The Pelosi d'Alesandro Lucchese Gambino Crime Family – A Bibliography

I’ve decided there is too much here to do a summary – we need a CLEARINGHOUSE.

Please submit more information in comments, and we’ll include links here.

Wikipedia: Nancy Pelosi’s father and related mob articles

Pelosi’s Father:

Archived Version:

The above article is very interesting because the authors (likely Pelosi aides) HIDE the mob connections STRONGLY by only talking about specifics of the scandals and leaving out MOB associations. Also, the “controversial” part left in seems to be very intentional, and includes both a sort of weird double-reverse humble-brag to both conservatives and liberals, and a lot of confusing disinformation.

Lucchese Crime Family:

List of Lucchese Mobsters:

Gambino Crime Family:

State of the Nation Series on Nancy Pelosi’s Mob Connections

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

Pelosi sounds like a real mafioso

Nancy Pelosi’s Mafia Connections (Video)

Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. and the Mafia

Pelosi is only there because of the Mafia

Pelosi Runs Her Speakership Like She’s a Mafia Don

Pelosi’s mafia ties explain Democrat opposition to border wall (Video)

Other Sources on Nancy Pelosi and the Mafia

Pelosi’s Nightmare Revealed: JFK Was Concerned Her Dad Was Associated With Organized Crime

Revealed: JFK Worried Pelosi’s Dad Was Associated With Organized Crime

Benny Trotta one of Baltimore’s “top hoodlums”

Gifford: Here’s how Pelosi learned mob-like tactics from her father

La Cosa Nostra – Lengthy Prison Terms for Lucchese Crime Family Members

All in all, very interesting.


Journalism vs. THE MOB
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Plain Jane

A way of life in that circle.

Barb Meier

From the wiki link, I learned:
* Nancy’s dad lived to be 84 years old.
* Nancy’s mom lived to be 86 years old.
From a wiki sublink:
* Nancy was born in 1940 (March 26, 1940), so almost 80 years old.
Perhaps that’s why she is so nervous lately. Then again, it might be all the corruption.

Plain Jane

Hopefully her guardian angel is tapping her on her shoulder reminding her of all the babies her policies are killing. That should make any pseudo Catholic nervous.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

That was apparently in Cortona, in Tuscany. The seating put me in mind of an ancient Greek theater, so I thought maybe it was in some city in Sicily (formerly ancient Greek territory). (Athens still uses ancient theaters and odeons for concerts today, so why not some of the former Greek colonies in Sicily.) But Cortona was originally Etruscan and I could find nothing saying the Romans had built a theater either.
I’m guessing lots of bleachers, custom built for the concert.

Baltimore Mobtown

This was a nice read


Nice job on your site!

Baltimore Mobtown



More like the “Mumbler” of the house.


Under Pelosi’s leadership > Democrat Ruination!!!

Prediction – > 2020 Democrat Ruination and Pain of Exposure, Indictments and arrests!.


Pelosi’s mob upbringing explains a lot about her handling of impeachment, methinks.
The Mafia is not subtle. They employ sledgehammers, not shivs. History shows their methods, which result in events like the Valentine’s Day Massacre. They go to war and kill their enemies. They don’t negotiate their way in or out of situations.
Pelosi DOES run the House like a Mafia don, but Donald Trump has been dealing with the Mafia for forty years in one of its strongholds, New York real estate. And he not only lived through it, he beat them at it, the evidence of which is his success, and the fact that he is not dirty. That’s how they operate; they drag you down and dirty you up so they control you, but they never managed that with Trump.
Impeachment is evidence of Pelosi’s growing frustration at her inability to control/change the situation. She is not a subtle mind, she is a mob boss. They only understand the sledgehammer. All of her actions reflect this. Which is not to say she isn’t very dangerous. But I think Trump has her in a box she can’t get out of. Pelosi will go down like Capone did, not for her worst crimes, but for financial ones. Ukraine and gas are the key.

Plain Jane

I don’t know much about the Italian mobs, but my dad, just one time, drove a bootleg truck for Al. Daddy said it scared the whatnot out of him, so once was more than enough. They try to pull you in, in small increments.
Am wondering if P’s family comes from Sicily or the Boot.

Plain Jane

Quel map. Thanks Duchess.


Most welcome, Jane – that family is everywhere -Geesh!

Plain Jane

SIL took his dad to tour Italy about 10-12 years ago, and were told tourists were not safe in Calabria. Apparently the area wasn’t restored after the earthquakes of, I think the ‘50s and the mafia was thriving.
(Hey, we probably gave them aid to rebuild and our deepstaters got their kickback. Yaa think?)


Yeah, the MK thing is very scary to me. Mind control should not be a thing, and yet it is.


Hammer the evil doers into their eternal home with Satan. Please allow We the People to participate in the take-down and penalty phase.

Cuppa Covfefe

Kind of a Feng Shoo-eee….
(dodges flying plants, room coordination books, and expired cans of Chun-King DIY dinners 🙂 )…
The Chinese control SF, and by extension, CA politics. The Irish and Italians /and Russians), for the most part, have been pushed to the side. SF ain’t what it used to be in the 1950s/early 60s…

Plain Jane

Yes they do.


Excellent, Wolfie. Let’s get this out on social media … any of you who know how to reach the anons, Reddit, Q, etc.
Hitting the Bidens, Pelosi’s and Kerry’s opens a lot of eyes who think the Clinton and Obama corruption is ‘hogwash’.
Sunlight on darkness is Everything right now.

Plain Jane

I hate that Hollywood has been romanticizing the mafia while telling a tad of truth. The message that they only did dirt or death to competing mobs is ingrained in the romanticized tales. Long past time for those myths to be busted. Maybe Nan’s story will do it – hopefully.


Good point, Jane!!


A bit off topic but I saw a quote today reported by Natasha Bertrand.
She interviewed one John Sipher on his thoughts as to how Gina Haspel would handle Durham’s inquiries into possible illegal CIA involvement with Donald Trump’s campaign, transition and Presidency.
Here is what he said,
“When it comes to Durham, Haspel is likely “confident there has been no serious wrongdoing, and will therefore find a means to cooperate” with the investigation, said John Sipher, a 28-year CIA veteran.”
No serious wrongdoing?! Gina will find a means to cooperate?! What…provide an invitation to a fake interview room?!
And then, heck, you find out just who THIS guy is!!!!!
“John Sipher is the co-founder of Spycraft Entertainment, a production firm providing content and talent to the entertainment industry. He is also a Director of Client Services at CrossLead, a software and consulting firm. John is a sought-after foreign policy and intelligence expert. His articles have been published in Lawfare, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Politico, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, Slate, and Just Security, among others. He regularly appears on the PBS NewsHour, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, BBC and speaks to corporate, academic and governmental groups.”
A regular CIA retirement plan!

Plain Jane

That’s a real interesting suggestion from Sipher..wondering what he really means, or am I missing the obvious?


I don’t understand if he is speaking for the Lawfare group as oversight for the entire cabal, i.e. Nancy and Gin’s wings, or what?
Or was it just an Adam Schiff style know-it-all pontification?

Plain Jane

Agree. One never knows with some of their talk if they are just hoping their word can make them relevant.


Or sending out a message.

Plain Jane

Yes, yes.


Eye roll, Wolf! We may need a pink pill to prescribe before the red pill.


I’ve been observing the at first subtle and now snowballing talk about Pelosi….almost as though it was planned (wink.) I’ve been waiting for it! 😉
This is exactly POTUS’ mo….plenty of opportunities to work with him but once the Line is crossed….all’s fair and it’s going to hurt!
Starts with a few hints and digs and then some background information starts to appear in various forms…and before long it’s on several internet sites and brought up on conservative talk shows. The MSM might ignore it, but the public will not.
If ANYONE ( talking to you, Romney and Lisa!) thinks they can stab POTUS in the back on the impeachment issue and walk away unscathed…well, you deserve what you will get.

Cuppa Covfefe

Isn’t Mittens (or one of his progeny) somehow involved, too? I thought there were four “kinder” involved…


So did I, although I have seen no hard evidence.
However, I have several articles bookmarked showing one of his advisers was/is involved with Burisma. Here are two of them:

Plain Jane

Wolfmoon, is there any way we could also revisit out friendship with MBS, the ORB, the sword dance, etc. plz?
I just learned that some of my peeps, therefore many others, are not aware of any of it. A consolidated thread would be helpful for education’s sake.

Plain Jane

Thanks Wolfie. With the Olympics in Qatar, there should be more interest also in the ME.


Wow Wolf.
Don’t forget that her daughter even made some kind of comment about ‘her mother will cut off your yead and you will not know your even bleeding.’ Yeah that’s just odd….


Oh sorry wolf… I have not had a chance to check all of them. Trying to cook dinner and dealing with a teething puppy AND WP that still gives me issues. 🙂




Wolf, I just posted a second post below…am I in the bin?
Had one photo and a link.


What an incestuous group of….scum…we have in Congress and throughout our nation.
Seems so easy to take care of all of them while in session. If we surround the House chamber first, we might actually scare the Senate into not bothering to assemble.
Wolf, I have not gone through your links yet, but I do have one from the State of the Nation, 2012. It probably covers the same material you have amassed…but since I knew where this was, thought I would post.
Great article you present!!!! Happened to see Godfather 1 and 2 last night! Romanticized Debauchery.
Rudy would be so good at this! Maybe this is part of his investigation into Ukraine.

Plain Jane

Thanks WSB.


Repost of the State of the Union photo, by the NYT.comment image
BOTH Nancy and Daddy are in that photo with JFK.
Not sure why she didn’t just reach over and cut JFK’s head off right there? She looks like she is about to…


I had forgotten that Q gave us these large crumbs back in November on Paul Pelosi Jr and his mom too, since she was the reason why he was gifted these positions.
In both these drops, Q says “Follow the family.”
Q-drop number 3592:
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 3bc28e No.7354357
Nov 13 2019 14:04:59 (EST)
Follow the family.
This 👆 Washington Times article is from July 2014.
It is about a company called ‘Natural Blue Resources’, an investment company that focuses on “eco-friendly ventures”.
Two ex-cons were running this company, James E Cohen and Joseph Carazzi…who both had previous fraud convictions.
👉Do these guys have Mob connections?
Q-drop number 3591:
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 800bc9 No.7354333
Nov 13 2019 13:32:54 (EST)

Follow the family.
Here’s the video…it’s been getting a lot of play since Q posted it:
This video was posted on Youtube in March 2013:

In this video, they claim that their focus is on “clean energy”…and also mentions using technologies from space exploration.
This was included underneath the video’s information:
“The first meeting on clean energy will be held in Singapore in October of 2013.”
Since the whole Global Warming/Climate Change thing is one of the biggest scams ever
It wouldn’t surprise me one bit, to find out that the Mob has figured out ways to monetize it.


Ack…I didn’t think that the video would post from the Q-drop.
Sorry for the duplication!


That video is posted by the Youtube channel, ‘NRGLabNewTechnology’.
This video is it’s only upload.
Channel was created Mar 5, 2013.
I did a search to find out more on this ‘NRGLabNewTechnology’ outfit…
It is based in…Singapore.
According to this, there used to be another video on that channel:


In searching on the words…’Joeseph Montalto Natural Blue Resources’…I ran across this Reuters listing:
———– From the listing:
About Natural Blue Resources Inc
Natural Blue Resources, Inc., formerly Datameg Corporation, is a development-stage company. The Company is engaged in the business of exploring, acquiring and developing various interrelated green businesses, including waste stream recycling, plastic and steel recycling, and a print responsibly business segment that will, whenever possible, use recycled printing processes both online and in the traditional print process. As of December 31, 2009, the Company had five direct or indirect wholly owned subsidiaries: Natural Blue Resources, Inc. (NBRN); NetSymphony Corporation (NetSymphony); QoVox Corporation (QoVox); EcoWave, LLC (EcoWave), and Natural Blue Steel, Inc. (NBS). In addition, the Company owns 40% of the equity interests of CASCommunications, Inc.
Interesting list of subsidiaries.
Money laundering?


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