appointment in that respect. Everything is political to the left, and if they can’t find a field expert who is willing to put The Party First, THEY will take care of that little aspect by inserting a politician. However, Nelson is still considered to be one of the most “pro-NASA” politicians of all. Even Trump’s NASA guy, Jim Bridenstine, is in favor of this nomination.

If I had to be cynical – and I do – I would say that it appears that, in exchange for the January 6th heavy lifting to get rid of Trump, the Bidenazis are now in the CATBIRD SEAT on appointments that matter to them.

Exhibit A: A great article, typical of the very high quality “rank and file” work at C&EN. If you want to read the tea leaves, THIS mag is still your magnifying glass, as long as certain corrections are applied to the LEFT LENS.

You will note that this article is pleasing to read, although perhaps a bit dry. Compared to most of what passes for journalism these days, it is extraordinarily professional and investigative, explaining not only why Bill Nelson is popular, and why he will almost certainly be confirmed, but also why I still bother to read this magazine. There is only one short paragraph at the end which carries any political payload at all, rather than EXPLAINING the politics. It is very matter of fact, and appears to be almost an add-on, stating:

“Some have criticized Biden for not nominating a woman to the position. All of NASA’s administrators have been men.”

I mean, that’s pretty much as objective as you can get, most of all because both statements are TRUE.

I was at first inclined to suspect that the author’s overwhelmingly female/feminist Bidenista management at C&EN was responsible for forcing that little one-paragraph addition, but after looking at some other sources, I changed my mind. The author could have said MUCH more about that aspect, but only at some risk of turning his work into an opinion piece.

Well, opinion is what we do here. Allow ME to do the heavy lifting.

If you go to almost any source of POLITICAL news, that particular aspect (“WHY DIDN’T BIDEN NOMINATE A WOMAN, DAMN IT!!!???”) drowns out almost everything else.

The virtue signaling – it BURNS!

EXAMPLE: The Daily Beast

As you can see, this “news” article actually says “BUT HE’S AN OLD WHITE MAN, yada, yada, yada.” You will see much more blatantly, hiply, anti-white racist, anti-male sexist politics in the article.

Rather hilariously, one source admits to Nelson’s competence: “I’m sure Nelson will do a good job,”. Really! Damn, these distracting things which get in the way of social justice!

Our “competitors” can only grin.

I urge you to go to the link and read more.

To deeply understand what is going on here, you have to understand that all the kvetching about appointing women is NOT ultimately the decision of Democrats, or women, or feminists, or diversity mongers.


You can say CCP if you want – I’m fine with that. Just remember – CCP wields a very big stick made almost entirely of Chinese people, and that stick is called CHINA. It has some white and black paper around the baseball bat here in America, but it’s still a baseball ba….. Did I say baseball bat? I meant stick, silly!

China needs to politicize American organizations with C-level puppets who hold America-weakening neo-liberal delusions – which China publicly hates and condemns but secretly loves on US, not THEM. China also needs to WEAKEN those organizations directly by always deflecting their leadership choices from the BEST candidates to others, which is what clunky and ham-fisted diversity policies, or similarly knee-jerk reactions to media diversity-mongering, do.

It’s very clear that Nelson is a strong consensus candidate, admired and respected by Democrats, Republicans, and NASA insiders. He likely knows more about NASA than any politician alive.

A very OBVIOUS choice.

I am willing to go along with the idea that – for whatever reason – Biden picked the “best” candidate, as well as a loyal one, likely upon either Bidenazi urging or Bidenazi approval.

However, it’s VERY obvious that the Bidenistas are NOT happy with this pick. We may have a competent candidate, but we are one step further away from all of us (except The Party, of course) living in windowless concrete bunkers outside elite-only airports, which – to the Bidenistas – would be a much better world.

This, but improved, by removing the windows.

Sadly, we’ll never get there with appointees like Bill Nelson.

Oh, the humanity!

Anyway, watch this appointment. Confirmation seems certain, but China may pull out a win, yet. All they need is to do is make the Bidenistas scream longer and louder.


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“or even more wrongly as Godwinian nullification of my own message.”


I remember one time I made some reference to Nazis, probably at least a decade ago on

Somebody replied that I had violated Godwin’s Law, so I looked it up:

“For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that, when a Hitler comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever made the comparison loses whatever debate is in progress. This principle is itself frequently referred to as Godwin’s law. — Wiki

So I thought about it for a second, and said Godwin’s Law only applies if the comparison to Hitler / Nazis is invalid.

But if the comparison is true, then Godwin is nullified.

Truth always trumps Godwin.

He had no reply to that… and neither did anyone else… 😁


“But he’s an old white man at a time when many space prfoessionals are clamoring for younger, female leadership.”


Besides professional clamorers, I’ve never even heard of anyone clamoring for female leadership, in anything.

Especially women.

It betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what ‘leadership’ is, to begin with.

Leadership isn’t given, it’s contested for.

Why, it’s at least as old as Butch Cassidy and Logan… 😁

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

“Why am I not allowed to discriminate by necessary or important specifics that favor one gender over the other?”


You are, so long as you discriminate against men, white people, heterosexuals, conservatives and Christians.

It’s only the protected classes you can’t discriminate against.


“To deeply understand what is going on here, you have to understand that all the kvetching about appointing women is NOT ultimately the decision of Democrats, or women, or feminists, or diversity mongers.
It’s CHINA.”


It’s almost as if an extremely aggressive culturally patriarchal enemy believes its chances of defeating us would be enhanced in every way, if they could just:

A) have strong males displaced from positions of power and authority


B) replace them with soy boys and scary Leftist women

If we could only figure out why they think this would be to their (China’s) advantage, maybe we could find a way to counter it.

It’s just such a tough nut to crack… who could ever figure it out?

😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

I know this may seem contrary to being EXTREMELY proud of Apollo, Gemini, the ISS, and other NASA projects…..but do we even need it now? Elon and Bezos seem to be doing fine, and I’m not really sure what NASA is contributing to the mix any more.


I know what you mean, Coothie.

In the private sector, you can at least fire people for incompetence…unlike the govt sector.

I can envision Space Force playing the role of ‘protector’ for our private space-enterprisers.

However…Elon and Bezos can afford their own security forces in space.
But they are not sovereign nations.

If China gets to the Moon before we go back there…I’m thinking they will claim it as their own.

Even though the US claimed the Moon “For all mankind”, I’ll bet the ChiComs will put a great big “Nope” on that.

So as a sovereign nation, I think it behooves us to have a Space Program.


It’s not just about space exploration for the heck of it.

It’s about national security (e.g. China) in space as PDJT explained last year or in 2019. I was sceptical about that until I heard an interview late last year or early this year with someone from NASA who said Space Force wasn’t about exploring Mars, rather the potential security threats that will exist in space in the not too distant future. Left unsaid: China.

Last edited 1 year ago by churchmouse


Humanity’s 30-million-page backup plan is heading to the moon (02-25-19)

When SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket took off on Thursday night, it carried humanity’s entire backup plan with it. It was headed to the moon, the world’s ultimate cold-storage unit.

The Arch Mission Foundation (AMF) created the Lunar Library, a 30-million-page long compendium of humanity’s greatest cultural offerings, encoded it on a specially designed disc meant to last a billion years, and sent it to the moon to keep it safe. The disc is being carried to its final resting place on the moon’s surface aboard Beresheet, the Israeli spacecraft…

The Lunar Library contains a vast archive of human history and civilization, covering all subjects, cultures, nations, languages, genres, and time periods. Everything from the contents of Wikipedia, to a compilation of human languages, the Rosetta Project, books selected by Project Gutenberg, as well as genome maps, 60,000 analog images of pages of books, photographs, illustrations, and documents, and much of the world’s greatest art, music, literature, and scientific knowledge. It’s all encoded on a disc that is composed of 25 nickel discs, each only 40 microns thick…
Unfortunately, Beresheet crashed.
Maybe next time…

Last edited 1 year ago by yucki

It always amazes me that in a world where doxxing and information is used as a weapon, we imagine that any other intelligent species “out there” would be so different, that we send them all our ‘civilizational’ passwords and personal information upfront, as a kind of deranged pay-it-forward ‘good will’ gesture…

I sure hope the aliens are friendly…

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

I’m thinking that the ChiComs are probably drooling over having free and unfettered access to our Space Research now…under the Biden regime.

Communism stifles creativity and risk-taking.

Thinking-outside-the-box is discouraged under communism.

This is why China has piss-poor fighter pilots.
They are too cautious and averse to taking risks.

This carries over into scientific research, too.
Even though the Chinese don’t admit it.

This is why communist countries have been so interested in stealing our research.

So…I’m thinking that the ChiComs totally approve of the continuation of our Space Force and of NASA.
They know that the Biden regime will give them full access to any valuable new research and developments.

Concerned Virginian

Of course the Harris-Biden “administration” (actually, their handlers) will give the Chinese Communists complete access to anything Dictator Xi wants.
After all, just about everybody in this “administration” is either owned by, or heavily influenced by, Communism and Communist China.
After all, the CCP just got through pulling off two very terrible events — releasing the Wuhan coronavirus into the world, thereby starting the process of making the entire world its vassal; and, stealing the 2020 election from POTUS 45 Donald Trump.
So Dictator Xi, since he literally bought and paid for these events, believes he’s “entitled” to anything else he wants to take.
He won’t have to pay Chinese Communist or U.S. traitor spies to steal these for him.
Like U.S. space research and developments.
Like U.S. defense research and developments.
Sad to say, Mr. Nelson will be putty in the hands of Beijing.

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

So true.


wheatie, I referred to the book Chernobyl a few days ago (by Plockhy) and it is a wonderful example of the effect communism has on science. Without spoiling the story in case anyone reads it, Chernobyl was totally preventable except for communism. Let me just say that there was another “Chernobyl” 11 years before Chernobyl, a fact probably known by readers of this book and few others, I am guessing.

And by preventable, I refer to the actual cause of the explosion, and to the subsequent horror inflicted on people. The communist oligarchy above all.

Deplorable Patriot

The question, though, comes in as “has all that power actually been turned over to the Biden people?”

NASA is still a military operation and word from the various sources labelled “hopium” is that the key military operations have not been handed over. NASA, I would think, would fall under that. And that’s from sources that are not connected, too, that the Biden people do not have control of the military which is why various foreign powers refuse to meet with Biden people. They know the whole show is a farce.


Thanks, DePat…I sure hope that’s true.

Concerned Virginian

It seems to me that the cover of the C&EN magazine shows the Statue of Liberty with a more “male” appearance.
On the other hand, maybe they have someone on the magazine staff who is tired of the mask farce — the statue isn’t sporting a mask.



Deplorable Patriot

Has Gene Kranz weighed in on this? He’d know the straight skinny if no one else does.

Deplorable Patriot

Well, he’s gotta be in his 90s by now.

Deplorable Patriot

He’s 87, actually.


Populists verses Elites. Sometimes I think that we have more in common with the unwashed “Occupy” crowd on 70% of the issues than with “Country Club” republicans or “Limosine Liberals.” We may disagree on the “Big” issues, but like I said…Populists from both sides verses Elites from both sides. We really need to put an end to the Establishment Uniparty command of our country! 😠

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I remember a conversation with a berniebot back in 2016 (I think); I told her I was a Libertarian (largely true at the time, certainly more palatable to them than “conservative” and I was surprised NOT to face hostility, but rather a “well, you and we have the same complaints, we just disagree on the causes.”

Well, we disagree on more than just that, but she was right about the “surface” complaints. But I cannot agree with the State compelling people, again and again, as part of a solution *regardless* of what the cause of the problem is.